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313 Take Off (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the battle dragon stage, surge like a gathering storm.

     Fire mapping!

     But Su Yu, at this moment, is dizzy, as if he had opened the first divine orifice, his consciousness was separated from the flesh, floating in the air, overlooking the flesh.

     The wind blew!

     The flame burns!

     Su Yu felt painful and a little speechless. Is this a vision?

     Fuck off!

     No, this is a punishment!

     This is not a gift, it is fatal!

     Fortunately, Su Yu is not a weak person. The willpower tempered by the 180 Divine Aperture is also extremely powerful. He was killed every night in the past, and he has also trained his firm and indomitable. More tough.

     At this moment, flames fell in the void!

     To destroy his will sea!

     Su Yu's will began to return to his body, the next moment, he opened his eyes, the acupuncture points in his eyes opened, and his eyes were like the sun and the moon, bursting out with bright brilliance!

     Tian Yuanqi was constantly absorbed by him, casting himself!

     At this moment, the sea of will is constantly rolling and turbulent!

     In the sky, the radiation range of the anomaly is larger, 10 meters, 20 meters...

     On the entire battle dragon platform, fire and water began to spread.

     Zhu Tiandao's voice came in, "How is it going? what's going on, do you want to stop?"

     "Do not!"

     Su Yu did not stop. At this moment, the 180 divine orifices were constantly flashing, wiping out the water and fire that came from the attack, and the small hammer rumblingly hit, this is a wound of will!

     These fire and water are hurting his willpower.

     However, every time a spark is broken, Su Yu's willpower has been improved.

     The wind blew!Being hit by a small hammer and bursting, gradually, in the sea of will, a "wind" character took shape!

     Tianshui impacted and was all split up and in pieces with a small hammer again. Tianshui flowed in the sea of will, and the "Water" character was instantly outlined!

     This is a chance!

     It is also a disaster!

     If the willpower is weaker, he will be killed by these things. Without the god expansion tactics, he may not be able to obliterate these things, but at this moment, these things can't beat him!

     He also has a killer!

     Some remaining Tianshui and Gangfeng were instantly swallowed by the small hair ball!

     This little thing, can't beat yourself!

     Willpower keeps growing!

     There is a current call!

     The earth shook, shaking Su Yu's body, shaking his sea of will, and the "earth" character was formed.

     Someone couldn't hold back their weapons, the weapons flew, shattered in midair, turned into a ray of light, broke through the void, and killed Su Yu's will!

     Around, the trees spread and their roots stretched, and they wanted to kill Su Yu.

     This is not a gift from heaven and earth!

     However, Su Yu did it for good, got up, his divine orifice burst, the light flickered, and everything was crushed!

     "Don't give me promotion?"

     These things seem to prevent him from advancing to the sky!

     Su Yu also didn't expect that the combination of 180 yuan orifices would actually cause such a situation. Before the 360 yuan orifice combination, this situation did not occur.


     Wen Bing presents!

     The flesh body is still absorbing the vitality of the sky, the flesh body grew more and more powerful!

     Absorption speed is extremely fast!

     Does the world give Five Elements United as One?Su Yu fell into deep thought, towards the heavens, golden rays of light burst out all over, why?

      Five Elements United as One What happened?

     Why not!



     Su Yu's "thunder" character greeted him with the divine writing, and thunder broke out, and the roar continued!

     At this moment, more and more vitality gathered in the air, willpower gathered, and even vaguely heavenly vitality gathered!

     The entire Zhanlongtai was wrapped up.

     Su Yuwen's soldiers flew out of the ring, shot out, and the divine text broke out, facing the villain who gradually formed the vitality in the sky!

     Five Elements Villain!

     Fire man, water man, wooden man...

     Composed of vitality, willpower, and heavenly vitality, at this moment, it transforms into a human form, and it is killing downward!

     Su Yu condenses his eyebrows, controls the civilian soldiers, and fights quickly!

     Constant roar!

     The divine writings are half-empty and half-real at this moment, condensed out, and killed to the sky!


     For four weeks, the sun and the moon appeared.

     Zhu Tiandao and the others surrounded them one after another, and Zhu Tiandao quickly spread the voice: "Isolate the outside world! What's going on? This is not like Tianzhu, more like a punishment!"

     Niu Baidao eyes flashed, "I don't know, it may be related to some rumors! Big post destruction, some things are all black, no daylight, not lost, but unable to appear, Su Yu is cultivating gods?"

     "His physical body and Yuan Aperture have long been united, and if you count it, it can be considered a magic trick..."

     "That's not clear!"

     Several Sun and Moon couldn't figure out the situation, but Zhu Tiandao, while directing, while transmitting the sound, the next moment, a small mirror in his arms trembled, it was a second mirror!Upon investigation, Zhu Tiandao complexion slightly changed, and quickly transmitted the voice: "Be careful, some sun and moon have sneaked in!"

     In the four weeks, the hearts of several Sun and Moon were slightly shaken.

     The sun and the moon are here!

     Finally unable to hold back!

     But at this moment, Su Yu's situation was beyond their expectation. This was not a false vision, but a real one. It disturbed their hands and feet a little.

     No one said a word, now is not the time to deal with those sun and moon.

     Zhu Tiandao shout loudly, "All spread out, don’t get too close, it’s normal. Su Yu may be about to perform Yuanshen Apertures. Heaven and Earth do not allow the Humans to appear Yuanshen Apertures. Everyone, remember Su Yu’s contribution today. !"

     As soon as this remark came out, the Quartet shook.

     "The origin of the soul can't be tolerated by the world?"

     "This is to kill Su Yu!"

     "What the hell, God still doesn't allow us not to repair Kaiyuan?"

     "Heaven Defying Road, open the acupuncture point straight, and the punishment is normal. Is Su Yu okay?"

     "Palace Lord, you are so powerful, break those things!"


     Someone yelled, and Zhu Tiandao shouted: "Heaven's punishment is not enough, and the soul can't come out, Su Yu can hold it!"

     Just find an excuse, forget it!

     Even if the Yuanshen Aperture is exposed and is valued, it will not interfere with Invincible Realm, so as not to cause too much trouble.

     The scene is so big, don’t find a serious reason, cannot be justified.

     At this moment, all around, vitality swept in!

     It was not what helped Su Yu break through, but it prevented him from realizing his willpower!

     In the air, a statue of villains is formed, fighting with Su Yu's literary soldiers and gods!Scenes getting bigger and bigger, Covered Area also getting bigger and bigger!


     In the crowd, an old man looked at the sky and was shocked.


     Is it so important?

     Human race wants to cross the Kaiyuan realm that hinders the human race, and will it reach the next level in the future?

     Just like the strong clan in All Heavens and Myriad Clans, like the gods and demons, from then on, is it a great deal?

     Yuanshen Aperture... Does the Yuanshen Aperture also has other functions?

     When Su Yu proposed this concept, someone mentioned that Tianhao Hao and Ling Yun killed Shanhai, but Shanhai Qizhong was killed. Then, can the Yuanshen Aperture emerge with stronger strength?

     Is it not only effective for the weak, but also good for the strong?

     He wants to observe!

     Want to probe!

     Even if he couldn't bear it, the sun and the moon appeared in his eyes, but he didn't dare to look more, he didn't dare to take a closer look, he could only vaguely see above the ring, Su Yu was full of golden light, like a god of war!

     The willpower is extremely strong, and the gods are fighting.

     "damn it!"

     "Damn it, damn it, I can't detect it!"


     This old man is in a hurry, Yuanshen Aperture, can people fight higher?

     And just across from the old man, a woman was also impatient.

     let me see!

     Bastard, why Zhu Tiandao these bastards blocked the void, so that she could not see it clearly.

     Where is the Yuanshen Aperture?

     How to turn it on?

     After opening, what are the benefits?

     Is it valid for the sun and the moon?

     Can the sun and the moon increase its strength?Damn it, Su Yu could actually discover the origin of the Aperture, even if he didn't pay attention to it, who would dare not pay attention to the punishment at this moment?

     It's definitely a good thing!

     Gang wind continued to sweep in, the vitality of all around continued to gather, and at this moment, a cloud floated in the sky, and the next moment, it was defeated by those chaotic vitality!

     A large amount of Tian Qi broke out and leaked!


     "What the hell!"

     Zhu Tiandao inwardly cursed, "Who turned that stuff on!"

     This is a vision they forged!

     Someone quickly said: "We didn't drive it, it was induced in advance. This place is madly absorbing the vitality of the surroundings and the vitality of the sky. The secret formation we arranged is broken, and this thing has leaked out by itself!"

     Very helpless!

     We don't want it either!

     In order to cover up, the formations they arranged were just blindfolds, and as a result, they were sucked so much that they were broken!

     And at this moment, below, someone in the crowd shouted: "This is a vision, a real vision! Good deed, Tianzhu and Tianchao come together, and Tianzhu has defeated Tianzhu. This... Su Yu, this is going to be successful. Holy!"

     "Oh my God, what is that radiant vitality? How can it be so far away, it feels great!"

     "Fuck, that's Tian Yuan Qi, 10 threads not much difference is the amount of one Tian Yuan fruit... I ate it when I was a kid!"

     A big family child exclaimed!

     Tian Yuanguo is no stranger to everyone.

     I read a lot of books, I know this, Su Yu also found it in the book in the past.At this moment, the false vision was extracted too much by the real vision, and a part of the heavenly vitality spilled out, which instantly shocked and distressed people.

     "Fuck, this has spilled a lot, why the golden color is gone all at once!"

     "Stupid, without learning or skills, Tian Yuan Qi will instantly turn into ordinary Yuan Qi as soon as it touches Yuan Qi, wasting natural resources recklessly!"


      all around, more and more people!

     Someone keeps flocking!

     See the lively, shocking, make a big fuss, today is a long experience!

      grew so big, the first time!

     "I heard that this genius breakthrough is possible, and there is a possibility of a vision. Back then, Palace Chief Xia Longwu of the Great Xia Mansion broke through the mountains and seas, and the vision fell from the sky, the vitality is like rain, but it is not so exaggerated?"

     "Su Yu... Is this definitely an Invincible Expert in the future?"


     Talking sound getting bigger and bigger!

     At this moment, Su Yu, with a solemn expression, constantly polished himself, holding on to his willpower, and the little hammer rumbling out to fight the increasingly strong villain in the air.

     "It's not like a punishment..."

     Su Yu also couldn't say what it felt like, it was more like unblocking something that caused the rules to appear.

     Vaguely, there was a thought.

     The Five Elements Jue is one.

     But it's too powerful. It was divided into five sets of tactics in the past. Is it the ancestor of the Five Elements tribe?

     But... can the ancestors of the Five Elements Race be punished on the heads of the Human Race?

     The rules of the five elements do not control the human race!

     If this happens in the Five Elements Realm, it's normal, but it's not normal when it appears in the human environment."Is it possible, is this still a person?"

     Su Yu has some vague thoughts, is it impossible?

     Or to say, the human environment was very glorious in the past. This set of exercises was rewarded by the Human Race to the Five Elements Race, but the Human Race has split the reward...

     Don't understand the situation!

     It was not caused by the 180 divine orifice, but by the integration of the five sets of exercises. Otherwise, Su Yu had also activated the 180 divine orifice before.

     This time, he was punished by heaven!

     This means that it has nothing to do with the divine orifice, but is related to the exercise method, because the exercise method is connected!

     Su Yu didn't care about this, at this moment, suddenly broke out!

      golden figure reveals!

     Quickly defeat a villain, and instantly fall onto a cloud, a false vision!

     This is what he spent a lot of time creating!

     Can't waste it!

     Opening his mouth, swallowed in one bite, the cloud poured into his mouth. Countless people have seen it. Some people are envious and jealous: "I'm going, this guy has a body that sucks heavenly vitality, this is a fortune!"

     "The body is now golden. How many times is this body cast?"

     "He is already very strong physically!"


     At this moment, the strong people who were watching secretly were stared wide-eyed, wanting to see something, but Su Yu, swallowing the cloud, quickly fell, and returned to the ring.


     Someone scolded, come out and show us!

     ...Zhu Tiandao was also shocked at the moment, and the sound transmission said: "Be careful, be careful! Fuck, 3 Sun and Moon have sneaked in! There are 6 mountains and seas! All be careful, be careful! I am worried that more guys will be attracted in the future. It’s online...but Su Yu hasn't finished yet, what should I do?"

     Here are 3 people!

     This will only take a while!

      If it goes on like this, won’t it attract a stronger power?

     He some be on tenterhooks!

     He was thinking, Su Yu swallowed a lot of Tian Qi, suddenly growled, and his limbs were completely golden!

     The gold spread quickly!

     Cast flesh!

      all around, the vitality is sweeping towards this side frantically, 360 acupoints are absorbing frantically!

     And Su Yu, also without rubbish, has countless vitality liquids thrown down by him, vitality is like rain!

     Absorb and fill the flesh.

     In my mind, the divine text continued to outline.

      Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth ...... The second "Fire" character outlines the divine text. It is no longer the kind of fire before, but a real flame divine runes, not a heritage divine text.

     The five-element sacred text was outlined one after another, and before then, the sacred text with the word "wind" was successfully outlined.

     17 divine texts!

     Su Yu at this moment has reached the amount of 17 divine writings in an instant!

     A large amount of celestial vitality and vitality were absorbed by him, and the casting speed of Su Yu's physical body was getting faster and faster. The first casting was almost completed!

     And willpower is constantly rolling.

     There are signs of manifestation!

     There is no Yuanshen Aperture!

     At this moment, Su Yu could vaguely feel that somewhere in his body, there seemed to be acupuncture points to be opened, but it was a little difficult, some obstacles, and the primordial orifice was not opened.

     Su Yu doesn't care anymore!Regardless of these, continue to cast flesh!

     The movement is getting bigger and bigger too!

     In the air, those flame little people, golden tiny being, were crushed by him one after another, but there is no sign of stopping!

     10 minutes, 20 minutes...

     Rumble constantly!

     There is still no sign of stopping!


     At this time, Zhu Tiandao and several people continued to communicate, trouble!

     More people are attracted!

     4 are in the sun and the moon, and 9 are mountains and seas.

     Some people may not be taught by the ten thousand races, but powerful people who travel nearby.

     At this moment, I was also attracted by the big movement and came here.

     Half an hour later, the sun and moon of the first open and aboveboard are here!

     "Palace Master Zhu... is this what happened?"

     A strong man, called in the air, Zhu Tiandao recognized the opponent, a strong man in the Song Mansion next door, in their further south, he heard the response: "Small things, Su Yu breaks through the sky, nothing..."

     That sun and moon is speechless, is this a trivial matter?

     Is your home broken like this?

     "Needs help ma?"

     "No, Director Song, please don't enter the city to avoid misunderstanding!"

     Zhu Tiandao said loudly: "You are outside the sun, moon, mountains and seas, don't enter the Tiandu Mansion. Afterwards, Zhu will apologize to you! It is not suitable to enter the city at this moment. Don't make me embarrassed by you, Daming Mansion!"

     Although Director Song wanted to enter the Tiandu Mansion very much, and to find out, he still held it back and replaced it with any great mansion. At this moment, he would not allow the strong to enter. He had to replied: "Palace Zhu is free, let’s not wait. Will enter the city!"Zhu Tiandao shouted again: "Don't mess around with the mountains and seas, the sun and the moon in the city! Don't be confused, don't give outsiders an opportunity to take advantage of their duties, and guard their respective posts and areas!"

     He reminded several times that no matter how lurking sun, moon, mountains and seas are, they can all be killed as enemies!

     Regardless of whether it is a spy from another big house, you are not a good person if you sneak in with hidden strength!

     At this time, Su Yu's physical golden light was getting bigger and bigger!

     Zhu Tiandao was somewhat worried, and the sound transmission said: "How long will it take?"

     "Three hours!"

     Su Yu replied, "I want to vacate my body first, then manifest my willpower, and cast my body a second time, and complete the second or even third casting!"

     The willpower is manifested, and there is also a chance for rapid improvement.

     Su Yu also wanted to save some time and finish casting several times at once.

     Zhu Tiandao is speechless!

     There are still several hours?

     Didn't this kid say before, this time only the body is vacated?


     Wait a few hours and many people will receive the news!


      one hour later.

     Outside the city, General Manager Hu stepped into the air and said loudly: "Palace Master Zhu, my Master Hou asked, is there any place I need help?"

     "No need, no entry into the city!"

     Manager Hu didn't say much, stopped outside the city, and looked at the director of the Song Mansion across the air. He didn't say anything, but his eyes were bewildered and uncertain!

     Su Yu?

     This is a broken sky?

     You and he break the mountains and seas, the sun and the moon are almost the same!

     Manager Hu feels sorry in his heart. What a pity, this is the genius of the Great Xia Mansion. This guy's breakthrough this time has caused too much movement. Is this a sign of invincibility?Before, Lord Hou and the others said that Su Yu is fine.

     But if you look at it now, maybe you can really prove invincible.


     And in the city.

     At this moment, the people also quieted down a bit, but no one was willing to leave, all staring at the sky.

     More and more powerhouses arrived, and they also watched the excitement.

     Although the strong are all outside the city, everyone can hear the Sun-Moon realm and the voice transmission, and it is the first time I feel that Daming Mansion really has face!

     The sun and moon lurking in were also speechless at this moment.

     Several Sun and Moon came outside, and now they don’t dare to leave if they want to leave. Forget it, continue to lurch, being more careful, and leave immediately when the matter is over.

     On Su Yu's side, in the end is it not opened the Yuanshen Aperture?


     No one cares about them.

     At this moment, Zhu Tiandao and the others are not in a hurry, since people are lurking in and are being watched, don't even want to run!

     Now, it’s better to finish everything smoothly. Su Yu succeeded in breaking into the air, and then dispelled the crowd and cleaned up one by one. Don’t beat the grass to scare the snake now. If the sun-moon war breaks out in the city, the loss will be too heavy!


     Su Yu didn't care about other people.

     At this time, he constantly smashed those sky fires and sky waters, refined willpower, tempered the divine orifice, absorbed the broken villains, and strengthened the divine literature.

     This kind of power, to deal with general Tengkong, probably killed Tengkong long ago.

     To deal with Su Yu, also differ by some margin.

     Su Yu's benefits, all laughed!

      two hours ……Su Yu's physical body is getting stronger and stronger, and his Tian Yuan Qi is larger than expected, but at this moment, his entire body from top to bottom has almost become golden!

     Just the head is not golden enough!

     One casting is about to be completed!

     After completing a casting, he is the real airspace!

     His head has also gradually become cash-colored.

     Gradually, the eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears...all turned golden.

     The blood is rolling!

     The bones are changing!

     Su Yu's face was calm, he didn't worry about anything, the sun and the moon guarding the surroundings, if all this could go wrong, he had nothing to do, it was the same everywhere.

     There are also nine layers of sun and moon like Zhu Tiandao!

     So there are people who attack and kill him, so he really can't help it.

     At this moment, there is still the last trace of gold left.

     A casting is right in front of you!

     At the next moment, Su Yu swallowed in one bite with a lot of vitality!


      A loud exploding sound came from the body, like thunder, the bones rang together!

     360 acupuncture points scattered, and golden radiance burst out one after another!

     One casting is complete!

     At this moment, the sky changed again!

     Clouds appeared and fell!

     It's bigger than the fake cloud just now!

     Clouds spread, 10 meters, 20 meters...100 meters!

     Zhu Tiandao, these people eyes opened wide!

     Damn it!

     What a vision!

     This time it’s not God’s punishment, but God’s wish!

      At the same time, those clouds turned into big characters, "Chou Tian casts a body, the emperor sends wishes!"When this big character comes out, everything is silent!

     A lot of Tian Qi is rolling!

     But at this moment, no one cares.

      "No...not really...it is the rule, the ancient rule..."

     At this moment, the sun and the moon roared from the outside world: "The ancient rules are manifested. This is... a gift from the ancient emperor! Zhou Tian cast body! 360 Yuanqiao cast body!"

     "Su Yu, 360 Zhou Tianqiao, how to open it?"

     "There has always been the wish of the ancient emperor only with the invincible testimony, and can you also have it in the air?"

     Someone don't dare to believe and shout loudly!

     Zhou Tian casts his body, and the ancient emperor sent a wish, which triggered a change in the rules of the human environment!

     What does this mean?

     Some strong people shocked and said: "Vision, heavenly wish... Ancient Era, there is this kind of person cast body, more than one, otherwise there will be no rules to present, is it...... Is it possible that ancient geniuses are all 360-week Tianqiao acupoint castings? body?"

     "Su Yu...Su Yu knows how to open the 360 Yuan Aperture!"

     They roared, and Zhu Tiandao, also dumbstruck, the next moment, roared: "Bullshit, What the hell, fake! Fake visions created by ourselves, for fun..."


     Who does he believe you!


     Can you make a fake vision like this?

     At this moment, the big characters that the clouds turned into, instantly turned into Tian Yuanqi, swept away towards Su Yu!

     Golden prosperity!

     All around, the lurking powerhouses are dry mouth and tongue!

     Zhou Tianqiao cast body!

     It would be so!

     It actually triggered the appearance of the ancient rules!In fact, Su Yu was also surprised. Under the accident, it was also shocked. The ancients were greatly shattered. Is there really an emperor in the human race?

     What about now?


     Why die?

     The rules are still there, are people dead?

     Or do you mean that you are dead long ago, but the human environment is immortal and the rules still exist?

     He didn't know, it was too far away from him!

     He only knew that he had succeeded in casting himself!

     At this moment, the heavenly vitality that those clouds turned into is also extremely rich, pouring into his body!

     Su Yu can feel that he is becoming stronger!


     One casting is complete!

     Su Yu kept on. At this moment, the willpower could no longer be suppressed. The next moment, there was a boom, and the golden light was flourishing!

     Willpower manifested!

     "Civilized Master is also promoted!"

     At this moment, the others were also shocked, this guy, double vacated today!

     Not only that, in the void, a piece of divine text quickly appeared and manifested!

     Blood, thunder, breaking, killing, robbery...

     The newly outlined divine texts have also appeared one after another.

     Two "Fire" characters divine writing.

     The divine texts disappeared in a flash, and the next moment, between Heaven and Earth, appear out of thin air, a large amount of willpower, in the sea of will, there is also a large amount of willpower emerging to strengthen all the divine texts!

     "Blood" god text, instantly promoted to the third rank!

     The "雷" word god text follow closely behind sb or sth and will soon be promoted!Su Yu's willpower is rapidly changing, and his divine aperture expands. At this time, the void again shows clouds, which are less than before, but this time, it is not Tianyuan Qi, but a combination of pure willpower.

     Float towards Su Yu!

     This time, no big characters appeared, Su Yu's heart moved slightly, what does this mean?

     The previous day's punishment was because of the exercises.

     The 180 divine aperture was promoted, but there was no congratulation on the rules. It was just a simple World Mysterious Anomaly. This kind of vision was presented by someone entering the mountains and seas. This means that the 180 divine aperture has not been blessed by the ancient emperor.

     This also means that the 180 divine orifice may really not be the limit!

     Su Yu felt that it was not as good as before, but this time, he completely looked at Zhu Tiandao and the others.

     Zhu Tiandao complexion changed and said loudly: "The willpower provided by ourselves is not a vision..."

     No one cares about him!

     At this time, whoever believes in you is a fool!

     Su Yu, who had been promoted through double cultivation, had two visions in succession. No, there was also the first Heaven's Punishment. No, it seemed that a cloud appeared the first time. What happened?

     I felt that the first time was not enough, so it appeared again!


     Everyone is in shock, Su Yu doesn't care about this!

     While each of the divine texts was being promoted, the sea of will was tumbling and expanding, but Su Yu ignored these. At this moment, it was also a good opportunity to cast his body. He hadn't digested the heavenly vitality of those clouds just now!

     Cast yourself quickly!

     When a civilized division is promoted, it is a good opportunity to build a body!At this moment, Su Yu's vitality is prosperous, his body is constantly being transformed by Tianyuan Qi, and a richer golden color covers him!

     Those clouds of willpower have also fallen into the sea of his will. As for the heavenly punishments at the beginning, they have all been crushed by him, turned into nourishment, and swallowed by himself!

     There are several third-order divine texts, and the second-order divine texts are also being strengthened. The first-order divine texts just outlined are also being upgraded almost in the blink of an eye. The clouds composed of willpower have also been continuously refined by Su Yu!

     Tian Yuanqi was swallowed by Su Yu like he didn't want money!

     After about half an hour, there was a boom!

     Second casting!

     This time, it was surprisingly fast. With the help of in the right place at the right time, Su Yu quickly completed the second casting!

     And the sea of will began to saturate.

     Su Yu didn't care about this, the little hammer began to beat frantically, continuing to expand the sea of will, compressing willpower, and strengthening the divine text.

     And the body is still casting!

     Tian Yuanqi, he has more.

     At this moment, he just wants to extend the time for this promotion and keep giving himself opportunities. When he is promoted, some upper limits will disappear. Otherwise, he will cast his body once on weekdays and there will be no ten days to half a month basically impossible.


     "Second casting!"

     "This guy... has a 360-degree opening, has a second body, and will advance to the next level..."

     Some strong people are shocked!

     The physical power of this guy at the moment is probably more than 2000 orifices. They are not sure, whether Su Yu has completed the 40 orifices in one, but Su Yu has created the method. Is it possible for the 40 orifices to be in one?

     They don't know this!They didn't know too much about whether Su Yu's 360 aperture was a cycle of its own.

     If it succeeds in a perfect promotion, Su Yu's physical power at this moment will be at least 2000 knows!


     A normal warrior is a genius, not mentioning evildoers. Under normal circumstances, it is also a 108-knock God of War. The 12-knife is combined to the ten thousand stone and the 9th layer. Generally, it has 240 knack power, plus cultivation techniques and martial skills. Can't reach the power of 300 orifices.

     Such geniuses generally perform 18 castings, and a very few will perform 27 castings.

     After the 18th cast, Tengkong Jiuzhong will look like 1500 orifices.

     If it is cast at 27, it is not weak, close to the power of 4000 orifices.

     Su Yu, now he has a second body!

     If this guy is a perfect promotion, he can definitely tear the ordinary genius of the sky-high nine, and the genius of 18 casting is not too opponent.

     This is not even his civilized division level!

      At this moment, the eyes of a strong man were strange. Someone looked at Manager Hu. This is the genius of their Daxia Mansion. As a result, they came to Daming Mansion!

     Even if the power amplifier keeps rolling out, today he has cast himself and has the willpower to advance. Maybe this guy can be seen as a weak Lingyun!

     It is not difficult for Su Yu to fight higher ranks!

     And Su Yu did not stop, continued to cast himself!

     It is best to complete the three castings!

     At this moment, the vision is not over yet, which means that his promotion is not over yet, and he can continue!

     Tian Qi, I'm not bad!

     I have willpower too!

     The sea of will is not saturated, and I am not afraid when it is saturated, the little hammer continues to hammer wildly!Su Yu’s willpower manifests and advances. At this moment, the intensity is no less than the second-tier high-level, and even vaguely transforms to the second-tier top. Once he enters the third-tier willpower, the divine text also has the third-tier, and the divine aperture is enough to open, he is Lingyun Environment civilization teacher!

     Of course, Su Yu doesn't care about this.

     At this time, 17 divine texts began to be continuously combined, turned into a knife, and began to absorb willpower, combined together, solidified, and turned into True God text combat skills!

     And the flesh is covered with gold!

     After a long time, World Mysterious Anomaly disappeared completely. At this final moments, Su Yu's body vibrated again, and there was a thunderous loud noise inside him!


     The sound of blood is flowing!

     "Bang bang bang..."

     The beating of the heart is clear and audible, powerful and powerful.

     Above the flesh, a little black smoke was evaporated by Su Yu and disappeared!

     Three casting is complete!

     The golden flesh began to recover its true color, and gradually, the golden color dissipated.

     Su Yu returned to the original state.

     At this moment, everything is completely different!

     Su Yu stood still, and looked at the world again... as if it was extraordinarily clear, willpower follow one's heart's desires, willpower move, everything in the Covered Area is extremely clear!

     After walking a few steps lightly, I only felt that the strength was extremely powerful.

     No signs of losing control!

     Clenched a fist, unprecedentedly powerful!

     Only three castings gave Su Yu the feeling that it was much stronger than before.

     Explosive power, I am afraid there is 2400 orifice power.As for his own Tian Yuan Qi, he consumes a lot, about 30 Tian Yuan Fruits. However, the vision shows that the clouds contain a lot of Tian Yuan Qi, which means that this time the body is cast, it consumes more than expected, I am afraid Close to the amount of 50 Tianyuan fruit.

     Su Yu without too many unexpectedly, his physical body is already strong, otherwise, he would not be able to support the explosive power of more than 2000 orifices.

     Compared to the same three-cast flying, his physical body is much stronger.

     The same three-cast guy, even the gods and demons, Su Yu is sure to blow his opponent with a punch!

     Su Yu stepped out of the small ring and appeared on the Battle Dragon Platform again, and at this moment, all around, everyone was looking at him, as if looking at a monster!

     This guy is just breaking into the sky, how does it feel like Shengdao invincible?

     The movement is scary!

     When Zhu Tiandao saw this, they were all relaxed and finally finished. This kid...If you continue, they are all worried about big incident occured!

     However, it consumes so much, only three castings, and several people are speechless.

     This guy is really edible!

      At this moment, Su Yu didn't say a word, all around was very quiet, as if waiting for him to speak.
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