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314 It’s Not Enough To Catch It All At Once
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Zhou Tian casts a body, the emperor sends a wish!

     The five elements are punished by heaven, and colorful clouds send blessings!

     This is the vision of Su Yu's body, the vision of breaking into the sky, shocking people.

     At this moment, everyone seems to be waiting for something and expecting something.

     And at this moment, before Su Yu could speak, someone said in a low voice: "Zhou Tianyuanqiao cast body...Su Yu, post destruction, you are the first person. This matter is extremely important to the human race. Can you tell me if... Yuanshenqiao? The exact location of Zhoutianqiao acupoint?"

     Su Yu turned his head to look into the distance, not real, the distance was too far, more than 50 miles.

     Several people from Zhu Tiandao appeared in the air.

     Zhu Tiandao didn't say much, he recovered his calm at this moment, and said indifferently: "Without this rule, don't talk about these useless things. Saying or not, it's their own abilities and abilities. They have the ability to make everything invincible and open everything. Secret method, open all opportunities, open all secret treasures, open everything!"

     Zhu Tiandao didn't give Su Yu a chance to reply. He looked around, at this moment, indifferent, "Everyone, look at it, admire it, it's yours, that's yours, not yours, don't be boring!"

     "Regardless of Zhou Tianqiao acupoint or Yuanshen Aperture, Su Yu is willing to make it public. Be grateful, unwilling, and don't force it! Don't think that you can bully if your strength is weak, and don't think it's unfair to keep it open. Every big family will disclose the secrets of how to achieve invincibility, is anyone willing?"

     On the stage, Su Yu raised his eyebrows slightly without making a sound.

     I originally wanted to say a few words aloud.In the distance, someone whispered: "Palace Master Zhu, I don’t mean it, it’s just Zhou Tianqiao Acupuncture and Yuanshen Aperture... It’s too special. Under curiosity, just ask. Su Yu spread the exercises before, which is beneficial to the human race. Keep this in mind. If Zhou Tianyuan Aperture and Yuanshen Aperture can be spread again, Su Yu will definitely stay in the human world..."

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "It makes sense, then wait until we discuss it! The Yuanshen Aperture may not be opened, Su Yu, is it successful?"


     Su Yu shook his head and said lightly: "Failed to turn on, it may be that the divine aperture is not turned on enough!"


     Of course, some people may not believe it.

     Where is the punishment?

     Not a primordial aperture what is?

     Su Yu didn't care about this, he didn't think much at this moment, and didn't say much.

     Since Zhu Tiandao is here and is willing to come forward, let him do better.

     Zhu Tiandao regretfully said: "I can't open it? That's a shame!"

     After that, I looked around and smiled lightly: "Everyone, whether it’s turned on or not turned on, there are some things, don’t force it, it’s meaningless! What I should say, I said before, you are all people with a face, I think , You should understand what I mean!"

     "Palace Zhu's meaning, we understand!"

     The person who spoke before stopped speaking.

     At the next moment, someone laughed and said: "Palace Zhu, no one insists on it, but Master Su Yu's goal today is to promote "The Revelation of the Primordial God". He also published several exercises that are beneficial to the human race before. The method of Zhou Tianqiao's acupoint can also be made public. I think that Master Su will definitely become the king of the mansions like the king of the ancients..."

     Wear a high hat!Don't force it, but put a high hat on for you, and pass it on, so that everyone can give you up.

     Don’t pass, everything for self and selfish profit!

     Su Yu understands this set.

     He didn't ask who it was, and it was never too late to ask again.

     Zhu Tiandao didn’t say a word, and quickly transmitted to the sun and the moon in the Daming Mansion, and said helplessly: "The movement is a bit loud, Zhou Tianqiao acupoint has caused changes in the rules of the ancient emperor, and the rules of the human environment are involved. It is probably difficult for these people to give up... …"

      thinking from others’ point of view, if he is from another big mansion, such as Su Yu making such a big disturbance in the big summer mansion, wouldn’t he be tempted?


     This is inevitable!

     Su Yu is in Daming Mansion, so he doesn't care too much. He has long felt that Su Yu can't run when he arrives in Daming Mansion.

     But now, people in other big houses are tempted.

     Niu Baidao said: "It's very troublesome. It's not time to offend them. There are still many sun and moon realms lurking in the city. It's really going to be a big trouble. These guys may fish in troubled water!"

     It's a big trouble, collective responsibility means irresponsibility, maybe someone took Su Yu away from the chaos!

     Zhu Tiandao knew this, and quickly said: "We have to drive them away, here in the city... we have to kill the chicken to warn the monkey! We need a blitzkrieg strategy! I wanted to solve it secretly, but now I’m afraid it’s difficult. Those guys won’t leave. , I have to receive it next. If I don’t take action now, the lurkers of the Ten Thousand Races Sect may all run away later."

     "Palace Lord!"There is Sunyue Transmission, and said solemnly: "Why don't you give up killing these ten thousand people first, otherwise, if you don't get it quickly, it will easily cause evil intentions. Even if you do it, Daming Palace will not lose. It is small, and it is easy to become the target of a multitude of arrows by killing many sun and moon. It is targeted by the religion of the ten thousand races. At this moment, our Daming Mansion should not make too many enemies and cultivate self-cultivation..."

     This is the principle of Daming Mansion!

     This is also the way for Daming Palace to stand up for years!

     Today, will this rule be broken?

     Zhu Tiandao was struggling and made a big noise.

      Big beyond expectation!

     Killing some people secretly, killing them in the form of fishing, and then spreading them out later, deterring people from all quarters, without seeing how Daming Mansion kills, Daming Mansion can still be stable.

     But the thunderous method can also deter people, but it will also expose the power of Daming Mansion.

     Lowered his head and looked at Su Yu below.

     Zhou Tianqiao Point, Wen Jue Shen Jue, Tian Yuan Qi, the ancient emperor’s wish...

     Every thought in the mind flickers!


     He is the Lord of a Prefecture, the ruler of hundreds of millions of human races in Daming Mansion, can the thunderous method solve it?

     After a while, Zhu Tiandao made a decision.

     Looking outside the city again, he said loudly: "Everyone, Zhou Tianqiao Point, etc. It is not perfect yet. When it is perfected, the Yuanshen Institute will naturally consider spreading the human environment. Su Yu, this person, has his heart. If you think about Human Race, otherwise, you won’t be able to spread all the exercises!"Without waiting for others to reply, Zhu Tiandao smiled and said, "Everyone should stop overbearing. It's boring! From the big business mansion, don’t mess up. What rhythm? Last time I was You killed one of you, no need to play tricks with me at this time!"

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "The King of Business is also a top powerhouse, and he has a good relationship with my father. There is no need to make trouble too much! That's not appropriate! Also, the exercises are all private, a group of sun and moon. , Forcing a youngster, it doesn’t sound good to spread out, the people in Daming Mansion are watching!"

     Over there, General Manager Hu sighed in his heart, and said: "Palace Master Zhu is right. Everyone needs to be face-to-face, Master Zhu, this matter is voluntary with Su Yu!"


     If Su Yu is in Daxia Mansion, then Daxia Mansion is not to yield an inch, Zhou Tianqiao Point...

     What a pity!

     that's too regretful!

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "Then so be it. In addition, in order to prevent misunderstandings, you should not enter the city within an hour, enter the city... When the enemy is dealt with! I will welcome you in an hour."

     Everyone is puzzled. At this time, what's the matter do you still have to deal with?

     Escort Su Yu back to school?

     Does it need to be so exaggerated?

     Zhu Tiandao takes a deep breath and said again: "Everyone, when I'm talking about this, I still hope you can give a face... Otherwise, I have a good temper, my father has a bad temper!"

     On the periphery, some people looked strange.

     What do you mean?

     But in the city, those lurking strong, at this moment, vaguely feel a little palpitating.

     What do you mean?

     Doesn't Zhu Tiandao accept these sun and moon?They are all big people with good looks!

     Zhu Tiandao ignored him and continued to transmit the sound of those strong in the Sun and Moon realm.

     At this moment, here, there are five strong Sun-Moon realms in Daming Mansion!

     And the sun and moon lurking in... there are also 5!

     More mountains and seas, 15 people!

     I am afraid that most of the strong people from the surrounding ethnic groups have come, and the strong people from the surrounding three or four houses are probably all here.

     Caught a big fish!

     If you are afraid, if the leader of the blue sky or the primitive religion is also here, it will be a big trouble!

     Zhu Tiandao no longer cared about the people outside, looked at the people, and smiled: "I also watched the excitement, and the exercises will spread. The big guy is in a good mood today?"

     "It's OK...Palace Lord, anything else?"


     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "My Zhu family has been in charge of Daming Mansion for hundreds of years. I, So many years, I didn't ask you to do anything in Daming Mansion, did you?"

     People doubt?

     Someone laughed and said, "Palace Lord, what did you ask us to do today?"

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "It's not a big deal. I took over as the lord of the palace for 77 years! In 77 years, I rarely put on an act in front of everyone. However, there is a saying that makes sense. !"

     Speaking of this, Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "Today, I will enjoy the treatment of the palace lord... Everyone in the Daming Mansion, today... I, Zhu Tiandao, don't ask much, Daming Mansion etiquette... anything else?The people dazed for a moment. In the crowd, some old people seemed to remember something. The next moment, someone laughed, but not much to say. Suddenly knelt down on one knee, and the next moment, thousands of people knelt down on. one knee ……

     Some young people around, dazed for a moment, soon knelt down on one knee.

     77 years!

     Daming Mansion, for 77 years, there has been almost no big rules, but the old people are taught, the palace owner travels, according to etiquette, when knelt down on one knee to show allegiance to Daming Mansion!

     Fight for Daming Mansion!

     Fight for the Zhu family!

     Without him, more than three hundred years ago, the King of Ming opened his mansion to shelter hundreds of millions of people. The Zhu family took charge of the mansion. It should serve as the graciousness of life-saving for the past years!

     And just in this brief moment, some people hesitated for a moment.

     Some people kneel down, some people don't!

     For 77 years, there are still people who remember, many people remember that Daming Mansion was peaceful and it was all protected by the Zhu family.

     And some people may not remember.

     Zhu Tiandao didn't care about these people. At this moment, he suddenly laughed, and at the next moment, shout loudly, "All monarchs are free!"

     Don't be courteous, and get up when three knocks...

     Just when most people leaned down and were about to knock on their bodies, a powerful and incomparable willpower swept away in the distance!

      at the same time!

     Zhu Tiandao, a few people, one after another shot!

     Zhu Tiandao Single Hand Cover The Heavens, covering a strong man who was about to kneel down in the crowd!

     Mock up, it's late!

     That sun-moon realm powerhouse, complexion big change!

     It just didn't feel right!

     But I didn't expect that Zhu Tiandao would shoot when he said it!At this moment, in the distance, a tower has covered the sky and the sky is coming!

     Mixed with incomparable willpower fluctuations!

     Other people around were kneeling on the ground, but he was the only one who had not had time to kneel down, somewhat conspicuous!

     People who are not from the Daming Mansion know this, even if they know, how can they kneel down easily after being a big man for a long time...

     And at this moment, Zhu Tiandao started!

     Slap it off!


     There was a loud noise, and some people kneeling all around flew out, but Zhu Tiandao didn't care about it. At the next moment, a tower, the literary and armed Baidao Pavilion at the peak of the heavenly ranks attacked!


     A layer of defense was shattered in an instant, and the next moment, the void exploded, as if something exploded, but no one saw anything exploded.

     Only those strong people can see at this moment, that tower instantly penetrated the sea of will of the sun and moon realm!

     The sea of will collapsed!

     In an instant, in an instant, a sun and moon was defeated by the sea of will!

     At the same time, on the other side, a lurking sun and moon was wrapped in a bubble by Chief Niu, and the bubble floated to the sky. The next moment, the three sun and moon joined forces to strike out, with a bang!

     The sun and the moon in the bubble were blown alive by the three sun and moon!

     In less than a second, the two sun and moon fell!

     In the sky, the sun and the moon fell in an instant, and two and a half moons fell from the sky!

     The sun and the moon fall!


     At this brief moment, the two lurking sun and moon broke through the sky and fled!

     Without any thoughts of fighting!

     Damn it!

     Actually exposed!Two Sun Moon Realms were killed instantly!

     One of them had just escaped, and at this moment, Zhu Tiandao had already killed that person, and instantly killed this person in the air!

      At the same time, Baidaoge killed another Sun and Moon who fled through the air.

     5 Sun and Moon Realm!

     There is another person lurking, motionless, kneels down on the ground, but his heart is shocked!



     And me?

     Am I exposed?

     The 4 people did not kneel down, he knelt down immediately. When Zhu Tiandao was talking, the old man next to him was chatting. He heard it and knew that he was going to kneel, so he didn't hesitate too much. I was afraid it would be too conspicuous... so I knelt down. Up.

     Am I exposed?

     All this, too fast, too fast!

     Zhu Tiandao said that the killer is the killer!

     Completely unprepared!

     And Precise Strike, instantly teamed up with Niu Baidao and the others to kill the two unprotected Sun and Moon realms!

     At this moment, everyone did not react.

     Including Su Yu!

     He only saw a flash and crashed in two and a half months!

     The next moment, a great battle broke out in the air. Zhu Tiandao and Niu Baidao, the five sun and moon plus Baidao Pavilion, were besieging the two sun and moon!

     too fast!

     And at this moment, the lurking last sun and moon, I was shocked, no, if it goes on like this, he might also be exposed and die, Zhu Tiandao might deliberately ignore him...

     "Capture Su Yu and threaten them, otherwise they will die!"

     This is his voice transmission. At this moment, in the crowd, more than a dozen figures suddenly rushed out to kill Su Yu!

     It's those mountains and seas!They were also shocked!

     But at this moment, as a strong mountain and sea, they still reacted and saved themselves!

      At this moment, catching Zhu Hongliang may not be able to save himself, only catching Su Yu can save himself!

     There is no sun and moon beside Su Yu!

     Of course, there are many mountains and seas.

     That day the Dao army commanded and shouted violently: "Kill!"

     Dozens of Heavenly Dao Army powerhouses broke out of the sky and killed them!

      all around are fighting!

     And Su Yu still stood in place.

     No one can get close!

      At the same time, the lurking last sun and moon, the sound transmission ended, instead of breaking through the air and fleeing, but quickly escaped into the ground and escaped at an extremely fast speed!

     As for catching Su Yu... catch a fart!

     At this time, the most important thing is not to escape in the chaos!

      At the same time, the sun and the moon outside the city reacted, erupting, falling, everything happened too fast!

     Fast inconceivable!

     Someone was just about to move, Zhu Tiandao's quiet voice came: "No entry into the city!"

     At this moment, everyone understood that what he said before was What does it mean!

     Don't enter the city!

     Come in one hour later!

     Enter the city, that is the enemy.

     "Palace Master Zhu... we can help..."

     "No entry into the city!"

     Zhu Tiandao's voice became colder, and joined hands with Baidaoge, the sun and moon that killed in the blink of an eye, Niu Baidao and the other three sun and moon, besieged one sun and moon!

     At this moment, there is no time to care about the last sun and moon that escaped!

     The sun-moon realm powerhouse who fleeed underground was overjoyed.No one cares!

     Over there, Manager Hu shouted: "Everyone, there is still one guy over there, go to the outskirts of the city and kill him..."

     The sun and moon absconded, but also ignored Aura concealing.

     Manager Hu called, just about to leave, at this moment, in front of the man fleeing, Channel Portal appeared in a flash. An old man with hair grey-white gritted his teeth and cursed: "My technology is not perfect, fuck , Let me do..."

     With a bang!

     The sun and moon hit the door directly!

     But at this moment, the sun and moon disappeared, but the space fluctuated violently!

     Hu Xiansheng continued to bleed, suppressing the portal, and shouted: "Come on, hurry up, fuck, Sun and Moon Triple, I can't suppress it, it's going to explode!"


     Someone exclaimed!

     The next moment, it turned into a toothache, a one-way portal, wrong, no way portal, the other party was trapped in the space behind the door!

     And at the moment when Hu Xiansheng was about to suppress it, two old people appeared beside him, a man and a woman, old people from a school. At this moment, they all looked fortunate. The next moment, the old man set up a big array and surrounded Portal.

     And the old woman, the old woman surnamed Hu, who presided over the super induction jade, had lost his teeth.

     At this time, the old woman was not polite, and quickly said: "Blow up this door...kill him..."

     "you dare!"

     Hu Xiansheng yelled, "You can blow it up, 1 million meritorious deeds!"

     My life savings!

     Just built this door!

     And at this moment, someone suddenly said: "I give it!"Hu Xiansheng shocked, and the next moment, loudly roared, "Fried!"

     The rich man Su Yu!

     He has spoken!

     Boom a loud sound!

     The door exploded, the space was torn apart, and a broken figure fell out of the space, trying to escape, but was stopped by a large formation.

     At this moment, a furnace appeared, encompassing the great formation.

     Wen Bing!

     Old woman's civilian soldier!

     The next moment, in the furnace, the flame rose, the old woman shouted in a low voice, and the divine writings were lit, and the divine writings became fire, forging civilians!

     At this moment, it is burning the sun and the moon!


     "Hu Qi, you are not dead yet!"

     "You must not die!"

     In that stove, the burning sun and moon roared harshly!

     "You are not dead! Hu Qi...you are so cruel!"

     The old woman gasping for air, smiled and said: "I can't die...Today, I will make a soldier of the sun and the moon, you're my masterpiece!"

     Blood spurted out, the old woman Ignite Divine Flame, burning quickly!


     The furnace rumbling, the Sun and Moon realm struggling violently, the furnace was constantly bulging, but it was too late to break through, the old woman sipped in a low voice, and a mouthful of blood spurted out!

     The old man also kept shrinking the big array, and the two teamed up, and the speed was extremely fast!

     Here, Zhu Tiandao hasn't solved the sun and the moon, the old woman, with a bang, crashed in one and a half months!


     The three sun and the moon fell instantly, and General Hu, at this moment, was also very surprised. Not long after he left, he looked at the old woman from the sky and murmured: "Aunt Hu Qi!"The old woman glanced at him and ignored him.


     Manager Hu wanted to say again, the old woman was controlling the stove and left instantly.

     And the old man rushed to Su Yu and the others quickly.

     As for Hu Xiansheng, it was painful at this time. He chased Su Yu and shouted, "Boy, what did you say just now?"

     Blew up your own portal!

     Otherwise, the old woman would not easily kill a sun and moon.

     "Forget it!"

     Su Yu nodded, looked around and smiled.

     Daming Mansion...interesting.

     15 mountains and seas, 12 people killed, did not break through the line of defense, fierce fighting on the periphery, no matter whether the sun or the moon or the mountains and seas, none of them could get close!

     Zhu Tiandao said to protect him... he didn't lie to him.


     There was a roar from the mountains and seas, run away, and the sun and the moon are coming!

     And the two sun and moon in the sky can't stand it at this moment!

     Everything happened too fast, too fast!

     Fast inconceivable!

     Three Sun-Moon Realm powerhouses died instantly!

     In the air, Zhu Tiandao smiled!


     The sun and moon in front of him is dead and can't escape!

     And just as he was about to kill this sun and moon, Zhu Tiandao's eyes changed drastically!

      At the same time, all around the sun and the moon are exclaimed!

     Just in this brief moment, the void is broken!

     A big hand pierced through the void, three divine writings were left behind, and in the blink of an eye, they turned into three faceless men. They didn't trouble Zhu Tiandao, but instantly killed Su Yu!

     Three sun and moon!No, the three gods and cultural bodies are all the strength of the sun and moon realm!


     Zhu Tiandao was furious!

     At this moment, I can't take much care of it. In the sea of will, a main divine text is about to be inspired, and he is really angry!

     What a courage!

     Daxia Mansion reminded him, but he felt that the other party might not be so bold and dare to take action in Daming Mansion. Facts proved... he was wrong, the other party was so bold!

     Damn it!

     Damn it!

     At this moment, he, the main divine literary gleaming brilliance, is about to kill the three divine cultural bodies!

     And just in this brief moment, the void is broken!

     Walk out alone with a knife!

      deadpan said lightly: "I have been waiting for you for a long time!"


     Cut it down!

     The three divine cultural bodies just appeared in front of Su Yu's eyes, with a bang, the three divine writings burst directly into pieces!

     In the next moment, the visitor glanced at Su Yu, lightly laughed, smashed the void with a slash, stepped into the void, and said: ""The Revelation of the Primordial God's Revelation" was introduced into the Great Xia Mansion, and the Third University Mansion is free!"

     Leave these words behind, that person has disappeared!

     In the distance, the void exploded everywhere!

     Daoguang unparalleled under the heavens!


     Soon, a muffled sound came, and a hundred miles away, Xia Longwu appeared, still holding a knife, and a person's silhouette hung on the knife, which had begun to break.

     "Seven divine texts are broken!"

     Xia Longwu said lightly: "Interesting! Last time I added this time, 7 sun and moon divine texts were broken...you are very strong! However... how many divine texts do you have broken? Next time, behead your dog!"With a bang, without giving the figure a chance to speak, the sword aura broke out, and the divine text burst!

     Xia Longwu turned his head and glanced at Tiandu Mansion. Over there, Zhu Tiandao slapped the sun and the moon to death with a cold face. From the sky, the sun and the moon were rotating.

     Xia Longwu sneered, "Zhu Tiandao, be a pig, be a pig! You can't kill people!"

     Leave these words, tearing the void, and leave!


     Tiandu Mansion, above the sky.

     Zhu Tiandao's face was cold, hand grasps, the mountains and seas that were fleeing, he caught a few people instantly!

     Sideways glanced at Su Yu, the voice transmission said: "Without him, you are fine!"

     "Don't care about the fake favors he sells!"


     What's so great!

     It seems like I can't clean up without you?


     Still pretending to be cool!

     Laozi Liwei, killed a few sun and moon, what are you here to mix with, kill three sun and moon with a single knife, although they are gods, they are also sun and moon, a contrast... he Zhu Tiandao killed the sun and moon for a long time , Be a fart!

     fell shame!



     It's your turn Xia Longwu to blend in!

     Without you, I can't kill people?

     Without you, I still killed these three sun and moon clones!

     No...The family killed four. When they finally left, they broke the space abruptly, chased them to the source, and killed the last Sun Moon incarnation.

     What the hell, this invincible, crazy!

     Four incarnations of the sun and the moon came at once!

     Almost overturned the boat in the gutter!Also, Xia Longwu, the tortoise grandson, came here at what time, I don't know at all. He didn't even sense the super-sensing jade. Does this already possess invincible combat power?

     So unable to detect?

     With countless thoughts, he kept communicating with Su Yu: "Indeed, that guy was deliberately showing off, and his strength is just like that, no need to admire, no thanks, I can still kill without him!"

     "You are absolutely fine!"

     What is he, buying people's hearts!


     People have run away from your house, but you are still here to buy people's hearts, are you human?

     It crashed in rounds and half a month. Last Sun and Moon, at this moment, Niu Baidao was besieged and killed by these sun and moon. He couldn't see it, and roared, "Don't kill me, I know which invincible betrayed..."


     Niu Baidao shattered his head and said lightly: "Shut up, you!"

     Below, Su Yu was silent.

     Damn it!

     No matter what the person says is true or false, at this moment, it is not appropriate to make it public, causing confusion and prone to big troubles.

     Once it is slander, it is also troublesome, it is better to kill it!

     The previous invincible was shattered with 4 sun and moon divine texts, and 3 of them were broken last time. He lost a full 7 sun and moon divine texts. Who is it?

     Someone will check this matter after this time.

     Can it be found, unconfirmed.

     It can shatter 7 sun and moon divine writings one after another, and if you try again next time, it will definitely be your true body.Su Yu didn't say anything, silently absorbed the shattered lingering rhyme, and smiled: "Civilized masters who don't fight, can practice on the spot. After so many suns and moons, it is everyone's opportunity to open their minds , Quickly open the magic trick! Fighters can also practice, and it’s not bad to open the first acupuncture point of the "Nashen Kaishu Secret"!"

     He is very indifferent!

     5 Sun and Moon were killed, those mountains and seas, almost there are also killed at this moment, what does he worry about?

     All this is too fast.

     From the outbreak of fighting to now, less than a minute has passed.

     5 sun and moon fall!

     The strength of Daming Mansion is beyond everyone's imagination. This time, there are 7 Sun and Moon realms!

     Hu Xiansheng's portal is also shocking.

     The key is... how did you find it?

     Directly locked 5 sun and moon realms!

     Without any confidence, who would dare to sneak in?

     Not only that, at this moment, Zhu Tiandao was in the air, directly killing someone!



     A mountain and sea that hasn't been exposed, was directly killed by him!

     Of course, not all.

     Some left a fish that escaped the net, maybe it's useful, just kill the main one.

     These people are all locked, one can't run away.

     Zhu Tiandao smiled lightly and said: "Whether they are from the Ten Thousand Races, or from other places, if they sneak into the Daming Mansion, they are all people who have bad intentions! These people are killed if they are killed!"

     Having said that, he sighed: "Unfortunately, it hurts my Daming people... 9 people died. These 9 people will be admitted to the Daming Temple, and they will receive a thousand points of merit. The Daming War Academy and the Civilization Academy will be exempted from the test for one generation and last for three generations!"And Su Yu, when he finished speaking, regretted: "Several people died because of me, Su Yu is ashamed, 9 heroes, all the exercises directly from the Yuanshen Institute are free, and the inheritance is immortal. This is the case for generations!"

     After they finished speaking, someone reacted, and suddenly someone sighed, "I might as well die, fuck!"

      An old man, with his arm drooping at the moment, his arm is broken, but his expression is depressed!

     It's better to kill me!

     Thousand-point merits are a lot. This is not the key. For the Ming Civilization and War Academy, one person is exempted from the test in each generation. Can two people in one generation be exempted from the test and enter the two universities?

     Three generations, that is 6 people!

     All the exercises of the Yuanshen Research Institute can be obtained for free. There is no need to accumulate merits or extra merits. It is all direct lines, not one or two!

     Damn it!

     After all, I might as well die!

     Not only this one, the other injured people are also extremely depressed!

     Why are we not dead?

     Really sorry!

     A lot of years old, dead and overwhelmed, enough to eat, drink and be merry, you can still enter the Daming Temple if you die, and protect your children and grandchildren, it’s so worth it!

     Someone is injured. At the moment, while coughing up blood, he furtively slapped himself with black hands...

     Soon, someone from the Heavenly Dao Army put the injured guy out with a cold face!

     Old guy, he wants to commit suicide to cheat and get a pension. Why is there such a person in Daming Mansion!

     Angry, funny, and helpless.Others who wanted to give themselves a black hand, when they saw it at the moment, they had to give up. The person who was arrested said helplessly: "If you die, you can't die, Palace Lord, give some comfort to the injured!"

     Zhu Tiandao is also not to know whether to laugh or cry!

     Daming Mansion... is it going to be rectified?

     I don’t care about these people anymore. Until then, he has no time to look after the people outside. Looking at the sun and the moon, Zhu Tiandao smiled: "Everyone, I was negligent before, Daming Mansion is so friendly. , There are people who actually attacked us... almost destroyed our Tiandu Mansion!"

     Everyone is speechless!

     Are you sure?

     Are you sure that 9 people have died, 5 Sun and Moon, and more than 10 Mountains and Seas have been killed. Is your Tiandu Mansion almost destroyed?

     Zhu Tiandao didn’t care about them, soaring high into the air, and said with a smile: “Since everyone is here, it’s okay, everyone has seen everything, you witness! I don’t say anything, you guys, please walk with me...today, I went to Two Great Sacred Grounds and asked for justice. In this world, this human condition, is the Human Race in charge or the Ten Thousand Races?"

     At this moment, Zhu Tiandao was very domineering, walk on air, and said indifferently: "Everyone accompany me on a trip, let alone no time, and watch this scene happen. Are you ashamed?"

     He has a loud voice!

     "This human situation, who is it?"

     "If it is taught by ten thousand races, then bow and give way!"

     After that, he shouted: "Where is the Iron Cavalry Guard! Follow me into the Double Holy Mansion and ask for justice!"In the next moment, thousands of people soaring high into the air, the ceremonial frame was opened, the mount was driven, the banner spread, and they shouted in unison: "Palace Master Daming Mansion, enter the Double Holy Mansion!"

     "All evils avoid retreat, all mansions clear the way!"

     Zhu Tiandao smiled, at the same time, a golden dragon leaped into the sky, pulling a frame, Zhu Tiandao stepped in and said with a smile: "Get up and drive, all the monarchs, the Shuangsheng Mansion has gone through, and those who don’t leave... Is it a religion?"


      laughed heartily, thousands of guards cleared the way, Jinlong pulled the cart and swiftly broke through the air!

     On the periphery, there are 6 strong Sun-Moon realms at this moment.

     At this moment, someone complexion turned complex wants to go, but... can't go!


     Ahead, Zhu Tiandao is very fast, a group of people walk directly on the air, the big flag of Daming Mansion flutter in the wind, Zhu Tiandao lightly said: "Will you go? Several people, put on the shelves together, have a drink, and you will arrive at Shuangsheng tomorrow. Mansion, this time, without giving me an explanation, Daming Mansion will withdraw from the Human Realm Alliance!"

     There are 38 houses in Human Realm, 36 houses are invincible Kaifu, Shuangshengfu and Zhutianfu were later divided.

     Although the 38 houses are not unified, they have covenants!

     Among them, Shuangshengfu is the leader of this covenant!

     Those days and moons, although helpless, at this point, Zhu Tiandao had made up his mind to file a complaint, not going... it wouldn't work.

     They are also witnesses!

     The 5 sun and the moon lurking into the Daming Mansion... has to say, all the patriarchs are crazy.

     The key point, this Zhu Tiandao is too cruel!

     This time, it was to catch the sun and the moon!

     Now, these people have also reacted.

     How ruthless!Sure enough, the dog that bites doesn't bark, however... The few people are also shocked, that invincible, who is it?

     The 4 divine text clones were killed. If it weren't for Xia Longwu, the capital might really have something to happen this day!

     They also want to visit Shuangsheng Mansion and ask, what is the situation!

     An invincible, is this human or ten thousand?

     The invincibility of the ten thousand races can bring the avatar of the gods to the human state?


     If it's human... who is it!

     Is it really impossible to find out the loss of so many divine texts this time?


     On the stage, Su Yu watched them go away and smiled.

     After catching the fish, not only do not take the hook, but continue to criticize violently. It’s a courageous, good method!

     This time, I am afraid that the search realm and the Temple of War are about to bleed. Not only does it bleed, it may be necessary to make some movement out, otherwise there is no way to explain it!

     "Is this the way to fight the enemy with the general trend?"

     At this moment, Su Yu seemed to have learned something. In his mind, that little hair ball secretly absorbed a large amount of divine writing and Yu Yun, and Su Yu was too lazy to care.

     Looking at the corpses on the ground, some were already broken, Su Yu smiled brilliantly!

     Sure enough, fishing was easy this time!

     5 suns and moons... next time will Ten Thousand Clan Sects dare?

     No, how many sun and moon realms still exist?

     At this moment, not far away, Niu Baidao said in surprise: "Hey, this guy... won't be the new leader of the blood fire sect, right? With the sign of the blood fire sect!"

     He looked at the sun and moon corpse that was immediately killed by Zhu Tiandao, and was somewhat surprised. There was a token in the opponent's storage ring, which was new!Blood and Fire!

     Su Yu corner of the mouth twitches!

     All around, the strong were silent.

     Blood Fire Cult... Let's disband.

     Bankruptcy will do!

     Three hierarchs have died, and the time is calculated, half a year!

     Three leaders died in half a year, why not disband!
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