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315 Rising Dragon Drum Four Rings (see Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Zhu Tiandao went to file a complaint.

     Others began to collect corpses and clear the battlefield.

     Su Yu's side is always guarded by the sun and the moon to prevent the enemy from attacking Su Yu.

     On the side, Hu Xiansheng looked at Su Yu blankly.

     He is more nervous about Su Yu's safety than anyone else!

     I promised my 1 million meritorious service compensation!

     If something happens to Su Yu, he will die.

     Su Yu wanted to laugh a little, and did not participate in the collection of corpses. He said, "President, do you think the palace lord went to the Shuangsheng Mansion to file a complaint?

     "There must be gains."

     Hu Xiansheng suppressed the urge to return 1 million meritorious services, and smiled: "Our palace lord may not be the strongest among the major palace lords, but we can say pester endlessly...cough cough, according to reason, there are still a few brushes. of."

     "Two Great Sacred Grounds, Two Great Sacred Grounds, these days, I have been doing nothing. I often make mistakes. No one is also just sufficed. Show your face, as for how to deal with... it depends on what the palace lord talks about."

     Su Yu was a little sorry, "I really want to follow it."

     "do not!"

     Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "You still don't go, go, it's hard to do! Your Zhou Tianqiao, there must be someone looking back to say, the King of Han or the Silkworm Killer came out, and I ask you, can you tell me? , Invincible may not care, but... somewhat of the meaning of slapping people in the face. Having said that, you are not happy. Palace Master meant that, if you don't take you there, do the two Invincibles still come to Daming Mansion to ask you?"Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "The government is hosting the affairs, naturally there is his own reason, you are not on the scene, then everything is easier to handle."

     Su Yu nodded, which is true.

     Especially the Silkworm Killer, he also inherited his "Time" strategy.

     If he asks his own Zhou Tianqiao, do he speak for himself?

     It's not good not to say, it's not good to say it.

     Anyway, in a short time, he was not prepared to say.

     360 Zhou Tianqiao is not the kind that can be popularized. This thing requires monstruous talent genius and a lot of resources. There's hope for the invincible descendants, and the ordinary family is almost useless.

     Since it can't be popularized, why do you say so much, lower your advantage, maybe create a few opponents for yourself.

     Hu Xiansheng saw that he regretted, glancing to left and right, the sound transmission said: "Boy, do you still have money? If you have money, I will find a few old friends to set up a cross-provincial transmission image for you. As long as you pay, Daming Mansion There are very few things that cannot be done!"


     Su Yu was speechless, why this Daming Mansion has changed to be the same as the Great Xia Mansion again, and he needs money!

     Own dean, is this eyeing me now?

     He made a lot of money, but the bulk of it was not spent elsewhere, it was spent on Hu Xiansheng.

     Of course, exchange of equal values.

     Su Yu was actually very interested in his portal, and didn't rush to say anything else. Instead, he smiled and said: "Dean, your portal cost 1 million meritorious services?"

     "Ahem..."Hu Xiansheng coughed dryly: "That's not true, but the gap is not big, and there is still the crystallization of my wisdom for hundreds of years! I said 1 million, which is not too exaggerated, you have also seen it, a sun and moon triple I’m trapped and seriously injured, otherwise I won’t be so easy to die."

     Su Yu nodded slightly, "That's true, Dean. I saw that when the portal exploded, there was still a small half left. Since I spent the money, the remaining small half is mine. You can give it back to me. "


     Hu Xiansheng looked at him faintly!

     you saw it?

     Okay, you see, are you going to take away my portal?

     I have some residue left!

     Su Yu doesn't look at him, he is really interested, really, a big killer!

     That thing, if Shanhai broke in by mistake, it would definitely die!

     A Sunyue Sanzhong was actually trapped by a door!

     Speaking of it, the gate of the research institute actually has this effect, but the gate of the research institute is built on the basis of the whole research institute, and even has something to do with the Space Slash room.

     Take it out, there is no way to do it.

     Hu Xiansheng can actually take this out directly and carry it with him, which is very powerful!

     Hu Xiansheng said quietly: "You don't have Space Divine Text, you can't control it, it's too wasteful..."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Dean, I don't dislike it."


      I was asking youHu Xiansheng looked helpless, after a long while, he said: "Um...I can barely use it for repairing, or... Or I will find someone to set up a long-distance transmission video machine for you for free, what do you think?"

     Sad in my heart!

     It's a waste!

     I've known it a long time ago, but now it's fine, and I have to pay for work.

     Su Yu laughed, "That's okay, trouble the Dean!"

     Hu Xiansheng helplessly sighed: "Don't worry, Palace Master can arrive at least at night, it's still early."

     The Shuangsheng Mansion is quite far from the Daming Mansion, but a group of strong men rushed along, and the speed was fast.

     The iron cavalry guards also rode monsters, not slow.

     The Iron Cavalry is equipped with a one-horned Taurus, charging into battle, and on the road, which are all first-class levels.

     Su Yu was not curious about this, but the golden dragon was even more curious. He couldn't help but said, "What's going on for the golden dragon pulling the cart for the palace lord?"

     "You mean that?"

     Hu Xiansheng smiled and said: "It was a little dragon in the past, but it was later conquered by the palace lord. He was brought back from the battlefield of the heavens. The strength is not bad. Pull the frame for the palace lord, it will only be used every few decades."

     "Palace lord will use Yijia only when he goes to the battlefields of the heavens to inspect or do business."

     Su Yu nodded again, this one is a bit more ostentatious, much better than Su Yu.

     Su Yu is also nearby at the moment, it sent Su Yu here.

     At this moment, I seemed to have heard his words and glanced at Su Yu. I probably guessed that Su Yu was despising himself, and I was depressed. What is so great about Jinlong!

     The dragon is only, and not much better than himself!I am Suanni Clan, not weak, who should I look down on?

     Su Yu also ignored it, and while chatting with Hu Xiansheng, he absorbed some of the lingering rhyme of the divine text to strengthen his divine text.

     And the people onlookers, at this moment, also disappeared one after another.


     After a while, the battlefield was almost there.

     Niu Baidao came over and said with a smile: "This time I did a big deal. The Shenlong Sect, the Scorpion Sect, the Blood Fire Sect, the Sky Eye Sect, the Flying Tiger Sect... I was to catch everything in the one net! The strong sects in the nearby three or four big houses were almost killed this time!"

     Su Yu said solemnly, "President, has the Six Wings God taught someone?"


     Niu Baidao knew his thoughts, and comforted: "It would be good if you didn't come. That means their side is not strong enough, and there is no way to come again! If you really want to be strong enough, who doesn't want to come to see and share a cup, but it didn’t come. The representative is now unable to draw the strongest person over."

     After all, Niu Baidao said, "Don't talk about this, you still have the vitality on your side? Borrow a batch to me, and we will rush to imitate the vision. You have spread the word, it will be a little troublesome, although It may not be able to hide from others, it is a good thing to hide one, and make everyone doubt..."

     Su Yu said in a voice transmission: "The governor wants to imitate the vision?"

     "Correct!"Niu Baidao said: "Just came without enough time, otherwise, it's time to copy it on the spot just now. Let the sun and the moon see it. It's not too late. You first borrow some vitality for me. I will speed up the copying and see if it can You can’t send it to the palace owner. It’s best to show it on the spot in the Double Saint Mansion. After all, those people in the Double Saint Mansion have not seen it with their own eyes. These people also think highly of oneself, and you may not really think that you can lead to the ancient rules... Get a fake, fool them!"

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly!

     This is a good way!

     Without seeing it with their own eyes, they may not take it seriously.

     Before, he had about 150 copies of Tian Yuan Guo's Tian Yuan Qi, and he swallowed about 30 copies. However, in the first vision, about 10 copies were wasted, and he still had about 110 copies.

      World Mysterious Anomaly, there are not many days of vitality.

     It looks spectacular!

     Only about 20 copies!

     The ancient emperor seems to be a stingy person. Of course, it may be too old and consume a lot. After all, as time goes by, I don’t know where these rules rewards exist, and may naturally consume some.

     About 20 servings, not much.

     Su Yu didn't say much. Soon, he took out a small ball, about 30 copies.

     After giving it to Niu Baidao, Niu Baidao didn't say much, but quickly handed it to an old man of Sunyue. The old man took the things and left quickly, as if he was going to make an urgent copy.

     Su Yu followed Niu Baidao and continued to speak: "President, is there anyone who hasn't cleaned it up?""There's some left, the mountains and seas have been cleaned up, there's some left The clouds and the sky are not cleared, not sure if it is the spies of the big mansions, or the ten thousand peoples religion, including the 15 mountains and seas that were killed, not all of them are all ten thousand people religion Yes, of course, kill at this time, even if someone is killed by mistake in a major mansion, he will not speak at this time."

     Ten thousand ethnic religions are lurking, 5 Sun and Moon realms, your people are also lurking, What do you want to do?

     Even if the mountains and seas were mistakenly killed by the major houses, they would not speak at this time.

     "If you are arrested later, keep a few for me."


     Niu Baidao didn't care much about this, and said with a smile: "You really want to get in?"

     "Not necessarily, just leave a few Lingyun, and give me some insights..."

     Su Yu smiled, said: "The actual combat experience is still lacking, the prefect, don't kill them all when you look back. If I have time, I will practice my hands and see Lingyun's strength!"

     Not enough actual combat experience, that's okay.

     Just killing a few people is enough!

     Entering the airspace realm, Su Yu also wants to try it out, what is his current strength.

     Speaking of this, he asked: "President, several sun and moon, do you have divine writings left?"

     In fact, this time it was still a loss!

     The loss is not elsewhere, but the 1 million meritorious deeds. At that time, he didn’t speak, and Hu Xiansheng probably had to explode, but... It is also a good thing.

     This time, the encirclement and suppression of the sun and the moon is actually for Su Yu.

     People suffered heavy losses, that is not Su Yu's style.Su Yu had 1.06 million points for the merits given by Master Xiahou last time. Even if he gave some to Hu Xiansheng, Su Yu also had 60,000 merits.


     Besides, it really costs money, and he still has a lot of money to confiscate.

     The advanced version of the combination method, Yuanshen Wenjue, including the following "Goose that lays golden eggs", is the goose that lays golden eggs. As long as Su Yu doesn't burn money crazy, he won't be short of money.

     "Yes, but there is no way to peel it off now, wait for the palace lord to come back."

     Niu Baidao smiled and said: "The five Sun and Moon, the first new leader of the Blood Fire Cult to be killed, and the guy refined by Hu Qi, are all civilized teachers, and the remaining three are warriors. Both should have some divine writing left."

     The sun and moon divine writing can be used as a secret realm.

     However, these two may not outline a few divine texts, even if they are outlined, in addition to the main divine text, other divine texts may not be promoted to the sun and the moon.

     Su Yu didn't say much, and suddenly said: "President, these all are traitors of the human race, can I extract a few drops of blood, check the Memory Fragment, and see if these people have any secrets..."

     "Can you Extraction Memories?"

     Niu Baidao is somewhat surprised, this technique is really not everyone can master.

     "can!"Niu Baidao thought for a while and nodded, "Yes, I will extract it and send it to you later, but... Su Yu, remember, research is okay, Extraction Memories is okay, but you can’t use human blood to cultivate, you must not , Using the human blood to cultivate, that’s the human demon! Demon head! Also, this is for the ten thousand clan religion, other people absolutely can’t, otherwise, once I find out...you are genius and lose your humanity, Daming Mansion will also do not need you!"

     Su Yu nodded. On the first day he entered the laboratory, Bai Feng had also told him, very serious.

     "Will not!"

     "That’s good. I don’t hope that one day you will stand on the opposite side of the human race. There may be some worms in the human race today, but it does not mean that they are all bad people. Whether it is Daqin Mansion or Daxia Mansion, including you may be In the hostile Great Zhou Palace, countless people are actually fighting and contributing to the human race..."

     Niu Baidao said: "Everyone may have a different position. Some people are very paranoid, but they may not be bad guys! You may know that there are a group of people who think that a war cannot break out now, which is not good for the human race. , He may not be a bad person... Actually... our Daming Mansion can be considered one of this kind of people. The Palace Master’s external position is to drag him first... Su Yu, do you think Palace Master is a bad person?"

     Niu Baidao sighed: "Sometimes, there are a lot of things to consider. It's not just a quick gratitude and enmity. It is enough to fight against the ten thousand races! Even if you work hard, it is worth it. You can't knock everyone down!"

     Su Yu nodded and said with a smile: "I know what the governor meant, I'm not that extreme."

     Many people have admonished him, Hong Tan, Wantiansheng, Niu Baidao...Including Chen Yong and Liu Wenyan, they have all said this.

     Don’t knock everyone down, not your friends, but not necessarily your enemies, don’t turn those people into enemies.

     As for why they think so, probably because they think Su Yu is too young.

     Su Yu didn't say much. These few people are actually right. They are not those who oppose you. They are all your enemies. You are not meritorious. Everyone loves them. It is normal for you to have different positions and different ideas.

     He is not so extreme, but for some people, he must find a way to solve it.

     For example, the invincible who just shot!

     As for Zhu Tiandao's side... I am afraid it will be difficult to find the other party this time. If it is that simple, it will be solved long ago.

     "Seven divine texts..."

     Su Yu muttered in his heart, 7 of them are quite a few. They are all sun and moon gods. Even for Invincible, it is not that simple to outline the sun and moon gods. These 7 gods may not have been exposed.

     Otherwise, someone should be able to recognize it.

     Also, were they the same person last time and this time?

     In the sea of will, Su Yu is also communicating with Xiao Maoqiu, "You have eaten some fragments of divine writing, can you tell the taste of the other party?"

     "Yes... but you have to enter the sea of will to eat..."

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly!

     "You enter the opponent's sea of will, can you tell?"


     Xiaomaoqiu drowsily replied, it is so fragrant, should you be able to eat it?

     Su Yu turned his head and thought, helpless, tasteless.If it's so easy to check the opponent's sea of will, there won't be so many things, which invincible will let you check your own sea of will, it's impossible.

     Don't talk about invincibility, just talk about yourself. Now if someone wants to check their will, they won't agree.


     Just as Su Yu and the others returned to the school.

     On the way from Daming Mansion to Shuangsheng Mansion, Iron Cavaliers cleared the way!

     In the car, plus Zhu Tiandao, 7 sun and moon.

     King Long pulls a cart!

     Passing by a mansion will cause countless people to raise their heads and pay attention. This is a big trip!

     The big man in Daming Mansion!

     In the car, Zhu Tiandao was drinking tea and leaning on the seat. There was a lot of space. He took a sip of tea and smiled: "A few of you, don't look anxious. It's not just for you to go to death and complain, why bother This look."

     "Palace Master Zhu..."

     Someone said helplessly: "Everyone understands, then I have something to say, there is such an invincible, not the first time I know, everyone is pretending to be unaware, the key point is that there is no evidence, it is a big trouble. No one is good-looking, saying that Ten Thousand Clan Religion is OK, but at this time mentioning the guy who shot...It's really hard to handle!"

     Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "This is the truth! This person who is it, no one knows, dozens of Terran Invincible, all have a great contribution to the Terran, who should be investigated? Who wants to be investigated? It has not been caught, and it is ugly. , It’s not good for anyone."

     Everyone is relaxed, as long as you understand.Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: "But... this guy is indeed a big threat, don't you deny it? If you attack Ye Batian today and Su Yu tomorrow, it may be Huang Teng the day after tomorrow, and it may be Qin Fang the day after tomorrow, or just something. Geniuses who are expected to prove the Dao, such as Xia Longwu and Zhou Polong."

     Zhu Tiandao smiled, said: "Always just let it go?"

     Zhu Tiandao laughing and laughing, sighed: "No one wants the invincibility of the human race to be grudges, everyone is in danger, it is really noisy, and the invincibility has started infighting, who will bear this responsibility? But... when you open your eyes, it's useless After this guy killed Ye Batian in the past, if he were obediently and honestly, he would do it once in his life...As time goes by, everyone will forget it, but recently, he has made one after another!"

     Zhu Tiandao said coldly: "At this point, do you still have to be blind?"

     Manager Hu sighed: "The opponent made a shot in the Daxia Mansion last time, and it has only been less than half a year..."

     Too often!

     This is not a good thing!

     Sun and Moon of the Song Dynasty hesitated: "The last time he shot Liu Wenyan, did he shot Su Yu this time for the Five Dynasties Divine Art and Zhou Tianqiao Point? Or was he simply trying to kill the geniuses of the Poly Divine Art? "

     "Before, if the five generations were really framed by someone, then this person has always targeted the polytheistic literature..."

     Zhu Tiandao said indifferently: "Do you think that for the polytheistic literature, everyone will be fine?"

     "I didn't mean that!"The Sun and Moon of the Song family shook his head and said: "I mean, this person frequently shots at the multi-sacred literary series, even at a huge cost, and even recently some regardless of costs, which means hysterical...I really want to find the other party. Maybe you still have to read a series of multi-sacred texts."

     Zhu Tiandao didn't say a word, this is true.

     The others didn't speak, and it was not that simple to catch an invincible.

     Besides, it was really caught...Who will kill?

     Several people also have headaches, and this is not something they can participate in.

     Riyue has no strength and is not qualified to participate.

     In the end, it depends on the invincible.

     The car continued to move forward, and soon, the vitality became much stronger, and it was about to enter the territory of Shuangsheng Mansion!

     There are also people in Shuangsheng Mansion, and there are not too many.

     Here, there are many invincible families.

     Inside the car, Zhu Tian rationalized his clothes, thought about it, and suddenly shattered the clothes a bit. Under the eyes of several sun and moon dumbstruck, he painfully cut some small wounds on his body...

     Then, stain the clothes with some blood.

     Then, he wiped blood on the corners of his mouth.

     "Palace Master Zhu..."

     Several people were dull, Zhu Tiandao calmly said: "Five...no, nine Sun and Moon raided Daming Mansion, and Daming Mansion was almost destroyed. Is this true? Several, you will testify later! Month, right?"

     "It's you……"

     They are stammeringly, you are the lord!

      Lord of a Prefecture!

      Strictly speaking, it exists at the same level as Invincible.

     Do you lose any face?Not to mention that he was not injured, even if he was really injured, at this moment, he should pay attention to his face and identity.

     Zhu Tiandao didn't bother to pay attention. The next moment, with a wave of his hand, the golden dragon in front of him appeared with fog and gray things, as if he had just crawled out of the mud.

     And those iron cavalry guards in front, after a while, a blood rain fell, and their armor was stained with blood red.

     Zhu Tiandao thought for a while, then fiddled with it, and the car was a little broken.

     Several Sun and Moon can already see outside at this moment, and the car is leaking!

     The big flag of Daming Mansion was lit by the fire at this moment, half burned...

     What a defeated general!

     Just like an army that has just been defeated, fleeing.

     Several sun and moon to bare one's fangs, this is... to be sold to the dead!

     Really shameless!

     "Palace Master Zhu...this..."

     Zhu Tiandao smiled lightly and said: "Don't worry about it. Just a big battle. My Daming Mansion was fighting fiercely and suffered heavy losses. As a palace lord, I don’t need to care about my face. I’m ashamed. When this is the case, what should I care about?"

     He looked at several people and smiled: "Several people, say what should be said, what should not be said... it is useless if you say it, right? Just speak according to the facts you see!"

     With that, Zhu Tiandao got up and walked out of the car.

     After a while, a chubby middle-aged man flew in from a distance and said quickly: "Father!"

     Having said that, looking at the team, a little speechless.

     What is father doing?

     Didn’t you say nothing is wrong?This is... as if the one who had just been defeated from the battlefield of the heavens and fled back to the human state!

     "Did you bring Shenglonggu?"

     "Brought it!"

     The fat man quickly took out a huge drum from the storage ring.

     Several Sunyue dumbfounded again!

     Isn't this thing at the door of the search world?

     Why is it in your hands, you even moved this in?

     Something is going to happen!

     Just thinking about it, Zhu Tiandao reached out and took the drum!

     And at the next moment, a drum sound shook the double holy mansion!


     One sound!


     Two beeps!

     With a bang, please see Invincible Expert.

     Two sounds, there are grievances to say.

     Three beeps, there is a crisis notification, invincible can handle it.

     With four sounds, the government crisis has affected hundreds of millions of people.

     Five sounds, the heavens are in crisis, and the invincible retreat will all fight.

     Six sounds, the whole world is in crisis, alert.

     Seven sounds, invincible fall!

     Eight sounds, prepare for battle, decisive battle!

     With nine sounds, the human environment is broken, escape, struggle, save your life, and leave the fire of inheritance.


     Three beeps!

     At this moment, in the distance, there are two large halls floating in the air. At this moment, there are invincible Qi machine appearing, three sounds, invincible will deal with.

     Don't stop!


     Four beeps!

     Big government crisis!

     In the next moment, two invincible Qi machines covered it!

     Zhu Tiandao was covered in blood. At this moment, he knocked four times, double holy mansion, countless people raised their heads, and their hearts were shaking!Four beeps!

     Which province has encountered a fatal crisis?

     Someone saw the remnant army in the sky!

     Daming Mansion!

     That was Palace Master Yijia of Daming Mansion!

     However, Zhu Tiandao, his face calm, his voice was magnificent, and he said sadly: "Daming Mansion is in crisis! 9 suns and moons, 15 mountains and seas are attacking Daming Mansion! Tiandu Mansion is in danger, Daming Mansion is in danger!

     "Ten thousand ethnic religions are raging, my father rushed to the battlefields of the heavens, unable to return, specially come for help!"

     "Daming Mansion has been established for more than three hundred years, and for more than three hundred years, I have never asked for help from the Shuangsheng Mansion. Today...

     "The human situation is in danger, the religion of the ten thousand races has invaded the human realm, chaos under the heavens is coming!"


     With a stern roar, with the bonus of Shenglong Drum and Sun Moon Nine Layers, it shook the Double Saint Palace and spread it throughout the Double Saint Palace!

     Countless people shake!

     Daming Mansion is in danger?

     Palace Lord Zhu Tiandao has come to ask for help!

     For more than 300 years, the great palace lord who once and only came to ask for help was the old Daqi palace. It was caused by the fall of the great Qi king. The king is still alive!

     Although not in the big house, has the big Ming house already encountered such a crisis?

     9 sun and moon strike!

     The world is shaking!

     In the void, Zhu Tiandao's voice was sad, but his expression was calm.

     In the distance, the gate of Two Great Sacred Grounds opened.

     "Open the hall!"

     A quiet sound came out, and the two halls standing on the top of the human realm opened at the same time.A statue of the sun and the moon, the mountain and the sea, walked out of the residence, from the retreat, from all over, and rushed to the main hall.

     The Holy Land has opened!

     Discuss the human situation!

     On the top of the God of War, King Miecan frowned, walked out of the God of War, and walked towards the Temple of War.

     In the depths of the search realm, the Great Han King sighed, carrying his hands on his back, stepped out and walked towards the search hall.

     Palace Lord of the Great Mansion for help!

     Daming Mansion is in danger of destruction!

     Fuck you Mad!

     You Zhu Tiandao, can you stop talking nonsense!

     Your Daming Mansion, even if there are 9 suns and moons, it is not so easy to destroy, do you still have the heart to come here for help?

     If you have a complaint, you can file a complaint. If you want to find something, you have to find something. If you have to beat the dragon drum four times, I am afraid that this matter has quickly spread to the battlefield of the heavens!

     Perhaps, there will be another invincible return soon.

     Among the 36 houses, the Daming Mansion, which is not ranked low, has all suffered a disaster. How can this make the frontline rest assured?

     The two invincibles in the town have to lose an adult now!

     And the major invincible families that are in charge of the world, this time I am afraid there is nothing good to eat.

     Because... 9 sun and moon are real!

     On this point, Zhu Tiandao dare not lie.

     In the human environment, the 9 sun and the moon attacked a large mansion. This is unforgivable. Two Great Sacred Grounds must be held responsible this time.


     Zhu Tiandao smiled and threw the Shenglong Drum to his son, "Send it back, don't lose it, you can't afford to lose it!"

     His eldest son gave a silly smile, took the drum, and quickly flew towards the seeking realm.At this moment, at the gate of the search realm, several injured mountains and seas are somewhat grudgingly, crazy!

     Snatch the Dragon Drum!

     But now, there is no time to investigate all of this. Invincible is out of the barrier, and both Invincibles are out of the barrier, and the double temple is opened!

     Today, the trouble is not good, the heads are rolling!

     Some of the sun, moon, mountains and seas who are rushing towards the two temples are deeply worried and sick at heart, crazy, who the hell ran to provoke these people in Daming Mansion!

     This bastard of the Zhu family came to Shuangsheng Mansion to make trouble before, okay!

     PS: The last two days, ask for a monthly pass!
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