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319 The Focus Of The World Is Only In Summer (seeking Monthly Ticket Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The matter of Daming Mansion quickly spread.

     In one day, the five sun and the moon fell.

     The Daming Mansion, which has been salting fish for many years, suddenly stood up, which shocked the big mansion. When was the Daming Mansion so young?

     And the senior officials of the big government are more concerned about how the Daming government discovered the existence of these people?

     What secrets exist in Daming Mansion, who can actually catch everything in the one net?

     In addition, Zhu Tiandao went to explore the realm and made the big mans envious. There is a powerful father who does not prove the Dao himself, and the Ming mansion has money. This is capital.

     If there is no money, Daming Mansion will not dare to mess around.

     Too poor, I really offend the eight people, and block your financial needs, and you will be in trouble.

     In addition to Zhu's family, the other is Su Yu!

     Is the vision true or false?

     Can Zhou Tian cast his body, can there really be rules for rewards?

     Punishment that day, and what is?

     In addition, is Su Yu's "Nascent Revelation Technique" really as powerful as rumors, everyone can cultivate into the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique?

     Too many doubts and curiosities made people Jing's eyes focused on Daming Mansion.

     Of course, the same is true for Ten Thousand Races.

     But at this moment, Daming Mansion is even more dangerous than Daxia Mansion in the eyes of Ten Thousand Clan Sects. Daxia Mansion is often wiped out, but there are some people in Daxia Mansion who have not been exposed for many years. Daming Mansion is better, and all of them are exposed!

     Sun Moon Mountain and Sea were killed clean, Ling Yun Tengkong was also killed a lot, some of the remaining spies could not be contacted at this moment, I don't know if they were blocked, or dare not reply at this moment.In short, the Daming Mansion at this moment feels too mysterious.

     In addition, the appearance of some old brands of Sun and Moon also makes people realize that Daming Mansion is not that weak. There's some left old people are alive and not dead.

     The old woman surnamed Hu, Hu Qi, was promoted to Sun Moon 300 years ago, but she was already very old. She had already been said to have fallen, but she didn't. The other party was still alive. This time she made a Sun Moon realm!

     This also shocked the outside world. In Daming Mansion, how many veteran Riyues did not die?

     Hu Qi is a strong man, but the strength can only be said to be average. The key is that the opponent is a caster, a ground-level caster, such existence, who knows So many years, whether he has built any powerful weapons in private.


     The excitement returns to the excitement. At this time, everyone dare not come to Daming Mansion to find out.

     And Su Yu, rested all night.

     The next day, I saw Zhu Tiandao who left yesterday.

     When I came back, there was no such big movement.

     Not so arrogant!

     Zhu Tiandao, who came back, was very low-key, knocked on the door of the Yuanshen Research Institute, his face was not very good.

     Seeing Su Yu at first glance, he said in a low voice: "You kid has a lot of means, let me see the situation, Teacher Hu... It seems that the deadline is coming..."

     At this moment, Zhu Tiandao lacked some oily-mouthed and smooth talking.

     The eye rims were slightly red, and he was holding back the pain.

     Su Yu was also slightly startled, "Hu...Senior Hu Qi?"

      "Un."Zhu Tiandao to bare one's fangs, "I thought she was okay, although she was a bit excessive consumption before, but I thought, she is going all the way, how much she can last for a while, but now..."

     He is sad.

     That is his teacher!

     In the past years, he had been taught a long period of time.

     He learned a lot of things, such as divine literary masters, soldiers forging divisions, alchemists, magical runes masters, divine formation masters...many professions, he had contacted.

     Now, he can't help the teacher continue his life.

     He wanted to see if Su Yu had any means, Su Yu inherited something, maybe there was a way to continue his life for his teacher.

     Su Yu's face also changed slightly, his life limit?

     This...this is something he has never encountered before.

     The strong people he knows are almost young.

     The biggest one should be Niu Baidao!

     At the Daxia Mansion, he had only heard of Liu Hong's teacher. He was close to his birthday, and the others were very young.

     Yesterday, Senior Hu, who was also high-spirited and vigorous, made a soldier of the sun and the moon in public. Today...is your life coming to an end?

     "Palace lord...I...I may not be able to help."


     Zhu Tiandao said with a sigh: "Stop talking about this, go, go and see the teacher, the teacher is really going to sit down..."

     He looked at Su Yu and didn't say a word.

     Maybe... some divine texts can be passed on to Su Yu.

     A series of polytheistic scriptures has been passed down many times in the past.

     I don't know if it will work!

     Bringing Su Yu over is also what Hu Qi meant. If she really sat down, and if the divine text cannot form a secret realm, then try to pass it on.

     ...Mingxin Island.

     Mingxin Hall.

     At this moment, the atmosphere was depressed, and in the middle of the hall, the old woman's face was pale, her body was faintly dead, with a slight smile on her face, and a stove stood in front of her.

     Around, old people sat cross-legged, no one said a word, silent.

     Hu Xiansheng, Niu Baidao, Vice-Palace Wang, and several old people... all remained silent.

     People of the same era!

     In the Sun and Moon realm, the lifespan is over one thousand years old. It stands to reason that they can live to one thousand years old. People like Hu Qi are only about 500 years old. However, the practice path, especially those of the older generations, almost all went wrong in their practice. Experimenting with different exercises and different medicinal herbs, the will and the body have been damaged, and they have not survived the theoretical limit.

     Hu Qi is a soldier forging division, who has forged countless soldiers, often forging civilian soldiers, it will also lead to fire and poison invasion and consume lifespan.

     Over the past few decades, I have been building a super induction jade covering a city, and countless painstaking care has been consumed.

     "What are you doing with your face down?"

     Hu Qi smiled and said: "I am looking for you to help with work, not for funerals. This guy can't be trained in a few days. If he is trained, I am afraid it is at least a level..."

     Hu Qi's face turned a little yellow, and she smiled: "Old cow, work!"

     Niu Baidao was a little awkward, ignoring her, and while drinking wine, he muttered: "You shouldn't be called back then, one by one, you die very fast, I am in good spirits, and I feel that I can live 300-500 years. You are all dying one by one...""Isn't Lao Wang still dead? Lao Tzu has been expecting him to die for many years. Then he can definitely form a secret realm, or a high-end secret realm..."

     Next to him, Deputy Chief Wang also smiled bitterly: "You old fellow, if you are dead, I am afraid that several cheats can be formed! Why don't you die?"

     "I haven't eaten enough, haven't drunk enough..."

     Several old people murmured, and Hu Xiansheng also said babbledly: "I am the mountain and the sea, I am not dead, the sun and the moon are about to die, these years... the strength is useless!"

     He is also an old man who opened a house.

     As soon as these words came out, a few people laughed and cursed, Hu Qi also said amused: "You, greedy for life, afraid of death, you are a must, and your body has not been injured in all these years. Your civilized division level is Shanhai. I'm afraid it's the sun and the moon..."

     "Don't talk nonsense!"

     Hu Xiansheng refused to admit it. Seeing that everyone was looking at him, he reluctantly said: "Really nothing, the body of the nine layers of mountains and seas has not yet united. It is too difficult, don't lie to you!"

     Several people laughed.

     While talking, Zhu Tiandao took Su Yu into the door.

     The sadness in his eyes disappeared, with a smile on his face, he said with a smile: "Mr. Hu, what's the matter? Has it been done?"


     Hu Qi glanced at him, looked at Su Yu very quickly, smiled and said: "I heard, you are also a soldier?"

     Su Yu looked embarrassed, "No, I just simply learned some knowledge of casting soldiers. I have studied some basic content with Teacher Zhao Li at Daxia Civilization Academy, and know some forging processes, but I have never been myself. Tried to forge civilian soldiers."

     "Try it!"Hu Qi said with a smile: "Zhao Li... is still very talented in casting soldiers. In the past, he was a little aggressive. He had to cast the strongest civil soldiers in advance, and then he had to cast his own master god. The literary blending into it suddenly hurt the roots, otherwise, it would be time to enter the mountains and seas and become a subterranean literary soldier."

     After that, he smiled again: "His father is very strong, but it is a pity that he finally failed to become a Heaven-Rank caster, regrettable."

     After speaking, he looked at Su Yu and said with a smile: "I am going to build an Earth-level civilian soldier today. You can watch one or two. You should know something about it..."

     Su Yu nodded, "Forging gold patterns, above the 73 gold patterns, it is the ground level. Teacher Zhao used to cast soldiers, but he can actually cast 73 gold pattern soldiers, but he is a little greedy and wants to cast heavenly soldiers. The foundation caused the casting to fail."

     Hu Qi nodded and said with a smile: "He does have the ability to make ground soldiers. He is sure. We also felt that he was sure that he could succeed, but the result was a failure. It was also beyond our expectation. His requirements were too high. "

     Then he said with a smile: "Su Yu, do you know how much difference is there between different levels of civilian soldiers?"

     Su Yu nodded, "It's stronger, more suitable for yourself, and easier to use the characteristics of the gods..."

     "Not comprehensive enough!"

     Hu Qi smiled and said, "Have you seen the Baidao Pavilion? Have you seen the power of the Baidao Pavilion before? Contains energy, strikes it out, and the sun and the moon fall! At this stage, the civilian soldiers are extremely powerful even if they are uncontrolled! It is the pinnacle of civilian soldiers!"

     "In my whole life, I also want to build such a civilian soldier, but unfortunately, it's impossible to expect!"

     "Ahem..."Hu Qi coughed, and quickly said: "Today, if you want to say that the caster is the strongest, that is the king of the invincible world! Next, strictly speaking...maybe it is Zhao Tianbing, maybe it's not a good time. But it is true that he is extremely strong in casting troops."

     "You are in Daxia Mansion, contacted Zhao Li, it is actually a good opportunity, but it's a pity..."

     She looked at Su Yu and smiled: "You are actually very suitable for casting soldiers. Really, it's not that I want you to cast soldiers, but you are suitable for eating this bowl of rice! Strong willpower, pure, strong, strong willpower, And you should know Zhao Li’s own "Expansion Technique", his expansion hammer is actually a good thing for casting soldiers!"

     Hu Qi said, paused slightly, and looked at the other people: "I want to teach Su Yu some skills in casting soldiers. How about giving us some time?"

     As soon as these words came out, Zhu Tiandao barked his teeth and smiled: "Mr. Hu, what anxious! Su Yu won't run after a long time! Su Yu, right?"

     Su Yu hastily nodded.

     Hu Qi smiled and said: "People have birth, aging, illness and death. You don’t have to do that. Look at the open point. I am 500 years old. In the past, there were so many people in the world. At that time, there were countless deaths of friends and families. Some childhood girlfriends died at the age of ten or twenty, and I...live to this day, what else is there I can’t see?"

     Niu Baidao faintly said: "Millions of races only came in four years ago. At that time, you were an old man. Even if your girlfriend is really dead, she will be hundreds of years old. Hu Qi, with emotion, don't lie!"


     be quiet!

     400 years ago, the ten thousand races entered the realm of humanity and fought for decades. Only after that, the era of the big government began.Hu Qi was 500 years old, and when the fighting broke out, she was actually quite young.

     Hu Qi stared at him in a daze, for a long while, coughing, "I...I'm dying, are you irritating me?"


     Niu Baidao said with a dry smile: "Let's be more sincere, don't think about everything in disorder, you can't die, I also have a longevity fruit over there, I will send it to you later..."

     "No need! Don't!"

     Hu Qi's face was dissatisfied, Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Eat it, it's nothing, anyway, I don't need it. Pharaoh wants me not to give it to him, so he will die. Waiting for you to cast us a heavenly civilian soldier."

     "My own thing, I know, even if I eat it, it won’t last long, it’s wasted."

     As Hu Qi said, Su Yu cautious and solemn said: "Senior Hu, Various Senior, it stands to reason that when we arrive at the Sun and Moon realm, we are not so easy to die. Even if our human race is not as good as the gods and demons, we live for a thousand years also no problem? Why? senior……"

     Hu Qi smiled and said: "The flesh is decayed, the Will Sea has also been traumatized, and the blood and qi have declined..."

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Then how about recasting the flesh? Now there is the method of rebuilding the body, there is the key to reinvigorating the soul, recasting the flesh, and taking the earth root fruit, maybe soon re-cultivation to the mountains and seas, even the sun and the moon... At that time, Sun Moon flesh body, shouldn't it be difficult to live a thousand years?"

     "A child is a child."Hu Qi smiled and said: "No matter how fast it is to recast the flesh, it will take several tens of hundreds of years to enter the sun and the moon? I... can't wait. Others can try it. When the civilized master was young, he did not pay attention to the flesh. Decay still has a great impact. The same is true for the warriors. The sea of will is exhausted, and the flesh is constantly fighting, and it is also declining. In fact, the warriors die more and die old."

     "Then... what if you open up some tricks?"

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "If you open your mind again, will the sea of will expand and vitality?"

     "Our sun and the moon have long been united."

     Hu Qi smiled and said: "It's too difficult to get resuscitated! Moreover, resuscitating may also speed up the collapse of your will, and may not be able to bear it."

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Then...the life-extending exercise! The life-prolonging exercise! Yes, the tortoises of the thousand-year-old and eighty-thousand-year-old turtles have a long life span. Perhaps it is related to their exercises. Fa! A person's Yuan Aperture and Divine Aperture have special effects. There must be some Yuan Apertures and Divine Apertures. After being combined, they can prolong life and stimulate vitality!"

     Su Yu quickly said: "There must be! Senior Hu, I am an expert in this field! You can stay for a while, I will find a way, there must be!"

     Su Yu earnestly said: "All Heavens and Myriad Clans, the human race has almost the shortest life span! In the Sun and Moon realms, in some races, it is no problem to live for thousands of years, but the human race is only a thousand years! Even if it does not extend life, some healing techniques are used. It’s okay to get rid of the sickness and rise from the dead, that’s okay too!"Su Yu quickly said: "Before, I didn't do research in this area, but if I do it soon, more or less several months, more or less several months, I will be able to produce results. Seniors insist on a period of time, and seniors are the ground. The rank cast can make more contributions to the human race, to the Daming Mansion, and to oneself. If it is just like this, it is the loss of the whole human race!"

     As soon as these words came out, Zhu Tiandao hurriedly said: "Yes, teacher, that's it! I brought Su Yu here, that's what it means, nothing is certain! Life extension exercises, don't tell me there isn't? There must be! Your presence is extremely important to Daming Mansion!"

     "Su Yu can go to research and development, I will provide all the manpower and material resources, even if it is not for yourself, you also consider it for the palace chief and them. They are getting older and are about to die. You can give them a demonstration and see whether useful or not ……"

     On the side, the senior citizens of Vice-President Wang were exhausted.

     We who did I piss off?

     How do you feel that one by one wants to hang up!

     This Daming Mansion can't stay. It feels like once I die, the divine text is snatched away.

     Hu Qi just wanted to speak, Zhu Tiandao hurriedly said: "Teacher, you can continue to hold on, can you? Give Su Yu a little bit time, he can even get the basic literary skills, and there is no problem with the method, and I am worried. Others? He opened 360 Yuan Apertures, and he can use whatever exercises he chooses right away..."

     Su Yu hastily nodded.

      all in all, he didn't want these old people to sit down.

     This is a group of strong men who fought with the ten thousand races in the past to fight for light for the human race.And this time Hu Qi took action to suppress the sun and the moon, strictly speaking, also for Su Yu's side.

     Zhu Tiandao came to him, and when Hu Qi met, he wanted to pass on some knowledge about how to make soldiers. He had to appreciate it.

     Is there an extension of life?

     Su Yu doesn't know, you can try!

     There must be some races that live a long time, and involve the techniques or talents in this area.

     There are no gods and demons, and other races may not.

     Can try!

     Niu Baidao also said, "Try it! You are not alone. You are not the only one who wants to sit and transform now. Many, even in the Daming Mansion, there are several, let alone the whole human state! Before Xiao Zhu went to seek the state. , You have also seen it, Wang Chonghuan talks weakly and without strength in the search realm, and he is almost dead, not much better than you, these old guys are almost unable to hold it, you can wait and see. Su Yu is really going to get it out, it will be a booster for you, for those old guys!"

     Wang Chonghuan and Zhu Tiandao went to seek the realm, and stood up to question the old man of King Han.

     There were a lot of old people in this era, and they were all injured in the past, leaving hidden dangers. Now, all of them are close to the end of their life.

     Hu Qi was a little shaken by what they said, she was ready to sit down, but at this moment, she looked at Su Yu, somewhat uncertain, and Su Yu quickly said: "Senior Hu, believe me, I can do it! This period of time, you don’t have to be busy with other things, and you will consume your effort and life, even if you build a powerful civil soldier at the last moment, so what? People can build ten and one hundred while alive! Heaven-ranked civilian soldiers, aren't they stronger than they are now?"Speaking of this, Su Yu snarled his teeth and said with a smile: "And... I am also a little careful! Listening to the meaning of the words of several seniors, there are many seniors who want to sit and transform now. In my current situation, several seniors I know, it’s very troublesome. I need more people to support me, stand on my side, stand up for me, and support me! So, I really have to figure out a way to extend my life. I want to see if I can win some seniors. The strength of these seniors is generally not weak, I am afraid there are many sun and moon."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "And these people, I think they are still very reliable, most of them have been closed for many years, mainly for healing, and have nothing to do with the change of polytheism 50 years ago, and they are still a group of old and invincible. At the same time, the powerhouses and old friends who fight in all directions can't do it alone, but three or five people will influence the Invincible Realm. Then I will be great, and I won't be afraid of trouble in the future!"

     "And all this requires an example!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Senior Hu, you are the most suitable. If I cure you, can those people not believe me? Graciousness of life-saving, those who think of love, must be remembered in their hearts, and those who do not think of love , Don’t you feel embarrassed to target me? I may need to rely on me for help in the future, right?"

     Hu Qi glanced at him for a while, and the old man smiled, "You such a saying...I don't seem to be able to die. I have to wait for you to find a way to save my life and extend my life?"

     Su Yu nodded immediately and smiled and said, "You are the best advertisement! At that time, you will help me to promote it. That's okay. You were almost sitting down, and now you are full of vigor, you can still advance. Promoted to the Heavenly Casting Division, or Invincible Realm, then the advertising effect is simply against the sky!"Others kept nodding their heads, and the palace chief also laughed and said, "You kid really want to be able to create such a technique. I will go to explore the realm personally to pull a few elder hanging on to life for you to support you! Back then, it was also an expert. Most of them have proficiency in a particular field. It is said that Wang Chonghuan, who showed up this time, is still my own family. This old guy is not weak, good at making amulets, and having one-handed magical runes. The one who is worthy of him used 188 mountain and sea runes in the past to trap and kill a powerful man with four layers of sun and moon..."

     Niu Baidao also laughed and said: "I know a lot. Some old guys are not good at strength, but there are a lot of methods! There is an old ghost in the Song Dynasty mansion who is good at refining pills and poison pills, and only refining poison pills throughout his life. The strength of the sun and the moon three times, in the past, a sun and moon seven was poisoned to death, but... now that the poisonous gas, prefer death over life, the sea of will is almost withered by the poison, if you save him, that guy Don't support you, whoever touches you can poison his whole family..."

     Having said that, he laughed and said: "The King Song still owes favors to others. Over the years, he has personally helped him to renew his life several times. If you get him, maybe you can get King Song, even if you can’t get it done, let him ask. King Song made a single shot, and that was not a big problem."

     A few old people say something to me, and soon Hu Qi joined the discussion.

     The former lifeless hall came alive all at once.

     Soon, the direction began to be discussed.

     "The method of life extension, I think, should be divided into two categories. Some people are physically decayed, some people are exhausted, and the injuries are different. In fact, everyone's life is not at the limit, and there is still vitality. The main problem is that these injuries are old. Old wounds suppress everything.""The way to prolong life, you must move closer to the direction of healing, get rid of those injuries, and it may enable everyone to regenerate their vitality!"

     "It's best to develop a set of techniques to stabilize the sea of will. Many people’s injuries aren’t impossible to solve, but the sea of will is weak and cannot be solved forcibly. For example, let Invincible be forced to get rid of it. Zhihai collapsed and died faster."

     "The God-Expanding Art is not good, it is too rigid. This technique is fine for you young and young. For us old guys, the sea of will is fragile and almost collapsed. After a few hammers, we will be smashed to death!"


     Everyone, you said a word to me, and soon I was caught in a discussion and debate, including Hu Qi, who was about to sit up before, forgot about his death, and argued with several elderly people, insisting that his thinking is OK. .


     Zhu Tiandao sneaked and dragged Su Yu out, went out, grinned, and said, "Try your best. I'm afraid that Teacher Hu won't be able to hold on anymore. Now it seems... there's some left motivation , It’s okay to hold on for some time! As for the life extension method..."

     He sighed saying, "Do your best! Human race is not that no one wants to research and develop, but some of the exercises that people have developed in the past few years are not only useless, but they make people die faster. You guys don't make these cultivations. Techniques come. The problem is very complicated, mainly because these old people are actually very fragile. Once they practice improperly, they will quickly deteriorate their injuries and lead to premature fall."He smiled bitterly: "There are a lot of old people like Daming Mansion. Not only civilized schools, but war schools also have them. The injuries are too serious and they can't insist on fighting. They are in the war school for retirement. All big houses have them! Back then, there were many gods Many people seem to have seen the light to pass on the divine texts, but they are actually waiting to pass on their own mantle. As a result, So many years, Liu Wenyan and the group have been abandoned. Even if they made the first appearance a few days ago, they still failed to give Everyone brings any hope, and I hope you can bring some light to everyone."

     Without saying more about this, he quickly said: "Stop talking about this, if you have any needs, you can come to me at any time, and I will provide you with everything you need! In addition, if you need manpower, I just brought 3 Wanlishi comes back, if you need help, you can lead a team of people to help out..."


     Su Yu hesitated: "Palace Master, these powerful men are all in the airspace, and their strength is not weak. Why do you feel that you don't take it too seriously?"

     "These people are only promoted to the sky by drugs or other means that have stimulated their potential. In terms of strength, if he orders you go, he forbids you stop, they are actually good, but they hurt the roots and have no future for cultivation, like In an army such as the Heavenly Dao Army, everyone is weak, but there are often some surprises. Some people can advance to the mountains and seas, and there is even hope for the sun and the moon, and the strong man has almost no hope."Zhu Tiandao explained a few words, and quickly laughed: "Of course, these people still have a set when they fight, otherwise the search for the realm and the temple of war will not build a strong army. These people are practicing the same kind of exercises. At the moment, together with the great formation, 30,000 lux, you can be the three sun and the moon! Of course, it is difficult to kill the sun and the moon, but the siege and containment are still no problem, that is, the loss will not be small."

     Su Yu nodded and quickly said: "I understand, if I need it, I will find the Palace Master! The top priority is not this, it is the matter of Shouyuan and longevity. I will go back and study it. If I need anything, I will go to the Palace Master."

     Hu Qi couldn't hold it for too long, and Su Yu himself said it was not unreasonable to find a backer.

     A group of elderly people really want to save them. He has a strong foundation and foundation in the human situation.

     Before these old people have no right to speak...It is not that they have not enough credit, strength, or qualifications, but no time. 100 years out of 99 years have been in retreat for healing. They give you rights and you can't use them.

     I really wait for them to recover and leave the customs. Those who are at the helm now have to Go away!

     Don't ask everyone to shed tears of gratitude to Su Yu. Some people remember Su Yu, and Su Yu feels more comfortable. In the human environment, it is difficult to think about him.

     And taking this opportunity...to find Lao Zhu Duo for some benefits, and he is almost out of money.

     100 meritorious deeds to Hu Xiansheng, he is almost a pauper!

     He still needs a lot of blood!

     Extract the vitality of the sky, let yourself quickly build yourself, and advance.

     Lao Zhu is rich, and once a few sets of exercises come out, he makes a lot of money.

     ...Because of Hu Qi's affairs, Su Yu's research institute also began to divide labor at this moment.

     Lots of tasks!

     The final perfection of the Yuanshen's revelation, the matching of the casting method, and the matching of the nine vitality reforms.

     Deduction of Heshen Jue!

     The deduction of life extension method!

     In addition, some foundation merit methods are deduced by the combination method, and it is best to improve a set of merit methods on the original basis.

     Wen Zhong these people all received the task.

     At this moment, the research institute really started to get busy. As for Wu Lan, Su Yu also gave her a bunch of data collection tasks, and Wu Lan was also busy isn't that a joy.

     The Yuanshen Institute began to go on the right track.


     At the same time Su Yu was busy deducing life extension method.

     Daxia House.

     Xia family.

     Xia Houye had just scolded Manager Hu and was about to eat something. Xia Longwu flashed and appeared in front of him.

     "Why come out again?"

     Xia Houye said helplessly: "You run around every day. Who believes that you are in retreat. If you don’t retreat, and don’t care about it, didn’t the retreat be a joke before? I wanted you to retreat in the past because I hope you will be less of a show and let all the races be less Stare at you, are you stupid?"

     Xia Longwu lightly laughed, not to accept as correct, sat down, and said: "Second uncle, just stare! Don't take it too seriously! At this stage, you and Grandpa don't struggle..."

     Xiahouye is helpless, we still want to struggle a bit!

     No matter what he thinks, Xia Longwu smiled and said, "Don't talk about this, Second Uncle, I want to go out for a while, I probably won't be back in a short time, I'm afraid it will take half a year, Daxia Mansion here...you Take care of it.""Where to go?"

     "Don't ask, I have something to do."

     Xia Longwu smiled lightly: "Second Uncle, leave it to you, as well as this kid Huyou, you stare at it, your strength improvement is too slow!"


     Master Xiahou wanted to say something but stopped, but Xia Longwu didn't say more, his figure disappeared again.

     Xiahouye was helpless, and sighed when he left.

     Run out at this time, it's very dangerous, don't you know!

     Leaning on the chair, stared for a while, after a while, another person came and said with a light smile: "Long Wu is gone?"

     "What are you doing?"

     Xiahouye looked at Wantiansheng and said depressed: "Aren't you retreating and letting things go?"

     "It feels like he is gone, come and see."

     Master Xia Hou glanced at him, before he cursed for a long while: "Fuck, are you staring at our house?"

     Otherwise how do you know Longwu is gone!

     Wan Tiansheng smiled brightly, "Don't get me wrong, he is gone, I feel somewhat, my master and apprentice connect with my heart, what he said, he is also my apprentice."

     Bullshit you!

     Master Xiahou was too lazy to say any more, and said impatiently: "You are here for this?"


     Wan Tian Sheng said quietly: "The next year is coming soon. I am planning to recruit more Ten Thousand Race students. Last year, something happened... The little guy Su Yu... Hey, let's go. Kill a few students from the ten thousand races...Forget it, no matter what, this year, I will recruit more students from the ten thousand races."

     "How many?"

     "At least 300 people!"Wan Tian Sheng smiled and said: "Fortunately, it's not too much. Next, I want to take our students to All Heavens and Myriad Realms to communicate with some college students, get to know each other, and learn from each other."

     Master Xiahou frowned, "Anything else?"

     Wan Tian Sheng laughed and said: "There is one more thing, Hong Tan is about to leave the level, I feel it! He exits the level, I will let him reopen the multi-sacred texts series, in addition, in terms of splitting the law, I am going to leak Some wind sounds... Hong Tan's back."

     Master Xiahou frowned and looked at him for a long while, gritted his teeth and said: "Don't fool around with me! You do this, and soon Daxia Mansion will become the center of turbulence again!"

     Wan Tiansheng laughed and said: "This was originally so, just add fire! Daming Mansion still wants to grab the limelight, can you convince? That weak mansion can compare with Daxia Mansion? Hou Ye, be more open-minded, Daxia Mansion In my opinion, it is best to be the core of the ten thousand worlds, the focal point of the ten thousand worlds. After the kid Su Yu left, Daxia Mansion lay down the flag and still the drums. Yuan Qingdong’s waste was not able to toss. Something...I'm disappointed!"

     Master Xiahou sternly said for a long time, "Is there anything else?"

     "Of course there is!"

     Wan Tiansheng smiled and said: "When Liu Wenyan is promoted to Sunyue, and transfer him back, I have something to use him."

     "Don't play with fire too much..."

     "Then don't bother, Lord Hou!"

     Wan Tiansheng smiled quietly: "This is interesting, isn't that so? I think Master Hou would like it."

     "Like your uncle!"

     Master Xiahou cursed for a long while, and said dullly: "It's up to you, I don't bother to take care of it! But there is one thing I want to say, don't give me the scourge of Daxia Mansion too cruel.""That won't."

     Wan Tian Sheng smiled and said: "Go, Xiao Er, work hard on your own and enter the Sun Moon Nine Layers earlier, your speed...slower!"

     After all, smiled, the figure disappeared.

     Master Xiahou cursed in a low voice!

     Xiao Er, your uncle!

     The bastard Wantiansheng was full of monsters recently. After Su Yu left, this guy felt like letting go, Su Yu left, Yu Hong and the others attacked and killed Su Yu, breaking his last yoke.

     Now, letting out the demon in his heart.


     Master Xiahou sighing voice, wailing breath, this big summer house, one by one, is not worrying.

     Longwu is like this, Wantiansheng is like this, then Hong Tan's exit, maybe it is also a change, these years, wanting to eat together and die!

     "Make trouble, make trouble!"

     "The focus of the world is always in Daxia Mansion!"

     Ha ha smiled, rise in glory, and end in glory?
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