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333 All Heroes Gather At Daming (seeking Monthly Pass Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After a while, Su Yu was sober.

     Fire word god text is promoted!

     Third-order divine text!

     This divine text does not have any Attack Effects, but after reaching the third rank, Su Yu has a lot of insights, including the use, conversion, and outline of divine text combat skills, as well as the perception of divine texts, all have some new feelings.

     Open your eyes, glanced at Wu Lan.

     Wu Lan also looked at him with a calm face, "what are you looking at, I succeeded in sketching, 20 divine texts, amazing, right?"

     Su Yu nodded and said with a smile: "Awesome! Is it a template for a generation of prefects?"

     "I do not know!"

     Wu Lan drooped his head in an instant, "Anyway, it is a combat skill with many divine texts. I don't know if it is a generation of prefects. I have to outline some divine texts before reading. I haven't figured it out yet."

     After all, he quickly said excitedly: "It doesn't matter, whether it is or not, it's amazing!"

     20 divine texts!

     Very powerful, okay!

     "Su Yu, how many sacred combat skills do you have?"

     "Two nines!"


     Wu Lan looked at him in surprise, why did she say that?

     What do two 9s mean?

     99 pieces? 81 pieces? 18 pieces?

     "How many are there? There won't be only 18, it's not as good as me!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Don't worry about it, you first outline 20 divine texts, and then outline dissatisfaction, that is waste combat skills."

     "It can be split!"

     It seems too!

     Su Yu was speechless, but the current splitting method gave everyone an opportunity, even if it couldn't be outlined, it seemed that the problem was not big.Wu Lan happily said: "Su Yu, then you say, should I go into the air and then sketch the divine text, anyway, I am not in a hurry, now it is too troublesome to sketch the divine text, and I have to open my mind."

     "It's up to you if the gods are open."

     Su Yu didn't mix with her Dao of Cultivation. It was her own business, and Wu Lan didn't understand it.

     "Then you practice by yourself, I'm busy with mine."

     Su Yu's detective move reduced the divine text combat technique monument and put it into his hands. The next moment, the divine text combat technique monument disappeared and entered the sea of will.

     This thing can be deposited in the sea of will.

     At this moment, Su Yu realized how precious this thing is.

     "By the way, it's best not to disclose your divine art combat skills to the outside world. Even if you disclose it, you just said you learned it at the Daming Mansion."

     "it is good!"

     Wu Lan nodded, she understands this, small problem.


     Leaving the study, Su Yu entered the training room again.

     There is a small sense of urgency.

     The casting speed is too slow!

     Even if the vitality method is used, the speed is slow.

     And when used, the consumption increases.

     There was not much left of Tian Yuan Qi, and at most he could only maintain Su Yu and complete two or three castings.

     With 200,000 feats, Su Yu still had one point remaining, but even if it ran out, the city could be 6 or 7 cast.

     A cast of flesh is about 30,000 merits.

     72 casting, at least more than 2 millions.

     To say too much, not too much, Su Yu can actually spend it.

     But not much, nonsense.More than 2 million meritorious deeds, raising a tens of thousands of people in the air, can raise them for nearly a year.

     "Moreover, if you want to speed up, you have to waste more. Time is more precious than money!"

     In the training room, Su Yu also simply let go of the remaining heavenly vitality, set up a shadow barrier, burned the "Fire" character, and urged the use of the mechanism to make the body faster.

     Shan Xiong?

     Since it's here, don't leave.

     He holds an absolute killing heart to Shan Xiong.

     In terms of physical body, he is stronger than Shan Xiong, but not necessarily much stronger. In terms of divine writing, Shan Xiong can sweep the same level of multiple divine writings. I am afraid it is not weak. Su Yu would not really think that his divine writing can crush him.

     The number is large, and there are many gods, but if you want to talk about crushing, the single male is too weak, and today's Su Yu is almost as strong as Bai Feng of the day, perhaps a little stronger.

     Is Shan Xiong comparable to Bai Feng?

     Although Su Yu feels that it is not easy to say that his teacher is weak, Bai Feng is likely to be inferior to Shan Xiong in terms of military strength, especially when the opponent has reached Tengkong Jiuzhong.

     If the willpower is half a catty, then you have to crush the opponent on the flesh.

     Jin sè spread to the flesh!

     Contempt in the posture, really fight, it must be paid attention, not only must be paid attention to, but also to defeat the opponent with the fastest speed, not giving the opponent any chance to comeback.


     Just when Su Yu closed again.

     Daming Mansion.

     The gate of the city.

     A genius, under the leadership of a strong, came from all around.

     "This is Daming Mansion?"

     "It feels no different from ours!""Master, the strength of Daming Mansion is not good, right?"


     At this moment, an old man, a young man, and a young girl came here together.

     Some people also came here with very young students.

     People in Daming Mansion didn’t care too much. Someone was riding a riding beast and scared a few children. They left happily. I don’t know where the buns came from. We in Daming Mansion killed 5 people. Month!

     A few days away!

     Our strength is not good?

     Just kidding!

     Shan Xiong fights Su Yu, big news, Shan Duo and the two most genius battles in the air, the air is not too weak, especially these geniuses, attracting more powerful players.

     At this moment, Lingyun and Shanhai are not uncommon.

     not only that!

     At this moment, in the sky, a giant dragon, soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

      At the same time, on the walls of Daming Mansion and Tiandu Mansion, one cannon barrels were aimed at the sky, and there were strong mountains and seas, and shouted: "Come on! Give your name! In Tiandu Mansion, no outsiders are allowed to ride monsters. flight!"

     The dragon just wanted to roar, and at this moment, a golden dragon broke out of the sky in the palace!

     Across the distance, coercion broke out, and a Golden Flame spewed out, burning the void, Zhu Tiandao's mount!

      At the same time, someone shouted violently: "Bold! Want to rebel? Whether it's the Temple of War, the seeking realm, or the invincible family, let me land!"

     At this moment, countless barrels on the city wall exude a strong vitality.In the air, the foreign dragon instantly lay down the flag and still the drums, obediently descending towards the dragon, an old man soaring high into the air, a little depressed, said: "We are from the School of Seeking, according to the previous years It’s agreed that you don’t need to get off the horse if you seek a visit from the Academy...

     It's really a rule!


     Damn it!

     Why is it so cruel, to fight and kill?

     Someone in the city shouted coldly: "That doesn't need to fall off the horse, this is the falling dragon, you can ride a horse, ride a dragon and fly, you are not brave!

     After a while, several mountains and seas broke through the sky under the leadership of a sun and moon realm.

     The leading Sun and Moon was a Great Commander of the Palace Army. He glanced at the old man, then at the dozen or so students on the dragon, curled his lips, "The Palace Lord has an order, Two Great Sacred Grounds, come to Yuqiang Take a nap! As for this dragon, it changes its body, and it is not allowed to fly in the city like a giant dragon!"

     The dragon that landed, somewhat discontented, made a sound: "Palace Master Zhu also has a fellow clan..."

     As he was talking, in the distance, the giant golden dragon opened its big mouth, and the dragon's face was full of mockery!

     Uncle, are you comparing with me?

     I am the Lord's mount!

     Are you?

     Happy, this golden dragon wandered around in the air, stroke one's hair coquettishly, and showed off for a while before flying into the city lord's mansion.

     The Grand Commander of the Sun and Moon was also speechless, and said after a long while: "That is the palace lord's mount, and the palace lord will inspect the Tiandu Mansion!"

     The underground dragon was helpless, forget it, the dragon had to bow his head under the eaves.

     Seeking the title of the realm, it seems that it is not easy to use in Daming Mansion.After a while, when the students got off the dragon, the dragon took on a new lease of life and turned into a middle-aged man, feeling a little depressed.

     Here, the people seeking the realm have just arrived.

     Over there, an incomparable gigantic giant also came, the tiger, flying Heavenly Tiger Clan, the breath of the sun and the moon came.

     Flying Tiger, the strongest race in the tiger clan.

     In the Sun and Moon realm, flying Heavenly Tiger Clan is also a top powerhouse. At this moment, on the tiger’s back, there are also a group of young people and a few old people. They probably saw the treatment of seeking academy before. A distance, a few old people Bring a group of students to the ground.

     An old man laughed loudly and said: "War God Acadamy is here! Brother Jiang, long time no see!"

     The sun and the moon command smiled and nodded, "I haven't seen it for some time. The academy of God of War and the Two Great Sacred Grounds also came, rare guest!"

     Most of them are invincible descendants!

     This Two Great Academies, the students admitted are not invincible descendants, or descendants of the Sun-Moon realm, such as Hu Qiusheng and Wan Mingze from the Daxia Mansion, in fact, they all have the opportunity to enter the search academy, but the two did not go.

     As soon as the Two Great Sacred Grounds Academy arrived, many old people greeted them one after another around them, and the students they brought also looked at the students of Two Great Sacred Grounds.

     Said it is a student, in fact, some people are already in the air.

     But it seems that all of them are very young.

     Just as a few people were greeting each other, a giant dragon flew in the air again, the white giant dragon!

     The breath is not strong!

     However, the moment he saw this white giant dragon, the middle-aged man in the incarnation of the giant dragon in the search realm shrank his neck, somewhat scared.The old man in the incarnation of the Flying Tiger also slightly raised his eyebrows and lowered his head.

     At this moment, someone around whispered: "Where did this white dragon come from? I haven't seen it before!"

     "I don't know, right? This is from Daxia Mansion, the mount of the second generation chief of Daxia Civilization Academy!"

     As soon as the words came out, everyone understood.

     Is a top power!

     The dragon of the seventh stage of the sun and moon!

     There are people from Daxia Mansion?

     Isn't Daxia Mansion already messing around?

     Still have time to watch the excitement?

     I heard that Bai Feng came back from this road, and there was a lot of trouble. The war broke out several times. There was a dragon of seven layers of the sun and the moon, so instead of picking up Bai Feng, I came to Daming Mansion to watch the excitement?

     Everyone was thinking, the white giant dragon landed instantly and turned into an old man.

     He chuckled back, still poking a cane in his hand.

     "I have seen seniors!"

     The commander of the Sun and Moon of Daming Mansion also greeted him, and the top powerhouse with noble Sun and Moon should be polite.

     Moreover, this dragon did not come alone.

     At this moment, each student landed.

     The leader was an old acquaintance, Qi Ge from the Daxia Civilization Academy, and Xia Huyou.

     The old man nodded and didn't say anything, shot a look at the middle-aged dragon in the search world, smiled, nodded slightly, but the middle-aged was somewhat embarrassed, lowered his head and said nothing.

     On the side of the city lord's mansion, a golden dragon once again soared into the sky, glanced at this side, and landed quickly again without appearing again.

      The sensed kind came, but when I saw the old man and knew it was from the Daxia Mansion, the Golden Dragon hid again.This giant dragon of Daxia Mansion joined the human race earlier. After the second generation conquered the opponent, he fought in the heavens for many years. The old man looked kind, but Daxia Mansion was killing embryos. Many powerful people of ten thousand races.

     Now that the old man has been in retreat, he unexpectedly ran out again.

     Frighten the kids!

     Compared to this old man, Zhu Tiandao's Golden Dragon is indeed a child.

     People from Daxia Mansion are contrary to expectation, but they should.

     As the origin of the Polytheistic literary system, the most geniuses of the two schools of Shan and Duo flew into the air to fight, the people from Daxia Mansion also said the past.

     The second-generation mount didn't speak, but Elder Qi Ge said with a smile: "President Wan and they don't have time to come, Commander Jiang, let me bring some students to see you, welcome?"

     "of course!"

     The leader of Sun and Moon smiled and said: "Pengxun is shining! Daxia Daming is a neighbor So many years, there are many contacts, and it's good to stop by."

     While chatting, everyone's faces changed slightly.

     In the distance, a huge golden bird flew up.

     Jinpeng family!

     "The Great Zhou Mansion is here!"

     "Didn't it mean that there are no more people? Shan Xiong came by himself, no, there is also the little princess of the Dashang Palace, why is this Dazhou Palace also come?"

     "Afraid that Su Yu killed Shan Xiong?"

     "I think Su Yu may not be able to beat a single male."

     "That's hard to say!"


     There are more and more people around, watch the excitement.

     Da Zhou Mansion is also here!

     This makes people who thought they were just Shan Xiong to go among enemies with only one's sword are somewhat surprised.

     After a while, Jin Dapeng landed.Instantly transformed into a handsome young man, dressed in a golden robe, more majestic than the old dragon with seven layers of sun and moon, and extremely powerful in strength, with five layers of sun and moon.

     Behind Jin Peng, a middle-aged long-haired man with a beard and a yellow robe smiled and said, "Lao Jiang, it's been a long time! Has my brother arrived?"

     For four weeks, talk in whispers again.

     "Zhou Polong's big disciple, Jiang Tao, the pinnacle of mountains and seas! We are about to enter the sun and moon realm!"

     "Shan Xiong's big brother!"

     "He's here, the Great Zhou Mansion really takes it seriously."

     "It seems that even if Su Yu wins, he may not be able to kill people. This one is here, plus the Roc Bird in the Sun and Moon Realm..."

     The commander Jiang of the Sun Moon Realm raised his eyebrows slightly.

     It's really important!

     Jiang Tao came in person!

     Although he didn't reach the sun and moon realm, the opponent was Zhou Polong's eldest direct disciple. He came, and that meant more.

     In terms of strength, the commander Jiang is not as good as the sun and the moon at the scene.

     Vaguely, those oppressed by the sun and the moon felt a little uncomfortable.

     I was thinking that the pressure on his body disappeared. After a while, an old man walked out, Niu Baidao, with divine poise and sagelike features, laughed a long way away and said: "A few children are here, rare guests and rare guests! If there is something else, there is no way to greet me personally. This old bone of mine volunteered to receive you. The old man ran out and didn’t know he would come back. No one will take care of this Yuqiang Department!

     "This is Xiao Jiang Tao?"Chief Niu glanced at Jiang Tao, laughing and saying: "In the blink of an eye, I grew so big. I saw your father back then. When I was a child, I even gave your father pee. In the blink of an eye, you are so big!"

     "This is Xiao Qi, it's so big too!"

     "This is...Xiao Xie from Seeking Academy, are you Sedof's son? In a blink of an eye, it's bigger, and it looks older than me!"

     "That's... the little Dai of War God Acadamy? I know your grandfather. Why do you look so old? Time is not forgiving!"


     The audience is quiet!

     Niu Baidao is out!

     First, suppress the audience.

     It wasn't strength, it was age, and the same age as King Kaifu, and even older than some of them. It was just bad luck. He could not get one of the invincible relics of the past.

     500 years old!

     Now, at this age, there are not many people who are still invincible, and there are probably not many people who are still outside.

     People like Hu Qi are almost in this era, but now they are life is nearing the end and rarely come forward.

     Niu Baidao is good, and he has been active in Daming Mansion for 351 years!

     Until now, he has never changed the prefect, and he is still serving as the prefect.

     Not only does he show up often, but this guy often drinks wine and takes care of some young women. Many people know that the older they are, the more energy they have. The strength of the sun and the moon is like an old man of health preservation.

     Niu Baidao laughed, and quickly looked at the old dragon, who is also the seventh sun and moon, and laughed and said, "Little dragon, you are so old."

     The old dragon of Daxia Mansion was speechless.In the past, he was a second-generation mount, but the second-generation...listen, he was born a generation lower than others, he was still a second-generation mount, and when the second-generation met this uncle, he was also one generation lower than the opponent.

     "I have seen House Chief Niu!"

     The old dragon doesn't cough anymore. Although speaking, he is older than this one, but the calculation method of the dragon and the human is different. The 500-year-old human can be regarded as a 5000-year-old super dragon in the dragon!

     He is not so old!

      In front of this person coughing, not suitable, even the crutches disappeared unconsciously.

     Niu Baidao looked around and laughed and said, "A lot of people and children have come here. I think they have good talents and good strength. They are indeed the elite of my human race!"

     "It seems that Shan Xiong challenged Su Yu, everyone knows it. The Lord hasn't come yet, but a group of people watching the excitement have come!"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "Everyone, don't say any polite words. Daming Mansion, it was only attacked by Ten Thousand Clan Sect a few days ago. Now the situation is relatively tense. Last time suffered heavy losses, I haven't dug up all of them. People of Ten Thousand Races, so... you all go to the theater to watch the play, don't do it in the Tiandu Mansion."

     "There are so many suns and moons here, we are also afraid, if it hurts someone by mistake, it would be inappropriate!"

     "Also, it’s better not to have hidden strength. If we discover the hidden strength under this public place with numerous people, if we feel that there is a hidden evil intention, and if we want to take the opportunity to enter the Daming Mansion, we will be ashamed. Don't say Daming Mansion didn't remind anyone."Niu Baidao laughed and said, "Daming Mansion is too weak, and there are not many sun and moon. Palace lord and I are in the latter part of the sun and moon. I always feel uneasy. Don't take any radical actions, whether you have it or not. Private enmity, don't solve it in Daming Mansion, let's talk about it after going out!"

     Speaking of this, Niu Baidao smiled and said: "In addition, Shan Xiong has not yet arrived, and has not officially issued an invitation to fight. If it is sent, Su Yu may not accept it. Recently, he is in retreat. Don't take it too seriously. Elder Su Yuge has been busy doing research and closed-door training recently. There are too many tasks..."

     Old Su Yuge!

     When this remark came out, many people were slightly startled.

     The old man surnamed Xie from the Search Academy was also surprised: "President Niu, what do you mean..."


     "Elder Ge's business."


     Niu Baidao laughed and said, "Isn't Mingfu always following this rule? Honor the old patrons, just take a fame, "Yuan Shen Wen Jue", "Yuan Shen Kai Qiao Method", "Shuang Wu He Qiao Method" changed to honor paternal patrons Still no problem!"

     Everyone stopped talking, some of them were not good.

     Old man!


     In this way, if Su Yu is here, in fact, the status is equal to those under the sun and the moon, and he is not qualified to play prestige in front of him unless he is.

     Su Yu doesn't need to salute.

     When the students saw Su Yu, they had to salute.

     The old man in the search realm is not good to say anything, honor the old patron, this is what Daming Mansion has always had. Of course, the search realm is not officially recognized, and it is not considered a formal patrician old man, but the Daming Mansion approval is enough.

     At this moment, there are more and more people near the city gate.Niu Baidao laughed and said: "Then everyone enter the city, don't show it to people as a monkey show. These little boys from the Daming Mansion have never seen anything in the world. If there is excitement, you have to watch..."

     Someone whispered: "Know, Daming Mansion, the capital of gossip, must see if there is excitement!"

     Someone sighed.

     This is indeed the style of Daming Mansion!

     Regardless of whether he is dangerous or not, let's talk about it after watching the excitement, go away after watching it, talk after we're scattered, gossip after talking.

     Otherwise, if you change to another big mansion, you will be a dragon, a Jinpeng, and a flying tiger, and you will hide far away.

     Daming Mansion would be good. At this moment, many people in the city ran towards this side, for fear that they would run away in a hurry, and they wouldn’t have to watch it when they were late.

     Niu Baidao didn't care, and led the people: "There are so many people, so don't settle them separately. Let's go to a school together. There are just a few large yards near Baidao Pavilion that are vacant. Everyone lives there for a few days and the environment is not bad. "

     The students were curious about Baidao Pavilion, but the old people knew that this was a deterrent.

     Baidao Pavilion, a top-ranked civilian soldier!

     Sun-Moon Power can spontaneously explode!

     Once someone wants to do something, it is a thunderous strike. In the case of a spontaneous outbreak alone, Baidaoge probably also exploded with the power of the first and second layers of the sun and the moon. Once controlled by the top power of the sun and the moon, in that case, that person The strong can improve a small rank.

     For example, Zhu Tiandao, if he is in charge of the Hundred Dao Pavilion, he may have the peak strength of the Sun and Moon, instead of the current Ninefold First Entry.

     In the crowd, no one refused.

     Then go to Baidao Pavilion!

     Someone laughed and said, "It's been a long time since I entered the Hundred Dao Pavilion, but I can try..."Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Try and try again, you guys don't squeeze your wool. Baidao Pavilion has consumed a lot of money recently. If you try, give 500 points of merit. Those who are above the sea, give 1000 points of merit. Meaning, it's too expensive."



     Your Daming Mansion is still short of this money?

     Wasn’t it free before?

     Outsiders, generally give you one time for free to play, but now you have to charge.

     Niu Baidao didn't care what they thought, there was no way, it was really expensive, killing the sun and the moon, was smashed by Su Yu again, and now he is losing money.

     Tiandu Mansion is very prosperous when everyone enters the city.

     At this moment, people were everywhere on the street, but the avenue in the middle was vacated.

     However, the people on both sides looked at them blankly, as if looking at a monkey.

     "Look, look, that's the big bird that can fly just now!"

     "Shut up and keep your voice down, it's not a bird, it's a Golden-winged Great Peng bird!"

     "The Golden-winged Great Peng bird is not a bird?"

     "Shhh, keep it quiet, lest you be heard, this kind of bird is very cruel!"


     "Where are those dragons just now?"

     "Well, the one in the green robe is the dragon!"

     "Where, where, I also want to watch!"

     "There are tigers, big tigers, the big one, which is it?"


     Some people can't stand it anymore, Jiang Tao, lightly coughed and said, "President Niu, shall we fly over?"

     How far has to go!

     Damn it!On the way, there are vast crowds, like a zoo, who can bear it?

     The people in Daming Mansion are so idle!

     Also, the courage is also really big, not afraid to watch the strong, be killed by the strong!

     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "I'm going to school now? Don't look at the local conditions and customs of Daming Mansion anymore? The people in Daming Mansion are still very hospitable!"

     Niu Baidao smiled, overwhelming everyone's prestige.

     Lest these people cause trouble in Daming Mansion!

     It's really troublesome, it's not easy to deal with, it's very troublesome, after all, they are all powerful people in some big houses.

     As soon as the people from the Great Zhou Mansion arrived, the aura was overwhelming. Now that Su Yu came to the Ming Mansion, it was covered by the Great Zhou Mansion. How could the Great Zhou Mansion have the upper hand, without pressure!

     It depends on the situation, and almost there, Niu Baidao laughed and said, "Then everyone, go to the school. The school has prepared good wine and food for everyone. There is nothing else in the Daming Mansion. I have enough wine and food! The lord is busy these few days, wait for free I'll come to meet you when I'm down!"

     No one said anything. Soon, a group of people speeded up and did not vacate, but the speed was much faster. It didn't take long for these people to disappear before the public.

     The people in Daming Mansion are somewhat regretful and walk so fast, they didn't see the prototype.

     Really, it should be turned into a prototype for everyone to see.


      at the same time.

     Soon after those people left, a small group of knights galloped in at the gate of the city.

     On the headed horse, a man and a woman, the handsome male and the pretty female, attract people's attention.

     The guard at the gate shot a look at, and soon recognized the other's clan emblem.

     People from Dashang Mansion!Looking at the two riding horses in front, they quickly determined the identity of each other, took a few more glances, and said politely: "But Da Zhou Mansion Shan Assistant and Da Shang Mansion Your Highness Little Princess?"

     "I'm Shan Xiong!"

     Shan Xiong smiled, and the guard quickly said: "The Chief Niu has an order that Assistant Teacher Shan has arrived. You can go to the Yuqiang Administration for a break, or you can go to the Civilization Academy. The old Jiang Ge from the Dazhou Palace has just arrived not long ago."

     "Brother Jiang is here too?"


     Shan Xiong nodded slightly, just about to move on, the guard smiled and said: "Everyone, you have to dismount, except for the people in Tiandu Mansion, you can dismount..."

     Shang Tianjiao was a little unsatisfied, but Shan Xiong didn't say anything, got off the horse, smiled, and led the horse towards the city.

     When the group of them left, the guardian of the city looked at several colleagues around him, and said, "It's quite generous. If you really share life and death with Su Yu...everyone will feel bad if they die."

     "The Great Zhou Mansion is full of people, we are still the landlord, how can it be so easy to die."

     Others laughed and said: "I admire this guy even more. He actually hooked up with the little princess of the business. Seeing that little princess, she was obedient to him. He probably didn't want to get off the horse. , Get off the horse right away, tsk tsk...This is better than Su Yu, Su Yu..."

     "That's not necessarily true. Not long after Su Yu came, didn't you see? The daughter of the Wu family in Daxia Mansion was chased all the way back that day!"

     "That's true!"A few people laughed and talked in a low voice, Daming Mansion, like to talk about these stories about wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject, as for the dispute between singles and many... This is too heavy to talk about, it is better to talk about these geniuses. Which beauties, daughters, and princesses follow.

     Since ancient times, beautiful women love heroes, descendants of the invincible family, and women generally choose to combine with some geniuses.

     "Speaking of which, our eighth princess is not too young anymore, who did you fancy? I heard that the palace lord deliberately made her betrothed to Su Yu, but nothing seemed to happen!"

     "Who knows ne! Did you fall in love with a few of the eight horses?"

     "By the way, at the Daxia Mansion, the princess of the Xia family also had any gossip with Su Yu?"

     "No, is there?"

     "I heard that it was mentioned by a caravan in the Daxia Mansion last time. You don’t know. I heard that the gossip of the two has spread throughout Daxia Mansion. The princess gave a beating, tusk, when the fight started, scratching her hair, tearing clothes, scratching her face... I almost rolled around, I heard that who won, who came to Su Yu... As a result, Miss Wu Jia Won!"

     "And this one?"

     Several soldiers started gossiping in an instant. This is big news, we haven't heard of it before.

     At this moment, several old people passing by by the city gate were a little bit amused.


     The ethos of Daming Mansion is really a headache.

     Not talking about business matters, just talking about these things, it's really idle!

     The sergeants didn't seem to see the old people walking, and ignored them.Among them, an old man smiled and said: "We old guys, we haven't seen each other for many years, we met this time, and we went back to have a drink and called the old cow by the way?

     "That's fine, the old cow has a lot of wine!"

     "Be careful that he finds some street young women for you, and you'll sit on the wax."

     "Hahaha, what am I afraid of, I am alone, but you, be careful of that shrew in your family for hundreds of years, and I'm still taking care of you!"


     They chatted, and at this moment, in the city lord's mansion.

     Zhu Tiandao looked at the city gate, touched his chin, raised his eyebrows slightly, why did these old ghosts come together, did the old cow call?

     People who are dying, Is it possible that came for Su Yu's practice?

     Isn't this still without results?

     Teacher Hu hasn't left yet!

     "A group of people are really idle. They said that Daming Mansion has nothing to do. If there are so many suns and moons, if there is nothing to do, wouldn't it be okay to catch the guy from the Ten Thousand Races?"

     "I have to run to Daming Mansion!"

     Zhu Tiandao sighed, hoping not to make me trouble, in Daming Mansion, give me a low profile.

     Su Yu, this guy is still low-key recently, that Shan Xiong, has nothing to do, why don't you come to challenge? No, it's Zhou Polong that has nothing to do, and he has to get the focus to the Daming Mansion.

     "In order to reduce the focus of the Daxia Palace? Or to calculate the Daming Palace? Instantly explore the reality and the truth... This guy, won't he come this time?"

     Zhu Tiandao pouted, uncle, if he comes, he really may not be his opponent.

     If you start a fight here, will you still call Dad?

      Own father is not in the human environment!

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