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334 Reunification Ceremony (wan More Seeking Monthly Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

All heroes gather.

     Su Yu didn't leave the gate, no matter what happened, he remained in seclusion.

     Cast body!

     While casting his body, Su Yu is also reading books. Today, he reads a lot of books and reads everything, not just to outline the divine text, the text of the will, look at a period of time, rest a period of time, take a look Miscellaneous books.

     Forging department, language, travel insights.

     Su Yu has some insights, you have little knowledge and little knowledge reserves, a lot of things you actually don’t understand, you don’t know the reason why it works.

     That's useless!

     The fire of inheritance, this thing requires you to have the necessary reserves, so that you can understand something. It is not that you know it out of thin air. You have a large amount of knowledge. When you need it, the function of the fire of inheritance is to integrate this knowledge. Integration.

     Rather than being born to know everything.

     All comprehension, to anoint your head with the purest cream, all premise is that you have this insight, this knowledge reserve.

     At this moment, Su Yu, burning the fire of inheritance, was looking at the book that he brought from the Bai family. In the past two days, what he read the most was not the essay of will, but this and the commentary on Time.

     Annotation of the time sent by the king of silkworm

     An invincible, after creating the practice, many years later, based on some of his own experience, wrote some notes.

     More than that, Su Yu has discovered over the years that he has not fully understood a lot of things.

     In the past two days, if he has free time, he will take out Liu Wenyan's past at the time of departure, and take a look at the jade talisman that Liu Wenyan sent him. It is the result of Liu Wenyan's own life practice.

     Liu Wenyan is not strong, even to this day, he just vacated.

     Su Yu is almost catching up with him!It can be used as the top-level genius of the past, nurturing the state, killing the existence of the sky, some things and some experiences of Liu Wenyan, in the view of Su Yu, are actually worth learning.

     For example, Liu Wenyan's method of cultivating divine writings. This man sketched a lot of divine writings in the nurturing stage. The early cultivation was cultivated by absorbing willpower, but in the later stage, he did not have so many wills, so he adopted It is to absorb the power of the five generations of divine literature to accumulate.

     This is very interesting!

     The divine writing of the Five Dynasties is in the Sun and Moon realm, shouldn't have eternal realm.

     But because of the high degree of matching, Liu Wenyan can accept these divine texts, and finally, use the five generations of divine texts to accumulate his own divine texts.

     What about yourself?

     In fact, Su Yu also has Sun and Moon Divine Writings. Before he killed 5 Sun and Moon, Zhu Tiandao promised to give it to him. Now the Divine Writings have actually been stripped off. There are 3 in total, but they exist in the laboratory and Su Yu has no use.

     He is going to be used to create secret realms.

     According to Liu Wenyan's meaning, when you can merge the divine text, you can take the initiative to absorb the power of that divine text and strengthen your own divine power.

     "Then if I can integrate the sun and moon divine texts, can I absorb these divine powers to strengthen my divine texts?"

     As for the broken absorption, it is okay. If it can be broken, it will take a while and the lingering rhyme of the divine text will dissipate.

     You exist in the sea of will, and use your own divine text to slowly absorb it, and you can use the power of a divine text with high efficiency.

     "You can try this later."

     Su Yu thought about this in his heart, and was looking at the album brought by the Bai family.First break the Yuan Qiao, and then look for the Yang Qiao defined by Su Yu himself.

     "Broken... does not necessarily have to be broken?"

     "The purpose of breaking is to gather, pull, and pull the yang orifice out, putting it that way, the yang orifice may not exist on the surface, it exists in the depths, and the force is strong enough to pull the orifice out."

     "Shattering...The purpose of shattering should be to gather energy, break the body, and use Shattering Strength to pull it."

     "A Lingyun Kau, can only use Shattering Strength to traction, putting it that way, the traction may have to reach the mountains and seas!"


      one after another thought, flickering in the mind.

      At the same time, Su Yu did not forget to cast himself.

     5 casting, I am afraid I still need a little bit time.

     He is in no hurry!

     It doesn't matter whether Shan Xiong comes or not. When he comes, if Su Yu happens to have an understanding, he doesn't bother to pay attention to him.

      Extremely worried, as soon as people challenge you, you just rush up, there is no need.

     The status is not equal!

     As the honorable elder, he has to talk about the cards, which is not comparable to an assistant like Shan Xiong.

     "Shattering Strength, Strength of Attraction, explosive power...Unfortunately, if there is a Lingyun with 360 openings and bursting out of the power of the original orifice, it will inevitably explode the power close to the mountain and sea, and then can take the initiative to pull the Yang orifice out!"

     Vaguely, Su Yu had a judgment.

     When he arrives in Lingyun, or soars into the sky, he may hope to take the Yang Aperture out.

     Then, can the Yin Qiao defined by him be found in this way?Yin-Yang Union, then form a stable Yuanshen Aperture?

     Yang Qiao and Yin Qiao appear separately and may not exist for a long time, because this is an incomplete Qiao point.

     "Yang Qiao..."

     Su Yu thought about something in his heart, the next moment, got up and walked out.

     Outside the door, Wu Lan was reading and seemed to be waiting for him. Seeing him come out, she hurriedly said: "That Shan Xiong is here and has already sent a challenge letter to the college. Do you want to fight?"

     "Besides, I have something to do."

     Wu Lan was a little unhappy, not because of Su Yu, but rather dissatisfied: "By the way, they came in the yesterday afternoon, and there will be people propaganda. It doesn't count!"

     Although I think so too!

     But I think so, does not mean that I am willing to listen to others.

     Su Yu nodded, "It makes sense! I just rely on the ruins, that's no way, good luck."


     Wu Lan was tired, "Aren't you angry?"

     "What's so angry?" Su Yu said as he walked: "What you can't get makes people envy and jealous. He doesn't have it. If you have it, he will be jealous of you. He thinks I can go to me. This is a common idea. The key is ...He just doesn't, I can Is there any way."Su Yu smiled, and quickly said: "It came from Shan Xiong? If so ...... this person has nothing to worry about! He belittles his opponent and defeats his opponent, then he seems incompetent! I don't like this kind of person, I I prefer that my enemy is strong, even if it is not strong enough, let others think that he is strong. For example, Zhai Feng, everyone thinks he is strong, first in the top 100, but I quickly hacked to death, which will highlight my strength. ."

     Shaking his head, he doesn't care too much about it. People who highlight themselves by belittling opponents are stupid!

     Because you have defeated a weak, you cannot prove that you are a strong.

     If it is from Shan Xiong, it means that this person is not good.

     Su Yu doesn't need to care about him too much.

     Wu Lan thought for a while and nodded, as if it made sense, "It makes sense, then we should promote the strength of Shan Xiong, and then you will kill him soon, so that you are stronger?"

     Su Yu smiled and nodded, "Yes! It's better to say that Shan Xiong can kill Shanhai. I hacked him to death. That means I am stronger than him. In the early stage, his prestige is all mine, more prosperous than him! Take advantage of the situation! You don’t know how strong I am Su Yu, but you know that Shan Xiong has defeated all the same level of polytheistic literature. I defeated him. Then I don’t need to fight these battles. No need. I stepped on him and took advantage of the situation. Up."

     He said, and said: "Belittle Shan Xiong, then I will defeat Shan Xiong, completely meaningless! It is best to say that Shan Xiong is a family, and there is no one to leave him. He is the first in the entire Shan Shenwen family, and his master is not as good as him. Thus, I defeated him, although Zhou Polong is infinitely stronger than me, but... Zhou Polong has to be stepped on by me!"

     Wu Lan blinked, it made sense, a bit esoteric!It turned out to be borrowed this way.

     Defeat the enemy, highlight the strength of the enemy, so you are stronger!

     that's true!

     "Where are you going?"

     Wu Lan followed him and walked, curiously asked: "Why are you going?"

     "Go to the basement, you don't have to follow me."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "You can't understand this scene..."


     Wu Lan didn't care too much, and said casually: "Are you talking about the bad guys below? Did you do research on them? This is not good, or you kill (ed) them, research is illegal..."

     She was not as fragile as Su Yu imagined. In Daxia Mansion, there were few fragile, so Xia Longwu beheaded her head.

     She was in Daxia Mansion. She went to the scene to take a peek when she was a child, and she was almost scared to death.

     "I didn't do research, I just did some experiments, resuscitation experiments, not evil experiments, let them commit crimes and do meritorious service, it's okay."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "They are all death row prisoners. Experiments are also a means of redemption for themselves. If you really don't die in the end, you can spare them."

     Wu Lan nodded and didn't ask any more.


     They are all bad people, dead is dead.

     When Su Yu entered the basement, she pondered, coldly snorted, and ran out.

     What Su Yu said makes sense!

     The stronger Shan Xiong is, the more famous he defeated Shan Xiong.

     By the way, I can breathe.

     Soon, Wu Lan, who was out, found a group of people, a group of the most gossiping guys in the school, led by Zhu Hongliang and Bai Junsheng....

     A corner of the university.

     Wu Lan and several people discussed furtively: "Going back and letting people pass it, Shan Xiong is so powerful. He once defeated Qin Fang and Huang Teng in the battlefield of the heavens, and beat them kneel and beg forgiveness."

     "Also, let's talk about it. He was actually able to enter Lingyun a long time ago, but he refused to advance. The purpose is to enter the mountain and sea realm in one day, which is actually better than some mountains and seas!"

     "Also also, let me tell you that he is actually the Final Disciple of the Great Zhou King, but Zhou Polong did not accept disciples, so he deliberately let Zhou Polong accept his disciples. He is an invincible Final Disciple. Just use Tianyuanguo to take a bath!"

     Wu Lan whispered, Zhu Hongliang and several of them are dumbstruck, what are they doing?

     Why is it spread like this?

     "Wu Lan, why do you want to say that?"

     Several people are now familiar. Zhu Hongliang and Bai Junsheng sometimes go to Su Yu, but Su Yu spends most of the time in retreat and is too lazy to pay attention. Wu Lan doesn't have much affairs, but sometimes they go out to receive them.

     Wu Lan snorted, "Didn’t they say that Su Yu is all about the ruins? Isn’t Su Yu’s true strength not good? Then let them go proud, Shan Xiong World's First, when Su Yu kills him, the whole world knows that Shan The divine writing system is no longer good!"

     Zhu Hongliang whispered: "Then...what if you lose?"

     Wu Lan dazed for a moment, after a long while, said: "Lost?"

     Never considered this problem!

     It seems that Su Yu has never lost!

     No, it seems to lose often.Once lost more than 8,000 times and lost... Wu Lan hummed: "Shan Xiong is so good, Su Yu is normal if he loses, and he is not ashamed. If he wins, then Shan Xiong will lose his adult! Understand, so stupid!"

     Zhu Hongliang was speechless, thinking about it, it made sense.

     "Okay, this matter leave it to our, trivial matter, rest assured, by tonight, the entire Tiandu Mansion will know that single male World's First, to kill people like scything flax, once killed the mountains and seas, fought the sun and the moon... "


     Bai Junsheng whispered: "Is this too exaggerated? No one believes it by killing mountains and seas and fighting sun and moon."

     "Then kill Lingyun, Doosanhai, this is okay? This guy should have the ability to kill some weak Lingyun, otherwise, this Koukong will have no deterrent."

     "This is acceptable!"

     Several people murmured, Wu Lan quickly got up and said: "All right, so be it, you guys are really not good, but I have to make an idea and change to Fat Xia. I can solve it by myself. Fat Zhu, you still Fatty isn't as good as Xia!"

     Zhu Hongliang is depressed, get out!

     Xia Huyou, right?

     This guy came this time too, at least he wasn't fat, and he didn't look good, so what can be said.


     Wu Lan is spreading rumor outside, and Su Yu is too lazy to take care of it.

     In Daming Mansion, he didn't worry about anything.

     In the basement, Su Yu looked at the Lingyun in front of him, and said straightforwardly: "Blast the Yuan Aperture and try it. Let's explode together. It's okay. The sea of will is not destroyed. If you can recast the flesh, it's a big deal. ."In front of him, a strong complexion blanches of the Lingyun realm, beside Su Yu, at this moment, the three great monsters of mountains and seas are all present.

     Su Yu's face was indifferent, "Here, sooner or later, you are dead and there is no way to survive! You blew your Yuan Qiao, show me the effect, maybe you still have a chance to live, just bet on a probability."

     This cultist of the Ten Thousand Races in Lingyun Realm had a pale face, "Master Su, if I blew my Yuan Aperture, can I survive?"

     "Hard to say."

     Su Yu calmly said: "Look at luck! Of course, if there are results, I will give you a chance to survive."

     "The lord wants me to explode my Yuan Qiao, what kind of purpose do I want to accomplish?"

     "Find the origin of the soul!"

     Su Yu did not hide, "That's right, I now have a speculation, when Yuan Qiao explodes with a certain amount of power, and the traction is enough, maybe it can draw out a force I named Yang Qiao...Of course, it's not just blew up. That's useless."

      He thought for a bit and quickly said: "You have to explode towards the center point, so the acupuncture points should be connected in a circle, explode towards the center point, explode the force, and see if it can be pulled out."

     "You have a lot of insights, 108 of them, you can be regarded as a little genius, and you are in the Lingyun realm. If you blew yourself up, you might be able to explode a relatively powerful force..."

     This person complexion blanches said, "My lord, to reorganize my body requires some treasures. If I really blew my body, my willpower will not last long..."

     Su Yu nodded, "This is nothing. Essence and blood combined with Tian Yuan Qi are the best treasure to reorganize the physical body. It is nothing more than to restore a physical body in the Qianjun level. It is not a major event, nor is it reorganized to Lingyun."words exceede 5100Su Yu smiled, "That's good, listen to my arrangements, I will explode as I let you explode..."

     As he said, he turned his head to look at the three-headed demon and said: "I want to observe it up close, and a few seniors can help me protect the way, lest I be injured by the explosive force."

     "it is good!"

     The three-headed demon was also secretly speechless, really cruel.

     This kid, from a young age, said ruthless, really ruthless.

     I don't know where so big is so killing!

     Looks accustomed to life and death!

     Although there are many ruthless people in Daxia Mansion, there are actually few people like Su Yu, cold-blooded, and many of them are old guys who have killed countless in the army.

     Su Yu was too lazy to explain anything, and soon exhorted Ling Yun a few words.

     How to explode, from which acupuncture point to explode, and what kind of reaction should be made after the explosion...

     He just wanted to try and see if he could blow Yang Qiao out.

     108 acupuncture points, Lingyun triple layer, this kind of person explodes, and the power is not small.

     Soon, in the secret room, a loud sound came out!

     The three big monsters all exploded with coercion, suppressing the self-detonation area in a small area, and Su Yu, just in front of this sad and angry self-destruction Ling Yun, watched indifferently and sensed that Fire of Civilization was turned on.

     Observing silently and experiencing carefully, Su Yu frowned for a while, then stretched his brow.

     "It seems a bit like... the explosion is not powerful enough!"

     Su Yu grabbed it casually, and some blood and heavenly vitality gathered together. Soon, these blood and heavenly vitality began to outline the appearance of a human figure. The next moment, one person opened his eyes without blood on his face, and his eyes were dull."Remember your merits!"

     Su Yu said casually, still studying the power of the explosion and the feeling that just passed by.

     "It's still a bit close, at least 144 yuan or more will do. Lingyun with 144 yuan or more, such a powerful Lingyun will explode, and it may lead to Yang Aperture."

     He had some feelings, but it was extremely inconspicuous and unstable.

     "You have to explode the power of mountains and seas!"

     Su Yu murmured, "Or a 108-hole Lingyun 7th layer or above! It's a pity that these strong men were killed last time, preferably Lingyun 9th layer. It seems that it is best to catch some such strong men. , Or just capture the mountains and seas!"

     The few big monsters have toothaches, unable to respond.

     This kid is crazy recently.

     To catch the mountains and seas to blow up and play!

     He's a ruthless character, who really has enough strength to offend this kid, probably nothing will end well.

     "Nashen Aperture, probably something else."

     Su Yu shook his head. It seemed that he could only give up the research in this area for the time being. There was a lack of research materials and enough people to blew himself up.

     In the other prisons nearby, everyone is ashen-faced.

     In Su Yu, it's really better to die, but death... is not that simple. If you are not afraid of death, you would have died a long time ago. These people are reluctant to die because they are afraid of death.

     The moment Su Yu was about to go out, a strong man in the cell knelt and said loudly: "My lord, my lord Su! The little man is willing to serve the lord..."Su Yu turned to look, and smiled, "You? Weak and weaker than Suan, why do you want you to waste? Unless you need to experiment, sometimes you will be considered, merit 10 points, I will let you go!"

     Without saying anything, with a wave of his hand, all the cells were closed and there was no sound.

     At the door, two big monsters, cautious and solemn, hide their bodies in the ground, for fear of being discovered by Su Yu and implicated.

     As a result, Su Yu still saw it, and he was not blind.

     Seeing these two big demons, cowering, was a little speechless, "You two won’t be able to reach Lingyun within a month. I will definitely send you two to Yuexin Island. The Chief Niu said, beef with stubborn brains is a famous dish , I can try the taste!"

     "It must be there!"

     Both big monsters are about to sweat, it's terrible, they really want to eat us.

     When Su Yu spoke, they both believed.

     This guy is a very realistic person. When he uses you, he is a friend, and he doesn't use it... and he has no kindness to him, so just feel free.

     "There are also water people and shadows. Recently you two have been injured almost there, properly cultivated, and enter the mountain and sea as soon as possible!"

     Su Yu calmly said: "If I can't keep up with my strength improvement, it is my friend's okay, not a friend, and a simple relationship of interest. Sooner or later, I will be eliminated or die, because I may encounter some dangerous things. Your strength Not enough, I was killed, then I also can't do anything about it."

     After saying this, Su Yu walked out of the basement.

     In the basement, several big monsters were speechless.



     Maybe... it's really not far!

     ...Su Yu, who was out of the basement, continued to practice in the training room. Just now, Ling Yun blew himself up, which gave him a little inspiration.


     If your own power is not enough, can you use external power to open it?

     As for Shan Xiong... Hang it for a few days.


     While Su Yu continued to study in retreat.

     In a compound near Baidao Pavilion.

     Shang Tianjiao said excitedly: "Brother Shan Xiong, did you know? I just went out, and I was talking about you outside, all good things, and I was boasting you. I thought I was in Daming Mansion because Su Yu was in Daming Mansion. , Everyone will target you, but I didn’t expect to praise you!"

     "praise me?"

     Shan Xiong was reading the manual, Baidaoge related manual, and he smiled and said, "What do you praise me for?"

     "They said, you have defeated Huang Teng and Qin Fang, whether it is true or false?"

     Shang Tianjiao said excitedly: "Why didn't you tell me?"


     Shan Xiong was slightly startled, there was nothing like that.

     "Who said this?"

     "Everyone is talking!" Shang Tianjiao said excitedly: "I just went out and met the Wu Lan, from the Wu family of the Daxia Mansion. Her expression was ugly, and her nostrils were facing me, so I was almost beaten. Say you defeated Huang Teng nothing else. It’s amazing. Huang Teng is not a civilized teacher. I can smell the jealousy all the way away!

     "Wu Lan? Wu Qi's younger sister?"

     Shan Xiong is not familiar with Wu Lan, but he knows Wu Qi. Hearing this, his heart moved slightly.Shang Tianjiao continued: "Yes, she has said so, she is a member of the Great Xia Mansion family. She admits that you defeated Huang Teng. No one can deny it now. Huang Teng can't admit it!


     Shan Xiong was speechless for a while, and said: "Misunderstanding, misinformation! I didn't crossed paths with Huang Teng and Qin Fang, let alone submit it!"

     After thinking for a while, Shan Xiong said: "It's not a good thing. I didn't have much dispute with Huang Teng and Qin Fang. They are warriors and I am a civilized teacher. Now it is spread like this. Daxia Palace and Daqin Palace know if This matter has spread, and it is not a good thing for me."


     Shang Tian was dazed, and Shan Xiong nodded, "Yes, it's all fake!"

     After all, thought a bit then said: "Is it from Wu Lan? Or Su Yu?"

     "do not know……"

     Shan Xiong sighed and sighed: "Then fight against Su Yu. If you don’t defeat Su Yu, the single Shenwen element will be really embarrassing, and you will inadvertently offend a group of people. Unless you defeat Su Yu, you will find The opportunity to defeat Huang Teng and Qin Fang, and everything was done."

     As for the explanation, it is not necessary.

     Since does not belong to oneself said, there is no need to explain anything.

     He looked at Shang Tianjiao, "You didn't go out to share something, right?"

     "No, I will come back to tell you when I hear the news, brother Shan Xiong, isn't this a good thing?"

     Shan Xiong smiled and said: "Not really, of course, if you defeat Su Yu, then there is nothing else, but if you lose... Forget it, don't talk about these, you don't need to mix these, everything depends on your strength."He didn't mention these again, but still reminded Shang Tianjiao not to go out to spread these, completely meaningless, and offend people, and nothing to do.

     Is this Su Yu's handwriting?

     Is he afraid of losing, or does he think he will win?

     He didn't think about it anymore, and continued to read the manual. He wanted to try Baidao Pavilion!

     And at this moment, someone came in, Wen Zhong knocked on the door and walked in, smiling: "Single teaching assistant, Junior Brother Su has promised you to fight, five days later, on March 25, you will be in a school to learn! As for life and death, or Ordinary spar, wait until the younger brother leaves the customs."

     Shan Xiong narrowed his eyebrows slightly, "Senior Wen, does Su Yu really like life and death?"

     "Then I don't know."

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "Single Assistant, you should prepare well these few days and familiarize yourself with the academic environment. In addition, if it is a life-and-death battle, the elders of both parties need to sign. I am only responsible for reporting the letter, and I am not clear about the others."

     "I see, thanks, Senior reminds me."

     Shan Xiong didn't say anything, but Shang Tianjiao hurriedly said, "Why do we have to fight for life and death when we normally compete? When Shan Xiong challenged the powerhouses of more than ten provinces, they all competed and did not kill..."

     Although she said she believed that Shan Xiong could win, what if... what if... lose?

     Wen Zhong smiled lightly: "Princess Shang, I don't know about this. Let's discuss it when Junior Brother Su leaves the customs!"


     Wen Zhong ignored her, turned and left.

     Shang Tianjiao was a little annoyed, and looked at Shan Xiong and said, "Fighting life and death... This is too dangerous, or else..."Shan Xiong shook his head and said: "It's okay, life and death may not necessarily lead to death! Don't care too much, this is also a kind of momentum battle, oppressing you first, once you refuse, it is a failure in momentum, and I will consider it carefully. Yes, Tianjiao, don't worry about me, and don't mess around."

     "I know, but... but I'm still worried..."

     "It's really okay."

     Shan Xiong smiled and looked at a building in the distance, which is the famous and renowned Yuanshen Research Institute.

     Su Yu is going to retreat for five days, is it to grind me, or is there really something to retreat?

     Shan Xiong takes a deep breath, take advantage of this time, go to Baidao Pavilion.

     Maybe there will be some gains!

     Before fighting, he also sensed a trace of pressure.

     Hope for a good result!


     The news of Su Yu's engagement soon spread.

     March 25!

     At the Ming Dynasty Academy of Civilization, the two are fighting, and they are still living and dead.

     For a time, Daming Mansion was boiling again like a New Year.

     There is another big show!

     It is a pity that this time it may not be open to the public, because in the university, it may only be open to students and some high-level officials.

     At this moment, it disappointed many people.


     And time passed by day by day.

     Daming Civilization Academy has gradually become the focus of many people.

     Even suppressed some major events!

     The news of genius is more concerned than the less genius.For example, Bai Feng, who is not too genius, was attacked by the patriarch on his way back. The two sides fought and killed a Shanhai. Such news did not arouse much attention. Of course, the dead Shanhai belonged to the patriarch. of.

     In a wasteland.

     Bai Feng was eating barbecue, not a taste, fuck!

     Lao Tzu is fighting to the end here. My apprentice is discussing with others. The news of the return of my genius has been completely suppressed before it even started, and few people paid attention to it.

     There are even fewer attacks by ten thousand ethnic religions!

     According to Xia Yunqi, there may be a group of strong men who have gone to Daming Mansion again. Of course, this time they will be tens of thousands of times more careful. However, these strong men may be lurking near Daming Mansion, trying to find a way to watch that genius. war.

     As for killing Bai Feng... it's useless to kill him. Besides, Sun and Moon may not be able to transfer over, so it is better to give up.

     Bai Feng is not a taste, and Xia Yunqi and the others are not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     Got, for nothing!

     Maybe you really can't catch a big fish. Without him, Bai Feng's weight is not heavy enough. If you change to Su Yu, you can definitely catch a big fish. Of course, you may catch a big fish that can't be solved.

     Good, safe return is okay.

     It was the poor Daxia Mansion, who had done a lot of preparations, but didn't get anything.


     With the news spreading, in the blink of an eye, March 25 arrived!

     On this day, Su Yu walked out of the training room.

     Very calm, defeating or killing Shan Xiong, in fact, can't change the overall situation, but Shan Xiong has defeated a lot of confidence in many gods, Su Yu, he has to get it back, and help the teacher fulfill a wish by the way.Isn't it two wishes?

     One is to deal with Shan Xiong, the other is to clean up Huang Teng.

     "Teacher, it's your return gift!"

     Su Yu looked north and smiled. You should also return.

     I have done the calculations. Today, you will probably be able to return to Daxia Mansion.

     As for Huang Teng, if I have the opportunity, I will beat him up for you. People beat you three times, and I will try my best to help you back.

     After changing his clothes, his white robe was flying.

     Su Yu smiled, very satisfied, Shan Xiong...then see it!
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