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338 Undercurrent, Plan (see Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Human environment, undercurrents raging!

     Zhou Polong, polytheistic literary system, the integration of literary and artistic...

     These words quickly spread among the senior management.

     The greatest hope of the Invincible Civilized Master, Ye Batian is second, perhaps more perfect than Ye Batian of the year. Ye Batian failed, and Zhou Polong might succeed.

     As for in the end is it not, even if Zhou Polong himself denies this, it can't stop everyone's speculation.

     Denial, maybe just to preach more safely.

     Ye Batian was too high-profile in the past!

     Otherwise, the Ten Thousand Clan might not have thought that he had hope to succeed in the Dao Civilization Master, but Ye Batian was too enchanting, too high-profile and domineering, which led to the catastrophe more than 50 years ago.

     Today, Zhou Polong seems to be much lower-key than Ye Batian.


     The wilderness, an underground palace.

     The phantom was projected again one after another.

     A stronghold that can only be known to the leader of the Ten Thousand Clan religions. Last time, everyone was discussing how to kill Su Yu. Of course, after that time, there were several leaders missing.

     Today, everyone is not talking about Su Yu, nor Hong Tan who stir up trouble in Daxia Mansion.

     Compared with these possible threats, Zhou Polong is a sure threat.

     Su Yuhongtan and the others, no matter how they jump, they can't jump to invincibility in one day, and Zhou Polong, it is possible.

     "Everyone, a lot of trouble!"

     At this moment, the leader sighed and sighed, "I suspect that a war will break out soon!"

     "In the human environment!""In order to prevent Zhou Polong from proving the Tao in the human environment, although it is not clear whether he has the ability to open up the power of human suppression, if Zhou Polong realizes the danger, very possibly might choose to prove the Tao in the human environment!"

     "If he proves in Human Realm, I am afraid that the invincibility of thousands of races will sneak in recently, even if it is not invincible, the next few Sunyue Jiuzhong will have to sneak into the human realm and assassinate Zhou Polong."

     An old woman answered, "Sneaking in or not, that's their business. What I am worried about is that on the side of the ten thousand races, let us assassinate Zhou Polong. That is to die! Tianyi God Sect is not weak, right? The God Clan of Tianyi also came with a number of powerhouses of the eight or nine layers of the sun and the moon, but they were all beheaded on the spot by Xia Longwu!"

     Assassinating such a strong man is really too dangerous.

     Xia Longwu's performance before was not especially formidable, but as a result, five or six powerful men of the sun and the moon went to assassinate him, but none of them returned.


     Even if they were afraid, Ten Thousand Clan also asked them to assassinate Zhou Polong. That would really be fatal.

     Killing Su Yu, killing Chen Yong, killing other people is because other people are low in strength, there is hope to be killed, there is still the possibility of success, and the price is high enough, and they are willing to do it. .

     Can kill Zhou Polong, with little hope.

     "The Great Zhou Mansion is not limited to Zhou Polong. Although the Great Zhou King is not there, Zhou Potian, the lord of the Great Zhou Mansion, is not weak. He has been around for many years. Don’t forget him. They are the two sun and moon nine. It's possible to be close to invincibility!"

     "Also, kill Zhou Polong, do you want to kill Zhou Potian? Zhou Potian may also be the case.""The two powerhouses of the nine-fold peak of the Sun and Moon, without using Invincible, who can kill them? Unless dozens of Sun and Moon are dispatched there's hope!"


     Each of the leaders spoke out, worried in their hearts, afraid that the tens of thousands of people would force them to take action.

     As for how the ten thousand people persecute?

     Over the years, they have worked for the Ten Thousand Races, who are not evil crimes fill heaven, Ten Thousand Races have also mastered their true identity, including the location of Lao Chao Stronghold. Once it is leaked, they will be over.

     When the time comes, people and people will not be able to stay in the human world, and the heavens will not dare to go to the battlefield, and the ten thousand races will also find them trouble, and then they can only wait for death.

     At this point, these people can only go to the dark one by one.

     Soon, Someone else said: "In these days, the sun and moon stages of the religions have died a lot, and the human situation is much more dangerous than in previous years. The blood fire sect has changed three leaders in a row, and the human situation has sent out many days. Yue is encircling and suppressing the Six Wings Cult. Soon, there may be another great chaos. Everyone, the Ten Thousand Clan Sects, it is time to join forces, including the rescue of the two leaders of the Six Wings Cult!"

     Someone suggested a sentence.

     Only by joining hands can we have the ability to resist risks.

     In previous years, the religions of the ten thousand races were scattered, and all the teachers and the cadres taught each. But now, it really feels like it's not working anymore, it's too dangerous!

     How many days and months have you died this year?

     If it goes on like this again, it will all be scattered and killed!

     The two Sun and Moon of the Six Wings Sect were killed again, which would be very troublesome."Also, if the ten thousand races are persecuted, how to refuse if they are taught alone? Without this capital, only everyone can unite and let the ten thousand races know that we are also a powerful force, that is, negotiation and negotiation, rather than forcing us to force us. Go to die!"

     As they were talking, someone faintly smiled and said, "It's not easy. You can definitely get rid of everything by taking refuge in me!"

     Blue sky!

     Someone said coldly: "Blue Sky, we are talking about cooperation, not about incorporation."

     Lantian smiled and said, "Is there any difference? It's all about being a dog, and whoever is treated differently? Where can I eat and be safer, then where I can be a dog, everyone, what do you think? Don't blame the reality I said. , The fact is exactly like this, should we talk about ethics?"

     No one said anything.

     The words are a bit ugly, but this is indeed true.

     However, someone quickly said coldly: "Many people say that you and the Saint of Heaven are actually in the same group, secretly laying out, wanting to unify the religion of all races, and the invincibility of the human realm would like us to have a coronation ceremony for you. Put us to catch everything in the one net, blue sky, do you think everyone can rest assured you?"

     Lantian laughed and said: "That was deliberately obscure the facts, you also believe in this, no wonder you can only be dogs! Forget it, if you love cooperation, you will cooperate, and if you don't love cooperation, you will fall down!"

     No one paid any attention to him. Soon someone looked at the original leader who had not spoken much, and someone said in a low voice, "Original leader, what do you think about cooperation?"

      "Ha!"The original leader sneered, "Cooperate? Everyone, who can trust whom? Cooperation, who will be the master? Cooperation, let What are you doing, are you willing? It's all empty talk, but the human situation is about cooperation. The 36 government has talked about it for hundreds of years. , And no results. Cooperation is the least reliable!"

     Everyone was speechless, and after a while, someone said: "Even if we can't fully unite, we must echo each other. We can no longer die. We are not one, but we all have a common name-traitor! No matter what, they are not welcome."

     "Don’t join hands, don’t save yourself, now there is something like Zhou Polong, and soon, there should be strong people from all races entering the human realm. Everyone, should we be forced by those people? Let you kill Zhou Polong. , If you don't go, what are the consequences?"

     "Master Earth Fire, can you tell me straight, Are you there any way?"

     Soon, the leader of the fire teacher said: "Even if you can't fuse together, at least when it is difficult, we should respond to each other! For example, this time the two leaders of the Six Wings Church were besieged and killed, we must go to rescue! Of course, everything All are under as far as one's capabilities extend!"

     "Then who will call the shots? Who will boss people around, who will coordinate the deployment?"

     Someone asked again, and many people were silent again.

     Talk about cooperation, talk about simplicity, it is too difficult to do.

     Lan Lan faintly smiled and said: "In this way, you don't have to take refuge in me. How about letting me call the shots? Shimo Shengjiao has lost very little over the years. It all lies in me being careful in everything. You don't want to let the blood fire sect boss people around Right... Those guys die three times a year, and if you think about it, then there is also no problem."

     Everyone was speechless.

     nonsense!The blood fire sect has killed three leaders in a row. Their new leader has not yet taken office this time. Now they still do not know who it is, so no one of them is there.

     It is obviously impossible to let the blood fire sect be the master.

     Unless everyone wants to die!

     But what Lan Lan said is right, cooperation, you don't have a master, how can you do everything in disorder?

     Someone opened the mouth and said: "It is better to adopt the academic system, the old cabinet system, in the academic system, the governor can have the right to veto, but at the crucial moment, you can use the old cabinet voting system to determine!"

     "This is okay. Universities have adopted this system for many years. Under normal circumstances, big and small things can be done smoothly."

     "The major sects really can't be dispersed anymore. If this is the case, sooner or later they will be destroyed one by one!"

     Everyone say a word to me, at this moment, there are still more than a dozen master-level powerhouses here, all in the sun and moon realm!

     This is also the human condition, all the sun and the moon can appear in the religion of ten thousand races.

     Some of the rest are not as good as the six-winged gods who are hunted down, or go to the battlefield of the heavens, or some simply remain in seclusion.

     In the past year, 8 of the Sun and Moon Lords have died, and the rest are not regarded as the Lords. In fact, except for the Blood Fire Demon Race, the Sun Moon Lord of the Human Realm, only 7 have died.

     After discussing for a while, someone said: "In terms of strength, the original leader is the strongest, Sunyue Jiuzhong. When it comes to this matter, no strength is definitely not possible! Strength, then at least Sunyue Gaozhong, everyone, this point Are you okay?"

     Some of the sun and the moon did not speak, and there must be some opinions.But they are all sun and moon, they are also sensible people, and have no strength. When you speak, you are farting. Do you expect the strong to listen to you and act?

     "Lantian, your strength is a mystery, what is your strength?"

     Lantian smiled and said, "I am not weak, Sunyue Bae, but I think Primitive may not be my opponent, right?"

     "Sun Moon Eightfold!"

     Some people don't dare to believe, it has only been 20 years since Lantian rebelled against the academy, how can it be, everyone guessed that this guy may have the strength of the sun and the moon, and he is actually the sun and the moon!

     "Blue sky, are you serious?"

     Lantian smiled again: "What's so strange? I'm a genius, what do you know! Without this strength, I can lurch around, and those invincibles can't discover me! The sun and the moon are in harmony, and when the body grows stronger, it will be over. Yes! Sun Moon Xuan Huang Ye, I don’t use it at one and a half. After 20 years, is Sun Moon Eightfold very inconceivable?"


     Of course it's inconceivable!

     "Earth Fire, are you seven heavy sun and moon?"

     "Not bad."

     "Divine Master Juli, how about you?"

     "Seven Sun and Moon!"

     Someone bored replied.

     The four sects of the Sun and Moon are powerful and powerful. The leaders of the four sects of Juli Sect, Primitive Sect, Beginning Demon Sect, and Earth Fire Sect, are all sun and moon powerful and powerful.

     Others are middle and low-level.

     Now, in other words, you have to choose from these four people.

     The original leader said indifferently: "You don't need to vote anymore, it's not very useful! I really want to cooperate, the voting system, the sun and the moon are one vote, two votes in the midterm, and three votes in the later period!"As soon as the words came out, the others thought for a while and nodded.

     This can be considered as cooperation, it's okay to be rough, everyone's purpose is to seek peace of mind.

     Lantian sneered and said, "Original, you are the strongest, so you can just gather everyone, what a saint..."

     The original leader said indifferently: "No matter how much waste is, it is waste. At my level, the purpose is to prove the truth, not to seize power. Blue sky, you are too stupid!"

     As soon as this remark came out, the others were a little uncomfortable, turning their heads and thinking, they really didn't care much about this. The original leader's purpose now is probably to preach.

     The original leader quickly said: "I am the strongest, and I have no other requirements. I can agree to a proposal that is not excessive. If it is too excessive, it may be lost, then don't mention it!"

     "Of course, something terrible, we won't do it either!"

     As several people said, someone soon said, "Then now, the first thing is to rescue the two Six Wings. What do you think? Two more suns and moons, two less suns and moons, the gap is still not small. Both guys are not weak."

     "The Eight Great Masters are chasing them. In addition, Datang Mansion, Daxia Mansion, and Daming Mansion all have a Sun and Moon chasing, and there are 11 Sun and Moon realms. Those two guys are probably in the encirclement now and want to take them away. The difficulty is not low."

     "This is okay. Although the Eight Great Houses and the Three Great Houses are pursuing them, they haven't encountered them. Together, we can easily draw them away.

     These people quickly reached an agreement.

     At this time, cooperation can be a win-win situation.Including the following, to negotiate terms with the strong from the ten thousand races, but also need to work together, otherwise, they very possibly might become cannon fodder.

     More than a dozen Sun and Moon sects quickly reached an agreement, and the two Sun Moon Sects of the Six Wings Sect were the main rescuers.


     Ten thousand ethnic religions began to formally join forces, the sun and the moon.

     The news has not been leaked yet.

     And the great mansions in the human realm are also turbulent at this moment. If Zhou Polong is truly proving the Dao, what should he do?

     Will there be a large number of invincible attacks from the Ten Thousand Clan?

     Will war break out soon?

     Invincible war!

     The example of Ye Batian just in front, an invincible died, but Ye Batian still failed. What should I do now?

     Of course, at this moment, everyone didn't care too much, and Xia Longwu's popularity dropped.

     This is inevitable.

     No matter how strong the physical body proves the Dao, it will be a big deal for the next Great Xia King and Great Qin King, but the civilized master proclaims the Dao, then it is completely different.

     The human environment became quiet.

     Wanzujiao is also very quiet.

     Except for the Six Wings Sect who is still entangled with Chen Yong, there are no other strong people of Ten Thousand Races who are active in other places. During this period, All Expert(s) have a feeling, storm clouds approach!


     Daming Mansion.

     Su Yu was the second genius who knew the news. Niu Baidao came to the door again for this matter and discussed with him.

     "Boy, did you know the consequences yesterday?"

     Niu Baidao also looked complex and said: "Frankly, if Zhou Polong is really a civilized master, your kid will be miserable! But if it's not...that's fine, anyway, he and you will No friendship."What everyone cares about is that Zhou Polong in the end is it not the civilized teacher proclaims.

      If this is not the case, a strong person who is about to prove the Tao in the flesh, there are many strong people like Human Race, who do not have unique and unmatched characteristics, and those who fight against Su Yu are all his own things.

     Su Yu shook his head, "I don't know this! Besides, who knows if he is a civilized master proving the Dao, even if it is... it doesn't matter to me, he doesn't trouble me, I don't bother to trouble him!"

     Niu Baidao sighed: "Okay, but... If you really are a civilized teacher who proves the Tao, and you are such a saying, then maybe someone will anger you, being more careful."

     "I'm injured and I want to retreat."

     Su Yu calmly said: "As for whether Zhou Polong is or not, then I can't manage. I don't know how strong he is, whether he is polytheistic. He suppressed the polytheistic literature for many years. He didn't tell me, could it? Still counting on me to consider his position? Be angry... Then be angry!"

     He doesn't care too much, it doesn't matter whether he is a civilized teacher or not.

     Besides, even if it is, can it really succeed?

     Su Yu decline to comment!

     I don’t care about this anymore, it’s good, that guy attracts some firepower the best, let your Da Zhou Mansion watch the excitement all day long, continue to look good!

     "President, it's useless for you to tell me this. Even if I stand up now and say I'm nonsense, does anyone believe it? On the contrary, I feel that I was threatened by the Great Zhou Mansion and take it seriously."

     Niu Baidao was speechless, too.

     Su Yu said again: "President, I really want to practice in retreat recently, healing properties, what's going on next, I won't mix up, after all, the strength is so weak..."

     Weak?Shan Xiong is not as good as you, still weak?

     Is it okay to play against Lingyun Qizhong?

     Your kid's understanding of power is really extraordinary.

     Niu Baidao nodded, "Then you can heal your wounds, by the way, I have a few old friends, that...their life is not much..."

     "President, I have performed this exercise, but it takes a lot of Tian Yuan Qi to ensure that the exercise is effective. After all, it is for life extension, healing, Tian Yuan Qi... There are not so many things, I am Some gains, but I don’t have much left, I have to cast myself."

     Niu Baidao was embarrassed and chattered, too.

     To prolong life, some good things are definitely needed.

     Tian Qi is pretty good!

     There are also human circumstances!

     If there are some top Heaven and Earth Treasure, then there is no use to practice.

     But even if it is Tian Yuan Qi, it is not unlimited.

     Niu Baidao also said in embarrassment, "Su Yu, can you...can you even out a little bit of Tian Qi? Don't worry, I will prepare you to cast the blood of the gods and demons. The top gods and demons are actually better than the sky Not much difference, the essence and blood of the primitive gods and demons are particularly effective..."

     He was also helpless, some old friends really were about to hang up.

     Before it reaches the limit, practice and see, maybe you can recover?

     Su Yu said: "President, I really don't have much, or... I can teach the exercises and let the seniors go to the Two Great Sacred Grounds to practice? Isn't the heavenly vitality secret realm of the holy land just for people to practice? "

     Speaking of the secret realm, Su Yu had an idea in his heart.

     Should I use the sun and moon gods to create a secret world?Specially store Tian Qi!

     In order to avoid all day long, you can only stay in the training room and cover it with a shadow barrier at any time.

     Just like the Secret Realm of Vital Energy, it is specially designed to give birth to Tian Vital Energy.

     Of course, Su Yu needs to provide his vitality this day.

     He was thinking, Niu Baidao sighed: "The secret realm of the holy land, on the one hand, contains the Tianyuan fruit trees, on the other hand, almost everyone wants to enter the cast body every year. In fact, it consumes a lot of money. If you can breathe it casually, it has long been absorbed You can't break the root, break, that human realm is gone even the holy place of heavenly vitality."

     "But those seniors are all heroes of the human realm. Is it possible that the Holy Land is not willing to have a chance to live?"

     Niu Baidao shook his head and said: "Is not unwilling, it is the lack of natural vitality, and... and it is ugly, not suffering from poverty and suffering from unevenness. It is not one or two that the elders in the human realm are going to die. You gave this to go in. Continue my life, or not give another one? Everyone has to go. How many days and moons can you continue to absorb the vitality of the sky?"

     "At that time, even some guys who haven't reached the limit may be moved. I am afraid that everyone has finished smoking. I will reach the limit in a few years. Should I also go in?"

     "Su Yu, do you understand what I mean now? So, the best way is to be self-sufficient, so as not to cause a series of troubles."

     Su Yu nodded, this is really difficult to handle.

     "Why is there so little Human Realm Heavenly Energy? There are many other great realms, right?""Before the human realm, the vitality was leaked, plus..." Pausing, Niu Baidao said: "Plus hundreds of years ago, dozens of invincible witnesses, in fact, they absorbed too much vitality and celestial vitality all at once. Dajie, it is in sequence, step by step, which can restore the vitality of the sky. Human race had no way at that time. There were actually more than two holy places of heavenly vitality at that time, but many places. In the future, if I find one place, it will almost always be sucked up quickly!"

     "Not only the Human Race, but the Ten Thousand Races also do this. Anyway, it is not their territory. When these people find a place like this, it is absorbed regardless of costs and destroyed a lot of holy land."

     Niu Baidao shook his head and said: "If there is gain, there will be loss. There are a lot of vitality in the human realm, and there are many ruins. But now, there are still many ruins that have not been developed or discovered, plus the consumption of hundreds of years ago. , You say, how many are there now?"

     "The Tianyuan Qi of Two Great Sacred Grounds was actually not a good place in the past. It was because the Tianyuan Qi was not too strong, it was preserved, because some strong people look down on this small place!"

     Su Yu is also speechless, no wonder!

     Seeing him hesitate, Niu Baidao asked, "How many days do you think it will take for Cultivation Technique to succeed and to prolong life?"

     "For Cultivation Technique, there are a lot of resuscitation. Sun-moon resuscitation is more difficult. It is best to use Tianyuan Qi to penetrate the acupuncture points. Under normal circumstances... at least 20 Tianyuan Fruits are required. This is the completion of Cultivation Technique. Continue to absorb the vitality of the sky, remove impurities, and stimulate physical vitality. The stronger, the greater the consumption, the heavier the injury, the greater the consumption!""Now that the limit is reached, there are all wounds, and there are still injuries that are difficult to heal."

     Su Yupan calculated, "I really want to fix it. Basically, one person has at least 100 Tianyuan Fruits. This is basic!"


     Niu Baidao complexion changed and changed!


     So many?

     In fact, it's not too much, the Tian Yuan Qi contained in the Tian Yuan Fruit is not too much, and 100 Tian Yuan Fruits are probably enough to vacate the Nine Casts.

     Is it cost-effective to treat one Sun and Moon with the amount of nine castings?

     It's a good deal!

     The point is, Two Great Sacred Grounds doesn't produce much in one year, putting it that way, Two Great Sacred Grounds, after one year, excluding the fruit tree that contains Tianyuan, it will probably be enough for one or two sun and moon healing properties.

     Only one or two people can enter a year, too few.

     Su Yu is calculated. If he extracts it, the amount of 100 Tianyuan Fruits will probably require close to 100,000 points of merit.

     Actually a lot!

     This is still he can extract, if there is no way to extract, the quota for going to the Holy Land, Sun and Moon may not be able to get it.

     Of course, he will not say that he can provide it now.

     As for Hu Qi, Su Yu only gave her a part, enough to resuscitate her, barely stimulate her vitality, and play a certain role in prolonging life, but the physical injury did not recover, and the physical body did not reach a peak.

     Under such circumstances, she can only guarantee that she will not fall for the time being.

     How much do you want to save yourself some foundation!And Su Yu also had other plans. Seeing Niu Baidao embarrassed, he whispered: "Actually...In fact, there may be a treasure of heavenly vitality among the ruins I inherited. Of course, I'm not sure..."

     Niu Baidao's eyes changed, and for a long while, he said in a low voice: "You... really have relics?"


     I didn't, do you believe it?

     Su Yu silent heart, I said I didn't, probably no one believed me.

     "Ahem... Governor, this is a secret, don't tell anyone, your old friend... I am still injured, hey, let me see the situation, if it doesn't work, I will find a chance to go out. Come, but the governor has to give me cover, otherwise, I went out, and it’s going to die. As for letting others go, they won’t be able to go, and only I can go in.”

     Niu Baidao is a little touched!

     "Are you going to get heavenly vitality?"

     To save those old friends?

     This...is it inappropriate.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "I, the governor and I will understand after a long time, the grace of dripping water should be recompense like gushing spring! The governor shelters me, and the governor shelters me. Can I let the seniors down?”

     "This one……"

     Niu Baidao sighed, Su Yu did affectionate and true.

     He also sees in the eyes, Bai Feng, Liu Wenyan, these people, he can ignore them, but he can take on some troubles that are not his own again and again.

     Just this time, he really wants to take away Shan Xiong’s divine writing, so what?

     Don’t need divine writing, but need a lot of Heaven and Earth Treasure, will Zhou Polong agree?

     There was no result. He chose to change the divine writing for the divine writing. In the past, he wrote off at one stroke.Including the last time a group of people were smashed, including exposing a lot of things, such as exercises, such as ruins. In fact, a lot of things was for Bai Feng and the others, including pardoning their sins and slaying the strong who attacked them. .


     He wanted to refuse, but when he thought that his old friends were about to come, he said in a low voice, "I won't say anything if you are polite. They still have some time. If you have any needs, you can always find me! If you really want to come out Mansion...I can help you arrange, you are already injured, even if the palace lord is here, I can help you cover it so that no one will know that you are out of the mansion!"

     In civilized schools, he has the confidence to do it.

     No one will know Su Yu's departure, provided that Su Yu himself is not exposed.

     Su Yu nodded with a smile, "Then I will wait for a while, I will heal the injury first, and also have to make some preparations, so as not to be discovered, then it will be troublesome!


     Niu Baidao said, gritted his teeth and said: "You have to take out the treasures in the ruins. Don't worry, those old guys are unreliable. I won't introduce to you! I will definitely introduce a few of them that are sympathetic and reliable. Yes, crucial moment, you are in trouble, say hello, and are willing to sacrifice your life to help, this kind of old guy, let me introduce you a few!"

     Su Yu laughs in his heart, this is what I want!

     The governor understands my heart too well!

     Niu Baidao said that, he still has some certainty. After all, he has lived a long time, and he has been dealing with those people for a long time, hundreds of years, and it is enough to understand each other.


     After finishing Niu Baidao, Su Yu is indeed ready to go out in time.There are a few things to do.

     First, find a time to help Teacher Zhao Li cast soldiers.

     Second, go to see Teacher Bai Feng and the others. What is the situation? I feel that Daxia Mansion is not right.

     Third... It's best to meet own father.

     one Year!

     In the past year, apart from a few simple correspondences with the old man through outsiders, he has never seen him once. As for whether he is alive or imprisoned, he does not know anything at all.

     He cultivated and went to a civilized school. The original intention of many things was to make his father safer and more at ease.

     Now, he has become the focus of attention of the human environment, and I am afraid that he has also been implicated on the father's side.

     On the bright side, he dare not go to the battlefields of the heavens now. If he does, that would be a big trouble.

     Including going to the battlefields of the heavens, creating a persona, an identity, and an identity that won't cause too many people to oppose.

     You need to prepare yourself for all this, but you can't count on others.

     Su Yu had to plan ahead of time to prove the truth.

     Although it may not be necessary, Su Yu feels that if he can't prove Dao, there are probably not many who can prove Dao in the world.

     He would not learn from the Five Dynasties, proving that the all worlds were opposed to the troubles of Taoism, and the death was miserable and hurting the younger generation.

     Nor would he learn from Xia Longwu, killing for half a lifetime, and when he was proving the Dao, he was aggrieved to death.

     Not to learn from Zhou Polong and the others. In order to prove the Dao, he did not hesitate to agree to some conditions of the ten thousand races and seek perfection only for the success of the Dao.

     That way, I am no different from them.

     The grievances of today, at that time, have become jokes.if you want sth done well, do it yourself!

     "Injury Restoration, the body is 8 cast, I will go out!"

     Su Yu gave himself a time to cast 8 physical bodies. He has completed the first cast in the air, and his strength is not weak, so he can go out to see the scene.

     Not the identity of Su Yu, an ordinary person, with this strength, in the battlefield of the heavens, it is not too dangerous.

     The physical body is 8 cast, close to the power of 4000 orifices.

     At that time, he was not weak.

     "Before I leave, I have to go to Baidao Pavilion, not to mention, the art of forging soldiers, I have to improve it!"

     Su Yu, who had plans, quickly made a decision and started retreating again.

     The outside is disturbing, what has that to do with me!

     I am not invincible, the important task of guarding the human race, those invincible bear it, wait until I reach invincible, then talk about it.
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