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344 Lifu (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Yuanshen Institute.

     In the last 350 years of Anping calendar, Su Yu rushed to Daming Mansion, and spent a lonely new year on the road.

     Now, he is about to travel far again.

     Daxia Mansion is his first destination.

     There are too many things to forget, to let go, and to give up.

     Daming Mansion has brought him a lot of things during this short half-year period. He has gained fame and fortune, has a background and a backing.

     Su Yu is grateful to Daming Mansion.

     To the Zhu family and Niu Baidao, he also expressed his gratitude.

     This time, Su Yu was not ready to leave, but the days before he left were still a little more melancholy and unwilling.

     After this time out of Daming Mansion, you have to rely on yourself.

     everything is possible!

     At this moment of chaos, no one knows whether this is out, whether they still have a chance come back alive.


     In the Four Seasons Pavilion on the 6th floor.

     Today, Su Yu treats guests.

     Wen Zhong and Jin Sheng were all pulled out of the laboratory by him. Tonight, Su Yu invited guests.

     At this moment, May 17th.

     Wu Lan always feels that this scene is déjà vu.

     She remembered!

     When Su Yu was about to leave Daxia Mansion, he also invited guests and had dinner. That day, Jiang Mu, Zhao Ming, Xia Huyou, Zheng Yunhui, Wu Jia...they were all there.

     Later, not long after, the news that Su Yuxing fell into the mountain and fled to Daming Mansion spread throughout the world.

     Today, Su Yu invited guests again.Su Yu ate and drank, with a faint smile on his face, he held up his glass and said: "Several senior brothers and senior sisters, I have not recovered from injury, and I have some understanding of Yuanshen Aperture, so I Decided to officially retreat from tomorrow!"

     "President Niu invited me to go to his Yuexin Island to retreat. It is safer and more spacious, so I probably have to go to Yuexin Island tomorrow."

     "This retreat will take one or two months as short as possible. If it is long, it may take a long time. I also can't do anything about it."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Several senior brothers and senior sisters, over the past few months, have paid a lot for the Yuanshen Research Institute..."

     Wen Zhong sighed: "Don't say this, we old guys are just a waste compared to you, nothing can be done! The original spirit orifice has not been completed, the method of the gods has not been achieved, the method of life extension has not been achieved..."

     He said, shaking his head and sighing, a few old guys who have lived together for more than a thousand years, no, almost two thousand years, they can't even do a little kid, it's shameful.

     The others also looked helpless.


     Su Yu smiled and said: "Brother Wen, you don't know my situation. Without the inheritance of the ancestors, how can I be today."

     "You can't say that!"Wen Zhong shook his head and said: "Don’t say anything else, the method of combining abilities is definitely not inherited by the ancestors! Even if you have some inheritance, but I can only discern, there should only be some practice without any ideas, you can To compile a exercise method, this is ability, that people can understand and learn, explain the principles, do not pretension, do not show off, easy to understand, this is the ability, it shows that you have a thorough understanding of this exercise. I see, this is something that many people can't do, even including some strong ones!"

     Jin Sheng also nodded and said: "Junior Brother Su, don't be unduly humble. We are not those jealous and jealous children. We are too old to look away. You have a profound knowledge of the practice, even more profound than us. A lot of things, first-class savvy..."

     Su Yu grinned and said with a smile, "Then I will take it seriously, I am embarrassed for the praise of several seniors!"

     Several people laughed.


     Not counting.

     Su Yu's exercises are indeed very profound. Su Yu first practiced, then theory, combined practice and theory, in the exploration of the exercises, he is indeed an expert.

     Of course, it is limited to the exercises under the mountains and seas.

     If several people are unable to discern even this point, they are blind.

     Su Yu's exercises have some shadows of ten thousand races, but they are clearly explained and accurately described in human language. They need a high level of clear and direct explanation of the truth, cultivation process, and explanation.

     Several old people don't think he is a idiot.

     Su Yu grinned for a while, and quickly said: "Because I may have a long retreat, several senior brothers and senior sisters, if I want to break through now, I can help."Su Yu said sternly: "My little Maoqiu, several senior brothers also know that the last time Brother Jin said, I have been thinking about it for a long time later. Divine and cultural rejection may not necessarily be the rejection of human race by the gods of all races. Human races reject all races. If a few want to break through, I can let Xiao Maoqi swallow everyone's human gods, doesn't have any sequelae, and reduces repulsive power."

     "Several of them have deep skills. The only thing lacking is that the divine writing is too strong, which makes the divine writing unable to be promoted. Once the divine writing is promoted, Brother Wen can enter the mountains and seas, and Senior Brother Jin you can enter Lingyun."

     Several people glanced at each other, Wen Zhong touched his beard and said: "I still feel reluctant. My divine writing is okay. The main problem is the problem of synergy. Of course, it may also be related to too much divine writing, which makes it more difficult to synthesize."

     "As for Junior Brother Jin, there are too many pure divine writings!"

     Wen Zhong looked at several people and smiled: "Why don't you try it? Just as an experiment for Junior Brother, that little Maoqiu, I haven't done any experiment until today, and I haven't done any meritorious service. You guys play with it every day. A chance for others to make merit."

     Su Yu laughed, playing with these two words, it was somewhat interesting.

     Xiaomaoqiu Su Yu is not in the sea of will now. Normally, he plays with the rabbit on the first floor. As a result, he is being played every day.

     Of course, perhaps in the eyes of Xiao Maoqiu, it is playing people.

     you are not a fish, how to know the joy of fish.

     Jin Sheng said helplessly: "I really can't bear it!"

     This time, even Wu Lan couldn’t help ridiculing and said: "Brother Jin, you have too many divine writings. It would be great to give me a few. You have outlined 32 divine writings. It may be the most human..."Jin Sheng waved his hand and said: "No no, it's all nonsense. How can I be the one with the most people, and some invincible lives are also long. Maybe I didn't outline much in the past, but it's hard to say now. I think it's definitely not mine. As for Dean Hu and Brother Wen, they may not be less than me."

     Wen Zhong smiled and said: "My teacher, I don't know. In my case, I only have 14 divine texts. In addition, I outline 12 divine texts, totaling 26, not as many as you."

     Here, these old people can count on dozens of divine writings at every turn.

     For hundreds of years, he hasn't done anything else, and his strength is not good, just outline the gods.

     Su Yu is also not to know whether to laugh or cry, helpless.

     In fact, there are not many divine prose in Daxia Mansion, including Hong Tan, probably just like Liu Wenyan and a few old people, too idle, and also sketched a lot of divine prose.

     Others, anyway, no more than 20.

     Counting it down, Su Yu counts a lot, and now he has outlined 21 divine writings.

     Wen Zhong said again: "Junior Brother Jin, should you give it a try? Just to see if it is the bigger repulsive power of the Human race or the bigger repulsive power of the Ten Thousand races, to verify that if you don’t practice Human Divine Art, you can’t. Generate too much repulsive force, and then quickly step into the sun and moon realm."

     Jin Sheng hesitated for a moment, after thinking for a moment, gritted his teeth and said: "Then I will give it a try. Now, I have 6 less divine writings!"



     There are 6 missing, don’t you still have 26?

     Su Yu also laughed, and quickly shouted: "Mao Ball, come up!"

     The sound vibrated, and after a while, Xiao Maoqi shuttled through the layers of space, like an invisible thing, and soon appeared in the Four Season Pavilion.Xiao Maoqiu blinked with big eyes, and when he saw a few old people, he seemed a little happy, and he could play with people again!

     Playing Su Yu is very boring, and it can't be played.

     It’s fun to play with other people.

     The figure disappeared instantly, and the next moment, Wu Lan said annoyed: "Get out!"

     Xiao Maoqiu snorted and got out of the void. Just an instant, it dived into Wu Lan's sea of will and observed the dishes it raised. It came out at this moment, a little disappointed.

     "Xiao Wuwu, my food is not cooked yet, not delicious at all!"


     Su Yu dazed for a moment, what kind of dish?

     Wu Lan, with a dark face, coldly snorted, looked at Su Yu and said: "This guy, you have been nurtured now. It says that our divine writings are all the vegetables it raised. Do you understand?"

     Su Yu frowned, glanced at Xiaomaoqiu, which seemed to be somewhat scared, hidden behind Wu Lan's head, two eyes revealed from the hairline, secretly looking at Su Yu.

     I didn't say you!

     Su Yu said lightly: "Maoqiu, remember, the food I give you is yours. If you don't give it to you, it's not yours, you know?"

     This little guy is too young.

     Wu Lan thought it was joking, but it wouldn't be joking. It really felt that the gods of these people were all its dishes.

     Someday it thinks that the vegetables are cooked, it might be harvested.

     Su Yu had to let Xiao Maoqiu know that there were some things he had said before Su Yu!

     Xiao Maoqiu looked at him timidly, without daring to say a word.Su Yu condensed his eyebrows and said: "Remember? Whether it is divine text or willpower, including the sea of will! I will let you eat the divine text, you can eat it, and let you drill into the sea of will to get into it. Next time you will drill the will. Hai, I think, the broken little hairballs should be delicious when absorbed!"



     Xiao Maoqiu suddenly said a few words in its original ethnic language, meaning feeling somewhat wronged.

     It knows that it can eat Su Yu's divine writing, and Su Yu... seems to be able to eat it too.

     Yes, it seems to be possible.

     The divine text is broken, and Su Yu can directly absorb it. It has felt that other people are nurturing, and Su Yu is directly absorbed. The two are different.

     The small hair balls are somewhat scared, and the fragrant ones will also eat the hair balls.

     "Got it!"

     Xiao Maoqiu complied obediently, the other old people all smiled, and no one said anything.

     This is Su Yu's pet. No, this is not a pet. This guy is actually terrible. If Su Yu can't keep him, it will be terrible.

     If it is really released, it will be a disaster!

     If there are no strong people in the city to stop them, in a day, all the civilized masters under the mountains and seas in the city may become pure will-flow civilized masters, because without the divine text, the divine master will disappear.

     Without divine text...it would be terrible.

     Without combat power, without magical skills, without alchemy methods, without means of casting soldiers, without means of making talisman and taming animals...that would be a mess.

     This thing, a few old people did not say, in fact, there are still some small fears.Wen Zhong said that several old people were playing with it, but that was not the case. He was just studying it to see if he could find a way to target this group.

     If there are a lot of this family, it will be a big trouble.

     It is necessary to know the situation in advance, and it is best to restrain the other party.

     Su Yu didn't say any more, and smiled: "Give Brother Jin a few human divine writings to try, not many swallows, do you know?"

     "Good drop!"

     Xiao Maoqiu was energetic again, but not as timid as before. He looked at Jin Sheng eagerly, and he had something to eat.

     A few days ago, it ate some of the lingering rhyme of the gods of the Sun and Moon realm, and now it’s digested almost there, and it’s also a little hungry.

     Jin Sheng was also sighing at the moment, "I really can't bear it, hey, I sketched So many years. It takes an average of 10 years to sketch a divine text, and it is not easy to upgrade to the second order..."

     Just finished speaking, he was slightly startled.


     What about him, my human gods are gone?

     The next moment, his will sea turbulent, he lost the human divine writings, those ten thousand tribal divine writings, at this moment suddenly seemed to be let go, and the divine writings instantly stretched out.

     After a while, Jinsheng's willpower was turbulent, and Shenwen's promotion gleamed!

     Others also watched startled.

     But at this moment, the small hair ball has come out, and when it reaches Lingyun, it swallows a divine text in the sky. It's too simple. Go in and eat.

     I ate 6 divine texts at once!

     Jin Sheng's eyes were in a trance, and the divine writing began to tremble.

     32 divine texts, the previous mutual repel was extremely powerful, and it was not good enough to be able to advance.But at this moment, the rejection of the human gods was lost.

     Suddenly, the repulsive force was reduced by 90%.

     In the blink of an eye, even if the gods and demons were written, there was not much repulsive force at this moment, and Jin's anger rose sharply after a while!

     Willpower swept the Quartet!

     Su Yu's willpower was slightly shaken, and he blocked Wu Lan for a while, but the other people didn't need to worry about him.

     Jin Sheng's body shone with light, and the gods were intermittent.

     His willpower and divine aperture have reached the standard, and the only thing that did not meet the standard is the divine text. At this moment, there is a divine text that has advanced to the third rank.

     It was almost blink of an eye, Jin Sheng's originally cloudy eyes suddenly appeared golden light, his flesh body, at this moment, also from a relaxed state, slowly recovering some luster!

     In less than ten minutes, Jin Sheng opened his eyes!

     The aura on his body has already reached Ling Yun!

     Opening his eyes to look at the crowd, Jin Sheng said slightly in a daze: "This...I don't feel anything, this little thing...It's terrible!"

     too terrifying!

     He is still talking, the divine text is gone.

     6 pieces!

     This flight meets Su Yu, do you still have to fight?

     When the civilized teacher encountered Su Yu, he was almost waiting to die.

     This little guy, eating the divine texts of the early days of Lingyun, that is, the divine texts of the early third-order, there is probably no difficulty?

     Intermediate and advanced ones may be a little bit difficult.

     But under normal circumstances, a civilized teacher majors in one divine text, which is the same level as his own. Other divine texts are somewhat weak. A civilized teacher in the Lingyun nine-layer realm has 10 divine texts, and maybe only one is the third-tier peak. Others may have first and second order.If you encounter this hairy ball...it's terrible!

     Several people thought of the terrible little Maoqiu, and felt a little worried. Can Su Yu really restrain the other party?

     And Su Yu, in fact, it is difficult to say that he can restrain Xiao Maoqiu. The only thing he can do is that Xiao Maoqiu can't help him, because his golden album can shock this guy to death.

     As for other restraint methods, Su Yu not without, there are actually some, such as the expansion hammer, but the premise is that he has to be better than Xiao Maoqiu.

     Su Yu's heart was vaguely worried, Xiao Maoqiu, it is best not to exceed his level.

     Or a little bit taller than yourself, it can still be dealt with. If you vacate and it reaches the mountains and seas, it is not a good thing.

     Depressing these thoughts, Su Yu smiled and said, "Congratulations Brother Jin!"

     Ling Yun!

     There are no big visions. Jin Sheng obviously has no ability to attract those visions, but he can enter Lingyun in an instant and can be self-sufficient. It does not affect the vitality and willpower of the Quartet. It represents that Jin Sheng has a deep background.

     Over the years, the only thing that has come a little bit is the level of divine writing.

     Now, he stepped into the Lingyun Realm in the blink of an eye.

     And Jin Sheng, overjoyed for a while, and quickly said: "Human gods really have a lot of repulsive power! No, they are very big! I have gods gods, demons, fairy gods... As a result, without the human divine writings, these racial divine writings added together, no one has great repulsive power!"Jin Sheng was a little excited and said: "as a result, as long as some old brands of mountains and seas break the human gods, they should be able to advance to the sun and the moon! No, other aspects must be up to the standard. If it is just a pure gods suppression, then it can be promoted successfully. Up!"

     "The Human Race does not cultivate the Human Race God Wen!" At this moment, Wen Zhong sighed: "I don't know is good or bad!"

     Humans can’t practice Human Gods, what is this?

     Jin Sheng hurriedly said: "That can only fully cultivate the human divine texts. These may be two different ways, and do not cultivate the human divine texts at all..."

     Wen Zhong interrupted: "More than three hundred years ago, I did not practice Human Divine Art at all. Therefore, there is no Invincible Civilized Master in Human Realm. I doubt whether it is only by practicing Human Divine Art to become an Invincible Civilized Master. If so, people like Zhou Polong can really be promoted successfully?"

     At this moment, because of this experiment and some other confirmations, Wen Zhong made this conclusion.

     Is it true that only by cultivating the human gods can you advance to the invincible?

     Jin Sheng said helplessly: "Then I don't know. Besides, not everyone can be promoted to Invincible. He really wants to be promoted to Sun and Moon...whether he has any sequelae, what do you think?"


     Wen Zhong nodded, saying that was right.

     Even if there are sequelae, it may be for Invincible. For Sunyue, if you don't cultivate the human gods, you have a better chance of promotion.

     "Sister Kong, do you want to try?"

     Su Yu smiled and looked at the others, Kong Yuxian, Wei Qi, and Cao Hui.

     Do you want to try it?At least now, Su Yu knows a little, Jin Sheng is definitely not a blue sky, other people...it's hard to say.

     Do you want to try?

     In his heart, he is actually somewhat concerned, the guy Lan Lan, won't he lurking next to me again?

     Last time it was Zhao Ming, this time it will not be one of several old people, right?

     As for the closest to Su Yu, these are the ones with Wu Lan.

     Wu Lan...The little Maoqiu is okay, and she has started to raise vegetables, naturally impossible.

     It's hard to say about the others.

     Cao Hui smiled and said: "I don't care, I just vacated the seventh layer, opened a few more orifice points, and entered the nineth layer, now I can't bear it."

     "me too."

     Wei Qi also smiled and said, "I and Old Cao are only seven-fold, Yuxian eight-fold, why don't you give it a try?"

     Kong Yuxian smiled and said, "I won't try. Recently, I still need a few human divine writings to do some willpower extraction work. Now that there is no divine writings, what should I do for research?"

     "When it's really time to die, Junior Brother Su will help us once, anyway, now we have a bottom line."


     Jin Sheng looked at other people helplessly, "I tried the co-authoring? How many, you are too much!"

     "Don't get cheap and sell well. You have entered Lingyun. You have a lot of divine writings left. Do you still care about this?"

     Several people talked and laughed, Su Yu saw this and stopped talking.

     The three old people are not willing, what else can he do.

     Force them to try?On Xiao Maoqiu's side, Su Yu did not order it to drill into the sea of will of a few people. Among the three, even if there is a blue sky, the other two are innocent. There is no need to do this. Besides, the blue sky is really brought out. It's not going to end.

     You can't beat it, and you don't necessarily kill it. Don't trouble yourself at this time.

     Without saying any more, Jinsheng was promoted, and everyone was in a good mood, eating and drinking until late at night.


     Late at night.

     Su Yu was about to go to Yuexin Island. Wu Lan suddenly appeared at the entrance of the institute. In the middle of the night, Wu Lan looked at him coldly snorted and did not speak.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "What happened?"

     "you know!"

     "What do I know?"


     Wu Lan was coldly snorted again, with nostrils facing him, "You do you think i am fool? I had a meal in Daxia Mansion back then!"

     Su Yu knew it, somewhat surprised, did you guess it?

     It's not so stupid, surprising!

     Su Yu smiled and didn't speak. The voice transmission said: "Go out and go around, don't tell other people, I'm going out, many people want to kill me!"

     Wu Lan snorted, and said, "Are you coming back?"

     "of course!"

     "Then forget it, forgive you. Don't run away. Even if you run away, you have to tell me. Otherwise, I'm not here for nothing. You promised me to study the law of God, and I haven't got it out yet!"

     Wu Lan said, feeling somewhat wronged, and the sound transmission said: "How long will it take to run?"

     "I don't know, I might have to see my dad. I haven't seen him for a long time."

     "Ok!"Wu Lan heard what he said, thought about it, and nodded, too.

     She also met Dad during the New Year, and Su Yu didn't even see it.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "Cultivate properly, I will leave you a little vitality, use it stealthily, don’t be found out, open your mind first, if the willpower does not advance, then advance physically, quickly enter the sky and start Cast body, more or less a bit self-protection ability."

     "Use you to speak!"

     Wu Lan looked down at him proudly, I can practice myself!

     After all, he quickly said proudly: "I will soon be able to extract willpower with divine art combat skills!"

     "Have you finished sketching?"

     Su Yu is speechless, who are you fooling around!

     20 divine texts, how many are you?

     6 pieces, right?

     The key is that the 6 you outlined may not be suitable for this combat technique.

     "It's best to outline the human gods. The human gods are weak and have no effect on you. You don't fight very much..."

     "You don't fight!"

     Wu Lan is coldly snorted again, I am a civilized division fighting on the scientific research line, purely fighting is a reckless man!

     Of course, she didn't say that when she was in Daxia Mansion.

     No way, Daming Mansion stayed for half a year, and she felt that way too. Of course, the main reason was that Su Yu had thrown off her combat power too much, and now she doesn't like to improve combat power.

     Who made her outline the divine writing, there is a "weak" word, maybe God thinks she is a little weak, really annoying!Su Yu smiled and didn't say much. He spoke again: "The three big monsters in the basement, if you go out, you can let these three big monsters escort them. I have already said hello in advance. During my retreat, listen. You command! Of course, be polite, be careful of the monsters against the water!"

     "Also, I left a merit card in the training room with 400,000 merit points. The research institute needs to invest, so you can use the money yourself. Besides... forget it, it's okay."

     Wu Lan was anxious, and the sound transmission said: "What else?"

     Talking half way, I am anxious!

     "It's okay, I mean, if someone else asks, you can go to Yuexin Island and pretend that I'm in retreat... Don't tell anyone, Chief Niu will help you cover, just because you are afraid of you. Can't play..."


     Wu Lan ignored him, who wouldn't!

     It's just a small matter!

     Su Yu said a few words and was about to go out. Wu Lan followed along for a few steps. When Su Yu did not turn round, she suddenly said, "You really do know come back?"


     "Then you won't come back, where can I find you?"

     "If you don't come back... then don't look for it."

     Wu Lan trumpeted and spoke again: "If you don't come back, I will sell the research institute. I will go back to Daxia Mansion and will ignore you again. Let's take different roads and urge the horses on!"

     Su Yu smiled, waved his hand, and quickly disappeared into the night.

     In front of the door, Wu Lan kicked the pillar, a little unhappy.

     He wants to run again!

     My god-like method hasn't come out yet.

     She has thought of a name. Su Yu hasn't developed yet, so she runs around every day. Isn't it good to research together?...

     May 18th.

     Daming Civilization Academy, Cui Lang, who came to visit her sister in retreat, sloppy happily and walked out.

     On the way, I met a few female students and blew a whistle.

     This sweetheart is bold!

     I used to be low-key to die, for fear that the one who chased him down, now that Sun and Moon is in retreat, this guy is shaking again, and those who are familiar with Cui Lang can't help but shake their heads, these geniuses of Daming Mansion, few serious goods.

     On the way, Su Yu also met an acquaintance, Bai Junsheng.

     Seeing Cui Lang, I also recognized Cui Lang, and joked: "Cui Qingsheng, I'm so cool recently, aren't you afraid that the tigress will kill?"


     "Cui Lang" not to accept as correct, "She went to the battlefield of the heavens. What am I afraid of? The young master is going to go out for a year and a half. I will come back, Xiao Bai, do you want to take you with him? "

     "Come on!"

     Bai Junsheng said depressed: "I haven't graduated yet. You think you are just like you. I have nothing to do and relax myself. Don't plant it again this time! By the way, how far is your military art?"

     "Better than you, Junior Brother, you can't!"

     Bai Junsheng is unable to respond, it is not easy to refute. Cui Lang is indeed better than him. He hummed and said: "Wait, I will be in the sky, I must be better than you!"


     "Cui Lang" sneered again and left with a smile, does not turn round and said: "Walking out is the truth. After the wave is over, you can be promoted. Uncle, I've been suffocating me in the past few years!"

     "Curse you to go out and meet the tigress!"Bai Junsheng cursed!

     He doesn't know the waves, I want it too ah, but I haven't graduated.

     This guy is really inviting.

     Curse you guy, be beaten by someone when you go out, be besieged by a woman, captured by the sun and the moon, forcing you to get married, so that you will never have a wave in the future!


     Su Yu, who walked out of the gate of the academy, suddenly laughed.

     The smile is brilliant!

     The acting skills are not bad, following his own sun and moon secretly, as if not following.

     However, you have to be careful.

     Before, he felt that someone was following him several times, guessing that Zhu Tiandao should have sent it, but he didn't need it, don't follow me.

     This time I came out, it seems I didn't follow.

     I don't know if it was fooled, or Xu Bin on the island, acting lifelike.

     Yes, for the sake of safety, a certain Woman's Clothes-wearing Bigshot was caught by Niu Baidao this time, pretending to be Su Yu!

     Su Yu won't come back, this guy is Su Yu, and his only mission is to retreat.

     You have to close, and you have to close if you don’t!

     Don't leave, don't go out, don't allow Information Transferring, don't do anything, just retreat!

     For this, Lao Niu deliberately exploded more than 10 acupuncture points, enough to heal a period of time, in order to be more realistic.

     That guy, Power of Transformation is still very good.

     Niu Baidao and Zhu Tiandao would not be able to find him if they weren't because of super induction jade.


      at the same time.

     In front of Super Induction Jade, Hu Qi was here alone. After a while, Niu Baidao's voice came: "Okay, that guy should be out of the city."Hu Qi left silently. On Yuexin Island, the point representing Xu Bin has changed from mountain to Lingyun. That is Su Yu's strength. As a maker and controller, she changes a person’s fixed point is still possible.

     Hu Qi walked out of the hall, lightly sighed.

     Hope everything goes well!

     Some old friends can't hold it anymore.

     Looking in the direction of the City Lord's Mansion, Hu Qi silently bowed her head, sorry, the teacher willful, and secretly changed the super induction jade program once, hope you can understand.


     City Lord's Mansion.

     Zhu Tiandao lay on a chair listening to the song, smiled, and left?

     Shadow did not keep up?

     Forget it!

     Let him go!

     Since it is not needed, don't force it.

     The shameless idiot of Shadow, who has strength alone, has no brains. Su Yu had dinner last night and will definitely leave today. You silly bird is still guarding near Yuexin Island. You deserve to be working!

     Seven layers of sun and moon, only seven layers of mind!

     "There is a troublemaker from the sky, so troublesome..."

     Humming a small tune and singing a small song, Su Yu is out of the Daming Mansion this time, maybe it's a mess.

     do not care!

     Let that kid suffer a little bit, let him understand how much my old Zhu loves you, come back and earn money for me, cultivate for me, and go out to make waves!

     Zhu Tiandao hummed a little song again, I, Zhu Tiandao, everything is under control!

     Not far away, Zhu Hongliang, who had just returned home, was stunned when he heard his grandpa singing. Good or bad?

     I always feel that grandpa singing is nothing good!

     How many of Grandpa's old rivals were hacked to death?It's so pathetic!
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