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348 I'm Going To Go (see Monthly Ticket Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the middle of the night on May 20, Nan Yuan appeared the first descendant of a strong man to be assassinated.

     People's hearts fluctuated a bit, but, after all, only one person died, yet everyone was completely afraid, terrified, and desperate.


     This night, Su Yu and Huang He watched for a while, and soon they found a place to stay temporarily. The hotel on Nan Yuan was not open to them, and they didn’t care. When they reached this realm, they would be anywhere. Can live.

     The three of them found a roof terrace and lived in a place with a wide view. Su Yu casually threw out a martial arts arena. This thing was sold to him before and could be used as a field residence.

     With a good view, the ring has opened some protective formations, and it is impossible to detect Su Yu and others without further investigation.

     Huang He saw this thing and exclaimed: "There are so many good things in Daming Mansion. Brother Lang, Daming Mansion also sells riding beasts. Those things are actually not bad. If the space is larger, get one to fly in the sky. More flavor."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Of course it has a taste, you all know this, Brother Huang, you deserve to be a person following the same Dao!"


     Huang He was speechless, what did I say?

     The taste I said is not the taste you said.

     The two of us are not talking about the same thing!

     Forget it, there's nothing to talk about with this guy.

     They stayed on top of a tall building, and some people saw it all around, but they reminded everyone that instead of living in the corner, it is better to live in a place with a wide view. Thus, the enemy is attacking, and others will find out faster, Da Xia The government found it faster.

     However, not everyone is willing to do this, it is too conspicuous.Several people Su Yu, the ring that they set up, far away, is a bit conspicuous in the past. Although the defensive formation is turned on, no one has probed, but vaguely, if the line of sight is good, you can still see some movements of the people inside. of.

      Thus, being put under the spotlight, not everyone wants it.


     In the ring.

     Su Yu took out the bed and the coffee table from the storage ring. Soon, he finished the layout of a ring and cut it into three small spaces. He smiled and said, "I will leave at dawn tomorrow morning. Brother Huang, you guys Can you go?"

     Then Liu Li, a thin young man from Daqi Mansion, cannot bear saying: "Is this going?"

     Nothing was gained.

     "Why don't you walk here? I don't want to be assassinated!"

     Liu Li hesitated and said, "Zhang Heng may not really be dead, you say...Will he stray into the ruins?"

     When these words came out, Su Yu was slightly startled: "No way!"

     "Why not?"

     Liu Li raised his chin at the place below where Liu Li was killed, "Look, there are still many people who have been around now, investigating, maybe they think so, just silent, maybe someone I also wonder if Liu Li suddenly strayed into the ruins."

     Huang He also hurriedly said at this moment: "Don't say it, it is really possible. As for the storage ring, it may be rejected by the ruins."

     If it's not dead, it's best for Riyue and even Invincible to investigate this thing, provided that some Zhang Heng's blood or blood of his relatives is needed, Trace Back to the Source.

     The strong still have this method.However, Zhang Heng was the only son of the Sun Moon Realm, and that Sun Moon didn't necessarily know this.

     Su Yu shrugged and said, "Whatever you think, I don't think there is much to be treated in this ghost place, there is nothing, it's boring!"

     "How about wait and see..."

     "It's up to you!"

     Su Yu simply tidied up and said, "It's probably fine tonight. Everyone is awakened. What should I do? I'm going to start cultivating. You cultivate yours, don't disturb me!"

     "of course!"

     Both of them had nothing to say, no matter how talented they were, they still had to cultivate.

     The more genius, the more diligent, this is also the truth.

     Cui Lang, a prodigal son, used to wave in his spare time, but when the wave was over, he still had to cultivate as hard as he could.

     The three of them didn't say anything. They glanced down from time to time, seeing them clearly. Looking at them from the outside, unless the willpower probed in and broke the defensive array, it was not so clear.

     And Su Yu, sitting cross-legged, began to practice.

     The induction jade is always on.

     Around, someone was still exploring them at the moment, of course, it was not obvious.

     I don't know which mountain and sea has been staring here.

     Su Yu guessed that it might be the mountains and seas of Daxia Mansion, and he was exploring all directions at this moment.

     After waiting for a long time, the induction jade showed that within a kilometer, there was no strong person spying on him.

     At this moment, the sky was also bright.

     Before Su Yu explored the place where Zhang Heng died, many people broke out of willpower protection, but Xiao Maoqiu smelled a few people, and they all went to his home.Those who can open and aboveboard go to his house are not considered low status.

     Through some people's exchanges, Su Yu also recognized a few people.

     There are Shanhai family, and Sunyue family.

     Among them, there are those who have been in the mountains and seas in person, and Su Yu cannot deal with them.

     In the ring room, Su Yu's body gradually looked a little illusory.

     Next to them are the two Tengkong Realms. This time, Su Yu didn't use the illusion anymore, but instead used the technique of flesh and blood rebirth, a drop of blood, wordless and uncommunicative slippage, and some heavenly vitality was constantly absorbed by the blood.

     In the ring, the vitality is stronger.

     The two Huang He didn't care. At this moment, Su Yu was practicing with Yuan Qi liquid, and they were also practicing with Yuan Qi liquid. For them, the concentration of Nan Yuan Yuan Qi was too low and it was almost impossible to practice without using Yuan Qi liquid.

     Gradually, these spilled vitality formed a mist in the ring.

     Su Yu's figure gradually overlapped and became illusory.

     After a while, a drop of water seeped out from the ring.

      Reckless Su Yu, at this moment, under thousands of staring eyes, took another risk and replaced himself with a flesh reborn from flesh and blood, and once again sneaked away from the place.

     Huang He and that Liu Li, not knowing anything at all.

     The three continued to practice.

     Here, on the top floor, when there are still some strong people around, both of them are quite relieved. Besides, Su Yu’s ring and defensive spell array are not too strong. It is no problem to defend against Lingyun attacks. .

     Under such circumstances, even if the mountains and seas struck, they would need to be broken instantly.

     ...From the sewer pipe on the top floor, Su Yu turned the water again, sneaked all the way, and quickly dived away from the place.

     Following the route just observed, he quickly carried out earth and water escape all the way from the ground.

     After a while, Su Yu arrived in a somewhat messy small courtyard.

     I don't know if it is an abandoned house, or if the owner hasn't returned for many years.

     Two people.

     One is flying into the air and the other is Lingyun nine.

     Ling Yun Jiuzhong's were either a protector or a relative.

     In the room, the two are also talking.

     "Grandpa Third, did Zhang Heng die or enter the ruins?"

     The young man in the room asked with some doubts and perplexities.

     Also somewhat anticipated.

     If you enter the ruins...that means everyone wants to enter.

     In the room, the old man was not too sure, and said: "It's hard to say now, the protector of the Zhang family is probably not 100% sure now, but whatever the case, you still have to be careful."

     "Got it!"

     The young man laughed and said: "Everyone is very vigilant, not to mention that there is still Grandpa Three, even if it is the sun and the moon, if you really want to do it, it will attract attention."

     "Be careful not to make a big mistake, let alone, if a strong person with strong stealth ability is encountered, even if I encounter it, there may not be any chance to resist."

     "Oh, I see."

     The young man responded and quickly said: "Grandpa San, do you think Su Yu's remains are in Nanyuan? Also, we went to his house before, but I think there is a breakthrough."

     "You mean Chen Hao?"The old man asked and the young man nodded, "We found a lot of things left by Chen Hao in Su Yu's house, books, even including a group photo of the two of them, and Chen Hao's clothes, indicating that Chen Hao and Su Yu have a very close relationship..."

     Secretly, Su Yu's heart was slightly startled.

     Have it?

     He didn't care too much.

     The guy Haozi lived in his house for a while and practiced together with him. Su Yu really didn't care if he had anything left in his house.

     As for books and the like... this should be there.

     The guy brought the book to his house before, but he might not have taken it away later. Of course, the guy might have deliberately said that he lost his book and didn't need to read it.

     This is not the first time this guy has done this.

      Through childhood, he and Chen Hao have a very good relationship. I took photos, which is normal.

     Su Yu didn’t think deeply about these things before. These things were at home. He really didn’t care too much. He didn’t even think about taking away all the things at home. He really wanted to take them away. The photo of him and his father had been taken by him a long time ago. It was taken.

     This guy unexpectedly found this, which means... to find Haozi?

     "Grandpa San, you said, Chen Hao knows or not these things? I also secretly inquired about this. Chen Hao was originally just an ordinary person. It is hard to say whether he can be admitted to a higher education institution. But now, I heard that in Long Wu Xuefu has made rapid progress and has already arrived in the Ten Thousand Stone Realm."

     The old man hesitated and said, "The students of Longwu Academy...not very easy to solve."

     "Of course it's not going to Longwu Academy. It's a holiday soon. Chen Hao should be back? Or, half way...not waiting for him to enter the city.""Speak carefully!"

     The old man looked around vigilantly, and quickly said, "Don't talk nonsense! You can ask. As for the others, it is in the Daxia Palace after all."

     "I understand this. I mean, I found that Chen Hao and Su Yu are intimately related, not necessarily us. Although we went earlier, the first guy who sneaked in might also find out..."

     Su Yu in secret, his heart shook again.


     He actually made a lot of preparations, including after going to Daxia Mansion, he also distanced himself from Haozi and gave Chen Hao some resources. It was also through Xia Huyou that he did not belong to oneself to communicate with Chen Hao directly.

     But he didn't consider that after Nan Yuan became the focus, he and Chen Hao had a good relationship, and it was difficult to hide this thing.

     In addition, some Chen Hao's things were found in the house... Is it difficult to get a piece of Wanshi?

     What does Chen Hao have?


     As for a father who has just entered Wanshi, yes, Chen Hao's father has just entered the Wanshi realm. For Nan Yuan, he is not weak, but for these people, what is this?

     What a fart!

     A family of ten thousand stone warriors, is this also called family?

     In Chen Hao's body, the most troublesome identity was a Longwu student, nothing else.


     Su Yu lurked silently.

     At this moment, the sky has already turned brighter.

     Ling Yun Kunou!

     Very strong!

     But now that he was eyeing this person, Su Yu was naturally certain.

     This person is not a civilized division, but a warrior.

     Fighter, willpower is not strong.Crush the opponent's willpower with a single blow, and instantly stun him, then you are sure to kill him.

     Of course, the movement may not be small!

     As for that Tengkong Sanzhong...As a fart, Su Yu killed him casually.


     Su Yu said silently in his heart, can't let him come back, that guy now obediently and honestly stay at Longwu Academy!

     He doesn't have many friends, and Haozi is the easiest part to deal with. He has no family background, no talents, no strength, but he has a relationship with Su Yu, he will be very troublesome!


     He had known that all the things in the house should be emptied, but when he left, he had not thought that he would really not come back in his life.

     He still wants to come back!

     He also wants to keep the home as it is, and when his father comes back, return on your own, maybe...with some unrealistic fantasy. At that time, maybe he can still be at home, watching his father wearing an apron, and cooking him another meal.

     Now, all this is broken.

     His beautiful fantasies have all become fantasies, and the warmth that he does not want to destroy has left some hidden dangers for Chen Hao.

     The two of them stared at Chen Hao, is there anyone else?

     might have!

     At least, there are people who stepped forward before them.

     "Grandpa San...it's dawn, you can rest for a while, I'm going to do morning class too..."

     The old man nodded in relief, student that can be taught!

     No matter how busy, no matter how chaotic, there is still inevitable cultivation.

      powerhouses have lasting strength!

     If you don’t keep improving or practicing, how can you stay strong?words exceede 5100Don't kill the old man, once he is recovered, it is easy to expose some things, such as the hammer that makes his will sea oscillate, such as the small hairball that penetrates his will sea.

     At the moment when the youth was killed, Su Yu violent, Yang Aperture opened slightly, his power exploded, and he blasted out!


      One blow to make an all-out effort!

     At this moment, Su Yu, with eight casts of flesh, added the divine text of "force", and opened the Yang Aperture. At this moment, the bursting power exceeded the power of 5000 Apertures.

     With a bang, the old man's body was directly blown up!

     The vitality began to explode, sweeping across the four directions.

     At this moment, Su Yu was also sensed, and a strong person quickly broke through the sky.

     He did not delay, the flames flashed away, extinguishing everything.

     He quickly escaped and disappeared in place.

     Killed a Lingyun Kunou!

     Although it was a sneak attack and a warrior, at this moment, Su Yu was still excited. I am no longer the little person who needs to submit to humiliation for everything.

     I have enough strength to settle something!

     Of course, if you encounter a civilized division, his small hammer will be weakened. There is a high probability that you will not be able to make a surprise attack to kill a civilized division of Lingyun nine layers.

     He does not regret killing!

     He only regrets, but he still can't think about it well. Maybe he will drag his friend into the water. Haozi, that guy, he has to notify him as soon as possible and tell him not to return to Nanyuan!

     Yes, the holiday is about to go.

     Now, it's the end of May, and Haozi may soon return to Nanyuan on holiday.

     ...The moment Su Yu escaped, a strong Sun-Moon realm arrived.

     The sun and the moon of Daxia Mansion!

     The divine light in the eyes flickered, the sun and the moon circled, the blood exploded, covering all directions!

     At this moment, in the eyes of Sun and Moon, some light and shadow look back.


     He saw a hand, a hand that smashed the old man's body with one blow. Soon, everything disappeared and the old man's body was shattered.

     This sun and moon powerhouse frowned.

     Very explosive!

      kill with one strike a Lingyun nine heavy!

     This Lingyun Nine Layer, the strength is not too weak, the warrior Dao strong, close to Wanqiao's strength.

     Yes, it's close to the power of the world!

     Fighters who are too weak will not appear in some big families.

     But at this moment, he was still shattered by a blow.

     The Sun Moon Realm leader didn't see much, but vaguely felt that something's wrong, the killed Ling Yun seemed to be something wrong, and he might have been injured before.

     "Civilized Master?"

     "It must be a civilized teacher!"

     "The willpower was hit hard, making him somewhat dizzy sluggish, and only after that, it shattered his body with one blow..."

     At this moment, other people also rushed to it.

     One by one, willpower or vitality swept the Quartet, someone hurriedly said: "My lord, what happened?"

     "grown ups……"

     "be quiet!"

     The leader of the Sun and Moon Realm shouted in a low voice, ignoring them, grabbing at any time, catching some residual hot breath, and muttering: "flame divine runes, the other party has a flame divine runes!"After that, he said coldly: "It's the hand of a civilized teacher! The strength is probably about the mountains and seas, not the sun and the moon! The willpower is very strong, and it instantly shattered Wang Chen's will sea, the physical body should not be too strong, it may be Lingyun realm. The physical body is at best the same as Wang Chen's physical body, maybe a bit weaker, of course, I’m not sure if it’s full force..."

     The willpower of the mountain and sea realm, the flesh of the Lingyun realm.

     Of course, Su Yu's willpower is not that strong.

     However, the Sun Moon Commander was judged based on Wang Chen's willpower being instantly defeated. It was not the willpower of the mountains and seas. It was difficult to hide Wang Chen. The fighters could also use their vitality to explode and resist the invasion of willpower.

     Wang Chen didn't explode his vitality until the moment he died. This meant that the other party had concealed Wang Chen and avoided Wang Chen's sense of crisis. That might have been done by the mountain and sea.

     As the commander of Sun and Moon said, his willpower swept the Quartet, and the sound transmission Quartet said: "Don't move! Nan Yuan...has been out of control, you'd better give me stay in place!"

     This command, gloomy complexion.

     He came quickly, but the other party escaped faster.

     But this time, the other party also left a lot of messages.

     Civilization division, mountain and sea willpower, Lingyun flesh body, flame divine runes, and possibly an earthen escape divine writing.


     Thinking of this, his eyes changed slightly, Shanhai Willpower... Shanhai Willpower!

     Kill Wang Chen, kill Zhang Heng...

     Not only him, at this moment, someone said in a low voice: "Here is the killer?"

     Which killer?

     The killer who killed the sky and the sea, killed the Great Tang Mansion, and killed the mountains and seas of the Da Shang Mansion!

     It's him?

     It must be him!Otherwise, who would dare to assassinate a Lingyun Jiuzhong under the eyes of a sun and moon!

     Is that guy coming?


     Has that guy come to Daxia Mansion?

     Judging from the itinerary, Dashang Mansion is not far from Daxia Mansion. The other party killed a mountain and sea in Dashang Mansion two days ago. Then coming to Nanyuan now, it seems reasonable and fair, and the itinerary can be in time.

     "That guy is here?"

     At this moment, people panic!

     One who can assassinate Shanhai!

     No, it is the existence that has killed the mountains and seas.

     Many people were looking for him, but they didn't find him where.

     "That guy who is it?"

     Some people have a low tone. In fact, many people have a little guesswork, but they dare not say.


     Chen Yong!

     Before, the Six Wings Sect killed Chen Yong, passing by several places, and several strong men died. Later, as the Six Wings Sect were killed and Sun Moon fled, some people were still assassinated. Chen Yong’s suspicion... Up.

     Now that Nan Yuan... killed Wang Chen and the others, why did he kill Wang Chen and the others?

     Nan Yuan... and Chen Yong are also involved.

     Su Yu!

     Some people were frightened.

     Not everyone guessed it, but some people guessed it based on some clues. It might be Chen Yong. But does Chen Yong have that strength?

     Now, does it mean that Chen Yong has come to Nanyuan?

     The sun and moon commander didn't say anything, didn't pay any attention. At this moment, he was still searching around, but he was slightly in a daze.

     Is it really... Chen Yong?

     Why is this?He knows Chen Yong!

     Thinking in his mind, he took out the sound transmission talisman. This time, he directly transmitted the sound to Lord Xiahou,

     "Master Hou, a killer appeared in Nan Yuan and assassinated Wang Chen and Zhang Heng. It is suspected that... the person who assassinated the general in other places!"


     Daxia House.

     Master Xiahou was slightly startled, assassinated?

     He turned his head to look towards Nan Yuan, frowns, with a gloomy look in his eyes, is it... Chen Yong?

     If you assassinate people so unscrupulously, something will happen sooner or later.

     Just thinking about it, he received another message.

     "Master Hou, a mountain and sea in Dawu Mansion was assassinated..."

     When this news came, Xiahouye was stunned, What does it mean?

     Does anyone fish in troubled water?

     He also guessed that it was Chen Yong who did it before, but now... the distance between Dawu Mansion and Daxia Mansion is still quite far away. No matter how powerful Chen Yong is, can he kill people in Nanyuan instantly, and then ran to Dawu Mansion to kill?

     Xiahouye frowns, things are getting more and more complicated.

     Is someone trying to muddy the water secretly?

     But, who would do such a thing?

     Killing in Namwon... Does it make sense?

     What is there in Nan Yuan, there may be relics, but the Xia family is here, even if you kill everyone, what can you do?

     Xiahouye was a little messy, and the Sun and Moon of Sound Transmission Nanyuan said: "It's not the same person. Just now, a mountain and sea in Dawu Mansion was assassinated! Check, check it out, yes, these people were killed, you Didn't find anything?"

     "The murderer should still be in the city. The big formation I have laid down shows no signs of being destroyed. So the murderer must still be in the city!""Is that what Zhang Heng found? There's nothing about it in common? Or other clues?"


     At this moment, the Sun-Moon realm powerhouse thought for a while, and for a long time, the voice transmission said: "If you want to talk about the common ground, naturally they are all looking for the relics. Besides... What they found... They seem to have all been to Su Yu's house. I don't know if they have found anything."

     In the City Lord's Mansion.

     Master Xiahou knocked on the table, all came to look for the ruins, and they had all been to Su Yu's house...

     His eyes flashed for a while, and he has been to Su Yu's home.

     After a long time, Master Xiahou sighed, and the sound transmission said: "No need to check, take people to evacuate Nanyuan, tell everyone that the Xia family doesn't care, except that the Nanyuan people are not allowed to be moved, whatever else, just let them go! Let go of the blockade!"

     "Master Hou!"

     "According to what I said, do it!"

     Master Xiahou said a word, and said no more.

     Leaning on the chair, Master Xiahou chuckled. Who did it?

     Is it someone from Su Yu?

     He doesn't know, just some guesses, but... if you die, you die. What does it have to do with me?

     Since you have to look for the ruins, then you have to find them.


     In Nanyuan City.

     This sun and moon realm rules, frowned.

     do not care?

     Is this... appropriate?Although hesitated in his heart, the commander looked around and said coldly: "I have asked Lord Hou for instructions. Lord Hou means that since everyone is coming by themselves, the Xia family has no obligation and responsibility to protect you! Since I can't find it, Daxia Mansion will not spend too much energy to find! Everyone, seek fortune for oneself!"

     The words fell, soaring high into the air, disappeared in front of everyone, and the voice came: "Long Wuwei, evacuate Nanyuan, you must not hurt people in Nanyuan, or damage anything, just pay a hundredfold. Others... !"

     When the words fall, the person has completely disappeared.

     In the city, some Long Wuwei quickly began to evacuate.

     With this move, everyone look at each other in dismay!

     Xia family... don't care?

     damn it!

     A Ninth Stage Lingyun Realm had just been killed, and Xia Jiaji didn't care about these things!

     The Xia family doesn't care, what will they do?

     That person, what to do?


     On the rooftop, Su Yu walked out of the ring, frowning and said: "The Xia family is going to be withdrawn? This is reckless and impulsive. If this is withdrawn, we are too dangerous. The day is bright. I'm leaving. Can't you leave? ?"

     Huang He also had a shocked expression on his face: "I'm going, I really don't care about the Xia family, this...this killed people on the Xia family's territory..."

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "It was not the Xia family who killed them, nor were they from the Great Xia Mansion. Do you think we will find the ruins, the Xia family will be very happy? It is a good thing that the Xia family doesn’t do anything by themselves. In a tone, I am a member of the Xia family, and I won't do anything! I'll stay here for you, and I may not decide how many people will die!"As soon as he said this, Huang He nodded helplessly and said, "Yes, if the Xia family doesn't make a move, it's just to save face. If others come to kill, they probably won't care, they have to go! It's terrible. It's dead!"

     "The other party's weakest is also in the mountain and sea realm. It may really be the sun and the moon. No wonder the Xia family doesn't bother to fight against others for us. This clearly shows the guy who told the murderer, you can kill, we don't care!"

     Huang He is depressed, run away!

     Staying, who knows who will die next.

     Little Nan Yuan, there is a guy who can kill Ling Yun Jiu Zhong in a second, it is too dangerous!

     And Su Yu also put away the ring directly.

     Looking at the scurrying guys below, he shouted: "Is anyone going to Daxia Mansion with us? Mansion! The road is not safe, I'm afraid of death, is there any brother who has a mountain and sea protector? Did we go together?"

     "If you are willing to be with me, I'll send Wenbing, Xuanjie!"

     Su Yu yelled again, "Xuan-level civilian soldiers, very valuable!"

     As soon as these words came out, some people who were still flustered before suddenly asked: "Brother Cui... Wenbing... You built it yourself?"

     Everyone has Xuanjie civilian soldiers, it's nothing.

     But Cui Lang suddenly said that he would send a mysterious soldier...He is a caster, and many people know this.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Of course! Can I still buy it?"

     As soon as he said this, many mountains and seas looked at him.

     Xuanjie cast soldiers!

     Yes, this is a ground-level caster, but the entire Daxia Mansion is also a ground-level caster!Xuanjie, in the field of the forging division, that is also the Tower of Strength!

     Shanhai was surprised and said, "Cui Lang, are you really advanced to the mysterious caster?"


     Su Yu is also welcome, the rank of the mysterious caster is not low. At this moment, he rolled the eyes and said, "I need to lie to you? Is there anyone who is willing to escort us on a journey? I will send the mysterious soldier... …Of course, the elementary Xuanjie, others can’t be created!"

     Xuanjie Wenbing is nothing, Shanhai said directly: "It's okay to escort you in the past, how about coming to our house for a few years as a guest?"


     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "What are you thinking about! I am still a guest clerk. The Daming Mansion asked me to leave a middle-level researcher, but I didn’t agree. Just stay here. This ghost place is getting more and more dangerous. The Xia family ran away, and the people under the mountains and seas were all being more careful. They were killed instantly, and there was no time to ask for help!"

     Someone is somewhat regretful, the mysterious caster!

     This guy deserves to be a prodigal son who can hook up with the nine-time granddaughter of Sun and Moon. He has capital.

     The guy in the Datang Mansion knew that this kid had been promoted to the Xuanjie Casting Division, and there is a high probability that he won't object anymore. This kid is so young, the level is hopeful!

     When it comes to the real level, the situation in the Datang Mansion is similar to that of the Daxia Mansion, and there is only a predecessor-level caster. Then Cui Lang has gone there, and he is also an uncle-level character. Month low.Su Yu said again: "Is there? No one wants to go to the Daxia Mansion City to see the excitement? Isn't Hong Ge going to open the Duo theological college? Isn't the student of the ten thousand races coming? Everyone, don't go. Look at the excitement? Together!"

     "Do you really hope to find the ruins here? It can be found so easily. It's already invincible. It's your turn?"

     Su Yu shouted, "I'm leaving now, it's too dangerous! Is anyone leaving?"

     He said a few words, someone thought about it, and smiled: "Brother Cui, let's be together!"

     Su Yu looked over there and smiled: "It turned out to be Brother Zhou! That's okay, Holy Land students and the escorts of the Holy Land mountains and seas, hahaha, this is safe, thank you, thank you!"

     Su Yu stepped into the air, and Huang He hurriedly followed.

     Soon, Su Yu fell in front of Zhou Hongbo and smiled: "Brother Zhou, good man! Then trouble you. If necessary, I can customize a civilian soldier for you. Of course, I think Brother Zhou is not short of mysterious soldiers. ..."

     Zhou Hongbo smiled lightly: "No one is too much for the mysterious ranks. Thank you Brother Cui. Congratulations to Brother Cui, he is promoted to the ranks of the ranks. It is very impressive. The ranks of the ranks do not exceed 50. There are more soldiers, about a thousand people. They are scattered to the big mansions, but there are not many. Brother Cui is so old that he is promoted to the Profound Order, worthy of celebration!

     Probably that number for Xuanjie.

     Thousands of people!

     If it is dispersed, it will only be around thirty in one mansion.

     In fact, the number is less than that of mountains and seas.Su Yu smiled and said: "It's nothing, there are few soldiers in Daxia Mansion, but Daming Mansion... There are a lot of soldiers in the Profound Stage, I know there are more than 50, not worth money, let alone I am a junior. In our Daming Academy of Civilization, there are now two alive from the tier, and there are others without others, I don’t know."

     "The strength of Daming Mansion's cast soldiers is indeed amazing!"

     Zhou Hongbo nodded. The mountain and sea behind him said to Su Yu’s nothing else before that at this moment, he also smiled lightly: “Little friend Cui does have a strong talent on this road. Intermediate researcher of the Founding Academy."

     Next to him, the woman from War God Acadamy also smiled lightly: "If the kid is willing, I can also recommend him to join the War God Acadamy forging team."

     The 30-year-old Xuanjie founding division is still very promising.

     Huang He and Liu Li, who followed Su Yu, both looked envious.

     Uncle, talent is talent.

     It's not empty wherever you go!

      The patrons of Two Great Sacred Grounds are willing to introduce Cui Lang to join, which is really good for face.

     Su Yu said perfunctorily: "That... let's talk about it, thank you two seniors, but I am used to being idle. If I really want to go to work, I might as well go to Datang Mansion to recognize a grandpa..."


     A few people have nothing to say, somewhat grudgingly.

     As he said, Su Yu smiled and said: "How many people are not in Nanyuan? I mean the others are dangerous. You are in the Holy Land, but there is not necessarily any danger. You dare not do anything to the people in the Holy Land? Are you looking for death!"

     Zhou Hongbo shook his head and said with a smile: "No, and... staying, maybe there is really some danger."He turned his head and glanced at the direction of Su Yu's house, and whispered softly: "Leave as soon as possible. Maybe someone doesn't want us to stay. I don't know if it is him or... someone else?"

     They are also thinking, who is it?

     In fact, Su Yu still has a lot of suspicion. These people came to Nanyuan to find his remains. Of course, Su Yu has the ability to instruct a strong assassin to assassinate people for him?

     Daming Mansion did it?

     Daming Mansion is so crazy for Su Yu? Go abroad to kill?

     Even if you are in the country, if you send someone to kill someone abroad, if this is discovered, the Daming Mansion will also be in trouble.

     As for Cui Lang, he came from the Daming Mansion, so he didn't bother to say this.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Then I won't say anything, anyway, I'm going to leave, this place might even be dead, the faster the better, I don't want to go to the muddy water, ask for trouble."

     He smiled, looked at other people, go?

     If you don't leave...find a chance to kill you all!

     At this moment, many people have actually retreated, or should they leave?

     If the Xia family didn't care, it would be too dangerous here.

     Soon, Su Yu's side, a few people came together, went on the road together, and went to visit Daxia Mansion City. On the Nanyuan side, there were too few strong people, and Daxia Mansion didn't care about it, and arrived at Daxia Mansion City. Can Daxia Mansion still be ignored?

     What's more, there are a lot of sun and moon outside the city now, which is much safer than this.

     Soon, seventeen or eight geniuses and protectors gathered here, let's leave together.
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