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350 A Corner Of The Future (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

While rushing towards Daxia Mansion, Su Yu began to practice silently.

     Cast body.

     Tian Yuan Qi was continuously absorbed by him, and in this world, without strength, it was impossible, without strength, nothing could be done.

     But today, the growth of strength is too slow.

     What is missing is not resources!

     It's not a technique!

     Su Yuque’s life and death crisis is life and death crisis time after time, life and death experience time after time, to quickly improve oneself, realize oneself, born to die, and quickly walk out of the path of others for ten and one hundred years.

     Retreat can be powerful, but it takes time, a lot of time.

     He can't wait!

     Daming Mansion can still shelter him now, just like the old Great Xia Mansion, and perhaps it can also shelter the polytheistic literary system. Now...Daxia Mansion is strong in will but weak in power, because of Xia Longwu.

     If one day, Zhu Tiandao is about to prove the Dao, does Daming Mansion still have the confidence to protect himself?

     This world, in the end still depends on one's own.


     Benyun immediately, Su Yu closed his eyes and practiced.

     Others did not bother seeing him practicing.

     When Su Yu opened his eyes, Zhou Hongbo smiled and said, "Brother Cui, this is... this time you came out to experience and advance to Lingyun?"

     He looked at Su Yu, not like it was purely for profligacy, with a little experience in it.

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Yes, I have been in Tengkong Nine Layers for a few years. Now, it's just one Step Away from Lingyun. It's just that the willpower level is not strong enough. Once the willpower level is enough, I can step into Lingyun!"After that, he laughed and said, "Brother Zhou is searching for the academy, which is also the top-level genius, right? I think Brother Zhou's strength seems to be equal to me, should he be younger than me?"

     Zhou Hongbo smiled and said: "Generally, I am nothing in the search academy. It is correct to fly into the sky, but it is still early to Lingyun."

     "How old is Brother Zhou?"


     Su Yu exclaimed: "At 28? At this age, this strength is top-level genius in any big house. Huang Teng and Qin Fangzhi are merely this, right?"

     Zhou Hongbo smiled, but did not deny it.

     On the side, the girl who hasn't spoken much, Liu Han from War God Acadamy said lightly: "In today's human situation, if you want to talk about genius, it is Su Yu and Shan Xiong. Compared with them, we still differ by some margin. "

     Zhou Hongbo smiled and did not speak, but Su Yu did not to accept as correct and said: "That was caused by a big chance. If we people have a big chance, we are not necessarily worse than them."

     Liu Han didn't say anything, too lazy to argue, besides, she didn't know Su Yu either.

     Speaking of this, Su Yu smiled and said, "Brother Zhou, are you from the Great Zhou Mansion?"

     Zhou Hongbo smiled lightly and said, "I think so."

     "That's it?"

     "Brother Cui probably doesn't understand. Under normal circumstances, the Invincible Family is divided into two branches, one in charge of the Great Mansion and the other in the Holy Land. I come from the line of the Zhou Family in the Holy Land. You said the Great Zhou Mansion is in the line... Actually It's still a little different."

     Zhou Hongbo still explained.

     The ancestors were a family, but now, there are still differences.Su Yu knew it, nodded, and smiled: "I know this. On the side of my Daming Mansion, the palace lord's Great Highness also went to seek development. Have you seen Brother Zhou?"

     Speaking of Zhu Guangshen, Zhou Hongbo laughed and did not answer.

     That guy...Of course he is.

     See you every day!

     The people in the search realm are almost mad. That guy is really crazy. He really started farming in front of the search realm, and he is farming with ten thousand soldiers. Can you imagine?

     Dare not!

     Never seen such an outrageous person.

     The King of Han was speechless, and after seeing it once, he didn't say anything. He forcibly moved the entire gate of the Holy Land by a thousand meters, and you continued to farm without playing with you.

     Aside, Liu Han also knew about this, chuckled, and didn't say much.

     Zhu Guangshen, the Zhu Family of Daming Mansion... This is an extremely interesting family. Now in the search realm, it can be regarded as a hegemon. He is farming, and you can't say anything.

     People have the right to inherit!

     The Eight Great Masters also became the Nine Great Masters.

     Seeing that, Zhu Guangshen really had the intention to take root and explore the realm.

     Seeing that they didn't mention Zhu Guangshen, Su Yu stopped asking.

     After thinking for a while, it still looks like something curious, "Frankly, Two Great Sacred Grounds, I have never been to the Academy of the Holy Lands, powerful strength? Last time, some students from the Holy Land came to our Daming Mansion, but I didn’t see it. What, I feel the strength...it seems to be that."Zhou Hongbo smiled lightly: "The Holy Land Academy is still extremely strong! It has gathered talents from many big families in the human realm, with sufficient resources, enough talents, many insights, many techniques, and there is also Tianyuan Holy Land. Under normal circumstances, It’s not until Lingyun that I graduated, and I’m still a student.”

     Su Yu sucked in a cold breath and said, "Fuck, so if I am in the Holy Land, am I still a student?"

     "It really is."

     Zhou Hongbo smiled and said: "But Brother Cui has reached the mysterious rank. Actually, he doesn't need to be counted according to his strength. The rank of the mysterious caster is equivalent to Lingyun and Shanhai. An invincible guest."

     What he valued was actually this casting level, as for the strength...it was really nothing to vacate the nine layers.

     He is 28 years old, and he is also Koukong.

     Ling Yun is also coming soon!

     What's more, the students of the Holy Land are not comparable to those of ordinary universities.

     "Are there many people in the Holy Land Academy?"

     Su Yu looked curious. Just when Zhou Hongbo was slightly frowned, Su Yu laughed in a low voice: "Brother Zhou, is there any kind of woman with strong talent, not weak strength, looks attractive, but no background?"


     Zhou Hongbo was tired. Over there, Liu Han was coldly snorted, "Holy Land students, if they are not descendants of Sun and Moon, or descendants of Invincible, even if they are not descendants of Invincible Sun and Moon, they are also talented people, or their elders are in high positions!"

     For example, Saint Wantian, nominally Shanhai, but he is the governor, and his descendants can go.

     For example, Zheng Yunhui, his grandfather is the governor, Zheng Yunhui can also go.Of course, children of ordinary mountains and seas rarely have such opportunities.

     Su Yu not to accept as correct said: "I'm really not afraid of descendants of the sun and moon! There are many sun and moon stages, and there are a lot of descendants. In terms of identity, is there my honor?"

     Su Yu sneered and said: "Little Nizi, don't be arrogant with me! To be honest, the invincible descendant is in front of me, and there is a little face. It is also within the three or five generations, and the invincible descendant after the three or five generations. ...Unless Invincible King pays attention to it, otherwise...Is it compared to what I have? It looks down on others, haha!"

     Su Yu's face is open!

     Zhou Hongbo smiled and did not speak, and Liu Han did not say anything about complexion changes.

     Around, some geniuses listened secretly.

     Some are not descendants of the Sun and Moon, so they are very happy at the moment.

     Not bad!

     What is arrogant!

     Isn’t Cui Lang a descendant of Invincible Sun and Moon, but he is Sun Moon’s disciple, a possible grandson-in-law of the Ninth Stage of Sun Moon Realm, he is not afraid of anyone compared to his status.

     Su Yu's face was indifferent, and he curled his lips and said: "Just ask about the situation, it's like setting up on high! Cut! The genius of the holy land, haven't you seen the world? What is the holy land, the alliance land of the major houses, Without the big mansions, the Holy Land is a fart!"

     "Cui Lang!"

     Someone lightly shouted!

     It was the elder Shanhai Pavilion who was searching for the realm. At this moment, this middle-aged man slightly frowned and said: "Cui Lang, there are some things that I have to think about, don't speak arrogantly!"Su Yu shrugged, "Sorry, people in Daming Mansion speak more casually and are used to it. It's also the truth, holy land... Invincible without the big mansions... Originally nothing else, I said, the Lord of Daming Mansion said, Holy Land Counting a ball, the people of the Holy Land dare not provoke us at Daming Mansion, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I’m not saying you, Brother Zhou, don’t get me wrong, anyway, for the Holy Land, just such a saying, Daming Mansion didn’t I care too much about this."

     His words embarrassed several holy land powerhouses.

     But I didn't say anything, the big houses actually have this attitude.

     Holy land, give you face, everyone alliance land, in the case of invincible sitting in town, then give you a bit of face.

     Without being invincible, I will say otherwise.

     Even if there is Invincible sitting in town, for example, now, Dahan Mansion is too lazy to talk to other people in the Holy Land. After all, it is my ancestor who is sitting in the town.

     Huang He and a few people can only say that the people in Daming Mansion are really waves.

     Saying this in front of the people in the Holy Land is not afraid of being remembered by a few people.

     Su Yu smiled and said, "I am a stinky mouth, everyone really don't mind, it's this character, for many years, everyone should be more tolerant and don't mean to belittle anyone."


     Zhou Hongbo regained his smile and said with a smile: "Brother Cui is really straightforward! Just as Brother Cui said, Holy Land... is also called only one. It is actually the same as the major palaces, and it is also one. The original intention of the establishment of the Holy Land is actually for Let people be able to communicate in multiple places, be familiar with each other, and blend together."

     One branch from the major government moved over, and it does have the meaning to merge the major government.The result...obviously failed.

     The one that moved over may not be in harmony with the one in this mansion. This is normal. It is not uncommon for one to be in charge of the big mansion and the other to sit in the holy land.

     Let's talk about it, everyone is very fast.

     It’s also getting closer and closer to Daxiafu City.

     Along the way, there were no more moths.

     Cui Lang, disguised by Su Yu, was very good at chatting, this chat, that chat, and it didn't take long for everyone to become familiar with him, even if they were unfamiliar before, they are also familiar at this moment.

     There is nothing wrong with it, in other words too casual and not malicious.

     But sometimes, speaking is really annoying.

     According to people who know Cui Lang, this bastard, except for talking about women but not people, other times, but when he is done, he may not remember who he fucked.


     Along the way, Su Yu was strengthening his willpower along the way.

     He wants willpower to advance!

     Enter the third step, enter Lingyun, as a result, hopefully let the divine text enter the fourth step.

     "Yin", "Change", and "Quiet" these divine texts, if they can enter the fourth level, it is the mountain and sea divine text, the will power enters the third level, the real Lingyun realm, the gods have opened 180, and then cooperate with some gong Law and natural skills, coupled with the magic rune given by the old cow, not to mention that it is invincible, but that it should not be a big problem.

     As for Invincible, unless you explore yourself deeply, is Invincible so idle?

     At this moment, he doesn't care about continuing to forge willpower.

     Just want to advance!Originally, the God Expansion Art could continue to purify willpower, but Su Yu didn't mean that. After entering Lingyun, at least some sun and moon should be concealed, such as Xiahouye.

     Whatever outlines the divine text, what expands the sea of will, is not a top priority.

     Maybe... you can feed yourself back with the help of casting soldiers!

     Thinking of this, Su Yu began to pave the way for him to see Zhao Li next, and turned to chat about Zhubing.

     Soon, he looked at a genius in the crowd and said: "Xiao Li, besides Master Ma, what else is there in your Daxia Mansion?

     Master Ma, he is talking about the only ground-level caster.

     That Xiao Li is a genius from Daxia Mansion, but he has graduated a long time ago. At this moment, when Su Yu asked, he smiled and said, "Of course there is. Although there is only one person in Daxia Mansion, I have to talk about it. , There is a quasi-level."

     Su Yu said directly: "You are not talking about Master Zhao Li? The son of the four-generation chief of the Daxia Civilization Academy, the junior of the chief Zhao Tianbing, the chief of the Great Zhou Zhubing Academy?"

     "It's Master Zhao Li!"

     Then Xiao Li smiled and said, "I know Brother Cui knows Master Zhao. I said Master Zhao is a quasi-level. Brother Cui has no opinion, right?"

     Su Yu shrugged and said, "No comments, however... It's a pity that I heard my teacher mention Master Zhao several times, and I am very sorry. If my heart wasn't too big in the past, I would have long since become a ground-level caster. In my capacity, visiting Master Ma is probably a little too close. You said, I am going to visit Master Zhao. Can I communicate with Master Zhao?"Xiao Li smiled and said, "This is really hard to say, Master Zhao has a weird temper, and this past half year is even more weird, however... Brother Cui is a genius in the casting department. I gave Brother Cui an idea. You said you know Su Yu. Master Zhao counts up with Su Yu there's some left in the name of the master and apprentice, and see if you can take this opportunity to exchange one or two."

     "Su Yu?"

     Su Yu pretended to be dazed for a moment and said: "He has a teacher and disciple relationship with Master Zhao? He can cast soldiers? You didn't tease me, I don't know at all about this."

     Xiao Li smiled and said: "He is of course not casting soldiers, but he was in Daxia Civilization Academy, minoring in the Department of Casting Soldiers, mainly learning his God-enlarging tactics from Master Zhao, and it’s now more famous, that huge hammer, specialized The hammer was used by people. In fact, Master Zhao used it to make soldiers, and Su Yuxue went to kill people."

     "Shenzhen Enlargement Art...This is a good thing."

     Zhou Hongbo also smiled and said: "I know this too, but unfortunately, he has not been passed on. It is a pity. This kind of magical skill of casting soldiers and killing people should be passed on."

     Su Yu said amusedly: "Brother Zhou, don't be greedy, everyone is still greedy for invincible secrets, how many secrets are there?"

     "That's different."

     Zhou Hongbo laughed and said: "The secret of invincibility is not spread out. I am worried that if the ten thousand races get it, there will be some targeted research. Researcher Zhao Li is not invincible, but Ling Yun. Actually, the exercises can still be passed on, Brother Cui, what do you think? "

     "I think... none of my business, I can't learn."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "But, I can talk about it. Does Master Zhao have a granddaughter? A great granddaughter is also fine? To be honest, if I can teach me how to expand the gods, I don't mind getting involved..."Everyone was speechless, here again!

     How many grandpa do you he want to recognize?

     Su Yu laughed, and quickly looked at Xiao Li and said, "Xiao Li, when I turn back to Daxia Mansion, I will trouble you. I can introduce me to you. I won't let you run for nothing. How about a mysterious soldier?

     As he said, he smiled and said: "It's okay, just send the civilian soldiers I cast to Master Zhao for a look, and let him give pointers. If you don't like me, then forget it. The founding division, but who is about to be promoted, should have helped me a lot. This time I come to Daxia Mansion, I also have this meaning.

     Su Yu sighed: "Mysterious rank literary soldiers, cast 37 gold patterns or more, 9 rank first, 46 ranks are middle rank mysterious soldiers, I actually cast 46 rank middle rank soldiers in Baidao Pavilion before, wait for me to go. In reality casting, there is always a bad light..."

     As soon as he said this, the faces of several people changed.

     Is the mysterious rank medium?

     Baidao Pavilion can actually be seen as a reality!

     This means that Cui Lang is really just a little bit and can be promoted to the middle rank of Xuanjie, which is different from the elementary rank of Xuanjie!

     At this time, a big family Shanhai said directly: "Cui Xiaoyou, have you really cast 46 gold-patterned soldiers in Baidao Pavilion?"

     "Is this a lie?"

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "But the reality is not good. This time I came out, and I also have this meaning. I want to ask some soldiers from different systems. I learned the orthodox of the Daming Palace. Now I always feel that I lack something, or my will The strength is still weaker, if you can reach Lingyun, probably the Profound Rank is medium."

     The mysterious rank is medium!This time, Zhou Hongbo and the others also paid more attention to the three points.

     This guy, the talent for casting soldiers is really not weak.

     According to him, when you arrive in Lingyun, you will be able to cast a middle-class mysterious soldier. At the Lingyun stage, it is likely to reach the pinnacle of the mysterious stage just like Zhao Li.

     Maybe 10 or 20 years, this guy is just another tiered caster!

     Then Xiao Li hurriedly said at this time: "No problem, Brother Cui, don't worry, I am very familiar with Master Zhao Li's apprentice, I will let him pass it on, but...Master Zhao may not be able to watch this... I also can 't do anything about it guarantee."

     Su Yu smiled and said, "That's okay, then when we enter the city, let's go directly to the Daxia Civilization Academy. To be honest, I am also very interested in Master Zhao's unsuccessful underground civilian soldier. I am thinking, if I help him If the casting is successful, can I get some benefits? If the civil soldier casting is successful, feedback some willpower and help me temper. Will it help me step into Lingyun?"

     As soon as these words came out, everyone shut up instantly.

     forget it!


     Earth-casting civilian soldiers?

     Is it a bit too rampant?

     Su Yu smiled and said: "Auxiliary, it is not my main casting. My system is an orthodox system. It comes from the casting system of the Daming Mansion. The casting system of Master Zhao should be different from mine. It comes from the four chiefs of the Daxia Mansion. system……"

     "not this!"Xiao Li explained: "Master Zhao's temper is really weird. His brother, you should know that if you are close to the Heaven-Rank Casting Master, if you are willing, Master Zhao actually went to his brother for help a few years ago. As a result, it was because of Zhao Mansion. I went to the Great Zhou Mansion in the past years, but in fact, Master Zhao doesn’t recognize this brother...

     Su Yu asked unexpectedly: "No? I remember that the video that Su Yu made public not long ago, Master Zhao's brother went to help, should it be Master Zhao invited it?"

     "This is not clear, but everyone in the mansion knows that Master Zhao doesn't wait to see the Chief Zhao Tianbing. You said, he can let you help him build soldiers? He is now to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem, and he has to be himself If you succeed in casting soldiers, or else I would rather not cast soldiers."

     Su Yu smiled and said: "That's not necessarily true. He and his senior brother have no hatred, but he has no hatred with me! Try to be optimistic. If it doesn't work, it's fine, and it's good to know.

     "That's it!"

     Xiao Li thinks that he is dreaming, it is almost impossible. Zhao Li is not that kind of good-tempered person. Do you think he would really like you as a genius of casting soldiers?

      His own apprentices have Xuanjie cast soldiers.

     I really need someone to help, and there is no need to ask you.


     Everyone chatted all the way.

     Until May 22, the talents arrived at Daxia Mansion.

     At this moment, Feng Qigang was escorted back by General Zhao.

      Invincible Expert, no one knows whether it has come at this moment, but Daxia Mansion has not announced the public trial.

     Others are going to visit some friends, and some have to go to the Xia family in Daxia Mansion to find someone to inquire about the public trial, while Su Yu and Xiao Li went straight to Daxia Civilization Academy.


     Daxia Civilization Academy.Casting Academy.

     In Zhao Li’s research institute, Zhao Li is studying puppets and he doesn’t hear things outside the window. He hasn’t been out for a long time, and he can’t be too lazy to go. Today’s Daxia Civilization Institute, lifeless, is now active, but that’s not him. Want to be active.

     These days, he spends more time doing his own research.

     Doorbell rang.

     Zhao Li didn't bother to pay attention to it, so he didn't hear it.

     Outside the door, his eldest disciple looked helpless and shouted: "Teacher, there is a visitor!"

     In fact, he didn't want to give people any civilian soldiers to show to the teacher. Before replacing it, he didn't bother to pay attention to it, but now, he thinks the teacher may need to divert his attention.

     The genius forging soldiers from Daming Mansion is a good choice.

     "not see!"

     "Teacher, I am a soldier from the Daming Mansion. He said he knew Junior Brother Su, and he had reached the rank of soldier casting. Teacher, the other party also sent his own work. Would you like to take a look?"

     "From Daming Mansion?"

     Zhao Li said impatiently: "Daming Mansion, isn't it true that you can't afford to see the founding division of Daxia Mansion? What are you doing in Daxia Mansion?"

     "The opponent is stuck between the elementary and intermediate levels of the Profound Stage. I want to find a different way of casting soldiers and break through the ranks. I know Sensei's strength. I came here to visit specially. I am still the Unofficial Disciple of Chief Niu, and I know Junior Brother Su."

     "Su Yu..."

     Zhao Li murmured, know that kid?

      Considered, turned around and went to open the door.

     His disciple is overjoyed!But look at Zhao Li again, seeing him aged a lot, and a little sad, "Teacher, you pay attention to your body, take more rest..."

     "Stop talking nonsense!"

     Zhao Li said impatiently: "I use you to point me? If you are a bit capable, enter the ground earlier to make me less annoying! What about things, let me see, if it's trash, get out early, I don't bother to see trash!"

     His eldest disciple dared not delay, and hurriedly handed over a box.

     Zhao Li picked it up, opened the box and glanced at, startled slightly.

     That is a knife!

     Black knife.

     It was similar to the knife he gave to Su Yu in the past. Of course, it wasn't the knife. It was a mysterious elementary top level civilian soldier with 45 gold patterns, and it was a good one.

     He picked it up, looked at it, and examined it. The orthodox method of military casting in the Daming Mansion, Zhao Li said with a curled mouth: "The standard casting method is too ordinary, and it is something that comes out of the assembly line! The king of Tianzhu does this kind of mischief Daming Mansion is exactly the same from Baidao Pavilion! Does the King of Heavenly Cast think that everyone can learn from him and become the next Heaven-ranked Soldier Caster? If it was possible, Daming Mansion would have appeared long ago, then Hu Qi, before If Nian didn’t learn his system of casting warfare, he might be expected to compare with the surnamed Zhao in the Great Zhou Mansion. Now it is far worse!"

     Yes, the inheritance of Baidaoge's army forging comes from the King of Heavenly Casting, the one and only Heavenly Casting Division.

     But Zhao Li felt that that was the way to cast the king, and it did not mean it was suitable for everyone.

     Some aura is missing!Everyone learns this art of warfare. In his opinion, it is an assembly line product. The warfare maker must have his own thinking and ideas, instead of learning these things blindly, it is too rigid!

     The so-called Daming Mansion genius, in his opinion, is worthless!

     His disciple hurriedly said: "In fact, it's pretty good. The opponent is only 35 years old. I think this weapon is one Step Away at the middle of the profound stage. Before the age of 40, it is expected to be a high-level crafter of the profound stage."

     "Cut, that's also standard!"

     Zhao Li poked his mouth, disdain as beneath contempt, and looked for a moment, slightly distracted.

     On the back of the knife, a few small characters were engraved.

     "When I enter the sky, the sky casts the ground."

     He was distracted slightly, and his disciples saw it, and laughed: "This Cui Lang has a lot of ambition. He has long heard that he likes Kyakugan, and it is true! He is saying that he can make ground soldiers if he becomes Lingyun? if so, the ranks of casters are everywhere."

     Without a word, Zhao Li rubbed the knife lightly. The style of the knife matched these words... He knew who was back.

     That kid is back.

     So fast!

     In less than half a year, that kid actually came back.

     Cui Lang!

     He wanted to laugh, holding his face and holding back his smile, he said, "Forget it, it's okay. It's from the Daming Mansion again. Let that guy come to see me. What kind of rubbish he made? Many, otherwise it’s time to enter the middle of the profound stage, of course, a little better than you, you guy, if you don’t reach the peak of the profound stage, hurry up and fuck with me, let alone my apprentice!"

     His disciple was overjoyed, and Master finally saw someone!As for the master's curse, he didn't hear it anymore.

     Hurriedly said: "Okay, I will notify him to see you right away! Teacher, wait a moment, I will be back soon!"


      The disciple of burn with anxiety didn't care about this. If he thinks deeply, his teacher, why should he let him go quickly, why should he be so anxious.

     Zhao Li's temperament, even if invincible comes, he may not care too much.

     The disciple left in a hurry, Zhao Li smiled, and soon reduced his smile and turned back to the institute.

     This kid... is this the weapon he forged?


     Profound rank weapon!

     This casting technique is really good. I knew I didn’t look away. How much time does the kid have to learn to cast soldiers?

     As a result, casually repairing, close to the Xuanjie intermediate.

     If you have been learning this from me, maybe you will be able to become a ground-level, maybe this kid is a heaven-level caster in the human realm.

     What a pity, what many divine texts are you studying?


     I sighed and regretted it. In the past, I should insist on accepting him, what Bai Feng, I slapped him to death and let him grab the students. Now it's better, dragging Su Yu into this huge mire.


     Sooner or later it will be extinct!

     In this situation, outsiders can't understand, he still can't understand?

     It's over soon!

     What kind of seminary Hong Tan wants to open, sooner or later something will happen.

     Su Yu, this kid, came back at this time, he was frowning, he came back too early, he shouldn’t have come back so early, but... it’s okay, he might not be able to see Hong Tan and the others in another year. .Zhao Li thought about this, smiled, showing his teeth.

     Just come back!


      at the same time.

     Su Yu seemed to be entering the Daxia Civilization Academy for the first time. With some curiosity and some novelty, he smiled and said, "Brother Wang, I heard that Daxia has some ten thousand students. Why didn't you see it?"

     Senior Brother Wang, Zhao Li's disciple, said with a smile at the moment: "On weekdays, they all live in the Ten Thousand Race Academy, and they are not in the same area as us."


     Su Yu regretted: "That's a shame."

     After speaking, walking along a familiar road, on the road, I also saw some familiar students. In the distance, I even saw Lin Yao who was walking with his head down. Su Yu had a faint smile on his face.

     I am back!

     After half a year, I returned to this place again, but unfortunately...I am no longer Su Yu.

     This is Cui Lang!

     I'm Xuanjie Casting Division!

     I am a genius forging army who visited Zhao Li from outside, and I am no longer Su Yu from the Civilization Academy of Daxia Mansion.

     Looking at the Xiuxin Pavilion in the distance, Su Yu smiled. The governor who likes to supervise academies, this time, is she still supervising?

     Can you find out who I am?

     With a smile, Su Yu followed Zhao Li's apprentice forward.


     At this moment, Xiu Xin Pavilion.

     A person appeared in front of Wan Tiansheng, he did not care at first, but when Su Yu crossed the entrance hall... Wan Tiansheng smiled gently.

     What are you doing when you come back?

     It's hidden well!

     It's a pity... You forgot, I left you something in the past.If you don't pay attention, you really don't care too much.

      what a pity, ah what a pity, can you hide it from me?

     At the moment when Feng Qi was escorted back, when Chen Yong was about to be classified as a traitor, and when Hong Tan was about to open the Polytheological Academy, what did you do when you came back?

     Have you vacated Kunou?

     The next moment, slightly startled.

     Going into the sky?

     Ling Yun...Fight against the mountains and seas!

     How heavy is Lingyun?

     He didn't care!

     Anyway, Lingyun Realm is right!

     Saint Wan Tian was in a trance, I...how long have I seen the future?

     I spent a hundred years of my life and saw him Lingyun fighting the mountains and seas, but I saw how heavy he was Lingyun?

     I saw him, is it the sea of war at what time?

     He seems to be about to rise!

     At this moment, Wan Tian Sheng sat up instantly!

     The look in his eyes changed and it took a hundred years of life. He felt that he had seen at least 10 years later, even 20 years later...

     But now, Su Yu is here, he seems to be about to step into the Lingyun Realm!

     Saint Wantian sat up, stopped/stood very quickly, and looked into the distance. At this moment, there were a few powerful breaths. Of course, ordinary people could not feel it, but he knew that invincible would come soon. .

     Invincible... Lingyun... Mountain and Sea...

     In a daze!

     Daxia Civilization Academy!

     Blood Sea Corpse Mountain, that was seen by Su Yu, and he had spied on it for a while.

     Daxia Civilization Academy... Daxia Civilization Academy!

     Wan Tiansheng walked to the window, overlooking the university, overlooking Su Yu, his eyes completely changed.After a long time, the word "fuck" exited.

     What I see is not the latest time, right?


     I spent hundreds of years of time. Tell me, what I saw is what happened recently?

     How long is this?

     Co-authored, hundred years of time, can you see it for half a year?

     No way!

     Wantiansheng complexion changed, I feel that everything is out of control.

     No, at this time, how can a major change occur?

     Not ready yet!

     How long will it be?

     "You kid...broom star!"

     Helpless in my heart, I doubt life now, in the end is it not this time?

     This time, Invincible also came.

     PS: dizzy, please count the votes. There is no need to argue about the plot now. The drama is gradually opening, and the corner of the future will gradually appear. The protagonist goes out, wherever one goes, there must be a change of sky and the earth turning upside down. Don't compare with Gao Wu It’s not necessary. Gao Wu is a desperate survival. Ten thousand clan must compare Gaowu. It can be seen as the period when Gao Wu and Zhang Tao suppressed the contemporary period. Su Yu of ten thousand clan can be compared with Zhang Tao, don’t compare with Fang Ping, completely without comparable Sex. In addition, I’m really dizzy, depending on the situation tomorrow, whether to ask for leave, the code word is vomiting, it may be smoking too much, some can’t hold it, my body is getting worse every year...
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