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364 Xia Huyou's Request (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Nurturing Garden.

     In the villa area, Su Yu and Xia Huyou drank tea for a while, Xia Huyou smiled and said, "It's boring to drink tea all the time. It's all grown-ups. How about some wine?"


     Su Yu looked at him, somewhat surprised.

     It’s not that the cultivators don’t drink, but young cultivators rarely drink. Drinking makes mistakes. The old man met him together. Drinking a few drinks is the norm.

     "have a drink?"

     Xia Huyou looked at him, Su Yu nodded.

     Xia Huyou smiled, took out a jar of wine from the storage ring, and said with a smile: "This is hidden by my second grandfather. It was stolen by me. He thought it was lost. It is a century-old wine and it tastes good."

     "Your second grandpa didn't kill you?"

     "He is reluctant to kill me, who will inherit the Xia family?"

     Xia Huyou smiled, lifted the lid of the wine, the fragrance wafted.

     I poured a glass for Su Yu and filled a glass myself.

     Raise the cup, touch Su Yu, drain the cup in one gulp.

     Su Yu stayed silently and drank slowly. Xia Huyou filled himself with a glass again and smiled: "Brother, tell the truth, in your eyes, invincible descendant, is it fame, arrogant and overbearing, death cannot wipe out the crimes, ten cut down nine are not innocent?"

     Su Yu calmly said: "I haven't felt that way. I don't hate the rich or the second generation of Wu. I only hate those who are against me. Whoever is against me, regardless of my identity, then I hate him."

     Su Yu was very calm, smiled, and slowly said: "I am a man of grudges, small-minded, as I was when I was young. You can't sin against me, then I don't bother to offend you, you offend me, I can't do anything now, sooner or later. find a way to kill you."

     "Hahaha!"Xia Huyou smiled and said: "Certainly! Direct! Speaking of which, you are actually better than us. Some things we want to do but can't do! For example, I, I want to do too many things, but I actually have the strength to do it. , But... there are many concerns and many considerations, there is no way."

     He smiled and said: "Let’s say today, that Zhou Pochao came and forced me to talk, I wondered, is the Xia family what he can make? I called someone to hack to death! But I turned my head and thought, no way. If it's hacked to death, the Xia family will be in big trouble."

     "Just say that before, Zhou Ping was promoted to Hong and the others, and the tossing was endless. I thought, or else all were taken to the Ten Thousand Clan Pit and chopped off. Then I thought, no, chopped them down. This is for the Daxia Mansion. Looking for things, these years, no cause, no reason, hacking people, you are not an invincible family."

     Su Yu listened silently, without saying anything.

     Xia Huyou had another drink and exhaled, "Brother, do you know what I want to talk to you?"

     "do not know."

     Su Yu picked up the wine glass and took a sip, which was slightly spicy, which made him more concentrated.

     Xia Huyou takes a deep breath and quickly said: "I want a batch of things and need your help. How about your sponsorship?"

     Su Yu raised his eyebrows, "Do you want heavenly vitality?"


     Xia Huyou dazed for a moment, glanced at him, a look of sluggishness, do you still have this?


     Su Yu also dazed for a moment, damn it, not this, then why do you speak the same tone as your second grandpa!

     I thought Master Xiahou told you, you found it specially.The two looked at each other, Xia Huyou blinked, and then nodded frantically: "I want this! I want as much as you have, and the money is easy to say..."

     Su Yu opened his mouth and said nothing for a while.

     After a long time, he was speechless: "Say what you wanted to say before!"

     "No, what I wanted to say before was Tian Yuanqi!"

     "Stop nonsense!"

     Su Yu was speechless, what you said before was not that.

     Xia Huyou gave a dry laugh, and quickly returned to normal: "Actually, there is nothing else, I want a few exercises, I don't know either. Do you have any. First, it can stimulate the physical body and advance quickly, but has sequelae. This kind of exercise usually has sequelae, this is no way."

     "Second, is there such a joint..."

     Xia Hu especially thought for a while, and described: "It's the kind...you know the soul eater, right? You also studied the soul eater, but what I need is not the soul eater, but a set of... combination merit method ,do you understand me?"

     Su Yu nodded, "Like the Zerg, by the thousands and tens of thousands, the combat power is accumulated, and the insects kill the dragon, I know."

     Xia Huyou relaxed, "It's this type of exercise! Ten thousand people who work together can accumulate strength and add strength. Do you have this type of exercise?"

     Su Yu did not answer, and said: "anything else?"

     "of course!"

     Xia Huyou nodded, "There is another kind of exercise that closes the sea of will. Do you know what I mean? It is completely closed. Anyway, you don’t practice the sea of will, but the enemy is not easy to use willpower to hurt your exercises. There are definitely many disadvantages of this kind of exercise, but it doesn’t matter, I need it.Su Yu thought for a while and said, "To sum it up, it means that the rising speed is fast, it must be able to unite, and the body is strong, but it does not matter whether the willpower is or not, anyway, it is a powerful puppet."

     "Yes, that's what it means!"

     Su Yu laughed and said: "The wise man of Two Great Sacred Grounds, isn't it this kind of manufacturing method?"

     "That won't work, it's too weak!"

     Xia Huyou shook his head, "It's best if it's the kind that rises to the mountains and seas of Lingyun, and bursts together to kill the sun and the moon. You don't expect to kill the invincible, but it's better to kill the sun and the moon."

     Su Yu recalled the exercises he had mastered. After a while, he said: "There are similar ones, but they consume a lot of resources and cost a lot. In addition, the cultivator actually consumes his life and fights, and he can live 500 years old. It may only live 100 years or less."

     "Yes, that's it!"

     Xia Huyou's eyes lit up and said, "That's it, the others don't matter!"

     Su Yu glanced at him, "Your Xia family has Long Wuwei, why do you want this?"

     "Long Wuwei is Long Wuwei. I have to recruit some subordinates for myself. I have to be fast. As for my short life... it's okay. There are still many people loyal to the Xia family in Daxia Mansion, and I will pay enough. "

     Su Yu frowned and said, "Long Wuwei, Demon Suppression Army, and Mansion Army have millions of people, is this not enough?"

     "not enough."

     Xia Huyou said in a low voice: "Although there are many army troops, but the strength is low, the dragons and martial arts are all talented younger generations. Don't harm them. I will mainly use some older people who are not worried about them. People who are loyal to the Xia family."

     "It's like taking a seat!"Su Yu like a smile yet not a smile said: "Are there so many resources and funds?"

     "More or less a bit capital."

     Xia Huyou grinned, and quickly raised his eyebrows and said, "Brother, there's some left thing, can you sponsor some? For example, talented blood, such as Tianyuanqi?"


     Su Yu sneered, "I have a big appetite!"

     "It's okay, I'm fat, and I have a good appetite."

     Xia Huyou smiled, said: "I pay, but I owe a little bit."

     Su Yu glanced at him deeply, drank a glass of wine, exhaled: "Is it necessary?"


     Xia Huyou also drank wine, and then said for a long while: "I want to pass on the Xia family. I want Daxia Mansion to stand up all the time. I don't want Daxia Mansion to disappear into the world of my generation! Grandpa Second, Grandpa Zeng, they are all ready."

     What to prepare?

     Is Daxia Mansion ready for its demise?

     Su Yu was silent for a while and nodded, "It's easy to do things with money, no money, I need blood, a lot of blood."

     Xia Hu you bared his teeth, "Have you mastered the technique of extracting Tian Yuan Qi from the essence and blood?"

     "you guess?"

     Su Yu like a smile yet not a smile, "Would you like to guess?"

     "Ahem, forget it, don't guess."

     Xia Huyou smiled, "Don't guess this, it's boring. I just need to use it myself, I will soon be cast, the more the better, the Xia family also has some background, I hope to create a strong private Army, not until the end, there will be no soldiers available."

     After that, he smiled and said: "In the future, if you need it, I can bring soldiers to rescue you, how?""No, I don't need it."

     "It's just your temper. Sooner or later I will cause trouble. I will lead the soldiers to save you. How romantic!"


     Su Yu looked at him, Xia Huyou chuckled, "don't look at me like this, I like women."


     Su Yu looked sarcastically and quickly said: "Don't talk about these nonsense, how did you recognize it?"

     "It's too simple. Nan Yuan died, so I guessed that you came out. As soon as the second grandfather said, I knew it was you. I'm too lazy to expose you."

     After Xia Huyou said, he smiled again: "When you come here, I went to find Lao Zhao, can I not know what you think? Lao Zhao's temper, which can be dealt with by anyone alone? I also value the younger generation, nonsense, I I don't see Lao Zhao value me."

     "That's your waste!"

     "You say yes."

     Xia Huyou laughed, continued to drink, drank for a while, and said with a smile: "There will be some beauties from the gods and demons who will come the day after tomorrow. Would you like me to arrange a few for you?"

     Su Yu looked at him and said nothing.

     Xia Huyou has a taste for play: "Cui Lang is not Lang, then Cui Lang? And it is not pure play, I can no longer be a little fat guy harmless to human and animals, I have to be a little dull, smarter, even... …Secretly talk to the fairy clan about the marriage."


     "Correct!"Xia Huyou smiled, said: "I like fairies? Very fanciful! Isn't my father not able to prove the way? Collusion with gods and demons is not good, then collude with the fairy clan! Brother, I may have to marry a fairy in the future! Marrying gods and demons will be opposed to the human realm. Marrying fairies is hard to disagree. Even the King of Qin and the others can't say no, and the fairy clan... also want to break into the human realm. Don't I give them a chance? "

     Su Yu narrowed his eyebrows, looked at him and said: "Fairy? The corpse is quite beautiful. I have seen it. Would you like to see it? And like to fart, are you sure you want it?"

     "You have to, you don't...and you have to!"

     Xia Huyou narrowed his eyes and said, "It doesn't matter, it's not bad to really hook up a few."


     Su Yu also didn't want to say anything, this is not Xia Hu you have to hook up, but has calculations, Su Yu is too lazy to mix things up.

     "Why don't I introduce one to you too, the crucial moment may be able to save your life and take you back to the immortal world?"

     "No need."

     "I don't understand the customs!" Xia Huyou laughed, and quickly said: "Do you need me to help you do something? You can't come forward now."

     Su Yu didn't say much, and threw a storage ring to him, "After I leave, give it to my master, forget it now, I'm afraid my master sees inferiority."

     "You guy!"

     Xia Huyou laughed, "Okay, let me forward, what else is there?"

     "Help me check the information about the people my uncle killed, also... who have been to my house and what they did, find out the information, and provide me with a complete list of ancient people , To be complete, extremely complete!"Xia Huyou frowned and said: "Are you going to the battlefield of the heavens?"

     "Too smart to live long!"

     Su Yu is meaningful, Xia Huyou doesn’t care about this, and continues: "Do you still use this routine? Then it is better to have this person, but if he is missing, he is not dead, and he has to be a genius. In fact, the ten thousand races know that this person exists. , But this person is gone..."

     Su Yu frowned and looked at him, Xia Huyou calmly said, "What am I doing? Is it difficult to guess? If you want to pretend to be a genius... I tell you, give up, how simple it is! Suddenly a genius appeared Do you think it happened? You are smart in the world? You will pretend to be? The result is either killed or quickly exposed. I really think it's that simple! Also, the ancients are the most difficult to impersonate, and they are all special Ability, do you want to disguise with talented blood? This is a bit more confident than others."

     Thinking of this, he said again: "It's best if the gods and demons are of the same camp, enemy faction. It's also very troublesome. I will look back for you. These materials are very secret, it's really impossible..."

     He looked at Su Yu, squinted his eyes and said, "I will help you find a way. The big family has left some way behind. For example, if you have a secret relationship with a certain clan, you can send the family's children to evacuation at a crucial moment. Some identities...Of course, this is best not to be used. No one knows if those good friends will sell you at a critical moment!"

     Su Yu drank the wine, after a while, and sighed: "You shouldn't tell you this, your mind is very active, you didn't say it thoroughly before, this time it was a broken jar?"Xia Huyou shook his head, "It is for you to understand that there are so many smart people in the world! You are too careless! A little spider's thread and horse track will be seen as abnormal. Do you think your status is not exposed? I guess. I’m afraid there are more than 10 people who know your identity! But the hostile guy doesn’t know you very well, so he doesn’t care. If he knows you, he will soon find flaws."

     Su Yu nodded, "The main reason is that his strength is too low and his covering ability is poor."


     Xia Huyou whispered, is your strength still low?

     You say that, I should die.

     "In addition, you'd better not outline divine texts related to Invincible, or use the techniques related to them, otherwise it will be easy to see through, Invincible is stronger than you think! Also, if you are injured, don't leave what Thing, you saw it today. Under Reversing Time, you will stay with everything! Chen Ge is much more experienced than you!"

     Speaking of this, Xia Huyou hesitated for a moment, and said: "In addition, Mr. Chen Ge, I will make a few lists for you. If you can get in touch, you'd better contact him. Don’t throw yourself into the trap. Everyone is not stupid. They have seen something, and those people may have some blood from the polytheistic literature."

     Su Yu nodded and sighed. Sure enough, this human condition was more complicated than he thought.

     Too many people understand in their hearts, but they are pretending to be confused.

     Or a matter of no concern to oneself, or other plans, anyway, those people were killed by Chen Yong, everyone knows in their hearts, not only do they know, but they have even guessed why he killed these people, and who might be next Be killed.Also, Invincible Divine Text...Will you be seen by the King of Han and King of Song today?

     The Silkworm Killer already knows, what about the other two?

     Su Yu sighed again, and sure enough, excellent people couldn't hide the light anywhere.

     The two of them were drinking and chatting. After a while, Xia Huyou hiccuped and said: "Last of the last, remind you one thing, go to the battlefield of the heavens, it's best not to see your father, someone near your father is monitoring , Some people even suspect that your father knows where the ruins are. There is also coach Liu! Even if you approach with other identities, you will quickly fall into the eyes of some people. If you think about something, your identity will quickly be exposed. The guy may not be able to leave."

     Su Yu frowned, "So serious?"

     "Nonsense, don't you think it is serious?"

     Xia Huyou smiled and said: "But I really want to see... Actually, it's not impossible, but it's better to meet in a confident and poised way. Don't meet in secret. Are you not Cui Lang? Just say that you are Su Yu's friend and want to see you. He or he may go to meet under Zhu Tiandao's flag, which is better than seeing you stealthily."

     "Of course, better not to see you!"

     He reminded him again, Su Yu nodded and watched again. In fact, one of the main purposes of coming out this time was to see Dad.

     "There's nothing else, Daxia Mansion won't be messed up recently, don't worry, your master and the others are safe."

     As he said, hesitated for a moment said: "Your senior sister, I suggest sending to Daming Mansion to be company with Wu Lan's nostril. She stays here, it is meaningless, but it increases the burden."

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment said: "I'm afraid she won't leave.""So you have to persuade you to draw a big pie, just say how good it is over there. She went to the sky for three months, one year of clouds, three years of mountains and seas, five years of sun and moon, ten years of invincibility, I believe you can cheat She takes it seriously."

     "Screw you!"

     Su Yu laughed, you fooled, I never lie.

     Well, thinking of this, he didn't believe it himself.

     The two chatted for a while, Xia Huyou left, and promised to provide Su Yu with a batch of essence and blood, a large amount of essence and blood, but he also needed to provide him with something like Tian Qi, he needed these.

     When he left, Su Yu frowned.

     He didn't say anything before, but Xia Huyou actually wanted to recruit private troops. Does this guy think that Long Wuwei will be defeated, or does he think that Long Wuwei is disobedient?

     Xia Huyou and Xia Houye's reminders understood the thoughts of the Xia family.

     With a sigh in his heart, Su Yu stopped thinking about it.

     Keep practicing!

     This time he made a lot of soldiers, he gained a lot. The body was 10 cast, his willpower was stronger, and two divine writings were outlined, "shock" and "combined", one is natural divine writing, the other is Invincible divine text.

     Moreover, forging soldiers for many days, the willpower has also been forged stronger.

     The expansion hammer feels much stronger than before.

     In addition, Su Yu also replaced himself with a civilian soldier at the pinnacle of the mysterious rank.

     Overall, the strength has improved greatly.

     It was much stronger than when Ling Yun Jiuzhong was assassinated.


     On the second day he stayed, Su Yu followed Xia Huyou and wandered around. In Daxia Mansion, he did see many descendants of the strong.These people may join Hong Tan's Polytheological College in the next semester.

     Su Yu is not very interested in these people, and the performance is the same. He can talk a few words if he can talk about women, and he doesn't pay much attention to those who can't talk.

      Several days pass, the descendants of the strong man from Daxia Mansion also knew the character of this guy.

     Very mad, but not too mad. If you can talk about women, he is willing to talk to you for a few words. Other people, who talk about tall, usually don't participate.


     Wandering around during the day, Su Yu extracts blood and casts his body at night.

     Willpower is constantly forged.

     Daxia Mansion is an explosive barrel, but it hasn't exploded yet. At this moment, Su Yu's strength is not enough to participate in it. It doesn't matter, he can't participate temporarily, so increase his strength and participate as soon as possible!

     This time, it was necessary to participate, he had to participate, because the core of the Daxia Mansion was actually Hong Tan and the others. These talents were the lead that ignited all of this.

     Xia Huyou has sensed the intense crisis, and Su Yu naturally does not feel it.


     After wandering for three days, Su Yu was about to leave.

     Today, it is also the time of arrival of the gods and demons.


     June 5.

     Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Today, students of various ethnic groups are about to arrive at the academy, and there are many people watching the excitement. Su Yu also went out and followed the crowd to watch the excitement.

     Before the Wanzu students arrived, on the way, I met an acquaintance.

     Su Yu actually didn't want to talk, this guy was very shrewd.

     However, this guy came up on his own, and he had to deal with a few words."Brother Cui!"

     After a few steps, Liu Hong moved forward to meet full of smiles and smiled and said, "Brother Cui, are you going to see the students of the ten thousand races? You are not familiar with the situation, should I go with you? "

     "you are……"

     "Brother Cui, you forgot, I crossed paths with Brother Cui a few years ago, Liu Hong, do you remember?"

     Su Yu said perfunctorily: "Remember, Brother Liu, I went to Yihonglou together a few years ago. You asked for a treat, the one who didn't pay?"


     Liu Hong laughed, fuck off, do you remember it?

     Okay, anyway, I didn’t know him well, but I did see one side. It didn’t matter if I didn’t know him well. Soon, Liu Hong smiled and said, “Yes, that’s the time, Brother Cui has a good memory, so remember!”

     Su Yu is also speechless, you know that!

     This guy, brown candy!

     "Brother Liu is something?"

     "How can it be, just chat with Brother Cui, I'm afraid you are not familiar, I will introduce you to the situation."

     Liu Hong followed him with a smile: "That's it, Brother Cui, are you interested in building some Xuan-level peak civilian soldiers for sale? I have a way, and the price is not low. Brother Cui is roam far and wide. The merit is in the body, not to be short on money."

     "Not interested in!"

     "do not!"

     Liu Hong hurriedly smiled and said, "Brother Cui, you are not interested in money, what about the woman? Brother Cui, I know some good stuff..."

     "your treat?"

     Su Yu looked at him with tilted eyes, "Stop thinking, I'm lazy, I don't sell weapons, it's boring!"Upon seeing this, Liu Hong looked around and whispered: "Brother Cui, I know you don't like money, and there is something you must be interested in!"


     "Map of Xingyu Mansion!"

     Liu Hong mysteriously said, "Are you interested in this thing? Daming Mansion has also participated in the exploration, but those people in the Daming Mansion are weak, afraid of death, and there are few places to explore, Daxia Mansion is different! Cui Brother Cui is not yet 40 years old. I think Brother Cui will probably also participate in the exploration. My map, the top secret of the Daxia Mansion, will definitely not be available to ordinary people..."

      "Is that right?"

     Su Yu said silently, "I'm looking for Xia Huyou to get it. There is no problem at all! The Xia family wants to win me, I am not stupid, but still use what you gave me? It may not be true, Brother Liu, do you think I am stupid? "

     Liu Hong scolded secretly in his heart!

     This fat sheep doesn't fit in at all!

     "Then Brother Cui builds me a mysterious rank peak civilian soldier, Brother Cui makes a price, as long as I can do it, it will be fine!"

     Su Yu glanced at him and spent a long time trying to build him a civilian soldier.

     At the peak of the Profound Rank, there are indeed not many people in Daxia Mansion that can build it.

     Zhao Li is fine, and Mr. Chen is also fine, but Zhao Li is too lazy to pay attention to him, he can't see Mr. Chen, it's not bad's choice to find himself.

     "I'm not interested, I don't want to fight. I'm not a professional iron maker. I make soldiers. That's a hobby, not a career!"

     This is really heartbreaking!

     Liu Hong was also helpless, Su Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him, and continued to move forward.

     At this moment, there are many people ahead.A group of guards separated the students and isolated a passage. Long Wuwei's people were also there. At this moment, a group of people walked down from a huge carriage.

      Men and women, it seems that there are many people and they are very young.

     Su Yu had vaguely sensed that a group of strong men existed, and at the moment they were not on the carriage.

     Mountains and seas, sun and moon, I am afraid there are.

     Compared with last year, this year's group of students are of a higher level, coming from a bunch of big races and the top 100 races.

     In front of the crowd, a group of people stood, have a dignified appearance, the beauty of men and the beauty of women are full of heroic spirit.

     The breath is also very strong!

     There are almost nothing insignificant, a lot of empty space, a few people, to Su Yu, feel that they have Lingyun strength.

     Su Yu was slightly puzzled, so many strong people?

     Ten thousand people really dare to send people here!

     Not only did it come, but it was also an outstanding generation.

     He was thinking, among the crowd, a sturdy young man with sharp horns suddenly glanced at him, slightly uncertain, and soon, leaving Su Yu alone, looked around, mainly some talented students.


      a light snort, this young man's face is not so pretty!

     Su Yu glanced at him, with a judgment in his heart, the clan that I devoured the most blood has come!

     Broshan cattle family!

     The reason why I look at those geniuses is because most geniuses use Poshan Niu's essence blood to cast their bodies in the Qianjun Realm. When it comes to the Tengkong Realm, many people also choose to cast their bodies with Poshan Niu's essence blood.The sturdy young man’s face was ugly. Next to him, a handsome young man laughed unscrupulously, and said playfully: "Don’t hum, Mavericks, it’s useless to hum again. Your blood is easy to use, and the human race is the best. I like to cast it!"

     The sturdy young man ignored them. A group of people also looked around for a while. Some sneered and some did not accept as correct.

     "Daxia Civilization Academy...one of the three strongest human civilization schools?"

     Some people said with a smile, some contempt and disdain.

     "What did you say?"

     Around, there were students with ugly faces, shouted in a low voice, with fierce faces.

     The Daxia Mansion is extremely hostile to the gods and demons. At this moment, seeing these students of the gods and demons, students from the ten thousand races, have really entered the school gate, and many of them are spitting angers.


     The talking young man, smiled, a look of disdain, with an extremely powerful breath, burst out instantly, and the faces of the students around him were so ugly, but he took a few steps back in an instant, his face flushed!

     "What are you doing!"

     At this moment, someone came. Xia Huyou, who didn't hang out with Su Yu today, walked with a group of people with a smile, and said with a smile: "I've seen all the classmates of the ten thousand races, I am Xia Huyou! Today! , I am here to receive you all!"

     "Xia Huyou? The Xia family?"

     "The prince of the Xia family?"

     "The son of King Blood Slaughter?"


     At this moment, the students of the Ten Thousand Races did not care about the others, and looked at Xia Huyou.

      somewhat surprised, somewhat surprised.

     This is Xia Longwu's son?It should be noted, Xia Longwu is a great and famous figure even in the Ten Thousand Clan, slaughters to become nature, some invincible people in Ten Thousand Clan mention him, and they are somewhat dreaded and dare not let him succeed in preaching.

     His son is like a bird?

     Not vacated!

     The long one is as different as can be imagined!

     Xia Huyou laughed and said, "Everyone, you are a family when you come. Don't be afflicted! I have prepared a banquet for you, and I will wash the dust for everyone! I think everyone is here not to pick quarrels and stir. up trouble right?"

     Xia Huyou smiled, said: "Come on, everyone has their own demands, let's talk about the others later!"

     After that, she looked at a woman wearing a cloak in the crowd and laughed and said, "This is the classmate of the fairy clan, right? waited for a long time! Everyone will go to the Ten Thousand Clan Academy with me..."

     He was talking. In front of the crowd, a handsome young man with long hair and golden hair was playing with the taste: "Prince Xia, do we still want to enter the Ten Thousand Race Academy? We are here, but Daxia Mansion invited us to join the Polytheistic Academy. of!"

     Xia Huyou laughed and said, "Is it a brother of the Protoss? This is not anxious. The Polytheological Academy has not yet opened. We will wait a few months, less than two months, and we will officially start school in August. It is naturally possible to join !"

     Among the crowd, some students were coldly snorted and were not satisfied.

     Xia Huyou is like brothers / are very close friends with the people of the Protoss, it's too shameful!

     Everyone of the Xia family is very dissatisfied!

     Xia Huyou didn't care about this either. The Protoss youth said with a chuckle: "Daxia Mansion...It seems that the rules are not too strict. In the status of other each clans, Prince Xia, who would dare to stand and talk, let alone other! "Xia Huyou smiled and said, "It's okay, it's okay, my Xia family doesn't have these rules, everyone, let's go together, don't continue to stand, come from afar, everyone is tired..."

     He greeted for a while, and left here with others.

     But the carriage, without stopping, continued to move forward, drove all the way towards the Wanzu Academy.

     In the car, at this moment, all the strong men remained silent, but their eyes were very different.

     Human environment, Daxia Mansion, Daxia Civilization Academy!

     Some people have been here in the past, but now revisit old haunts, it has a little more other taste.

     Back then, they came as invaders, and were later killed by the human race, and now...the human race who retreated them chose to take the initiative to welcome them, and the human situation...looks different!

     "Three hundred years of peace...hehe..."

     Someone smiled inaudibly, Human Race that's it, no foreign crisis, more than three hundred years later, now, the most murderous Daxia Mansion, chose to compromise and surrender!

     Next, will it be Daqin Mansion?

     These two big bones are finally down!

     "The Blood Slaughter is not in Daxia Mansion..."

     Someone faintly smiled, with a bit of fun, that guy is not here.

     "The Daxia multi-sacred literature system, the place where Ye Batian rose in the past...There is the next Ye Batian in Daxia Mansion, right?"

     One after another voices circulated in the carriage, and the others remained silent.

     This time, everyone came here, but there was no good intentions.

     Of course, if you can cut a piece of meat on Daxia Mansion, it would be even better.


     Outside the carriage.Su Yu watched the carriage leave, held his arms, and waited for them to leave. Then he smiled: "The beauty of the gods and demons who came this time is not so good. It is not as good as what I saw last time on the battlefield of the heavens. A group of repuslive."

     Many people looked at him, and someone gave a thumbs up to cheer him up. Good talk!

     Although this guy only pays attention to women, everyone is holding back his anger. Cui Lang despises people, and they follow him.

     Su Yu smiled, not paying too much attention, glanced at the carriage, smiled.

     Many people came, how many people can leave?

     I hope these guys can return to the battlefield of the heavens alive and pray for you.
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