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371 Leaving The Human Environment For The First Time (wan More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the room, Su Yu did not go out.

     After a while, a waitress came in and dropped a box of books, and said coldly: "These are some materials on the battlefield of the heavens. Madam will let you read them."

     Su Yu nodded, and hurriedly said: "Dare to ask my teacher...what is your last name?"

     I don't know at all my last name, of course, I know what my name is.

     The waitress looked at him, as if looking at a fool, "Don't you know Ye Batian?"


     Su Yu startled and nodded stupidly. I am an idiot. Sorry, Ye Hongyan, I understand.

     The waitress once again glanced at him with a foolish look, and turned away.

     Could it be a fool!

     When Ye Batian was mentioned, she was also nearby, and she had heard everything. Okay, this fool asked her surname, and he was very tired.


     Su Yu ignored her and picked up the book looked for a moment.

     The academy actually has some books about the battlefields of the heavens, but there are obviously more and more specific books on the Zhutian Palace.

     The battlefield of the heavens is huge!

     How old is it?

     Anyway, it is not smaller than the human realm, it will only be bigger, and it is also full of more small passage entrances. Sometimes you may fall into a small world and complete a passage as you walk.

     Just forget it if you don’t get discovered, it’s usually a dead life.

     If you haven't been discovered, then you can treat yourself as traveling through another world.

     Such a small entrance to the world is not uncommon in the battlefields of the heavens.

     Terran mainly occupies the Eastern War Zone of the heavens. It is not that the eastern part is all Terran, but Terran is the dominant force in this place.Fighting endlessly in the battlefield of the heavens is actually not just for invasion and defense. There are many treasures in the battlefield of the heavens, such as Heaven and Earth Treasure, ancient ruins, ancient heritage, invincible sitting and transforming places... you may encounter them.

     There are many opportunities here.

     And this, there's some left special treasures, such as the Sun Moon Profound Yellow Pond, where the Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid is produced, and there are some places in the battlefields of the heavens where this kind of thing exists. The grabbing of resources is also one of the goals of various races.

     The most famous one is the Central Region, the star mansion in the sea of stars.

     Xingyu Mansion is usually closed, but it will be opened once every 10 years. You can enter at that time. It does not depend on the strength, but mainly depends on the age. If the bone is not old, you can enter.

     As for how old they are, Humans are generally under 40 years old, preferably those around 35 years old. Over 35 years old, there may be some danger.

     The older and stronger, the more dangerous it is to enter the Xingyu Mansion.

     Some specific details are not detailed in the book.

     The Human Race occupies the Eastern War Zone, but the Human Race is not monolithic. In fact, like the other war zones, there are many Protoss, and the Demon Race is the same. The Demon Race and the Fairy Race are all the same.

     The human race is mainly the forces of 36 houses, distributed throughout the Eastern War Zone, each defending an area, or occupying an area. The Heaven and Earth Treasure in that place belong to the occupying forces, including some small worlds discovered, and they are also distributed in the same way. .

     Of course, in times of emergency, the commander of the war zone, King Da Qin, can order the 36 government to follow orders and act in unison.

     On weekdays, it is Each Fight For Oneself.

     King Daqin, Human Race Number One Powerhouse.

     Leader of the Temple of War!Even if the King of the Great Zhou in the search realm is on the battlefield, he still has to listen to the King of Qin. If there is no absolute interest involved, these invincibles will listen to him. Of course, once the concept or core interests are involved, the words of the King of Qin may not be So good.

     The base camp is close to the passage of Zhu Tianfu.

     The base camp is more than one, but six. Human race has six passages. There is one on Zhutian Mansion. Where are the other five passages. No one knows the entrance of Human Realm, but the exit is guarded by a large number of soldiers and strong men.

     According to some accounts, it may be distributed in the direction of the Three Great Oceans, and there are two more, extremely possible in the Double Saint Mansion, this is not detailed.

     Zhu Tianfu is a common channel.

     Almost all the big houses gather here.

     There are many mysterious places in the battlefield of the heavens.

     The reason why this vast area is called the battlefield is because in the battlefields of the heavens, there are often some special visions.

     This is the place where All Heavens and Myriad Clans' is famous!

     Here is also the Land of Falling of geniuses of ten thousand races.

     In the battlefield of the heavens, there is a very special situation. Anyone who completes the exceeding step kill on the battlefield, or kills a hundred people or kills a thousand people, may get some heaven and earth rewards.

     So in this area, you may get many benefits by killing people.

     "It's good to kill?"

     This was the first time Su Yu knew that such a situation still happened in the Battlefield of the Heavens, so he couldn't help frowning. No wonder the Battlefield of the Heavens had been fighting for many years, and killing people together was a benefit. Of course, everyone wouldn't mind going on.

     "Heaven and Earth Rule?"Su Yu is speechless, continue reading, there is also an introduction in the book, the battlefield of the heavens, in the past may be the trial ground of the ten thousand races, so here, nothing else restricts the force and has no suppressing force.

     All races can enter this area to conduct trials.

     Of course, that was the year.

     So, Heaven and Earth Rule, here are some rewards, Land of Trial, what kind of trial ground is not to kill?

     "A reward for killing...Fuck!"

     Su Yu is inwardly cursed, so cruel, I like it!

     Of course, the book doesn't say too much. Generally speaking, there are not many rewards for killing the same level. Killing people at higher levels is the reward point.

     Therefore, in the battlefields of the heavens, there will often be cases of killing people by overstepping.

     Here, the higher order is nothing unusual.

     Ling Yun killed mountains and seas, too.

     Of course, the so-called mountains and seas are generally very weak. The appearance of the one and two layers of mountains and seas, really like Tian Hao, killing the seven layers of mountains and seas, killing the higher mountains and seas, almost never happened.

     Almost, it might have happened, but no one recorded it, and the news didn't spread.

     "There are rewards for killing people at higher levels. This is very attractive to geniuses!"

     "The stronger you kill, the more rewards!"

     At this moment, Su Yu knew why it was called the Battlefield of the Heavens, this place was born for killing.

     As for the reward, it may be Tian Yuan Qi, may be World's Will power, it may be a technique passed down from heaven and earth, or it may be a natural divine text. Everything is possible.

     How many kills will be rewarded, this may be.Maybe you will be rewarded if you kill one, or maybe you kill ten more, nothing is wrong with you. The rules in this place are not too clear or clear, but they are not disclosed.

     And in the battlefield of the heavens, there is a strange phenomenon, the more genius, the easier it is to meet.

     Sometimes it's not intentional, but someone may happen to step on a teleportation array, huff, and you will be teleported to another genius. This also happened.

     Here, there are also some abandoned Ancient Teleportation Formation, some will lead to a small world, some will lead to some Jedi, it depends on your luck.

     These are very few nowadays, but a lot in the past. The battle for So many years has been destroyed a lot.

     Su Yu flipped through a book, quickly.

     It didn't take long for me to finish reading some things.

     This time, I know more about the battlefield of the heavens.

     On the battlefield of the heavens, every 10 years, some invincibles will come to take turns and take turns. However, the situation is relatively chaotic recently. Most of the invincibles have come to the battlefield of the heavens. Some invincibles are still guarded in some small realms or infiltrated. Some big circles.

     Invincible whereabouts are generally extremely secretive.

     Here, there are many front-line legions.

     Almost every big mansion has an elite corps. Among them, the iron eagle guard of the Daqin Mansion, the Dragon Wuwei of the Daxia Mansion, and the Tiger Benwei of the Great Zhou Mansion are the strongest, followed by the elite corps of the Daming Mansion, such as Iron Cavalry Guards, such as the Dragon Guards of the Dajin Mansion and the Elephant God Guards of the Dashang Mansion.

     Then, it was the second-line army such as the Suppression Demon Army, and the Heavenly Dao Army of the Daming Mansion.36 houses, more than ten million troops stationed here.

     Elite Terran Corps, Jiucheng is stationed in the Battlefield of the Heavens, and Daxia Mansion is now dominated by the Demon Squad Army, and most of Longwuwei have evacuated and returned to Daxia Mansion.

     And Su Yu looked for a moment to record that the whereabouts of the demons are secret, but there are some garrisons in the base camp, and there is also a permanent camp. At other times, you don’t know where they will raid or fight went.

     "Daddy should be in the base camp, in other words, just outside the passage of the heavens."

     Xia Huyou told him that his own father had been transferred to the base camp.

     As for how to find Daddy, Su Yu has no idea yet.

     According to Xia Huyou's statement, many people here are paying attention, and rushing to meet up can easily arouse suspicion.

     Take one step at a time!

     Su Yu suppressed the excitement in his heart and adjusted his breath silently. This place is the residence of a strong sun and moon. Here, you can feel relieved. At this moment, Su Yu is also ready to adjust his state before entering.

     Gradually, in my mind, one by one divine texts revolved.

     Before being promoted to Lingyun, Su Yu had a few divine writings, but he was actually going to be promoted, but he suppressed it.

     At the moment, he doesn't care.

     Shenwen began to advance!

     The 180 divine orifice absorbed the willpower from all around, and it didn’t take long for the first divine text to advance to Tier 4!

     "Blood" brother!

     This first divine text began to complete the fourth-order transformation.

     Shenwen is getting more glittering and translucent!

     Continuously rotating, bursts of powerful blood energy, illusions clustered.

     ...at the same time.

     In the mansion, Ye Hongyan frowned slightly, stretched out his hand and waved, a halo appeared, covering the room where Su Yu was.

     Ye Hongyan condenses her eyebrows slightly, fourth-order divine writing?

     This guy has amazing talent.

     In such a short time, he actually outlined the fourth-order divine text. No wonder it is said that he has obtained the invincible heritage. The divine text reaches the fourth-order, and it is not far away to enter the mountains and seas. How big is that?

     "Another Huang Teng and Qin Fangzhi."

     Huang Teng Qin Fang, the current top-level genius of the human race, can kill the enemy more and more and is extremely powerful.

     When the warriors go up together, they are all reach perfection, which is difficult for the gods and demons to match.

     These two people are also famous among the younger generation on the battlefield of the heavens.

     Of course, there's some left people's reputation gradually spread, such as Wu Qi from the Great Xia Mansion, Zhou Tong from the Great Zhou Mansion, Jin Biyue from the Great Golden Mansion... and Two Great Sacred Grounds. There are also some invincible Final Disciples active.

     In the entire battlefield of the heavens, the most indispensable is genius.

     Here, don't open up too much.

     Here, the killing of higher-order is common. Of course, this higher-order is generally aimed at the weak, such as the guy who Huang Teng encounters Primordial God Clan, and the mountains and seas of the other party definitely beat Huang Teng.

     This is the real ability of geniuses.

     Ye Hongyan felt it, faintly shook the head, and ignored it.

     The fourth-order divine writing is not weak, but on the battlefield of the heavens, there are countless strong men and countless geniuses. This Su Yu went to the battlefield of the heavens, and it may not be what it is, the greenhouse flowers that have not been tempered.

     Killing a few people in the human environment, do you think that the battlefield is the same?No matter how chaotic the human situation is, it is also in the rear. There are still rules and a safe place. In the battlefield of the heavens and out of the base camp, even in the Eastern War Zone, there will be danger at any time.

     It is not the first time that some geniuses of ten thousand races sneaked into the Eastern War Zone and made killings.

     Too bad luck, I met a sun and moon of ten thousand races on the road and slapped you to death. That would be your luck.

      there's nothing about it, the saying that you must fight at the same level!

     This is not a school.

     No matter how genius Ling Yun is, you are unlucky enough to meet the enemy Sunyue, and you slapped to death, so there is no reason to go.

     "This kid, suddenly coming to the battlefield, he really is born in blessing and knows no blessing!"

     Is it good to stay in Daming Mansion?

     I don't know what to think.

     The garrison is better. Once you don’t garrison, you will be a lone traveler. The lone traveler is the most dangerous and, of course, the most terrifying. Almost all the loners you encounter are strong or experienced genius.

     Ye Hongyan raised his thoughts one by one, and then raised his eyebrows slightly.

     After the first divine text, Su Yu had another divine text that was promoted to Tier 4.


     The second advancing sacred text was somewhat beyond Su Yu's expectation. It was not a "thunder" character, not a "yin" character, but a "Fire" character!

     Really beyond expectation is not the fire of inheritance, but the Fire of Five Elements.

     Fire of forging soldiers!

     Su Yu himself was dazed for a moment. This "Fire" character was sketched for a short time. It was sketched when he was promoted that day, and then he was promoted to the second rank. A few days ago, he absorbed some sun and moon gods and entered. Third order.

     As a result, in the blink of an eye actually entered the fourth order!He really did not expect that the second advancing divine writing would be the "Fire" character, contrary to expectation, but it was reasonable, because these days, he has successively cast soldiers and the fire character divine writing has achieved extreme Big benefits.

     For the casting of soldiers, every success is an excellent tempering, the five-element divine writing, and now the other four have reached the third order, the "Fire" character late-comer lives above, the second one has entered the fourth order.

     "The fire character sacred text has been promoted, and it is quite strong, do you want to pretend to be the flame protoss? Or other protoss or demons related to flame?"

     In fact, Su Yu most wanted to pretend to be a god or a demon, even the fairy clan would do.

     Mainly humanoids!

     Some races, out of the ordinary, this is not easy to pretend.

     But the identities of gods and demons are generally inherited and detailed, and there are many people they know, and it is difficult to pretend to be.

     Also, the geniuses of the gods and demons race to be invincible...the human race will also make trouble.

     Make trouble, it's mutual.

     Don't be so funny when you pretend to be a god and demon to advance, attracting a group of invincible humans to attack and kill.

     In the room, the second divine text began to advance.

      After a while, the promotion of the second divine text is over.

     After a while, the third divine text was promoted. This time, it disappeared in a flash, and the movement was very small, but Su Yu was sure that there was indeed a divine text that was promoted, and the "yin" word divine text was promoted.

     Why this divine writing will advance, Su Yu can't figure it out, just treat it as it doesn't exist.

     This divine text, often like this, Mo Min was promoted wonderfully, got used to it.Three divine texts were promoted to Tier 4, and none of the other divine texts hoped to advance to Tier 4. At least in a short time, there was no major breakthrough, but there were a few divine texts that entered Tier 3 from the second.

     What makes Su Yu most delighted is the "shock" divine writing. This is a natural divine writing that he understood when he helped Lao Zhao cast soldiers that day.

     After that, he quickly entered the second order.

     A few days ago, Su Yu cast soldiers, in fact, halfway through the casting, he felt that this divine text had hope of promotion, and now, it really started to be promoted, and it officially became a third-order divine text.

     The "force" from the King of Han, the "fight" of the King of Great Yuan, and the "quiet" of the King of Zhou have also entered the third rank. These divine texts have just been successfully outlined to be the second rank, and this time they are also promoted.

     However, the word "he" of the king of Song Dynasty that was later outlined did not advance, and it was still second-order, and the outline time was too short.

     Shenwen, constantly promoted.


     Outside, Ye Hongyan didn't care at first, but later, his face became more and more weird.

     How many divine writings is this kid?

     Even if there are more divine texts, this divine text is promoted, don't need money, one by one, some are promoted to the fourth rank, and some are promoted to the third rank. Are your divine texts so simple?

     Just entered Lingyun!

     There are not many geniuses among civilized divisions in recent years. Wu Qi of Daxia Mansion can be regarded as the top civilized division genius at present, and the truly powerful ones are Huang Teng and the others.

     This kid, is it going to change the declining trend of the civilized division in recent years?

     There is no genius in the civilized division, and this is also self-seeking.The polytheistic literature was abolished, and other factions, some were not good at fighting, and some of the single gods were not weak, but in truth, they were not as amazing as those warriors.

     "Many divine literature, are you out of the arena again?"

     Ye Hongyan sighed in her heart. If you want to talk about who is the most amazing in the polytheistic literature, it is naturally her nephew Ye Batian.

     This Su Yu is also in the same line as her nephew.

     Unfortunately, things have remained the same, but people have changed.

     Ye Batian is not dead, and people like Liu Wenyan, Hong Tan, and Xia Yunqi will certainly shine. Maybe there are people who can reach the sun and the moon. In 50 years, they can change a lot of things.

     Thinking of her nephew, and then looking at the room where Su Yu was, she seemed to have seen her nephew stepping into the battlefield of the heavens for the first time in the past.

     Killing the Quartet, known far and wide for one’s military prowess!

     The hope of a civilized division!

     The seed of the first invincible civilized division in the human realm!

     Domineering unparalleled, sweeping the sky.

     In my memory, every time the nephew returns, it will arouse the cheers of millions of soldiers in the heavens, and will make the strong in the realm show a smile, show invincible, pick him up personally, talk and laugh cheerfully.

     The Ye Family at that time, because of Ye Batian, was simply a glorious world.

     Such an overbearing and powerful person finally died without a whole corpse and failed to prove the Dao. Ye Hongyan has not forgotten that day, the day when Daxia Mansion returned with his remains.

     The heavens have lost their voices, the human environment has lost their voices, and each is invincible, like a frosted eggplant, despair, disappointment, helplessness, grief...King Da Qin was on the battlefield of the heavens, sitting alone on the border for more than ten days, not say a word, kill anyone, and the invincible people who killed him have to let those people retreat, and do not enter the Eastern War Zone in a short time.

     The death of my nephew also made many people completely dead.

     Civilized teacher... The hope of preaching is too small.

     At this moment, Ye Hongyan thought of a lot of things, looked in the direction where Su Yu was, and muttered: "I hope you don't become the second Ye Batian. Ye Batian second... also is abandoned."

     Said Liu Wenyan.

     The young man known as Ye Batian's second, no, he was a young man in the past, high-spirited and vigorous, I saw you last time, he was very old, and Ye Hongyan was sad.

     She hadn't forgotten that when Ye Batian brought Liu Wenyan to see her, how domineering the master and the apprentice were and how blatant they were.

     Ye family old and young, met Liu Wenyan, all fell over.

     But now?

      so what?

     Having been a beast for 50 years, the Liu family bankrupt and the people dead, lonely and helpless.


     Not counting from Bai Feng, but from Liu Wenyan, the three generations of master and apprentice, Ye Batian, Liu Wenyan, and Su Yu... all felt they didn't end well.

     The more Ye Hongyan thinks about it, the more sad it is!

     Can no one in the nephew line get a good end?


     At this moment, Su Yu didn't think so much.

     He is in a good mood.

     Shenwen continued to advance, and his willpower was fed back, becoming stronger and stronger. Su Yu didn't dare to make his willpower stronger again this time. He kept casting with the expansion hammer, he didn't want to enter the mountains and seas.The divine text is slowly outlined. He hasn't tried how powerful the 99 divine texts are.

     Moreover, the foundation is not solid enough.

     The promotion is too fast, so slow down.

     It’s only late June, and counting, he only enrolled in August last year, less than a year ago.

     In less than a year, the willpower entered Lingyun, the physical body vacated, and it was very scary. No matter how fast, Su Yu felt too vain, slow down. Before the end of the year, the physical body completed 72 castings, how is the willpower close to the mountains and seas?

     There is still half a year!

     Su Yu thought about this, then took out his Tian Yuan Qi and continued to cast his body.

     He has only 11 casts now, and it is best to complete 12 casts when entering the battlefield of the heavens. Once the 12 castings are completed, the physical power is close to 6000 orifices. Under the make an all-out effort, with the divine text, the Yang orifice is half open. Su Yu felt that he would fight those Lingyun ninefold no problem.

     Of course, it cannot be a strong family of gods and demons.

     Keep on casting!

     Xia Huyou gave a lot of essence and blood, one million merits, and Su Yu extracted almost 1,000 Tianyuanqi before and after. Of course, he extracted a part before and gave it to Xia Huyou, and gave another part to Bai Feng.

     After all the extraction was done at Jingxin Spring, Su Yu consumed some of it himself, and now there are about 700 copies left on his body.

     According to the consumption of 20 parts per casting, it can almost support him to complete 35 castings.

     However, in the later stage, the strength is getting stronger and stronger, the physical body is incomparably powerful, and the consumption may be bigger. It doesn't matter, it's just the essence and blood. The battlefields of the heavens are lacking in everything, but not lacking in essence and blood.

     This time, Su Yu is not going to come back unless Mortal Body Cultivation is cast to 72.

     Just finish training on the battlefield of the heavens!Kill him sky and the earth turning upside down ... Well, the premise is that you don't encounter a strong enemy, if you encounter one, run as soon as possible.

     On this day, Su Yu didn't go anywhere.

     Since Ye Hongyan told him, Su Yu didn't want to cause trouble to others.

     The next day was already June 20th.

     Today, I still cannot enter.

     Tomorrow, King Da Qin will be in the base camp. As for who he is today, Su Yu doesn't care about it, so he doesn't care about it.

     Su Yu still didn't plan to go out.

     He can stand loneliness!

     Continue to cast body.

     12 casting, probably can't be completed, But that's okay, take it slow, success will be the same after three or five days.

     He didn't go out, but Ye Hongyan came to see him that day.


     In the house.

     Ye Hongyan glanced at the books that had been turned over, and then looked at Su Yu hardly moving, still standing there, sighing in his heart, but an obedient child.

     Can bear loneliness.

     Unfortunately, I encountered a group of unconscious teachers.

     Entering the door, Ye Hongyan walked straight to the front of the hall and sat down, and said indifferently: "Tell you one thing, Chen Yong killed another person. Now, it may be targeted by Invincible."

     "Who died?"

     Su Yu asked.

     "People from the Daxia Mansion, a deputy commander of the Daxia Mansion Army, in the Nine Realms of Mountains and Seas, he even started to kill the people from the Daxia Mansion."

     Su Yu slightly silent for a while, "Daxia Mansion didn't catch him?"


     This person, Xia Huyou once gave a list, maybe in the list of Chen Yong's killing, Da Xia Mansion would not fail to stare.Silent for a while, Ye Hongyan said: "Daxia Mansion has arrested someone, and a Sun Moon is preparing to arrest him, but he was blocked. Some people guessed that it was blocked by the blue sky. With a startling glance, Chen Yong...rebel! "

     Su Yu frowned, and said in a low voice, "Impossible! Unless Lantian takes the shot himself, otherwise, my uncle will not collude with Lantian!"

     Ye Hongyan said indifferently: "What you said doesn't count, and I don't count what I said. Although Chen Yong escaped, he even started to kill the people of Daxia Mansion. This also means that he completely gave up the thought of returning. ."

     Su Yu stopped speaking.

     Ye Hongyan looked at him and said, "If it's someday, Chen Yongzhen has defected, including Hong Tan and Liu Wenyan, how would you choose?"

     Su Yu was silent.

     "You have no choice?"

     Su Yu looked at her and said in a low voice: "Rebellion? What is rebellion? I don't understand what the teacher said! If you want to survive for yourself, this is also called rebellion, then... betrayal!"


     Ye Hongyan sneered, "This idea is also the idea of many people of the ten thousand races. They are deserters for survival and life, so why are they called traitors?"

     Su Yu silent for a while, "It's not the same! in my eyes, I can face the knife on the front, but I can’t forgive the knife on the back. Some rebellious people of the Ten Thousand Clan religion are afraid of the knife in front, so I chose to kneel to survive We are different! Please don’t confuse one thing with another! Facing the ten thousand races, facing the alien races, I believe that my uncle, my master and master, can fight forever. What we resist is the knife from behind. !"Ye Hongyan sneered, "Then I tell you, the purpose of these knives behind is to resist the front knives? Young people, don't always think so simple, then how do you choose?"

     "This World, neither right or wrong white is black, some people, he is gray."

     Su Yu was silent for a while again. After a long time, he said, "It's too complicated. I don't want to think about it. I only think about what I can touch now, what I can see, what involves myself, and other things... I won't go. Thinking, I only know that it is my uncle, my master, and the others... after all, they are other people!"

     "Don't you feel selfish?"


     Su Yu thought for a while and nodded, "Sister you can say so, so understanding, because I am not a saint. Of course, I think my teacher Liu Wenyan may be a saint. If I were him, I would have stopped doing it."

     "Liu Wenyan..."

     Ye Hongyan smiled and smiled for the first time in a real sense, "He is not a saint, he is an idiot! Liu Wenyan was too heavily influenced by his master, and too much by my nephew. In his eyes, the future of the polytheistic literature and the Existence is the first one, and everything else can be put aside, including his family and himself. Even if struggle on whilst at death's door, at least the polytheistic literature can be preserved. He can't resist too much. You know, the resistance is too strong, then there is no need to exist."

     Su Yu didn't reply again, maybe.

     He is not being Liu Wenyan.

     Although he was taught by Liu Wenyan, it does not mean that he has to learn everything. At least, he can't learn these things like submit to humiliation and take the big picture into consideration.If he really wanted to learn, he wouldn't have left Daxia Mansion in the first place.

     Ye Hongyan stopped talking about this, got up and said, "Go out early tomorrow. I will send you to the Passage of the Heavens. When you go there, life and death are ruled by fate! Don't expect anyone to protect you, this world, the most indispensable Just a genius!"

     Ye Hongyan said coldly: "Don't pin your hopes on anyone! Don't pin your future on Niu Baidao or Zhu Tiandao. You can only trust yourself! Don't trust some people dim-wittedly. You are dead. It can solve all problems... That's all a lie! It's all fairy tales! Back then, that fool Ba Tian believed in others, and it ended dismal!

     "Don't follow his old path, his path is a dead end."

     "Niu Baidao feels that the future is bright, and he is pinning his hopes in the future. He is also an idiot and a fool!"

     "Zhu Tiandao feels that forbearance is necessary, and the dormancy is for a better outbreak. He is also an idiot. After dormant for a long time, he will find that he has become a real pig!"

     "A arrogant person like Xia Longwu finally had to succumb to fate. In this era, too many things make people have no alternative. I hope you will not follow the path of these people. Their path may not be suitable for you."

     Ye Hongyan has left, and Su Yu, silently nodded.

     He won't!

     Go, then go own path.


     On this day, Su Yu was once again immersed in cultivation, forgetting everything.

     In the blink of an eye, the next day arrived.

     June 21.

     Today, he is about to enter the battlefield of the heavens.

     Early in the morning, Ye Hongyan was waiting for him outside the door.Su Yu walked out of the house and followed silently. The two stopped talking. They were silent all the way, walking towards the passage of the battlefield of the heavens. On the way, to-and-fro were some soldiers or some strong men.

     Su Yu didn't look at it very much, and took his own path.

     After walking for a long time, after passing through the barriers, a beam of light appeared in the sky ahead.

     Ye Hongyan said the first sentence of the day: "That is the channel, probably the ancient Transmission Great Formation, go in, gather enough people, and send you to the battlefield of the heavens!"

     Su Yu silently nodded.

     Ye Hongyan beckoned to the distance, and a Shanhai general hurried over.

     "Leader Ye..."

     Ye Hongyan said indifferently: "I will send Cui Lang into the battlefield of the heavens later, I still have something, you will let me know when he comes out!"



     As soon as Ye Hongyan left, Su Yu was quickly brought under the beam of light by the leader of the mountains and seas. At this moment, several tens of people have been gathered in the beam of light.

     That Shanhai smiled and said: "After a hundred people, you can teleport!"

     "One person pays 100 merit points, halfway through the transmission, don't run around, be careful to get lost in the passage!"

     "When you get to the other side, everyone must cooperate with the other side's inspection. Don't conflict with that side. The human situation is okay. That side is the battlefield. Do what you ask you to do. Run around and be killed. Don't blame me for not reminding everyone!

     "Today the Great Qin King may inspect the base camp. With good luck, you may be able to see the Great Qin King. Of course, behave if you see it!"

     "Finally... I wish everyone a pleasant journey!"

     While Shanhai was talking, a lot of people came, and he stopped saying more, blessed, and shouted: "Teleport!"With a loud shout, a ray of light came out from the beam of light.

     Su Yu and others, who were still in place just now, disappeared on the spot in the blink of an eye.

     Someone sighed: "More than 100 people, I don't know how many come back alive, most of them are lone travelers, I hope they won't run around."

     "Follow them, the lone traveler is either self-confident or arrogant, and if he died, he asked for it."


     Along with the sound of communication, outside the passage, those people gradually became quiet, just as in the past, the next time those people return, maybe they will be less than half of them, and this is no way.

     Su Yu also left the human realm for the first time and stepped into the battlefield of the heavens.
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