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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Su Yu rode the earth dragon beast forward, aimlessly.

     Of course, it's not that there is no goal at all. He only knows that it is possible to encounter a large number of enemies if you get out of the guarded area of the human state, otherwise, even if someone is lurking in the human state, there will not be too many.

     It is a genuine battlefield outside the scope of the pioneer camp.

     And Donglicheng is still far away from the Pioneer Camp, more than 3,000 miles, to prevent the strong from breaking the Pioneer Camp instantly and stepping into the human guarded area.

     In the middle, there are multiple defense zones.

     Of course, the Eastern War Zone is very large, and there are always some places that are not scrupulous. Those places are dangerous places.

     "Where is the Poshan Niu Clan area?"

     Su Yu picked up a map of the battlefields of the heavens made by Daming Mansion, and looked at it for a while. The Broshan Bull camp is in the south-east direction. This is also the top 100 race, and the strength is not weak. Maybe you can go to their area to try the water.

     Over there, it is also close to the defense zone of Daxia Mansion.

     The battlefield of the heavens is huge and desolate.

     Of course, the scenery is not bad.

     In the night, it is (of houses, scenery etc) magnificent. The stars in the sky are said to be a set of large arrays covering the entire battlefield of the heavens, mainly to eliminate oppressive power.

     Let all races be active here, make an all-out effort, without being suppressed.

     Rumor has it that Invincible once flew into the sky, explored it, and flew for a long time, but did not fly to the end.

     The stars may not exist in this space.

     This is an array of Ancient Era strongman manufactured.

     Of course, these have nothing to do with Su Yu. At this moment, he, who is too far away from those, those secrets, is left to Invincible to investigate.In the human realm area, naturally there is no need to change identities, and up to now, in fact, Su Yu has not determined who he is going to pretend to be.

     The guy in disguise must be strong.

     The most so powerful's is the kind of proving very quickly, and everyone will not think that there is a problem. Otherwise, people are only now in the clouds, and they have proclaimed in a few years. There must be a problem, so this identity needs to be considered Just work.

     Su Yu is not in a hurry, now using Cui Lang's identity is also possible.

      No matter good or bad is also Lingyun Realm, even with powerful strength points.


     Along the way, some houses can still be seen on the road.

     There are even some market towns.

     This is human!

     Some soldiers have been stationed in the battlefield of the heavens for their entire lives, married and had children here, and in this House of Inheritance, gradually, in the human realm area, there are actually some villages or small towns left by human soldiers.

     They have stayed here all their lives, even if they are discharged from the army, they don't want to go back again.

     Many years ago, in this area, there was a big family named Liu.

     They are also a big family in the battlefield of the heavens.

     However, after being attacked many times, the Liu family gradually cut off inheritances. The big families that used to live in the sun and the moon, including the Liucheng later established by the Liu family, have been deserted and completely decayed.

     In the battlefield of the heavens, whether it is a market town or a village, there are a large number of good soldiers, and some veterans have survived for hundreds of years.

     Here, more than three hundred years of stationing has gradually formed a system unique to the battlefield of the heavens.Some of them will follow the command of the nearby army, some are attached to the nearby big family and follow the command of the big family, some are independent parties, unless invincible orders, otherwise generally do not follow the instructions of any party.

     Here, it is very free, although very dangerous.

     Including the Great Qin Kings, they actually don’t care about these people. They don’t collect taxes. They can kill thousands of people and go to the military to exchange merit points. They can go to the military to exchange resources, but they don’t collect taxes. In many cases they also need to be solved.

     This unique system also formed a second human civilization system outside the human realm.

     The human race has a strong breeding power, unlike the gods, demons, and demons. The breeding speed is slow. The human race quickly formed a defense system and survival system in the Eastern War Zone, and even began to expand into some barren areas.

     This is also a point of fear of the ten thousand races, if it goes on like this, give the human race a few hundreds of thousands of years, they may be able to invade the entire battlefield of the heavens and build the house beyond the passage of your house.

     Su Yu was riding the Earth Dragon Beast, stopped and stopped, not in a hurry.

      Forthright went to the front and was careful to lose his life.

     Observation, familiarity, habit.

     "Dōng dōng dōng!"

     There was the sound of horseshoes, and a team of soldiers rushed forward. In the air, a monster was carrying a person. Above the monster, the man quickly shouted: "The idlers retreat, the military intelligence team returns to the base camp!"

     Su Yu quickly controlled the Earth Dragon Beast to retreat. This is the frontline military intelligence team, which specializes in investigating the enemy's situation. Sometimes the sound transmission is not easy to use, or it is blocked by the enemy. These people need to kill them and return to the base camp to transmit information.At this moment, the head of the flying monster, including the monster running underground, was branded with the blood red chapter, which means the emergency report. Anyone who sees it needs to retreat.

     The officer above the flying monster, the strength of the Lingyun realm, at this moment, suddenly looked at Su Yu and shouted: "Civilized division? Return to the base camp! Pioneer camp begins to fight, the monsters are coming, the mountains and seas are fighting, and they don’t quickly return!"

     "Mountain and sea?"


     Su Yu was startled, there was a war?

     He was really diligent and quickly said: "I understand, thank you General!"

     The person just reminded him. Seeing that Su Yu didn't turn around and flee, he didn't say much, he drove the flying eagle away quickly, and he liked to walk away. Seeing that the other party seemed to be a civilized teacher, he reminded him.

     So young and just entering Lingyun, such a civilized teacher is worth protecting, but since he doesn't leave, he doesn't force it.

     After a while, the 10-member team left quickly, very fast.

     People in the military intelligence team are not weak in strength and are all elites.

     1 is Lingyun, 9 is in the air.

     This is also the standard configuration of elite teams, which are teams that perform some dangerous tasks.


     At this place, it was far from the Pioneer Camp, Su Yu was not too worried.

     However, along the way, I also encountered some people, some were scavengers who went to the front line alone, some explorers, and some were simply making up a group, forming a troupe vulture team, this kind of people, the human race is very annoying, the other races Even more bored, there are such people in all races.

     Saying bad people is not actually counted, saying good people is not counted.These people, when they arrive at the front, generally do not participate in the war, but as soon as the war is over, these people quickly enter the battlefield and are afraid to enter the main theater.

     Those with rules will quickly snatch the trophies of the losers and leave behind the winners.

     It's unruly, it will take both sides, of course, this kind of vulture team, once caught, will not end well.

     In the battlefield of the heavens, there are also some underlying rules.

     For example, these vulture teams, in the small battlefield area, harvest some of the loot of the defeated, it is not too much. Many troops also turn their eyes and close their eyes, because these guys sometimes help them eliminate some crises.

     Some people pretend to be dead, and they have to be able to collect their bodies. They are easy to be ambushed, and the casualty rate of the Vultures is not low.

     And in order to collect the corpse before the victor arrives, these guys sometimes simply enter the battlefield in advance and siege the loser.

     Naturally, there are some unruly ones, even the victors are besieged together, but if they are discovered, they will undoubtedly die.

     Su Yu did not understand all this before.

     In the past few days, I have made up for it, but I know something.

     Vultures are easier to identify, they don’t wear well, they don’t have military uniforms, they are not unaffordable, not without, but they aren’t capable. They are worn too conspicuously to avoid being targeted.

     The strength is not weak, but it is not too strong, too strong, and I don't bother to collect the corpse.

     And they are very vigilant. Generally, there are more than 30 or 50 people, and there are only 3 or 5 people less, and there are few lone travelers.

     Terran has such a team, and other each clans have.Simply put, it is to make money.

     At this moment, there was a squad of more than ten people, rushing towards the Pioneer Camp, about the same speed as Su Yu, but these people were walking, not riding monsters.

     It's not far or close to Su Yu, about five or six hundred meters away, just behind Su Yu.

     Su Yu walked for a while, couldn't help but look back a few more times, and couldn't help cursing: "I said, what are you vultures doing with me? When I am killed, will you come to collect the body?"

     In the rear, the leader is an old man who seems to be quite young, with a mouthful of rhubarb teeth barking out, and smiling with his hands: "Master of Civilization has misunderstood. We are afraid that there is some danger in front. My lord has powerful strength, and the enemy will see it. Retreat. If the adults feel unlucky, we will change our way."

     The strength of Tengkong Realm is not too weak.

     Su Yu is also speechless, go to you!

     Some of these guys have impure thoughts.

     Assassinating strong humans in the human realm is generally not so courageous, but when the enemy strikes, these guys disperse in confusion instantly, wait for someone to be killed, and see if they can get some cheap.

     Su Yu is also depressed, am I being treated as a big fat sheep?

     "I said, you follow me, do you think I will die?"

     The old man bared his teeth and said with a dry smile: "not at all."

     Just as he said, Su Yu threw a bag in his hand. The old man didn’t dare to pick it up and quickly retreated. Su Yu said lightly: “Vital energy liquid, not a poison. Let’s talk about it. It's not so much, but it's also disgusting, but I heard people say that you have a nickname, Eye of Death, follow me, do you think I will die?"The old man picked up the bag cautious and solemn, and inspected it. He was overjoyed and hurriedly said: "My lord is bright! Maybe this is the first time my lord has come to the battlefield of the heavens, or the first time he has gone far away..."

     "Under normal circumstances, even if you are a lone traveler, you have to keep a low profile. The adult is too conspicuous in a white robe! The storage ring is worn on the hand, and it looks like a big person. If you are strong... the old man looks like Lingyun, but he should be entering soon ."

     "If you don't have weapons on your body, you must be a civilized division. Civilized divisions have many good things. This is recognized."

     "The earth dragon beasts that the adults ride are from the east of the city. There are many big people on the east side of the city, and there are also many geniuses who venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time."

     "Many people who come from Donglicheng lack some actual combat experience. Compared with other human geniuses, they are easier to kill."

     "I have been hanging around on the battlefield of the heavens for a long time. Everyone knows that this kind of person is the best to kill for the first time, and the easiest to kill. The gain may be great, so if there is a strong lurking in, seeing an adult like this... One chooses to kill adults."


     Looking at the dozens of drops of vitality liquid, the old man quickly told some of the principles and experience of fighting in the battlefield.And he said: "As for us...hehe, people came in lurking, and after killing adults, they usually flee quickly instead of wasting time on us. The other party usually only takes away the storage ring...that...cough Cough, sir, this is the battlefield of the heavens. Don’t think we’re darkened, sir. Sometimes we also do some good deeds, such as discovering some identity badges, and sending them to the base camp, or to the dead Collecting the corpse will not expose the corpse to the wilderness."

     Su Yu laughed and said, "So, if I was killed, you would still be merciful, and I would have to thank you for collecting a corpse or something?"

     "No need, no need !"

     Those people have been far away from Su Yu and kept a distance of more than 500 meters. In this case, Su Yu was really attacked and killed, and they would not be implicated in an instant.

     This is also the principle of life-saving!

     This is the vulture!

     Su Yu laughed, interesting, but quite insightful.

     Is it high profile?

     He didn't actually think it, but maybe in the eyes of others, he is quite high-profile, wearing a white robe coquettishly, but the civilized teacher does not wear a white robe, is it a black robe?

     It seems there are too!

     However, Su Yu was deeply influenced by someone. The first time I saw Bai Feng in the past, it was a white robe fluttering, with a unique fan. Su Yu later wore a white robe, often because of Bai Feng's influence.

      Between the sketch in light shades, he killed a Tengkong, unrestrained and unrestrained... If you don't consider the problem of his image collapse later, he would still have a lot of face.

     Su Yu didn't care, and smiled: "Brother, you guys are quite experienced! Aren't you afraid of being involved, let's kill them together?""There are dangers everywhere in the battlefield of the heavens. If you really don't risk a little bit of danger, then don't come out. It's better to return to the human realm to be a rich man!"

     Su Yu nodded and said strangely: "Ordinarily, the strength of the vultures is okay, why no one wants to go back to the human realm, be a small commander of the army, or go to some small cities, be a centurion, and grow up. If so, Jifengtang also welcomes you to join."

     The old man bared his teeth, smiled, said: "The adults are joking and have been hanging around in this ghost place for a lifetime. Seeing a lot of corpses, I am used to seeing killings. If you go back... someday you will have to be beheaded if you want to kill. At that time, if you didn’t join the Ten Thousand Races religion, or you could only be killed! Ten Thousand Races religion is too dangerous, it is easy to be annihilated, all the palaces are white, Ten Thousand Races religion is black, we are gray, although dangerous, It’s also stronger than the Ten Thousand Clan Religion. At least, even if you encounter a large army, you won’t kill us with no cause, no reason."

     Su Yu smiled lightly and said: "I heard that vultures are not completely obedient. Some people also assassinate their own people, is that right?"


     The old man did not deny, smiled, said: "The kind of people die quickly, and the black ones die quickly, and the gray ones can live longer."

     Su Yu nodded, and suddenly said somewhat curious: "Are there any dry vultures that have dried to whitewash?"

     "Yes, but it's miserable!"

     The old man barked his teeth and said: "The Liu family, do you know? The Liucheng Liu family! Back then, he was also a member of the vultures. Later, the old man of the Liu family wanted to clean up and established the Liucheng to guard the human condition! Hey, the death is terrible! The whole family, young and old, Tsk tsk, there are not many living people, it is very miserable, so ah, after the dust is gone, don't wash it out, it's too miserable."words exceede 5100The old man also came to talk about sex, mainly because the vitality liquid had the effect. When he met a rich and arrogant master, it’s okay to talk. The old man quickly said: "Who doesn’t know Liu Wenyan, Ye Batian fought against the heavens back then. When I arrived in Liucheng, I saw Liu Wenyan and said, this is his apprentice! Tsk tsk, when I was apprentice, it was called a scenery, who is Ye Batian? The sun and the moon dared to call invincible to kneel down! Rampant overweening arrogance!"

     "The Liu family held a big banquet back then, three days and three nights banquets continued, Heaven and Earth Treasure as food, all the human races on the battlefield of the heavens can go to congratulate. ?"

     "It's a pity, a good thing doesn't last forever, Ye Batian died in battle, and the Liu family was unlucky because of this. He was often attacked, several times, and all Sun and Moon died in battle. Liu Wenyan was abandoned again. It's completely over!"

     "Now Liu Wenyan is back, and it's useless. He vacated the realm and was dispatched to the Pioneer Camp. Sooner or later, he would die. I heard that he was still fighting in the Shanhai Camp.


     The old man really knows a lot, of course, some deep-seated things are definitely not clear.

     Su Yu didn’t ask about this, and said with a smile: “That’s not necessarily going to die. The Liu family heard that they rescued a lot of human powers, and some invincibles owe the Liu family’s favor. One or two?"

     The old man said with no hope: "That's hard to say. Invincible big men, can manage these? Really want to manage, can send people to the Pioneer Camp? That ghost place, it used to be better, now there are constant battles, I see, that Liu Wenyan Will not live long."

     "Yes!"Su Yu nodded, riding the Earth Dragon Beast leisurely, and continued to move forward, smiling: "This battlefield of the heavens, I have been here before, but I haven't traveled far. I really don't know these situations. Interesting! Brother, do you know where there are geniuses of gods and demons? The weaker ones, the stronger ones I can’t fight, the weaker ones, the more women, I’ll grab a few and come back for fun."


     In the rear, the old man unconsciously slowed down and was close to a kilometer away from Su Yu. Then he said: "My lord, you should just relax a little bit. The gods and demons are not easy to provoke, not to mention the gods and demons. It’s hard to provoke a strong race. The Master of Civilization has a lot of means, but since the decline of the polytheistic system, now... it’s not too easy."

     This guy is a little dangerous!

     The old man thought in his heart, very crazy, very young, this kind of genius, die fast.

     Opening your mouth is the powerhouse of gods and demons!

     Do you think this is a human condition?

     Do you think the gods and demons are the waste of 36 resuscitation?

     The warriors of the strong clan of gods and demons generally have at least 108 or more activations, and most of them are generally 144. There's some left people, who have opened up hundreds of people, and all start with more than 18 casts.

     This is not a joke. Terrans do not have any advantage in this regard. Except for some geniuses, it is normal for most people to encounter gods and demons and be killed by others.

     After thinking for a while, the old man said again: "Is the adult from Daqin, Daxia, Dawei?"


     "From the Double Holy Mansion?"

     "No, from Daming Mansion."

     "..."At this moment, the old man took the other people and stopped in an instant. More than a dozen people gradually moved away from Su Yu. Following this one was too dangerous and easy to be killed. Worried that he would have no fighting power and be killed all at once. They are likely to suffer!


     The civilized master of Daming Mansion, do you think he came here for a tour of mountains and rivers?

     The warriors are better, the warriors of Daming Mansion are quite capable of fighting.

     But the civilized division... All Heavens and Myriad Clans, like to kill the civilized division of Daming Mansion.

     There are so many methods. The key is that some methods are so strange that they make people speechless. Are you afraid of turning you into a beautiful woman when fighting?

     Did this guy come out to find death?

     Su Yu was also slightly startled when he saw this, and quickly lost a smile and said, "What happened? Brother, I'm not afraid. Are you still afraid? The Civilized Master of Daming Mansion, there are so many scary methods. The strong, I will kill you to see..."

     While talking, Su Yu disappeared instantly!

     The next moment, a big hammer hit the void with a hammer!


     There was a loud bang, a phantom flashed away, and before there was time to move, it was another hammer hit, boom!

     Now, the vultures that fled quickly are somewhat astonished.

     In the void, a shadow appeared.

     And Su Yu, still in white robe, walk on air, smiled, said: "Fun, Shadow Clan, I like Shadow Clan, Shadow Clan is very fun!"

     That shadow, some want to escape at this moment!

     Encountered hard stubble!

     A little dizzy, I just wanted to leave, but didn't run away, saw a flash, the next moment, a big hammer banged again!With a bang, the shadow completely appeared.

     Su Yu hand grasps!

     With a crunch, Shadow's head was squeezed.

     At this moment, Su Yu didn't stop, suddenly, he grabbed the shadow's heart. The shadow burst his head. The blood in the heart was stimulated, and he was about to escape. With a chuckle, Su Yu's hand penetrated the heart, chuckle. With a sound, grabbed a black heart.


     Heart burst!

     With a movement of Su Yu's willpower, the blood gathered, and in the blink of an eye, a blood mass was formed, which Su Yu took into the storage ring.

     Everything happened so quickly, Su Yu instantly returned to the Earth Dragon Beast, smiled and said: "Brother, go on! You collect the corpse, I will take the blood, Ling Yun is heavy, how much is it worth?"


     In the rear, the old man looked shocked and swallowed, cautious and solemn said: "My lord, this is a shadow clan. Although it is not ranked in the top 100, it is only behind the top 100. It is an invincible family."

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Invincible sitting in town? How invincible is my human race, and I still care about an invincible race in town? Shadow race, I know, What happened?"



     Just... just shock and fear.

     I'm going, really bad!

     In the blink of an eye, he killed a shadow clan of the same level. The shadow clan is known as the killer of the ten thousand clan. The strength is equal to that of you.

     It's not surprising that the other party can sneak in.

     After all, the boundary line is too long, the shadow clan can sneak in, and it is difficult to be found.As long as you are not close to the base camp, accidents will not easily occur.

     It's good now, was killed in the blink of an eye!

     Lingyun Realm!

     The old man was terrified, but he was really courageous. In the next moment, more than a dozen people instantly rushed towards the shadow's corpse. The Shadow Clan was killed. After the blood was taken, the remaining things could be sold for money.

     The old man was afraid that Su Yu would not understand, and hurriedly said: "My lord, to kill these ten thousand races, you need to get something, go to the military for certification, and kill rewards! Killing a Lingyun usually has thousands of merit points! "

     A lot of!

     Don't waste it!

     Ling Yun was also considered a big man, but as a result, this shadow clan was unlucky, and as soon as he lurked, he was killed by Su Yu.

     Su Yu nodded and said with a smile: "I know, I read the information, but my heart squeezed, forget it, the general shadow clan needs a heart to change it, the military is not stupid, kill the shadow clan, and keep the heart There are not many, it's really bad."

     Now the old man knows, maybe this venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time, he really doesn't know anything, the shadow clan does need a heart to change merit.

     They collected the corpse quickly, and Su Yu, calm and unhurried, watched from a short distance, and smiled: "You said, this shadow clan is so weak, and dare to lurch in. Invincible won't find it, so you just shake it to death?

     "My lord has misunderstood. Under normal circumstances, Invincible will not release willpower to probe at will."

     The old man knew that he was a layman, and hurriedly said: "Invincible also has to cultivate and do other things. Covering the Quartet requires a lot of willpower. Unless they are extremely close to Invincible, these big people will not all day long explore the Quartet. ."Su Yu knew it, and then said, "Brother, didn't you mean to kill someone, is there a reward?"


     The old man quickly cleaned up the corpse with his companions, feeling a little speechless. He thought for a while and explained: "My lord, you have to kill at higher levels, and not all kills at higher levels have heaven and earth rewards. The opportunities for heaven and earth rewards are actually very good. Less! Sometimes, you actually don’t know how to judge. For example, if you kill a mountain and sea, there may not necessarily be a reward. It depends on luck."

     "So troublesome?"

     Su Yu shook his head, it was really troublesome, but it was fortunate that he killed a shadow clan in the Lingyun realm and got some shadow clan essence and blood, which was actually okay.

     Ling Yun is only one heavy, Su Yu is not afraid at all.

     What's more, he knows the shadow clan very well. Fortunately, he hasn't swallowed the blood of the shadow clan. The shadow he carried, Su Yu regarded it as obedient, and he didn't say that he would force it to give the essence. blood.

     Is this a civilized teacher?

     The shadow clan is not very well received, but Su Yu thinks that this should be a civilized master, and maybe he can get some civilized master's techniques.

     "Just pick up money when you go out, good luck!"

     Su Yu smiled, sure enough, Master Liu’s blessing was still useful, and he picked up a shadow clan when he went out. It was still Lingyun, and a good start!

     Those vultures kept silent.

     But I knew in my heart that I really met a powerful genius.

     How can it be so easy to kill!

     Ordinary Lingyun was assassinated by this shadow clan in an instant, but this one turned out to be good, and he killed the shadow clan in the blink of an eye.

     Looks like that, relaxed and at ease, the start is also extremely ruthless, this one probably did not kill less!Daming Mansion, at what time there is such a genius.

     Su Yu didn’t care about them, waited for them to clean up, and continued on the road. He smiled and said, “A few, come with me and talk while walking. I found that the vulture knows a lot. I’ll encounter these things later, I’ll kill them. , As long as the essence and blood, you collect the corpses, satisfy rival demands, how great!"

     "grown ups……"

     The old man laughed and said, "You go first. We also have other things, so we won't bother adults."

     forget it!

     Although there may be real opportunities, but...follow him to realize the crisis.

     Vultures are still very sensitive to crisis!

     When the old man left, he still reminded: "My lord, there are too many killings, and the blood is too heavy. It is easy to provoke some strong people. If the adults are not necessary, they should kill less."

     "thanks for reminding!"

     Su Yu was looking thoughtful, a little regretful, and hurriedly said: "Will taking the essence and blood provoke the strong?"

     "Yes, adults try to be careful!"

     "Thank you!"

     Su Yu nodded, I understand, I knew I wouldn't cleanse my blood.

     Forget it, if you don't scrub, you might be caught by Zhang He.

     It's too hard to be a human!

     It seems that I have to absorb a little bit of blood. Don't take the initiative to find someone, and I can be found by someone. I hope that no strong people will find me.

     Here are a few Lingyuns who were killed by me, so let me open the door a few times.

     The old man left, Su Yu didn't care. There were many vulture teams like this. If you have something, just ask a few questions.

     Ignoring those who left, he speeded up.Go, go to the front line and take a look.

     Maybe you can kill a few more for fun!

     Thinking of this, Su Yu speeds up, and soon disappears on the spot.

     After he was gone, someone rushed to him a moment later, looked around, probed, and muttered: "This guy is not weak! It's time for the Hunting Pavilion to list this guy!"

     A shadow clan was killed in the blink of an eye, and Cui Lang was on the yellow list and he thought it was okay.

     The incoming person disappeared quickly.

     Waiting for him after walking a while, Su Yu suddenly returned to the place, looked at the direction that person was leaving, touched his chin, and laughed. Is this the guy from Hunting Heaven Pavilion?

     Or was someone else sent to investigate yourself?


     In the human situation, I dare not start at will, here... I think I should kill more people, it's fun!
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