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377 Wolf Into The Tiger's Mouth (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu quickly followed the man and fled away.

     The first time I went to the battlefield of the heavens, I was anti-stalking others, let alone, there was a little excitement.

     Just excited, Su Yu turned around and ran away!

     Very fast!

     In less than three seconds, space fluctuations, a dark shadow appeared, and the person faintly smiled and said: "What a vigilant kid, interesting!"

     After a while, the young man who left before appeared with a mask and whispered: "Elder, is the man gone?"


     The person who broke through the space before, said with a light smile: "Too allergic, interesting, let's make the list, the yellow list is 360 people, and he is ranked 360."


     The young man complied and said: "He found the elder?"


     The visitor smiled lightly and said: "Cast soldiers, interesting, Daming Mansion casts soldiers, Daming Mansion... There hasn't been much movement for many years."

     The words fell, hand grasps, and quickly disappeared in place with the youth.

     Not long after they disappeared, a team of armored warriors broke through the void and arrived, with black armor covering their faces, and the leading general with cold eyes, looking around, coldly snorted.

     "A bunch of scum!"

     Next to him, the lieutenant said in a low voice: "General, the hunter?"

     "The fourth ranking division of Hunting Heaven Pavilion, it seems to be here to investigate Cui Lang's strength."

     The black-clad general said, coldly: "Keep chasing! I dared to be active in the east and killed them all!"


     This team of soldiers disappeared quickly, all of them were powerful generations, many people in the mountains and seas, and the two leading generals were powerhouses in the sun and moon realms, specifically hunting down the members of the Hunting Pavilion....

     At this moment, Su Yu, who had fled, wiped the sweat from his forehead.

     I rub!

     What the hell?

     Is the sun and the moon worthless?

     No matter how you counter-tracked it casually, a strong Sun-Moon realm appeared. Fortunately, I was alert and ran fast, as if there was another strong chasing afterwards, otherwise I might be killed.

     The previous lofty aspirations and high ideals, the idea of killing a happy one, disappeared instantly.

     I admit it!

     Don't show up!

     The battlefield of the heavens is too dangerous, and they encounter the sun and moon realm at every turn, so they are unreasonable.

     Didn't it mean that the sun and the moon are extremely rare on the battlefield?

     Why did I meet it all at once!

     Su Yu is a little scared. There are few brushes on the battlefield, so there is really no way to mix.

     Forget it, let me keep a low profile.

     Su Yu chose to be low-key, and instantly changed the white robe to the green one. To keep a low profile, the white robe is too coquettish, and the green one is much more low-key.

     Continue to move forward, and soon caught up with his own earth dragon beast.

     After waiting for a look, Su Yu's face was strange, and he couldn't help cursing, "Earth dragon beasts steal too? If you steal, you can steal it. What does it mean, what does it mean? Haven't eaten earth dragon beast legs ?"

     Who are you!

     The earth dragon beast in front of me had one leg missing and healed the wound. The earth dragon beast is still alive, but he is a three-legged earth dragon beast, you use it as a mount?

     Su Yu scolded and scolded, very vigilant in his heart, what the hell.

     After walking for a while, the earth dragon beast was unloaded, what's the situation?

     It doesn't matter if you don't get to the battlefield of the heavens, when this arrives, it feels like a crisis everywhere.So dangerous!

     Su Yu became more low-key, chose to add a cloak to himself, and disappeared in place with the cloak instantly, and the earth dragon beast was gone!

     You are ruthless!

     He didn't know who did a good thing, anyway, his strength is not weak, he should be careful.


      at the same time.

     A few kilometers away from Su Yu, the two gathered, a man and a woman, both very young. The man came back carrying a huge leg of an earth-dragon beast and said with a smile: "I have food, I don’t know which idiot. Throwing the earth dragon beast into the wild, I took off my legs and came back to taste it!"

     The woman was cold, shot a look at the man, and said indifferently: "boring!"


      The young man laughed and said: "Why is it boring? I'm hungry, the ownerless earth dragon beast, I am bored after I remove my legs? Recently, the Eastern War Zone was a bit messy. I just went there and it seemed to see the evil People from the army, I don’t know if they are going to hunt down the hunting pavilion, or who are going to kill."

     "Clear the evil army?"

     The woman was somewhat surprised, "So close? People from Hunting Pavilion? They came to kill us?"

     "Then I don't know."

     The man began to barbecue the thighs of the dragon beast, and said, "Old Wu..."


     The woman is coldly snorted, and the man doesn’t care, and continues to lower his head and barbecue and say: "Old Wu, do you think I am following you, those guys dare not come to kill you? Or I evacuate a bit, you cooperate with me, I feel I am the nearest I'm going to be promoted. How many geniuses have you hooked up to come over and show me how to kill them?"

     "Huang Teng!"The woman is not someone else, but Wu Qi who Su Yu knows. She is indifferent at this moment and angrily said: "Get away from me as soon as possible, don't follow me all the time, you are very annoying!"

     Huang Teng!

     The man looks very ordinary, not as overbearing as he imagined. Instead, he looks like the brother next door. He smiled and said: "I didn't follow you, I met on the road. Anyhow, they belong to the Daxia Mansion. I am worried about your safety, but you Those who are on the hunting list, drop in and protect you."

     "Leave far away!"

     "Women, it's really rude!"

     Huang Teng quickly grilled the thighs of the earth dragon beast, added some condiments, and said with a smile: "I will leave after eating. On the clan side, someone is looking for you."

     "Am I afraid of them?"

     Wu Qi sneered and said: "Well, how many people, improve the ranking of the list."

     "Women, with long hair and short knowledge."

     Huang Teng shook his head, "Everyone from the Shimozu is here. It's easy to beat you. Do you really think you are the God of War?"

     Wu Qi ignored him and sits cross-legged.

     However, Huang Teng squatted on the ground, his front and back feet spread apart, like a starting movement.

     Wu Qi also didn't care, the battle style of civilized division and warrior is different.

     Huang Teng threw a piece of meat, but Wu Qi didn’t refuse, and regardless of whether it was washed or not, how it tasted, he took a bite and calmly said: "Huang Teng, you have been following me these two days, what does it mean? Don’t tell me What protection!"Huang Teng did not answer, wiped his mouth with his dirty shirt, continued to eat, and said as he ate, "No, what does it mean, someone really wants to kill you. Go back soon, the demon you killed. Clan, his brother has found him, he has already spoken, and if he meets you, he will kill you!"

     Wu Qi smiled, and his white teeth showed out, "I'll wait for him to kill me! I will kill him, and there will be rewards from heaven and earth. If you can give me a natural god, it will be interesting!"

     "Women, my father said, you should nurse your children at home, and you must go to the battlefield. You can't marry a woman!"


     Wu Qi's face was cold and harsh, and he glanced at him severely, "Huang Teng, you only dare to say this in front of me!"

     "No ah!"

     Huang Teng's mouth was full of oil, and he smiled: "I said in front of many people. Last time I was in the Demon Squad, I talked to Lieutenant General Zhang and was beaten by her, but what I mean is That means."

     The deputy general of the Suppression Demon Army is a woman.

     Very sturdy woman!

     Wu Qi didn't want to talk to him. After eating, he got up and left.

     Huang Teng quickly followed, Wu Qi tilted his head and said coldly, "Are you going? Huang Teng, don't worry about anything!"

     After all, coldly snorted, "I am not Bai Feng's trash, you follow me again, I'm not kind to you!"

     "Bai Feng is fine, not too wasteful."

     Huang Teng explained: "He is actually okay, but he has a lot of thoughts, not all on the Martial Dao. You should focus on it. You must do some research and delay progress, otherwise you should be inferior to him."

     Wu Qi ignored him and left quickly.Huang Teng saw this and shook his head and said: "I'm serious, someone really wants to kill you, that guy is a powerful Demon Race, Ling Yun Nine Layers, you are not an opponent, woman, have to be stern!"

     When the words fall, follow again.


      At this moment, throughout the Eastern War Zone, a genius is distributed all around.

     Frontline battle broke out!

     There must be some people sneak in, some people want to kill the sneakers, some people want to cross the front line, enter the front line theater, and collide with the enemy genius.

     And Su Yu missed the opportunity to meet Huang Teng and the others.

     Of course, even if they met, he would not act with them, Huang Teng, the guy who beat his master three times, he had promised Bai Feng that he would trouble him sooner or later.

     Su Yu had no mounts, and his speed was not slow, so he became more vigilant now.

     very dangerous!

     But it's exciting!

     It is this kind of feeling, a sense of crisis, crisis everywhere, crisis everywhere, this is the same as the dream at the beginning, anyway, he is everywhere in danger, and he feels that it is dangerous everywhere.

     Now, this kind of feeling is back again!

      The Tribulation Character is jumping, and the "Stillness" character is also beating. Help Su Yu calm the heart, solidify the spirit and reduce the sense of crisis for others.

     When he walked out of Dongli City for the first time, Su Yu felt that he seemed to have joined a hunting game, which was very fun.

     In the battle on the front line, some people seemed to lurk in.

     At this moment, they seem to be looking for prey.


     Is the battlefield of the heavens so exciting every day?Su Yu didn't know that it hadn't been like this for many years, and the Pioneer Battalion battle, although fierce, was like this year. The situation of constant battles occurred more than 50 years ago, and it has been rare in the past 50 years.

     The figure of Su Yu is faintly discernible, in the sky constantly ups and downs, below, some vultures are also rushing to the front line, there's some left alone, maybe also looking for prey, looking for opportunities.

     Killing is the theme of the battlefield of the heavens.

     Induction Jade was promoted to the highest point, Su Yu, also concentrate one's attention completely, with a tight spirit.

     In the distance, fighting seemed to break out.

     Su Yu sensed, and hurried over there quickly.

     In less than a minute, he rushed to the place. Just about to watch the battle in stealth, he saw a person dragging a corpse and disappearing quickly. The winner seemed to be the human race, and the one who was killed was a big monster.

     The person who disappeared, does not turn round, and shouted: "Dajin Mansion gold must jump, don't disturb your family!"

     When the words fall, the person has completely disappeared.

     "It's him?"

     Su Yu knew that this person, the genius and powerhouse of Dajin Mansion, was also on the yellow list, as if the ranking was still high, not worse than Wu Qi of Daxia Mansion.

     I felt a little bit, secretly stunned, as if a Lingyun Seventh Layer had been killed.

     Damn it!

     Who told me that in the battlefield of the heavens, you can live very well in the air. See, how long I have been here, I killed one Lingyun, this guy killed another Lingyun, both of them died in the blink of an eye. It can also be very moisturizing even in the air.

     Just as he was thinking, Su Yu's eyes moved, and he disappeared in the same place in an instant. With a chuckle, the place burst into the void and an arrow exploded.

     In the distance, a silhouette flashed away."Fuck!"

     Su Yu quickly broke through the air, okay, dare to attack me!

     He is extremely fast!

     The opponent was faster and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

     After they chased for a while, they disappeared one after another, and some people arrived in the same place. Someone probed for a while and smiled and said, "It seems like Po Xuanjian. The guy from Dayuan Mansion is testing the newcomer? Has a newcomer entered?"

     "Probably so, which newcomer from the big mansion has arrived recently? Yuan Shihao has a mental problem. It is not the first time he was beaten for this incident. I hope this newcomer is useful. I caught him and cut him off!"

     "I may not have beaten him. Yuan Shihao is ill and his key strength is really not bad."


     They were talking, and Su Yu, chasing for a while, ahead, a young man stopped, his eyes were full of madness, glanced at Su Yu, with a somewhat unscrupulous smile.

     "It's so slow!"

     "You can not!"

     "Cui Lang of the Daming Mansion? Those who are casting soldiers are still casting soldiers, hunting activities, our affairs, the weak are not eligible to participate!"

     "Sick!" Su Yu cursed, damn, he was still a human race.

     However, the previous arrow was fast, and the lethality was average.

     It may be used for probing.

     "Do you know that I'm sick?"

     The young man’s teeth were grinning, full of coldness, “Cui Lang, you are too weak, get out quickly, otherwise, I will use you to catch some guys!”

     "you?"Su Yu smiled and observed for a while, after a while, he said: "You come with me, there are so many people here, so many guys are hiding in secret, it's not easy to fish, come, I will take you to a place with few people to fish!"

     When the words fell, Su Yu's figure flickered, and after a while, he disappeared here.

     Then Yuan Shihao chuckled and disappeared quickly.


     A few minutes later, there was a mountain in front of Su Yu, Su Yu also stopped, and instantly disappeared into the void vanish from sight.

     A blink of an eye, Yuan Shihao appeared.

     Looking around, his eyes moved slightly, and a longbow appeared in his hand. Pulling the longbow away, facing the direction where Su Yu just disappeared, he shot an arrow through the air!

     With a bang!

     The void exploded, at the same time, a huge hammer appeared on top of Yuan Shihao's head.

     Yuan Shihao's vitality exploded, and the hammer broke with a bang!

     As a result, in the blink of an eye, all around, dozens of hammers appeared!


     The blasting sound keeps on, the hammers hit frantically, at the same time, the shock keeps on, the hammers are superimposed, one or two times three times... it has been superimposed to 18 times!

     A loud sound, Yuan Shihao’s defense of willpower is broken!


     His head was dizzy, in the heart is astonished, before I had time to think about it, a powerful flame burned, and with a chuckle, all the clothes were burned, and even the hair on his body disappeared instantly!

     Become a bastard!

     The next moment, a fist appeared and with a bang, Yuan Shihao's cheek was flattened, his nose collapsed, and blood flowed.Su Yu appeared, looked around for a while, sneered, "Boy, when you were the Traveler, you were still playing eggs! If it weren't within the range of the human race, if it wasn't the first arrow that wasn't the killer, you were already dead!"

     When the words fell, Su Yu disappeared.

     And Yuan Shihao, after a second or two, was awake, rubbed his nose, his hands were full of blood, and he didn't care, said with a chuckle: "Interesting, Cui Lang, remember you!"



     Su Yu who left is cursed, that guy is a neurotic, Su Yu sensed.

     Is that Yuan Shihao from Dayuan Mansion?

     There are some records of the information seen.

     Just a patient!

     For this matter, he was caught several times by the military, thinking that he didn’t want to kill, and then he didn’t kill him. However, the guy in the Pioneer Camp has been in twice, once in the air, once in Lingyun, and killed every time People, come back, make mistakes, and go in again.

     It seems that I want to go in again.

     Yes, I might want to go in, because in the Pioneer Camp, there are the most battles, the most killings, some crazy, and often make mistakes, go in by yourself, and kill people right and proper.

     Su Yu stroked his chin, or should I go in too?

     Forget it!

      I entered, there are too many people, and it is not easy to exert strength.

     This Yuan Shihao's strength is not bad, but he may not have exerted his full strength just now. Just like Su Yu, everyone is pressing down a little, otherwise, he may not be able to defeat him so easily.

     "The effect of the 18 shock hammer is good, but it can only be so. It is still Teacher Zhao, more than 100 shocks, and the mountain and sea will be dizzy after a hammer!"At this moment, Su Yu thought of Lao Zhao.

     Zhao Li has now entered the mountains and seas, with the strong ground soldiers, combined with strong willpower, and the perfection of the expansion hammer. Su Yu felt that the ordinary mountains and seas of the fifth and sixth layers might be stunned by him with a hammer. !

     As for myself, the difference is far from it.

     The God Enlargement Technique cannot be cultivated at home, otherwise, if you go down with a hammer, both Yuan Shihao and Wang Shihao will be finished.

     "I'm not interested in playing with you!"

     Su Yu murmured, in the territories of the human race, he didn't dare to reveal his strength, go to the front!

     This is the hinterland, it's meaningless.

     This time, it was uncomfortable not to kill a few people. It was best to kill a few geniuses. It was not for rewards, but to release himself in battle. After being depressed for a long time, he felt that he was really weak.

     Su Yu stopped staying, and didn't want to watch the beautiful stars anymore.

     If this is outside the human border defense line, Yuan Shihao's side before, he can beaten to death while still alive him, even if he is in the border, so as not to be unintentionally detected by Invincible.

     Some people just lack social beatings!

     Not each person is willing to play with you!

     Su Yu speeds up, all the way forward, Pioneer Camp is just in front, maybe you can see Teacher Liu, and I don’t know there’s nothing about it danger. Of course, he will not participate in the battle of Pioneer Camp, there may be Invincible staring at there. .

     Moreover, the Pioneer Camp still has several rivals.

     A Zhou Mingren, a Zheng Yuming, and a Ma Ge elder, all of the Daxia Mansion Single God Wen first line, I don’t know if these guys have found fault, Zhou Mingren seems to have left the second day of the public trial, and he should have been to Pioneer early. Camped out.

     ...Su Yu speeded up and ran towards the front.

      at the same time.

     In a huge valley, the Pioneer Battalion is fighting here.

     Countless monsters are coming!

     In the air, a few giant dragons hovered, at this moment, many strong men gathered here.

     The killing continues!

     People and demons continue to fall into the bloody valley.

     The hovering dragon, one of the golden dragon's huge eyes looked down, and said coldly: "Hand over the captured children of the Dragon Clan, otherwise, the Dragon Clan will not let go..."


     Just after speaking, a long spear appeared, and a spear pierced its abdomen, golden blood dripped, and a strong black armor was coldly snorted.

     "Long bug, so much nonsense! Are you here to chat?"

     When the words fell, on the spear, the sun and the moon rotated, five and a half months appeared, and the golden dragon that was killed in the blink of an eye kept flying backwards, roaring through the world.

     In the air, the sun and moon war broke out in an instant.

     On the ground, Liu Wenyan ran around under the protection of his uncle. His robe was tied around his waist. His figure flickered on the ground, rolling around from time to time, avoiding some people's attacks.

     Liu Wenyan laughed. Without the usual elegance, if Su Yu sees it, I am afraid that the human design will collapse.

     Liu Wenyan at this moment is somewhat similar to those vultures.

     Underground, a huge tail suddenly appeared, a tail swept towards him, Liu Wenyan growled, and the axe in his hand appeared instantly, and he cut off the tail with a chuckle!

     The next moment, a divine writing was punched underground by him!

     Boom a loud sound!The hard ground was directly blown up. All split up and in pieces, a huge python. At this moment, the tail broke and the head was blown up. I don’t know where it went.

     Just as Liu Wenyan was about to leave, thousands of Soul Eaters flew out of the broken python's belly. They were very small, and immediately covered him.

     "Soul Eater?"

     In order to kill me, it is really using both fair and foul methods. These soul-eaters are not strong and small in size. However, they sprayed saliva and felt that their willpower was corroded far away.

     Around, several civilized teachers showed their pain.

     "Corrupt me?"

     Liu Wenyan punched out suddenly, also with black light, a strong Power of Corrosion erupted, Soul Eater!


      Power of Corrosion blinked at Power of Corrosion, and hundreds of soul-eaters on the opposite side were directly corroded into ashes, and the rest was about to continue to spray, the Golden Flame emerged, boiled and buzzed, covering all soul-eaters Worms, those soul-eaters, were changed to ashes in an instant.


     Liu Wenyan snorted contemptuously, looked up at and shouted: "Uncle, come back!"

     In the air, a white-haired old man retreated a strong man with a punch, and quickly flew towards Liu Wenyan. With extremely agility, he landed, grabbed Liu Wenyan, jumped constantly, and left the place in the blink of an eye.

     Not long after leaving, there was a battle between the two sun and the moon in that place, exploding the place.

     Liu Wenyan, who was caught and left, coldly snorted, glanced at the sun and moon in the war, smiled, said: "Old Zhou, fight at me again, I'm not polite to you!"

     Zhou Mingren ignored him.Liu Wenyan's uncle, who was also a strong sun and moon in the past, but now he has fallen to the mountain and the sea. He was slightly frowned and said through the voice: "Leave him alone. He is not against the opponent. It may not be intentional."

     "Leave him alone."

     Liu Wenyan looked around and sighed: "This battle is getting fiercer and fiercer. Fortunately, the boy Bai Feng has left. If he doesn't leave, he won't live long in this ghost place."

     "You can also go, you have been exonerated."

     Uncle Liu said, Liu Wenyan shook his head and said through the sound transmission: "No, the rear is safe, but there is no way to activate my divine text. Keep fighting to keep my divine text activated."

     After that, Chuanyin said, "Uncle, run away when you encounter danger. You are not from the Pioneer Camp. You can run away without any problems. It is not a violation of the military order."

     Uncle Liu didn't speak, run?

     The Liu family is gone, so what else is running.

     He and Liu Wenyan are the only ones.

     The sun and the moon in the past are seriously injured now, but the mountains and seas, the longer the time, the weaker the combat power, what else is there to run, and then protect the nephew for the last period of time, at least until the nephew’s divine text is activated .

     Liu Wenyan didn't say anything, and quickly rushed into a battle zone, where most of them were flying into the sky. Uncle Liu did not participate in the war, cautious and solemn, guarding against secret attacks.

      all around are in war!

     Pioneer Battalion these few months. There have been seven or eight battles, each time a large number of personnel have been damaged. The Pioneer Battalion, which originally had a size of 7,000 or 8,000, has been fought several times, but now there are only about 5,000 people left.With a lot of killing, a huge tiger forehead suddenly appeared in the distance, and a small cloud appeared.

     At this brief moment, the sun and the moon broke out with all their strength, and the rumbling sound rang through the world.

      all around, the strong of the human race, one after another kills the tiger!

     The fierce tiger was also shocked at this moment. The cloud appeared too fast. In the blink of an eye, it entered its physical body, and a large amount of heavenly vitality erupted. Its physical body was instantly strengthened by a large part, but at this moment, it was somewhat impossible to move a single step.

     At the moment when it was a little crazy, a long sabre pierced its head with a chuckle.


     A strong human race, his face is covered with scars, sneered, and disappears instantly.

     To welcome the rewards of heaven and earth in this place, that is the target!

     This fierce tiger probably killed a lot of people before, slaughter too much, and the blood is so full of blood. Only then will there be rewards coming. Unfortunately, this place is really not suitable for such good things.

     That is a target and a reminder.

     Before the physical body was strengthened, he fell here.

     The killing is still going on, and everyone is not to wonder at strange sights. Pioneer Camp has encountered such a situation for the first time. Good luck can be rewarded, strength strengthened, and bad luck naturally killed on the spot.

     After another fierce battle, drums came!

     In the air, several giant dragons quickly left their opponents, flew over the mountains, and began to evacuate.

     In the underground, those strong monsters are also Each Revealing Their Full Abilities. In the blink of an eye, they evacuated the battlefield one after another, and the war comes to the end of a phase. Such killings have been frequent recently. Today can only be regarded as a small battle.

     Underground, the bodies are densely covered.There are monsters and humans.

     Many demon races and human races have long been sucked out of blood, and some demon races and human races, while killing people, will also directly drain each other's blood.


     In the air, Sun and Moon, who fought the Golden Dragon fiercely before, also shouted loudly, not chasing.

     This kind of battle is only tentative, and pursuit is unnecessary.

     The pioneers quickly evacuated. Soon, a team of inspectors came off the field and began to sweep the battlefield, collect trophies, record military achievements, everything clear and orderly.

     Not far away, some vultures saw the inspector army's end, somewhat regretful, and evacuated one after another.

     This is the normal state of the battlefield.

     If the fighting continues and the two sides are unable to clean up the battlefield, these vultures will clear the battlefield.

     Liu Wenyan also once again killed a Lingyun three-tier powerhouse, grinning from ear to ear, while following the uncle to evacuate, while transmitting through the voice: "The strength has been improved, but... if you kill again, I'm afraid I will meet you next time. It’s no small trouble to come to the world to reward."

     Uncle Liu said in a voice transmission: "If it doesn't work, I will take you out alone, find a place, kill some monsters, digest the rewards, and then come back."

     "we'll see."

     At this moment, Liu Wenyan was already in the air with Kunou, but the speed was too slow.

     He feels too slow!

     How can you avenge this strength?

     Although in a year or so, he went from just entering the sky to the sky nine-fold, surprisingly fast, but he was not satisfied, Shanhai nine-fold is not enough!

     Ling Yun should be coming soon, just the most recent thing.

     But Ling Yun Kou Zhong, maybe it's a year.He can step into the mountain and sea within three years, he is sure, but three years is too long, he does not have this time.

     Liu Wenyan was thinking about something in his heart, and in front of him, a strong man shouted angrily: "Are you looking for death? This place is a war zone, where the Pioneer Camp is located, stop me, dare to trespass, and kill you!"

     In the distance, a figure appeared, Su Yu was shocked and almost broke into the war zone, which was very dangerous.

     He stopped outside the war zone in the distance and glanced at towards the Grand Canyon, corpses everywhere.

     Crossing this grand canyon is outside the human defense zone.

     This canyon, called the Eastern Rift Valley, is very large, spreading hundreds of miles.

     Su Yu didn't care about the sun and the moon in the air, and he didn't enter the war zone. He was looking for someone and looked around. He didn't see Liu Wenyan. He was somewhat surprised. Isn't the teacher...no?

     The next moment, I saw someone vaguely, and felt a little familiar.

     Look intently!

     I go!


     He almost didn't recognize it!

      what a joke, my teacher, is this?

     The robe of the Civilization Master was tied around his waist, revealing two hairy thighs. Is this Liu Wenyan?

      Unkempt beard, the white beards are all gray beards.

     His hair is messy, is this Liu Wenyan?

     Stop it!

     My teacher can't be so frustrated!

     If Wu Yuehua and others saw this, would they still chase the teacher?

     A kick is almost the same!


     There is no image, the image collapsed!In Su Yu's heart, it was the Thunderbolt, Five Thunderbolts, the guy in front of him, said he was a pig killer, no one doubted, he still had a small axe in his hand, his hairy legs were bare, and there were a lot of blood on his clothes.

     This is the teacher?

     I do not believe!

      I got the wrong person!


     In the distance, Liu Wenyan also glanced at over there, not paying much attention.


     People who are not from the Pioneer Camp, are very courageous, bashing sideways and colliding straight on on the battlefield, be careful of being killed by mistake.

     Frozen green one!

     Not quite like a vulture, is it going to cross the Eastern Rift Valley to kill outside the defense zone?

     He didn’t care about Su Yu. Of course, he felt a little kind, just like Hong Tan and the others on that day, but he didn’t think much about it. He saw each other far away, but he didn’t know him. Some kindness leads to intimacy.

     He didn't care, but Su Yu was excited.

     However, seeing a general flying towards him, he quickly said: "Go now, pass by, don't get me wrong, I am the pinnacle caster of the Profound Rank, here to collect materials!"

     The flying general glanced at him, and soon he took out a jade talisman looked for a moment, and shouted: "Cui Lang, this is not a place where you can come, go far away, besides, the front is East Crack Gu, beyond the front is beyond the human defense zone!"

     And at this moment, in the air, the black armor Sun and Moon suddenly said: "Cui Lang of the Daming Mansion? He actually ran here! The legs are fast enough! Very good, you are the only one, repair my soldiers!"

     Having said that, he was about to catch Su Yu.

     Su Yu turned around and ran, extremely fast, and said as he ran: "I don't make soldiers, there is still something...""You have been recruited!"

     "I belong to the Daming Mansion and I am not subject to recruitment!"

     Then Black-Armored General smiled, "You run again? Run again, you will miss the warplane, hurry up, come here, come with me to the Pioneer Camp, help us repair the soldiers, and give us money!"

     "Don't do it!"

     Su Yu refused, is not unwilling, but worried about being imprisoned in the Pioneer Camp by this companion pitted. He has heard people say that the Pioneer Camp has an unruly attitude, and the generals often do detrimental things, deducting one day counts as one day.

     They will send people away when the order is issued.

     I have nothing to do with him, so why come here?

     Run away!

     The black-clad general didn’t care about him, and shouted: "Come here, stop him! The quasi-ground soldier, uncle, a ground soldier in the battalion was attacked and hacked, and no one has repaired a soldier for a long time. I didn’t find the next territorial division, and I didn’t want my weapon to be scrapped in the next big battle, so I caught him! Let me fix the weapon first!"

     As soon as these words came out, more than a dozen Shanhai quickly flew towards Su Yu.


     As for illegality...just let him get caught repairing the weapon. As for being held accountable afterwards, it’s all here. It’s better to serve a few more months in prison. It’s better than being killed by a collapsed weapon.

     And Liu Wenyan below inexplicably sympathized with this guy.

     Quasi-land soldiers!

     It's a personal thing, but unfortunately, you are here, this place, now everyone's eyes are red, weapons are about to explode, there is no time for soldiers to come, just right!

     It's you!Not to mention, he also got a little excited, my weapon is about to explode, too, uncle's, the best catch!

     He shouted vigorously from below, "Don't run away for him! Catch him, repair him for a three-month weapon, and everyone will be guilty!

     "catch him!"

     "Hurry up, grab it!"

     "Left, fuck, stupid, I'll come!"

     "Don't stand in the way, grab this kid, kid, fix my weapon, I will give you ten thousand feats!"


     A strong man quickly flew towards Su Yu, grabbed the quasi-dimension division, and sent the ground division division to the door. The luck was so good that he didn’t do anything but he didn’t stop, or he would break his legs and take a few more rests in the pioneer camp. month?

     As for breaking the law and committing a crime, we are all sinners. What are you afraid of!


     Su Yu who escapes wants to cry but doesn't have tears!

     Damn it!

     I'm going to kill people across the Eastern Rift Valley. I don't want to stay here to make soldiers. I'll go, help!

     I knew I was not coming. I just wanted to see Teacher Liu. Now that people see it, I am leaving.

     Also, Teacher Liu is not an individual!

     Go crazy!

     You made people arrest me, and the voice was so loud, I heard it all!

     Seeing all around are people, one by one appears, Su Yu's mentality collapsed, and hurriedly raised his hand to surrender, shouting: "I admit defeat, I am only responsible for repairing weapons, and must let me go within three days, otherwise I will have one. The weapons are not repaired!"The Sun Moon Black Armor thought for a while, nodded, and smiled: "Okay, just three days! But you fixed it for me, and you fixed it, my incredible rewards, if you perfunctory, I will cure you of the crime of missed the war opportunity, you will spend your whole life. Stay in Pioneer Camp!"

     He is happy too!


     Fortunately, his ground soldiers were damaged in the war just now, and he wanted to urge the base camp to send a ground soldiers division over, but the base camp had to negotiate with the ground soldiers, and most people were not willing to come to the vanguard camp.

     It's all right now, delivered to the repairer.

     Let's take it back first, see Cheng Sè, and then discuss with the base camp whether this guy can be recruited into the Pioneer Camp.

     As for taking the initiative... it is impossible.

     Which army division went crazy and came to the Pioneer Battalion.

     The last resident was attacked and killed, and he regrets it now.

     It's okay to die a sun and moon, but the key is the ground soldiers in the sun and moon realm. Now the soldiers in the base camp has been cruelly attacking him.
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