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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     In the Palace of Casting Soldiers, Su Yu dripping with sweat, silently helping Uncle Liu family repair the ground soldiers.

     This ground soldier should have been built by a strong man back then. The quality is very good. Even if it is severely damaged, it hasn't ruined the root, but it is not that difficult to repair.

     Su Yu seriously repaired.

     And Liu Wenyan on the side also looked at him silently, with many thoughts in his heart.

     The master and apprentice were silent and stopped communicating.

      just as in the past, just as in the past, Su Yu was reading and Liu Wenyan was watching, but he could not be the same as before. When Su Yu encountered a difficult problem, he could ask Liu Wenyan. Now, even if Su Yu asks him how to make war, Liu Wen Yan couldn't answer either.

     As time passed a little bit, that destroyed ground soldier, a series of inscriptions lit up.

     73 channels, 74 channels...

     Repairing is easier than building. In the blink of an eye, 81 inscriptions light up, medium soldiers, and there are more than 81 inscriptions, but Su Yu finished this and stopped.

     "That's the only thing I can do. I'm afraid of ruining this ground soldier. Now I can barely restore to the pinnacle of the ground soldier.

     Su Yu threw the weapon to Uncle Liu and said lightly: "If you can wait, you can wait for me to be officially promoted to the ground soldier division and after forging a few ground soldiers, I will help you to fully restore this ground soldier."

     Uncle Liu rubbed the long sword and felt the formidable strength contained in it, which was much stronger than before.

     Su Yu's art of casting soldiers is really strong.

     Uncle Liu nodded slightly said: "I'm already very good, now I am only a mountain and sea boundary, I really want to restore to the middle ground soldiers, but a little impractical, thank you...Master Cui!"Su Yu said lightly: "You are welcome! But let's say that if I need it, the two of you should help me in time. Isn't this all right?"

     Uncle Liu dazed for a moment, Liu Wenyan knew what he meant, nodded and said: "No problem, my uncle and I are not prisoners in the pioneer camp. If you want to leave, you can leave at any time."

     Su Yu nodded slightly, said indifferently: "I know that, your cheap apprentice Su Yu, in order to punish you, he has offended Daxia Mansion completely, Brother Liu, but remember to miss your cheap apprentice more. Don’t know how to scold you all day long!"


     Liu Wenyan spit out in his heart!

     You kid, in front of oneself, say that you are good, you are also enough.

     Soon, Liu Wenyan ignored the topic and said with a smile: "Master Cui, this time you are helping everyone repair weapons. Although Pioneer Camp is a group of killers, but it also pays attention to knowledge and grace. There is trouble on the battlefield of the heavens. You can find us at any time, we can't, you can also find General Cao and others."

     This is to remind myself, Su Yu nodded and smiled: "Know, no need to say more."

     Liu Wenyan glanced at him again, gently takes a deep breath, "Then we will leave first!"


     Su Yu lowered his head, not looking at him.

     Liu Wenyan and Uncle Liu didn't stay any longer, leaving silently, the next person walked in, and they flattered after entering the door: "Master Cui is great, even the ground soldiers can repair it, Master..."

     "No nonsense, a penny is indispensable!"

     The person entering the door was embarrassed and stopped talking nonsense, took out the weapon and let Su Yu start repairing.


     Pioneer camp, the main general camp.At this moment, General Cao looked at several generals under his command, and took off his black armor, revealing a slightly pale face.

     He looks very young, and his face is a bit cold.

     Looking around, General Cao said indifferently: "The Pioneers have suffered heavy losses these days. General Qin has gone to the base camp for help. I am afraid it is hard to find reinforcements."

     Below, a woman with a scar on her face sneered, "The base camp hopes we are dead, how can we reinforce it! General Qin is to bring disgrace to oneself!"

     The woman looked cold, and she didn’t have much affection for the base camp when she spoke. After she finished speaking, she said coldly, “You don’t need them to help, fight to the last! Fight to the last! Anyway, it’s a bunch of sinners who die anywhere. It's dead!"

     General Cao looked at her and said flatly: "As a lieutenant, I still hope that some people can go back alive, come back to the human state alive, live... live innocently, live innocently!"

     General Cao looked at the crowd and said again: "I have asked the base camp for my life. Now the war is fierce and the war continues. Everyone's sentence has been reduced by half, and the treatment has increased by 30%..."

     As soon as the words came out, beside the woman, Hong Du said: "General, can the upper level agree?"

     General Cao silent for a while said in a deep voice: "Yes! If you don't agree, that means letting everyone in the vanguard die! Sooner or later, it will be dead, and there is no need to fight anymore. There are brothers who want to go back alive!"

     Speaking of this, General Cao stopped talking about this, and said in a deep voice: "We now need support, including earth soldiers, alchemists, rune masters, beast trainers... and all of these are scarce."

     "Didn't you catch a quasi-land soldier back?"The woman suddenly smiled, and the scar on her face looked a bit hideous like a centipede lying prone.

     "That guy is not old and has great potential. Sooner or later, he will be promoted to the army division. It will be him!"

     General Cao shook his head: "You can't stay strong. There are also a few sun and the moon behind that guy. Staying strong is hatred. It's not necessary."

     He didn't mention Su Yu any more, and said again: "This time we are summoning everyone, these all are incidental, the key is something else. Nowadays, many human geniuses have entered the battlefield of the heavens. Similarly, the opposite of the Eastern Rift There are also a large number of geniuses from all ethnic groups in the Yuhai Plain."

     He said solemnly: "The above means, let us guard the Eastern Rift Valley. Some geniuses may cross the Eastern Rift Valley and participate in this battle of the geniuses of all races. We are a line of defense for life! They quickly retreated and returned to the human sphere of influence."

     As soon as these words came out, the woman said coldly: "Come here again! Every time all the same! For those so-called geniuses, there are often some guys who provoke powerful enemies, and they can’t solve the problem by themselves. Rift Valley, for these geniuses, countless strong pioneers died in battle!"

     "Why do we have to wipe our butts every time?"

     The woman was dissatisfied, General Cao whispered: "This is an order! From the above, all of us, together, may not be as important as a few geniuses. Don't complain! This is an order! Only hope those guys, Don't cause too much trouble, the key is, I still hope that they can hunt more geniuses of the ten thousand races on the other side, instead of being hunted down."

      "Che!"The woman sneered, "Just do it! It's better to die outside the Eastern Rift Valley, then it has nothing to do with us!"

     General Cao didn't say much, he told everyone a few words, and quickly let them leave.

     When everyone was gone, he left Hongdu.

     Considered for a while and said, "Then Cui Lang, was planning to cross the Eastern Rift Valley before?"


     "You remind him that there is not quite the peace there recently, not quite the same as in previous years."

     General Cao still chose to say a few more words, "He has repaired more than a dozen high-level soldiers for us in the past two days, and the payment he received is not too much. Please remind him, if he insists on going... give him a copy. A detailed map of the Yuhai Plain, and a list of the geniuses of the ten thousand races who may cross the border."


     General Cao thought for a while and said, "Give him a few rescue spots. If you are in trouble, you can go to ask for help. The vanguard does not owe favors!"


     Hong Du complied and quickly said: "General, don't you dissuade Cui Lang?"

     "No, geniuses are arrogant and obstinate. It takes a bit of a loss to realize that the battlefield of the heavens is not where they are famous, but where they die."

     General Cao said casually, and finally said: "Tomorrow is over, he is leaving. You ask him to repair a few more soldiers. Doesn't he like the essence and blood? There are still many strong clan essence and blood in the library. He sent it, let him stay up late to forge soldiers!"


     Hongdu quickly retreated.


     Soon, Su Yu received a batch of blood from Hongdu.Originally, he wanted to not forge soldiers at night, but he was helpless, because the other party gave too much, and there was some blood, and Su Yu hadn't used it. Seeing greedy, he gave too much, so he chose to start casting soldiers at night.

     Stay up late and start work!

     A stalk of war soldiers was repaired by him.

     During this period, there was also a small-scale battle on the Eastern Rift Valley, and Su Yu ignored it.

     Regarding the geniuses crossing the border, many people gathered in the Yuhai Plain opposite the Eastern Rift Valley. Su Yu also knew about this. Including the Human Race, there were also a large number of geniuses who had crossed the Eastern Rift Valley and headed there.

     "Many geniuses are fun!"

     Su Yu cast a soldier while thinking about this.

     As for Hong Du's reminder, including giving himself a few rescue points, Su Yu silently wrote down, and didn't say much.

     Really encountered a strong enemy, perhaps still need help.


     After three days of forging, Su Yu helped repair most of the weapons that needed to be repaired.

     The third night.

     Su Yu did not leave, but began to cast himself a soldier.

     He wants to cast himself a pair of ground soldiers shoes, it is best to comprehend a speed god, and then go out.

     At this moment, he no longer helps people repair weapons.

     After several days of uninterrupted repairs of various weapons, Su Yu now knows better about casting soldiers.

     The divine writing of the word "tremor", including the expansion hammer, has made great progress.

     Starting to cast soldiers, Su Yu began to cast soldiers alone.

     This night, loudly and constantly.No one came to bother him, Su Yu said, he no longer helped people repair weapons, now he has to cast himself, disturbing a caster to cast soldiers, obviously not a good choice.

     Until the sky was bright, Su Yu's face was exhausted, and the boots in front of him showed 72 golden patterns.

     "I am now casting a ground soldier. Even if I succeed, the ground soldier is still very rubbish and consumes a lot of money. Maybe... you can try to cast 72 and a half inscriptions to cast a half-earth soldier. The cost is smaller and the gap will not be too big. ."

     Su Yu thought in his heart, but this kind of half-ground soldiers is sometimes harder to cast than real soldiers.

     Su Yu has some experience, because Zhao Li had cast such half-ground soldiers in the past.

     Last time Zhao Li cast a soldier, Su Yu saw the end from the beginning.

     If the casting can be successful this time, then Su Yu's casting skills will be able to catch up with Zhao Li's casting of ground soldiers.


     I have been busy for a long time, until the sky is completely bright.

     A pair of boots has been cast.

     There are no 73 golden patterns, only 72, but the 73rd is vaguely rudimentary, much stronger than the peak of the ordinary profound stage.

     Su Yu quickly refined his boots, and a pair of boots appeared under his feet.

     The figure moved quickly.

     "At least 30% faster than before!"

     Su Yu secretly rejoiced. As for the fact that he didn't cast a ground soldier, it was not important. If he really wanted to be a ground soldier, it was actually troublesome to use now, and it was too expensive.

     It's almost 30%!This speed, even without divine writing and time, is not weaker than some Lingyun Seven Layers. With time, it may be able to compare with the mountains and seas. It is best to outline a "fast" divine writing or Space Divine Text.

     Unfortunately, up to now, Su Yu has only sketched a "slow" Chinese character.

     "It seems it's July."

     Today seems to be July 1st, and it's been some time since I came to the battlefield of the heavens, but Su Yu hasn't left the Eastern Rift Valley yet.

     "time to go!"

     The father has seen it, the teacher has seen it, and the weapon is cast...

     Except for Shenwen's failure to achieve the goal, everything else was achieved.

     At this time, it is time to step out of the Eastern Rift Valley and see the real battlefield of the heavens.


     "Master Cui is really going to the Yuhai Plain?"

     Outside the Pioneer Camp.

     Hong Du looked regretful and worried. Regrettably, this person could not stay. What was worrying was that if this person died, the weapon would be broken in the future and it would be difficult to find someone to repair it.


     Su Yu smiled and said: "It's just a small matter, I just went to find a few materials..."

     "Why don't we let people go and find them, Master Cui will rest here."

     "you guys?"

     Su Yu said lightly: "Forget it, you can kill people, but you can't find something! I checked the Yuhai Plain, and there is something I need."

     "Master Cui, it's really dangerous right now!"

     Hong Du reminded once again: "Just last night, the spies from the Vanguard came to the news that in the past few days, the Hunting Pavilion's yellow list was missing a few people, and Master Cui was also included in the yellow list."

     "Am I on the Yellow List?"Hong Du thought he was scared, and hurriedly said: "Yes, Master Cui was included in the yellow list, ranking last."

     "underestimate me?"

     Su Yu looked angry, Hong Du was dumbfounded, do you still want you to be on the list?

     Su Yu smiled, "last place...... I understand, let's go first!"

     When the words fell, no longer communicate with him, and went away.

     In the front is the Eastern Rift Valley of the incomparable gigantic, and behind it is the huge Eastern Rift Mountain Range. After crossing this gorge, the Human Race's sphere of influence is calculated.

     "Master Cui..."

     Hong Du watched him leave, somewhat grudgingly, walking really fast.

     You are a soldier, you really want to go, you are not afraid of death!

     Really thought it was very good at first entering Lingyun?

     A guy like you has encountered some geniuses, and there is no difficulty in killing you at higher levels.

     After a while, General Cao appeared in place, "General!"

     Hong Du hurriedly said: "He didn't listen to persuasion, and went quickly, General, I couldn't stop him."

     General Cao nodded slightly, glanced at the direction in which Su Yu disappeared, and then said after a moment: "Let him go! I don't think he has too much worry or fear, but he has some be eager to give sth a try, maybe a little real."

     When the words fell, Su Yu stopped talking and shouted: "The whole army is on alert! Don't let the enemy cross the Eastern Rift Valley!"

     In the rear, the vanguard camp, a strong man broke out, (of the people in a group) to get into position.

     These days, they may usher in another great war, the plains of Yuhai are in chaos, the geniuses of all races have fallen, and some genius guardians are now frantically looking for revenge.

     There was a mess over there.You have to guard against them taking the opportunity to get into the human world.


     Su Yu at the moment has a very relaxed expression.

     Leaving the human sphere of influence!

     In the human sphere of influence, he was actually somewhat depressed, and he didn't dare to make an all-out effort.

     Moreover, some people cannot be killed.

     And when you get to the opposite side of the Eastern Rift Valley, anyone can kill, as long as you don't know, you can kill, kill, and there may not be anyone who will trouble you. This is a hunting ground for geniuses.

     No one who dies makes one surprised.

     A huge mountain range lay in front of you, and across this mountain range, it was the Yuhai Plain.

     It was flying, not far away, a figure was extremely fast, and it disappeared in a flash. Su Yu ignored it. The next moment, that form suddenly stopped and returned. After a while, a young man looked at Su Yu and said somewhat weird. : "Cui Lang, Daming Mansion?"

     Su Yu glanced at the other party, nodded slightly.

     "Dare to come here for the caster? It's death!"

     The young man shook his head and said: "Go back as soon as possible! Take a moment! In the past two days, the Yuhai Plain has been in chaos. Even Huang Teng of Daxia Mansion was chased and killed. Wu Qi of Daxia Mansion was almost beheaded. Kill, you are a caster, you dare to come when you just entered Lingyun!"

     Su Yu a thought flashed through the mind and said: "Huang Teng and Wu Qi? These two are not weak, are they here? Are they chased by someone?"

     "Yes, Wu Qi killed a demon genius alive in order to fly into the air. Now, that guy's brother has brought people to avenge them and has fought several battles in the Yuhai Plain..."After that, the young man quickly said: "I want to see the situation too, Cui Lang, it's better to leave this place early, not to waste time with you!"

     When the words fell, the youth passed away in a flash and disappeared in place.

     Su Yu shouted: "Who is your Excellency?"

     "Song Yi of the Song Dynasty Mansion!"

     Su Yu didn't say anything. This person knew that a genius from the Great Song Mansion was also a figure on the four ranking list. It seemed that he was going to join in the fun.

     "Wu Qi, Huang Teng?"

     Su Yu was somewhat surprised. He heard the news of these two as soon as he arrived. He had heard of Huang Teng's name in Daxia Mansion countless times.

     This guy is number one!

     As a result, he also ran into trouble and was hunted down. It was really dangerous here.

     Even at this moment, Su Yu didn't dare to say that he could beat Huang Teng 100%. Of course, he lost...without a match, Su Yu didn't think he was necessarily worse than him.

     Flew forward for dozens of miles.

     After crossing the mountains just now, a new scene came into view.

      as far as the eye can see the Great Plains!

     After the East Split Mountain, there is the Plain Region as far as the eye can see. Vaguely, some cities or towns can be seen. I don't know who lives.

     He did have a map, but the map didn't elaborate on the origin of these cities and towns.

     Hongdu only reminded Su Yu that some cities are places for resting. If you are in danger, you can go into the city and hide. Of course, there are also huge dangers in the city. Don't enter the city rashly.

     "Yuhai Plain!"

     Su Yu felt it, his vitality was very strong, cultivating in this place is much stronger than cultivating in the human state.words exceede 5100The bird that Su Yu hit with one blow fell, looking at him with a strange expression in his eyes: "What kind of race are you? You run very fast."


     The armored man shouted in a low voice and quickly disappeared in the same place, Su Yu moved under his feet, and exploded in place with a bang.

     Just a few steps back, Su Yu sensed the crisis, quickly turned his head, and made a puff, a steel thorn brushed past his ear, the puff sounded, and a powerful Power of Corrosion eroded.

     The armored man disappeared completely, and in the blink of an eye, Su Yu felt a little dizzy and poisonous!

     Damn it!

     When I first came, I met the strong?

     No, are there such strong people here?

     It feels great!

     Is this guy a warrior?

     There are so many ways!

     Su Yu picked up a big hammer and swept around, with a bang, the armored man came out with a hammer!

     On the induction jade, that guy can't hide from himself.

     As soon as he hammered out the opponent, Su Yu was about to make a ruthless hand, saw a flash, fantasy!

     "Civilized Master?"

     Su Yu was shocked. Did he meet the Civilized Master when he first arrived?

     His "blood" divine writing exploded, breaking the illusion in an instant.


     The armored man was a little shocked, all this was broken?

     In the next moment, the armored man stopped entanglement, and quickly fled to the distance, not admitting that he was invincible, but there was no need to entangle with a strong man here, and he was careful to be picked up by someone.

     I originally thought this human race was average and not strong, but who knew that the opponent was quite strong, and the armored men didn't want to fight life and death with the opponent.And Su Yu, frowned, wanted to chase him down, but the jade began to flicker, Su Yu inwardly cursed, and quickly escaped away.


     After a while.

     Su Yu appeared in one place, inwardly cursed, "Am I weak?"

     I just came here, and I felt that I had encountered some small setbacks.

     The opponent should only be Lingyun Seventh Layer, but the moment he played against the opponent, he didn't take advantage of it, but some suffered a small loss. Is he too weak?

     The guys on the battlefield of the heavens are so formidable?


      at the same time.

     Not far from Su Yu, beside a river, a group of people were resting. The armored figure flashed out. Here, there were a few people wearing armors like him. Someone saw him come back and laughed: "Red Armor, where did you go? Where's your mount?"


     The armored man replied and then spit out: "I met a strong human race, unfortunately!"

     "Mountain and sea?"

     The companion smiled and said: "I met Shanhai, uninjured, it's pretty good."


     The armored man shook his head, "It's not mountains and seas, a Lingyun, not Huang Teng and the others. There are so many human geniuses. This guy has never heard of this before. After a hammer, I almost dizzy!"


     Other people look at each other in dismay, which genius uses a hammer, they really don't know too much about this.

     As for Cui Lang, who was ranked last in the yellow list, he only said that he was a soldier, and no one thought about him.

     Su Yu felt unlucky and weak.

     This red armor feels unlucky!He is the seventh level of Lingyun, the genius strong on the profound list. He has killed the existence of Lingyun Jiuzhong, and has fought against Shanhai. Even if he encounters some Shanhai one and two, he can still retreat without killing people. .

     As a result, he encountered a weak Lingyun who was stunned by the opponent's hammer several times and had to leave quickly. He was depressed.

     "Red Armor, do you need our help?"

     "No need to!"

     Hong Kai refused: "Don't worry about that guy, it's not him that is going to deal with now, but the young dragon!"

     The red armor said quietly, "The best choice is the dragon as a mount! That young dragon will soon be promoted to the mountains and seas, grab it, and soon, there will be a mountain and sea dragon ride!"

     "We don't have enough manpower, the dragon clan is already strong, and that guy is the Golden Dragon clan of the dragon clan, second only to the Tianlong clan... it's not easy to deal with."

     Hong Kai nodded, it was easy to deal with, and there was no need for such trouble.

     He wanted to capture a few prisoners, but also to lure the young dragon into fools.

     "It's okay, grab a few guys as bait, this young dragon should be out of the dragon world soon, maybe it can poison it!"

     As for Su Yu, the strength is not weak, forget it, don't catch it, so as not to ruin his own affairs.

     He didn't care too much about what happened just now.

     In the Yuhai Plain, if you met someone, fought, and didn't suffer a loss, then it's not a problem. Everyone should go their own way.


     Hongkai didn't care.

     But Su Yu was very concerned.

     He is very depressed!

     Fuck!As soon as I came out, I was beaten by someone. Although it didn't seem to be a disadvantage, I was beaten by someone with no cause, no reason, and the opponent ran so fast that he refused to accept it.

     I haven't used my skills yet!

     "Armor man... you are dead!"

     Su Yu gnashing one's teeth, I'm a prudent eye, this guy is dead.

     What I said, no one can save you!

     So good, it was destroyed all at once.

     "Furry ball, smell me, catch up with that guy!"

     Su Yu in the mind called, sleeping sprawled out on one's back, Xiaomaoqiu, yawning, woke up dazedly, these days, Xiaomaoqiu has nothing to do and sleeps comfortably.

     Hearing Su Yu's words, his little nose moved slightly when Su Yu could barely see it, and said, "Left, the smell has not disappeared!"

     Su Yu also without rubbish, quickly escaped into the void, turned into a wind, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

     That guy is dead!

     This time I came to Yuhai Plain. It was not easy to go out. If I didn't kill him, I would be in a bad mood. How could this work!
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