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383 Heroes Gather In The Sky
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On this day, the name of Cui Lang from Daming Mansion officially made his first appearance to All Heavens and Myriad Clans.

     As for the previous ranking of 360, everyone didn't care about it. A casting division is very important, but most of the time the hunting list still depends on combat effectiveness.

     Now, instantaneously entering the third place on the Yellow List on the Hunting Day, it suddenly attracted the attention of the entire genius field.

     Cui Lang!

     This name, at this moment, is widely known.

     The more six small-level murders!

     It was not ordinary people who killed them, but the geniuses of the Profound Kai family. The killing of geniuses and the killing of mediocre geniuses were completely different. If they were to kill a genius like Hong Kai, Su Yu might be able to enter the Profound List this time.

     If the geniuses of the gods and demons were killed, they would directly enter the earth list or even the sky list.

     Lingyun Qizhong also depends on what Qizhong is.


     At this moment, Su Yu is still tracking him. He is very vindictive. Where there are no rules, it is also seeking revenge for the slightest grievance!

     In a human situation, restraint is enough, here, he doesn't want to restrain.

     As for whether the Xuan Kai clan has a Dao protector, it seems that there is no one at the moment.

     Under normal circumstances, protectors only exist in those geniuses who have entered this place for the first time, giving them a period of adaptation.

     After adapting, the so-called protectors, including the genius themselves, do not need protectors.

     I am here to become stronger, not to become Ma Baonan.

     If it is purely for experience and fear of death, then these people will not come to the Yuhai Plain, where experience is safer than here.

     Rebirth in adversity and growth in crisis is also a criterion for cultivating geniuses among all races.Supporting the strong who walked up all the way is not a strong one.

     Without a sense of crisis, what kind of strong?

     No invincible is supported by people all the way up. Any invincible has experienced catastrophes, life and death crisis during a weak period.


     "Cui Lang?"

     In the Yuhai Plain, in a jungle, Huang Teng picked up the list glanced at, smiled, and said peacefully: "Cui Lang, Daming Mansion, I have seen this person, without the demeanor of a strong man, he can become the third in the yellow list. Is taller than Wu Qi you? I don't believe it!"

     He said it confidently, but he didn't believe it.

     This Cui Lang, if not fake, or was taken away by others.

     Anyway, it couldn't be the Cui Lang he had seen!

      absolutely impossible!

     Pride and self-confidence from genius, that is not a kind of person, he has seen and confirmed the eyes.

     Huang Teng was born in a civilian family, and he has seen too many wealthy geniuses, as well as some geniuses rising from the common people. Each person is special and has a unique mark. Cui Lang is a prodigal, but he will never be a ruthless person.

     He promised to enter the Plains of the Sea of Desire without hesitation.

     Unless, this person really received a major blow, to wash one's heart and renew one's face, with advance courageously conviction to enter the plain of desire, there are such people, but they are too rare!

     Huang Teng said, not far away, Wu Lan's mouth was bleeding, glanced at him, and said indifferently: "Others need you to believe? And I need you to prove me?"

     Huang Teng smiled and said, "Yes, Wu Qi, you're right, but... I think we might have to escape."

     "escape?"Wu Qi gritted his teeth and said coldly: "You go, don't be with me, Morba wants to kill me, he is not qualified!"

     "What I said, they didn't come alone, they came with Primitive Demon Race's genius Tianduo."

     "That also no need to bother you!"

     Wu Qi is lightly snorted, she has her pride, Huang Teng continues to follow her, it is easy to fall.

     She was watched by Mo Erba, and the two sides fought several times. Huang Teng was not lightly injured, and so was her. Of course, on the Mozu side, they also killed several.

     But now they are seriously injured, if it goes on like this, sooner or later something will go wrong.

     Got to be scattered!

     She Wu Qi doesn't want to owe favors, even if he died here, so what?

     Back then, she dared to fight near the Eastern Rift Valley before she vacated. Moreover, it was not the first time that she had come to the Yuhai Plain.

     Here, the geniuses of the ten thousand races are fighting, and this is her battlefield.

     She has killed others, was killed, and has no regrets. The way of heaven is reincarnation, and the murderer will always kill them. When she comes here, she is ready.

     Huang Teng smiled without saying a word, didn't pay any attention, took out a jade talisman, aroused, felt it, and exhaled softly: "Let's go, stop talking nonsense, I'll be chasing it again, my soul will not disappear!"

     After that, he said with a smile: "I don't know if Qin Fang is here. If he comes, join hands with him and kill those guys!"

     Wu Qi ignored him, got up quickly, felt it, and fleeed in one direction.

     Huang Teng shrugged and ignored her, continuing to follow.words exceede 5100At this moment, a few mountains and seas followed, and someone coldly said: "Pay back the money, pay it back, then everything is easy to say! Liu Hong, you think about it, the front is the Yuhai Plain, you are pretty good in Daxia House, but Here, it’s nothing! Do you want money to kill you?"

     "what money?"

     Liu Hong said depressed: "You rob me? One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, why do you owe you money? I sell the exercises, you buy the exercises, is there a problem?"

     A few people were silent.

     no problem!

     However, it was just asking for money and was not satisfied.

     What's more, this is an order from several young masters and misses. Even if you can't get the money back, you can't make Liu Hong comfortable, and it's hard to make him rich.

      bully intolerably!

     Treat their invincible descendants as fools!

     It happened to be really fooled!

     This thing is not easy to publicize, so I had to declare to the public that Liu Hong had cheated them on the black market and they wanted to pay for it. As for how to cheat and how to cheat, then there is no need to mention.

     Black market trading, unprotected.

     Of course, on Liu Hong's side, no one provided any protection.

     People don’t kill you, if they don’t beat you, they just follow you, what can you do?

     Liu Hong looked depressed and said: "Don't follow, a few! Everyone is your own! Follow me again, I went to the Yuhai Plain, I tell you, the Yuhai Plain is very special here, you mediocre people, go It’s easy to meet someone’s protector, genius meets genius, mediocre meets mediocrity, be careful when you meet the sun and the moon, you will be killed!"

     "Dare you go?"In the back, the mountains and seas said coldly: "You have gone, and met a genius, be careful not to have a place to die! Liu Hong, the money is back, hello everyone, I am good, the lady said, you really want to pay it back, then It's okay, go and kowtow to the eldest lady, and you will be rewarded for the money!

     Liu Hong helplessly said: "Frankly, so much meritorious deeds, kowtow also no problem! The point is, your highness is too much, you want to video, I have to behave as much as possible? Let’s forget it in private. I’ve spread it out, and I’m still seeing people or not? You say yes?"


     The mountains and seas behind are also speechless, you really agreed.

     Do you agree to co-author or not?

      shameless person!

     Are you still calling for a face?

     You don't want money and you don't want to be shameless.

     "Liu Hong, you go to the Yuhai Plain. People are dead. What's the use of more money?"

     Liu Hong thought for a while and nodded, "Yes, the point is...I don't have much money."

     He said, sighed: "Look, I bought a complete set of Xuan-level peak equipment, which cost nearly 100,000 merits! I bought a storage ring, bought the blood of the gods and demon, bought a few Tianyuan fruit, bought I have bought a lot of essays on will, and I bought a lot of vitality transformation pills... After calculating, it actually costs a lot, and it’s really not much money. A few elder brothers, why don't you follow me?"


     A few people are silent, uncle, dare to spend it!

     So much money, how much did you spend?

     With the money of the invincible descendants, to buy these things, extravagant, a bit unambiguous, this guy is much bolder than his performance.Liu Hong helplessly said: "Forget it, it looks like you have decided to follow me, then go and die together. I'm going to the Yuhai Plain!"

     After that, he walked on air and quickly crossed the Eastern Rift Valley.

     The mountains and seas looked at each other, their faces were speechless, you are really going.

     The Yuhai Plain is very evil!

     The more genius and the stronger, the easier it is to encounter.

     In the Sun-Moon Realm, sometimes you can meet a strong Sun-Moon Realm when you wander around.

     A few people looked at each other helplessly, and soon someone said: "We are waiting nearby. This guy is afraid to go deep into the Yuhai Plain. He will come out soon!"

     Several people looked at each other, Hearts of One Mind, yes, don't go in!

     It's really dangerous over there!


     At this moment, a genius flooded into the Yuhai Plain.

     But Su Yu insists that Qingshan will not relax!

     I insist on you!

     Bastard of the Xuan Kai clan!

     Bullying me!

     He continued to track, at the same time, not far away, a golden dragon, hiding in the clouds, appeared from time to time, staring at the people in front.

     Sometimes, I will look around.

     With some doubts, was the human race who killed before?

     Why does it feel like the five elements?

     It's a pity that guy doesn't cooperate with it, or else, let's shoot together and kill the other party.

     The dragon was also thiefly looking around.

     Be careful!

     Those Xuanjia clan guys are not easy to mess with either!

     underground.Su Yu kept following, gradually, getting closer.

     Suddenly, a gust of wind blew.

     Red Armor's tone changed and he no longer used lingua franca, but the language of the Xuan Kai family, and shouted: "Be careful, damn it, everyone pull yourself together!"

     He feels someone is coming!

     Just thought, saw a flash, illusion!


      A loud sound, his vitality is soaring, strong vitality, shocking illusion shock.

     The blood word sacred text is already a fourth-order sacred text.

     Mirage also grew more and more powerful!

     Even if they burst out of vitality and failed to break through the illusion for a while, Hong Kai shouted, "Kaihua!"

     Everyone has become armored!


     The armor on his body has become a lot deeper, and his vitality has become stronger. With a roar, the illusion is broken!

      At the same time, Hong Kai punched his feet violently!


     The ground cracked, revealing black soil.

     Hong Kai's eyes changed for a while, looked around, and coldly said: "That human friend, who had misunderstood before, has to stay entangled? The Xuan Kai family and human race are not enemies..."

     As he was talking, Hong Kai was shocked!

     Quickly burst out of the sky, with a shot!

     In the air, a huge hammer hit him!

     At the moment when the hammer fell, Su Yu appeared, appeared behind an armored warrior, kicked it out, and the word "slow" broke out. The armored warrior only felt that saw a flash, Space and Time slowed down. .

     The will is a little trance!At this time, the word of thunder broke out, with a bang, the thunder exploded, and the armor was covered with scorched black. Su Yu hit the armor with a kick, and with a bang, the armor was all split up and in pieces by him!

     With one hit, Su Yu didn't stay, and instantly escaped underground and disappeared without trace.

     In the clouds, just as the Golden Dragon appeared to go down, Su Yu ran away.

     The next moment, Hong Kai gave a sharp roar and threw a shot at Jin Long, shouting: "Kill this dragon!"

      A human and a dragon, flanking back and forth, is too annoying.

     You have to kill one first to kill yet another!

     Su Yu ran too fast and had too many methods. He did not find the trace of the other party after several inspections, but this dragon, in fact, he found several times.


     One armored warrior was also holding fire at this moment, and one after another was armored, and the strength was stronger by three points, the defense power was greatly increased, and they instantly fought with the golden dragon.

     Jinlong cursed in his heart!

     It's so fast!

     I haven't had time to go down yet!

     Cursing, cursing, the opponent is missing a lot of people, it is not afraid, roaring, the dragon's tail sweeps the void, the armored warrior that it hits keeps flying backwards, and the claws are sharp and sharp.

     The front claws unite, grab a long sword and start to chop.

     Dragons can do swordsmanship!

     Chi Chi sparks sounded, and the fire was everywhere. Those armored warriors were also extremely brave and brave at the moment, fighting with the golden dragon in the air. As for the red armor, while fighting, while vigilantly preventing the human race from attacking again.

     Fortunately, Su Yu did not sneak attack at this moment.He wouldn't believe this golden dragon. Ten thousand races are not a good thing. Be careful if you are trapped by them and surround yourself, then you will be over.

     The enemy besieged and killed the opponent, but not without.

     I killed me, this dragon wants to do it, do its own.

     Killing the second armored warrior did not reward Su Yu Tiandi, but Su Yu felt a little bit that if he killed a few more, he might be rewarded. These people were not as strong as the previous armored warrior.

     However, in the battlefield of the heavens, it seems to be cumulative.

     At least Su Yu had a vague feeling. For such a guy, killing about three or so might give Heaven and Earth a reward.

     "It's screaming!"

     Su Yu also watched the battle silently in the distance, looked for a while, but shook his head. They were all fools. The dragon and the red armor did not give their full strength, probably defending themselves.

     Su Yu guards them, they will naturally guard Su Yu.

     The two sides fought fiercely for a while, the golden dragon swept away the red armor with one tail, and left through the air, and those people did not chase again.

     Hong Kai quickly cleaned up the battlefield and rushed to one direction with the remaining 10 soldiers.

     And Su Yu, calm and unhurried, while tracking, while absorbing the vitality of the sky to forge.

     Not urgent!

     Fourteen, three are dead.

     Just keep running!

     I'll see if I can advance to the ranks of the gods in the process of chasing and killing me, or cast my flesh again.

      Slaughter [杀] The Character Divine Text is still the third-order, Su Yu feels that if you kill a few more people, sooner or later it will become the fourth-order Divine Text.


     Chase, escape.Jin Long and Su Yu kept harassing this group of armored warriors. Along the way, running and stopping, they also encountered some ethnic geniuses, but seeing the embarrassment of the Xuan Kai clan being killed, these people avoided leaving.

     With the addition of Red Armor, the 11 armored warrior is getting fewer and fewer. After seven or eight hours of running, only 8 are left.

     As for Su Yu, he absorbed another reward from heaven and earth. It was a trash heavenly vitality, which made Su Yu speechless.

     I don't lack this!

     I lack willpower. You can also reward me with a big willpower dumpling, which is stronger than this.

     After running for a while, Su Yu's mind suddenly flashed the Tribulation Character.

     Induction jade does not have any induction.

     Su Yu didn't even think about it, and quickly fled away without any intention of staying.



     Red armor keeps advancing, and his mechanical eyes are full of anger!

     But my heart is cruel!

     Keep chasing!

     Later, let you regret it.

     Just thinking about it, behind, a loud sound, a golden dragon screamed pitifully, a blood stain appeared on the dragon's tail, not far away, a white-haired man cut out with a sword, and the cut golden dragon once again had a blood stain on its body!


     Golden Dragon loudly roared, without thinking, escape!

     That white-haired man slightly frowned, just wanted to make a sword again, hesitated for a moment, but gave up the idea.

     Red Armor flew in quickly, and hurriedly said, "Thank you Brother An for your shot!"

      white-haired man nodded slightly, glanced at them and said indifferently: "Golden Dragon genius, Long Wuyou, Golden Dragon Great Elder's grandson, it's not easy to kill it, don't mess with it!"Red Armor was slightly surprised and said: "Great Elder's grandson?"


     The handsome white-haired man, serenely complied, "I have entered the mountains and seas, it is not easy to kill it, so as not to cause the Golden Dragon Great Elder's unhappy, but you, really want to kill it... the problem is not big."

     After all, he is much better than that guy, and he is actually not afraid of killing him, but there is no need to offend an invincible for the Profound Kai clan.

     Yes, invincible!

      Golden Dragon clan is not weak, two invincible, the great elder and the patriarch.

     Among the dragon clan, the existence of the dragon clan is second only to the existence of the sky dragon clan, and it is unnecessary to provoke the opponent.

     Soon, the white-haired An Mintian said again: "That human race, with some weak induction, walked very fast. Before I arrived, he ran away and failed to kill him."

      somewhat regretful, also somewhat astonished.

     He came quickly, and he hid it deeply, but when he arrived, the guy disappeared.

     Hong Jia somewhat angry said: "My brothers, almost all died in his hands!"

     Also depressed!

     An Mintian didn't care too much, he died and died, no big deal.

     "Stop talking about it!"

     An Mintian said indifferently: "Now, the demons are besieging Huang Teng and the others. Terran Qin Fang and Huang Teng are the benchmarks. Kill(ed) them. Human geniuses will inevitably be disturbed. Follow me to siege them!"

     "Brother An..."

     Red Armor hesitated and said, "Cooperate with the demons?"

     "Not cooperation!"An Mintian said indifferently: "It's about picking up the bargain. On the Mozu side, if Tianduo is at a disadvantage... I don't mind picking up some bargain, just join me!"

     "okay then!"

     They were just rescued by the other party and liberated them. Now that An Mintian has made a request, it is difficult for him to refuse.

     After thinking for a while, I said, "Brother An, if you encounter the golden dragon again, Brother An doesn’t have to kill it and help me trap it? If I can capture it, after my clan armor is combined, I can also have the power of mountains and seas. Brother An can do more."

     An Mintian considered, nodded slightly.


     As for killing an invincible descendant... if you kill it here, you will kill it, not to mention does not belong to oneself to do the job oneself, the Xuan Kai clan is not afraid.


     At this time, Su Yu was inwardly cursed!


     Another strong man, fortunately ran away, he saw the tragedy of Golden Dragon. It was so miserable that he almost had his tail cut off!

     Who is that white-haired guy?

     He flipped through the information quickly, and after a long while, he found the person's appearance and information introduction in one of the information.

     "An Mintian, the mountain and sea double, Ice Snow God Clan strong, good at swordsmanship, warrior, sixth in the rankings, beheading the mountain and sea four strong."

     "Sixth on the list?"

     Su Yu glanced at, curled his lips, and killed two small-tier powerhouses. It was pretty good, but among the Protoss, he might not be considered the top genius. Of course, the ranking is not low.

     It’s not Primordial God Clan’s.

     "An Mintian!"

     "Even if I make an all-out effort and the Yang Aperture is half open and devouring blood, I may not be his opponent."Su Yu sighed. It was still quite terrifying to be able to kill the four layers of mountains and seas. Anyway, he is now making an all-out effort, and he will probably be killed. Don't provoke him.



     He was ready to slowly purge the fellows of the Profound Armor clan, and it was disturbed by this companion pitted!

     If you kill them, it is still very troublesome not to kill them cleanly.

     Some of their own methods were seen by them, if it goes on like this, maybe they haven’t reacted yet, because the news spreads, it will take time, but sooner or later, I am Su Yu’s matter to be exposed!

     Feng Xing, escape technique, these methods, including illusion, thunder, and time he used.

     Now, these people haven't thought about it, but soon, maybe they will find that something is wrong with him.

     Su Yu didn't care too much. Before identity exposed, he ran away, or changed his identity. Anyway, Cui Lang's identity is not very reliable.

     "Can't kill them, kill others!"

     On the way, Su Yu also received some news, but he had no contact on the battlefield of the heavens, and only overheard some news that Huang Teng and Wu Qi were being hunted down.

     Huang Teng didn't care too much. Wu Qi's words were Wu Lan's sister after all. If there is a way, he still has to save it.

     "Be low-key, not too high-key!"

     Su Yu secretly urged himself to be more careful, because he had not been able to kill Red Armor and these guys before, and his identity was in danger of being exposed, so he should solve them as soon as possible, hoping that these idiots have not reacted.

     After all, the news about Su Yu is not well known.He has never been to the battlefields of the heavens, and only some of the top powerhouses of the ten thousand races learned some news about Su Yu, mainly because of the exercises. As for other things, those guys in the small battle may not care, let alone tell them deliberately. The people below are up.

     As for what methods Su Yu would use, probably even Invincible didn't know too much, and they must be clear about several sets of exercises.


     Three hours later.

     Su Yu stabbed a tiger-headed demon with a single knife, extracted the essence and blood, frowned and said: "Can the hunting list take the initiative to provide records?"

     Su Yu frowned, only then did he know that he was third on the Yellow List.

     "The breath was captured by someone and provided to the hunting list, and the hunting list shows Cui Lang's name... which means it was input manually. So, I may have been caught before!"

     Back pondered, very probably may be on the territories of the human race and was caught. At that time, he tracked a person, and a sun and moon came, and he fled instantly. It may be that he was caught breath at that time.

     "This captured breath, is it Source Aura, or is it an external breath?"

     Su Yu is not very clear, but since Cui Lang is shown, he knows some things in general. This hunting list is not as powerful as he thought. It can know everything. It is probably the hunting tower who is observing who is eligible for the list. .

     After that, capture the breath, enter the hunting list, and make a record.

     Then, if this person kills some strong players on the list, he will be caught in the hunting list.

     "In this case, it will be a little troublesome!"Su Yu still wants to change his identity, but, thus, change his identity...for example, change to the identity of the demon clan. As a result, the demon clan is on the list and killed.

     This impersonation can't be impersonated!

     "No wonder Xia Huyou told me that it is difficult to impersonate here!"

     "It has something to do with this Hunting Heaven Ranking, Hunting Heaven Pavilion, who is in control?"

     This is troublesome!

     For example, if Su Yu pretends to be Huang Teng, even if Huang Teng is alive and not dead, Su Yu kills people, Huang Teng does not have any record changes, but Cui Lang's name has changed records, and the fool knows that he is a disguise. Of it.

     "Hunting list!"

     Su Yu grumbled, not a good thing.

     Hunting Pavilion is not a good thing either!

     Unless you kill a witness to silence them, don't let people see who you killed, don't let people discover that you have a new record, that's all right.

     For example, pretending to be Huang Teng and killing someone, Huang Teng's record has not changed, Cui Lang has, everyone knows that Cui Lang killed the person, but I don't know that Cui Lang changed his identity to kill.

     "This name should have been changed artificially. Will anyone not be on the list, the breath has not been caught, or nameless nobody, the other party doesn't know who that person is?"

     One by one doubts sounded in my heart.

     Su Yu stopped thinking about killing this tiger demon, but he asked something. In the west of Heaven Broken Valley, some people were gathering to besiege Huang Teng and them.

     Su Yu hates the tiger clan.

     The blame is on the Yunhu clan, the tigress of the Yunhu clan actually wanted to calculate himself, which made Su Yu full of disgust towards the tiger clan.

     "Heaven Broken Valley?"Information about the Heavenly Broken Valley appeared in Su Yu's mind. According to legend, two invincibles slashed the ground in this battle. In this Plain Region, a rift valley was formed hundreds of miles long.

     Because it is an invincible battlefield, there are [Unbroken Blade Slash] until now, and the valley is full of dangers.

     Without thinking about it anymore, Su Yu pondered, and quickly changed his body shape into a transparent waterman. Now, I am a waterman!

     Unless he kills and is found by onlookers to change his record, otherwise, his Shapechange, few people are able to discern.

     Human race is a bit sensitive here now.

     The gods and demons all ran up, be careful of them.

     After transforming into a water man, Su Yu still knows water people very well. There are not many five element races, and the possibility of encountering the same race is very small.

     As for the big hammer, you won't need a big hammer next time, and it's the same if you change it to something else.

     The hammer is just more in line with his own identity, without a hammer, his divine warfare skills, this was originally so a knife.

     In the battlefield of the heavens, Su Yu is also like a fish back in water!

     Here, the appearance of any race is not at all surprising.

     Here, which clan you want to become can become which clan, no one thinks too much, because ten thousand clans may appear here at any time, Primordial God Clan demons are here, and the other each clans gather, not at all problem.

     Su Yu, who had turned into a waterman, drove quickly. A cloud of water mist wandered in the air and reached another place instantly.

     Along the way, some strong men rushed towards the sky and Broken Valley.Human geniuses Huang Teng and Wu Qi were besieged by the demons in the Heavenly Broken Valley. This news can be regarded as big news. Huang Teng is the pillar of the younger generation of Daxia Mansion. After killing Huang Teng, Daxia Mansion can cry to death.

     Some races rushed to the other side after hearing the wind.

     And Su Yu, too.

     Watch the fun!

     If you can save it, it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t want to put himself in in order to save people. It’s not that great yet. If it weren’t for Wu Qi, he wouldn’t even bother to watch it. Huang Tengzhen was killed and he wouldn’t be offended thing.

     The two sides are not familiar!


      at the same time.

     In a huge canyon, Huang Teng glancing to left and right, smiled and said: "It's okay, don't be afraid! This is the knife mark left by the battle between King Daxia and the people. Here, if you can open the sky knife, like a fish back in water! Those guys want to besie me here, dreaming!"

     Yes, the sword marks left by the Battle of Invincible Realm, one of the invincibles was King Daxia.

     It cut a crack of hundreds of li long with one stab, forming a broken valley.

     Wu Qi was a little depressed, feeling a little uncomfortable by the air pressure of the Heavenly Sword, frowning: "I said, you can leave, what do you have to do with me?"

     "Life is too boring, there are some things, challenge, entertain, isn't that great?"

     Huang Teng smiled and said, "On weekdays, people are killed furtively. Now, people are gathered here. When the time comes, you can kill as many as you want! Isn't that happy?"

     "You are dead, the Xia family will probably cry!"Wu Qi said lightly, and Huang Teng shrugged and said with a smile: "It's not that the dead genius is worthless, but the Xia family has invested a lot. Maybe Hou Ye will cry and the loss is too great."

     Wu Qi laughed, really.

     Master Xiahou is about to cry!

     Daxia Mansion is betting on Huang Teng, and has invested a lot, including the opportunity to cast the body of Tianyuan Holy Land. If Huang Teng died, it would be really painful.

     Huang Teng disapprovingly said: "Hou Ye cry and cry, there are many geniuses in the Daxia Mansion, just train one more, Huang is not the only one."

     Wu Qi said coldly: "In order to invest in you, the Xia family gave up a lot of people. If you die, I'm sorry to the Xia family!"

     "I won't carry such a heavy responsibility!"

     Huang Teng walked, comprehending those sword spirits, and said with a smile, "I am said to be the second of Palace Master Xia... Actually, I don't like it very much. Generally speaking, whoever is second will not end well. I am me , Huang Teng!"

     When the words fell, the sword aura broke out on his body, and it was extremely powerful. Huang Teng seemed to have some insights and said with emotion: "The King Daxia is really strong. This sword aura...Even after So many years, I feel better than Palace Master Xia's. Still strong!"

     After that, he said: "Those who can open Heavenly Swords should come here for a while. This is the way that King Daxia held the absolute killing heart to kill Invincible. Unfortunately, Invincible did not die. Otherwise, this place would be a Jedi. !"

     Wu Qi ignored him, and he was not a warrior.

     There are a lot of people in the Heavenly Sword Society, but not everyone can learn the essence. If you have more insights, it doesn't mean that other people have insights. This guy is really genius.At this moment, geniuses gathered from the outside world, Wu Qi didn't care anymore, he would die here.

     Huang Teng, this guy, is strong, and he died in the Heavenly Broken Valley formed by the opening sword. This guy has no burdens, and there is still hope of killing him, so I don't need to worry about him too much.

     "When I die, my generation... depends on that stupid girl!"

     Wu Qi thought in his heart, somewhat grudgingly, forget it, you should do research, it's good.

     Counting on you, the old Wu family is probably hopeless.
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