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386 Let's Talk About Your Body (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Su Yu entered the Heavenly Broken Valley.

     And at this moment, the Human Race, the Daxia Mansion camp, the base camp of the Demons.

     Master Xiahou is here.

     Personally rushed to the battlefield of the heavens.

     He was not the only one, but also brought several Sun-Moon realm powerhouses, including the ancestor of the Wu family, Wu Lan and their grandmothers.

     In the base camp, Lord Xiahou looked cold.

     He, who always loves to laugh, can't laugh at this moment.

     Huang Teng and Wu Qi were besieged in the Yuhai Plain, and they were in danger of falling.

     Daxia Mansion has indeed invested a lot in Huang Teng.

     Resources and money are trivial matters. Huang Teng is a genius who is preparing to take over as the Suppressing Demon Army. The Xia family even wants to train Huang Teng as the next Dragon Guardian.

     Today, Huang Teng is in crisis, and the Xia family has to take care of it.

     Even if things are scary in the Daxia Mansion, even if the Polytheological Academy is about to open now, he has to come.

     Today, the Daxia Mansion is managed by General Hu and General Zhao, and Xia Houye’s son Xia Xinyi and Xia Huyou assist in the management.

     The shortcomings of the lack of people in the Xia family became prominent at this moment.

     There are also a few strong people on the branch, such as Xia Yunqi, Xia Changqing, deputy governor of the Daxia Civilization Academy, and Xia Yuwen from the line of Xia Changqing. They are all powerful geniuses, but they can't let Xiahouye rest assured.

     Master Xiahou calmed his face, hesitated for a moment and said, "How is Huang Teng's situation now? Is there any news coming?"

     The general of the town demon army lightly sighed, "Yes, I was besieged in the Heavenly Broken Valley."

     "Heaven Broken Valley?"

     Xiahouye was slightly relaxed, but could run."He practiced with Kaiyuan Knife well, but he can increase his sword skills in the Heavenly Broken Valley. If he understands that the sword is strong, he can even borrow some of the strength of my old man, as a result, and his strength will be improved."

      While being relaxed, he couldn’t help cursing: “Stupid! Don’t run to the east, but to the west. Outside of Heavenly Broken Valley, there are a lot of activities of the monster race, including some gods and demons. In the ancient city, no one knows how many powerful people are hidden and how many realms they lead to, what this guy thinks!"

     On the side, Wu Yuehua's mother said coldly: "Hou Ye, you just said that my Wu Qi was tired of Huang Teng!"

     "The old lady misunderstood."

     Xia Houye smiled bitterly: "I didn't mean it, these guys are hard to manage! Mainly it is very troublesome! The situation on the Yuhai Plain, the old lady also knows, the stronger you are, the easier it is to get lost, the Yuhai Plain... Selfless Is Just! As long as there is desire, it is easy to be affected in the Yuhai Plain, more becomes formidable, the more troubles and crises we encounter, we can send people to rescue, but once the sun and the moon go, it is easy to get lost... "

     Yes, lost.

     Walking along, the Sun-Moon Realm may suddenly appear outside the Eastern Rift Valley, or near some ancient cities in the west, or simply encounter the enemy's strong.

     In short, in the Yuhai Plain, the stronger it is, the easier it is to be disturbed.

     This is also the reason why many geniuses like to fight in the Yuhai Plain. Here, if the strength is too strong, it is too easy to encounter a crisis.

     Not only the Plain of Yuhai, in fact, there are some such problems in the entire battlefield of the heavens.Of course, if there is Invincible, then such interference will be much lighter.

     As he was talking, outside the hall, a general hurried over and said: "Master Hou, various Sirs, there is information from the Yuhai Plain!"


     Master Xiahou called hurriedly.

     "General Huang Teng, Researcher Wu Qi was besieged in the Heavenly Broken Valley. On the side of the Demon Clan, Tianduo, the genius of the Demon Race, led a large number of demon powerhouses and geniuses, and was preparing to enter the Heavenly Broken Valley to besiege them, however... Something changed midway."

     The general who came to report quickly said: "Cui Lang of Daming Mansion suddenly appeared, in front of All Heavens and Myriad Clans genius, beheaded the red armor of the mysterious clan. All the powerhouses in the hunting ranking list are killed! Cui Lang has risen to the 18th place on the mysterious list, and is now forced into the Heavenly Broken Valley. Lord Hou, shall we contact the Daming Mansion and rescue together!


     Master Xia Hou dazed for a moment, Cui Lang?

     Su Yu is right!

     I go!

     This kid can really get into trouble, isn't this just a few days after coming here?

     Why did he kill the two geniuses of the Xuan Kai clan at once? As the helm of the Xia family, he had a somewhat understanding of the situation of the ten thousand clan. The two geniuses of the Xuan Kai clan were both powerful men who could kill people by more than one level.

     Being able to enter the hunting rankings is a recognition of their strength.

     These two guys, as weak as the blue armor, are absolutely not difficult to deal with the ordinary Lingyun Nine Layers, and the strong like the red armor, encountering the mountains and seas of some weak races, it is absolutely possible to fight.

     Just killed by Su Yu?

     This kid...fuck!

     The more you think about it, the more terrible!

     How big is this?19 years old!

     Xia Houye complexion slightly changed and said: "Cui Lang entered the Heavenly Broken Valley?"


     Cui Lang is in!

     Su Yu is in!

     Xia Houye is a bit complicated, is it to rescue Huang Teng and Wu Qi?

     To be honest, in the Yuhai Plain, even if the Xia family rescues, unless King Daxia goes or Xia Longwu goes without interference, other people, including Master Xiahou himself, may be disturbed when he goes.

     Sometimes it's bad luck, and it's normal to be transported to places like Tianmucheng if you step on something at once.

     Geniuses, they don't have much scruples.

     "Su Yu went over there."

     Master Xiahou didn't know what to say for a while, this kid can really cause trouble.

     So weak...

     Well, it's not weak.

     When I was 19 years old, I didn't vacate, and everyone was ranked 18th on the Profound Ranking. This is when he counted his age, and the input was incorrect. Otherwise, Su Yu would definitely be on the ranking.

     If one day kills a mountain and sea, he will be on the top 100% because he is young.

     They are much smaller than Huang Teng!

     He was thinking about this, and the Wu family's old lady was somewhat uncertain and said: "Cui Lang of Daming Mansion? How did he go to Heavenly Broken Valley? Did he go to the rescue? Or... to send him to death?"

     Daming Mansion guy, so bold?

     The general who came to report the news shook his head and said: "This is not clear. Cui Lang has already entered the Heavenly Broken Valley at this moment. We are still exploring detailed circumstances. On the side of the Demons, Vice Admiral Chen Long has already led a team to Heaven Broken Valley. Gu, General Chen is not weak in strength and not very old. It should not be difficult to successfully reach the Heavenly Broken Valley."Chen Long is not big, he leads the team and will go smoothly.

     Those who are older may take the team away after leading the team.

     "Chen Long?"

     Master Xiahou thought a bit then said: "He is a bit weak, don't look at entering the mountains and seas, but at this moment, the Yuhai Plain is full of geniuses of all races. Chen Long has gone, and he may not be able to defeat some top Lingyun. He just entered the mountains and seas. Threefold soon."

     Thinking of this, he suddenly said, "This Chen Long... seems to be a friend of Su Yu's father, right?"

     The demon army general who had not spoken heard the words and said: "He is the old sub-leader of Su Long. After Su Long was discharged from the army, he took over as the sub-leader and was promoted all the way. Now he is the deputy of Second Legion. Second Legion is about to Adjust, I'm just about to arrange for him to take over as the chief general of Second Legion."

     After all, glanced at Xia Houye, hesitated for a moment, still opened his mouth and said: "Hou Ye, although Su Yu left the Daxia Mansion, Su Long is still serving in the army, and Chen Long has been fighting for many years for the Daxia Mansion. I have given a lot, I hope... Master Hou will not hinder this matter!"


     Master Xiahou looked speechless, I at what time said I would stop it?

     If something happens, one by one will let me be in the dark!

     I said, because he is an old subordinate of Su Long, should I not give him a promotion?

     "Stop talking!"

     Xia Houye coldly snorted, thought a bit then said: "The mountains and the sea are not enough, the sun and the moon are easy to encounter danger..."

     He turned his head to look at someone, and said: "Old Zheng, you go!"

     Zheng Ping!

     The governor of the Great Xia War Academy, not long after he was promoted to Sun and Moon, the old enemy of Wan Tian Sheng.Zheng Ping seems to be quite young, but in fact he is really not that old.

     The powerhouse of Daxia Mansion is not very old. Zheng Ping has just passed 70 years old this year, and he is considered young in the sun and the moon.

     Hearing this, Zheng Ping laughed and said, "Okay, then I'll go! Hou Ye, the crucial moment is up to us, the civilized teacher is useless, Hou Ye, after the Great Summer War Academy, I have to allocate more money. "

     Master Xiahou said ill-humoredly: "I asked you to save people, not to send you to death!"

     The demon generals of the town cannot bear saying: "Master Hou, do I need to go before the sun and the moon?"


     Xia Houye said gloomily: "Maybe I didn't need it before, but I must need it now. The sun and the moon are not necessarily enough. Unfortunately, too strong guys are prone to accidents. Anyway, be careful recently. Huang Teng originally hoped that it would be fine. !"

     Don't underestimate Su Yu's ability to cause trouble.

     Originally, maybe it was just the demons who were besieging them, maybe it won't be long before the gods and the demons were gone, and all the races had to go.

     The more genius, the easier it is to cause trouble. This is the theorem.

     Back then, Xia Longwu came to the battlefields of the heavens to cause trouble, not to mention Su Yu.

     Huang Teng can provoke Shimozu, do you underestimate Su Yu?

     When this was said, the eyes of the others were a little strange, what do you mean?

     Before, there was still 30% hope to be okay, now it is 10%, who is it?

     Who is worried about Lord Hou?

     Although I don't know the situation, you can listen to Lord Xiahou saying that, the general of the Squad Demon Army still said: "Then I will trouble the Chief Zheng."

     "It's okay, Huang Teng is my student!"Zheng Ping smiled and said: "Don’t tell me, I’m going to see the situation. I just got promoted to Sunyue, and I didn’t have time to show off my ability. This time, I will meet some old guys! I don’t know what the gods and demons are. Is there any old guy going."

     "there must be!"

     Xia Houye affirmed: "This is certain, they can kill Huang Teng, they can't give up! What's more... Anyway, even if you go, be careful yourself. Besides, Cui Lang of Daming Mansion, if you can save it, you can save it. Now, if it’s too dangerous... just give up, he won’t be so easy to die."

     Top evildoer, not so easy dead.

     Moreover, that kid really has a lot of methods, which he is sure, not to mention anything else, a hidden ability to restrain his interest, he will hang Huang Teng.

     Zheng Ping is somewhat uncertain, but still nodded and said: "Okay, Lord Hou, I know how to do it!"

     "Do you need to notify Daming Mansion?"

     The General of the Suppressing Demon Army asked: "Daming Mansion may not pay attention to the Yuhai Plain. The main reason is that there were few geniuses active there before in the Daming Mansion. The information in the Daxia Mansion is much better than them."


     Xia Houye said and said: "It's best to notify Zhu Tiandao, even if it fails, you must notify Ye Hongyan who is stationed in the heavens."

     Others may not know Su Yu's identity, Ye Hongyan probably knows.

     Niu Baidao’s wife, when I heard that Su Yu went to Zhutian Mansion, she still stayed in her mansion for two days.

     In this case, the high probability is known.

     "That I understand!"The general of the Suppressing Demon Army nodded, this is a good notice, the other party is outside the channel, it is easy to report, and when the other party is notified, it is easy to notify Zhu Tiandao.


     It didn't take long.

     Zhu Tianfu.

     Ye House.

     Ye Hongyan's eyes were strange. He looked at the strongman of the Demon Suppression Army who had always reported, and said, "I understand, tell you Lord Hou, I know what to do!"


     The strong man who reported from the Demon Suppression Army didn't say much, and left quickly.

     As soon as he left, Ye Hongyan had a different color on his face.

     It's not long before Su Yu left, right?

     Entering the battlefield of the heavens, only half a month before and after, does this start to cause trouble?

     Was blocked in the Heavenly Broken Valley?

     "Really messy!"

     With a headache, Ye Hongyan was speechless. After thinking about it, he decided to report the news to Zhu Tiandao. In Ye Hongyan's eyes, Su Yu should be more important than Huang Teng.

     For Huang Teng, the Xia family could have a huge head, let alone Su Yu.

     This time, Zhu Tiandao probably also had a headache.

     The sound transmission symbol sent a message. Soon, another sound transmission symbol was used to send a message. One of them went directly to Zhu Tiandao, but it was easy to fail to receive the news over a long distance.

      another is the secret order for the transfer, which is passed to the envoys of the Daming Mansion in the Great Zhou Mansion near here. It is passed layer by layer, and it can be passed to the Daming Mansion quickly.

     This is also a double guarantee to prevent some important news from failing to convey.


     And shortly after she delivered the news.

     Within the Daming Mansion.

     Tiandufu.City Lord's Mansion.

     Zhu Tiandao picked up the sound transmission symbol glanced at, some toothache!

     I'm going to you!

     Haven't you been away long?

      Fuck off, you ran to provoke the top-level genius, and you were blocked in the Heavenly Broken Valley. This ghost place, close to the Central War Zone, after the Heavenly Broken Valley, is considered the old nest of the demon race.

     The Profound Kai clan... The Domain passasge of this clan seems to be nearby. You killed them all at once. Are you afraid that someone from the big world will come and kill you directly?

     "Asshole stuff, if you kill, you have to be careful! You really kill in front of everyone, there is no such kind of person in Daming Mansion!"

     This identity will be exposed sooner or later!

     Zhu Tiandao was also helpless, and it might not be too late to send someone there.

     Fortunately, the grandson is over there.

     He quickly communicated back and asked Ye Hongyan to convey his military order and inform Zhu Hongwen to mobilize some powerful men of the Heavenly Dao Army to rescue him. Otherwise, Zhu Hongwen might not even know that there is a Daming Mansion genius in the Yuhai Plain that was besieged.

     "Yuhai Plain...that ghost place, seek fortune for oneself is better, you may not expect to be able to get reinforcements!"

     Shake your head!

     Zhu Tiandao sighed. He knew that he had been to that place several times. It was a bit wicked and had little influence on geniuses. It had a great influence on elders. It was easy to be corrupted by desire and even sink into some fantasy.

     Some guys, as soon as they entered the Plain of the Sea of Desire, they were dazzled by desire and killed themselves directly.

     "Daming Mansion Cui Lang..."

     Laughter, to Niu Baidao, your cheap apprentice, it's better not to leave.

     If you leave the customs, you probably have to collapse.Su Yu helped you reach the 18th place on the Profound List. Exciting, right?

     In a few more days, maybe he will be a genius on the list. There are not many geniuses on the list in Ten Thousand Realms. Cui Lang is really famous in the Ten Thousand Realms this time!


     The fact is just as Zhu Tiandao expected.

     On Yuexin Island.

     Niu Baidao thought for a while, and found Cui Lang who was in retreat, Zhen Cui Lang, briefly introduced the situation, and calmly said: "Before Su Yu's identity is revealed, you should not go out, go out... You are now The ranking, probably in the ranking of Ten Thousand Races, has also risen, you Cui Lang, now it may be worth hundreds of thousands of merits, be careful of being assassinated!"


     Cui Lang was unable to respond, somewhat stupid.

     After a long time, suddenly said: "President, I hate you!"


     Niu Baidao is speechless, why do you hate me?

     It’s not that I forcibly forced you to lend your identity to others. You lent it to Su Yu happily. What good is it for you to hate me now?

     Niu Baidao calmly said: "It's okay, don't you just cast a military division at the level? Isn't it the 18th in the Profound List? Just like Su Yu's virtue and Langcheng, within half a year, his identity will inevitably be exposed, and he will have nothing to do with you. Yes, of course, you also earned a reputation. At least Renjing and All Heavens and Myriad Clans know that there is a Cui Lang."


     If their identity is exposed, other people will naturally go to Su Yu instead of you. Don't be afraid.

     Cui Lang gritted his teeth and said: "Prefect, even if I am a real person, everyone will have to wonder if this is Su Yu's outfit, right?"


     It seems too!

     Ning kills the mistake and never let it go!Regardless of whether it is the real Cui Lang or the fake Cui Lang, it may be Su Yu anyway, and he will kill him if he kills it.

     Niu Baidao calmed down and said, "It's okay, anyway, you don't get out of the Daming Mansion very much. Just go to the battlefield less."

     Appease without sincerity!

     Cui Lang was depressed. I was stupid. I actually lent my identity to Su Yu. This guy is really better than himself, so let's change his name to Su Lang!

     But thinking about it, it's a little cool.

     At least, all races now know my name, Cui Lang, and the danger is a little bit more dangerous. Isn't this becoming famous?

     Don't you just show your personality, fame, and fortune when you hang around for a lifetime?

     Now that I have a name, I'm afraid there is nothing else?

     Cui Lang comforted himself for a while, nothing, I continued to retreat, it's okay, I'm not afraid.


     Daming Mansion and Daxia Mansion sent people to rescue, Su Yu didn't know this.

     At this moment, he has completely entered the Heavenly Broken Valley.

     He was not too anxious anyway.

     As soon as he entered the Heavenly Broken Valley, a wave of sword energy wandered on his side as if he had come alive.

     Su Yu didn't feel too much pressure, but felt a little relaxed.

     These swords are still very close to him.

     Open the sky!

     144 acupuncture points exploded, and Su Yu himself also showed sword energy, not weak, but very strong.

     The sword energy left behind by King Da Xia, surrounded on his side, and his own sword energy, a bit of fusion, the two sword energy collided, and the shocking Su Yu's body was shaking.

     Very cool!

     Su Yu felt it for a while, a thought flashed through the mind, the next moment, Tian Yuan Qi appeared, surrounded himself, and began to use the sword energy to cast his body.And the sea of will is still absorbing the lingering rhyme of divine text.

     There is a tendency to be promoted by changing characters and sacred writings.

     Sure enough, in the battlefield of the heavens, it feels simpler to be promoted.

     Knife gas casting body!

     Su Yu didn't absorb the sword energy of King Da Xia, and the cast body felt more refreshing.

     Around, the surrounding sword energy increased.

     Vaguely, there's some left special feelings.


     "Advance courageously!"


     A variety of sentiments appeared in his mind. This was the belief left by King Daxia in the past. His knife, exactly like this, would kill the opponent and the target.

     Even though he couldn't do it, but this knife carried the faith.

     Su Yu suspected that the sword aura in Broken Valley didn't disperse this day. It might also have something to do with not killing the person. The sword aura still contained some unwillingness and resentment.

     Su Yu felt very clearly!

     After failing to kill the opponent, King Daxia was regretful and unreconciled after this cut.

     I don't know which of the top powerhouses was cut by King Daxia, with a high probability of not dying and also being seriously injured.

     There was another force in the broken valley that day.

     Some sacred taste!

     "The powerhouse of the Protoss!"

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, the powerhouse of the Protoss, the next moment, his sword aura converged, and the techniques of the Protoss suddenly started up.

      The practice of Primordial God Clan!

     As soon as this exercise started, there was a bang, and the sword qi exploded, and blood stains appeared on Su Yu's body quickly, but at this moment, a burst of Sacred Strength instantly healed these injuries.The one who wanted to kill him was the sword aura of King Daxia, but it was the Sacred Strength that healed him, probably from Primordial God Clan.

     Only the invincible in Primordial God Clan can fight with King Da Xia like this, not being killed, and let King Da Xia retreat regrettably.

     Su Yu experienced it and was overjoyed in an instant.

     Although King Daxia's sword aura was terrible and hurt him all at once, Sacred Strength was not weak, and he quickly repaired his body.

     "It's so cool!"

     "It's cool to cast like this!"

     Su Yu seemed to have discovered the treasure. He was instantly overjoyed. The sword gas quenched his body, Sacred Strength repaired it, and swallowed the heavenly vitality. He felt that cultivating here was definitely faster than outside.

     At this moment, Su Yu No More Hesitation is running the Protoss Cultivation Technique. If the sword energy is too violent, he will use the Heaven Sword.

      as a result, you are not afraid of killing yourself.


      This is me need to find a place, here, maybe I can complete multiple castings, I will not go!

     Whoever comes, I won't go!

     Su Yu moved forward, while practicing, looking for Huang Teng and the others by the way. Huang Teng also practiced the sky-opening sword. Su Yu had some faint feelings, and that guy was in a nearby area.


      at the same time.

     Huang Teng slightly frowned, glanced at towards the rear, and said strangely: "Someone came in behind."

     "Is it weird?"

     Wu Qi is indifferent, it is strange that no one comes in.

     Really think those guys will let you go?

     "No!"Huang Teng smiled and said, "I mean, it's a bit strange. I feel that the people who come in seem to be arousing the sword qi here. Wouldn't it be possible to use Heavenly Swords? But...there are not many people in the Heavenly Sword Meeting. ?"

     Otherwise, the Xia family should not be too strong, or not too weak, or someone from outside the Xia family has come?


     Of course, even if this person could use Heavenly Swords, he would feel a little strange. For a while, the sword energy from here gathers towards the other side, as if it is close, and for a while, another force gathers towards the other side. He doesn’t know what the situation is. .

     The sword gas seems to be repelling!

     Weird guy!


     What's the situation?

     At this moment, even Huang Teng was inaccurate, and quickly said: "Go ahead, don't stay in one region/place for too long, find a weak spot, and be ready to kill at any time!"

     Wu Qi nodded, and said a little strangely: "You said someone would have a heavenly sword?"

     "Apparently right but actually wrong, and... if it is true, the sky-opening sword aura here is the sword aura of King Daxia. If the sky-opening sword is learned, it is not the top-level version, and it will hardly resonate. The Xia family inherited it. Top-level Heaven Sword, isn’t that much?”

     Huang Teng is not too clear about the situation either, who inherited from the Xia family who opened Heavenly Swords and who gained top inheritance.

     Anyway, what he learned is 144-knowledge.

     I heard that today's King Da Xia, the Heavenly Sword that is being studied, is no longer the 144 orifice. I don't know if there is a god-level exercise method, no one knows this.

     "The top scalpel?"Wu Qi thought for a while, shook his head, but soon thought of someone, and smiled lightly: "I don't know about others, but I know someone will."


     "Su Yu."


     Huang Teng thought for a while, nodded, and smiled: "I haven't seen it before, but I've heard that he is a cow, a student of Bai Feng, and a family background. I was thinking, if he met me someday, he would Will be murdered on me? After all, I beat Bai Feng three times."

     Wu Qi is too lazy to take the call, ask Su Yu about this.

     "Su Yu... he probably wouldn't dare to come here."

     Huang Teng said with a smile: "Otherwise, Cui Lang, Daming Mansion, what do you think?"

     Just now, the scoreboard was shaken, he looked for a moment, Red Armor was dead!

     Cui Lang of Daming Mansion has entered the 18th Xuan Ranking, which is strange!

     He didn't believe it. When he killed the blue armor, he looked at it and didn't believe it either.

     At this moment, something vaguely thought of.

     "Cui Lang, Su Yu, Daming Mansion, Kaitian Sword..."

     He murmured and asked: "Wu Qi, how long ago did the ranking change happen?"

     "Half an hour ago ."

     "Half an hour... Around that time, I noticed that Tianduangu's sword aura was a bit strange."

     Huang Teng murmured: "Cui Lang killed Red Armor, and then, there was a guy who could open the sky sword entered this place. Cui Lang killed Red Armor... If he killed it near here, he took the opportunity to escape. Here, so to speak... Cui Lang is the one who will open the sky sword?"

     Wu Qi's eyes moved slightly, "Cui Lang?"Huang Teng nodded slightly, "Otherwise, it would be a coincidence. Just after the death of Red Armor, Cui Lang just reached the 18th of Profound List. There is a strong man who can open the sky sword. Who else can you say besides him?"

     He said, "Does Cui Lang know Daxia Mansion very well? Will the Xia family inherit his top-level Heavenly Swordsman?"


     will not!

     Wu Qi said in his heart that no matter how the Xia Family's Heavenly Knife was passed indiscriminately, the top-level Knife Heavenly Knife would not be spread as Chinese cabbage, even Cui Lang could learn it.

     "Forging soldiers!"

     Huang Teng turned his head to look at her and said, "You told me before that the relationship between Su Yu and Zhao Li is good?"

     Wu Qi nodded.

     "And this Cui Lang, who is good at hammering, seems to be Teacher Zhao Li's "Expanding Technique"."

     Wu Qi again nodded slightly, condensing his eyebrows slightly: "What do you mean..."

     "Just a guess!"

     Huang Teng smiled, “I’m just surprised, he is really genius to this point? He enrolled in school, and it’s a year now. A year ago, he was Kaiyuan, and a year later, he will be in the Xuanbang? No, if so Really, that's the place list!"

     Wu Qi didn't know what to say.

     After a long while, he said solemnly: "Don't guess wildly!"

     I am panic!


     That kid, how can it be progress so fast, I don’t believe it.

     Cui Lang is Cui Lang and Su Yu is Su Yu.

     Definitely not the same person!

     Just a few months ago, she went to the Daming Civilization Institute, warned Su Yu, and told him to be nice to her sister, otherwise she would kill him...Turn your head, you tell me that this guy who is stronger than you may be Cui Lang, I don't believe it, I don't accept it.

     Random guesses!

     Huang Teng, who is pretending to be clever, is all nonsense.

     You still don't allow Cui Lang to be stronger?

     Are you jealous of Choi Lang?

     Huang Teng shrugged, just guessing, and didn't break the law, but he was indeed suspicious.

     Anyway, if you really want to meet it, you will know it naturally.

     Wu Qi was also depressed, and said in a low voice, "Do you want to reunite with him?"

     "Do not!"

     Huang Teng shook his head and said: "I'm not sure who is here, not sure of identity, not sure of strength, don't converge! Weak, we are easy to be dragged to death, strong, we are easy to drag each other to death!"

     "Here, do their own things, unless you are forced to work together, look at the situation and cooperate, you are also an old man on the battlefield, don't make this mistake.

     Wu Qi was too lazy to pay attention to him. You said it was Su Yu, so I was thinking about whether to converge.

      if this is not the case Su Yu, she didn't bother to meet others.

     It is not good to drag others down, and it is not good to drag yourself down.

     "If your guess is true, then he might have come to save me!"

     Huang Teng looked at her unexpectedly, "You... do you take everything from master to disciple?"



     An ice skate slashed on Huang Teng's face, his face turned red and purple as a result, Wu Qi coldly looked at him.

     Huang Teng said silently: "You said it yourself! He actually came here to save you. I thought I would come all over the world. This would be a shame. People come to save you... It's too complicated! Bai Feng What do you want to do with you..."Wu Qi coldly looked at him, "Dirty!"

     "Why is it dirty?"

     Huang Teng is depressed, you said it yourself, but not me.

     "If he comes, it is because of my sister!"

     "Sisters all eat?"

     Huang Teng mouth opened wide, "Shuangwu Heqiao Method...you sisters? Didn't you say that one of them is his senior sister?"


     "shut your mouth!"

     Wu Qi shouted in a low voice and stopped talking, this shameless villain, she didn't want to say another word to him!

     Huang Teng became more and more depressed. What you said, I explained exactly what you said.

     You are still angry!

     Woman, it's really difficult.

     Also, is Su Yu really here?

     To be honest, he himself didn't quite believe this speculation, but the other party would open the Heaven Sword, and he vaguely felt it, not Su Yu, could it be that Cui Lang would really be the top Heaven Sword in the Great Xia Mansion?


     Huang Teng was guessing, and Su Yu was sure that Huang Teng was in front of him.

     "Does this guy feel me?"

     "Still running...Does this not want to join me?"

     Su Yu thought for a while, it doesn’t matter, I’m too lazy to save you, just do it, I’ll cast a body first, I’m almost 13 casting, let’s talk about it after casting it, you die before I finish casting, then don’t blame me for not saving you .

     In the next moment, Su Yu transformed into a Golden Shadow and instantly disappeared in place.

     On the side of the canyon, there was a broken golden knife.

     The Jinling of the Jinling Race!In this place, many people have died, and there are some broken objects left in the canyon. There's some left bones. He is much more relaxed than Huang Teng. As he is in his current situation, the astringent technique is combined with the Yin word divine writing, and the word is changed. Divine text, plus the divine text of static characters, can really find that there are not many of myself.

     Cast yourself first, let's talk later.

     Others come in, and those passing by are hacked to death!

     Compared to strength, he may not be able to beat Huang Teng. Compared with survivability, Huang Teng should go aside. If he doesn't join me, I would like to relax.

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