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389 Wave To The List (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

An Mintian brought many people, including the geniuses of the Protoss and the strong of the small clan.

     The strength that can be brought by him is not weak.

     At this moment, these people are also chasing forward quickly, but they are not as fast as the sky, and they are dropped a certain distance. Over there, Huang Teng’s sword spirit is strong, kill with one strikes a strong man, everyone sees in the eyes .

     At this time, everyone was anxious to make up the knife, and Huang Teng was obviously an arrow at the end of its flight.

     After being caught up by Tianduo and the others, Huang Teng and Wu Qi, who were obviously seriously injured, nowhere to go.

     At this time, several strong men were chatting while chasing over.

     "It looks like we are all right!"

     "Yeah, Huang Teng is dead, but unfortunately, we can't get any benefits. Even Master An may not get any benefits. Primitive Demon Race's Tianduo, this time, it has made a lot of money, first on the list, if you are killed , The rewards of heaven and earth will certainly not be less. It will not be difficult for him to cross the eightfold and ninefold of Lingyun directly, and it will not be difficult for him to cross the mountains and seas together.

     "This will save a lot of time, and Tianduo is not too young."

     "Primitive Demon Race's mountain and sea, I really want to enter the mountain and sea, Lord An...may not be able to win the Heavenly Duo."

     They sighed, this is the era when the strong takes all.

      Racial Talent is strong, strong in cultivation, and strong in strength. The powerful tribes of gods and demons take a big advantage. No matter how hard other tribes work hard, it is difficult to catch up. Has to say, some creatures are born a cut above others .

     At this time, one of these powerful men was also from the Lingyun Realm of the Protoss, with six white wings on his back. Listening to their discussion, his face was full of jealousy.Haughty, arrogant and overbearing, this is also the character of many gods and demons.

     Gods and demons are the first class of Gaowan!

     Listening to them talking about An Mintian at the moment, the six-winged protoss said indifferently: "Si Demon is strong, but even if Tianduo is promoted to the mountain and sea, he is far inferior to some geniuses of my Protoss. Of course, for Shi Demon, Tianduo is Modona is still a lot worse."

     Everyone didn't say anything this time, nodding their heads was considered acquiescence.

     Mordona, the first demon, the strongest in the sky.

     Lingyun Qizhong, beheading the existence of Shanhai Qizhong.

     Even the ranked two Primordial God Clan, Zhan Wushuang, has been compared to him. Zhan Wushuang, the powerhouse of the eightfold cut of the sun and the moon, is not as ranked as that guy.

     Speaking of this, a creature said strangely: "Why didn't Modo come this time?"

     The six-winged protoss said lightly: "He will definitely not come, Huang Teng has not been paid attention to by him, unless Qin Fang and Huang Teng arrive together, he will be a little interested, otherwise, Modo is so proud, how can it be? Come and kill the guy who is inferior to him."

     As soon as this remark came out, the others were envious again.

     This is the supreme arrogance of the ten thousand races.

     The eyes are too high!

     People like Huang Teng are not in his eyes.

     As for the Dragon Fighters of the Dragon Race, naturally they will not be paid attention to by him. Those who can catch the eye are probably those who are also the geniuses of the top ranking.

     They chatted, also not anxious chasing.

     Going early or late is the same, why bother to hurry.

     At this moment, Su Yu came.

      speed is surprisingly quick!The wind word god text speeds up, stepping on the half-terrain boots, passing away from a long distance, and coming through the air.

     The six-winged protoss only saw a flash, and quickly shouted: "Kill!"

     These powerhouses are all long-killed guys, and they are not slow in their reactions, and they are also somewhat shocked. They are a group of 8 powerhouses, and the other 7 are not on the list, but the six-winged protoss is still on the list. Yellow list.

     Ling Yun was three times, but the one who had killed Ling Yun six was not too old.

     Under such circumstances, there are people who dare to attack them?

     A group of 8 strong, if the other party is also just sufficed, but only one person!

      Slaughter [Kill] Character exited, one of the guys turned into a huge Kunpeng, his mouth opened wide, and he drew wildly at Su Yu.

     Some of the other creatures disappeared instantly, some turned into weapons to kill Su Yu, and some creatures released billowing flames.

     The powerhouse of the Six-Winged Protoss was even more incited by wings, breaking through the void, separating from the others in the blink of an eye, breaking through the illusion of Su Yu, and seeing Su Yu's appearance at a glance, and shouted: "Bold Cui Lang!"

     court death!

     This human race is crazy, dare to attack them.

     "Six Wing Protoss?"

     Su Yu was angry when he saw Six Wing Protoss!

     He hates the six-winged protoss!

     The quiet Six Wings Cult has been targeting the polytheistic literature, killing Wu Jia’s parents, almost killing Feng Qi, and persecuting Chen Yong to flee the Daxia Mansion...

     Damn it!

     Damn it!The killing intent instantly boiled to its peak. At this moment, Su Yu angrily shouted, with a sledgehammer in his hand, directly transformed into a long knife and a knife. This was Su Yu's original magical skill.

     Although the 99 divine texts formed the divine text combat skills, although not fully formed now, it can be said that even the half-finished swords are stronger than other divine text combat skills.


     With a loud shout, the broken word divine text instantly broke through the defense, the long knife was mixed with strong willpower and the black flame was attached to the knife. That was the soul eater.

     With this knife, the sky knife was used!

     Around, sword energy swept in.

     Lingyun triple!

     Really think that the Protoss is better than me?

     Su Yu shout loudly, a sabre slash down, with a bang, the eyes of the six-winged protoss changed, and instantly fluttered its wings to avoid the knife, so strong!

     He was somewhat shocked, judged quickly, and his eyes changed drastically in the blink of an eye!

     This is not a strong man of single gods!

     This is a polytheistic warfare!

     "Who are you?"

     He shout loudly, something is wrong!

     How does this guy know how to be a master of warfare?

     As a genius who has fought against the human race, he knows some situations, polytheistic warfare, or such a powerful polytheistic warfare, there are not many people who can, this Cui Lang, should not be!

     "I am your father!"

     Su Yu a crazy roar, boom a sabre slash down, the void burst!

     The six-winged protoss kept retreating, and the speed was extremely fast.

     I was shocked and confused.

     Who is he?

     Polytheistic literature will die!

     This is the oracle of the Protoss!He was thinking that Su Yu's technique suddenly changed, and the original divine art exploded. With this change, the six-winged protoss suddenly stagnated, and the technique and breath of the master of the protoss suppressed!

     Six-winged Protoss face completely changed!

     No... Primordial God Clan?


     "You are not Choi..."


     Just at this brief moment, Su Yu once again a sabre slash down, make an all-out effort, willpower and vitality poured into the knife at the same time, a sabre light flashes, reflecting the void, not as strong as Huang Teng before, but also Not weak!

     With a bang, a sabre slash down, the six-winged protoss instantly all split up and in pieces!

     The six wings weren't broken, and they wanted to fly away. Su Yu's flame divine runes buzzed together and made fire in the void.


     A terrible cry came out, and the next moment, the six wings were changed to ashes and disappeared completely, leaving some flesh fragments and blood in place. Su Yu grabbed it at random and caught some blood.

     But at this moment, the several powerhouses suppressed by the illusion broke through the illusion one after another.

     When the illusion broke, these creatures were shocked.



     In a real instant, back and forth, Su Yu and the Six Winged Protoss fought at an astonishing speed. The two had less than three conversations and they were not complete, and the other party died.


     With a loud shout, including the prototype Kunpeng, also fled instantly.

     too terrifying!


     At this moment, a small cloud formed in front of Su Yu. Su Yu looked at it and directly smashed the cloud with a palm. What was the use of this thing and wasted time."run?"

     Su Yu coldly shouted, "You dare to join forces with the gods and demons to kill the human race. You are not brave enough. You can provoke the human race?"

     Gods and demons are powerful, what are these little clans?

     Even if there are some of the top 100 races, such as the Kunpeng, but the human race is not a weak race, dozens of invincible races, these races dare to provoke the human race, really tired of living!

     At this moment, Xiaomaoqiu attacked instantly, and the guy who escaped in last had his eyes dull for an instant, and the next moment, he slashed straight!

     With a snort, the body fell into two halves.

     Before it fell, he was taken away by Su Yu.

     The remaining 6 people are fleeing at all costs at this moment. Even if there is a strong sub-clan of Lingyun Jiuzhong, they are fleeing at this moment, strong!

     Can't afford to offend!

      At the same time, behind Su Yu, the thunder flickered, and Lei Jue rushed to this side quickly. He didn't want to save people, but wanted to kill Cui Lang. Don't give him a chance to escape again.

     Farther away, An Mintian looked back glanced at and saw the blade light, it was Su Yu's blade light that killed the Six Wing Protoss, slightly frowned, the next moment, he cursed, does not turn round, and flew toward Huang Teng again go with.

     Go back also comes without enough time!

     What's more, it's just an interest relationship, not a relative. Why go back?

     Huang Teng is here!


     Su Yu ignored Lei Jue.

     Xiao Maoqi raided and left a huge monster beast again. Su Yu cut the opponent in half with a knife. At this time, Kunpeng growled and shouted: "If you run again, you will all die. Kill him. Lei Juelai Up!"As soon as these words came out, the others were also decisive, stopped in an instant, and killed Su Yu one after another!

      A figure emerged below Su Yu, and a sword pierced Su Yu.

     Kunpeng transforms its wings and slashes from its wings.

     Several others also took action one after another. One of them, the divine text broke out, but the divine text just came out and disappeared...

     The big white mink was stunned, where's Shenwen?

     Why is the divine text gone?

     It was stunned. It was really stunned at this moment. Even if I knew that the daze was looking for death at this moment, I still couldn't help being stunned. Without the sacred text, what should I do?

     Don't think about it!

     At this moment, a big hammer came with a bang, and the body was unharmed. The Sea of Will was directly smashed into pieces, body dies and Way disappears.


     In the blink of an eye, Su Yu killed 4 of them, and there were 4 left.

     And Su Yu, the guy at his feet assassinated, Su Yu stomped his feet, time erupted, broke the mountains and seas, calmed the sun and the moon, and was invincible!

      At this moment, time to deal with these small clan powerhouses is absolutely powerful.

     With one foot stomped, time revolves, and the word "slow" erupts. It is clear that the sword is at the foot, but it can't kill Su Yu. The assassin with the sword seems to be isolated by something, constantly facing On the fly, they kept a distance from Su Yu and couldn't get close.

     "Open heaven!"

     With a violent shout, a snort, a knife stabbed, Su Yu's head was directly pierced by the opponent, and a stream of liquid spurted out and splashed on Su Yu, but Su Yu didn't care.

     The hotness on the face is amazing!


     Killing the word divine text, at this moment, instantly advance to Tier 4!5!

     At this moment, that Kunpeng and the remaining two powerhouses no longer have the guts to fight together. How can this be a soldier, this is a murderer!

     They couldn't figure out why this Cui Lang was so murderous!

     It's too strong!

     As if walking out of the mountain of corpses and sea of blood, just killing intent, they dare to conclude that no one present today can compare to this guy, this guy is too murderous, it feels like he has killed tens of thousands of people!

     Murderous, resentment, anger, and some lifelessness!

      At this moment, Su Yu was showing no mercy, with full combat power, killing all quarters, and in the blink of an eye, he killed 5 strong men.

     The reward of heaven and earth just now was directly defeated by him, so he didn't need any heavenly vitality.

     But at this time, as he killed again and rewards came again, a streak of golden light appeared, Su Yu glanced, and let the golden light shine on his body. At this moment, all the pores were unfolded.

     Jinguang tempered!

     Rumble, blood flowed, like a big wave swept across, the sound of the waves slapped the void, which was caused by the strong blood and vibrating the void.

     Cast body!

     14 Casting, right in front of him, this golden light seemed to be specially cast, not Tianyuanqi, Su Yu didn't know what it was, and didn't care, incarnate as Gangfeng, the speed was beyond imagination.

     In an instant, the gang wind pierced an escaped big demon, its flesh exploded, and the small hair ball directly entered the opponent's sea of will, gā zhī gā zhī, the opponent's sea of will instantly collapsed.

     It is also an ancient tribe, a powerful ancient tribe.

     It's just not on the list!Because Hunting Tiange didn't extract its breath, this guy had been hiding in Su Yu's sea of will, and there was almost no way to extract its breath, otherwise, this guy would also be on the list now.

     After killing this guy, a cloud appeared again.

     That belongs to Xiao Maoqiu!

     It did not make the list, but it does not prevent it from having rewards. The reward this time is actually a group of willpower. Su Yu not saying anything further, swallowed in one bite, transcribed: "Lend me and return it to you later!"


     There was a little fur ball voice, wants to cry but doesn't have tears.


     That's my reward for killing!

     It knows its own.

     This world reward is not transferable, but it is very special, almost fuse together with Su Yu, turned into his divine writing, at this moment, the reward did not exclude Su Yu, it was absorbed by him.

     The little fur ball is about to explode!


     Su Yu didn't care about so much, he needed these urgently now, and directly input all his willpower into the God of Thunder, but he was still a little bit close, and he still didn't advance.

     And the 8 strong, he killed 6 of them.

     At this time, only Kunpeng and a powerful Nine-layer Lingyun were left. At this moment, that fellow was also fleeing as a prototype, a huge eagle!

     Flying very fast!

     Both Kunpeng and the big eagle had wings, and quickly fled.

     No one speaks!

     At this moment, there is no time to talk, only killing.

     Encountered a stubborn stubble!

     If you can escape, you will run away. If you can't escape, you will die, so simple.

     In the rear, the Thunder was less than a kilometer away from Su Yu.In the blink of an eye, the opponent can catch up with Su Yu.

     Both Kunpeng and Da Diao were ecstatic in their hearts. They were too close. If Cui Lang killed them, he would inevitably slow down. Once they slowed down, Lei Jue would be there in an instant.

     At that time, Lei was definitely not comparable to that big eagle.

     The Lei Jue of Lingyun Nine Layers is much stronger than ordinary mountains and seas.

     Su Yu is also gnashing one's teeth!

     Bastard stuff!

     Really thought I was scared of you?

     There are too many exposed things to keep this Kunpeng and Da Diao alive. Although I don’t know that they have not seen, Su Yu has exposed the polytheistic warfare, Xiaomaoqiu, and unevenness. These two guys saw it, but did not Say.

     Sooner or later, it will be exposed, and Su Yu no longer has any hesitation at this moment.

     Shout loudly again!

     "Open heaven!"

     All the acupuncture points exploded with power, opened the sky sword, the strongest one, all around, the sword aura of the Daxia King quickly attached.

      At the same time, the sledgehammer hit Kunpeng with a single blow, and the small hair ball hit the will of the great eagle instantly.

     Both Kunpeng and Da Diao shocked the sea of will!

     The moment of staying, the opening of the sky fell with one sword!


      A blade light, mapped hundreds of meters, around the canyon, the sword energy was emptied, the rocks were broken, and the ground was cracked!

     At this moment, in the Heavenly Broken Valley, all the creatures looked here.

     Many people are sluggish!

     Who is Huang Teng?

     The power of this sword is not weaker than Huang Teng's previous one.

     One left and one right, who is Huang Teng?

     Those who did not rush to the scene were not clear at all.And at this brief moment, the huge Kunpeng and the big eagle are like broken glass, crunching, broken, all split up and in pieces!


     The reward of heaven and earth came once again, this time, it was a god of heaven and earth, killing many powerful people one after another, including a Lingyun nine layers, this time the reward of heaven and earth was exceptionally rich!

     That divine text instantly entered the Sea of Su Yu's Will, and just entered... with a bang, it was crushed by the golden album again.

     This time Su Yu saw what it was...

     Almost scolded my mother!


     The emptiness of the space, but not of the human race, is the divine text of the gods.

     Damn it!

     I want this thing, even if it belongs to the Protoss, it is also the god of heaven and earth, damn it, you broke it for me!

     Meat hurts!

     There was no time to think about it, and he killed the two big monsters with a single blow. Su Yu also consumed the incomparable gigantic, a little unsustainable, and a thunder rushed in an instant behind!

     Lei Jue is here!

     Lei Jue was also very shocked, but it did not prevent him from killing Su Yu. He knew that at this moment, this guy in front of him was very expensive, and it was also a good opportunity to kill him, a guy no weaker than Huang Teng!

     At the moment, he has no time to read the list.

     But he knew that this guy might have become the number one in the Profound List, or he might have directly entered the Local List.

     Killed so many powerhouses, including one Lingyun nine layers!

     Killing geniuses across eight small orders is simply terrifying.

     Killing this guy and getting rewards is absolutely scary.His thunder broke out, and Su Yu's back was instantly hit by thunder, and the third-order thunder word divine writing was too late for Devouring Heaven and Earth divine writing. The thunder power broke out in an instant, resisted, but was defeated in the blink of an eye.

     Su Yu didn't delay, he vomited blood, burned the blood, and quickly fled.

     While fleeing, time revolves under one's feet, and the slow words procrastinate.

     His face is also cruel!


     When I have devoured the lingering rhyme of these heaven and earth gods, the gods have been promoted, let's fight again!

     "Want to run?"

     Lei Jue is also fierce!

     Can't run away for him!

     Once this guy ran away, it was difficult to chase him. In the state of full victory, he couldn't guarantee that he would be able to win the opponent 100%. Based on the state of killing those guys just instantly, he couldn't guarantee that he could win!

     8 strong!

     Even Lei Jue was shocked by being killed just like that.

     One person and one god, one after the other, quickly fight and chase in midair.

     The thunder flickered, and the sword beamed across.


     Fighting continuously, Su Yu was constantly defeated by the defense, and his body was scorched by those thunder strikes, but Su Yu was not without counterattack, the big hammer continued to bombard, and the word and the word shook!

     Below, some powerful searchers, at this moment, they evaded one after another, and quickly fled.

     The battle here is no weaker than Huang Teng's side.

     The two strong men are fighting each other, but they dare not get involved, nor do they dare to attack.


     On the other side of the canyon.

     People like Huang Teng were also sluggish, but Cui Lang was fighting Lei Jue over there?

     Tease me!So tough?

     Isn't it just Lingyun?

     Also, what the hell is that sword that opened the sky?

     Will Cui Lang take the Heavenly Sword?

     At a loss!

     And Huang Teng grabbed Wu Qi and fled quickly. Wu Qi was also pale, constantly coughing up blood, green smoke rose in his blood, and poisonous smoke filled his blood. Huang Teng couldn't help but ridicule: "The first ruthless woman of the human race! You take yourself Refined to poison people?"

     Wu Qi ignored him.


     do not think so!

     She ignored it, but Huang Teng once again cannot bear saying: "I'll go, Lao Wu, what do you do with bill and coo? You can't kiss, can you poison people..."

     "To shut up!"

     Wu Qi angrily shouted, a mouthful of blood gushed out, sprayed on his clothes, squeaking sound, the next moment, the clothes disappeared instantly, and Huang Teng's body was corroded into a hole by blood in an instant.

     In pain, he shouted: "I was wrong, I shut up, Sister Wu, don't spray me!"

     Wu Qi wanted to explode with anger, and really wanted to spray him again to poison this bastard.

     At this moment, Tianduo, the powerful demons in the rear, was also entangled in the blood mist.

     Tianduo's blood exploded and his vitality burst, looking at them coldly, a little annoyed.

      he couldn't think, Wu Qi, the guy in the yellow list, is so difficult to be troubled!

     Yes, Wu Qi.

     Everyone knows that Huang Teng is strong.

     Where is Wu Qi?I only knew that she was cruel enough. I didn’t expect this woman to even refine her own blood into poisonous blood. It was very poisonous. Wu Qi himself was not poisoned to death by himself. He was surprised. When this woman was refining, she actually I didn't poison myself, it was too inconceivable!

     This thing, Lingyun Realm was contaminated, and the flesh and blood was corroded instantly.

     Even if he was not poisoned to death, Wu Qi probably suffered a lot.

     Huang Teng didn’t have time to think about it. Over there, he sensed the breath of An Mintian, cursed, and yelled: "Don't stare at me, stare at the one in front, that is Xia Family's Heir, Palace Master Xia's own son, fuck, why are you killing me!"


     Quartet is quiet!

     It was really quiet for a moment!

     "Xia Huyou?"

     At this moment, some creatures were shocked and shouted once, Xia Longwu’s son, and some news came recently, Xia Huyou, Xia’s direct successor!

     Is that Xia Huyou?

     Huang Teng scolded, "Xia Huyou, it's Xia Lang, the eldest son of Palace Master Xia. No one knows. Stop chasing me. That's the real heir of the Xia family. I'm just a puppet... "

     He doesn't look like a lie!

     At this moment, even Wu Qi was stunned.

     Xia Lang?

     Xia Longwu's eldest son?

     Does the Xia family still have this guy?

     Completely ignorant!

     Cui Lang is a hidden bastard?


     At this moment, in front, An Mintian complexion slightly changed, Really?

     Xia Lang?

     Xia family lineage, the son of the Blood Slaughter King?

     Great-grandson of King Daxia?The helm of the fourth generation of the Xia family?

     And Xia Huyou, including Huang Teng, are just targets on the surface?

      If so, the other party is strong, but there is an explanation, Really?

     And Huang Teng shouted again: "Fuck, really, what am I doing to lie to you at this time? An Mintian, are you killing me just for reward? Not to break the inheritance of the Xia family. What am I? Xia Lang is a thousand times more important than me..."


     At this moment, Wu Qi suddenly sprayed a mouthful of blood on his hand, and the babble sounded again, Huang Teng groaned painfully, Wu Qi instantly fell from his hand, gritted his teeth and glanced at him.

     Disappeared instantly at his side, "Huang Teng, please save yourself!"

     When the words fell, Wu Qi shouted loudly, his willpower broke out, and he turned towards the sky and killed them.

     Huang Teng cursed secretly!

     Woman, really be impervious to reason.

     Isn't this seeking survival?

     That guy, it seems that he can't die in a short time, An Min is innocent to chase, and he may not be able to catch up. This woman, really believes that it is Xia Lang?

     Is so easy fooled?

     Seeing her killing her back, Huang Teng really wanted to scold someone. In the future, I won't act with a woman after killing me. It's too unreliable. I pit my teammates!

      gnashing one's teeth, Huang Teng also turned around.

     A knife appeared in his hand, and the next moment, Acupuncture Point 144 was lit, and his flesh turned yellow. The knife energy gathered around him instantly, and the Acupuncture Point began to explode, which was too powerful.

     This knife, such as split heaven and earth apart cut down!

     At the rear, Tianduo complexion changed and shouted: "Retreat!"Boom a loud sound, a sabre slash down, with a slam, beside Tianduo, a strong Demon clan had no time to avoid him, and was chopped to pieces with a slash, and the blades slashed out a channel.

     At this moment, Huang Teng grabbed Wu Qi again, ran out of the passage in an instant, and left Tianduo and the others in the blink of an eye.

     Tianduo these powerful men were entangled by the sword aura at this moment, and watched him leave. Soon, Tianduo broke free from the sword aura, shattered the sword aura, roared, and took the rest of the people back to chase and kill!

     And Huang Teng in front, his body is constantly dimming!

     Soon, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, and he grabbed Wu Qi who was still struggling, and said with a smile: "Woman...he... fool... Uncle... Take me away, I'm going to hang up..."

     Wu Qi turned his head and saw that his acupuncture points continued to explode, complexion slightly changed, a bit sad, and soon turned into firmness, a mouthful of blood spurted out, Huang Teng just wanted to avoid it, she grabbed his arm, and the blood sprayed him. On his arm, at this moment, the blood was no longer poisonous blood, but turned into essence blood to help him repair the acupuncture points.


     "To shut up!"

     Wu Qi sprayed out a few blood again, his face pale and scary, and coldly said: "Run!"

     Huang Teng helplessly gritted his teeth and said: "Fuck, there are too many people here. Qin Fang's bastard wants to cheat me. I have contacted him a long time ago. He didn't come, fucking, otherwise it was not the result!"


     Wu Qi is coldly snorted, you believe in others, stupid!

     In this battlefield of the heavens, only oneself can be trusted.

     Count on others to save?


     "They come again, life and death fight! They will kill a few when they die!"Wu Qi looked back coldly, at the demons. At this moment, Mo Erba, Lan Ying, and Tianduo were not dead, but several other powerful demons were dead.

     Before dying, I have to kill a few!

     She was not afraid of death. She came to the Plain of Yuhai to survive from death. Since she could not seek life, she was not afraid of death.

     "Cui Lang..."

     "Talk casually!"

     Huang Teng interrupted, fake, don't ask me, I how to know, don't tell me, when you say, I believe it myself, won't you really be the illegitimate child of the Xia family?

     Xia Longwu couldn't be... Master Xiahou?


     Is it the cousin of Palace Master Xia?


     The Kaitian Sword has cultivated to this point, and it doesn’t feel like Su Yu. Su Yu knows that he has killed people, but if you say that the murderous aura is so strong, you can feel the murderous aura and death in that sword a few dozen miles away. , He didn't think so much.

     Did the civilized division kill so much?

     I still believe that it is from the Xia family.


      At this moment, Su Yu and Huang Teng ran away again, one fleeing from Lei Jue, the other fleeing from Tianduo.


      at the same time.

     A hundred miles away from Heavenly Broken Valley.

     The battle of the strong is also being staged.

     A young man in armor, with a black armor on his body and a spear in his hand, was riding a flying tiger with a cold look in his eyes. He threw a shot and stabbed a strong man to death.

     The next moment, the young man looked back.

     "Modona, want to kill me, show some real skills!"

     When the words fell, the Flying Tiger flew into the sky and fled instantly.Behind, a purple-haired Demon youth with obvious flames on his forehead smiled, looked at him, and said lightly: "Qin Fang, I'm thinking, if I kill you, will King Qin take action?"

     Qin Fang ignored him and continued to flee.

     You kill me first!

     As for Huang Teng...I'm sorry, wait for death. I can't do anything about it. Modo will kill me. Even if I can run, I will be lucky. This guy is not the number one in the ranking, I can't beat him!


     Four wars broke out.

     On the Plain of Yuhai, the strong were constantly fighting on this day, and there were constantly disappearing names on the hunting list.

     The one who makes outsiders bewildered and uncertain the most is Daming Mansion Cui Lang!

     36th place!

     The record, Ling Yun killed Ling Yun nine!

     The ranking soared!

     From the Xuanbang, he directly entered the ranking list, and it was not the lower one, but the middle class. If he killed Shanhai, he might soon be in the top ten of the ranking list!

     Still age drags down!

     The 35-year-old human race is equivalent to the 315-year-old god and devil, and it is a bit old!

     These gods and demons of Modo are less than two hundred years old at the moment, and are actually equivalent to the human race in their 20s, so the ranking is so high.

     This Cui Lang, if he is 10 years younger, is now the top five or even the top three in the rankings.

     Unfortunately, it's really old.


     Outsiders say that he is old... Su Yu has no idea, he is not an old man Cui Lang.

     At this moment, he kept fleeing.

     Huang Teng said he was Xia Lang, and he didn't hear it either. He only knew that Huang Teng might be finished. Forget it, take care of oneself, he can't control it anymore.After dozens of hammers broke out in a row, Lei Jue finally stopped for a moment.

     Su Yu fell into the ground instantly and escaped from the earth.

     Vanish from sight, the moment the earth escaped, I also sensed the floating earth spirit not far away, so I didn't have time to pay attention to him, so I just ran away.

     And Floating Earth Ling was sluggish.

     I rub!

     I thought it was my family, this is Cui Lang?

     what's going on!

      Earth Escape Technique, not slower than me!

     Before he could think about it, he hurriedly fled in the opposite direction. Lei Jue was sober, and if he didn't run away, what would Lei Jue want to do with his anger, but his heart was shaking. What is the situation, is the Terran so formidable?

     I feel that my five elements do not have any advantage!

     In the air, Lei Jue's eyes changed slightly, gritted his teeth, and said coldly: "Cui Lang?"

     This Cui Lang... is really strong.

     There are too many divine texts!

     It really didn't feel like Cui Lang who he knew!

     "Thunder, kill, war, fire, slow..."

     He uttered a number of divine texts in a row, and his eyes changed. In addition to the multi-divine texts of Human Race, where does that many Gods text come from?

     This Cui Lang... has a problem!
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