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390 Divine Text Promotion, Power Of Mountains And Seas (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Lei Jue is not the only one who thinks Cui Lang has a problem.

     Will open sky swords, powerful combat force, full of murderous aura...

     To be honest, no one thought that this would be a soldier from the Daming Mansion. Huang Teng said he was a member of the Xia family, which was somewhat credible.

     Open Heavenly Sword, Expand God Technique, many divine texts...

     In fact, at this time, some people didn't know Su Yu well, otherwise, there should be some doubts.

     In the battlefield of the heavens, Su Yu and Cui Lang are all newcomers.

     He is not Huang Teng, they are not old fried dough sticks. Ten thousand people know too little about him, and as the news continues to gather, Su Yu himself knows that he can't hide for long, and Su Yu's identity will be exposed sooner or later.



     The underground of Heavenly Broken Valley is also [Unbroken Blade Slash], and there's some left creatures underground, such as Floating Earth Spirits, who like to stay underground, but it's slightly better than the ground. At this moment, Su Yu is hidden underground.

     In the sea of will, Tiandi rewarded a divine text that was crushed, and the reward of rewarding the small hair ball was also snatched by Su Yu.

     At this moment, in the sea of will, the word of thunder is continuously absorbed.

     Lei Jue is still looking for him, Su Yu can only practice for a while, and then choose to leave quickly, that guy is really annoying.

     "Thunder" divine writing is regarded as an offensive divine writing, and it consumes a lot of resources when it is promoted.

     Shenwen has not been promoted yet, Su Yu's body trembled, and the physical body that was just about to be promoted, has completed the promotion at this moment, 14 casting!

     The 14th casting is complete!In fact, the speed is very fast. At the end of February, Su Yu completed the physical promotion and vacated. Now it is only in early July, less than 5 months, the physical body has completed 14 castings, but for Su Yu, it still seems a bit slow.

     Before, his body was very strong, and he felt stronger than willpower.

     When Su Yu fought against people, his body was always crushing people.

     But now, the gap is not small.

     The willpower is because the divine orifice is enough and the divine text is strong enough, except that the willpower level is not reached, Su Yu's promotion to Lingyun Nineth Layer is almost no difficulty, and it may be achieved soon.

     But the physical body is more difficult to cast.

     On the day of promotion and flight, he completed 3 castings.

     In other words, in more than 100 days, Su Yu only completed 11 castings. On average, even if he had the vitality, it was nearly half a month.

     This speed is really fast. Some people only cultivate to 9 castings. According to Su Yu's speed, 3-4 months may be enough to complete the training in the airborne realm, but Su Yu is not after this.

     He still has to cast 72!

     After completing 14 castings, Su Yu at this time, physical power, is already close to 7000 orifices.

     In addition, the Yang Qiao can be half-opened, and the "force" divine text is increased. With full burst, Su Yu's physical power can exceed 7000 or even close to 8000.

     Many Ling Yun couldn't reach this kind of strength.

     Some weak mountains and seas are also powerful.

     But Su Yu is not facing a weak race, but gods and demons, including primitive gods and demons. For those people, Lingyun is less than the power of all apertures and it is waste. The top primitive gods and demons can reach ten thousand by vacating the peak The strength of the orifice."14 cast!"

     Still weak!

     Su Yu faintly shook the head, expecting the flesh to explode thunder, extremely difficult, but also depends on the divine writing and willpower.

     In addition, speed does not have any advantage.

     The guy turned into Thunder, and he was very fast.

     After fighting Lei Jue for a while, he was almost beaten by Lei Jue, which was very frustrating.

     "Even Lei Jue can't kill!"

     Su Yu sighed in his heart, as for Lei to kill the mountains and seas... it was none of his business.

     The thunder roar sounded again, and the bastard began to use the Thunder Protoss exploration technique to find people again, trouble!

     If you don't kill this guy, it's hard to hide in Heavenly Broken Valley.

     Su Yu continued to flee, and continued to wait for Lei Zi Shenwen to advance.

     After being promoted, Tier 4 thunder god text can at least weaken the opponent's 70% thunder attack and kill power. At that time...the difficulty of thunder will be much lower.

     Su Yu at this time, I don't know, not only he is at large.

     Many people are at large!

     Huang Teng, Wu Qi, and Qin were on the run, including the Yuhai Plain. Some other geniuses were also on the run, and Liu Hong, who had just entered, was also on the run with a depressed look. As soon as he entered, there was a wave of murderers on the Yuhai Plain The trend of genius.

     In the past, the Yuhai Plain, which could survive in the airspace, at this time, a large number of hunting geniuses appeared.

     This was rare in the past.

     The hunting list is that many people. The battlefields of the heavens are so big that it is impossible for everyone to run to the Yuhai Plain. Usually, it is enough to gather 20 or 30 people. At this moment, the hunting list on the Yuhai Plain is more 100 people!

     Cluster effect!Because of Huang Teng and Qin Fang, because of Su Yu, because of Tianduo, a large number of geniuses gathered here, some who wanted to watch the show, some wanted to join in the fun, some wanted to fish in troubled water.

     Killing geniuses here greatly increases the probability of getting rewards from heaven and earth.



     All the way to escape, Su Yu felt very unlucky.

     Halfway through, Dundi encountered a huge problem.

     A stone man!

     Encountered Su Yu, and said nothing... no, without speaking, the guy blasted the earth with a punch, and Su Yu fell out of the earth escape state.

     "Soil escape technique?"

     "Lao Tzu hates earth escape the most!"

     This stone man was the guy that Futuling almost met before. He hated the earth escape technique. He sensed the existence of Su Yu and was evacuating from the earth. It was no trace of politeness. He blasted the earth with a punch and forced him out. Yu.

     Su Yu also met some guys on the road, some didn't find him, and some even if they did, they quickly avoided him.

     Only this guy actually took the initiative to shoot himself.

     Su Yu was also annoyed, and was blessed by the word of strength, and soon, his body collided with the opponent.

     It's not that he didn't want to use the divine text and willpower, but found that... this stone man seems to be a little special, the sea of will seems to be solidified, and he gave him a few hammers, but it didn't even shake his sea of will.


     Under the collision of his fists and feet, Su Yu was somewhat invincible, even if the Yang Aperture was half-opened, and under the blessing of Li Zi Shenwen, he was constantly backlashed by the opponent.

     This stone man gave Su Yu the feeling that he was only Lingyun Qizhong.

     However, physical power may be more than everything.After a fist, Su Yu was in pain all over and couldn't help being inwardly cursed, and Lei Jue was about to arrive again behind.

     He was about to use his polytheistic warfare skills to give this guy a knife. This stone man also found Lei Jue approaching, and suddenly left Su Yu, soaring high into the air, and shouted angrily: "Lei Jue, I finally found you! "

     The words fell, broke through the air, punched in the air, and blasted towards Lei Jue!

     Lei Jue was also complexion slightly changed, "Shi Zun, it's you!"

     "You are dead!"

     The stone man is only the seventh layer of Lingyun. At this moment, he is overbearing and not afraid of the Lei Jue of the nineth layer of Lingyun. The stone man is a bit special. The thunder power is harmful to him, but it naturally has a part of resistance.

     Therefore, when the strength gap is not large, he will resist thunder.

      not saying anything further, Shi Ren quickly went to Lei.


     In the air, thunder power collided with the power of the boulder, and the two powerful men fought in chaos in the air. The two had enemies before.

     Below, Su Yu dazed for a moment.

     What is this?

     He just wanted to go up and join forces with Stoneman to kill Thunder together. Under begin to stir, a brain suddenly appeared next to him and said, "This human brother, don't run away!"


     Su Yu looked at Floating Earth Spirit, a little speechless, why did this guy follow?

     "Don't want to join hands with stone bumps!"

     Floating Earth Spirit seemed to know his thoughts, and somewhat grudgingly said: "This stone bumps, the head is not easy to use, it is unhappy to see who hits whom, you go up, he thinks you are interfering, and he will hit you soon!"


     Su Yu is speechless, there are such people?No, there is this kind of stone?

     Forget it!

     This stone lump is indeed quite strong, although it is not a civilized teacher, but I feel a little restrained against the civilized teacher, the will sea is firm, the civilized teacher is difficult to shake him, and the body is not as good as him, Su Yu is likely to lose to him.

     Somewhat depressed!

     Su Yu was frustrated by encountering a group of unmatched powerhouses one after another.

     Futu Ling reminded him, and quickly said: "Friends, you know Earth Escape Technique?"

     This is where the floating earth spirits are interested!

     He found that the other party's Earth Escape Technique was really fast, and it was a bit scary, almost catching up with him.

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Yes, Earthling Taoist fellow has any advice?"

     "No, no..."

     Floating Earth Spirit laughed: "Friends, this place is not a good place for chatting. When the stone knot fights, it will be crazy for a while. Soon, if the vitality is excessive consumption, we will retreat. Let's talk in another place?"

     Su Yu was startled slightly, oh, according to your statement, this stone bump is not stupid, and if he knows excessive consumption, he must evacuate.

     With his head sideways glanced at the sky, Lei Jue didn't explain anything to Shiren at all, but just hit his head.

     He knew that it didn't make sense with Shi Zun.

     Without a fight, Shi Zun would not let him go, and when Shi Zun restrained him, he could only fight with Shi Zun two armies have equivalent banners and drums, vaguely, and fell into a slight disadvantage.

     Of course, Shi Zun should be inferior to him in terms of endurance.

     Su Yu glanced at, and quickly left Tu Dun and Fu Tu Ling, while Tu Ling said, "Do you have something to say?""Nothing, I just want to ask fellow Daoists, your Earth Escape Technique...why is it similar to my Five Elements Escape Technique? Has Dao fellows studied the Five Elements Escape Technique?"

     Su Yu did not deny it, and said directly: "Yes, escape is the five element tribe that I learned. I spent many years sketching out many divine texts, among them, the native divine texts. The native Taoists would not want to snatch my divine texts. Right?"

     "Do not misunderstand!"

     Futu Ling explained, and quickly said: "Friends, do you know Water Escape Art?"

     Su Yu answered: "Yes, What happened?"


     The Floating Earth Spirit suddenly stopped, and a pair of eyes was vaguely exposed under the ground, and looked at Su Yu, "The Taoist Friends Association Water Escape Art?"


     Su Yu said strangely: "What's so strange? Five Element Escape Technique, I know how to do it!"

     After all, he didn't melt water, but just condensed a pool of water traces and penetrated through the water. This is a normal Water Escape Art. As for the water escape, it is a natural skill, which is different from the normal escape technique.


     Floating Earth Spirit is somewhat uncertain. Normal Shui Dun is not uncommon. He is just a little confused. The Shui Ling clan he encountered before has nothing about it with the guy in front of him.

     Hearing that he would escape from water, the floating earth spirit still had some ideas.

     But my own eyes looked for a moment ……I feel like I think too much, how can it be the human race will pretend to be the water spirit race.

     Su Yu said again: "If there is nothing else to do with fellow Taoists, then we'd better separate. Lei Jue will continue to chase me down. The gods and demons are like this. Wuxing fellow Taoists don't want to be involved, right?"Floating Earth Spirit was with him, and just wanted to judge the situation. He was not interested in helping Su Yu cover his bag. At this moment, he didn't say much.

     When Su Yu was about to flee, he suddenly said: "Family Daoist is almost on the top ten list, Congratulations!"

     "Land Ranking?"

     Su Yu still does not know about this matter, Futu Ling said unexpectedly: "Doesn't fellow Taoists have any scores on the Hunting Day?"

     "you have?"

     Su Yu also speak bluntly and said: "That thing, I am worried that it will have a positioning effect. With this, you are not afraid of being hunted by the Hunting Pavilion?"


     Futu Ling was unexpectedly surprised, "Don't be afraid, take this with you, just waiting for the people of the Hunting Pavilion to come and hunt them!"


     Su Yu was dull for a while, he felt as if he wanted something wrong!

     Futu Ling was also very surprised, "This is in the Yuhai Plain. The chance for the strong to encounter us is very small. Even if we can locate us, it is the weak. It is easy to find us, but the weak comes... It also gives us benefits. The list still wants to know more current changes, why not bring it? The big deal is to leave the Yuhai Plain and discard it, or bring it back to your base camp, can Hunting Heaven Pavilion still be able to kill to the base camp?"

     He was a little strange, didn't we come to the Yuhai Plain to kill?

     The Hunting Pavilion is here!

     There is nothing to worry about. If you are afraid of being positioned, you can position yourself. In this ghost place, even if the strong know where you are, they may not be able to rush to it. There is nothing to worry about.

     Su Yu sighed!

     I'm thinking about it!

      he couldn't think, the geniuses here are all this idea, the positioning is good, you come, I will kill!How confident!

     At this moment, Su Yu had some vague feelings and feelings. This is the battlefield of the heavens, this is a hunting operation, this is a cemetery for hunting geniuses, everyone knows what they are doing.

     All to strengthen yourself!

     Therefore, they are not afraid of danger.

     Anyone is!

     Including the floating earth spirit in front of him, it is not difficult to know from his unexpected tone that he is afraid of being positioned, but he is a different kind.

     "Why didn't fellow Taoists do anything to me?"

     Su Yu asked, Futuling replied: "Daoists are very powerful, I am not sure. The Five Elements are also civilized teachers, and they are not strong in restraining them. I prefer to hunt down warriors. Are Taoists satisfied with this answer? "

     I didn't say I didn't want to kill you, but I just thought it was difficult, not worth it, and dangerous.

     They are all sensible, and there is no need to be too hypocritical.

     "Understood, taught!"

     Su Yu dropped these words and left quickly.

     Futu Ling's words made him feel a lot.

     This is a group of geniuses who know what they are thinking, what they are striving for, and what they are seeking. Everyone has their own goals. No one is here to mess around, and they will not come here.

     Su Yu was worried about being positioned, but these guys were eager to bring one, waiting for the powerhouse of Hunting Heaven Pavilion to come over, and kill if they were beaten. Cannot hit then runs, killing and fleeing are the mainstream of Yuhai Plain.

     The Hunting Pavilion is killing them, are they not so hunting those strong men in the Hunting Pavilion?

     "Score... this thing is like a fish, it's used for fishing, it depends on the angler or the big fish who is stronger!"It is normal for the angler to be swallowed by the fish, and it is normal for the fish to be killed by the angler.

     Su Yu didn't think too much, fleeing here again, taking advantage of Lei Jue and Shi Zun's fight, first find a place to hide, as Lei Jue explores all the way, sooner or later he will encounter some opponents, not so easy to find himself easily.

     Such an unscrupulous investigation, Lei Jue, almost forced all the invisible guys out, and if it goes on like this, it is normal to be besieged and killed.

     Then his probing technique was not purely aimed at Su Yu.

     It is for all those who hide.

     There are many offending guys, and sooner or later they will be beaten to death.

     Heavenly Broken Valley is actually not too long, the total length is only one or two hundred miles, and the span is not too big, only one or two miles. For the strong, it can be killed from the south to the north in an hour.

     But because of the sword aura and the sacred strength's influence, everyone's Investigation Range was much smaller. Coupled with the influence of some cracks, the killings in this small Heavenly Broken Valley had to be sensed by others.

     This also gives people a chance to escape. All kinds of cracks and detours can still avoid the enemy's pursuit.

     At this moment, Su Yu was hiding in a small crack, continuing to absorb willpower.

     Lei Jue wanted to probe, and he had to probe inch by inch.

     Finding someone is harder than hiding.

     "Lei Jue..."

     Once again, Su Yu, in the sea of will, the divine writing of the word thunder began to roll, and there are signs of promotion!

     It's almost done!Su Yu's heart is slightly relaxed, he has absorbed so much willpower and the lingering rhyme of heaven and earth, and he will collapse if he doesn’t advance. There is no that many people can kill. He just killed An Mintian’s helpers. Now he is in a lot of situations. People know it, it's hard to think of such a surprise attack.

     Waiting for the little half an hour again, there was a bang, and the thunder flickered in my mind, and the roar continued!

     This second outline of the divine text, from the divine text in Lei Yuandao, has finally been promoted to Tier 4!

     Shanhai Shenwen!

     There are a lot of Tier 4 divine texts outlined by Su Yu, and Lingyun realm's willpower is vaguely unbearable, or the willpower is weaker, not strong enough, too many divine texts, willpower not strong enough, if it goes on like this , It will break the sea of will.

     Of course, Su Yu now has no such troubles.

     He was also unambiguous. The next moment, a medicine pill was swallowed by him.

     Soul Refining Pill, something rewarded by heaven and earth before.

     Expand will sea use!

     Su Yu doesn't know the effect, let's talk about it after using it.

     As soon as the pill was imported, it quickly turned into a wave of energy, and poured into the sea of will. In the blink of an eye, in the sea of will, the energy spread around, like a shock wave...

     Su Yu felt it for a while, and understood the effect and effect of this pill in general. This energy has Strength of Vibration, which is quite soft, and the effect is similar to the effect of God Enlargement Technique.

     But the God-Expanding Technique is more violent.

     Forcibly expanding the sea of will, hammering, the sea of will fragile, easy to hammer yourself to death!The effect of the soul-refining pill is softer, but when expanded, it is not as intuitive as the expansion hammer. Su Yu felt it, faintly shook the head, it has an expansion effect, but... faintly scary.

     For some weak people, it may be able to expand a lot, but for Su Yu and him, his will is vast.

     Regardless of the golden atlas, divine text combat skills, or expansion hammer, they actually have the effect of strengthening and expansion, so this pill seems a bit tasteless to Su Yu.

     "I have a lot of good things. This thing is also good for others, but it doesn't work for me. What I lack most is actually divine writing and willpower!"

     "Maybe it shouldn't be wasted, but find someone to change it..."

     Are there any treasures of willpower?

     Or a treasure like Tianhe Sand?

     It should be there. Heaven and Earth rewards may also give me pills to increase willpower, but for fighters, the demand is not large. In fact, you can find an opportunity to ask someone to ask where you can trade.

     These good things cannot be wasted!

     This time he killed a lot of strong men and seized a lot of storage rings, and he didn't have time to count the spoils.

     Su Yu thought about this. In his mind, the effect of the pill disappeared, and the word of thunder had officially entered the fourth stage. At this moment, thunder was flashing, and there was a feeling of beginning to stir.

     Su Yu sighed!

     Fourth-order thunder word god!

     Lei Jue, I'm finally done.

     Of course, he is not in a hurry now, and he is not in a hurry to find Lei Jue. The god text has completed the promotion. If the body can be cast a few more times, it would be even better. I will wait for Lei Jue to deliver to the doorstep yourself!It's best that during this period, someone else delivered to the doorstep and was killed by himself, and then get some rewards. The golden light before was not bad. It shined on the body, and it quickly helped him to forge his bones and body. It feels better than the sky. use.

     In addition, maybe you can take a copy for yourself.

     Now the list is constantly changing. The list given to him by Liu Guanzhu last time may not be accurate. The news from the Daming Mansion has always been one step behind, and the previous list given to himself may not be accurate.


     Su Yu began to wait.

     While waiting, he cast his body with Tian Yuan Qi, at any cost, even if he wasted a lot of Tian Yuan Qi, Su Yu didn't care, letting Tian Yuan Qi completely envelop himself instead of absorbing it little by little.

     The whole person is wrapped in Tian Yuanqi.

     Absorb without dead ends!

     He still has a lot of Tian Yuan Qi on his hand. He gave some to his father, Liu Wenyan and Uncle Liu Family. Up to now, he still has about 500 copies of Tian Yuan Qi in his hand.

     About 500 Tian Yuan Qi, 500,000 Merit Points, plus countless trophies...This is Su Yu's current net worth.

     "I have been cast in my physical body. It may be okay to take a drop of mountain and sea blood!"

     14 The body is not weak anymore. Su Yu feels that taking the blood of the mountain and sea may not be overwhelmed. A drop of blood is not all the power of the mountain and sea.

      If so, the power of the mountains and seas is temporarily exploded, and it should be easier and easier to kill the thunder.

     He still has the essence and blood of the mountains and seas. From the Daming Mansion at the time of departure, Zhu Tiandao prepared some for him.

     I just don't know which family of mountain and sea blood is better.It can’t be too strong, the gods and demons can’t, otherwise the power of the gods and demons will explode.

     "The gods and demons are not good. The top 100 races are a bit dangerous. Below the top 100, it should be possible!"

     "It is best to have a strong physical power, and a powerful explosive..."

     Su Yu thought for a while and took out a drop of blood.

      Hesitated for a moment, still gritted his teeth and swallowed this drop of blood!


     The vitality exploded, the power of essence and blood dissipated, Su Yu's body shook, and the blood boiled.

     Above the flesh, cracks appeared.

     Soon, this destructive force dissipated.

     Su Yu swiftly mobilized the original divine art. In the next moment, around, a Sacred Strength gathered to help him repair his body, and King Daxia's sword energy as the shadow follows the body gave Su Yu a slash.

     Su Yu didn't care about this, was chopped for a while, and quickly switched to the sky-opening knife to operate, and the knife gas automatically dispersed.

     At this moment, he has no time to deal with these things.

     This is the first drop of mountain and sea essence he took!

     He wanted to see if there would be other changes.

     Golden atlas, a page of atlas was also opened at this time.

     "Xiong Yan (Shan Hai Yizhong)

      Racial Skill: Earth Breaking (Essence and Blood on), Blood Breaking (Essence and Blood on)

     Basic Yuan Jue: Sky Splitting Jue

     Basic casting method: Split the sky 18 casting

     Basic Nine Changes: Cracking the Sky Nine Changes

     Basic round tricks: the trick to crack the sky"

     One more line!

     Basic round orifice method!Su Yu is looking thoughtful. This should be a mountain-sea realm. In fact, it is the same as the co-aperture method. Of course, the co-aperture method is mainly aimed at the ten thousand stone realm, and the effect on the mountain and sea realm is not too strong.

     "The round orifice method... is probably the advanced version of the orifice method. My 36 orifice orifice method is not necessarily worse than the orifice method of these races."

     Su Yu had a judgment in his mind that these basic round orifice methods are most likely to be based on the improvement of the opponent's racial skills, which may have some effect on the mountain and sea, but the effect is definitely limited.

     He didn't expect too much. Of course, he might be a little helpful to advance to the Harmony Technique in the future, but he has to rely on his own combination and improvement.

     Bear monster!

     This is a race that is not weak in physical combat power. The ten thousand race ranks around 300, which is not too low.

     Su Yu sighed lightly, but fortunately, it can absorb, not a big problem.

     I just don't know if my physical body can support it when the power of the mountains and seas erupts.

     The body of 14 cast may still be a little bit worse, and it may be better if it is above 16 cast.

     The ability to absorb blood, activate skills, and explode the power to unlock levels. This is Su Yu's killer. Many times, he relies on the power of blood to reverse the situation and kill opponents.

     He is indeed inferior to the mountains and seas, even if the physical power is fully activated, it is less than 7000 orifices, and the weakest mountains and seas are not comparable.

     But he can turn on the power of mountains and seas and burst out temporarily for a while!

     that's enough!

     Lei Jue seems to have killed the mountains and seas, but the weak ones should be killed. Xiong Yan is not a strong family, but Su Yu will have the Heaven Rank Cultivation Technique, and there are many kinds of them, with the power of Xiong Yan’s mountains and seas, and then burst out powerful techniques. Coupled with willpower assistance.Can Lei Jue kill it?

     If he can still do it, this guy will not be the strong on the mysterious list, but the top-ranked strong on the ground.

     Lei Jue was just a genius on the Profound List.


     Su Yu takes a deep breath, think about it, or try to swallow a drop of blood, lest you really fight later, swallow it, explode the power of mountains and seas, and burst yourself.

     How much want to know more circumstances.

     He swallowed a drop of Xiong Yan's blood again!

     Activate the earth-splitting talent.


     The flesh was shaking, blood boiled, and the flesh began to crack again!

     Very powerful!

     Su Yu felt that his physical body couldn't hold it anymore. He quickly ran the Primordial God Clan technique, as a result, the surrounding Sacred Strength gathered again!

     Su Yu secretly rejoiced that it was in Heavenly Broken Valley.

     Otherwise, it's really hard to handle.

     At this moment, he absorbed a lot of Sacred Strength again, helping him repair his body and keep his body unbreakable. At this moment, Su Yu's absorption of Heavenly Qi was also accelerating, and his body casting speed increased.

     After all, it was the power of mountains and seas. At this time, Su Yu, running Shitie 72 Cast, was also very efficient.

     A lot of sacred power was taken away by him!


     Just when Su Yu pulled away from the sacred power, Huang Teng's complexion changes were a bit strange.

     He manipulated the sword energy around, it seemed a little simpler.

     what's the situation?

     The power that entangled with the sword air seemed to be less.

      Primordial God Clan is here?Originally, the Heavenly Broken Valley was entangled by two forces. Of course, the sword energy was stronger than the sacred power and suppressed the sacred power, but after all, it was entangled. If the sword energy was used, the sacred power would interfere.

     But now, that interference force is a bit smaller, even if it's not too much, Huang Teng is still sensed.

     Others, either cultivating the Primordial Divine Art, or cultivating the Heavenly Sword, can sense the slight gap, otherwise, they would hardly notice anything.

     "What about sacred power?"

     Huang Teng accidentally turned his head and looked in a certain direction. Was it destroyed by Cui Lang?

     Or is there a strong person from Primordial God Clan coming in?

     But the strong of Primordial God Clan came in, and the sword aura was about to explode. This time, if the strong of Primordial God Clan entered the Heavenly Broken Valley, it was actually because of the pressure of the sword that the strength would be suppressed.

     King Daxia cut down the strong Primordial God Clan back then, and the sword qi was targeted.

     And Su Yu is not simply running the Primordial God Clan technique. Once the sword energy gathers too much, he will quickly convert into the sky-opening sword, as a result, which can disperse the sword energy without causing too much accumulation of sword energy. Hack yourself to death.

     Huang Teng didn't understand, didn't understand, but it didn't matter, it didn't prevent him from being happy.

     Not bad!

     With less interference, he can use more sword energy and stronger strength. This helps him a great favour!

     By his side, Wu Qi's eyes were blurred, he had lost too much blood, and his willpower had collapsed.

     Huang Teng sighed, this woman... he couldn't guarantee whether she would survive this time.

     At this point, life and death are ruled by fate!Huang Teng cursed Qin Fang again, an unreliable bastard, and none of the bastards in the Daqin Mansion are reliable. To survive this time, he must find Qin Fang to settle accounts!

     The sword is strong!

     He was also cruel, and after a while, he gave Tianduo a knife, even if he couldn't kill him, he would still be hit hard, so that the guy had no time to chase him down again.

     Without Tianduo, other guys, he was not too scared.

     Today, in the Heavenly Broken Valley, few can win him steadily.


     Su Yu is actually also sensed.

     When the Sacred Strength was absorbed by him, he realized that the concentration of sword energy is simpler and stronger.

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, constantly running the original magic.

     At this moment, the original magic trick played a big role!

     Su Yu is delighted. He has consumed a lot of Sacred Strength. Later, when the Sacred Strength is released, it is probably extremely powerful. With the strength of the mountains and seas, he is hard to resist the thunder strike. Can he kill him with one blow?

     The premise is that you don't dodge or evade, so you can fight him hard so that you can a blitzkrieg strategy. Otherwise, Lei Jue will be fast. Once he knows that he is defeated and quickly escapes, Su Yu may not be able to catch him.

     Su Yu bared his teeth, his teeth were white, and his smile was brilliant!

     Lei Jue, you are dead!
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