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391 Kill The Thunder And Continue To Run (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The original sacred tactics operate, and Sacred Strength is consumed.

     The sword energy in the neighborhood continued to gather, becoming more and more intense, Su Yu glanced at, so strong, Lei definitely wouldn't dare to come over if he was not a big fool, seeing this situation.

     And he stayed here straight, Lei Jue was not an idiot, he would definitely wonder if it was a trap.

     Now he dare not look down on these guys.

     One by one, they are desperadoes and very vigilant.

     Su Yu's brain swiftly moved, and he muttered: "Find someone to kill. The strength must be strong. The kind that best entangles me. Lei Jue saw that I was entangled, so he wouldn't doubt it."

     Otherwise, Su Yu, who had been running away, suddenly stopped running. Isn't this something wrong with people seeing through something at first glance?

     Who should I call?

     The strength can not be too weak, nor too strong, too strong, Su Yu may not be able to beat the opponent, then it will be embarrassing.

     Floating Earth Spirit is actually a good choice!

     But that guy's soil escape is a bit difficult.

     Regardless of this!

     Su Yu stopped thinking about it, and continued to abscond to see, and then attacked the strong when he met.

     He quickly flees forward, the original sacred art is constantly running, absorbing the sacred energy, it is best to absorb all the sacred energy here, as a result, there is no hindrance to the operation of the Heavenly Knife.

     Invincible back then, although the energy left behind was strong and high-level, after all, for So many years, the sword energy and the sacred energy were eroding each other, and now the remaining energy, distributed for hundreds of miles, is actually very weak.

     Su Yu moved forward quickly and continued to hide his whereabouts without deliberately revealing his whereabouts.These guys, all shrewdly like ghosts, can tell if they deliberately leaked their whereabouts.

     There was a lot less genius in Broken Valley that day.

     Many were killed!

     For the rest, some ran away, and some thought about powerful strength but continued to stay.

     Just as Su Yu walked for several kilometers, a golden dragon opened its mouth and bit the neck of a huge goat.

     Goat head falls!

     Su Yu is sluggish, the dragon bites too?

     He doesn't know this!

     This Golden Dragon is a bit familiar, the guy who did the Xuan Kai clan with him before?

     Does it actually bite?

     Su Yu somewhat dull, really, dragons can bite people. The first time he saw him, he actually didn’t have many chances to see dragons. But in his opinion, dragons do not use tails to sweep, or they just spray fire and water. Other...

     This dragon, I don’t know how to use a sword before, but he can bite people and has a lot of skills!

     The golden dragon killed the goat in one bite, and suddenly his figure became smaller. Looking at Su Yu's side vigilantly, the dragon's eyes were full of vigilance, and his long tail swayed slightly, as if he was ready to attack.

     This guy was also the strength of Ling Yun Nine Layers, his strength was not weak.

     The Dragon Race is also one of the top ten races. Although the Golden Dragon is not the strongest Sky Dragon Race, it is also the Dragon Race second only to the Sky Dragon Race.

     But this little dragon may be young.

     Seeing that the goat it killed was probably only in Lingyun Realm.

     Su Yu was observing this guy, thinking about whether to treat this guy as an opponent, but this guy is really strong, and if he really wants to join forces with Lei Jue, Su Yu is in trouble.He was thinking about it. A streak of golden light appeared in the golden dragon's eyes. He looked at Su Yu and said, "Cui Lang?"

     Su Yu was somewhat surprised, showing his figure, looking at it, "How do you recognize it?"

     It's really him!

     Jinlong was extremely vigilant, stepped back a little, and did not forget to take away the goat's body, "I have seen your escape technique, it is very strong, very powerful, I feel that there is a strong person nearby, and I didn't find the whereabouts, so I guessed it was you!"

     It's not stupid, but one was seen through by it.

     Jinlong quickly said: "Do you want to kill me?"

     "Not at all!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "We are comrades-in-arms, let's kill the Xuan Kai clan together!"

     "No, you want to kill me, I'm sensed to kill..."

     Jinlong cursed secretly in his heart!

     Do you think I am a fool?

     This guy is so courageous, he actually wants to kill himself. He has seen this guy kill Red Armor, and he is still a little wary of Su Yu, and said: "It is the gods and demons who dealt with your human race, not the dragon race, the dragon race is powerful, you should not be unreasonable. To provoke the dragons!"

     "Not at all!"

     Su Yu is smiling, how come.

     Dragons, I know.

     Zhu Tiandao has a dragon mount, which is also a golden dragon.

     The second-generation chief of Daxia Mansion also has a dragon mount, which seems to be a white dragon. I don’t know if it is a Tianlong clan. The Tianlong clan is a white dragon, but there is also a separate White Dragon Clan in the dragon clan. The difference between the two is the number of claws. Tianlong nine claws, golden dragon eight claws, white dragon seven claws, Su Yu didn't know how many claws the second-generation dragon clan was.If it is a nine-clawed sky dragon... it is highly unlikely. The nine-clawed sky dragon is equivalent to a primitive god and demon, and the seventh sun and moon can kill the nine sun and moon.

     The probability is White Dragon Clan.

     Little Jinlong didn't say anything, and continued to go backwards, "Cui Lang, I won't provoke you, don't provoke me either. There are a lot of guys that can kill in this place. There is no need for us to fight each other. Lei definitely seems to be looking for you."


     Su Yu smiled and said: "Brother Dragon gives way a little, I am leaving, you are blocking my way, it is best for everyone to avoid conflict."

     "it is good!"

     The little golden dragon retreated quickly, and there was a crack beside it. It quickly entered the crack, and Su Yu, also broke out of the sky, and continued to fly forward.

     Xiao Jinlong watched him leave, his eyes changed.

     This human race feels a little dangerous to it.

     Just thinking about it, after a while, thunder sounded everywhere, the next moment, a thunder sound swept over, with a bang, the little golden dragon swept its tail, and the thunder burst.

     Little Golden Dragon soaring high into the air, volleyed towards Lei Jue.

     Lei Jue complexion slightly changed, and said: "I am looking for someone, and I have no intention of being an enemy of the Dragon Race!"

     Little Jinlong pondered for a while, then looked back, "Cui Lang has just left, Lei Jue, next time I will sweep the surroundings, don't blame me for being welcome!"

     "Brother Wuyou, forgive me!"

     Lei Jue didn't say harsh words, they were all Lingyun Nineth, the strength of the Thunder Protoss and the Golden Dragon clan were not much different, and there was no need to fight the Golden Dragon.

     The words fell, turned into thunder, and chased away again.Little Jinlong looked at the figure he was going away, his body became smaller, and in the next moment, it turned into a streak of golden light, and he chased it over there. Maybe he could pick up something cheaper. Lei Jue and Na Cui Lang both brought him. There is some pressure.


     "It's you!"

     At this brief moment, Su Yu walked several kilometers and met a creature again.

     Very familiar!

     It looks like a baby silkworm, but with a big head, which is somewhat similar to that of a dragon, dragon silkworm!

     Dragon silkworm clan!

     The natural enemy of the Silkworm Killer, the enemy, the irreconcilable until death, can be a race that can enter the top 100.

     The dragon silkworm also felt the crisis.

     At this moment, the body squirmed slightly, and in an instant, it entered the void, vanish from sight.

     Su Yu was startled, his eyes moved, the next moment, stepped forward, kicked out, time revolved, there was a bang, the void fluctuated, the dragon silkworm seemed to be kicked out of the void by him and entered reality.

     Longcan was also startled, looking at him, and the next moment, he heard a voice: "You...are you a descendant of Wang Hu?"

     Wang Hu?

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, who is Wang Hu?

     I do not know!

     The ghost knows who Wang Hu is, is it the Silkworm Killer?

     The Dragon Silkworm clan will definitely not call him the Invincible King, but the other Invincible King. That is the honorific name, the respect for the strength, the honorific name of the Silkworm King. The Dragon Silkworm clan shouts like this, that is, he is foolish.

      don't give a crap, Su Yu kicked it, he felt a little bit, this dragon silkworm clan is not weak, just seems to have escaped into the void, a special method, and time, very probably may be in order to target the dragon silkworm clan Created!After this step, as expected, the dragon silkworm was somewhat alarmed and afraid, and soon realized that his strength was not as terrible as he thought, shouted in a low voice, and spit out a long silk in his mouth.

     The dragon silkworm is also very fast, quickly flying around Su Yu, bang bang bang...

     In the void, the moment Su Yu and Longcan fought, a layer of silk thread was wrapped around them.

     The void is wrapped up!

     There was a cold color in that Long Silkworm's eyes, and time seemed to be at home. Killing this guy, the king would be happy to reward himself.

     Killing the descendants of Wanghu, this is a great achievement!

     For the dragon silkworm clan, killing the descendant of Wang Hu is more rewarding than killing the sun and the moon.

     The Silkworm Killing King has repeatedly entered the Dragon Silkworm Realm, and the king who fights dare not appear.

     The dragon silk wraps around the void, gradually wrapping Su Yu in it.

     And Su Yu, at this moment, kept swinging the knife and creaking constantly, but the dragon silk on the periphery was incomparably tenacious!

     "Good material for casting soldiers!"

     Su Yu sighed, this dragon silkworm is in Lingyun realm, and its strength is not weak. The dragon silk spit out is really a good thing to build soft armor. Dragon silk soft armor has hope for building ground soldiers.

     Tell yourself to find the materials, you see, one by one, I will give myself materials.

     The armor of the Xuanjia clan, combined with the dragon silk, calculated by Su Yu, is not difficult to build a strong armor. Maybe it can help you formally cast a powerful earth soldier.

     As for being wrapped up, Su Yu is not in a hurry.

     He fights Dragon Silkworm in order to attract Lei Jue.

     Although this dragon silk is tough, Su Yu can't run and kill.

     But the dragon silkworm was extremely happy at the moment.The descendant of Wang Hu was trapped by it!

     Of course, the strength is really strong, it is not sure to kill him, it can only say that it traps him, this is also the defect of the dragon silkworm family, the ability to trap people is very strong, and the lethality is weak.

     At this moment, in the distance, thunder sounded.

     Dragon silkworm complexion changed, here comes.

     Who is coming?

     Not everyone knows that Lei Jue is chasing Su Yu. At this moment, the strong man has arrived, and the dragon silkworm complexion fluctuates is uncertain. When the opponent gets closer, the dragon silkworm recognizes the opponent.

     "Lei Jue!"

     The strong of the Thunder Protoss!

     And at this moment, Su Yu, who was trapped, roared, slashed, banged a loud sound, as if trying to escape the predicament.

     In the distance, Lei Jue was also a pleasant surprise.

     Trapped by the dragon silkworm clan!

     This guy deserves to die.

     It’s hard for the Dragon Silkworm clan to kill him, but trap him. Cui Lang can’t even run if he wants to. In the past, the Silkworm King Exactly like this, he was trapped by the Dragon Silkworm King, and the Dragon Silkworm King couldn’t kill him. I ate the other person and wanted to kill him!

     There are more dragon silkworm silk in the dragon silkworm clan, but it is not just to eat the silkworm king.

     Later, the king of silkworm was making a lot of noise in the body of the dragon silkworm, and the dragon silkworm without any choice brought him out.

     "Pizzo, haunt him!"

     Lei Jue shouted loudly, "Kill him, I will have a big reward!"

     The dragon silkworm Pisot complexion fluctuates is uncertain, it wants to run away, and it is not too familiar with Lei Jue, but at the moment it has entangled the descendants of Wang Hu, it is a little reluctant to leave, and it can't kill the other party.

     Now, this guy is about to break out again, he is struggling.The next moment, more silk was spit out.

     While in the cocoon, Su Yu's strength exploded, rumbled, and some of the silk he was hitting kept breaking.

     Longcan Bisuo's complexion changed again, so strong, he shouted: "Lei Jue, kill him, I don't need anything else, as long as his legs!"

     Lei Jue dazed for a moment, want a leg?

     "He is the descendant of Wang Hu, kill him, the dragon silkworm clan will pay off!"

     At this moment, Lei Jue was taken aback first, and then he was overjoyed!

     This is the descendant of the Silkworm King?

     No wonder they will get entangled with Dragon Silkworm!

     That said, they both no need to be worried. The Dragon Silkworms are against the water, because the Dragon Silkworm clan and the Silkworm King are deadly enemies. Whoever cooperates, the two sides will not cooperate.

     The King of Silkworms regards what happened back then as extraordinary shame and humiliation!

     The Dragon Silkworm King, also because of being entangled by him year after year, has long been in anger, wishing to kill him all.

     At this moment, how could Lei Jue not be happy when he heard this, and he was somewhat surprised and shocked, the heir of the Silkworm King, which means that the other party knows time... Yes, time warfare!

     Before Su Yu got rid of his footwork, it seemed to be a shadow of time.

     Time, open the sky knife, expand the magic hammer, many divine writings...

     He vaguely seemed to have caught something.

     Because Su Yu had never been to the Battlefield of the Heavens, they didn't know much about Su Yu, but Lei was absolutely certain that he seemed to have heard someone mention it.

     "Cui Lang... no, no, who said..."

     He didn't remember it a bit, because it seemed to be casually mentioned at the time.

     The kind that has something to do with Liu Wenyan from the polytheistic literature department.

     Liu Wenyan...Su...Su Yu?At this moment, this strange name appeared in his mind, as if it was this person, is it him?

     Su Yu!

     Heirs of many gods!

     He vaguely remembered something again, but he really didn't care too much that day, because the person was in a human environment and was too far away from them.

     "Yes, it's Su Yu! Human Race has launched a practice called "The Revelation of the Primordial Spirit". That's it. My father once mentioned it..."

     He to think of it!

     Because his father was a general in the Thunder Protoss army, he mentioned that the Human race had recently promoted this technique, so he proposed Su Yu, but he didn't care at the time.

     A researcher, a series of polytheistic literature...

     It's Su Yu!

     Lei Jue's face changed, and he hurried over, first with an accident, then a surprise.

     Su Yu!

     This person seems to be very important, at least more important than Cui Lang!

     Even if he doesn't know how important it is, he promoted the exercises that caused his father's headaches. Killing this person might be rewarded with incomparable gigantic!

     "Su Yu!"


     Lei Jue tried a bit, and Su Yu looked helpless in the cocoon, I was so dazzling, I recognized it!

      All Heavens and Myriad Clans, most people should not know their existence.

     This is my first time here!

     Now, it was recognized by Lei Jue.

     Of course, it is also related to his exposure too much. There is no way. A lot of things are very special. There are not many people who know how to do. If everyone knows time, expands the hammer, and opens the sky sword, then Su Yu is very hidden .The point is not, there are too few people who can, and there are almost all the people in the city.

     The identity is too conspicuous!


     Su Yu still shouted once, "Lei Jue, what on earth do you want to kill me all the way? Killing Huang Teng is much better than killing me..."

     "Huang Teng?"

     Lei Jue sneered, far away, the thunder flickered, and blasted towards the inside of the cocoon, quickly spreading the Thunder Purgatory outside the cocoon.

     "Huang Teng said, you are more important than him, you are Xia Family's Heir?"


     "What the hell is your name?"

     Lei Jue was also a little confused, "Cui Lang? Xia Lang? Su Yu? Xia Yu?"

     No matter what, this person is extremely important!

     Killing him, he will surely advance to Shanhai and become the top arrogant.

     And Su Yu shouted loudly, opened the sky with a sword, and the silk that was cut in one slash broke countless. The dragon silkworm Pi Suo, at this moment, was thinking of Su Yu's name, and felt familiar.

     Just like Su Yu, if he doesn't go to the battlefield of the heavens, he doesn't know what other geniuses from all walks of life are called.

     Just like now, some powerful people of various races, geniuses, who have not come to the battlefield of the heavens, and who are not on the list, will not know him.

     The same goes for these guys!

     I just feel familiar, but I cannot remember who it is.

     Although Dragon Silkworm could not remember, he couldn't take much care of it anymore, and quickly twisted and twisted silk, and Lei Jue finally arrived.

     When it arrives, not saying anything further, a thunder gun emerges, and a shot plunges into the cocoon!

     Boom!The precise control power kept the cocoon from being damaged, and the full strength was concentrated on Su Yu.

     Su Yu slashed out, smashing Thunder, but was scorched by the electricity.

     Su Yu kept backing away, roared, the sky sword broke out, the knife came out, the foot came out, and the silk that was kicked kept breaking.

     Outside, the dragon silkworm was shaking.

     The thread spit out was shattered.

     "Lei Jue..."

     Picasso loudly roared, can you kill him?

     Lei Jue's eyes were cold, "Wait a minute!"

     When the words fell, the spear was withdrawn, the acupuncture points were fully opened, and countless lightning forces poured into the spear, and he wanted to stab this guy with a single shot!

     The opportunity is great!

     Lei Jue never thought that this guy was trapped by the dragon silkworm, just a big place, I will kill you!

     He didn't dare to be careless, and his power was full.

     The power of the acupuncture points bursts and is extremely powerful, even if the Pisso on the side is somewhat heart alarmed, trembling in fear, this Lei will never kill himself after he kills the opponent, right?

     Although there is no conflict between the two sides, and there is no conflict of interest, I just need a pair of legs... But do I need a conflict of interest here?

     But look at Lei Jue again, the consumption is too large, and if one blow continues, he probably won't be able to kill himself. It would be good if he didn't kill him. Now, I feel a little relieved.

     If Lei Jue consumes too much, it will be possible to kill Lei Jue later...

     Longcan was thinking, Lei Jue didn't have any strength left, he had to prepare a bit.

     Above the spear, Thunder Force grew more and more powerful!With Bisso’s pressure getting bigger and bigger, Su Yu felt like a crisis of death, and roared: “Asshole of the dragon silkworm clan, spread the dragon silk, otherwise, you don’t want to live if I die!

     He is also full of strength, slashing with a long knife, burst of willpower, divine writing trembling, and countless silk breaks.

     However, for a time, I just couldn't get out.

     Seeing that the gun was getting stronger and stronger, and the words of the robbery were constantly beating, Su Yu judged, almost there, if the power of this gun is gathered, if Lei Jue can run away, then he will It's too strong.

     At this moment, a wave of Sacred Strength spread over Su Yu.

     Lei Jue stopped slightly and was suppressed.

      The power of Primordial God Clan!

     This force quickly absorbed the surrounding sacred power, and the next moment, the Heavenly Sword erupted, and countless sword energy gathered.

     This is not enough!

     A drop of blood was bitten by Su Yu, swallowed, and a force of mountains and seas exploded.

     "Open heaven!"

      a severe shout, resound throughout the skies.

     What the hell, waiting for you until now, with this cut, if you don't die, I will persuade you!

     Before the knife was released, the cocoon burst instantly!


     The whole cocoon exploded, and Pizzo burst out a mouthful of blood, his eyes full of shock!


     Mountains and seas!

     Is this person a strong man of mountain and sea?

     No, Primordial God Clan, that's not right, open the sky sword...

     It is messed up!

     But at this moment, an invisible shadow instantly began to penetrate its will sea, and Bi Suo let out a sharp roar, the light on his head flickered, something was invading its sea of will.And Lei Jue, at this moment, most of the power poured into the spear, complexion slightly changed.

     "this is……"

     Too late to think about it!

     Most of his power was output, and the spear thunder exploded. At this time, he couldn't run. He could only shoot and kill Su Yu with one shot. That was the right way. Running would only die faster!

     "Lei Mie the common people!"

     With a roar, the spear floated in the air, and a thunder spear mirrored the four directions, and the whole sky broke the valley, I saw this gun!

     There was thunder flickering in the sky above Heavenly Broken Valley.

     Lingyun nine layers of the Thunder Protoss!

     And the next moment, a long sabre Hengkong, [Unbroken Blade Slash] thousands of meters, this knife evacuated all the knife energy in a kilometer radius at once, and the white mist and knife energy over the entire sky broken valley disappeared instantly, revealing The original appearance of Heavenly Broken Valley.

     In a distant place, Huang Teng also happened to have a knife...

     The sword vibrated, and couldn't help cursing!


     What was that guy over there doing? Suddenly evacuated the sword energy on his side, causing the sword energy from other places to surge over there, causing his sword power to drop by 10% in an instant!

     The opposite Tianduo was shocked, then relieved... Huang Teng, God won't help you!

     Huang Teng is too lazy to care about this!

     It was also shot with a single knife, stretching for thousands of meters, and the sword energy around him was also evacuated. The two of them went south and north, and suddenly pulled the entire Heaven Broken Valley's sword energy away by nearly 10%.

     Su Yu draws more!

     At this time, he exploded with the power of mountains and seas, and his physical power surpassed the power of Wanqiao, which was much stronger than Huang Teng.

     Two long knives across the sky!

     Su Yu is longer and bigger here!Cut it down!

     Everyone saw a scene where the thunder spear was cut in half with a single knife, and there was a thunder, and Su Yu's knife fell at the same time that Lei Jue's spear broke, but the thunder broke out and killed Su Yu's body. .


      The thunder power broke out on Su Yu. At this moment, the fourth-order thunder word divine writing revealed its might!

     What Su Yu has been waiting for is this opportunity!

     What is waiting for is the promotion of the thunder word divine writing, the fourth-order divine writing, possessing the power of mountains and seas, although Su Yu himself did not reach the mountains and seas, but the explosion of the divine writing dissolved a large amount of thunder power at once, and the rest were also Shenwen quickly absorbed.

     Strengthen yourself!

     A Protoss approaching the mountains and seas, Su Yu resolved most of the blow with the make an all-out effort, but was still scorched on the outside and tender on the inside with electricity, vomiting blood and bursting into flesh.

     And at this moment, the knife fell!

     This knife shattered everything around!


     A loud noise resounded throughout the Heavenly Broken Valley. Su Yu, who is strong in mountains and seas, also borrowed the sword energy of King Da Xia, as you can well imagine how powerful it is!

     Just like cutting tofu, Lei Jue's body was still in the air, but his breath was instantly annihilated, and the sea of will collapsed.

     Keep your eyes open!

     The thunder sign on his forehead dissipated, looking at Su Yu, his lips opened and closed: "Su Yu...really?"

     He wanted to know whose hands he died.

     As for how the power of mountains and seas erupted, and why Primordial God Clan's techniques were used, he didn't want to know, he didn't want to know, he was dead, he just wanted to know, who is it killed himself!Su Yu smiled, his hair stood up, and a big hole appeared in his chest, "It's me!"

     Su Yu!

     Lei Jue, the strongest person he killed, really had the power of mountains and seas.

     Now that you are dead, you should also satisfy your wishes. I am a good person.

     I will not hide you when you die, I am too kind.

     Of course, it was also to make him feel more at ease when he died, so as not to go to Cui Lang as a ghost, even though he didn't even have the chance to be a ghost!

     Lei Jue is perfectly contented!

     His eyes gradually dimmed.

     For more than ten years in the battlefield of the heavens, he still died here. The moment he walked out of the gods and stepped into the battlefield of the heavens, he was prepared for this. All geniuses have them. If they don't rise here, they fall here!

     There is no regret or regret, Su Yu has more methods than him, and he admits it.

     If you really killed Su Yu, then Su Yu was inferior to him.

     Lei Jue's body split into two halves, burst into dust with a bang.

     And Su Yu, hand grasps, was grabbed by him for a storage ring.

     The next moment, the blood character divine text was dispatched to absorb and collect the blood spilling around.

     Su Yu coughed, vomited blood, and gave a hammer in his backhand. The dragon silkworm rumbling on the side of the hammer, the sea of will tremble, and Xiao Maoqi took the opportunity to get in. They were in a stalemate just now.

     Xiaomaoqiu got in and bit down, Long Silkworm screamed screamingly.

     Su Yu didn't care about it, so in this brief moment, between Heaven and Earth, a big cloud appeared.

     Appeared instantly and instantly merged into Su Yu's body.

     A powerful willpower!It's not a divine text, it's not Tian Yuan Qi, it's not something else, it's willpower...

     As for the other side, that knife seems to be much dim, Su Yu didn’t care, Huang Teng was also making a knife...what’s up to me, I want to kill, and you can’t kill, the impact will be affected. Anyway, I absorb it. The sacred power, you have no effort!

     The powerful willpower poured in, Su Yu's Will Sea was absorbed frantically, and in the blink of an eye, the willpower began to increase, quickly.

     Su Yu, who had always been in the first layer of Lingyun, instantly stepped into the second layer.

     But Su Yu didn't want to be like this. The expansion hammer was bombarding wildly, and his willpower was constantly compressed. Why did he advance?

     The benefits of promotion are less.

     The higher the order, the fewer!

     I am so heavy!

     The divine text hasn't absorbed enough yet, his divine text has also begun to quickly absorb those willpower, and all 180 divine orifices are being absorbed.

     After depressing the promotion and forcibly returning the dual willpower to the first, Su Yu didn't want to be promoted at all.

     The strength has been improved.

     Backhand, cut out once again!

     The Dragon Silkworm, who was bitten by the small hair ball and was about to collapse, was cut into two pieces by him this time, and the Will Hai completely collapsed.

     Xiao Maoqi is really strong!

     In the next moment, he flew out of the sea of broken will of the dragon silkworm, and instantly entered the sea of will of Su Yu, and absorbed the willpower frantically. This was mine, and Xiangxiang said that he would pay the bill!

     It sucks too!

     Su Yu did not deny the account. I borrowed a little before, but now I can pay some back.

     But... I want this thing too much, he can't hammer it!Su Yu put away the corpse of the dragon silkworm, put away the broken dragon silk, put away the broken thunder spear...

     All good things!

     At this moment, on his side, the sword spirit dissipated, and he could see the scene outside the Heavenly Broken Valley.

     Before long, a figure approached.

     The weak dare not come!

     In the distance, a white dragon approached here, the nine-clawed dragon fighting dragon.

     After a while, An Mintian also approached here, looking at Su Yu from a long distance.

     Su Yu smiled, and in the next moment, it turned into a wind, disappeared on the spot, broke through the Heavenly Broken Valley and disappeared in place.

     Long Zhan and An Mintian didn't chase them, and their expressions were a bit solemn.

     An Mintian shouted abruptly: "Open Heaven Sword practiced to this point, you don't have the strength of mountains and seas, but you have the power of mountains and seas... Who are you! Is that talented blood? You are not Cui Lang!"

     "Innate blood?"

     In the distance, a genius thought of something, and said: "Innate essence and blood...Innate essence and blood...This is the secret of the multi-sacred text of the Human Race Daxia Mansion!"

     He is not Cui Lang!

     Absolutely not!

     At this moment, a figure floated by and shouted: "Run!"

     With a violent shout, the black armored man, riding the Flying Tiger, straddling the Heavenly Broken Valley, replied smoothly: "Idiot, that's Su Yu, Who else can it be, who else can it be?"


     Of course, it will be exposed sooner or later!

     Open the sky sword, talented blood... What about him, this is not Su Yu, Who else can it be?

     Just ask the human race, you know who it is!

     This group of idiots are still asking who it is!The black armored youth is not afraid of An Mintian at all, and even took the initiative to fly towards An Mintian, An Mintian not saying anything further, just run away, Qin Fang!

     He really may not be able to rival Qin Fang!

     Even if Qin Fang is much weaker than him, and the realm is far inferior, but this human race Number One Genius is too powerful to attack and kill.

     He dared to chase Huang Teng, but he did not dare to chase Qin Fang.

     Qin Fang ignored him and just passed by. This run was not for him, but for a figure fleeing in the air.

     Far away, Huang Teng dazed for a moment.

     You are here, why are we running?

     "Kill! Qin Fang, where are you going..."


     Qin Fang dropped these words again, riding the Flying Tiger, running fast.

     Huang Teng was stunned again, taking advantage of the moment Tianduo was injured, coupled with Qin Fang's appearance, gritted his teeth and ran away with Wu Qi.

     Why run?

     I go!

     We join hands, we are very strong!

     Then Su Yu, don't run, come back!

     Also, this is running to the west, and the sky is destroyed over there. These guys are stupid, why do they have to run there?

     He just thought, complexion changed, his feet accelerated and the speed was fast, and in the blink of an eye he ran to the west with Qin Fang!

     The top-level genius of several human races ran back and forth together, but the others did not dare to chase... They were all strong, all capable of killing mountains and seas.

     As for why you want to run...

      do not understand!

     People like Tianduo and An Mintian are actually somewhat scared. Really, I'm afraid that if these people join forces, that would be a big trouble.

     But a few people ran away in the blink of an eye!In the next moment, everyone understands.

     In the void, a silhouette emerges, long purple hair.


     Someone shivered, Modona, the number one in the sky!

     Understand everything!

     Why is Qin Fang running away!

     Modona is chasing him!

     In the distance, Huang Teng also wants to cry but doesn't have tears, damn it!

     I know why you want to run, why don’t you come to save me, fucking, you actually attracted Modona, this guy killed the Seventh Mountain and the Sea, the human side, under the mountain and sea, no one can oppose him !

     Seventh Lingyun killed the existence of Seventh Mountain and Sea!

     Even if the human race Tianhaohao used his life as the price, it was only Lingyun Jiuzhong killed Shanhai Qizhong, and Modona, after the killing, he still leap and frisk about!

     This guy may be Lingyun eighty or ninefold now.

     I heard that when the opponent was killed, Heaven and Earth rewarded him, and also rewarded him with a ground soldier, an extremely powerful ground soldier, what a shit!

     Run away!

     As for Su Yu ran away, that's not surprising, that guy went down with a single knife and his strength was exhausted, so it was strange not to run.

     Maybe I realized the crisis in the east, so I ran to the west.

     The fact is just as he expected.

     Originally, Su Yu wanted to run to the east, he had better return to the Terran territory, but as soon as he went to the east, the Jiezi divine writing kept beating, so scared that Su Yu had to run west, with a depressed face, what happened to the east?

     I killed Lei Jue. Can't I leave the east?


     Modo glanced at the place where Lei Jue was killed before, smiled, and whispered: "Lei Jue is dead...An Mintian, who killed it?""Cui...no, Su...Su Yu..."

     An Mintian is somewhat anxious, the gods of the two layers of mountains and seas, when they meet the demon of the seventh layer of Lingyun, they will be nervous.

     It's also the first time!

     "Su Yu?"

     Moduo seemed to have thought of something, and smiled, "Fun, Huang Teng, Su Yu, Qin Fang... are all here!"

     "Let's take a look together, destroy them, and the human generation has broken bones!"

     When the words fall, walk on air, chase over there.

     Did you run away?


     At this moment, all around are quiet.

     At that moment, too much news shocked them and shocked them.

     Lei Jue is dead!

     It was Cui Lang who killed him, no, maybe Su Yu.

     Qin Fang came, but he ran faster than anyone else. He didn't linger for a moment, because Modona was chasing him, Tianduo chased Huang Teng and lost a lot of sword energy from Heaven Broken Valley. From now on this Jedi , Maybe it's no longer a Jedi.

     At this moment, some people saw the list change.

     Cui Lang, Ling Yun, ranked fifth.

     Record: Killing Lingyun nine layers

     The fifth place!

     But this is Cui Lang!

     What about Su Yu?

     At this moment, everyone knows that Hunting Heaven Pavilion should not have confirmed its identity, or that Hunting Heaven Pavilion does not know about Cui Lang in the end is it not Su Yu, otherwise, if the age changes, then this ranking is definitely not the case!

     "Human... Protoss... Demon..."

     There is a genius who quickly flees, this matter can't be mixed up, the evildoers of the sky list are all running, which is terrible.No matter whether Qin Fang or Modona, ordinary mountains and seas can provoke them.

     Even Huang Teng can't be killed at will.

     In addition, now there is another guy whose identity is not yet clear. Killing Lei Jue has made some geniuses who have just entered the mountains and seas a little shocked.

     Those guys seem to be running westward, there are several ancient cities over there.

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