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392 The Name Of Su Yu (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Several geniuses of the human race ran away, and Heavenly Broken Valley was half-worn, and Modona, the number one in the ranking, chased it.

     At this time, all the creatures couldn't help being shocked.

     Someone looked at the white dragon in the air and hurriedly said, "Master Long Zhan, that person just now, in the end is it not Cui Lang?"

     To Cui Lang or Su Yu, everyone is actually not too familiar.

     But it's different!

     Because just now, a genius yelled out, "Su Yu is less than 20 years old!"

     As for this single sentence, that is a completely different effect.

     35-year-old Cui Lang, and less than twenty-years-old Su Yu, are both killers. According to the classification of the hunting list, although I don't know how many can be ranked, it is the least, and it is also the first place.

     Because the people killed were different, Su Yu killed Lei Jue. In fact, Huang Teng's record was not weak.

     But Huang Teng is 28 years old, 9 years older than Su Yu.

     This is the first point, and secondly, the Lei Jue that Su Yu killed, who once killed a strong mountain and sea can also regard it as a mountain and sea.

      As a result, Su Yu ranked first in the least, or squeezed Qin down and entered the top ranking.

     Tianlong Clan Long Zhan ignored them, looked into the distance, and kept silent.

     As a genius strongman of the Tianlong clan, he is the first level of mountains and seas, but he can also kill more than one level. He once killed a mountain and sea six-level big monster, but the ranking is not too high, 11th.

      Four Great Lists, the overall factor is too high, do not simply look at strength, otherwise Modo is definitely not as good as ranked two and war Wushuang, that is the strong man who kills the sun and the moon.

     On weekdays, Long Zhan is still very proud.But today, seeing these guys, one by one, one by one, they are killing people and killing people, and Dragon Battle is also very weak.

     He has killed Shanhai Sixth Layer, isn't it weak?

     Even if you encounter Shanhai Qizhong, you can fight the opponent.

     As a result, Modona, who is the number one in the sky list, Lingyun Qizhong will kill Shanhai Qizhong by a higher level. Even he will not be Modona’s opponent. Otherwise, An Mintian of the Protoss will not be so scared. .

     Even Primitive Demon Race's Tianduo, this guy is definitely not weak, but when he meets this strong fellow of the same race, the strong at the same level, there is nothing to say at this time, not dare to be big, even if they have the same background background.

     "Su Yu..."

     Long Zhan thought, and at this moment, over there, Tianduo looked complex and glanced at Modo's departure direction. That was his lifelong goal, maybe... never catching up.

     He came out of the Demon Realm and came to the Plain of Yuhai, including besieging Huang Teng, everything's everything, all for the sake of fame, all for closing the distance with Modona.

     But today...

     Take a look at the few demons around you, a few died, and three are left, Moerba, Blue Shadow and Three Eyed Demon Clan are all there.

     The other demons are dead.

     All in nothing!


     And Morna, a demon alone, chases and kills the Three Great Geniuses of the human race, no, plus Wu Qi, a few great geniuses of the human race, by the strength of oneself, there is no way to chase and kill him.

     This is called domineering!

     So relaxed, so comfortable, compared to himself, he was also a powerful Beginner Mozu, but he besieged a Huang Teng, except for severely wounding them and killing several guys, but they were not left behind.A group of Tianjiao, this moment is very complicated.

     The little golden dragon also floated up from the ground at this moment, with a loud voice, and said in doubt: "Who is Su Yu?"

     It really doesn't know!

     Even Cui Lang only found out this time, and now Su Yu suddenly appeared again, I don't know him.

     It is not the only one who does not know!

     At this moment, in the distance, a figure appeared, wearing a mask, on which some patterns were printed, like a cracked sky.

     "Asshole of Hunting Pavilion!"

     Some people look over there with alert eyes, some begin to stir.

     The powerful hunter has a strange voice, and faintly discernible said, "Don’t be so hostile. You don’t mean to be an enemy. Everyone is curious about Su Yu, and so is the Hunter! You may not know much about Su Yu. , I will explain one or two for everyone!"

     "A member of the Human Realm Daxia Mansion, 19 years old! I was admitted to the Human Realm Daxia Mansion Daxia Civilization Academy at the age of 18, joined the first department of polytheistic literature, enrolled in the Kaiyuan realm! Apprentice Bai Feng, Bai Feng may not be known But when he was in a middle school, he used to be his teacher Liu Wenyan, everyone should know him!"

     As soon as this remark came out, many people were surprised, this realization!


     Of course, Liu Wenyan has never been on the hunting list, but his master, no one knows.

     Daxia Civilization Academy, the lord of the five generations, Ye Batian!

     Sun Moon Kills Invincible!

     He has been on the hunting list for 20 years. This is the limit. At the age of 20, he was on the list, at the age of 22, he was on the top of the list. He suffered countless attacks and killings in his life. Can kill him.

     "Ye Batian's disciple!"There are creatures that are shocked, more shocking than the descendants of Invincible, Invincible is not uncommon, Sun Moon Killing Invincible... So far only Ye Batian.

     Someone who dares to fight in the sun and the moon is invincible. If you dare to fight, it doesn't mean you can win or die.

     Being able to win does not mean being able to kill.

     Can kill invincible... the first person in the Sun and Moon realm!

     No matter how strong a genius is, it is difficult to kill invincibility in the sun and the moon. This represents the strength of the opponent, which has already surpassed the general invincibility.

     The Hunting Tiange member continued: "Su Yu joined the Daxia Civilization Academy. In less than half a year, he entered the Daxia Civilization Academy top 100 list and killed the original first student in the top 100 list..."

     He is a ruthless man!

     Everyone is joking, Daxia Civilization Academy is still a bit famous, the top 100 list should not be weak, although to them, it is nothing to be in the top 100 list.

     "After killing the original top 100 list, there were some changes in the middle. Su Yu defected to the Great Xia Mansion and killed two strong men in the Sun and Moon realm, and many strong men in the mountains and seas. Killing the 7th-level Lingyun powerhouse... all this was only half a year after he enrolled."

     Exclaim again!

     That little golden dragon was dumbfounded!

     I didn't even care that the other party was from the Hunting Pavilion, and hurriedly said, "He still killed Sun and Moon?"

     The Hunting Heaven Pavilion members said indifferently: "It was not he who killed him, but he deliberately lured the opponent to attack and kill himself. Palace Lord Zhu Tiandao of the Daming Mansion personally invited him to join the Daming Mansion, and for him in Xingluoshan, he did not hesitate to offend the single god of the first element He, killed the Sun and Moon Jin Yuhui of the Shan Shenwen...""After that, Su Yu joined the Daming Mansion, joined the Daming Civilization Academy, and successively launched the now extremely famous "Shuangwu Heqiao Method", "Yuan Shen Wen Jue", "Yuan Shen Kai Kou Jue"...etc. The Yuanshen Institute, even more than a few months ago, defeated the top-level genius Shan Xiong!"

     "Single Xiong?"

     A creature unexpectedly said: "He! That guy has been to the battlefields of the heavens. Doesn't he have his name on the Four Hunting Rankings?"

     "Yes, the ninth in the yellow list. I came once and left soon."


     Shan Xiong, someone knew that he had been here and killed a genius, but he didn't stay long after he came and left soon.

      Even so, the opponent is still ninth in the yellow list, which shows the talent and great strength.

     The Hunting Tiange member continued: "Yes, Su Yu defeated Shan Xiong a few months ago and almost killed him. Zhou Polong, the top powerhouse in the human realm, came forward and rescued Shan Xiong himself. Su Yu broke his 144. Seriously injured, it is rumored that in the process of recuperating, the governor Niu Baidao of the Ming Dynasty Academy personally became his protector... and Cui Lang is the Unofficial Disciple of the governor Niu Baidao."

     As soon as this remark came out, Xiao Jinlong once again cannot bear saying: "Baoqiao 144 is What does it mean?"

     "Oh, didn't I say?"

     The Hunting Pavilion member smiled and said: "Su Yu opened up more than 300 yuan orifices, maybe 360. This is not true or false. And it is said that the orifices are also opened above 100. I don't know how much it is. The outline of the gods should be close to 20. There are even more than 20 pieces, but I don’t know how much..."

     "This year?"

     Everyone was shocked again. If you say 10 years, we will recognize it. There are still such geniuses, many.But one year... I can't believe it.

     "Yes, one year!"

     The mask man calculated and said with a smile: "No, it's still about 20 days away. August 1 is the enrollment day in the Human Environment Anping calendar. Today, according to the Human Environment Anping calendar, it is only July 6."



     Soon, someone said in a low voice: "Invincible Ruins?"


     The mask man said again: "It should be so. Rumor has it that Su Yu found the remains of invincibility in the human environment. That's why today, even so, is amazing!"

     Invincible ruins, it also depends on your luck and your talent.

     Genius, who has no chance?

     Those who have no chance are still called geniuses?

     Su Yu has obtained the invincible relic, can only say that the opportunity is too strong, the opportunity is too strong, this is also a kind of genius, can a genius who does not pick money casually be called a genius?

     At this moment, everyone understood Su Yu.

     Little Jinlong hurriedly said: "He is Su Yu!"

     At that time Su Yu killed Lei Jue, it was nearby!

     When Lei Jue was dying, he asked Su Yu, in the end is it not Su Yu, he said yes, Xiao Jinlong saw it and heard it!

     That is Su Yu!

     19-year-old Su Yu!

     The Hunting Pavilion members hurriedly said, "Master Wuyou knows?"

     "Believe it or not, that's Su Yu!"

     Little Jinlong said, forget it if you don't believe it, it doesn't bother to explain.

     At this moment, everyone looked westward, some geniuses began to stir.

     And just in this brief moment, the void oscillates.

     Seven or eight strong men shot at the masked man one after another.After that, it's time to send you off!

     The guys in the Hunting Pavilion are not weak in strength and talented. They don't kill the white or kill!

     Including Long Zhan, An Min Tian, Tian Duo...

     Many strong players have shot one after another!

     Together, these guys have to die for the fifth and sixth tiers of the mountain and the sea, and the seventh tier can fight, and they are sure to kill after the fight.

     The masked man smiled, although he couldn't see it, but everyone still sensed that he was laughing.

     At the next moment, a light beam came, and the masked person disappeared instantly. When he left, he smiled and said, "Welcome everyone to join the Hunting Pavilion. Hunting Tian Pavilion will provide you with the most comprehensive services and information!"

     When the words fall, the person has disappeared.

     With several complexion fluctuates from Tianduo, An Mintian couldn't help but shout: "This is Invincible's personal introduction? Damn, there is invincible existence in Hunting Pavilion!"

      don't dare to believe!

     Hunting Pavilion is not a race, it is an organization, this organization has invincible existence!

     And personally pick a member away!

     Tianduo said coldly: "It is not surprising that the Hunting Heaven Pavilion is invincible! The Hunting Heaven Pavilion has existed for too long. When the battlefield of the heavens was opened, the opponent existed, and even in the ancient records of the demons, this organization existed! Maybe it has always existed on the battlefield of the heavens for thousands of years!"

     The history of the Demon Race is very long, long and terrifying, and there is this organization in the ancient records of the Demon Race.

     Having said that, Tianduo said coldly: "But their invincibility dare to make a move...courageous!"

     Boom!There was a loud noise that rang through the world, and Tianduo was not uncommon, including An Mintian at this moment.

     Hunting Tiange is looking for death!

     If the strong in the invincible realm is dispatched to attract people, they will soon be sensed by the invincibility in some theaters. In this case, the strong in these theaters, will not be polite, hunting pavilion, only one organization, this organization is very mysterious , It's hard to remove it on weekdays, and now there are invincibles appearing, those races' invincibles can't leave the opponent.

     After a bang, everything disappeared.


     Everyone doesn't know the result, but it is right that Invincible is not dead. If Invincible is dead, the battlefields of the heavens will have an induction, proving that the sun shines for thousands of miles, falling, and the movement is only big.

     I haven't seen it in these years, but a few decades ago, someone had seen this magnificent scene. That day, three loud noises shook the entire world.

     No one cares there anymore, the invincible battle is too far away from them.

     At this moment, someone looks at the scoreboard, and Cui Lang is still fifth on the list.

     "The Hunting Pavilion hasn't confirmed the identity of the other party!"

     This is the answer. If confirmed, it will definitely be changed.

      Hidden status Su Yu is not the first to come to the battlefields of the heavens, but under normal circumstances, if you are out there, you will not be able to hide for too long. There is no way. There are a lot of killings in this place, and you have to show your expertise.

     Unless you kill a witness to silence them again and again, no one will see you take action.

     Otherwise, you will not be able to escape the situation of being revealed.Tianduo ignored this, looked to the west, lightly sighed, and said coldly: "It's better to take a look together. There are several ancient cities ahead, those guys, very possibly might enter the ancient city for refuge!"

     Further west is the Central Theater.

     That is the territory of the monster clan, if you kill them in the land of others, the powerful monster clan will take action, and it will not be the same as the Yuhai Plain, Sun Moon cannot find you.

     Therefore, the probability of entering the ancient city is the greatest.

     "Ancient city... will they go there?"

     There are creatures somewhat alarmed and afraid, saying: "It's better not to go to the ancient city, there are very evil ones! It's only for some small clans and strong people, or prisoners, or wanderers..."

     The so-called wanderers are the small realms being broken. As a last resort, they wander in the battlefield of the heavens. These guys also have strong men. Sun and moon are rare. Many wandering in various areas of the battlefield of the heavens. The ancient city is also one of their choices.

     The ancient city has some evil sects. Under normal circumstances, the geniuses of the big clans, including the strong, dare not enter easily.

     Therefore, some small clan powerhouses occupied the ancient city and became overlords.

     The invincibility of the major races hardly goes to the ancient city.

     There, the sun and the moon are respected.

     As for why there is no Invincible to go, they don’t know this, and Invincible will not mention it to them. Generally speaking of ancient cities, they are brought in a few words. You can go, but don’t stay there for a long time. Try to be careful and don’t. Make trouble in the ancient city.

     It's nothing good to cause trouble.

     Such ancient cities are not only found in the Yuhai Plain, but also in other places. In the sea of stars, there are several such ancient cities, which are very evil.Tianduo looked to the west and said indifferently: "Since we have come to the battlefield of the heavens and others can get it, we will get it too!"

     It’s a shame not to go to Huicheng.

     Besides, Modo, they might go, if so, he dare to go.

     After finishing speaking, he also soaring high into the air, leaving in the air, the flame pattern on his forehead was obvious.

     The mood fluctuates slightly.


     I will not lose to you!

     Born at the same time as Modona in the Shimozu, maybe... also the sadness of other Shimozu geniuses.


     Those people are discussing, but Su Yu is running fast, consumption of willpower and vitality is huge.

     The willpower is okay now, because of the rewards of heaven and earth, it has almost recovered.

     In terms of vitality, Su Yu at this time was quickly absorbing the vitality of the sky to recover.

     Very luxurious!

     Extravagant scary!

     But Su Yu was very happy. The battle was very refreshing, the depression was dissipated, and the excitement of the battle quickly consolidated his body, and the divine writings also tended to be promoted. sign.

     Genius likes chaos, not because of no cause, no reason.

     There are rewards for killing, and it can also stimulate your own strength.

     Without fighting the strong, to build a cart behind closed doors, it will never be possible to become the strong.

     At this time, Su Yu had a lot of storage rings in his hand. He didn't care. He took out Lei Jue's storage ring and opened it quickly. Sure enough, he saw a booklet.

     Quickly took out the fascicle of the hunting list and opened it.

     I am on the list!

     The fifth place!

     "Fifth on the list..."The first place on the list is Huang Teng, and Lingyun five kills Shanhai two.

     The second place in the ranking is a strong man from the immortal clan. It is terrifying to fly into the sky and kill Lingyun nine times.

     Ranked third in the rankings, Lingyun has three mountains and seas.

     The fourth place in the ranking, the four-fold of the mountain and the sea kill the seven-fold of the mountain and the sea...

     Next was Su Yu, Ling Yun first killed Ling Yun Nine.

     Not only depends on strength, there are more factors, Su Yu is still a guy who kills the Seventh Layer of Shanhai, but he has reached the Fourth Layer of Shanhai.

     There are so many geniuses!

     One by one, the higher the level is like playing, the small clan is really miserable.

     Su Yu looked back while fleeing.

     It's strange, is it dangerous behind?

     Uncle, this sacred text of Jie Zi has been beating, will it not break?

     It feels like danger from the rear!

     It can sense jade. There is no sense within a kilometer. The kilometer range is too small, and Su Yu can't determine what happened behind him. As for the heaven startling thundering, he also heard it and didn't take it seriously.

     Too strong... has nothing to do with me.

     It feels like there are thousands of miles away from him!

     It may be that Invincible is in a big battle. What does it have to do with me? On the battlefields of the heavens, the Invincible War broke out.

     Immortality is small-scale.

     Dead invincible, that's the big news.

     In the past 50 years, there seems to be no such big news, which is a pity.

     "What's behind?"

     Su Yu is helpless, this is not the case.

     I just killed Lei Jue, and I was planning to kill more geniuses of the ten thousand races, but suddenly I felt that I was in danger and had to run away.Is that guy Huang Teng dead?

      shouldn't have, there is his name on the list.

     Wu Qi is still alive!

     These guys are not dead, do you want to stop?

     Just thinking about it, Jiezi Shenwen beats again. The meaning is obvious. Keep running, stop and stop, Shenwen warning, Jiezi Shenwen is the best warning device, don't run and wait for death.


     Su Yu is depressed!

     I just killed Lei Jue, so formidable, still running?

     What is going on?

     Invincible is killing me? impossible!

     I can fight the mountains and seas!

     As I was thinking, behind, there was a shadow appearing faintly, the speed was extremely fast, as if he was crazy, the speed was astonishing.

     Su Yu quickly turned into a gang wind, hiding his whereabouts.

     The person didn't care about this at all, and continued to run towards this side, Su Yu also moved forward quickly, and found that the closer he got to him, the more the Jie Zi jumped.

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, this guy is going to kill me?

     Better than me?

     Judging from a distance, the speed is very fast, I feel faster than myself, otherwise I can't catch up with myself, of course, Su Yu's escape technique is not fully activated.

     The speed is fast, and the strength should not be weak.

     But is it so dangerous?

     He was thinking, the flying tiger sitting down by the black armored youth roared slightly, and the black armored youth stunned slightly, and quickly said: "Who is in front? Is it Su Yu?"


     This is Cui Lang!

     What about him, is it a person who knew that Su Yu came to the battlefield of the heavens?"Forget it, don't worry about it, run away! That lunatic Modo is chasing after him, I'm Qin Fang, goodbye!"

     With a huff, this guy deviated from the direction and fled quickly.

     Modona is here!

     Su Yu was slightly startled!

     It's him!

     The strongest on the top of the list!

     Qin Fang ran fast, and his voice came vaguely, "Seek fortune for oneself, find an ancient city to hide, do not go out for more than three days, otherwise there will be trouble!"

     When the words fell, the person disappeared completely.

     Not long after he disappeared, Su Yu slowed down for a while, and sure enough, someone quickly fled from behind.

     "Huang Teng?"

     Su Yu did not show up, but the voice came out, Huang Teng was taken aback, and quickly said: "Su Yu or Cui Lang?"

     When the words fell, he hurriedly said: "Whatever, run! Fuck, Madonna is here to kill, run! Find an ancient city to hide, seek fortune for oneself, be sure to get out of the city in three days, that's it, goodbye!"


     Damn it!

     Huang Teng and Qin Fang's words are almost repeated.

     Modona is here!

     Go to the ancient city to hide!

     Go out of town in three days!

     Su Yu ignored him and quickly looked at Wu Qi, who was being held by him. He was in a coma, and it seemed that he was seriously injured.

     Qin Fang ran to the right, Huang Teng ran to the left, Su Yu in the middle.

     After thinking about it, Su Yu quickly caught up with Huang Teng, and the speed was also extremely fast.

     Huang Teng seemed to sense that someone was chasing him, and he accelerated again.

     Su Yu couldn't help voice transmission and shouted: "It's me, Wu Qi How is it going?"

     "Know it is you!"Huang Teng knew that it was him, but he was still running fast, and cursed: "Go away, don't follow me! Qin Fangtian list, if you are Su Yu, you will also be the next one, I will be the next one, don't follow me, don't pit me, I know, it was my fault that I beat your teacher, you don't follow me, please!"

     The meaning is clear!

     Qin Fang and you are both Modo's number one target. I am the number three. Don't cheat me!

     Su Yu was taken aback and couldn't help but angrily said: "Don't pit me! Did you run? Wu Qi How is it going?

     "You and her really have a leg...Fuck, you don't do things authentically, this is the goddess of our generation...Your master has chased you...You are too careless!"


     This is Huang Teng?

     I'm asking about business, you're talking to me!

     This is Huang Teng who has high hopes from Daxia Mansion?

     This is Xia Longwu second?

     Are you kidding me!

     This is the top talent of Human Race?

     Is this the enemy Bai Feng has been talking about?

     Su Yu is tired, how can he be like a two-hundred-five hundred!

     I asked Wu Qi, what are you talking about with me!

     Huang Tengxu said, and quickly said: "It's nothing, I'm going to die, I got used to it. If you run, you can live, but you can't run. Now if you live, you will die later."

     "Modona is only Lingyun Seventh Layer, we join hands..."

     "Kids don't make trouble!"Huang Teng shouted, "Do you know what the Seventh Layer of Mountains and Seas means? The lowest 100,000 orifice power starts, this is the Seventh Layer of Mountains and Seas! The lowest! The weakest kind! If it is a civilized teacher, then it is stronger... If you want to kill together, Qin Fang and I are not enough to kill together, and you can kill it?

     Run away!

     A lot of nonsense!

     He also joined forces to kill Modona, and waited until we reached the seventh and eighth layers of Lingyun, now he is only at the fifth level of Lingyun, and Qin Fang is only the sixth level of Lingyun, and he has not reached the seventh.

     Qin Fang has killed Shanhai Sanzhong, and he has killed Shanhai Erzhong, both of which are top-level genius, but the key is that they are not as strong as humans.

     Start with a minimum of 100,000 orifices!



      The physical power is more than 10 times that of myself, and the combat power is not as simple as 10 times. I understand now.

     Su Yu also without rubbish, quickly lost a storage and quit, and shouted: "That is a little life-saving heavenly vitality, and the technique of rebirth, why don't you or he steal it, give it to Wu Qi, tell her, I save Don't think she is better than me..."

     When the words fell, Su Yu instantly turned into a gust of wind, and the wind character and divine writing exploded, flying very fast in the middle direction.


     If you are not with Huang Teng and the others, if you are together, the goal will be too great. Huang Teng is afraid that Su Yu will implicate him, and Su Yu is also afraid that he will bring two oil bottles!

     How good I am!

     If you want to melt the wind, you will melt the wind, and you will melt the water if you want.

     The increase of half-tier boots accelerated, Yang Qiao half-opened, and Su Yu was also running hard.

     Can't beat it!The guy at the top of the rankings still avoid it. This guy who even Qin Fang and Huang Teng couldn't fight together, met him, and he was determined to be nowhere.

     The body casting is less than 40 castings, so don't even want to kill the opponent.

     At least 40 casts or more!

     Once it reaches 40 casts and the physical power exceeds 80,000 orifice points, coupled with willpower divine texts and the half-opening of the Yang orifices, there is hope for a battle. Now, forget it!

     Only 14 cast!

     Counting it down, if it is fast to cast once in 10 days, it will also take 260 days. After nearly 9 months, there will be hope for the battle.

     Forget it, admit it, Su Yu said in his heart, don't chase me, go kill Qin Fang and them.

     He is not too worried, fighting in the battlefields of the heavens, who hasn't paid the bottom of the box?

      If not ... die, die!

     No ability, why are you here in the battlefield of the heavens?

     At this moment, the three human geniuses split into three directions and fled. They did not choose to flee together. Everyone is not familiar with it, and they are not opponents when they join forces. If they really meet, they may be to catch everything in the one net.

     Fools will such do!

     Disperse and run, and Modona is stronger. After killing one, it is unlikely to turn around and kill the second.


     Su Yu killed Lei Jue and entered the path to escape again before he was cool for a minute.

      at the same time.

     Terran base camp.

     Xia Houye received the frontline battle report again, stopped/stood, and couldn't help cursing: "I thought it was the kid who caused the trouble, but...Qin Fang, he Fuck!"

     Qin Fang actually led Modona over!

     This bastard thing is even worse than Su Yu.With that, Master Xiahou said quietly: "Hey, I'm thinking, is this Lei Jue too weak? The Thunder God Race is not working anymore?"

     If you don't want it, just think about it, that's Su Yu!


     Only a few days ago, killed Lei Jue?

     Are you kidding me!

     Huang Teng met Lei Jue, and he probably won and had the chance to kill him. Yes, but it may not be easy. No matter good or bad is also people who have killed the mountains and seas, but how old Su Yu is, how old Huang Teng is, Su Yu practiced for a few days, How long has Huang Teng practiced?

     Master Xiahou is tired!

     Aside, the Wu family's old lady suddenly said, "Is he really Su Yu?"

     Frontline intelligence, Qin Fang said it was Su Yu, and Qin Fang didn't know Su Yu, but since he said that, there must be some truth.


     Xia Houye denied that, if yes, it would be troublesome, and be careful to draw out Invincible.

     Of course, now not sure yet, Invincible will not rush off for a Su Yu personally, that will trigger the Invincible War in advance.

     Of course he knew that it was Su Yu, but he did not say.

     Having said that, it is the big trouble.

     The old lady of the Wu family nodded slightly, she said after a long while: "The affectionate and true young man, in order to save Qi Qi, went into danger alone, hey, he is worthy of Qi Qi!"


     Xiahouye looked at the old woman with a dazed expression, what do you mean?

     "Old lady...that...Wu Qi is older than him, and that kid doesn't deal with our Daxia Mansion..."

     "That was with the Xia family, not with my Wu family!"

     Granny Wu looked at him strangely. What does it have to do with my Wu family?

     My Wu family, and this line of relationship is good!Look, that bastard between my daughter and Liu Wenyan is unclear!

     My great-granddaughter, the youngest one, chased the Daming Mansion in person. Does this have anything to do with us?

     If Su Yu and Da Xia Mansion don’t deal with each other, it’s just the Shan Shenwen First Family and the Xia Family, and their relationship with the Wu Family is good, understand?

     Master Xiahou's tone was stagnant: "Your Lanlan..."

     Granny Wu nodded slightly, too.

     It’s not necessarily necessary to match Su Yu and Wu Qi. Lan Lan is the same, but Lan Lan is too weak. For a Tianjiao like Su Yu, if it is weak, it is easy to die. Qi Qi has the appearance of a strong person. In this way, follow Su. Yu, on the contrary, is not afraid of the crisis. This is the woman who has risen in the crisis.

     As for Su Yu may fall quickly...

     The old lady Wu understood this truth in her heart, but for the women of the Wu family, even if it only bloomed for an instant, she would have no regrets in her life. She knew too well the character of the Wu family.

     Find a weak person, find a mediocre person, honestly assist one's husband and educate the children...... This is an ordinary woman, a woman from the Wu family. If you don’t marry, if you want to marry, you must marry Peerless Supreme Talent. Even if you fall, you must Bloom the glory of this life!

     Mrs. Wu thought about this in her heart, otherwise, other men would not be worthy of her unparalleled great-granddaughter. As for Huang Teng...Flippant and insincere, she felt liver pain and didn't want to bother.

     The character is somewhat similar to that of the dead fat man in front of her. She has seen it once, and a guy who hates this character is not a genius.

     Xiahouye seems to be sensed and disgusted... with a depressed look!

     This old lady, do you still dislike me?Having said that... he was really planning to marry Wu Yuehua back then, but Wu Yuehua despised him, and the old lady beat him too. The whole family was not a good person!

     Now I was actually looking at Su Yu, the old lady's thoughts... he was convinced.

     PS: Ahhhh, please ask for tickets. By the way, I don’t ask for leave. I don’t ask for it now. I only ask for a baby. Let me give you half a month’s notice. Be prepared!
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