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393 In Front Of The Ancient City Gate Into The Sky List (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Go fast.

     Very fast.

     Su Yu's divine writings of the word "Jie Zi" are still beating, which makes Su Yu want to scold his mother, can he keep up with me?

     Am I so unlucky?

     Go chasing Qin Fang!

     On the way, Su Yu met mountains and drilled mountains, met hydration water, met jungles and woods, and the speed was astonishing, but he still couldn't get rid of the sense of crisis behind.

      He used the Five Element Escape Technique the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy), but he still couldn’t get rid of the opponent.


      at the same time.

     Zifa Modo walked in the air in a leisurely courtyard, as if enjoying the surrounding scenery.


     No, this is self-confidence.

     Zhan Shanhai Qizhong's self-confidence is stronger than before.

     Several geniuses of Human Race are far from him.

     Even if he encounters some mountain and sea peaks, his life is still possible. As for the sun and the moon...Unless he encounters the human race of the sun and moon realm, the sun and the moon of the demon race and the god race dare not easily kill him Modona.

     Gods and demons still need to join forces, including the current demons, who want to join forces to suppress the human race together.

     "Su Yu?"

     He keeps going, is Su Yu in front of him?

     Qin Fang and Huang Teng are also old acquaintances.

     Lost interest.

     Unless these two are promoted to the seventh or even the eighty-ninth level of Lingyun, they have hope to fight him, and only hope.

     Sometimes, it is also a pleasure to raise a few evenly matched opponents.

     As for the ship capsized, let it capsize.

     Can't suppress the contemporary, how to prove invincibility?

     Even if the proof is invincible, it will not be as invincible as King Daxia and the others.Modo would like to see the strength of the newcomer more. For example, this is the strength of Cui Lang or Su Yu. This is interesting, isn't that so?

     "Sky destroys the city!"

     From afar, he already saw it that huge and magnificent city, mysterious and vicissitudes of life, existed forever.

     Such ancient cities are distributed throughout the battlefield of the heavens.

     Modona had been to an ancient city once, of course, it wasn't the city of heaven. He also had some opportunities there, and of course, he had also encountered some crises.

     "Ancient city...the sky is gone!"

     With deep eyes, he looked at the vaguely magnificent ancient city, smiled, Su Yu and the others want to enter the city?

     Here, it may not be a safe place.

     Maybe more dangerous than yourself!

     The more genius, the more dangerous.

     This is the battlefield of the heavens!

     The battlefield of the heavens is the place for geniuses. Of course, after a crisis, that is an opportunity, so here, geniuses can grow fastest.

     Modona keeps going, will Su Yu enter the city?

     I don't know, no matter whether Su Yu enters the city or not, he will have to go and see, the sky destroys the city, since he has encountered it, it is fate, fate, not to see, I am sorry for this trip to the plain of Yuhai.

     He originally didn't want to come here. The Yuhai Plain is only suitable for geniuses under the mountains and seas. Once the mountains and seas are high, it is easy to get lost. This place is not friendly to the mountains and seas and the sun and the moon.

     And those people have their own experience.

     Although Modona is not the sun and the moon, he prefers to go there, so that he can create enough sense of crisis, life and death crisis.Here, he is an invincible existence, of course, these young people are talking about.


     Modona saw the giant city, and Su Yu also saw it.

     A long distance away, I sensed that Wild Qi, desolate, but unspeakably spectacular.

     It's between Heaven and Earth.

     Su Yu was vigilant in his heart and approached silently. At this moment, his divine writing of the word robbery was beating left and right. Anyway, it kept beating weakly, not too strong, which meant there was a crisis, but it was not too dangerous.

     This huge city lay in front, as if boundless, for a while, Su Yu didn't see where the edge was.

     There are many gates!

     Yes, many gates.

     Su Yu saw that there were seven or eight gates on this wall.

     Do you want to enter?

     How to get in?

     Need to verify identity, or how?

     On the battlefield of the heavens, who built such a huge city?

     Even the human base camp has only built a small city, leaving the city to the east, and behind the city to the east, there is a boundless barracks, but no big city has been cast.

     Su Yu opened his eyes and saw that in the entire big city, the two vicissitudes of life were the most conspicuous.

     The sky is gone!

     It is not a human script, nor a god-devil script, nor any ethnic script that Su Yu knows about, but Su Yu knows it, it seems to be a kind of unique writing, similar to divine writing, you will understand it after you outline it.

     "Divine text..."

     Su Yu murmured, yes, he immediately thought of the divine text, the True God text, not the text of the gods.Seeing these two words, he knew the meaning, the sky is gone!

     At this moment, in his mind, the golden atlas trembled slightly, and his calm quickly recovered.

     On the huge city, the two big characters flashed lightly, and soon returned to calm.

      at the same time.

     In the city lord's mansion, in the incomparable gigantic hall, the stone sculpture opened his eyes again.

     It seems to see through endless void and see a lot of things. After a while, I close my eyes.

      just as in the past, turned into stone carving, wordless and uncommunicative.


     Su Yu was hiding around, not daring to enter the city rashly.

     Also worried about Modona coming after him.

     For a while, some lingered.

     At this moment, Su Yu complexion slightly changed, Jie Zi Shenwen beats, Modona is here?

     He just wanted to forcibly enter the giant city. Not far away, a figure floated past. Modona glanced at him as if he had found him, but he didn't seem to have found it.

     Just glanced at, Modona walked towards the largest gate among them.

     The biggest gate is unguarded, unlike other small gates, there are guards.

     The huge gate was open, but no one was around.

     Modona walked over, the gate was open, but he did not enter.

     Around the small door, there were some creatures coming and going. Some creatures recognized Modona with palpitations. Some recognized him and laughed in a low voice: "Another one who doesn't have eyes..."


     The magic fire burns!The talking creature was directly burned by a demon fire, and the scream resound throughout the skies. In the blink of an eye, the talking Lingyun realm powerhouse was completely burned.

     Modo didn't even look there, as if he didn't do anything.

     At this moment, some creatures in the surrounding area retreated.

     The person who spoke before, there was someone beside him, an extremely old man, his eyes showed shock and anger that could not be hidden.

     "Si Mozu... is it so domineering?"

     Modo turned his head to look at the old man, who was a strong man in the mountains and seas.

     He glanced at, nodded slightly, "Si Mozu...... just like this way domineering!"

     When the words fell, the figure flashed.


      Between Heaven and Earth, only that punch broke the void, as if suddenly growing out of the void, a punch hit the old man's head, and with a bang, the old man's head was smashed.

     The magic fire reappears!

     A huge black wolf, lost its head, blinked, was burned by the demon fire.


     Someone tremblingly said the name.

     At this moment, all the creatures avoided again.

     Shimozu, Modona!

     Lingyun Realm!

     However, the mountain and sea triple black wolf was beaten to death by the opponent. At this moment, all the creatures were shocked, afraid, the name of the person, and the shadow of the tree.

     Modona's reputation is too great!

     Modona ignored those guys and returned to the huge gate again.

     The gates are still open.

     Modona gently takes a deep breath, step in!


     The flame is flying!Under the feet, the magic fire reflected the void, and Modo walked step by step, as if it were very difficult.

     One step, two steps...

     Every step seemed to exhaust his power.

     Just a punch to kill the overbearing mountain and sea, at this moment, walking in a slump, forming a sharp contrast.

     Secretly, Su Yu looked dull.

     So strong!

     Shanhai Sanzhong, met this guy, completely without any Power of Resistance, and was beaten to death with one punch, terrible!

     "This guy... is so strong, only Lingyun Seventh Layer! According to this strength, I can at least fight him when I vacate the sixth layer!"


     At this moment, he was talking to Xiao Maoqiu, Xiao Maoqiu rolled over and didn't want to reply.

     The strongest Lingyun Seventh Layer of the Shimo Clan, no, maybe the strongest Lingyun Seventh Layer of the Ten Thousand Clan, you said you can only fight him by flying into the Sixth Layer... Xiao Maoqiu didn't want to care about him.

     Really not human!

     Su Yu was serious, vacating the Sixth Layer, talking about the physical body, then at least 41 casts, he at least has the hope of fighting him at the Sixth Layer, fighting, may not be able to win, Modo's current strength is not clear.

     Maybe you have to go to Qizhong!

     "Maybe...more! This guy, I can't see through, how many times has the body cast? 36 times? How many acupuncture points are opened, more than 100?"

     It doesn't look like it only has more than a hundred resuscitation!

     As for the cast body, perhaps he has cast more than 36 times, although he has obtained the first demon clan technique, only thirty-six casts.

     But who knows, is this fellow practicing the Si Mo Clan casting method?

     "Why have to go through that door?"Su Yu is somewhat uncertain. There are many gates, and in some places, it seems that it is very convenient to get in and out. Some creatures are to-and-fro, and the guards did not stop them or check anything.

     That being the case, why does Modo have to go through that door?

     Also, did he find himself?

     Then why not kill yourself?

     Instead, I went to get started!

     It seems that his purpose is not to kill himself, but to enter the city.

     Weird guy!

     Su Yu had countless doubts at this moment to know, Modo walked step by step, walking hard, Su Yu could see his sweat dripping from his forehead.

     This door... evil!

     Killing the mountain and the sea with one punch is difficult to get in. What is this?

     How about flying over the city wall and entering the city directly?

     "will die!"


     Su Yu slammed behind him with a punch, the divine text broke out, the combat skills broke out, there was a bang, the void exploded!

     "Su Yu!"

     The guy who just said "will die", at this moment, quickly backed away, a few hundred meters away from him, wearing a white mask, laughter came: "You want to know what happens if you leap directly into the city wall?"

     Su Yu's eyes were cold and severe, and his heart was horrified.

     I just think about it!

     Why would this guy know?

     As if he knew what he was thinking, the White Mask guy smiled and said, "Because... the first time guys will have this idea! It's easy to guess, isn't that so? Are you curious about a lot of things, Doubt a lot of things?"

     "Who are you?"

     Su Yu's eyes were cold and he couldn't see through this guy, run!"Don't even think about running, I'm not hostile."

      The White Mask person laughed and said, "I'm from the Hunting Pavilion, a member of the Heaven Division of the Hunting Four Divisions, Su Yu, did you just use the Divine Art Combat Technique? Could you tell me what is this Divine Art Combat Technique called?"

     Su Yu looked at him coldly and said nothing.

     "Don't be so hostile... Hunting Pavilion is also only one organization, not divided in good and evil, not divided in good and evil. Organization is for the convenience of others and yourself."

      The White Mask smiled and said, "I want to invite you to join the Hunting Pavilion, do you think about it?"

     "Not consider!"

     Su Yu kept going backwards, thinking for a while, afraid that he would do something, and then said: "give me sometime, I think about it, after all, I know too little about Hunting Heaven Pavilion..."


     The mask man smiled, "Don't be nervous, this time, I just want to confirm your status, don't have any other intentions! In addition, if you don't join the Hunting Pavilion, you can also use the scoreboard to make some deals with Hunting Pavilion."



      The White Mask smiled and said: "Anything can be traded!"

     "Can you kill Invincible?"


     The mask man was quiet for a moment, and said again: "I don't have enough authority, maybe...when you have enough authority, it's not impossible!"


     Su Yu looked at the masked man, his eyes changed, "Invite the geniuses of the ten thousand races to join, set up hunting lists, facilitate transactions, and maybe participate in some employment matters. I am familiar with this move!"

     Too familiar!

     This is an organization in the form of a mutual aid association!Invite people to join, then arrange tasks and give benefits. Anyway, the latter will definitely make money.

     The masked person didn't care, and smiled lightly: "Everyone has what they need, and Hunting Pavilion never advertises everything for justice!"

     Su Yu stepped back again and asked, "Is Modona a member of the Hunting Pavilion?"

     The mask man smiled lightly; "I don't know, I am only responsible for what I am responsible for, and I don't know what other people are responsible for. This is also the rule."

     "Are you in charge of me now?"


     The mask man smiled lightly and said: "Curious why Modo entered the city? Why do you have to go through this gate? Why is it so difficult to enter? The ancient city what exactly is it, are you not curious?"


     Su Yu withdrew from the distance, and the divine writing of Jie Zi didn't beat too much. Then he smiled and said, "Do you want to buy and sell intelligence? Sell this intelligence to me and make a price."

     "No need to."

     The mask man said indifferently: "Can you see your true face? After reading it, some information will be given to you as a reward."

     "Hunting Tiange is so capable, can you not see through it?"


     The masked man was not stimulated, a mirror appeared in his hand, and he smiled lightly: "Forcibly peeking through, it is an enemy. As I said before, if you are unintentionally an enemy, do you have to force me to peek through? Reliable information, you have also seen it, not much has been exposed, just need to know some basic information..."

     "Now that your identity of Cui Lang is being questioned, the Hunting Pavilion has the responsibility to distinguish between true and false."

     "responsibility?"Su Yu raised his eyebrows, and the masked man said lightly: "Yes, I have a responsibility! If even a genius doesn't know at all, then how can the Hunting Pavilion be based on the world? How can people believe that our intelligence is accurate of!"

     Su Yu nodded, "I am Cui Lang..."

     The man in the mask smiled, and the mirror in his hand was raised. At this moment, a white light shone and Su Yu quickly escaped in stealth.

     Just invisible, time and space stagnated.

     Su Yu fell from the void, slightly shocked in his heart, but not afraid, time kicked out, with a roar, the white light collapsed.

     The masked man was taken aback and quickly recorded it.

     "We will know how to fight in time and inherit the silkworm king."

     He lifted the mirror, shining away again.

     Su Yu's divine writing broke out, and the masked man once again recorded, "Have five elements divine writing..."

     Su Yu suddenly stopped, avoiding the white light, and hurriedly said: "Well, I am Su Yu, why should this masked lord be grope..."

     He also found out that the guy seemed to be recording something.

     If it continues, more things will be exposed.

     The masked man smiled and said: "Are you Su Yu? Can you show your true face? I said, I am not hostile. The Hunting Pavilion is not meant to hunt geniuses. The geniuses of the Hunting List have fallen... Provide a list of who killed it, that’s yourselves’ business.”

     Su Yu decline to comment, this guy is too difficult!

     He wants to enter the city!As he was thinking about it, the mask man said again: "The ancient city has a crisis, and it also has a chance. What doesn't know at all? It is not a good thing to enter the city directly! Maybe you will miss the great opportunity! Want to get some chance from this, choose to go to the main entrance, do you want to go to the side entrance? You think you are not as good as Modona?

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment, inwardly cursed, the next moment, showing his face...

     The mask man looked at him for a while, a little tired, and said lightly: "Please don't insult my IQ! Don't insult the reputation of Hunting Heaven Pavilion! Xia Huyou, I have a catalog record of Hunting Heaven Pavilion!"


     Su Yu cursed secretly, his heart moved slightly, the next moment, another appearance appeared.

     Xia Huyou is quite famous, he is still an invincible descendant, and Hunting Heaven Pavilion knows that it is normal.

     just now……

     He just changed, the masked man took out an image, showed it to him, and said lightly: "You Su Yu, not a nameless nobody, why hide the head and show the tail."

     Su Yu saw his own image!

     There is a slight tremor in the heart, Hunting Tian Pavilion also has an intelligence agency in the human environment!

     But admitting his identity is very dangerous.

     He was about to continue to change, and the masked man once again recorded, "Having a divine text of change, suspected to be Tier 4, possessing the technique of conserving breath, possessing an Aura concealing divine text, suspected of Tier 4..."

     After writing this, he directly recorded in the booklet in his hand: "There are more than 10 divine writings, he can open the sky sword, time, and expand the tactics. He has the talent and blood and knows the magical combat skills. This person must be Su Yu! "

     Since Su Yu didn't show up, he inferred for himself.

     At this point, it was almost 100% Su Yu.Almost, it was because this guy refused to admit it.

     Su Yu also saw what he recorded, and his eyes were a little strange. These guys are really rigorous. They just pretend to be their identity. This won't work?

     Is there a difference between Cui Lang and Su Yu?

     Have to check it out!

     He is speechless. No wonder Xia Huyou said that hidden status in the battlefield of the heavens is particularly difficult. It turns out that the hunting pavilion organization will specifically verify the identity. Is this acting as a patrol of the ten thousand realms?


     At this moment, the scoreboard on Su Yu shook, and he quickly took it out and looked for a moment.

     At this moment, the list has undergone some changes.

     "Tianbang 18, Su Yu, 19 years old, a genius in the Daming Mansion, born in the Great Xia Mansion, a genius of polytheistic literature

     Record: Killing Lingyun Jiuzhong"

     And Qin Fang, the guy who killed the mountain and the sea with the sixth level of Lingyun, fell to the top of the list, and Huang Teng became the second.

     Su Yu gritted his teeth and said: "Am I Su Yu, do you have the answer?"

     That pamphlet...maybe something similar to the sound transmission note was passed to the Hunting Tian Pavilion.

     The other party changed the information!

      As a result, Su Yu directly entered the bottom of the list.

     A few days after coming in!

     He reached the bottom of the top list from the yellow list. Su Yu himself was depressed. Why do I want to be so famous? It is too dangerous.

     The mask man hesitated for a moment, thought about it, and wrote something again.

     After a while, the list has changed again.

     "Su Yu (doubt, to be verified)"

     A few more words!Su Yu vomits blood, what's the matter with you or him, how can this list be made like that?

     The mask man smiled, "Whether you admit it or not, Hunting Pavilion will give some guesses about ourselves."

     When the words fall, he is about to leave.

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Where is the information you gave me?"

     "You didn't show your real body!"

     "You didn't say at what time..."

     When the words were over, Su Yu became like himself, the masked man's movements were stagnant, he looked back at him and smiled, "Human geniuses are very interesting."

     To put it simply, they are a little bit shy.

     He has met Qin Fang, Huang Teng, and now Su Yu.

     All have some characteristics!

     The next moment, a jade talisman flew towards Su Yu, and Su Yu quickly burned it with flame divine runes, washed it with water divine runes, and then probed it with jade divine runes...

     After some actions, he accepted the jade talisman.


     The mask is tiring, really, he rarely sees such a guy, he is too vigilant!

     Say he is very vigilant. This guy is very courageous. Since you don't want to be exposed, why do you have to run away?

     The contradictory one, the complicated one.

     Maybe this is genius.

     The masked man left, and a voice came: "If you want to trade, you can write what you want to trade on the scoreboard. That is something similar to the sound transmission note and has no other effect."


     Su Yu didn't say anything, what about positioning?

     There must be!This guy accurately found his place, it must be related to the scoreboard, knowing that this thing can be positioned.

     But this hunting pavilion is a bit complicated.

     Doesn't seem to kill people directly!

     In other words, no one pays enough, they can’t kill people at will, Su Yu’s conversion pondered for a moment, looking thoughtful, maybe, in their eyes, the geniuses on these lists are their trump cards.

     Positioning geniuses and killing geniuses is a kind of transaction, and they will do it if they pay a sufficient price.

     Before paying the price, all geniuses are their heritage.

     He talked with the masked man for a while, and at this moment, Modona was still passing the gate, Demon Flame Floods The Heavens!

     Around, there were more creatures onlookers.

     Su Yu looked for a while, silently began to look at the information that the mask man gave.

     This Modona, what is going crazy, has to go through this door, is there any difference?


     Su Yu didn't care about anything else, but at this moment, All Heavens and Myriad Realms, all the strong holding the list, took out the list one after another.

     Top 18, Su Yu, doubt!

     Su Yu!

     Cui Lang's name disappeared, turned into Su Yu, and directly entered the sky list.

     In Ten Thousand Realms, only 18 geniuses entered the top ranking.

     Now, Su Yu went in.

     Hanging the last position, that is because the killer Lei Jue did not reach the mountains and seas.

     It is also related to Su Yu himself entering Lingyun.

     His willpower is Ling Yun's first heavy, and he has not yet shown the ability to fight for a whole large order. Although the explosive power has the strength of mountains and seas, Lei Jue has killed them, but the hunting list is not counted like that.

     ...Daxia Civilization Academy.

     Xiuxin Pavilion.

     A message comes in transit.

     When Wan Tiansheng took out the sound transmission talisman and looked at the latest list, he looked up at the sky.

     Ling Yun, fight the mountains and seas!

     "Ling Yun..."

     With a murmur, he looked at the ceiling, the sun and the moon in his eyes, and I saw what exactly is it.

     The mountains and seas against Su Yu, who is it?

     How heavy is the mountain and sea?

     He didn't notice too much.

     The mountain and the sea is the mountain and the sea, and the mountain and the sea is the mountain and the sea. Which mountain and sea is this guy fighting against?

     "That's not on the battlefield of the heavens, not now..."

     He murmured, not so short.

     Will not!

     After Su Yu enrolled in school, he used the sky mirror to see the future.

     It took hundreds years of time!

     Today, one year has not arrived.

     In August, it was only a year.

     I do not believe!

     What the hell, you give me a second wait!

     I am not convinced!

     I knew what I saw, but in the near future, I didn't watch it.

     Although that is one of thousands of possibilities, he spends so much life watching. The shorter the viewing time, the greater this kind of possibility and the short timeline spanned.

     If it is decades later, it is one of thousands of possibilities.

     But if it is in the near future, then it is one of several possibilities. This, on the contrary, will let Ten Thousand Heavens Saint be able to determine it. The closer, the greater the probability of occurrence.


     A sigh!

     Coming too fast, everything is out of my control.Also, why is this kid going to the battlefield of the heavens to make trouble, so much trouble, really think no one can kill you?

     No matter how genius, he met Invincible, and he was slapped to death.

     Shaking his head, no longer think about it.

     Fatty Xia is gone, maybe he will take care of one or two.


     Not many people have received these news, but the senior management has some lines of intelligence of their own.

     Daming Mansion.

     On Yuexin Island.

     Niu Baidao invited Cui Lang to drink tea, drank it for a while, and laughed: "I said, it won't be long before you no need to be worried. Look, now no need to be worried, right? That kid blew himself up! "

     Speaking easily, cursing in my heart!


     Didn’t you go to the ruins to gain vitality?

     Why are you on the top list?

     He is almost exploded!

     I'll give you the hidden status. Anyway, this kid is too ostentatious, no matter how hidden it is.

     In Daming Mansion, it's pretty low-key.

     Low-key, just made a World Mysterious Anomaly, and also killed some sun and moon, did you not do anything else?

     How come to the battlefield of the heavens, it is like Erha who released the cage.

     Stir up trouble everywhere!

     Opposite, Cui Lang drank tea, nodded, his face was indifferent, I know he will be exposed, but...I am still in a lot of trouble, OK!

     Thinking of this, he sighed, "President, I think I still have to finish."


     "A friend from the Datang Mansion just gave me a voice transmission. He said that Old Man Cheng had suddenly blown up his large yard. I was thinking, did he want to kill me or Su Yu, what do you think?""..."

     Forgot this!

     Niu Baidao looked at him, and then said for a long time: "Maybe I wanted to kill you, then arrested Su Yu and forced Su Yu to marry his granddaughter, what do you think?"

     Cui Lang nodded, the possibility is very high!
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