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397 The Magic Shadow Of The Wizard (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the room of the ancient city, lifelessness appeared.

     At this moment, Su Yu wondered whether the closer the room is to the inner ring, the more deadly.

     This is the crisis, the opportunity what is?

     Also, what exactly is it power of these dead spirits, what the hell is that dead spirit?

     Sky destroys the city, becoming more and more mysterious.

     What was this place used for back then?

     This everything's everything, Su Yu doesn't know at all.

     Of course, there are many mysterious places in the battlefield of the heavens, and there are many unknowns. Danger and mystery often represent chance. Modo has to go here, and he is not even interested in killing. Su Yu felt that there must be Chance.

     He really wanted to have a chat with Modona, provided that the guy wouldn't attack him.

     Outside, the horseshoes of the night patrol can still be faintly heard. These guys, mysteriously, don't know what's wrong or crisis in converting to the residents of the ancient city.

     And the undead...

     A lot of things, all in the mind revolving.

      Hesitated for a moment, Su Yu took out the points list.

     The list is still the same, Su Yu pondered, typed a line on the list.

     "I want to know the secret of the ancient city!"

     After a while, a line of words appeared in the blank space of the list.

     "All the ancient cities, or the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction?"

     "The ancient city is destroyed!"

     Su Yu just wanted to know this side, but didn't go to other places. It's definitely not free here.

     Sure enough, soon, fonts appeared again.

     "The secret of the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction needs to be exchanged for 10 years of life."

     Shouyuan?Su Yu knows that the so-called longevity is actually vitality, deprived of within your body's Life Power, this thing... how to say it, using the fairy clan's birth method, may be able to make up.

     However, it is generally not too reliable to exchange life dollars for anything.

     Su Yu refused, "Change one condition!"

     "10 years of life, killing a genius on the top list, providing a drop of eternal blood, and eternal divine writing... You can choose one!"

     Fuck you fuck!

     Su Yu wants to curse, black heart!

     are you crazy!

     Invincible essence and blood, eternal divine text, human race does not have eternal divine text, the strongest is the sun and moon realm, eternal divine text, which represents the invincible civilization master who killed other powerful races.


     Counting it down, it's the easiest to live a 10-year life or kill a genius on the top list. Is it that expensive?

     "Also has other? Too unreliable!"

     "Secret of the ancient city, worth the price!"

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly. I was talking about the ancient city. The other party might have given a lot of things. Thinking of this, Su Yu said again: "I don't ask all about the ancient city, I want to know how to get the opportunity of the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction! What price is needed!"

     Sure enough, the conditions have now changed.

     "3 years of life, 10 drops of Sun Moon Essence and Blood, killing a genius on the ground list, and a ground soldier..."

     Su Yu was confused and moved, "If I want to trade, how can I trade?"

     "If you are willing to trade, get your stuff ready, and the trade will be successful soon!"

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment, and wrote: "There are no ground soldiers, and three of the Xuan-level pinnacle soldiers, can they be traded?"It seemed to be weighing over there, and quickly replied: "70 gold patterns or more, three pieces, under 70 gold patterns, 5 pieces!"

     "no problem!"

     This Su Yu can agree, although it is very expensive, the price is a bit high, but the first time you trade, you can test the other party, and it doesn't cost much.

     This Hunting Pavilion is as mysterious as the ancient city.

     Trading, how to trade?

     Su Yu was still thinking, outside, the door was suddenly knocked.

     Su Yu was surprised.

     The next moment, there was a voice coming from outside, very weak, "Mr. Su, the transaction can begin!"



     Su Yu is inwardly cursed, is this here?

     Lietian Pavilion actually has subordinates in the ancient city.

     Su Yu was extremely vigilant, thought for a while, opened the door a very small gap, glanced at outwards, a dark shadow stood outside, and saw Su Yu's door open a little bit, the dark shadow did not care, and appeared in his hand A jade symbol.

     "Mr. Su, you can trade!"

     Su Yu frowned and said, "From the Hunting Pavilion?"


     "Even if you locate it, you can't locate it so accurate, right?"

     "Mr. Su called out before and heard it."

     Sombra’s answer is simple, not so precise, but don’t you have a loud voice?

     "Night Patrol didn't bother you?"

     "Just avoid it, patrol every half an hour."

     The black shadow said indifferently: "Mr. Su, don't try anymore. These news are given to Mr. Su for free."

     Su Yu was speechless, hesitated for a moment, and still took out a few weapons.It was also all the weapons he built in his spare time that he didn't use.

     Of course, there is still one handle short, it doesn't matter, he killed a lot of people before, but also seized it. At this moment, he also took out a handle and gave it to Sombra, and said: "Is the news accurate?"

     "Hunting Tiange, reputation first!"

     Just so simple.

     believe it or not!

     Su Yu still chose to believe, handed over the weapon, and took away the jade talisman.

     close the door!

     After waiting for a while, I didn't look at the jade talisman, but judged something. At this moment, suddenly, the vague positioning disappeared!

     At this moment, a line appeared on the scoreboard next to Su Yu.

     "Su Yu, these little tricks of weapon positioning, don't play them again next time."

     As a huge organization, these tricks of Su Yu are indeed only small tricks.

     Su Yu just tried it, but he was secretly surprised.

     Positioning disappeared!

     What does this mean?

     It disappeared in a very short time. This means that the opponent quickly discovered the position and then eliminated it. If it can smoothly eliminate his position, then the opponent may be a ground soldier!

     Otherwise, even the strong, it would be difficult to erase his device instantly.

     "The Earth Soldier... is it in the ancient city? Or is it outside the ancient city?"

     "Hunting Heaven Pavilion, Ancient City..."

     More and more mysterious!

     There are many things in the battlefields of the heavens, which the human races, including other clans, don’t know much about. Some invincibles may know, but they are also important matter that must be kept secret.

     Su Yu stopped thinking about hunting the Tiange, and soon picked up the jade symbol and glanced at.

     How to get the chance of the ancient city?looked for a while Yufu, Su Yu's eyes were a bit strange.

     Hunting Tiange gave three answers.

     The first one is the City Lord's Mansion.

     There are huge opportunities in the City Lord’s Mansion, but... the premise is that you are not afraid of death. As for the opportunity in the City Lord’s Mansion, find it yourself.

     The second one is the ancient house.

     This is the ancient house that Su Yu is now living in. There are chances in this house. There are many talks about this. There are many opportunities, such as the remains of some people who died in the house, and some ancient houses will have some corpses... local resident Neither the guards nor the guards can get in, you entered, you may be able to gain a lot.

     The closer the ring number is, the greater the possibility of reaping benefits.

     In some unopened houses, there may be a lot of good things. Many races stationed in the ancient city, in fact, just to open these houses, they may also be able to obtain some ancient items.

     This is a chance!

     In addition, the better the house, the more likely there are mysteriously things inside, such as some good big yards, you entered. If you are lucky, you may get some strange things or secrets. Some houses have secrets. existing.

     In fact, it is the result of god culture!

     Someone once entered the secret realm in the ancient city and obtained a mouthful of the Sun Moon Profound Yellow Pond, which contained a large amount of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid.

     Someone once walked into the secret realm in the house and obtained a Tianyuan fruit tree. After countless years, there were countless results, and the Tianyuan Qi was so scary.

     Some people have accidentally obtained heavenly soldiers!

     Su Yu looked dazzled, so that's how it is!

     In a good house, it is possible to get a lot of benefits!Of course, the probability of appearing is very low, and in many houses, you can't get in at all. If you do, there is a big danger. Many people get in and die instantly.

     Su Yu suspected that this was affected by lifelessness.

     The stronger the house, the more lifeless it may be.

     These are the opportunities that may be brought to you in the ancient house, so Modo has a high probability of going deep into the ancient city for this.

     The City Lord's Mansion and the Old House are two opportunities.

     In the ancient city, there is another kind of opportunity, which is the last one provided by Hunting Heaven Pavilion.

     The third type is the ancient city order!

     This is a token in the ancient city. It is not a chance in itself, but it is connected to a very mysterious place in the battlefield of the heavens, the Xingyu Mansion.

     There may be some connections between the ancient city and Xingyu Mansion.

     At present, there is no clear record that the ancient city is related to Xingyu Mansion. However, there are ancient city orders in the ancient city. Ancient city orders of different levels may open up some different regional secrets in Xingyu Mansion.

     Xingyu Mansion is huge and mysterious.

     After exploring for countless years, I haven't found What the hell. With the ancient city order, there is a chance to get some great opportunities, provided that the ancient city order is high enough.

     And the ancient city...in the hands of the dead!

     Su Yu has a toothache!


     Hunting Tiange means that those dead spirits may be people in the original ancient city, and only from the hands of the dead spirits can they hope to seize the ancient city order. Of course, some strong people in the city of Heavenly Destruction may also have such things.

     It may have been taken from the dead, or it may have been discovered by accident.However, under normal circumstances, the tokens are in the hands of the necromancers. The stronger the necromancers, the more advanced the tokens they carry. At present, there are multiple levels of tokens.

     Sky, Lingyun, mountains and seas...

     Of course, the realm of the necromancers is not clear, they all look the same, and they look the same when probed.

     Lifeless, there is also a simple introduction, very troublesome!

     It is best to have a way to deal with it, either with strong strength, or special means, or directly kill the undead, otherwise it will be contaminated and it will be difficult to get rid of it, and if you enter the ancient city in the future, you will be chased and killed by the ancient city.

     In the eyes of the undead, you are the intruder.

     If the luck is bad, you think that the other party is a dead soul in the sky, and the other party may be a dead soul in the sky, and you are done. Therefore, Hunting Heaven Pavilion persuaded you not to try it lightly unless you are extremely powerful.

     Over the years, in order to gain some benefits, some elites from all races have tried, but they died miserably.

     In the Xuan Kai clan, there are strong people sitting nearby, in fact, for the benefit of these ancient cities.

     Finally, there is one point in the document. Entering from the main city gate and staying for a long time, the big advantage lies in some powerful houses, you entered, you may not find anything in three days. Maybe the fourth day, the first In five days, a secret realm will suddenly appear in the house.

     Therefore, the longer you stay, the more likely you are to get benefits.

     After reading the information, Su Yu sighed, and the 5 mysterious soldiers changed this, which is worth tens of thousands of merits!

     It's not worth it, somehow I know something.Let’s say it’s worth it, it’s comparable to the price of a ground soldier, but in exchange for some of these things, or unwilling to let go.

     Su Yu thought for a while, and suddenly wrote again on the scoreboard: "There is too little valuable information, not enough! The Hunting Pavilion is too bad, not a long-term business plan!"

     "What do you want?"

     "Send me a few free messages, maybe we can continue to cooperate in the future."

     "What do you want to know?"

     "Can you kill people here? Can you kill these residents or the guards? Will the city lord take action? The city lord of the sky destroys the city, who is it? What punishment is there for destroying the house? What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a resident?"

     Su Yu asked several questions in a row, and at this moment, a sentence appeared on the scoreboard.

     "There is a lot of news, but it's not too valuable and can be sent to you, but you need to provide us with a drop of your blood."

     "Go away, stop trading!"

     The list was quiet for a while, and the next moment, a sentence was revealed again, "That provides a drop of talented blood, any race will do!"


     Su Yu scolded again, quit!

     Not only did he not do it, but at this moment, he quietly went out. He wanted to change the house so that no one would know that he was in this room.

     There are a lot of empty rooms.

     However, Su Yu didn't care about it before, but now it feels a little bit. When entering different rooms, there will be some resistance.

     Some houses resemble the human race, after entering, the resistance will be less.

     Su Yu found a house that looked like a human race and went in and stayed for a while. The biggest feeling was that he was less dead.words exceede 5100The other party seemed to look for a moment. Soon, the shadow said coldly, "Mr. Su, these materials seem to be out of date. The information about Shan Xiong's divine writing... Did you write something wrong? "


     Su Yu curiously asked, "Why is something wrong?"

     "You said, his divine writing may not be a divine writing, but a special weapon, this..."

     "Believe it or not, it's down!"

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "This is my inference. If you don't believe me, forget it. I suspect that Shan Xiong is actually a reformer, a civilized teacher of the reformation system."


     Although it feels like Su Yu is talking nonsense, the shadow has no choice but to leave.

     As soon as he left, Su Yu quickly continued to switch rooms.

     Run away!

     Sure enough, the scoreboard can locate oneself, but the positioning may not be that simple. If the opponent is not intentional, or it is really difficult to find himself in an instant, he can only confirm a rough range.

     "You can try again next time and hide the score list in a different place!"

     Or simply hide it in the sea of will, or wrap it in divine text, just try it slowly anyway.

     After getting some information again, Su Yu quickly checked it.

     The questions he asked basically had an answer.

     In the ancient city, you can kill.

     However, murder, including bloodshed, may lead to dead spirits, so consider whether you want to kill here.

     Residents and guards can also be killed, the same reason, and because it is a local resident, killing may lead to powerful undead.

     If you become a resident of the ancient city, you are actually bound to the ancient city.The advantage is that it can survive in the ancient city for a long time.

     In addition, the necromancer and the necromancer will enter a state of non-interference. If they do not actively provoke the necromancer, the necromancer will not attack the local resident. Not only that, under certain circumstances, if the local resident holds the ancient city order, if the level is higher, even Can drive some weak necromancers.

     The night patrol said that the house can be broken open. In fact, it means that you can open the house forcibly if you have an ancient city order with a high level. The premise is that the level is high enough.

     According to Lietian Pavilion, there may be 36 levels of the ancient city order, representing 36 circles. The lowest order of the ancient city may only open some houses in the lowest area.

     If you are worried about people from the ancient city rushing into the house, it is best to go to a high-level circle house, where it is basically impossible for the other party to enter.

     Regarding the destruction of the house...the same result is still true. It cannot be destroyed. Even if it is destroyed, it will recover quickly. The key is that destroying the house will provoke the dead.

     In short, the most terrifying thing in this ancient city is not the living, but the dead. Those undead may be the dead who died in the ancient city in the past. The city has been preserved and filled with death aura.

     There are only a few words about the City Lord of Heavenly Destruction.

     "No need to provoke, no need to be afraid. People, God, Demon, Immortal...Any race with more than 5 invincibles, this one dare not provoke or proactively provoke him, he will not take the initiative to provoke you!"

     Just so simple.

     Can occupy the ancient city, become a region's Overlord here, and have the ability to judge the hour and size up the situation.The reason why he is afraid of more than 5 invincibles is because the ancient city has been attacked, and the three invincibles smashed into the ancient city. In the end, they failed to gain any benefits. Instead, an invincible died, several hundred years ago Thing.

     Therefore, if some small clans are not invincible, or if they have only one invincible, the other party is not too afraid. The ancient city has a complete defense system, as the puppet master of the ancient city...

     Yes, the puppet master, this is not what Su Yu said. That's how the Hunting Pavilion wrote. The puppet master is capable of mobilizing some ancient city power.

     In short, I told Su Yu that the two are irrelevant.

     Don't be okay to provoke the other person!

     Human race is not a soft persimmon. Although the situation in recent years has not been very good, Xia Longwu hit the sky and destroyed the city, and nothing happened.

     In order to be quiet, the other party will not have any conflict with the geniuses of the major clans.

     "So that's how it is!"

     After reading these materials, Su Yu has a general impression of the ancient city.

      has to say, Hunter's intelligence system is still very complete.

     Everything knows a little!

     Of course, these are probably not all of the ancient city, such as how the undead were formed, what is the relationship with Xingyu Mansion... These don't have any explanations.

     "City Lord's Mansion...That's it, a Sunyue Jiuzhong is sitting in town, I just went to die."

     "Kill the spirit... Forget it, don't meet the sun and moon dead spirits, that's really looking for death. The guy I met before, maybe just Lingyun or Shanhai, is so difficult!""The only way is to enter the inner ring, find a room that no one has been in, and gamble on luck. The longer you stay, the greater the chance of chance, provided that you don't get killed by death!"

     At this moment, Su Yu basically straightened out the way to get benefits in the ancient city.

     Sun Moon Xuanhuangtan!

     This is a great thing that can increase the power of the Sun-Moon Acupuncture Point. Su Yu has heard of it, and it is almost impossible to buy. It is hard to find a daughter. At the point of the Sun and the Moon, a good thing that can improve your strength, unless the other party is Riyue Jiuzhong is now, otherwise it won’t be sold to you.

     Or get a Tianyuan fruit tree and go back home. You can plant it yourself. There is a source of Tianyuan fruit.

     If it doesn't work, you can get a heavenly soldier and take it home.

     No matter what, you can get a few sun and moon divine writings, you don't need it yourself, you can break the cultivation.

     Su Yu's heart is moved!

     Modona ran to the 18th ring last time, and that guy may have gone deeper this time.

     With his current strength, can he enter the 20th ring?

     Modona may have gone to the area around 15th ring this time.

     "You can try it out in a loop, mainly because of its lifelessness. Maybe there's some left other crises. You can find out by trying each house one by one, from weak to strong, and then decide which house to wait in."


     Su Yu thought about the problem of the undead again. Hunting Tian Pavilion explained a few words. It rarely appeared during the day, appeared a lot at night, and rarely during the day, which does not mean there was no such thing, such as destroying the house, such as killing and seeing blood.

     At night, the probability of going out is extremely high. Some of these dead spirits will come out at night to collect those jade symbols....

     Just as Su Yu was preparing to go deep.

     City Lord's Mansion.

     The apse, that is the place where the stone carvings are, the current city lord lives in the front hall.

     There are some evils in the apse, even if this city owner is not willing to go more, there, there have been dead in the sun and the moon, and there are a few powerful dead spirits, who will act there at night, even if it is him, he does not want to fight with these dead spirits. .

     At this moment, the front hall, brightly lit.

     The huge ancient city is here, there is some light, and other places are all dark. Even if the lights are lit at home, it is difficult to see the lights outside.

     In the front hall.

     Someone at the moment.

     The lord of the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction was sitting on the first seat, drinking wine, and some beauties of various ethnicities who looked below were dancing, with clear eyes, not intoxicated, but kept silent.

     On both sides, there are a few people at the moment, divine poise and sagelike features.

     Young, have males and have females.

     In addition to these few, there are also a few strong armored men. If Su Yu meets, he will quickly recognize that this is a fellow of the Xuan Kai clan.

     On the left, the handsome and sunny young man raised his glass and laughed: "Your Excellency the City Lord, one cup, the adults dominate the west of the Yuhai Plain, the ancient city is immortal, the adults immortal, throughout the ages..."

     The man in the center, his pupils are all black at the moment, looking at him, a bit deep, "The descendants of the fairy king of the immortal clan, there is no need to be so polite, and there is no need to be so exalted! It's just that the wanderer in despair, if the boundary is not destroyed, then I won’t come to this ancient city and be a puppet that lives and dies!"

     "My lord joked."Daocheng smiled and said: "My lord is in this ancient city, even the eternal fairy king can fight..."


     I don’t know whether it was contempt or self-deprecating laughter. The city lord was also very young. At least he looked young. The most special thing was his eyes. They were all black. Looking towards Daocheng, he said indifferently: “It’s just 200 square metre in the ancient city. Now, out of the ancient city, even the ordinary Sun and Moon Jiuzhong can kill me. In the past, under Xia Longwu's stab, I was seriously injured...what's so proud of!

     As soon as the words came out, Dao became silent for a while, and quickly laughed: "persisting in evil brings about self-destruction! Xia Longwu killed too many, and now it is difficult to prove the Dao, I think...difficult!"

     The city lord of the ancient city ignored him, drank a glass of wine, and said indifferently: "This time the immortal clan is coming with the profound armor clan, why do I need my help?"

     Seeing that he didn't answer, Daocheng didn't say any more, smiled and said: "My lord, we want to arrest someone in the city."

     "Su Yu?"


     The lord of the ancient city looked at him and said indifferently: "You can do it yourself!"

     "We hope that adults can provide some convenience... For example, open the house where Su Yu is located. Otherwise, we will not be able to enter. In addition, once the dead appear, we also hope that the adults can restrain one or two. I know that adults can do it. Arrived."

     Having said that, before he refused, he said again: "My lord also knows now that after a long survival time in this ancient city, sooner or later, he will become the next generation of necromancers! Necromancers, but not just this generation, the previous generations of city owners, To become a necromancer, adults should know! And my fairy clan...may be able to help adults slow down the trend of death!

     "Fairy?"The lord of the ancient city nodded slightly, said faintly: "The immortal clan has a lot of means. The older the immortal clan, the stronger the combat power. Your clan Method of Eternal Life is famous for all worlds!"

     Daocheng was overjoyed, "My lord, then..."


     The city lord of the ancient city said lightly: "I don't need it! Humans, immortals, gods and demons all the same, they are all existences that this seat can't afford to provoke. Today I helped you arrest Su Yu, and the next day, Humans are invincible. Are the immortals willing to come forward?"


     Dao became speechless. On the side, Jiu Xuan quickly said: "My lord, Human Race will not go to war with my lord for a Su Yu!"

      "Is that right?"

     The ancient city lord put down his wine glass and said indifferently: "Then I will capture two of you today and ask the Method of Eternal Life out of the immortal clan, whether... will it also lead to immortal clan revenge?"

     When these words came out, the two were shocked.


     The city lord of the ancient city laughed and said: "Just kidding! But, the two in the heart has own calculations, today I helped you arrest Su Yu, the human race will not go to war with the immortal race, and I, guarding the city, cannot leave. There is no doubt that he will die! The ancient city...there is no shortage of city owners."

     Having said that, he said lightly: "Please, please! I will not leak the thoughts of a few people. Today is just an ordinary banquet, the alliance of people and immortals, I still know it, and I won't talk nonsense!"

     Dao became slightly frowned, and quickly laughed: "Then harass the adults. As for the alliance... it will not be broken. Although the human immortal clan is an alliance, there is also competition. Every world knows that the Daqin Mansion will kill my immortal strong. It’s not one or two times anymore."

     He didn't care too much about all of this, and he would be fine unless he was caught on the spot.Are there few immortals killed in Daqin Mansion?

     Of course, they did not kill the strong human race.

     It's all about maintaining peace on the surface. In the same way, the gods and demons suppress the human race together, but the gods and demons will also fight, and there are even fights on the surface. Generally, the direction is the same.

     The city lord of the ancient city was unwilling to interfere with their affairs, whether Su Yu or Modona, including the two fairy clan geniuses in front of him, he didn't want to provoke him.

     If you are able, you will kill yourself.

     If you can't bear it, then it has nothing to do with me.

     Although the lord of the ancient city is also a region's Overlord, but this side, also on his 200 square metre ground, goes out, the top 100 races can come out and suppress him.

     As for being attacked by death, there is no other way.

     He is actually interested in the conditions of the Immortal Clan, but unfortunately...I really can't do it, otherwise, if this happens, the Immortal Clan will not protect him. If the Human Race is invincible, no one will help him.

     Maybe, these guys of the fairy clan will leak out on purpose.

     Struggling in the battlefield of the heavens So many years, he didn't see through.

     Even though he was almost hacked to death by Xia Longwu that year, he only charged some fees for entering the city from the human race, but did nothing extra for the others.

     At this time, beside him, the strong man of the Profound Kai clan said: "My lord, this time, the two Tianjiao of our clan were killed. My clan will not let go. Next, if there is some overstepping in the city Wherever, please, my lord Haihan!"

     The city lord picked up the wine glass, drank a glass, and said lightly: "Don't touch the guard strength in the city, that's yourselves.""Many thanks to sir!"

     This Xuan Kai clan powerhouse did not say much, this city lord refused, he actually guessed it.

     This guy lacking courage and confidence, it is difficult to make a firm resolution and help them capture Su Yu.

     Upon seeing this, Dao had no choice but to say: "That's annoying adults, let's say goodbye!"

     "Go slow, don't send it!"

     The city owner faintly responded, watching a few people leave, and when they left, he said calmly: "Modona is stronger than Su Yu, but he doesn't look for Modona..."

     Shaking his head, understand more generally.

     It's still a pot of many gods!

     The immortal clan also didn't want to see any hope for the rise of the polytheistic literature system. At this point, they had the same interests as the gods and demons.

     Su Yu was on the top list, and this fairy clan couldn't bear.
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