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398 Each Has A Plan (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On Su Yu's side, when he finished reading the materials, he consolidated his realm, and the night passed.

     During the day, Su Yu felt it for a while and took out some of the vitality of the sky. He was somewhat surprised. In broad daylight, there was no lifelessness here. What does it mean?

     Life is divided into time?

     The dead spirits do not come out during the day, is it related to this?

     "In the daytime, is your strength weakened?"

     "It's really a ghost!"

     Su Yu murmured, and didn't care too much. Although the dead are dead creatures, it doesn't mean that there are no such similar beings in the ten thousand races, and there are many creatures with this kind of strength and environment.

     The Five Elements tribe is obvious, the Water Spirit tribe is absolutely powerful in the waters, and that's it when it leaves the waters.

     In the daytime, there are few people who are very flexible and weak, and people in the ancient city dare to go out.

     Su Yu adjusted his appearance and turned into a handsome middle-age uncle, regardless of whether everyone can guess who is it, it doesn't matter, he finds a suitable room to see.

     In the ancient city, you cannot use force at will.

     Of course, you can still use force if you are not afraid of the dead. Su Yu knows the score.

     "There is plenty of vitality, and I am not afraid of the dead!"

     Su Yu whispered in his heart, he now has about 400 Tian Yuan Qi left, a lot of amount, plus a lot of essence and blood on hand, it is really not that scary to meet a dead soul.

     The premise is not to be too strong, or you will kill yourself with one blow.


     Walked out of the house.

     Last night, there were a lot of people on the unmanned street. On both sides of the street, some shops actually opened.Su Yu is surprised!

     Actually, I really dare to open a business here, but think about it, it's normal. People also have to cultivate and survive.

     Even if it is a local resident, it also requires practice.

     There are not many peaceful places in the battlefields of the heavens. The ancient city is actually a good intermediate trading point, at least here, because of the influence of the dead, the probability of using force is much lower.

     Unlike other places, if you get a trading location, you may be robbed by the strong within a few days.

     Seeing Su Yu walking out of the house, some passing creatures didn’t care. A big bird, taking the steps of the master, shot a look at Su Yu, and said: "Humans? Don’t run yet, stay here. Now, I am not afraid that the Xuan Kai clan will make trouble for your human clan!


     Su Yu shot a look at the big bird and smiled: "Thank you for your reminder, but the strength of the Profound Kai clan is average, so why are my human races so scared, let alone in the city, how dare they dare?"

     "Human old boy, if you don't listen to the birds, you will be over sooner or later!"

     The big bird swayed and walked along with Su Yu, and said casually: "The Profound Kai clan has been stationed in Heavenly Destruction City for hundreds of years. The power in this force is still very strong. Cruel, in order to open some ancient houses, fellow clansman has turned into ancient city residents. It is really necessary to deal with the human race, the human race is not enough to watch, the guards can sometimes control some dead spirits!"

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, the Xuan Kai clan.

     On the night of the patrol last night, he was wearing armor. He didn't care too much, and he didn't dare to investigate further. That guy wouldn't belong to the Xuan Kai clan.

     "Thank you fellow daoist!"Although Su Yu watched the big bird sloshing along, it was ridiculous, but the other party reminded himself that it was kind. He was somewhat curious and said, "The Profound Kai clan still dare to deal with the human race in the city? It's not they who have the final say in the city!"

     "You don't understand, our Heavenly Annihilation City Lord is known as Three No Matter, no matter this, no matter what, no matter what!"


     Su Yu was dazed for a moment, and the big bird swayed the bird's head and said, "Anyway, he doesn't care about anything that has nothing to do with him! Unless you hit the City Lord's Mansion, otherwise, he will also take care of the city's income at ordinary times. ."

     "Is that so?"

     Su Yu was surprised. This city lord was in charge, and Hunting Tiange said that the other puppet city lord was justified.

     fair enough!

     Regardless of the matter, that would not specifically target yourself, right?

     As for the mysterious clan... Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Brother Bird..."

     "Who are you scolding?"

     The big bird suddenly became a little angry, Su Yu was speechless and didn't scold you. I asked you, is there a problem with Brother Bird?

     The big bird swayed and said: "I am not a bird clan, this bird is actually from Phoenix clan... the branch, you must call Brother Feng!"

     Su Yu nodded, slandering in his heart, are you a Phoenix branch?

     Stop it!

     You think I really don’t know you, aren’t you just a clan?

     It's a bird clan, the one that doesn't fly high, but runs very fast, the pseudo-flying clan.

     "Brother Feng, why do you say that the Profound Kai clan will take action against the Human Race?"The big bird had a smile on his face. At this moment, there was a vaguely treacherous look, and suddenly he stopped talking, and said through the voice: "This human brother, I think you are kind, so I remind you a few words. That's a risk..."

     When the words were over, the decorated wings made a slight gesture, and the two feathered wings assumed a posture that is universal in all realms.

     Su Yu got it!

     I go!

     I said, how come I met a good bird when I went out, co-authoring is to sell intelligence to make money.

     No wonder when I saw that I was a human race, I came over immediately.

     Su Yu was also speechless, and the sound transmission said: "How much?"

     "Don't need merit points. We don't dare to change the merit points of your human race. The general purpose is usually the vitality liquid. Just give me 100 drops. The charge is not high."


     It's OK, it's really not high.

     100 drops, in the human environment, it is only a few hundred points of merit, of course, in fact it is not a lot, but now Su Yu is rich and arrogant.

     Slightly hesitated for a moment, it seemed a little struggling, and then the sound transmission said: "100 drops is quite a lot, does Feng brother have Top-secret Intelligence?"

     "That's it!"

     "If it's not worth it..."

     "Not worth a refund!"

     Su Yu thought for a while, nodded, also without rubbish, opened an empty room next to him, and walked in with the bird, and learned from others. He just observed that some guys traded, that's it, and took the opposite party enters An empty house will do.

     Sure enough, the old bird didn't care, anyway, he wasn't afraid that this guy would attack himself in the house.


     Entered the house.Su Yu took out 100 drops of vitality liquid, gave it half, and quickly said: "First, it's okay, and the rest is yours! Why do you say that the Profound Kai clan wants to deal with the Human Race?"

     Big Bird said casually: "Is this something to say? Su Yu of your human race, killing Qing Kai and Hong Kai, must have revenge, these two were on the hunting list, and they were killed, no revenge. , Is there a face to be confused? Of course, the Profound Kai family may not be so bold, so they dare to directly attack your human race, but yesterday..."

     Speaking of this, Big Bird’s face showed a smile again: "Yesterday, the Profound Kai family took two Humanoids back to the residence of the Profound Kai family, Humanoid, I think the powerhouse of the Profound Kai family still takes it seriously, simple. People, God, Demon, and Immortal might be taken so seriously by them. It just happened to be yesterday. Su Yu just made a fuss. Then Daxia Mansion killed (ed) them the strong garrison, it’s not because of trouble for your human race. Up!"

     The actual evidence for nothing else of this big bird is speculation, but it is enough, and he said: "It must be a tribe of demons, gods, and immortals. The demons are very domineering, rarely so sneaky. I think it’s either a fairy or a god. Yes, early this morning, some of the strong Xuanjia clan who were stationed outside the city were also transferred back, not against the human race, could it be me, the Phoenix clan?"



     Saying really make sense, you are a bird, but the analysis is clearly and logically.

     "Brother Bird...cough cough, Brother Feng meant that an immortal or protoss had hooked up with the opponent, and he was going to use the power of the Profound Armor clan in the city to carry out a search and attack the human race!"

     "Most likely!"Big Bird smiled and said: "It's okay, run, don't be afraid! This happens often, and it will be okay in a few days. This time I probably came to search for Su Yu from your human race. That guy wandered outside the city yesterday. I can't stand the temptation of the ancient city. Maybe I sneaked in last night, so I drew my strength to hunt!"


     Su Yu is speechless again, co-authoring, genius must not be able to stand the temptation of the ancient city?

     That may not be true!

     Okay, at least I'm here, this is a correct guess.

     Su Yu thought a bit then said: "Brother Feng meant that the Xuan Kai clan had mastered some ancient city decrees?"

     "of course!"

     Big Bird as it should be by rights said: "They have been stationed for So many years. They must be there. Find Hunting Pavilion to buy some information. I'm generally sure where Su Yu is. Open an old house with people nearby, Su Yu. It's dead!"

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, "Are you not afraid to cause anger?"

     "What are you afraid of?"

     Big Bird said casually: "What is there to be afraid of? Those who come to the ancient city are usually be at an impasse. The Profound Kai clan has invincibility and is afraid of them? What is the use of public anger? No matter how angry you are, you can't stand it. Invincible word!"

     "Then which part of the ancient city order do they have?"

     "I don't know about this."

     Big Bird shook his head, "However, if you pay a high price, I can help you inquire about it, but it's actually useless. Don't worry about what part of it, it's enough to clean up you. If it is too deep, you can't get in! The Kai family seems to have opened a 20-story ancient house before, so at least you have mastered the 20-story ancient city order!"

     20 rings!

     The larger the number of rings, the closer to the periphery, the City Lord's Mansion is considered to be within a ring.Opened a house within the 20th floor.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu didn't rush to say this, but asked: "Brother Feng knows how to get the chance of the ancient city?"


     Big Bird looked at him, and then said for a long while: "Know! Are you going to get the chance? Go to the city lord's mansion? Go to the ancient house? Or go to snatch the ancient city order and kill the spirit?"


     Su Yu paused, for a long time, gritted his teeth and said, "Thank you Brother Bird!"

     I rub your ancestor!

     Hunting Pavilion!

     You fuck!

     It's too dark, co-authored, the so-called big chance, even a bird knows the news for free!

     The bird seemed to be aware of something, and suddenly became a little alert, and said silently, "Well, the transaction is complete, I'm leaving, I don't want the remaining 50 drops of vitality liquid, we are doing business, the price is expensive It’s a little bit, you haven’t made a counter-offer, and I can’t collect black money!"

     Big Bird is slanderous, this won’t be the trade partner of Hunting Pavilion, right?

     When Su Yu asked what he said, it didn't think much about it at first, but when he saw Su Yu's expression... it was cheated, cheated!

     Most likely, it was Hunting Heaven Pavilion that set a black price.

     The target of Hunting Tiange's transaction is not the top powerhouse, or Peerless Genius, because these people are rich, and the Hunting Tiange rarely deal with other people.

     The guy in front of him is not the top powerhouse, or the Peerless Genius of the human race.

     And Su Yu...maybe in the city right now.

     Big Bird thought of a lot in an instant!

     Should I run?

     This is just to find someone to chat, trade, you can meet the master, and no one!Su Yu didn't say a word, and threw the remaining vitality liquid to it, his liver hurt.

     For free, those guys dared to accept my five top weapons of the Profound Rank!

     Sooner or later I will find you to settle the account!

     When Otorio saw that he had thrown the vitality liquid, after thinking about it, he still said: "Got used to it, comparison shop, the news that Xiongtai bought it in Hunting Pavilion, right? Normal, their news... how to say it, It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s true. Let’s say something awkward, some are guesses, just hearsay, let’s start!"

     One word of advice, don't get angry, don't be angry, don't trouble me.

     This is normal, and it is enough to lose a few more times. As for the news of the Hunting Pavilion, it is not a pure black heart, and credibility is still guaranteed.

     "If it's fake news, you can make a claim, and Hunting Pavilion will usually pay it too!"

     Su Yu nodded and looked at Big Bird, "Brother Feng guessed who I am?"


     Big Bird denied it and hurriedly said: "We do some small business, how can we say this!"

     "Brother Feng won't turn around and sell me?"

     "Absolutely not!"

     Big Bird hurriedly said: "We little people, even if we go up to the Xuan Kai clan and say, I find out who is there, and I can’t see them. If I see them, they don’t believe me. It’s so stupid to earn a little money and lose your life, right?"

     Su Yu nodded slightly, thought a bit then said: "The Profound Armor clan can't find Su Yu, so will they attack other human clan?"

     "This is hard to say."Big Bird was a lot more careful, and explained: "The simple Profound Armor family may not have the courage. If there is a strong backing behind it, then there will be. The Profound Armor family and the Human race are at odds with each other. Killing their ancestors, so the relationship is not very good...Just like the Dragon Silkworm clan, your clan Silkworm Killing King has always wanted to kill the Dragon Silkworm King, so if you have the opportunity to kill the human race, you will not give up."

     Su Yu is silent, these two are invincible, and they are not good at each other, so they have found two rivals for Human Race.

     "Xuan Kai clan, now in the city, there is no sun and moon?"

     "No, Sun and Moon are also powerful, just one, was killed, now naturally gone."

     "The city lord is sure not to care?"

     "Most likely!"

     "Except for the city lord, is there much sun and moon in the city?"

     "Not much, just two or three, all of them are the sun and the moon of some small clans, and the sun and the moon of other big clans rarely come to the ancient city."

     Su Yu knew it, and smiled: "Thank you, Brother Feng!"

     "You're welcome, then... shall I go first?"

     The big bird is slanderous, unfortunate!

     Fortunately, geniuses are rich and don't care about these hundred points of vitality, otherwise it will be a little troublesome.

     "Brother Feng is free!"

     Su Yu watched Big Bird go out, and soon followed.

     I was depressed and judged that I was coming. If I hadn't come, wouldn't these guys be empty?

     What is the reason to conclude that I have entered the city!

     Or I'll leave the city!

     Also, this Xuan Kai clan, really dare to search the room and target the human race?

     "The fairy or the gods are supporting them behind the scenes?"Demon Race... Big Bird said that the possibility of Demon Race is unlikely. Those who live in the battlefield of the heavens year in, year out, the judgment is probably not wrong. It is not a god race or a fairy race.

     The human race is in the battlefield of the heavens, not what kind of, ah, the small race dare to mix in, is this not afraid of being beaten?

     "What should I do?"

     Su Yu rubbed his head, he was actually not afraid, the birds fly high on the sky, how could he catch himself so easily.

     The key is, what about some human races in this city?

     Some are here to rest, some are to take refuge.

     To be honest, many people who didn't return to the human environment in the ancient city committed crimes. In fact, regardless of nothing else, if you are implicated by yourself, then there is something wrong.

     "It's a pity that I don't have the strength of Modona, otherwise, without the sun and the moon, I can't kill them!"

     Su Yu sighed, still not strong enough.

     Modo is very strong. Under the sun and the moon, even if it is lost, he can fight.

      as for killing It’s not that terrible to kill people and dead souls.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu suddenly grabbed a passerby. When the other party was shocked and surprised, he suddenly said: "Ask a question, can Xiongtai answer it?"


     I was caught casually, this one didn't have any rebuttal, you ask!

     "I heard that the necromancers appeared because of blood. If I sprinkle blood everywhere, will the necromancers appear?"

     "..."The caught tauren looked at him like a madman, and said for a while: "No, you can't die, you can live, such as this Sir sprinkling his own blood, that can be drawn out... when , The undead will always follow the adults!"

     You can go and die, don't hold me.

     Su Yu looking thoughtful, then said: "Has anyone done this before? Leading out the pit of the dead to kill the opponent?"


     The tauren obediently said: "Some strong people have done the sprinkling of blood. Dead blood is useless, but blood is good! Normally, if you don't pit your opponent, you are killed by yourself! So few creatures do this now. , If you want to test it... don't try it yourself!"

     There are too many madmen, and the tauren is not too strange, but don't drag me, I passed by.

     Su Yu did not ask any more questions, let go of the other party, and let the other party leave quickly. He also quickly found a place, got into an empty room again, took out the score list, and said directly: "Buy the Celestial City Profound Armor The strength information of the clan, including the strength information and location of the immortal clans who came yesterday!

     As for whether it is a fairy clan... it doesn't matter, just talk about it.

     Words only!

     It's not from the fairy clan, so the other party can't sell information to himself, that is God clan.

     The probability of choosing one of the two, just guess one, you guessed it right, Hunting Tiange didn't know how much information he knew, maybe it would lower the price.

     Sure enough, the scoreboard was quiet for a while, and soon, a text displayed:"Yes, but the location is not precise enough. In addition, there is a high probability that it is within the residence of the Xuan Kai clan at this moment. Do you want to purchase any changes in location?"

     "Yes, the price!"

     Su Yu is inwardly cursed, is he really a fairy?


     The list was hesitated for a moment again, and the message was quickly displayed: "The strength information of the Xuan Kai clan is included, the genius information of the fairy clan, a drop of sun and moon blood, location information, and a drop of sun and moon blood providing an hour of change..."

     Let the robbery go!

     If a sun and moon is killed, he will extract more than ten drops of blood.

     Co-authored, in your eyes, it's worthless!

     "Can you accept meritorious points?"

     "Receive, 50,000 merit points can be exchanged for a drop of Sun and Moon Essence Blood, one level!"

     Knowing that it will take it, after all, the Hunting Pavilion seems to have an intelligence system in the human race.

     50,000 a drop, started to grab again.

     How can it be so expensive!

     Fairy genius...

     Su Yu thought for a while, looked at the list, looked down from the top, and quickly said again: "How do I charge for purchasing all the information of Xuan Wuji, the fourth in the sky list, including location information?"


     The list is silent and does not reply.

     Su Yu, coldly snorted, wrote again: "Stop doing business?"

     The list was quiet again for a while, and after a while, it displayed the text saying: "Do, but, Su Yu, this conflicts with the information you wanted to buy last."

     The other party is not stupid.

     Different geniuses have different charges.Su Yu asked about what level of genius information a drop of Sun Moon Essence and Blood could provide, and soon he could judge for himself who the immortal clan came from.

     Su Yu continued to write: "I don't care about this. Are you fair and just trading? Since I want to buy, I have to ask the price. If you don't tell me, how can you do business?"


     Just when Su Yu kept writing words.

     In a hall floating in the battlefield of the heavens, a masked man raised his head, looked at the elder not far away, and said: "Elder, I made a mistake! Come and see!"

     A faceless strong man walked over quickly, glanced at the display device in front of the masked man, smiled, "Fun! Tell him! The deal, now that the price is asked, let's say it!"

     "Elder, then... he can judge himself, who is the immortal clan in Heavenly Destruction City..."

     The faceless elder said indifferently: "The other party may not be in the hunting list. By the way, I will tell him some news. Inquiring about the sun and moon realm data, they all started with 1 drop of sun and moon essence and blood. Let him make his own judgment, not afraid of mistakes in judgment, and not afraid of death, so let him buy it or not!"

     "Elder Wise!"

     The Faceless Elder didn’t say anything, and quickly said, “Don’t make the same mistake again next time! I looked for a moment, you said earlier that the fairy clan genius intelligence...it’s silly! Including Su Yu’s previous questioning, it’s probably a guess Intelligence, no matter whether he guesses correctly or not, don't give him an accurate answer. Let's talk about it after buying it!

     "Got it!"The masked people are a bit trembling with fear, and the Faceless Elder doesn't care, and said indifferently: "Tell him the information, if the fairy clan or the Xuanjia clan buys his information, the price increases, three times the normal price!"

     "Elder, this..."

     "According to what I said!"

     The faceless elder said indifferently: "In addition, tell Su Yu that in the city of Heavenly Destruction, he can hire the strong become his protector. As long as he pays the price, Hunting Tiange can do any business. He wants to hire Modona. Yes, as long as he bids!"


     The mask man didn't dare to say anything, and quickly began to communicate with Su Yu.

     The faceless elder looked for a while, lightly laughed, and returned to the original position again.

     At this moment, another masked person yelled: "Elder, someone bought us the interior of the human realm. The polytheistic literature is where Chen Yong is located, and Chen Yong is located. Do we have control of it?"

     The mask man has insufficient authority and can only ask his superiors.

     "Chen Yong?"

     The faceless elder quickly walked over, glanced at, and quickly went back. At his location, he entered the relevant information of Chen Yong and inquired. After a while, he said: "I haven't grasped it at the moment. Recently, several eternal states of Human Realm are inspecting everywhere , The difficulty of intelligence detection has increased and can not control Chen Yong’s specific location."

     The masked man said again: "The other party asked if you can provide a rough location, just within one house!"

     The faceless elder glanced at the information under his control, and after a while he said: "Yes, 50,000 merit points. It can only provide the location of Chen Yong's greatest possible place. It cannot be certain that it is true!"

      "Yes!"The masked man began to communicate with each other again, but the faceless elder smiled at this moment, interesting.

     There are many gods in the human environment, and they have recently increased their achievements.

     There are too many tasks to inquire about these multi-theological civilization teachers. It seems that more people need to be sent to investigate the information of these few.

     He was thinking that the masked man who had communicated with Su Yu before suddenly said again: "Elder, Su Yu asked, can I hire a few invincibles and destroy the Profound Armor clan..."


     The elder was dumbfounded, and quickly cursed: "Tell him, yes! As long as the price starts, five invincible ruins, or ten complete invincible corpses!"


     The whole hall was quiet for a while, a little speechless, this Su Yu... was so idle, what he thought of them as the Fourth Hunting Team, dare to ask.


     The sky is destroyed in the city.

     Su Yu is speechless, forget it, there are five invincible ruins, let alone no, do not do this, tease me, well, I will tease you first.

     I didn't ask any more, I was in a good mood at the moment.

     Saved a lot of money!

     "Daocheng, Jiu Xuan..."

     Su Yu glanced at the list, the two guys on the list, of course, can't be 100% sure, but according to the price, these two are the most likely, or they are strong in the sun and moon.

     But if Sunyue, the other party said that the fairy clan genius before, it would be wrong.

     "Dao Cheng, the ninth place in the rankings, the nineth layer of Lingyun, the fifth layer of the mountain and the sea..."

     "Nine Profound, Sixteenth Rank, Seventh Rising Clouds, First Cultivation of Mountains and Seas..."They are all top-level genius, especially this Daocheng, beheading the five powerhouses who have crossed the mountain and sea, which is terrifying.

     Ranked ninth in the ranking list, lower than Huang Teng and Qin Fang. That's because the realm is a little bit higher and older, but the higher the level, the higher the level, and the better than Lei Jue. Lei Jue can only kill Shan Hai Yizhong. territory.

     This guy can kill the five layers of mountains and seas.

     "Nine Profound...Little fairy!"

     After killing Shanhaiyizhong, this is average. Su Yu can also kill Little Fairy... She didn't die at the hands of Da Qin Mansion. Isn't Da Qin Mansion the favorite to kill little fairies?

     Qin Fang didn't kill this little fairy!

     There are still a lot of people on the hunting list of the fairy clan, but there are only two of them in the land list. The price of the black list and the yellow list are not so high. There are also two in the sky list, but the purchase of information is terrifyingly high.

     On the hunting list, 630, the immortals on the list are almost 20, and they are still very strong.

     Lots of geniuses!

     Perhaps there are still many genius powerhouses who are only active in the fairy world and have not come to the battlefield of the heavens.

     "Goal... kill the little fairy!"

     Daocheng is not very easy to kill, Su Yu may not be his opponent, or it is likely to be inferior to him, but that little fairy, he can kill.

     It's okay. Encouraging the Xuan Kai clan to search for himself, what does the Xian clan want to do?

     In fact, Su Yu in the heart has own calculations, basically because of own identity, a polytheistic identity, this is the key, otherwise, even if he enters the ranking list, he will not provoke a lot of enemies.

     It is not uncommon for Qin Fang and the others to be able to kill geniuses, and he did not see them as many enemies. Maybe he did not know enough.strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term)!

     The premise is that you'd better go to the inner wall, step on it first, find a room where you can hide, don't hide in time, then it will be embarrassing, can the Xuan Kai clan open a 20-story room, can it open an 18-story room?

     Can you open 16 floors?

     Bring a little more vitality to yourself, or hope to go in?

     Can you stay for a few more days after entering?

     The nine apertures that go through the main city gate have not broken yet, plus the heavenly vitality, I will kill you all, you can't go out after three days?

     At night, do you dare to walk around the street at will?

     "If it's not enough, just spend money to hire a guy from the Hunting Pavilion to help!"

     The price is terrifyingly high.

     A sun and moon hired the other person to come to the ancient city to save people. The price during the day is 100,000 for meritorious service, and at night... 500,000!

     Just are you afraid or not?

     Hunting Tiange is stealing money, and I don't know why it wants so much money.

     Su Yu is not a good crop either. If you want to kill me, then I will strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term).

     The other party doesn't have the sun and moon realm, so it's not enough to say how scared.

     The divine writings, exercises, and the rune given by the old cow can conceal one's identity, hide whereabouts, and cannot hit then runs.

     "First, find a room where you can enter. It's best to find a few more. Step on it. Besides... If the other party has more than 10 floors of ancient city orders, you must be careful to open the house forcibly. ..."

     Su Yu, who came to the battlefield of the heavens, was also bold and ruthless.In the human realm, he was crushed every day and did not dare to move. Here, he was not so afraid. It was really impossible. In fact, he still had a future, but the price was too great!

     Yang Qiao is fully open!

     At the same time it is fully opened, taking the essence and blood of the mountain and sea peak, the power of the mountain and sea peak is exploded...Of course, the physical body after the event is very difficult, and the blood rebirth technique of the fairy clan may not be effective.

     It doesn't matter, as long as the sea of will not destroy and recast the flesh, Restart is good!

     With natural vitality, the speed of resuscitation is also fast.

     Since he has the confidence, it is a big deal to pay a big price, kill those guys, and the sun and the moon will not rise, and the power of the peak of the mountain and the sea will be exploded, so what are you afraid of.

     Of course, not only when absolutely essential, Su Yu will not so do.

     What a price he has spent to repair this physical body!

      With great difficulty, 16 castings were completed, and 17 castings were about to be completed. It was really useless and Su Yu had to cry.

     Because of this confidence, Su Yu dares to be so bold and unscrupulous.

     The strength of the mountain and sea peak, even if it loses to the sun and the moon, there is still hope for running away.

     The flesh is destroyed, just leave it to life.

     "Little Maoqiu, if I really get to the point where my body is bursting, you have to run away with my will, you know?"


     Xiao Maoqiu yawned and continued to sleep. Of course, there is still something fragrant in your will.

     If you don't run, you won't be reconciled.

     Su Yu was taken aback suddenly, this guy was in the sea of his own will... Then when I entered the city gate, would I be considered one person or two?

     I was in a daze, forget it, don't think about it, anyway, I came in.First step on the spot, and then prepare to do a big vote.

     Killing the immortal clan of the earth list may improve your ranking. This is not important. What is important is that there must be rewards for heaven and earth, and I hope to give myself some willpower.

     At that time, you may be able to provoke the dead, give yourself a bit of death, or help yourself to cast yourself.

     After calculating everything, Su Yu went out and started to step on it.

     In the city, there seems to be more armored warrior.

     I don't know if it is the real armor or the body of the Xuan Kai clan, Su Yu did not investigate it anyway.

     Soon, Su Yu approached the inner circle.

     Here, there are few creatures, but they are not without.

     The whole ancient city is very big. After Su Yu entered the 20th floor, he found that there were too many empty houses, and almost few people moved in, all of them were empty.

     He only looks for houses that look more like human races. Entering there, the lifelessness should be weaker.

      A few rooms were opened furtively. Sure enough, even in the daytime, there was still lifelessness in the inner wall. When I found a room on the 18th floor, Su Yu snorted physically as soon as he entered.


     In this place, it takes a lot of Tian Yuan Qi to survive, otherwise, it will soon be corroded by the dead energy and become a dead person.

     Modona was able to enter the 18th floor a long time ago, he may not have a lot of heavenly vitality, that guy's physical body is indeed powerful and terrifying.

     Step on, keep on stepping.

     Su Yu was stepping on this day.

     In the city, the Xuan Kai clan is also constantly stepping on it. It is not easy to start during the day, because during the day everyone can run around on the street, but at night, almost all of them dare not come out of the house.At that time, it was to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, and catch a turtle in a jar.

     Both sides are preparing intensively.

      At the same time, the city lord of Sunyue Jiuzhong, live high and look down, was on the top of the city lord’s mansion, drinking wine, overlooking the entire ancient city, with a faint smile on his face, as if waiting for the opening of the show.

     And just in this brief moment, a figure appeared in front of him, and the people who came first glanced at the hall at the rear, then looked at the lord of the ancient city, coldly said: "Tianhe, don't watch the show, I will come to collect the bill soon! "

     The lord of the ancient city glanced at him and smiled, "The others have talked about it, I have no problem! Besides...whatever your human race is this little guy?"

     The visitor glanced down at the city and said lightly: "Each has its own life! Fairy clan begin to stir, kill a few, give a lesson!"

     "Really confident, this little guy, can deal with them?"

     "Can't deal with it, don't run, that's an idiot!"

     He faintly said: "Didn't you let the big bird tell him? You don't have to run, you must be sure, you are not sure...that's an idiot, dead is dead, the human race does not need such an idiot!"

     "Are you here long ago?"

     "No! Just arrived."

     Tianhe said with emotion: "It seems that your strength... is not weaker than Invincible, Xia Longwu, I am looking forward to your success, however... if the chance is too small, if you fail, the small world controlled by the Xia family must be given away. I'm the one, don't ruin your promise!"

     "When I speak, I never ruin a promise!"

     Xia Longwu condensed in his face, looked at him, and said indifferently: "Don't drop me the chain! I still have something, go ahead!"

     When the words fell, the figure collapsed.When he disappeared, the City Lord of Tianhe sighed, really powerful, but... I'm so courageous, I'm not afraid that the one behind will open his eyes and stare at you!
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