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399 The Beginning Of The Killing (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

(The computer crashes, it’s been a long time)

     Within the 24th ring of Tianmicheng City, there is a large house, which is the residence of the Xuan Kai clan in the ancient city.

     Joining the ancient city, the residents of the ancient city will stay here.

     Those who did not join will go out to rest for one day every three days, and then enter the city and settle here again.

     This is also the permanent method of some ethnic choices.

     Let some tribes join the ancient city to help them develop the ancient city better.

     This huge mansion covering a very large area is considered to be the top group in the outer ring. The place is large, the environment is good, and the surrounding area is not blocked, and it is very spacious.

     The house has not changed much, it is still the old house, but the plaque looks a bit new.

     Xuan Kai!

     The two characters of the Xuanjia clan hung on the gate tower, which was awe-inspiring.

     The door of the mansion is open!

     In the ancient city, almost everyone's door was closed.

     Closed means that no one is allowed to enter and exit, and it is also the safety of for oneself. If you close the door, unless you break the door and force it in, if you break the door, it will inevitably cause a necrotic attack.

     Therefore, closing the door is the safest.

     However, there are many to-and-fro members of the Xuan Kai clan. With self-confidence and pride, the Xuan Kai clan chose to open the door.

     Outside the gate, there are four Xuanjia clan soldiers standing guard.

     In fact, closing the door does not require guards at all.

     However, the top 100 races need more face, and most of the other resident races in the city will choose this way.

     At this moment, the sky turns dark.To-and-fro has a lot of armored warriors, not only the armored warriors of the Xuanjia clan, this clan is a top 100 race, stationed here for many years, and also accepted a group of no home to return to small clan powerhouses to serve.

     Just like the red armor was about to capture Su Yu before, there's some left slaves of the Xuanjiazu.

     Just opposite the mansion, a shop along the street has been abandoned, because the Xuan Kai clan is stationed here, and no one has settled in the shops on this street.

     At this moment, Su Yu turned into rubble on the roof of a shop, silently lurking.

     The night is about to fall.

     There are fewer and fewer creatures on the street. When it gets dark, the dead will appear. Most of the creatures will choose to enter the house and spend the night.

     "Xuan Kai clan..."

     This place is about a kilometer away from the mansion. On the sensor jade, some light spots show that after Hu Qi has transformed the sensor jade, the detection range has increased, and it has changed from a passive state to an active state.

     However, the Investigation Range is still not very large, and the kilometer range is actually not very large.

     Moreover, in the ancient city, because of the special nature of these houses, it becomes more difficult to sense.

     At this moment, Su Yu only sensed the strength of some of the people he was dealing with, but the strength of the manpower inside the mansion was not detected.

     "Many people are stationed!"

     Su Yu sighed. As for whether he was a resident of the ancient city, he could tell one or two things. He didn't understand before. After watching it for a day during the day, Su Yu could see that it was a resident of the ancient city. In fact, it was easy to identify.

      Most of the people who are lifeless are residents of ancient cities, and may be affected by lifelessness.And the lifeless ones, either, or the ancient city that they joined recently.

     Killing outsiders is different from killing the residents of the ancient city.

     If you kill the residents of the ancient city, the strength of the undead will be much stronger.

     "Is the fairy guy out? Still not coming out? Or stationed outside the city?"

     Su Yu is also a generation seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, playing a kid just like this way, if you want to kill me, if I can kill you, I will definitely not let you off, even if I suffer a little loss, I have to kill you.

     When he was a child, Chen Hao was the thug, but now no one can be a thug for himself, so naturally he has to do it himself.

     Su Yu waited silently.

     Patience is still there.

     At night, outside the ancient city, Su Yu didn't feel much last night. At this moment, the sky was getting dark, and Su Yu found that outside...the lifeless spirit seemed to be more intense, although he didn't use the vitality of the sky, he felt not too clear .

     But I could feel that a faint dead air poured into his body.

     In the house, it would be better.

     "So, the house is actually not a coffin, but a protection?"

     Su Yu guessed in his heart that he only used Tian Yuan Qi in the house last night, and then he felt it was obvious. Outside the house tonight, he carefully observed and sensed the existence of lifeless energy.

     No wonder everyone has to enter the house. On the one hand, there are dead spirits outside, and on the other hand, it is because of the lifelessness outside.

     "There will be no dead spirits to appear, right?"

     Su Yu cautious and timid, those things can't even be detected by the induction jade.

     When he was extremely vigilant, many armored warriors appeared in the mansion.

     a lot of!This time, at least 30 people came out, not only armored warrior, there's some left seems to be the strong ones they conquered, but almost all of them are wearing armor.

     "The strength is not weak, three mountain and sea levels!"

     The three mountains and seas don't feel much.

     But in fact, these races of the Xuan Kai clan are comparable to the strength of a large human clan. In the Da Xia Mansion, it is a big move to dispatch three mountains and seas at once, let alone in the ancient city, not in the Xuan Kai world.

     Only one sun and moon died. At this moment, three mountains and seas were dispatched. The strength of this clan was extremely strong.

     These strong men are also wordless and uncommunicative at the moment, walking out the door and waiting silently.

     After another two or three minutes, someone came out.


     One of them is from the Xuanjia clan, and it seems to be the leader of the Xuanjia clan who was forced into the city by Zheng Ping yesterday.

     "Four mountains and seas!"

     Su Yu didn’t look there, but looked at the induction jade. There are four mountain and sea sceneries, one is Shanhai Jiuzhong, the other three, Shanhai Sixth, and Shanhai Sanzhong, there is still one. It should be a newcomer. Mountains and seas.

     In the ancient city stationed a sun and moon, four mountains and seas, the Xuan Kai clan regarded it extremely seriously.

     As for the other two Humanoids wearing black robes, what Su Yu showed on the induction jade was not very obvious. One was a bright spot of Lingyun and another was a bright spot of mountains and seas. This was similar to his reaction when he saw some geniuses.


     Just when Su Yu was lurking.

     In front of the compound, Daocheng looked around, "Nine Profound, do you feel anything?"Next to him, Jiu Xuan shook his head and chuckled: "Necromancer? Still lifeless? Brother Daocheng, let's leave the ancient city as soon as possible. This place...it's uncomfortable!"

     The immortals do not like the ancient city, very much.

     In this place, life is strong, and the immortal race is a vigorous race. Staying here, the feeling is more obvious and uncomfortable than other races.

     Daocheng didn't speak, but after thinking about it, the palm of his hand moved slightly.

     Pieces of divine writing appeared, hesitated for a moment, or a drop of blood appeared on the finger...


     Beside, the strong man at the peak of the mountain and sea, a little annoyed, glanced at him, and said in a low voice: "Don't see blood, it will lead to the dead!"

     He is somewhat angry!

     Daocheng knew, but still said: "Let me calculate whether this operation went smoothly. The dead-gas interference in the ancient city is too heavy, and it won't work without blood."

     The strong man at the peak of the mountain and sea has no time to care about him.

     At this moment, at the end of the street, a wordless and uncommunicative shadow appeared.

     Walk slowly towards them.


     The leader of the Xuanjia clan was very annoyed, but had to deal with this necromancer. Fortunately, it was only a weak drop of blood. It should not be a too powerful necromancer. He looked at the strong black armor who had just entered the mountains and seas, and said in a low voice: "Go, use The order of the ancient city led him away!"

     Next to him, the black armored strong complied from Shanhaiyizhong quickly flew out, and an ancient city order appeared in his hand. The necromancer came, like some hesitation, and at this moment, the strong Shanhai quickly went away.

     After a while, the undead hesitated for a moment, and walked towards there.The leader of the Xuanjia clan was relaxed. Fortunately, the undead spirits who are not too strong still act according to their instincts, not those with strong strength, otherwise, they will not be affected by this low-level ancient city order.

     He looked at Daocheng again, with a cold look in his eyes, "Messenger, don't try anymore!"

     Daocheng smiled and said: "No, the Xuan Kai clan is really amazing!"

      Lightly complimented and apologized, Daocheng ignored him, and he felt a little uncomfortable when he went out.

     The divine text was stained with blood and kept spinning.

     After a while, Daocheng's eyes moved slightly, and he looked at the hexagram after the divine text combination. No image appeared, only a touch of blood red.

     Daocheng's face changed slightly, and he said in a low voice: "Be careful, the hexagrams are not very good. There may be some variables and crises in this action!"

     As soon as these words came out, Jiu Xuan hurriedly said: "Brother Daocheng, where does the crisis come from?"

     "This... not too clear."

     Daocheng shook his head. Divination is just deduction, not fortune-telling. He only knows that there is danger. He doesn't know what danger he encounters.

     However, this time it was a fierce hexagram.

     The strong man at the top of the mountain and sea did not care about it. This Dao, the power of divination, is still somewhat famous. Hearing this, he slightly frowned and said: "Danger...The ancient city is a lot dangerous. If you only know the danger... it is difficult to prevent ."

     Do you want to give up the action tonight?

     He hesitated.

     The ancient city is a lot of danger, the danger of the undead, searching the house may also encounter danger, or encounter other dangers.Daocheng looked for a moment and takes a deep breath and said: "Be careful, maybe it is the environmental impact of the ancient city. Anyway, if there is a problem, everyone should find an empty house to avoid it."

     "Do you want to give up?"

     The leader of the Xuan Kai clan hesitated and said: "If it is extremely dangerous, you are not in a hurry. If Su Yu really comes, he will have to stay at least three days, and now it's only a full day."

     Dao Cheng Ye hesitated for a moment and quickly said: "No, such a crisis may happen every day. Just be careful."

     He said and said: "Senior Armored, you are at the pinnacle of mountains and seas, and the Profound Armor clan is also a hundred powerful clan. Even if you encounter the sun and the moon, seniors can resist for a while."

     "of course!"

     "Then seniors and us try not to separate!"

     Cheng Kai nodded, so be it.

     A group of people quickly walked towards the gate of the city. Tonight, they were going to look for them one after another. It seemed that the task was heavy, but in fact it was not too big.

     Except for the residents of the ancient city, not many people come and go.

     The Xuan Kai clan also has some information, and those who came two days ago don't need to worry about it, focusing on investigating those guys who have just entered the city yesterday or today.


     Until they left, Su Yu did not move and continued to pretend.

     Although these guys are gone, he also has to be careful, a mountain and sea peak.

     In addition, you have to be more careful, do these guys have anything like induction jade?

     The immortals are powerful, and such treasures are not necessarily absent.

     Su Yu is really like rubble, continuing to lurch, motionless like a statue.After a while, the mountain and sea that left before is back.

     Not only did he come back, but behind him was a dead spirit!

     The undead who left before!

     Su Yu's heart shook, can these guys control the dead?

     The mountains and seas looked around, turned around, picked up the ancient city order, and seemed to say something to the necromancer. The necromancer struggled a bit, but when he saw the ancient city order, he still chose to obey.

     After a while, a strong breath of death escaped from the undead.

     The undead was walking around along the street.

     The mountain and sea powerhouse quickly avoided, letting the lifeless spirit spread all around.

     Su Yu on the roof was also eroded by this lifeless spirit.

     high speed!

     Death spread in the body!

     The undead walked back and forth on the street five or six times, and the darkness on his body felt a little dissipated and a little transparent.

     After a while, the dead spirit was vanish from sight just like when it came.

     After a while, there were more people around, those who left before.

     These people silently looked at the lifeless street, Cheng Kai looked at Daocheng beside him, shook his head and said: "No, all the houses have not been moved in. If they are outside, the other party will be surrounded by lifelessness, they will soon die. Even if he doesn't die, there will be dead spirits coming to him soon."

     Daocheng is slightly frowned, really not?

     He felt a little dangerous anyway, so this scene happened.

     Waited silently for a while, if there was someone, the life was filled at this moment, and it was probably saturated with the other person.

     Su Yu knows how to escape and become invisible. He also knows a little bit about this.So before he sensed the crisis, what he immediately thought of was whether Su Yu was so bold that he was hiding nearby.

     But now, he is somewhat skeptical.

     "Wait a while!"

     Cheng Kai hurriedly said: "This place is full of dead spirits, and it is easy to elicit powerful dead spirits. After a while, you must leave as soon as possible, and come back when these dead spirits escape!"

     Daocheng nodded slightly.

     After waiting for five to six minutes, he nodded and said, "Let's go!"

     After so long, even if the opponent has a way to resist the death, the death is in his body.

     A group of people just leave quickly.

     Behind him, vaguely, a dead spirit appeared again.

     Because of the sensed crisis, these talents will leave quickly.

     As soon as they left, Su Yu didn't lurch again this time. The speed was amazing, passing by in a flash, and quickly disappearing in place!


     At this moment, his body was full of death, and he was almost unable to hold it.

     And at this moment, behind, between wordless and uncommunicative, a dead spirit appeared.

     Quickly catching up with the speed, a dead spirit shot at him!

     Su Yu was horrified, and the words of Jie were beating.

     He did not dare to delay, and in a blink of an eye, he got into an empty house.

     Tian Yuan Qi was quickly taken out by him, and a large amount of Tian Yuan Qi wrapped him.

     The sneer is endless!

     1 serving, 3 servings...

     This time, there was too much death energy, and nearly 20 days of vitality were consumed before Su Yu polished away the death energy, but the physical body has also been strengthened at this moment, and vaguely, began to transform towards 17.

     Su Yu gnashing one's teeth!These guys are so vigilant.

     It's also a strong method!

     You can actually hook up with the dead!

     "Necromancers chased me..."

     Su Yu murmured, chase me down!

     Because there is too much life in my body.

     "There is too much life, and the residents of the ancient city are also dead. Why are they not chased by the dead?

     "Also, chase and kill... Necromancers should be indiscriminate chase and kill, right?"

     Every thought came up in the mind, Su Yu, coldly snorted, then I will play with you.

     After waiting for a while, Su Yu opened the door with a weak voice. He stretched out his hand and tried for a while, but there was no movement.

     At this time, Su Yu walked out of the house again.

     It quickly turned into a breeze and disappeared in place.


     After a while.

     Su Yu once again embellished those guys.

     At this time, there were some more people in this group, no, there were more night patrols, night patrols on horseback.

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, what a coincidence!

     It was the guy who led the team last night!

     Without him, he sensed the position of his profound soldier, which was among this group of people.

      as a result, there is another mountain and sea boundary.

     5 mountains and seas!

     And Daocheng and Jiuxuan can deal with mountains and seas, which is equivalent to seven mountains and seas acting together. In order to deal with themselves, these guys are really willing to spend their money and dispatch so many powerful people at once.

     At the moment, 36th ring, led by the night patrol, they are inspecting the houses one by one.

     Don't care about empty houses, and residents don't care.

     Cheng Kai and they were talking, and Su Yu vaguely heard some words."Even if that guy enters the city, he shouldn't live in the periphery, right?"

     "Check it all to prevent it from being missed! The area that has been checked should be guarded by hand to prevent that guy from changing the house!"

     "Black Armor, you ask the night patrol to inspect more areas tonight, and don't let any creatures walk around at will."

     On the side of the night patrol, the black-clad powerhouse last night heard the words and said: "Yes, on the side of the patrol that doesn't stay overnight...Is there no opinion from the city lord?

     "He doesn't care about this, don't worry!"

     Cheng Kai said indifferently: "He's just falling down, the sun and the moon are invincible, and now there are messengers coming, he will not interfere."

     A Sunyue Jiuzhong, even if he occupied the ancient city, he didn't have the courage to fight against the fairy clan.

     "it is good!"

     Hei Kai agreed, and soon, more night patrols gathered here.


     By the city wall.

     The mountain and sea powerhouse who had reminded Su Yu before stood on the wall and looked inside the city. At this moment, they were on the periphery, and he could see clearly.

     By his side, the Jia Shi said, "Commander, that is Commander Hei Jia of the Night Patrol, right? The whole army of the Xuan Kai clan is dispatched. What is this for?"

     The Shanhai man didn't say a word.

     He thought of the one yesterday, it should be Su Yu.

     The Xuan Kai clan is about to attack him in the city.

     Will that guy be caught this time?

     Where is the city lord?

     Will you intervene this time?

     Thoughts flashed in the mind, the Shanhai man looked at it for a while, and silently retracted his gaze. He couldn't control this matter.But if the Xuan Kai clan really killed Su Yu, or captured Su Yu...on the human race, would invincible come?

     he does not know.

     All I know is that this time may be a fuse. The scene where Long Wuwei surrounded Tianmucheng more than ten years ago may repeat itself.


     "Five from the mountain and sea, two geniuses from the fairy clan, 17 from the Lingyun Realm, 38 from the Sky Realm..."

     The more than 60 powerhouses, Lingyun and Shanhai, are all considered powerhouses.

     Flying in the air is normal in the ancient city.

     Su Yu didn't pay attention to these things either. He only knew that among these guys, many of them were residents of the ancient city. If they were killed, they might be in trouble.

     I don't know if I can resist it.

     "It's best to kill the guy with the ancient city order first!"

     The mountains and seas that led away the undead and the black armor of the night patrol definitely have the ancient city order. This without a doubt, there should be strong people at the peak of the mountains and seas, and they are of the kind that are not low-level.

      kill(ed) them, lead out the undead, if there is no ancient city order, can it be possible to control the undead? Su Yu doesn't believe it.

     Target, focused on those two mountains and seas.

     Both are in the early days of Shanhai.

     In addition, there is the little black-robed fairy.

     "Not to separate..."

     Su Yu is also annoyed, separate!

     Don't separate, go in by yourself...that is to die.

      so big city, don’t you separate, find out the year of the monkey?

     It didn't meet my expectations at all!These people are constantly patrolling at this moment. The black armor of the night patrol force opened the door without even coming. After searching for a while, he found a few houses where people lived, and the leader of the night patrol directly knocked on the door.

     "Open the door, the night patrol is patrolling at night!"

     "Open the door quickly!"


     Most people are unwilling to open the door, and a few guys who come often open the door of the house, somewhat grudgingly, but they also know that the night patrol is capable of opening the door forcibly.

     At least, the peripheral is still possible.

     There are not many strong people living in the periphery.

     Really strong people do not bother to live in small broken houses on the periphery.

     On the night patrol side, they knocked on some doors and went straight in to search.

     The door was not opened, and soon, the door was forcibly opened by the night patrol, and Su Yu also saw the ancient city order in the black armor.

     As soon as the ancient city's order was released, the death breath overflowed, emitting some faint glow. Those closed doors were easily opened by them, but they didn't kill anyone. It was a big deal to kick the guy in the house, and then search.

     Killing here is not worthwhile.

     The more you kill, the greater the trouble.

     Will lead to the dead.

     The Gucheng Ling is not a panacea. Once two dead spirits appear, the Gucheng Ling can hardly restrain each other.


     "Gucheng Ling... still not separated!"

     Su Yu continued to spy silently, gritted his teeth, and thought for a while, suddenly eyes flashed, the old lair of the Xuan Kai clan, there are so many strong people walking out of it, are there any strong ones now?I didn’t have time to investigate before, and those guys opened the door directly without closing it...

     Do you want to... kill some first?

     It's a bit troublesome for fear of chasing and killing the dead.

     "Well, since you are not messy, let you mess!"

     Necro hunting, just avoid it by yourself.

     The most dangerous thing for a dead spirit is death, and death can be consumed by itself. This is the greatest confidence.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu no longer stared at this side. The outsiders were all weak, unable to resist at all. These guys were very vigilant, and chaos would not be chaotic unless something went wrong.


     More than ten minutes later, Su Yu came to the nest of the Xuan Kai clan again.

     In the night, several guards were still guarding, but unlike during the day, they stood outside the door before. Now, the guys stood inside the door, and the door was still open.

     Obviously, these guys are also afraid of the night.

     In a crisis, you can close the door in time.

     In the 24th ring room, not so easy is opened.

     Su Yu melted into a breeze and swept it gently. The guards just vacated, and it was almost impossible to find him.

     In the blink of an eye, Su Yu entered the compound.

     This compound is not small. After entering the door, it is a patio, surrounded by rooms. At this moment, Su Yu has a clear sense.

     There is actually a mountain and sea sitting here, plus 3 in the Lingyun Realm, and 12 in the Sky Realm.

     The Xuan Kai clan has a lot of money in this ancient city.

     There are 6 mountains and seas before and after, 20 Lingyun, this kind of strength can command an army of 100,000 people in Daxia Palace."Killing in the house, if the door is closed, will the dead come in?"

     Su Yu is not sure.

     Haven't tried it!

     Maybe, maybe not, including the information on Hunting Heaven Pavilion, didn't mention it.

     Su Yu thought about this, suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, pierced the palm of his hand at the door, and a drop of blood appeared.

     And at this moment, a dark shadow suddenly appeared outside.


     Several guards also saw it, and saw the black shadow lingering outside the door, and said strangely: "Why are the dead souls here again? What are lingering on our side?"

     "Want to come in?"

     Several guards were somewhat surprised, what the dead spirit was wandering here.

     The undead outside the door hovered at the door.

     It seemed that I wanted to enter several times, but was blocked by a gloomy light at the door.

     Several guards did not close the door, but soon, the mountain and sea in the house arrived, Su Yu quickly restrained his breath, the mountain and sea realm powerhouse, his eyes glowing, looked outside, and said solemnly: "what's going on ! The dead spirits are hovering here suddenly, who has a problem with cultivation? It was caused by the bleeding?"


     "No practice!"

     Other Profound Kai clan powerhouses also stepped out one after another, and they all denied it.

     Everyone knows that in the ancient city, it is best not to bleed, otherwise you will be caught by the dead.


     The mountains and seas are also very strange. Since it is not bleeding, what happened?

     "This necromancer should only be in the airspace, it doesn't matter, I will leave after a while...but be careful, the air can't break through the door of the house, once it comes to the mountain and sea, close the door quickly..."

     "My lord, should you close the door first?"Someone suggested that with the door open, it is difficult for the dead to break through, but the powerful dead can.

     If it is closed, there is no way to break through unless the top necromancer.

     This mountain and sea hesitated and closed the door... is not impossible.

     However, each race has its own face, and not closing the door is also a manifestation of strength.

     Of course, if there is a crisis, it's still a shame.

     "Then... close the door!"

     This mountain and sea expert still made the decision to close the door, anyway, few living creatures saw it at night, so just close it.

     The four guards are also relaxed.

     To be honest, the undead is outside the door, and it still looks a little scary.

     And Su Yu, on the whole, also understood something.

     The door was slowly closed by them.

     At the moment when the portal was closed to the last line, Su Yu dropped a drop of mountain and sea essence into his abdomen. At this moment, the Yang Aperture was half open, and the magical combat skills exploded, and a blade light mapped the four directions!

     The mountain and sea powerhouse also reacted instantly, punching out...

     But, comes without enough time!

     At this moment, Xiao Maoqi quickly drilled out, and the Xuan Kai clan were all warriors, not civilized divisions.

     The sea of will is not strong!

     With a squeak, the sea of will was bitten through.

     The mountain and sea shook slightly, and at this moment, Su Yu fell with a knife!


     A crack was cut in the armor!

     The long knife instantly turned into a hammer, with a bang, shaking dozens of times, and with a bang, the sea of will burst.

     Su Yu converted into a knife again and pierced his heart with a single knife!With a chuckle, a black iron block was crushed!

     It was too fast. Before the others could react, the mountain and sea fell down with a rumble.

     "Keep the door, close the door!"

     Su Yu said with Xiao Maoqiu that he wants to bolt the door and beat the dog!

     The four guards who guarded the goal didn't have any reaction. They fell to the ground in an instant, the sea of will was broken, and they were killed four times by a small hair ball!

     The door closed with a bang.

     But at this moment, outside, three or four dead spirits suddenly appeared.

     The portal, rumbling.

     Necromancer wants to come in!

     And Su Yu, regardless of these, make an all-out effort, with full strength, and the eruption of divine art combat skills.

      The physical power has also reached the mountain and sea boundary at this moment.

     A punch blasted, a bang, a punch blasted a Lingyun.

     He turned around and kicked another Lingyun who had just killed him through!

      Last Lingyun wanted to run, just a few meters away, the small hair ball flashed away and penetrated the opponent’s sea of will. No matter good or bad is also the ancient Lingyun clan, the half-queen descendant, which is the Ordinary of these profound armor clan Fighter is comparable.

     Shanhai and Lingyun were killed one after another.

     Those who are left are scared of flying!

     However, there was no time to run, and there was no way to escape. Su Yu turned into a gang wind, and in the blink of an eye he pierced through an armor, a drop of unusual blood, dripping to the ground, this is the blood of the Profound Kai family.

     In the courtyard, all armored warriors died instantly!

     Su Yu turned into a human form, with some blood stained on his body. The blood character divine writing was dispatched to absorb all the blood and quickly put all the corpses into the storage ring.At this time, outside the door, there was constant rumbling.

     The dead are breaking the door!

      The slaughter too much, too much blood, caused these necromancers to riot.

     However, the portal was still strong and seemed to restrain the undead.

     Su Yu hadn't had time to think about it, the room was suddenly filled with death!

     A lot of dead air escaped!

     Su Yu's eyes changed slightly, "Internal and external lore!"

     He understood at this time, why didn't he dare to kill people here.

     To kill, you went out, necromancers trouble you.

     If you don't go out, the lifelessness in the house instantly becomes several times stronger. If this continues, you will be killed by lifelessness overnight.

     Su Yu's body of heavenly vitality overflowed, constantly killing those dead qi, at the same time, a small cloud directly broke through the room, entered the room, and merged into Su Yu's body. It was also a large amount of heavenly vitality.

     The vitality of the sky was a waste before, but now that it is needed, it is not a waste. Pretty good, the dead energy is offset a lot.

     Tian Yuanqi played a big role at this moment.

     And the 9 halos that enter the main city gate are useless.

     Su Yu was consuming the vitality of the sky, and constantly killing those death auras, he did not believe that these death auras are vast and limitless!

     Of course, leave this quickly.

     The Xuan Kai clan may be aware of the changes in this place for a long time. Although killing people in the house, there is not much movement and the other party may not be able to detect it, but the gathering of dead spirits here may let them know that something has happened.

     "This is what I want, just a few dead spirits outside...something troublesome!"

     Su Yu touched his chin, how could he get them away?A little trouble!

     In other words, just staying here?

     It's not like a turtle in a jar.

     Look at the little hairy ball behind the door...

     Shiver coldly!

     Rejection and despair appeared in his eyes, I don't want it, Xiangxiang wants me to do something bad again!

     No, something dangerous.
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