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400 Crazy (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

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     Su Yu didn't finish, but the guy refused.

     Xiao Maoqi is not stupid, it is too dangerous.

     Su Yu smiled, said: "Don’t rush to refuse, I don’t think that lifeless spirit can affect you. Look, you have been following me. You don’t seem to be afraid of lifeless spirits, so you deal with dead spirits and lead them away. I think also isn't bad."


     Su Yu complexion turned stiff, Xiaomaoqiu unwilling, I will not do it.

     The ball is also afraid of those things.

     Su Yu ignored it, thought for a while, and quickly searched it. Sure enough, there was an ancient city order in the storage ring of the strong mountain and sea realm.

     There are signs on it, the signs of the ancient city, this token, there is a map of the ancient city.

     On the map, the number of rings is revealed.

     This is the most outer ring of the ancient city order, the lowest of the 36 ring.

     "Can this undead be in charge of the 24th ring?"

     Su Yu didn't understand, it was not too clear how to use this ancient city order.

     There are quite a few ancient city orders of the Xuan Kai clan.

     Outside the door, the undead was still bombarding the door with constant rumblings. Su Yu didn't think much about it, and quickly entered the room in the compound.

     The Xuan Kai clan has been stationed in the ancient city for many years, and there are still some good things. Su Yu doesn't care about it, just take it away.

     Taking away the things, at this moment, the golden light on his physical body is shining, there are some signs of advanced, 17 casting is about to be completed.He killed another mountain and sea, and the Tian Yuan Qi rewarded by Heaven and Earth also pushed him to further strengthen his body. Although this death Qi was terrifying, but Tian Yuan Qi neutralized it, it was not a big threat to Su Yu.


     Outside the door, the sound is getting bigger and bigger.

     It may provoke a more powerful undead.

     it's time to go!

     If you don't leave, you will be besieged here.

     Taking advantage of the fact that there are not many dead spirits, it seems that the strength of the dead spirits is also limited. If there are dead spirits of mountains, seas and sun, maybe they will come in.

     "Maybe you can kill one or two..."

     After thinking about it, Su Yu chose to give up.

     Why do you want to kill!

     Keep it!

     Tianyuanqi is not something everyone has. Even the immortal clan must have Tianyuanqi Holy Land, but how much can the opponent bring?

     There are more dead souls, Su Yu is in trouble, and those people are even more troublesome.

     It can also be used as a blocker and intercept the opponent.

     "Tonight, I want to make this ancient city a dead soul!"

     Su Yu coldly snorted, looking at Xiao Maoqiu again, "Maoqiu, you can go out and lead them away for a while, and you will be back in an instant. Next time, if the reward is willpower, I will give you all!"


     Xiao Maoqiu blinked, really give it to me?


     Right now, Xiao Maoqiu thought for a moment, nodded, and agreed!

     Dedication for eating!

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, took out the ancient city order in his hand, covered his body with Tian Yuan Qi, and instantly opened the door.

     At this moment, four dead spirits emerged, and death shots shot towards Su Yu.However, at the gate, it was intercepted for a while, and there was a faint life infiltrated.

     The little hair ball appeared instantly and burst out.

     A few dead spirits, three went after Xiao Maoqi, and the other one was still at the door.

     And Su Yu also broke out instantly.

     Boom with a punch!

     Above the fist, there was Tianyuan Qi, and the dead spirit was blasted by him with a fist, and the body screamed constantly, and the dead spirit clashed with the Tianyuan Qi, and the dead spirit struggled violently, making a seeping roar.

     But Su Yu disappeared instantly.

     At this moment, there were a few more dead spirits around.

     On one side, it is exceptionally huge and looks extremely strong.

     Death is boiling!



     At this moment, there are rooms with creatures, and the creatures in them are shiver coldly and messy.

     Someone is fighting outside!

     The undead appeared!

     The ancient city is not so easy to enter. The necromancers do not kill the opponents, and more powerful necromancers will soon appear until the opponents are killed or leave.

     Or there is a powerful ancient city order that can order these dead spirits to leave.


      at the same time.


     The leader of the Xuanjia clan was armored, and he suddenly looked towards the middle of the ancient city. Under the night, there is a place, the color of Darkness is rich and lifeless.

     Cheng Kai showed red light in his eyes, looked over there, and said in a deep voice, "That's where the stagnation point is, isn't it?"

     Beside him, a mountain-sea-level expert nodded: "It's over there!"

     "what happened?"Cheng Armor said intently: "The life is full of death, is there a dead soul?"

     When the words fell, he looked at a few strong men around him and shouted: "Broken armor, go and see!"

     "Yes, my lord!"

     On the side, Daocheng spoke quickly, "Don't! Don't separate!"

     Daocheng looked over there and said solemnly: "Be careful to lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains! surrounding a target only to attack its reinforcements! It's going to happen, something has happened, now it's scattered, it's easy to be killed by the enemy... …"

     When the words fell, he suddenly took out the points list.

     Above, Su Yu's name has not changed.

     Killed a Shanhai, he also killed before, this time there was no ranking change.

     As for the Xuan Kai clan, there is no strong list left behind, or in other words, there is no strong list of the Xuan Kai clan. At this moment, there is nothing unusual in the list.

     The list did not change, Daocheng slightly condensed his eyebrows, looked over there again, a piece of divine writing appeared in his hand, quickly divination, and quickly said: "Don't go, bad omen!"

     Cheng Kai said in a low voice: "That is our resident, and there are many elites of the clan inside!"

     Lingyun mountains and seas are all elites everywhere.

     If it is damaged, the loss will be large.

     The original loss was huge, and one Sun Moon and two list geniuses died.

     Daocheng asked: "Does the Xuanjia clan have Soul Concealing Technique?"


     Cheng Kai shook his head and said: "This clan only has some sun and moon, and there are souls in the ancestral land, and death will die."

     It's hard to judge life and death.

     Over there, death still boils.

     At this time, Cheng Kai suddenly said: "Black Kai, you let the night patrol go and see!"Over there, Black Armor hesitated for a moment, nodded quickly, and ordered a few words. In the team, the two Lingyun Stages quickly rode towards there.

     Daocheng takes a deep breath and said in a deep voice: "Then continue! If something goes wrong over there, it may be caused by the counterattack of Su Yu or other human races!"

     After all, looking at a human being caught on the side, he said lightly: "Go on, catch the human if you see it!"

     "is that useful?"

     Cheng Kai glanced at the captured human race, unsure: "Is it effective to threaten Su Yu with these weak people?"

     "Try it, human emotions are complicated, and sometimes it is difficult for you to understand what they are thinking."

     Daocheng replied, beside him, Jiu Xuan suddenly said, "Brother Daocheng, should I go and see?"

     "Do not!"

     Daocheng refused, a bad omen, don't pass, today's divination is not a good omen.

     Although Jiu Xuan was strong, he really met Su Yu, and he might not be able to win the opponent, but rather dangerous.

     Daocheng quickly said: "Go on, narrow the scope step by step, trap Su Yu, even if you can't catch him, you will also trap him. As long as you trap him in the city, he will not be able to go. Sooner or later, he will die or become a resident of the ancient city!"

     Become a resident of the ancient city, then there is nothing to care about.

     "Let the night patrols block the city gates. Only nine gates in the ancient city can leave the city. Otherwise, you can't get out. As long as the city gates are blocked, we take turns to besiege him and Su Yu is abandoned!

      catch a turtle in a jar!

     Cheng Kai hesitated and said, "If the human race comes to help from the strong...""It's okay. Zheng Ping picked up Huang Teng. He is now on his way back. Someone intercepted and killed them on the way. Even if the Terran reinforcements come, they must be rescued first. I can't control this, and I don't have time to manage! Up to 10 days , Su Yu will be abandoned!"

     "On the other side of River City Lord that day..."

     Blocking the gates is no small matter.

     Daocheng smiled and said: "It's okay, tomorrow, I will send some Tian Yuan Qi over to relieve some of the dead pressure for him, Master Tianhe will not care about this."

     Cheng armor nodded slightly, and said: "On the side of the night patrol, I can still instruct one or two, but the guardian of the city gate is the descendant of the city lord, Tianjiewei, I hope there will be no conflict."

     Daocheng said indifferently: "No, the fairy clan does things. I believe that the city lord of Tianhe should know how to choose. Even if he wants to take refuge in the human race, he has to see if the fairy clan agrees!"

     Cheng Kai doesn't say anything anymore, as long as you are sure.

     For fear of anxious the city lord, there is still some trouble in the city.

     Just thinking about it, suddenly, the distance was full of death!


     A low roar from the undead came out. Not far away, the black armor of the night patrol shook slightly and shouted: "The night patrol just went to investigate is dead!"


     Cheng Kai was surprised, and the two Lingyuns died.

     What a courage!

     The night patrols are all ancient city residents. Killing the ancient city residents here will provoke a large number of dead spirits. Who is crazy?

     Su Yu?

     If it was Su Yu who provoked so many dead souls, it would be difficult to end it!

     Daocheng was not in a hurry, and shouted: "General Black Armor, send the Night Patrol again to inspect and let him kill!"

     Do you want to kill?Then kill!

     Su Yu may have brought some Tianyuan Fruits, but that’s okay. The more you kill, the more dead spirits. When you kill too much, mountains and seas and even sun and moon dead spirits appear, you will die!

     Even if he encounters a dead soul who has just entered the mountains and seas alone, it is extremely troublesome!

     You have to even escape the city to hope to survive.

     He looked at Cheng Kai and said, "Quickly let the night patrol take over the city gate!"

     "it is good!"

     Cheng Kai shouted: "Hei Kai, contact the people, quickly gather at the city gate, take over the city gate, and tell Tian Miewei, we will explain to Your Excellency the City Lord!"


     He didn't say much, and quickly led the night patrol towards the city gate.


     After a while.

     The number of night patrols increased greatly, surpassing a hundred, and gathered at the gate of the city.

     "General Tianmen, our night patrol takes over the city gate. Tomorrow, we will tell Your Excellency the City Lord!"

     The black armor quickly brought people close to the city gate.

     On the city wall, the mountain and sea man looked at him silently, for a long time, and said indifferently: "Hei Kai, don't forget, this place is an ancient city of heaven extinction, no matter how strong the Profound Kai clan is, there can be no storm here! Things in the city, my lord I don’t want to manage too much. You want to take over the city gate?

     "Please also General Tianmen for your convenience!"

     Hei Kai rode on the horse, and said in a low voice: "Su Yu killed the two top geniuses of the Profound Kai clan, and my clan also values it for eternity. Now it is a last resort to siege Su Yu. In addition, there is an order from the upper clan... …General Tianmen should know what I mean!"

     People from the fairy clan are there!

     The Shanhai man was silent for an instant, looked at the soldiers around him, and said in a low voice: "Withdraw!"He had just jumped off the city wall, and the black armor stood in front of him, and said in a deep voice: "Please also General Tianmen, and temporarily borrow the city gate order!"

     Nine doors open!

     If you want to close the city gate, you still need a city gate order. Tianmen is a city gate official. He has the city gate order. Without a city gate order, he can't close the gate, and it's easy for Su Yu to escape.

     The general of the Tianmen complexion changed, and coldly said: "Hei Kai, you mustn't forget, who is this place's master! What a courage!"

     He shouted in a low voice, and the soldiers around him drew knives!

     On the night patrol side, they also held guns to confront each other.

     City gate order!

     Without this thing, it is very troublesome. The opening and closing of the city gates depend on this. Once the ancient city is closed, the ancient city becomes a dead place, which has violated the rights of the Tianhe City Lord.

     Hei Jiao was a little palpitating, but still said: "It's only temporarily borrowed. If we take Su Yu, we will return it. General Tianmen doesn't need to be angry."


     Tianmen said coldly: "No! Not only don’t, now, we’re not letting the city gates. If you want to guard, stay here. The Night Patrol has no so big right to take over here! Your black armor is not a Night Patrol. General, not qualified! If the fairy clan wants to intervene, you let the fairy clan come by yourself!"


     He said that the black armor was no room to advance or to retreat. He said in a deep voice, "Tianmen, just temporarily closed. The city gate will be temporarily closed, and it will be restored soon! The Terran besieged Tianmucheng, and you did not Don’t be embarrassed. Now Su Yu is besieged to avenge the city lord..."Tianmen said indifferently: "That is also the business of the city lord, it has nothing to do with you! You don't need revenge. The ancient city has always been neutral, and now it has reached its limit. I really think that the human race can't beat the ancient city?"

     Hei Kai wanted to say it again. Over there, Cheng Kai shouted: "Assist them in guarding the city gate, Hei Kai, nothing else!"

     Since Tianmen was unwilling to hand over the city gate order, there was no need to persecute it.

     It is not a good thing to really anger Tianhe in the ancient city.

     Just keep the gate of the city.

     Hei Kai didn't talk about it anymore. Hundreds of night patrols quickly guarded the other 8 city gates. As for the main city gate, Hei Kai personally guarded it.

     "All pull yourself together!"

     When he finished speaking, he looked at Tianmen and said solemnly: "Please also General Tianmen, open the nine doors and show up in the mirror!"

     Tianmen frowned, "It's too expensive!"

     "The Xuanjia clan comes out!"

     Hei Kai said directly: "All the costs are spent by the Xuan Kai clan!"

      Glanced at him, Tianmen faintly said: "Okay, open one night, ten thousand drops of vitality liquid, 10 drops of mountain and sea essence blood!"


     Hei Kai was a little frustrated, there were too many, he didn't understand it, and he couldn't use so much.

     The Nine Doors Appearing Mirror is for setting up those invisible and evasive guys. Once someone comes invisible, the Appearing Mirror will show off the other side's whereabouts. This is also one of the powerful mechanisms of the ancient city.

     Despite his dissatisfaction, Hei Kai quickly agreed.


     And here, Cheng Kai listened for a while, and when Jiu Men was taken care of, he didn't care anymore.The sound transmission talisman transmitted the sound again for a while, but still doesn't have any reply, he sighed: "Those people who stayed behind...I am afraid they have fallen!"

     Aside, Daocheng several people were also speechless.


      in the end is it not Su Yu?

     If yes, it is really bold.

     Over there, the death breath has not disappeared, which means that the guy who shot has not died.

     "Brother Daocheng, why don't you go over there and see..."

     Cheng Kai suggested: "Go together, don't give him a chance!"

     Daocheng looked around, takes a deep breath and said: "No, continue searching and arrest more human races. Now his whereabouts are uncertain, even if he goes, it will be difficult to catch him!"


     Cheng Kai had no choice but to listen to him, although it might not be of any use to arrest the human race, so just try.

     "Continue searching!"

     Cheng armor shouted in a low voice, and the others quickly began to search.


     And at this moment, Su Yu, frowns, no one came to investigate?

     These guys, so tolerable?

     At this moment, even though he was being chased by the necromancer, he didn't mind taking the opportunity to make trouble for the other party. As a result, the Xuan Kai clan did not come, which was again unexpected.

     Su Yu gritted his teeth and suddenly shot towards the periphery.

     If you don't come, I will find you!

     As soon as he moved, two dead spirits quickly chased after him. After a while, a shadow instantly merged into Su Yu's body, the small hair ball returned, and the dead spirit behind him reached four heads at this moment.


     Su Yu secretly cursed, too much, too big a goal.

     As soon as the lifelessness came, people knew I was coming.trouble!

     This broken city is a lot of trouble.


     Su Yu suddenly took out the scoreboard, "Help me do the work, throw more blood-stained jade charms out of the city!"

     "10 drops of mountain and sea blood!"

     "Master, are you robbing? Hiding in the house, throwing some blood-stained jade charms, you can do it if you are alive, dare you to collect 10 drops of my blood?"


     Just four words, are you willing to be casual.

     "it is good!"

     Su Yu gnashing one's teeth, done it!

     I am short of manpower, otherwise, how would I find you, the guy from the Hunting Pavilion, his heart is too dark!

     Losing some blood-stained jade talisman is just that, and the charge is so high.

     "Can I pay afterwards? I can't pay now. I can come now if I want to get the money. I'm being chased by a necroman, yourselves think about it!"

     No reply over there.

     While Su Yu was fleeing, a white shadow appeared after a while, holding the ancient city order in his hand, and quickly took a photo of a few dead spirits, so that they did not chase after them, and then looked at Su Yu, bored Muffled: "Cost! There is no charge for the stagnant dead!"

     Damn it!

     Su Yu's heart was shocked, and it quickly became clear that these guys also have an ancient city order, and their level is not low.

     No wonder you dare to charge!

     I was so courageous that I was not afraid of being killed and took away the order of the ancient city.

     Then Bai Ying didn't care what he thought, and said again: "Payment, I won't be stagnant for too long, it will be broken soon, will the transaction continue?"

     "it is good!"

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, also without rubbish, directly took out a bottle and threw it to him.

     The white shadow quickly disappeared.The next moment, those dead spirits chased again.

     But at this moment, death broke out everywhere in the city, a number of dead spirits appeared, and some people threw blood-stained jade charms out. As long as they didn't throw them for three days, they would not become residents of the ancient city.

     Obviously, Hunting Heaven Pavilion also controlled a group of people here.

     The few dead spirits behind Su Yu also looked like hesitation at this moment, as if they wanted to collect those jade charms, but they wanted to continue chasing Su Yu.

     At this moment of stagnation, Su Yu quickly escaped and disappeared.


     Messed up!

     The ancient city of Tianmie is messy tonight.

     And Su Yu quickly walked flying in the sky, the induction jade turned to the extreme, and quickly observed.

     Soon, several light spots of mountains and seas appeared.

     Su Yu counted, one missing.

     There is one less!

     Actually scattered!

     He flew around quickly and didn't get close to that side anymore. The only thing he could locate was the black armor, that guy was actually at the city gate.

     He was so courageous that he dared to separate.

     Before reaching the city gate, Su Yu saw it, and a mirror was erected at the gate of the Nine Dao City.

     I have never eaten pork and have seen pigs run.

     This should be a device to map the invisible escape powerhouse, right?

     Sure enough, there are many more people here.

     Night patrol!

     The night patrol and the gate guards are not the same armors, one is full black armor, the other is half silver armor.

     At the gate of the main city, he saw the black armor.

     The mountain and sea man who reminded him before was on the city wall at this moment, and the black armor was in front of the city gate.

     "Two mountains and seas..."The mountain and sea guarding the gate may not be in the early stage of the mountain and sea, and Su Yu's induction jade is not too obvious. The probability is the late stage of the mountain and sea. This guy is here, and the trouble is not small.

     "What to do? Kill or not?"

     The undead was only rid of him for a while, and he will soon chase him again. If he doesn't kill, he will be exposed later.

     Kill, this place there is still one strong mountain and sea.

     And it's not the kind he can kill!

     Su Yu is in entanglement!

      Somewhat unwilling, but had to give up, otherwise, if his profound soldier was in that guy's hand, the profound soldier blew himself up, and he was sure to kill the opponent instantly.

     Just when Su Yu was about to evacuate, Tianmen said lightly on the city wall: "Black Armor, you have entered the Heavenly Destruction City. I am afraid that it will be difficult to leave the Heavenly Destruction Ancient City in this life. it is good!"

     Hei Kai said coldly: "Betrayal? The Tianmen general joked, I just work for the clan, why do you say betrayal? This matter, don't bother the general!"

     Tianmen said lightly: "It's up to you!"

     After that, fly towards Another place city gate. Over there, there seemed to be someone who wanted to enter the city at night, but was blocked at this moment, and Tianmen flew directly over, seemingly trying to deal with the matter.

     Su Yu was slightly startled, some hesitation.

     Did you find me?

     Or did you deliberately create opportunities for me, or rather, deliberately lure me into the bait?

     What a coincidence!

     When he first came, this guy left, leaving Black Armor alone at the main city gate. Su Yu didn't think he was so lucky.

     Of course, since the opportunity has come, he doesn't care.This guy seems to be not in the same group with Black Armor.

     Also, the opponent is not a member of the Xuan Kai clan, there is no need to offend the human clan for Black Kai.

     Su Yu's aura was restrained, with a long knife in his hand, once again swallowing a drop of mountain and sea blood.

     In the next moment, a shocking sword light appeared!


      The "Stillness" character divine text was launched, and the black armor didn't know at all for a while. Where did the crisis come from?

     Kill, fight, blood, fire, thunder...

     Su Yu, who had multiple divine texts into Tier 4, had the strength to burst out under the combination of divine texts and combat skills. Willpower was not weaker than Lingyun Peak. The black armor was the mountains and seas, which did not mean that the willpower had also reached the mountains and seas.

     For many mountain and sea warriors, the willpower may only be empty.

     Before the knife fell, he was in a daze.

     However, his vitality exploded, and soon he became sober, roared, Kaihua!

     The armor is sharp!

     The vitality exploded, the acupuncture point opened, and the mountain and the sea merged into one orifice. Although he has not yet finished the one orifice, but at this moment, he also started the second orifice after the ten thousand stone, and the spear attacked and shot out!

     And at this moment, a mysterious soldier he received in the storage ring suddenly exploded with a bang!

     Storage ring directly fried to pieces!

     Not only did he blow up the storage ring, but he was also blown up.

     The spear is missed!

     A look of shock appeared in the eyes of the black armor, and the mysterious soldier burst...

     Just thought, a sabre slash down!


     This is a divine art combat skill, the sea of will is directly smashed by this knife, and the flesh is intact.

     The trembling divine text shook, completely twisting the sea of will into pieces.Su Yu kicked out, and the physical power of the mountains and seas erupted. As time passed, he snorted and kicked through the solid armor, exploding the core of the black armor directly!

     In the blink of an eye, the black armor was put into the storage ring by him.

     A cloud fell, Su Yu hadn't seen anything yet, Xiao Maoqi swallowed it in one bite.

     "My, willpower!"



     Your memory is so good, I just wordy that's all casually.

     Su Yu killed the Black Armor with a single knife, without doing anything else, and shot out. Around, there were some Black Armored Night Patrols, and a few Lingyun Realm barely reacted. He snorted, and one head fell.

     Over there, Tianmen shout loudly, "Bold! Dare to attack the night patrol, presumptuous, come, guard the gate, wait for me to kill this person!"

     Shouting loudly, but the action is calm and unhurried.

     When Su Yu killed all the people, a large number of dead spirits suddenly appeared here.

     This guy arrived, a token appeared in his hand, and he shouted, "Quit!"

     Those dead spirits hesitated a bit, and soon, each of the dead spirits disappeared.

     After a while, the sound of breaking through the air came.

     Chengjiao, a strong man, rushed to it.

     Cheng Kai's eyes were gloomy, looking around, Daocheng quickly manipulated the divine text, looking far away, over there, hesitated for a moment, hesitated for a moment, and shouted: "Chasing!"

     They don't care about Cheng Armor, catch up!

     Damn it!

     At such a distance, the other party dared to attack and kill Heikai. Not only did He kill one person, but the Night Patrol was killed for most of them!

     When they left, Tianmen smiled, slapped his hand, and killed all the remaining night patrols!"Commander!"

     Around, some guards looked at him one after another.

     "It's okay, I was attacked and killed by a dead spirit!"

     Having said that, the life of the general Tianmen overflowed, attacking those night patrols, quickly corroding them, and said indifferently: "This city is still the city of heaven, not a mysterious armor!"

     The other people's hearts condensed without saying a word.

     Soon, someone said: "My lord, was that Su Yu just now?"


     General Tianmen smiled, Who knows ne.

     Hei Kai, an idiot, as the general of the night patrol, still obeys the orders of the Xuan Kai clan at this moment, really thinks the city lord can tolerate him?

     Our city lord doesn't care about anything, but... does not mean that you can tolerate betrayal by your own people on your own territory and become a guard army. Then it is no longer other people, but the ancient city guard.

     "The weapon exploded..."

     Tianmen murmured, did I take that guy's weapon?


     Sure enough, either build the weapon by yourself or find a reliable caster. Anyway, for a caster like Su Yu, don't take their weapons and be careful to blew themselves up at any time.

     "Black Armor is approaching Shanhai Second Layer, and was killed by him...this guy is terrible!"


     While Tianmen was thinking about this, the number of dead spirits behind Su Yu instantly reached 10.

     Terribly scary!

     The sizzle grew louder!

     A large amount of death energy boiled and attacked his physical body, and Su Yu consumed a large amount of Tian Yuan Qi to fight, at this moment, his physical body was shocked!

     With a bang, Jin Guang was prosperous.I was close to the body of 17 cast before, this time, I finally advanced and reached 17 cast.

     The physical body reached 17 casts, and the power of Su Yu's orifice point instantly exceeded the power of 9000 orifices, and the physical strength greatly increased.

     At 18 casts, his physical power will be close to the power of all apertures, approaching the mountain and sea mark in a true sense.

     At this moment, the mountain and sea essence blood that had been swallowed hadn't been consumed yet, but Su Yu felt that the increase for himself was limited.

     More than 9000 orifices power, maybe you can try to swallow the blood of the middle of the mountain and sea, and then burst out.

     In the middle of the mountain and sea, not a big problem, right?

     Maybe...not yet.

     Last time I asked, that guy from the Pioneer Camp, with five layers of mountains and seas, his acupuncture point power reached 50,000, and the gap between the middle and early stages is still not small.

     In the mountains and seas, there is a big gap between junior high school and late stage.

     Behind him, that Chengjia quickly chased after him, but he didn't dare to approach, and he said coldly: "Su Yu, you are so bold!"

     Su Yu ignored.

     At this moment, someone said quietly: "Su Yu, you can run. There are still many human races in the ancient city. They are not strong enough, where can they go?"

     "Su Yu, why don't you and I have a match, I will let these human races go!"

     But at this moment, Su Yu suddenly took out something, a corpse of the Xuanjia clan that had just died.

     Lingyun realm strength.

     He turned around and threw it out with a punch!


     The corpse of the Lingyun Profound Armor Clan exploded directly, and the blood of the newly dead corpse was fresh. At this moment, a large amount of black blood spilled, and then suddenly seven or eight dead spirits appeared in the air!

     boom!These strong men in armor immediately collided with the undead.

     Cheng Kai hurriedly took out a token, shout loudly, the dead spirits hesitated for a moment, somewhat unwilling, and they soon chased Su Yu's side, the dead spirits behind Su Yu reached a dozen.

     Cheng Kai said coldly: "This method won't work, you killed yourself, and no one can save you!"

     Su Yu wanted to deal with them by the dead, be carried away by one's wishful thinking.

     At this moment, there are more dead spirits behind Su Yu.

     There are countless dead souls in this ancient city.

     Su Yu provokes so many dead spirits, He can't escape.

     And Su Yu, it was indeed sensed that the necromancy invaded, it seemed that there were also a few Lingyun realm necromancy, and the death was very strong, invading his body, Su Yu also appeared in the hand of the ancient city order, some necromancy stagnate for a moment, others A few heads continued to hunt him down.

     In the rear, several people in Chengjia stopped one after another, and the dead spirits that stopped were intertwined with them.

     Cheng Kai frowned, and encountered a dead spirit here, which was very troublesome.

     The order of the ancient city can work, but it cannot always work.

     "Retreat first!"

     Daocheng called, don’t have too much contact with these undead spirits. At this moment, many weak people are already dead, and if it goes on like this, it’s very troublesome.

     Armored inwardly cursed, had to direct others to return.

     Ahead, Su Yu quickly disappeared into the night.

     Daocheng stared at the direction where he disappeared, and raised his eyebrows. This guy, according to Human Race's words, was very cold-blooded. He said that he would arrest Human Race.But Su Yu had a big goal. At this moment, the most deadly place was where Su Yu was.

      He can't escape!

     Even if you find an ancient house to hide, you can't escape.

     "Follow up, if he takes refuge in an ancient house, it would be better. You can stop him!"

     Daocheng shouted once, Cheng Kai nodded and quickly led people to follow.

     Two mountains and seas are dead!

     Next to Daocheng, Jiu Xuan cannot bear saying: "Brother Daocheng, he seems to be stronger than me..."

     Daocheng didn't say a word, that guy was too murderous!

     Why did the human race have another killing embryo!

     The guy turned his head just now, as if he was looking at the dead, his eyes were more murderous than the dead, a very terrifying guy.


     At this moment, Su Yu took out the scoreboard again.

     "Help me lead away the dead spirit behind me!"

     "Five drops of sun and moon blood!"

     "Without this, two corpses of the Profound Armor Clan in the Mountain and Sea Realm!"

     "Transaction, up to half an hour!"

     "One hour! Two corpses from mountains and seas, will you help me lead them away for half an hour?"



     Su Yu stopped replying, cursing secretly in his heart. It was really black. I killed all of you. I killed two mountains and seas. The bodies were given to you, and the dead spirits were taken away for an hour.


     Don't let me find an opportunity, otherwise, you will be in trouble hunting Tiange, and this account will be recorded.

     After a while, a masked man appeared, still the white shadow before.

     "thing!"Su Yu threw out a storage ring, and in the blink of an eye, the white shadow took out an ancient city order and snorted a few times. The dead spirits struggled a bit, but still quickly ran with this guy.

     Su Yu relaxed!

     Just leave, the undead puts a lot of pressure on him.

     One hour……

     Those guys, probably thought this necromancer would continue to follow him.

     It's your turn!

     Su Yu quickly escaped invisibly and flew towards the armored their side. However, he had to find a place first and try to swallow a drop of the triple blood of the mountain and the sea. It is best that the physical body possess the triple power of the mountain and the sea, and then go to kill!

     And Su Yu, who has killed many mountains and seas one after another, now ranks on the hunting list once again.

     Top 16, Su Yu.

     The record, killing many mountains and seas.

     At this moment, many people on the list trembled slightly, and when they saw this new update news, many people cursed and killed the embryo!

     Just been here for a few days!

     How many mountains and seas have you killed?

     Really think that Shanhai is worthless?


     Terran base camp.

     Xia Houye also got a list at this moment. Seeing the change in ranking, he couldn't help cursing: "This guy... is still killing people if he doesn't come back?"

     What a fate!

     It is not easy to intervene in the Daxia Mansion now, and it would be difficult to bring that guy back without a top Sun and Moon on the Daming Mansion side.


      at the same time.

     The news spread quickly.

     Human environment, Daming Mansion.

     Zhu Tiandao sighed, he could really cause trouble, which clan did he do with?The Xuan Kai clan?

     The Xuan Kai clan is so brave to kill you. If you lie down and be killed, you dare to resist!

     Really think King Xuan Kai is very powerful?



     "Take the Shadow Guard, go to the battlefield of the heavens, and pick Su Yu back!"

     Zhu Tiandao said lightly: "All the people blocking the road are killed!"

     "My lord, how much..."


     Shadow shook, "My lord, the 12 Shadow Guards, take away all of them?"



     Shadow is frightened, 12 Shadow Guards, plus himself, 13 of them, 6 of them are Sun and Moon, and 7 are the pinnacles of mountains and seas.

     This is the core guard force of the Zhu Family of Daming Mansion!

     Palace Lord, is this crazy?

     They all entered the battlefield of the heavens, and once they were gone... he did not dare to think.

     And Zhu Tiandao, after reading the list time and time again, muttered: "Uncle, take a gamble, you can kill the mountains and seas, maybe...the next Ye Batian!"
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