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402 Finally Blocked (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The blade light fell in the ancient city of Tianmi.

     The armor quickly broke through the air and chased Su Yu. He didn't sense where Su Yu was, but at this moment, just as the clouds dissipated, dozens of dead spirits suddenly appeared, and Su Yu must be there.


     Armored a shot, smashed a dead spirit into the air, and rushed directly to the center of the dead spirit, but did not see Su Yu.

     Death is coming from all around!

     The corrosive force broke out!

     Chenggai's body, Guchengling burst out with a faint light, which helped him withstand these dead spirits, but there were too many dead spirits. The next moment, Chenggai was shocked and sober, and quickly rushed out of the encirclement of the dead.

     Those dead spirits glanced at him, but they quickly left and continued to chase Su Yu.

     Armoring is not their main goal.

     Armored eyes are cold and in a bad mood.

     And at this moment, the six silver armors of the mountain and the sea, the burning armors of the mountain and the sea, were killed to come one after another, and the burning armor was also injured. Severe injuries still carried some fear in his eyes.

     At this moment, except for a few of them, the remaining Lingyun skyrocketed, almost completely killed by Su Yu's knife.

     Lingyun Tengkong was not as fast as the mountains and seas, and they all followed behind.

     With a cut, almost never ran away.

      suffered heavy losses!

     In the ancient city, the Xuan Kai clan had hundreds of people in their hands, and the weakest were in the Airborne Realm. There were also many Lingyun Realms. There were 6 people in the Mountain and Sea Realm. At this moment, only three of them were left.

     Cheng Kai suddenly looked at Dao Cheng over there, Dao Cheng was pulling Jiu Xuan tightly at this moment, and he was about to leave.

     It's hard to track Su Yu!

     Moreover, it is getting more and more dangerous.Cheng Kai seemed to see his thoughts, and his voice was a little chilly: "Brother Dao Cheng, Su Yu is not dead, can the ten thousand people still sleep? Don't forget, he is a polytheistic literature! He is only 19 years old, and he can already Kill Shan Hai San Zhong!"

     Want to go?

     It's all here, you still have to go?

     Daocheng looked at him, silent for a while, "I need more support from the strong!"

     Now, it's dangerous.

     Only Cheng Armor can stabilize Su Yu here. Neither he nor the six-tier silver armor of the mountain and sea can surely suppress Su Yu. They are in the complex environment of the ancient city.

     The armour formation is too weak to detect the opponent, which is very dangerous.

     A Shanhai Sanzhong died, he must be cautious.

     After several such sneak attacks, he judged that the next one might be Nine Profound or Fen Kai.

     It's okay if Fen Kai is dead, Jiu Xuan is dead, that's a big trouble.

     So, he is leaving.

     Cheng Kai didn't say a word, and looked at the strong death aura ahead. In fact, at this moment, Su Yu was almost 100% surrounded by the dead.

     But now, what should I do?

     Go in?

     He suddenly looked at Daocheng, "My Profound Armor clan is not strong against the dead, but it is easy to be surrounded, corroded, and swallowed by the dead! But the immortal clan has always been the natural enemy of the dead, so it’s better to go inside. Fairy Jiuxuan protects the way!"

     These two immortals can't think of any effort, how can it be!

     Even if Jiu Xuan is weaker, your Dao Cheng is not weak.

     Su Yu killed Shanhai Sanzhong, and you, Shanhai Wuzhong!The undead have great restraint against other races, and the Xuan Kai clan knows that there are ways to restrain the undead.

     Cheng Kaiyou coldly said: "Brother Daocheng, in order to capture Su Yu, my clan fell three mountains and seas, many Lingyun, Brother Daocheng... reluctant to do anything?"

     "Su Yu must be surrounded by that dead spirit. He hasn't died until now. There must be a way to target death. And once I fall into it, even if there is an ancient city order, because of insufficient level, the dead will target and suppress ...... Brother Dao Cheng, what do you think?"

     He looked at Daocheng coldly.

     Three mountains and seas of our clan are dead, and close to 20 Lingyun strong men. Don't your fairy clan say that you are leaving now?

     What are you thinking about!

     You are also the ones who want to catch Su Yu, and you are the ones who want to run. The Xuankai clan died in the end. Is the fairy clan too arrogant?

     Seeing that Daocheng didn't answer, Cheng Kai said coldly again: "Su Yu is not dead, and it's okay. My clan is willing to compensate a hundred drops of black yellow liquid to resolve this enmity! Qing Kai and Hong Kai have only oneself to blame. What do you think of Brother Daocheng?"

     Daocheng glanced at him deeply, this is the general himself.

     "Your clan and the Heavenly Cast King..."

     Before he finished speaking, Cheng Kai said coldly: "It doesn't matter, if the patriarch makes a decision, it is an alliance. I believe the human race will make concessions!"

     "Brother Cheng Kai...you...can represent King Xuan Kai?"


     Cheng Kai said indifferently: "However, as the seat of the ancient city at this moment, I will truthfully report everything today with the patriarch. I have seen all of the people, gods, gods, and demons, but I haven’t seen them. Strong!"The meaning in the words is very clear!

     You fairy clan, since you can't give us what we want to see, then sorry, we won't play with you!

     We recognize the death of a few mountains and seas!

     Not only did he recognize it, he also compensated Su Yu for a hundred drops of the precious Sun Moon Xuan Huangye.

     Thousands of people depend on the great clans and depend on the great clans. That also depends on the performance of each tribe.

     Not mindless attachment!

     The immortal clan can't bring them any benefits, and can't let them see any power, why should they take refuge in the immortal clan?

     Daocheng glanced at him, silent.

     Jiu Xuan couldn't help shouting in a low voice: "Brother Cheng Kai means that the fairy clan is not as good as the human clan?"

     Cheng Kai said indifferently: "At least this is the case now! The two Tianjiao can kill the mountains and seas, but they are played around by Su Yu! As for me, I am just an old clan of Xuan Kai clan. My clan is not as good as the human race. Match!"

     Just so simple!

     He admitted that the Xuan Kai clan was wasteful, so what could he do?

     This is not as good as Terran!

     This time chasing Su Yu, after Zheng Ping appeared, they already gave up.

     It was the immortal clan who packed the ticket. It was okay to kill Su Yu. The immortal clan took everything. The Xuan Kai clan also wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to the immortal clan. This clan was very strong.

     However, no matter how strong and unwilling to contribute, the Profound Kai clan is not stupid.

     Cheng Kai said coldly: "Brother Daocheng and Fairy Jiuxuan can leave now. If we leave, my Profound Kai clan will reconcile with Su Yu!"

     At this point, the fairy clan should stop trying to win over the Xuan Kai clan!He can't represent King Xuan Kai, but he will report everything today, and he will try his best to persuade him not to form an alliance with the Xian Clan. The Xian Clan is too cold-blooded and selfish and cannot bring any benefits to the Xuan Kai Clan, only disaster!

     Daocheng takes a deep breath.

     He knew that he had been a general.

     If he left today, he might lose the covenant of the Profound Kai clan, and the top 100 races would break away from the alliance of the immortal clan, and he could hardly bear this responsibility.

     "I can stay!"

     Daocheng takes a deep breath, "But Jiuxuan can't do it. She is not as strong as Su Yu. She is likely to be attacked and killed. The death of Jiuxuan will not do any good to the Xuankai clan!"

     Cheng Kai said coldly: "Die...maybe better! Dao Cheng brother, my clan can die, so can the immortal clan! After death, your clan may be irreconcilable until death with Su Yu, don’t blame the reality I said. , The fact is exactly like this! Otherwise, if my clan and Su Yu fight each other, your clan will finally stand up and say that people and immortals are an alliance, how can the Profound Kai clan stand on its own?"

     He wished that the fairy clan would die a genius!

      dead is dead!

     Should the fairy clan abandon cooperation with the Xuan Kai clan for a genius?


     Even if the Nine Profound Dao is dissatisfied with this line, this line does not represent the entire immortal clan.

     Dao Cheng looked at him coldly, "Brother Cheng Kai, there is no need to do this! Then, you and I will kill Su Yu, the Nine Profound, Yin Kai, and Fen Kai have been together, follow sb closely, the three teamed up, Silver Kai It’s the Sixth Layer of Mountains and Seas, for the Jiu Xuan, and also for burning them. How does Brother Cheng Kai feel?"

     Cheng Kai thought about it for a moment, and said indifferently: "Yes! I also want to see the strength of Daocheng, the proud son of the fairy clan!""Brother Daocheng..."

     Jiuxuan’s voice transmission, Daocheng quickly said: "Be careful, don’t say anything! I can’t leave at this moment, this Cheng armor is angrily fell to the three mountains and seas. I had not thought about it before. Once I leave, the very possibly might choose to admit defeat. , Compromise, and even move closer to the human race, this is not good for our race!"

     Wanzu exactly like this.

     It's normal to fight together, but you are afraid of the one who kills, and you feel that the other person is very powerful.

     Besides, because of Modona’s strength and strength, in the past few years, among the ten thousand tribes, several tribes have chosen to attach to the Shimo tribe, because the younger generation of this tribe is too powerful, let them see Primitive Demon Race's is powerful.

     In the face of the survival of the race, it is not unbearable to die a few of the same race.

     Therefore, Daocheng cannot go.

     Go, the dating between the Xuan Kai clan and the Xian clan became a joke.

     Your clan is going to kill Su Yu, but the Xuanjia clan has killed several mountains and seas, and many Lingyun. You are all right and slapped your ass and ran away. This will make the affiliated race chill.

     Daocheng looked at the death mass over there.

     At this moment, he also knew that Su Yu was bound to be in this dead spirit group, maybe fighting the dead spirits, and the opponent must have a way to restrain the dead spirits, perhaps a lot of heavenly vitality, or special divine writings.

     In any case, this guy has not chosen to enter the ancient house until now, but is entangled with the dead here, which means that he is not so afraid of the dead.

     Daocheng's fingertips revolved, and after a while, his face paled slightly: "Su Yu must be in it, I will go in and explore... If it is really impossible, I will choose to ask for help, let my clan genius Xuan Wuji come!"Xuan Wuji, the fourth strongest in the sky.

     Shan Hai San Zhong, cut the existence of Shan Hai Jiu Zhong.

     The more six small-level murders.

     Of course, the stronger the strength, the more difficult it becomes.

     Shanhai Sanzhong can only be considered as the first entry of the mountain and sea. It can kill the peak of the mountain and the sea. The Xuan Wuji of the immortal clan is also not just in name only, but also in reality.

     At least stronger than the armor in front of me!

     Cheng Kai didn't feel so annoyed when he heard him say this, and said indifferently, "Do you still need Xuan Wuji to go out for Su Yu? As long as Brother Dao Cheng beats Su Yu out of the core of the dead, I will kill him!"

     He was afraid of the dead, not the strength of Su Yu.

     Su Yu's ability to kill Shanhai Sanzhong shocked him, but he was not afraid of it.

     Daocheng hesitated for a moment said: "I try my best!"

     When the words are over, don't say more, take a step forward, and walk over there.

     Su Yu...a disaster!


     At this moment, Su Yu was surrounded by dead spirits and his head was huge.

     These undead spirits seem to have no nirvana, and the way to fight is simple, that is, they constantly shoot to death, but there are so many undead spirits, and a few of them are powerful. Several times down, his natural energy consumption is huge.

     Of course, at this time, he was surrounded by golden light. This was the reward given by the previous killing of Shanhai Sanzhong.

     Same as last time, it is a golden light of Tempering Body, the effect is very good.

     The amount is also great!

     However, being entangled by so many dead spirits, Su Yu is also very helpless, he wants to run away, but life is everywhere.

     The points list was also lost, and now it is no longer possible to find Hunting Pavilion.Su Yu continued to drag the dead spirits away, and his body was constantly strengthening.

     He has just been cast at 17 and he has a tendency to cast 18 at this moment. Sure enough, killing talents is the best practice.

     There are too many dead souls, at least those guys dare not break in.

     Just thinking about it, a figure emerged outside the Necromancer.

     The black robe shattered, revealing the golden dress.

     From the periphery, Daocheng looked at the faint voice coming from inside, and said: "Su Yu, the two clans of humans and immortals are an alliance. I again invite you to the immortal world as a guest, would you?"

     "Wish you uncle!"

     Su Yu sneered, "What kind of pretense, is it right? At this time, you still come to this set with me, you are so hypocritical! You might as well just say directly, if you want to kill me, then I will look at you!"

     Daocheng didn't speak, and stepped in, surrounded by lifelessness.

     However, above Daocheng's golden robe, gleaming light, resisting these death auras.

     Above the physical body, there was also a faint Heavenly Qi, which offset the corrosion of death energy.

     He passed by the dead spirits, still wearing the ancient city order, which also made the dead spirits avoid him.

     Soon, he saw Su Yu being surrounded.

     And Su Yu also saw this guy.

     Daocheng, Lingyun nine layers.

     After killing the existence of the five layers of Shanhai, Su Yu saw him and looked very young, somewhat uncertain, and said: "You are actually ranked ninth, so low?"

     The feeling that Daocheng gave him was still very dangerous.

     Daocheng calmly said: "I'm not good at fighting. Killing the mountains and seas is just a coincidence. There are external factors in it, and I'm getting older, so I can't compare to you naturally.""Is that right?"

     Su Yu smiled, "I feel that you are stronger than An Mintian of the Protoss, he is ranked sixth... no, now seventh, are you inferior to him?"

     An Mintian was sixth in the rankings before, but now he is seventh, ahead of this guy.

     The strength of Shanhai Duo surpassed Shan Hai Si Zhong.

     Daocheng smiled and said: "An Mintian? An Mintian is younger than me, and... he is just Ice Snow God Clan, not Primordial God Clan, otherwise, the ranking will naturally not be that high."

     Su Yu was looking thoughtful and nodded, "so that's how it is, this list, and this rule, the weaker the race, the stronger the strength, the higher the ranking, right?"


     Daocheng thought for a while, nodded and smiled.

      Is Ice Snow God Clan weak?

     Not weak!

     But the person in front of him is Su Yu, a genius on the top of the list.

     He continued to walk, approaching Su Yu, and Su Yu kept moving backwards.

     He actually wanted to try Daocheng's strength, but still felt very dangerous.

     The sacred text of Jie Zi is also beating, which means that this guy is more dangerous than it looks.

     Around the surroundings, the death energy became more and more intense, and a lot of golden light and celestial vitality fluctuations emerged from the two corroded people.

     "It seems that when you came out this time, you brought a lot of good things!"

     Daocheng continued to move forward, smiling: "Su Yu, I'm curious, why don't you find an ancient house to hide, do you think you can beat me?"


     Su Yu said calmly: "I like to take the initiative, find an ancient house, and hunt me for you? Besides...you can't kill me!"

     "You are so confident!"Daocheng smiled, but at this moment, Su Yu quickly turned into a wind and disappeared on the spot.

      At the same time, a long crack suddenly appeared where Su Yu was.

     A divine writing in Daocheng's hand cracked slightly, and when he saw him escape, his eyebrows were slightly condensed, "Su Yu, didn't you say you are not afraid of me? Didn't you say that you can't kill you? What else to run!"

     "Just talk about it!"

     After the words fell, the illusion emerged, and with a bang, Su Yu coughed up blood, and the blood character trembling, was directly broken into the illusion!

     Civilization division!

     He had known that the other party was a civilized master before, of course, the immortal clan was called a fairy master.

     He just didn't expect that this guy has such a strong spirit and willpower.

     He broke his illusion in an instant!

     Su Yu quickly fled. Behind him, Daocheng was decorated again, "I sincerely invite you to be a guest, why bother!"

     At this moment, on his golden robe, he was constantly surrounded by death spirits. Around him, necromantic spirits looked at him as if hesitating whether to attack him or not.

     Daocheng is very helpless, dead, and troublesome.

     Too much consumption!

     Even he did not carry many days of vitality.

     Su Yu has been entangled in death for so long, and he can actually hold it. Could this guy pull up a Tianyuan fruit tree in the God of War Temple or Search Realm?

     Just thinking about it, a divine writing in Daocheng's hand reappeared, booming a loud sound!

     Golden light appeared in his hand, and he grasped a big hammer!

     "Shenzhen Enlargement Technique?"

     Daocheng's willpower trembled slightly, shouted in a low voice, with rich golden light in his hands, and he pinched a big hammer, which has always been strong, but today, it was pinched with some signs of brokenness.At this moment, the hammer turned into a long knife, and with a bang, it shot out again!

      heaven scorching flame burning!

     Daocheng frowned, shouted in a low voice, a flash of frost appeared in his hand, snorted, the flame went out, and another divine text appeared, banged, and knocked the long knife into the air.

     Daocheng stepped back slightly.

     "This is not the strength that Ling Yun First Heavy should have... Your willpower has already surpassed Ling Yun First Heavy."

     "Your polytheistic warfare skills... it doesn't seem to be too mature, it's not as powerful as some polytheistic civilized masters..."

     Su Yu didn't reply, and continued to flee towards the inside.

     From time to time, I would fight back one or two, a confrontation of willpower, but I fell into the downwind all the time and was completely suppressed by Daocheng.

     This time, Su Yu didn't take advantage of it in the battle of willpower.

     Daocheng's willpower is too strong!

     The expansion hammer can't move, and the multi-sacred war skills only shake a little, but it is difficult to severely damage him.

     Moreover, this guy has many means.

     If Su Yu hadn't had a sacred writing with the word Jie, he would almost be killed by his Space Slash several times.

     From time to time, a Space Slash crack hits.

     During the battle between the two, a dead spirit seemed not very strong. It was cut into two pieces by the Dao's spacial rift(s). In an instant, a large amount of dead spirit spread to all directions.

     Su Yu and Daocheng were covered by this death spirit, and a large amount of death spirit attacked them.

     Daocheng's face was a little dim!

     Feeling helpless, fighting here is just this troublesome.Sure enough, the next moment, seven or eight dead spirits suddenly appeared in the air. This time, he was staring at Daocheng. He killed one dead spirit, and the trouble was big. The dead spirit was unprovoking.

     At this time, there were more than 30 dead spirits around the two.

     No one is too powerful, but with a lot of lifelessness, the corrupted Su Yu and Daocheng can't bear it.

     Changing to an ordinary person, even Shanhai was killed at this moment.

     Su Yu once again swallowed a drop of mountain and sea triple blood, and suddenly he slashed it out!

     Daocheng shouted in a low voice, with the imprint of the gods in the palm, a long sword appeared in an instant, a sword slammed out, a loud sound, the sword energy dissipated, but the sword energy continued to attack Su Yu!

     "Innate blood?"

     The divine light in Daocheng's eyes flickered, Su Yu, this guy has so many methods.

     This is not the key. The key is that this guy's physical body can withstand the explosive power of the mountain and sea triple physical body. This means that Su Yu's real Fleshly Body Realm is not low, and the physical body is very strong.

     "The Aperture of Zhou Tian?"

     It is terrible!

     Su Yu ignored him and continued to fight with him, although he was not in the way of Dao Cheng, he did not reach the rhythm of being completely killed.

     And at this moment, Su Yu complexion big change!

     Instantly turned into a shadow and fled, with a bang. Around, several dead spirits were knocked into the air, and the armor instantly appeared in place, slightly frowned said: "He has a very sensitive divine text or other things..."

     When the words fell, he looked at Dao Chengdao: "You can't take him down?"

     After entangled for so long, Daocheng didn't take him down, which disappointed him.Cheng Kai finished speaking, and disappeared quickly without waiting for him to reply. The dead spirits surrounded him. He didn't want to kill the spirits and cause trouble for himself.

     Daocheng looked at the surrounding dead spirits and sighed, "Too many dead spirits are hindering me... I'm looking for an ancient house to clear some dead spirits. Su Yu has a lot of heavenly vitality! Brother Cheng Kai continues to follow him. , Wasting his vitality!"

     Cheng Kai said quietly: "I know, besides... my ancient city order is useless, you can find the city lord and borrow the city lord's ancient city order. These dead spirits that soar into the sky will no longer harm us!"

     The Lord of Tianhe City became the Lord of the City, naturally there was also an ancient city order, and his level was very high.

     These weak dead spirits will not only not attack him, but will obey his orders. This is the most terrifying place.

     Cheng armor is also impatient, if not, go to the city lord to borrow.

     He can't borrow, the immortal really wants to borrow, can't he borrow?


     At this time, Su Yu, regardless of this, he couldn't hold it anymore.


     Find an ancient house to avoid it. As for being blocked in it, there is no way. If he doesn't run away, he will be in trouble.

     Tian Yuan Qi consumes too much!

     He needs to continue to extract some essence and blood to replenish the depleted Tian Qi.

     Of course, there are still things to be done before running.

     Don’t kill, go and find the score list that you left. Has to say. There is no score list. It’s very troublesome. There is no way to trade with Hunting Pavilion. Su Yu has to acknowledge. People are sure to let himself take the score again. Bang, that is confident.Su Yu had only contacted it a few times, and felt that this thing should not be lost, it must be kept, even if it will be located.

     Su Yu took a lot of undead spirits and continued to circle around. Soon, he found the missing score list. No one wanted this thing, not too much effect, except to look at the list and make some deals with Hunting Pavilion. .

     After he got the list, Su Yu was also sensed. Someone had always followed him in the periphery, and he was too lazy to manage.

     He landed quickly, fled, and in the blink of an eye, he entered the 18th ring and got into a room that looked like an ancient human house.

     Su Yu didn't choose to leave. Now he can actually leave the city.

     But going out of the city, that is really looking for death.

     Out of the city, there is no undead, the undead will not chase out, then once the armor catches up, he can run fast without armor, then it is the real death, he is not the opponent of the mountain and sea peak.

     It might as well continue to spend in the ancient city. Chengjia is not a resident. After staying here for two days, the lifelessness erodes out at night. Even with the ancient city order, this guy can persist longer than he can?

     When Chengjia left, it was never too late for him to leave.

     Anyway, his vitality is still there, it depends on who consumes the energy.

     As for these people asking for help, Su Yu is not too worried if they come to the strong again. They can ask for help, so can they themselves. At this point, if they are trapped, then ask for help.

     Among other things, Daming Mansion sent a Sun and Moon to help!

     Really can't do it, spend money to save life in Hunting Pavilion.Su Yu also had a clear plan. In short, if he was in the city, he still couldn't die now, and he might die very quickly when he was out of the city. He didn't want to really waste his body, just to fight to death with an armored body, that would be uneconomical!

     Outside the door, the dead spirits gathered and began to hit the door.

     After becoming armored, they quickly took the silver armor and arrived together.

     Armored relaxed!

     After running all night, this guy was finally blocked!

     Now that you have entered the house and figured it out, it is not that simple!

     At this moment, the sky is already bright.

     With the life of the three mountains and seas, Su Yu was blocked in the house, Chengjiao doesn't know at all. It's worth not, if you can kill Su Yu, the three mountains and seas... actually worth it.

     In Ring 18, Su Yu was blocked.

     Soon, it dawned.

     Some creatures, cautious and solemn, went out to investigate the situation.

     In the inner ring, some powerhouses were not so careful. Some creatures simply watched from a distance. Soon, news came out that Su Yu was blocked by the Profound Kai family!

     Blocked in this ancient house.


     The news quickly began to spread all around.

     Yuhai Plain.

     Zheng Ping just killed a few strong men, covered in blood, the sound transmission talisman on his body vibrated, and he took out glanced at with a speechless face.

      Huang Teng glanced at beside him, sighed: "Su Yu is in trouble. He was blocked by the mountain and sea peaks of the Xuan Kai clan in the ancient house. Now, there are strong people from all races rushing to the sky to destroy the ancient city. This guy... Don’t stop!"

     Huang Teng also unexpectedly said: "Is it blocked?"He thought that Su Yu could run away. He saw the list changes. This guy was terribly scary and killed a Shanhai Sanzhong last night.

     That being the case, there should be time to escape, right?

     But after thinking about it, escape, maybe die faster.

     How do you choose to replace yourself?

     Thinking of this, Huang Teng smiled and said, "Teacher, why don't we go and have a look?"

     "What are you looking at ......"

     Zheng Ping said ill-humoredly: "Send you back to the Eastern Rift Valley first, and I will come back to have a look. The road is not peaceful..."

     After that, he said: "Be careful yourself. This time I came to the Yuhai Plain. My desire for killing was overwhelming. Beware of my carelessness. You killed me!"

     Yuhai Plain is not a good place.

     Huang Teng thought for a while, but nodded.

     Forget it, let's go back first.

     At least send Wu Qi back, this woman is almost dead.

     In fact, he still wants to go and see, his strength is not weak, he has to kill the mountains and seas, really want to join in the fun, and not so easy.


      at the same time.

     Human environment.

     13 shadows, flying quickly on the front line.

     The shadow leader, uploading a note, shook a moment, quickly looked for a moment, and said: "Hurry up, that guy is stuck in the ancient house! Your lord told us to be there in three days!"

     Departing from Daming Mansion, arriving at the battlefield of the heavens, and then arriving at the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction, three days, a very difficult thing.

     But at this moment, Shadow and they can only follow orders.

      make an all-out effort!

     The 6 sun and moon, and 7 mountain and sea peaks were all to rescue Su Yu.The others didn't say a word either, and several mountain and sea peaks directly grabbed the arms of the Sun and Moon Realm, and let the Sun and Moon Realm go on their way.

     Must arrive in Tianxicheng within three days.


      at the same time.

     Double Holy House.

     Ye Hongyan walked out of the mansion without speaking. The old guy ignored himself for many years, and this time he actually let himself rescue Su Yu... Ye Hongyan snorted coldly in his heart, and was a little proud.

      The crucial moment, you have to ask me!

     Su Yu...

     That kid can really toss!

     It didn't take long before he got into big trouble on the battlefield of the heavens.

     Now, the powerful people of all races are rushing over there one after another, you are a multi-theistic literature, and you don't know how to settle down.

     I also feel unspeakably feeling...the troubles of polytheism... strictly speaking, it is still related to my nephew. Before my nephew became famous, how could there be so much trouble in polytheism.

     After all, it was actually the mess left by Ye Batian.

     It was because of Ye Batian that all realms were afraid of the rise of the strong human polytheistic literary system.

     Those people like Hong Tan who hurt, go to the battlefields of the heavens, all have to be furtively.

     Now that Su Yu was on the top rankings in an instant, it was no surprise that it was not troublesome.

     Changing a fighter is definitely not that troublesome.

     The opponents, the ten thousand races can kill if they can kill, if they can't kill, they can pull down, and if one more invincible is killed, what can they do?

     These people like Xia Longwu were also extremely powerful and talented back then, and there was no such thing as a shouted hit and kill by all the powerful people.

     Later, shouted hit and kill, it was because Xia Longwu was too serious about killing.

     ...Ye Hongyan went, and Shadow Guard rushed there too.

     And this moment.

     Terran base camp.

     King Da Qin looked at the information, and said lightly: "Don't worry about it! Disputes under eternity, don't worry about it, let alone... the affairs of the ancient city are a bit complicated, and eternal participation is even more troublesome!"

     Below, is his second son, Qin Hao, the commander of the Pioneer Camp.

     Hearing what his father said, he said solemnly: "Father, is the ancient city so dangerous?"

     King Da Qin pondered for a while and said: "It's not danger, but the ancient city... the situation is complicated. The ancient city is actually responsible for guarding some things... You don't understand, let alone the lord of the ancient city sitting in town. As a result, the ancient city sequence shot us, this matter can only be solved by eternity!"

     Qin Hao thought for a while and said: "Then I will bring some strong pioneers over."

     King Daqin glanced at him, and said in a deep voice: "The Pioneer Camp cannot be taken away, but the Eastern Rift Valley must be guarded! Once the Eastern Rift Valley is broken, the loss will be even greater!"

     "Then Su Yu... don't care?"

     Qin Hao looked at his father, this was a top-level genius of polytheistic literature.

     Da Qin Wang said calmly: "It doesn't matter, there seems to be a guy over there...Look at how Su Yu saves himself. If he can't save himself, he will fall into crisis. That's also an idiot, seek fortune for oneself!"

     I have no patience, why are you in such a big trouble?

     Unless there is really another invincible intervening, otherwise, he will not care.

     Thinking of this, Da Qin Wang said calmly: "I will go to the border for a few days to patrol the border and stop the powerhouses of various races. The others... he is responsible for his actions!"Invincible does not participate in these, otherwise, the invincible battle would have been fought long ago.

     Whether Su Yu can pass this level depends on his own, and how the Daming Mansion and the Daxia Mansion can contribute. He can't get along with other things.

     Besides, the probability of accident is not high.

     A few days ago, he seemed to sense the existence of a certain guy, and he seemed to be heading there too.

     Qin Hao nodded when his father said this, and said nothing.
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