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404 The Method Of Self-help, Get Out Of The Ancient House
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Yang Qiao is fully opened, will it suck me to death?"

     Su Yu was cultivating, while preparing the last resort, he was thinking about how to improve his strength.

     Yang Qiao was fully opened, he didn't know exactly what would happen.

     But he knows that full open will inevitably increase his strength.

     In addition to Tianhaohao in Bai's family, there seemed to be someone such did, most likely Bai Feng's grandfather.

     People may not die, but the body is probably broken. Grandpa Bai Feng is a warrior, but he is not a person who doesn’t care about the body. Once the body is broken, the immortality will probably be abolished, so it’s likely that he has been maintaining this state, ready to do the last Give it a go.

     Tianhaohao, if you want to say that the enchanting aptitude is invincible in the world, it is not enough.

      This kind of person, erupting the Yang Aperture, can kill the Seventh Layer of the Mountain and the Sea in the sky.

     It can be seen that the yang orifice is fully opened and the absolute strength skyrocketed.

     Tianhao Hao's strength of Lingyun Jiuzhong back then was not necessarily better than Su Yu now.

     Strong, but also limited.

     And Su Yu opened up more.

     "Yang Qiao..."

     Su Yu takes a deep breath, but the yin orifice is still missing. Otherwise, the yang orifice is open and can be closed. Now it cannot be closed after being fully opened, which is a headache.

     "My Yang Aperture is fully opened, and my strength may be doubled!"

     What if you take the triple essence and blood of Shanhai and then fully open your yang?

     "Yang Aperture absorbs power. A large amount of power requires countless vitality to maintain. However, when the swallowed essence and blood burst, there is a large amount of power in the body. In this case, can it be temporarily neutralized?"

     "Tian Yuan Qi, can it satisfy the absorption of Yang Aperture?"

     Su Yu wants to rejuvenate Yang!If he keeps absorbing Tian Yuan Qi and can satisfy his Yang Aperture, then Su Yu really wants to try.

     It's dead, the worst result is still the same, and the body is shattered.

     "Open Yang Qiao..."

     This thought came up again and again. During the day, Hao Lingyun Jiuzhong could kill Shanhai Qizhong, then I swallowed the blood, Shanhai Sanzhong, and opened Yang Qiao, how many times can I kill?

     That Cheng Armor, is he capable of killing him?

     "Where is the Yin Qiao! The Daocheng who killed the Immortal Clan can provide me with some different magic tricks so that I can open some more magic tricks?"

     Too many thoughts, too many thoughts.

     Only kill!

     Su Yu never thought of fleeing. Even if he flees, he is not fleeing now. He came to the battlefield of the heavens to strengthen himself and not to be oppressed and restrained by others.

     My uncle and master had endured all his life, Su Yu couldn't do it.

     He saw it, and they endured to the end, and it was now a bleak ending.

     I can't bear it!

     Everyone who kills is scared!

      At this moment, Su Yu's murderous intent was spilled, and murderous intent appeared everywhere.

     Extremely killing!

     If you really want to talk about killing, Su Yu is more important than anyone in the Divine Literature System. Hong Tan may not be as serious as he is. Except for what he values, he doesn't care about anyone else. Before Daocheng said that he would arrest Human Race and threaten him. Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention to him.


     Just grab a few people and let yourself surrender. It seems that you want to eat as much as you want. It's so simple. Terran Invincible has long since died, and all suicide.The Sea of Will trembles, and Su Yu once again exhorted: "Said to pinch you to death, that is to scare you, crucial moment, my body burst, you must take my Sea of Will to leave, and wait for me to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan, don’t hit my mind, you know you don’t have this ability now!"


     Xiao Maoqiu hurriedly responded, and quickly said: "Can we not beat those bad guys?"

     "Can't beat, can't beat now!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "It's okay, you can fight it soon. It's best to kill Chengjiao. Heaven and Earth rewards me with a good deal. It's simply a lot of heaven and earth mysterious light to help me stabilize my body. That's the best! "

     This is the best ideal state!

     When the body is broken, heaven and earth rewards come, then it is very cool.

     The best is Heaven and Earth Xuanguang!

     No... maybe you can bet.

     If there are enough people gambling and killing enough geniuses, then there is hope.

     If one person rewards himself once, if one cannot kill one, then kill two. If two fails, then three or four...

     Heaven and earth rewards are nothing more than those things.

     "Another point...Necromancer in the end is it not creature?"

     Su Yu murmured, killing a dead soul, can he extract blood?

     What about him, if I can extract it, can I eat this blood and learn how to explode death?

     Necromancers are not strong, but even in the airborne realm, they can make the mountain and sea realm headaches.


     Su Yu's eyes suddenly moved, he quickly took out the score list, and quickly said: "I want to purchase a hundred drops of necromantic blood!"



     At this moment, in the Hunting Pavilion.The masked man looked at the faceless elder again, and said with a bit of grudge: "Elder, Su Yu suddenly wants to purchase necromancer blood, necromancer blood, I checked the information, there is no in the database, do we have this?"


     The faceless elder came again, glanced at the chat record, slightly frowned, for a long while, and said: "Necromancer blood cannot be consumed. Is this guy going to use it to make talented blood? Use it as death spirit?"

     He hesitated for a moment said: "Dead spirits also have essence and blood, but once they enter...a lot of death energy will erupt instantly, corrode the flesh, and deprive the vitality. This thing is actually used to make death bullets... this guy If you die after taking necromantic blood, it would be a big joke!"

     "Elder, sell it to him?"

     "Tell him clearly, sell it! But this thing is not low value. Necromancers are difficult to kill, and they are very vengeful. Killing one will have to stare at you. A drop of blood will cost 5000 Terran merits!"

     It's dark!

     This is what the mask people said in their hearts, and the mask people feel that the elders are blackhearted.

     The blood of the gods and demons in the airborne realm is only one drop of one to two thousand merits.

     It's okay now, the necroman's needs 5000 points a drop.

     Elder, is this the rhythm to hollow out Su Yu?

     Are you afraid that Su Yu is dead and will have no money to trade in the future?

     "Elder, he doesn't necessarily need someone in the airspace, is there a stronger one?"

     "Yes, there are also those in the Lingyun realm, and there are a few in the mountain and sea realms...a rank increase, 10 times the price!"

     The masked person is sluggish. So, 50,000 in the Lingyun realm and 500,000 in the mountain and sea realm?

     This is countless times more expensive than the original gods and demons!"The mountains and seas... 500,000 points per drop?"

     The mask man looked at the elder, elder, how dare you call this price?

     Kill a mountain and sea and extract 10 drops. Isn't that 5 million points?

     The Faceless Elder said indifferently: "Don't look at me like this, a dead spirit in the mountain and sea realm, killing one... is as difficult as reaching the sky! If you kill one, there will be a high probability that a sun and moon dead will appear. Once this thing appears, Nine Suns and Moons have a headache. In the past few years, few people have killed the dead in the Sun and Moon realm, so Xia Longwu beheaded that year. He also returned with serious injuries and retired from the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction.

     "A drop of 500,000 points of merit is too expensive?"

     "Terran merits are worthless..."

     The elder said with a smile: "Or exchange it with something else, depending on what Su Yu can exchange for, trading transactions, you have to hollow out the other party as the target. He Su Yu has this capital, and he trades exercises in the human race. A general genius needs family support, and he is a rich man himself!"




      at the same time.

     Su Yu received a reply, a thought flashed through the mind, he didn't care about the amount of money, he only knew that the dead really have blood!

     "Is this a race?"

     Su Yu murmured, is there a record in the album?

     Or has there been a dream?

     Swallow a drop, will you die?

     "Maoqiu, will you die if you eat dead spirit blood?"

     Mao Qiu was a little bit lamented this time, childish voice saying: "It's fragrant, please! I don't eat it anymore, it smells stink, and the blood smells even more stink!"

     I know it smells too!Look at the appearance of the necromancer... To be honest, Su Yu couldn't eat it.

     And once it can't be absorbed by the album, it will be very troublesome. I don't know how many days of vitality it will take to neutralize it, but try to swallow a drop of airspace. This is not relevant, and it can be rescued.

     Those who devour mountains and seas may really play themselves to death.

     When it is confirmed, it can absorb and open the album, but it can be a test to swallow mountains and seas.

     It's too expensive!

     "Bullshit price!"

     A drop of 500,000, it's you, it's enough to hire people to kill the sun and the moon.

     "I have one, no, two corpses from the Protoss, one from Lei Jue, one from the Six-Wing Protoss, and there are a lot of corpses of geniuses from various races..."

     "Plus a lot of Heaven and Earth Treasure of everything in disorder!"

     "And 3 ancient city orders!"

     "There are so many things, for 5 drops of Celestial Essence Blood, 5 drops of Lingyun Essence Blood, and 100 drops of Undead Essence from the Early Mountain and Sea!"

     Su Yu opened his mouth too!

     He didn't say that there was still blood in the corpse, all the blood was collected by him.

     These things, he himself calculated the value.

     200,000 feats died!

     Suffered so much!

     The other are three ancient city orders, but they are all peripheral, without the core, and the strongest one, which is only 26th ring. It is not very useful to Su Yu. This thing has some effect on the dead souls in the sky, and it has some effect on the Lingyun Mountains The effect is almost useless.

     Of course, after all, it is the order of the ancient city, and it is also very rare. When the three are added together, Su Yu judges that there are still 100,000 merits.

     Together, 300,000 meritorious services are worth it.However... Su Yu opened his mouth to be 100 drops of the blood of the mountain and sea, which also required the blood of 10 mountain and sea dead spirits.

      haggle over price that's it!

     Soon, the scoreboard again showed a line: "Except for the essence of mountains and seas, others can meet your needs!"

     "Bullshit, I am worth millions of meritorious services, would you give me a few drops of flying Lingyun essence?"

     "You have all the blood from the corpse?"

     "There is still some left, do you want?"

     "Then add another drop of mountain and sea essence..."

     "Don’t make trouble, I’m a major customer. Look, how much have I traded with you in the past few days? You can’t find a few major customers like me throughout the year... In this way, I will suffer. How about the body with silver armor and burning armor?"

     "They are still alive!"

     "Quiet soon!"

     "This is as unreliable as you said you would exchange for invincible corpses!"

     Su Yu quickly wrote: "The Hunting Pavilion doesn't even have this courage? So, if I really can't kill them, my own corpse will be sold to you! I can't kill them, and I should be finished. I use my corpse. change!"


     At the Hunting Pavilion, the masked man was silent for a while.

     Trade with his own corpse!

     The point is, this guy is dead, is there really a corpse left?

     The masked man looked at the elder again, the faceless elder looked for a while, and after a long time, he said: "10 drops of mountain and sea blood, the most! Replace it with the corpse of silver armor and burning armor, plus those things he said! If he is Dead...then we will collect his body!"Two corpses in the mountains and seas, one is still a six-layer mountain and sea, and the value is probably more than 100,000 merits.

     Make it together, it's close to 500,000 points of merit.

     In exchange for 10 drops of the blood of the mountain and sea necromancers, there is no profit or loss, after all, the mountain and sea necromancers are really harder to kill than the Xuan Kai clan.

     Even if it was only in the early days of Shanhai, it was harder to kill than a silver armor.

     However, Su Yu has said that he is willing to trade his corpse, but he can make a sale. It is not a loss. If Su Yu is really going to die, the Hunting Pavilion will go to collect the corpse. Don't think that it won't!

     Su Yu himself said that these records are all traceable. He sold his corpse, even if the immortal clan killed him, Hunting Heaven Pavilion would dare to collect the corpse.

     Su Yu's body must have many secrets!

     The mask man was also an accident, the elder really agreed!


     After a while, Su Yu received a reply and agreed to the transaction!

     Su Yu was overjoyed instantly!

     A pile of garbage, in exchange for some necromantic blood, is also worth it.


     Shanhai dead spirits are not easy to kill, he knows it himself.

     This time, it wasn't too dark, it was really black-hearted before.

     "How to deal, the door is blocked."

     "It's okay, the list informs you, just open the instant portal!"

     "You won't put them in armor, right?"

     "Put it in, we will kill you for free!"


     The Hunting Pavilion had said so, Su Yu didn't say anything anymore, he just had to prepare himself, and he couldn't believe in this organization. This organization was becoming more mysterious, and there were all dead souls.

     This is a dead soul!

     What a courage!He himself was preparing intensively. As for the chance in the ancient house, he didn't care too much. At this time, killing was a chance, regardless of his chance in the ancient house.

     An opportunity that everyone can get is not a good opportunity.

     Su Yu thought of something again, and quickly wrote on the list: "provide me a list again. The list for entering the city does not need information, only the name, realm, and race."



     "Is it updated in real time, or is it already fixed?"

     "It's updated in real time, Lingyun and above, and the others don't need to be calculated."

     "300,000 points of merit, thank you for your patronage!"


     Su Yu is tired, why did I do it for you for so long?

     Hunting Pavilion really dare to sell!

     Gritting his teeth, "100,000, a lot!"


     This time I did a big deal, I did it, my strength improved, and I lost it. Coming Back Anew, there may not be a chance to come again, so why not do it.


     Knowing that those geniuses are here, kill them in a targeted manner, and see if you can get more rewards.

     The biggest advantage of this ancient city is them!

     "The deal is only the name, race, and strength, and nothing else is provided!"

     "No problem, can you deduct merits?"

     "Yes, or you can provide an unregistered merit card!"



     The two sides reached an agreement again.

     ...At this moment, in the Hunting Pavilion, the masked man said with emotion: "Elder, this guy does have money. After the transaction is made, it is almost close to the human race's millions of merits. It's only a few days."

     Look, what is a big customer!

     This one absolutely forget it!

     Even if trading with Sun and Moon, there are not many that can trade so many resources.

     The 10 drops of Sun Moon Essence Blood of the fairy clan before, even if it was a big deal, and it was also related to Su Yu, making a lot of money.

     Millions of meritorious deeds, regardless of the human race, or the ten thousand races, the resources of the same value are generally high in the sun and the moon, and even invincible. Anyway, be willing to sacrifice everything one has may not be able to come out .

     The faceless elder smiled and said: "Where is this? This guy is not dead this time, and sooner or later there will be a big deal. This is a stable customer, a big customer, and it can be maintained for a long time."


     The masked person has also come to the spirit, this customer must maintain it, and these masked people also have a commission.

     The commission is not low for such a large transaction.

     Rely on these geniuses to live!


     After reaching an agreement again, Su Yu waited for someone to deliver the goods.

     This Hunting Pavilion, the courier on the battlefield!

      somewhere Dare to deliver goods, not normal rampant, how can ten thousand races tolerate it?

     It hasn't been removed yet!

     Is it the eternal existence, or is it that newcomers continue to join in and let them pass on?

     And while Su Yu was waiting, death was boiling outside!

     It was still daytime, and suddenly, a large number of dead spirits appeared and surrounded Su Yu's cabin.Cheng armor quickly walked out of the house, complexion slightly changed.


     Daocheng several people also walked out and quickly surrounded the door of the hut. The next moment, a White Mask emerged from among a large number of dead spirits.

     "Delivery by Hunting Pavilion... It's convenient!"


     Daocheng a cold shout, "Did Hunting Heaven Pavilion even participate in this? Do you really think Hunting Heaven is invincible?"

     "It's convenient, I'll leave soon..."

     The White Mask person quickly handed over to Su Yu who opened the door, and a large number of dead spirits surrounded him, "If you don't take Su Yu, just trade some supplies, Su Yu can't afford to take him away... Don't be angry! "


     Daocheng shouted angrily. At this moment, he was really annoyed!

     Do you think this is a child's play?

     Hunting Tiange is too much!

     At this moment, the handover was completed, and the White Mask people didn't say much, and quickly left with a large number of dead spirits.

     Daocheng is coldly snorted!

     The next moment, a spacial rift(s) appeared in front of the masked man.

      At the same time, the armored direct probing into the hand, knocking away the surrounding dead spirits, killing the people of the hunting pavilion nothing else, it depends on whether it is worth it or not, they also want to see how much Su Yu paid and bought it What the hell.

     People who want to hunt down these masked people in Hunting Pavilion are not one or two. Even Floating Earth Spirits have said that they bring score lists, sometimes just to hunt each other.

     Boom!Under a loud sound, the masked man of the Hunting Heaven Pavilion slapped out with a bang, and the armoured palm of her hand broke with a smile, and said with a smile: "Unintentionally to participate, Su Yu did not pay for the hunting of several people, Hunting Heaven Pavilion I have no intention of killing people... into armor, why stop it!"

     "Damn it!"

     The armored complexion changed, the next moment, the masked man in the Hunting Pavilion disappeared.

     As for Daocheng's spacial rift(s), it has already been recovered. The guy directly grabbed a dead spirit and stuffed it into the crack. Daocheng didn't want to kill the spirit again, causing serious trouble, so he could only choose to give up.

     And the opponent's strength is very strong!

     Dao becomes gloomy complexion, and so is Cheng armor.

     Around, geniuses opened the door and looked at them, pondered some.

     The guy in Hunting Pavilion is really arrogant.

     On the battlefield, delivery actually came.


     And Su Yu at this moment is also staggering, really good!

     The money was not wasted!

     Although it has taken a lot, it is worthwhile, provided that the necromantic blood is really useful, otherwise it will suffer a lot.

     Several specially made bottles appeared in his hands.

     The blood of the necromancer, as soon as he took out the bottle, it sensed the powerful death energy Power of Corrosion.

     "Is this food really edible?"

     Su Yu, who is not picky eaters, is shivering a little at this moment, can this stuff be eaten?

     Uncle, I can't speak.

     5 drops in the sky, 5 drops in the sky, 10 drops in the mountains and seas.

     Taking out a drop of Tengkong Essence, a sneer came, and the golden skin on the palm was corroded, and the dead energy began to penetrate. Su Yu somewhat got a headache, it was only in the empty realm. The dead energy was really difficult to entangle.This thing has to be eaten in your mouth, will your mouth be corroded?

     Tian Qi came out, and the palm was restored.

     Su Yu drove out Xiao Maoqiu again, Xiao Maoqiu quickly got into his hair clumps and grabbed his hair.

     Unless the ball is killed!

     Otherwise, resolutely do not eat it, it will almost die of disgust.

     "Try one drop?"

     Xiao Maoqiu clings to his hair tightly, and continues to drill into the sea of his will without eating. This time I will not compromise. My Maoqiu clan is dignified!

     "Very expensive, more expensive than the blood of the gods and demons, don't eat it!"

     Su Yu smiled, and a drop of blood went directly into his abdomen.


     It was like the sound of a soldering iron, and it felt like water had entered a pan and it was deep-fried!

     The tongue was corroded in half instantly!


     Su Yu clenched the teeth off, and a large amount of heavenly vitality was consumed by him, running the fairy clan's flesh and blood rebirth technique.

     At this moment, in my mind, the golden atlas quickly turned pages.

     This time, it takes longer to turn the page.

     Until Su Yu thought he was about to fail, suddenly, the golden atlas, golden light flashes, all the power was absorbed.

     The atlas opened a new page.

     "Necromancer (Tengkong Sixth)

      Racial Skill: Dead Light Burst *** Blood Open)

     Basic Yuan Jue: Yuan Aperture Reversal (Essence and Blood Open)

     Basic Magic: None

     Basic casting method: None"

     The new race has opened!

     Su Yu glanced at, ignoring the pain in his mouth, glanced at, somewhat surprised. It stands to reason that there is a method of casting the body in the air space, but the other party does not.Forget it, this undead is really a race?

     The death light burst shot, probably the thing that breathes death, is this a talent skill?

     Okay, I serve.

     The basic Yuan Jue of this clan is interesting, and Yuan Qi is reversed!

     This is the first time I have encountered it, and Su Yu has a vague experience looking at the name.

     Yuan Qiao, which provides vitality, is powerful, vitality, and vitality.

     Could this reversal of Yuan Aperture be the origin of lifelessness?

     Since it was already opened, Su Yu didn't guess, and quickly swallowed a drop of blood in the air.

     After a while, Su Yu expelled with a palm, and a dead light burst out!


     There was a dead gray burn mark on the wall of the room.

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, swallowing a drop of blood again.

     Yuan Qiao reversed!

     At this moment, the 360 yuan acupuncture points suddenly revolved in reverse. Su Yu suddenly became a little thin, with a touch of death energy in his eyes. The original acupuncture points were all vitality energy, but at this moment, they instantly became death energy.

     Su Yu quickly lift the status!

     "Okay... hurts!"

     He felt like a serious illness, and quickly began to swallow the heavenly vitality to recover. After a long time, he vomited a mouthful of black blood. He had just reversed the vitality and hurt himself, but he also discovered a very strange phenomenon.

     This method is not an ordinary method for opening up many eyes.

     It's a kind of exercise that he can help you reverse as much as you have.

     It is a kind of auxiliary cultivation technique, and this is the basic element of the Necromancer.

     What does this mean?It means that the dead spirits have been resuscitated originally, but because the resuscitation is different, in the case of reversal, their strength is also different?

     "So, these dead spirits may really be converted from dead people, because these dead people originally had aperture points, and the Necromancers gave them the ability to reverse the aperture points, exploding death energy..."

     "It just hurts too much!"

     Just vacated the air realm. If this is the mountain sea realm, can I reverse it?

     It feels like Yang Qiao is a means of self-harm.

      "No... how about pretending to be a dead spirit?"

     He is in trouble now, and the dead spirits have been following him all the time, which is very troublesome.

     If you reverse Yuanqiao yourself, can you pretend to be a dead soul?

     Make them mistakenly think that they are also dead souls, so they no longer trouble themselves?

      If so, other people are threatened by the dead, and if they don't need it...that's terrible!

     Then the more necromancers he provokes, the whole ancient city is necromancer, and he pretends to be necromancer...Anyway, he is fine, but the others are finished!

     Su Yu's eyes are brighter and brigther!

     Yuan Qiao reversal. This is a new exercise. I just reversed it once, not a big problem. It’s the same if I reverse it again. You don’t need to take blood.

     As for the essence and blood of the mountain and sea realm, I can only say that he can explode the lifeless attack of the mountain and sea realm.

     Others, it doesn't matter much.

     "Pretending to be a dead spirit..."

     Su Yu murmured, I seem to have mastered some truth!This ancient city, the strongest does not belong to oneself. It is not the city owner or other people, but these dead spirits. This is the root of the ancient city. When you become a dead spirit, what do you fear?

     He suddenly dragged the fur ball down, "Mao ball, you are staying in this room, I am going to go out! I left, there is no one in the room, it will show that there is no one, you are here, even if there are people!"

     "Are you leaving me?"

     Xiaomaoqiu is unwilling, a ball, it is terrible.

     "Stop talking nonsense, I'll be back! I want to try it out!"

     Su Yu got up and said, "I'm going to lure more dead spirits to block the door! Create chaos! They all think I'm alone, I'm leaving, there are still people here, they can’t think too much!"

     Everyone felt that only one person from Su Yu came to the ancient city. In fact, he was not. There was also a fellow who was not a human being, but this fellow was considered a creature and was still an ancient race.

     Go out by yourself, those guys don't think much when they see that there are still people in the room.

     He wants to try the effect of this necromancy conversion.

     If it can be done and can hide from those dead souls... Su Yu barked his teeth, then what am I afraid of?


     If they can, these guys may not dare to see the dead spirits, I will give you the result with a single blow!

     The Jingzi divine text is activated to hide the murder.

     Even if it's a little bit, it's normal for the necromancers to kill.

     Su Yu's eyes were sharp and scary at this moment. I seemed to have discovered something extraordinary, much better than the chance of an ancient house. Good guy Hunting Tiange, this time the money is worth!

     You can't bring the hunting list, so as not to be positioned, leave it to Xiao Maoqiu.

     Create confusion……Su Yu a thought flashed through the mind, and suddenly attacked the whole house frantically.

     In the room, some things couldn't move, but some things were broken.

     At this moment, a few dead spirits suddenly appeared outside the door.


     The door is slapped!


     "Are you crazy?"

     Outside, some people were dumbfounded, so what did Su Yu do?

     How many dead spirits has this attracted?

     Was it bleeding inside, or was it mad and sabotaged inside?

     At this moment, the entire door of the house is occupied by the dead!

     And the number of undead outside is still increasing.

     30 heads, 31 heads...

     That door was all cracked. If it weren't for Ring 18, the surrounding rooms would have been broken by the dead.

     They also watched Chenggai, watching... Chengga gritted his teeth and said: "He doesn't want to attract a large number of dead spirits, take the opportunity to escape?"

     Daocheng frowned and said: "Attracted too much, even if he has a lot of vitality to consume, so many dead spirits will follow him, after a while, he will be corroded into a mummy!"

     At this moment, the door suddenly opened.

      a sabre light out!


     Several dead spirits were knocked into the air.

     "Pat Nima!"

     Su Yu's anger came out, and the door closed the next moment.

     A few people in Chengjia moved quickly, and again, the door had been closed, and there was still a master on the wooden sign outside the door.


     Even if it is armored, it has to say at this moment, this is a lunatic.

     If he provokes a dead spirit, he dares to open the door and attack. This guy is crazy!A few dead spirits that were knocked into the air stood up shaking, and there were a few more dead spirits around, wordless and uncommunicative. This is normal, Su Yu was crazy, and suddenly shot the dead, not many are weird !

     No one noticed that among these dead spirits, there was a slightly more special one.

     Su Yu is very similar to the dead!

     The talent of the Shadow Clan makes him look like a shadow.

     The undead are in this form.

     His body was dead, almost like a dead spirit.

     The calming, changing, breathing techniques, and talent skills all make him look similar to the undead, but in fact, there is still a slight gap. The undead is dead, and the eyes are lifeless.

     And Su Yu's eyes were a little more hostile.

     More vitality!

     No one noticed this, and no one would specifically stare at the undead, including nearby undead, and didn't care about this new companion.

     At this moment, Su Yu was happy.

     As for the lifeless invading oneself, it will not matter if it will hurt oneself after a long time.

     At this time, if he is willing to drop the little hairy ball, he can actually run wordless and uncommunicative.

     After leaving the city, everyone probably has to shake!

     When I broke the house, I didn't find Su Yu, but I could find a ball, maybe a dead ball... and then attract a half emperor, this may be the best choice.

     But Su Yu, will not so choose.

     He didn't want to escape!


     Ignore the pain of lifeless invasion, don't care, just can't die, the living person pretends to be dead, there is a price to pay.At this moment, Su Yu turned to look at the opposite room.

     Because Daocheng killed a dead soul, there were actually a few dead souls in front of their house.

     Su Yu is not too conspicuous, no longer besieging the house where Xiao Maoqi is staying, and quickly wandering down the street. He escapes quickly, and suddenly disappears like the dead soul Sudden Appearance, and it feels similar.

     Dao became their house, the door was actually open.


     The undead will be blocked by invisible forces, people will not!

     Suddenly he went in...These guys had nowhere to run, of course, provided that he could kill(ed) them.

      With great difficulty hidden for a while, Su Yu didn't want to be exposed so quickly.

     According to time, some of these people should be out of town!

     Three days are almost here!

     Someone has to leave, someone stays to monitor him, who will leave?

     If you become an armor, you won't leave with a high probability!

     Jiu Xuan is leaving, right?

     The silver armor is leaving, right?

     As for Fen Kai... Su Yu glanced around and was speechless. Did he convert himself into a resident of the ancient city?

     It shouldn't be time yet, right?

     Then, there is a high probability that a jade talisman will be thrown out tonight, right?

     I picked up your brand, can't you switch successfully... and then... you think you succeeded, and you killed yourself?

     This idea, Su Yu had seen the elk before, but this time it became clearer.

     Fen Kai... Maybe he can try to let him kill himself!

     At this moment, Su Yu really has the joy of the birds fly high on the sky, I don’t need others to save me, I save myself!Not only do I don’t need others to save me, I have to kill all these bastards!

     If you dare to besie me Su Yu, you have to pay the price.

     A frontal attack, he certainly can't kill into armor, but what if a weak necroman suddenly attacked him?

     Is there any hope?

     Shanhai Sanzhong, can Shanhai Jiuzhong hack him to death with a single blow when he is unprepared?

     Hard to say!

     Under normal circumstances, Shanhai Jiuzhong must have a sense of crisis, but what if the Jingzi Shenwen blocks this kind of feeling and weakens this kind of feeling?

     The King of Zhou... not a good person!

     At this moment, Su Yu suddenly had this idea.

     The static word divine text from him is more terrifying than the Yin word divine text at this moment. This is simply the best divine text for assault, shielding the power of induction of the strong, and crisis detection. This divine text is terrible!

     This thing is more powerful and terrifying than invisibility and escape.

     The strength of the divine literature department also leads to conclusion can be drawn.

     Su Yu, incarnate as a dead spirit, wandered the streets, and the sky gradually darkened.

     Soon, it will be the third day of Su Yu entering the city.

     He walked around and saw many people.

     I saw An Mintian, yes, I want to kill!

     Seeing Tianduo, you can kill!

     Seeing Qin Fang, you can... Forget it, don't kill this, why is this guy here?

     He didn't have time to read the information provided by Hunting Tiange, and it was all given to Xiao Maoqiu. That guy should have a good chat with Hunting Tiange guys. Su Yu taught him how to chat.

     Just don't come out, let it chat with Hunting Heaven Pavilion.


      at the same time.In the Hunting Pavilion.

     The mask man collapsed somewhat.

     "Ask, how can you eat the most fragrant divine writing?"


     "In reply, how can you eat to be full?"


     "Quickly reply, can you buy a very fragrant divine text?"


     The masked man was weak and looked at the elder, "Elder, is Su Yu crazy?"

     He asked himself to buy the god of incense!

     Screw you!

     This guy, is sick, what kind of magic is incense?

     I how to know!

     There are only grades, only characteristics. Does the divine text have sweetness? I really don't know how to reply.

     The faceless elder silent for a while, said: "Ask this kind of boring question, just shield him, he is probably crazy, too much pressure!"



     Xiang you uncle!

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