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409 Your Brows Are A Little Tight (seeking A Monthly Pass On The Last Day)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

City Lord's Mansion.

     Very magnificent, very tall.

     However, at the moment the city gate is closed.

     Can't get in at all.

     Near the city lord's mansion, the lifelessness dissipated a lot, and Su Yu actually saw the living... yes, alive.

     There is a hole around the wall of the city lord’s mansion, which does not look big, but at this moment, there are people inside. I don’t know what I think, or I think this place is safer than the ancient house. There are creatures hiding in this hole that may be a dog hole. With.

     And it was really not dead, maybe safer than the guy hiding in the old house.

     Su Yu is also speechless!

     Similarly, the guy in the dog hole looked at Su Yu, also very speechless, there is actually a weak dead spirit dangling here.

     Two people, no, one person, one soil, and they know each other.

     Those who hide in the dog hole are the floating earth spirits.

     This guy is really courageous. The ancient city restricts the escape. Su Yu admires him and he is not dead. There is no luck.

     Sometimes luck is important.

     Floating Earth Spirit is not dead!

     At this time, I probably felt that what was seen by the dead was somewhat uncomfortable, turned into a pile of dirt, piled up in a dog hole, and a pile... It looked like the thing pulled out.

     Su Yu glanced at and walked towards it.

     Forget it!

     This guy has met himself several times and has not died. has to say has a strong luck. Su Yu drove with him alone without hacking it to death. In terms of luck, he is much better than Jiu Xuan.

     As for the Floating Earth Spirit, seeing the dead spirit coming towards him, the soil changed color.

     what's going on?

     Near the city lord's mansion, the dead will not come.Of course, it didn’t find that the few sun and moon dead spirits actually went out from the city lord’s mansion. It only knew that it was quite safe here. Not long ago, several guys hiding in the ancient house all reported misery. The cry, probably hung up.

     But it is always safe.

     But now, it doesn't seem to be that safe anymore.

     It's not afraid of the undead in the sky, the key is that this thing is endless!

     Killed one or two, and now there are still sun and moon dead in the city. I really want to attract this sun and moon dead spirit. It is useless.

     "Don't come!"

     "Don't find me!"

     "I'm just a pile of dirt!"

     Seeing the necromancer getting closer and closer, the earth spirit turns pale with fright, the earth has changed color.

     The next moment, without waiting for Su Yu to come over, he turned into a dust and fled in an instant, and he didn't even care that his life was corroded. Uncle, actually came to me, it was terrible.

     Futu Ling escaped extremely fast!

     Su Yu glanced at, a smile appeared on the necroman's face, and he didn't chase after him.

     I have met myself three times and have not died. I have strong crisis sensing ability.

     Su Yu actually started the Jingzi Shenwen. It stands to reason that this guy can try to stay still. He seems to be just a dead spirit flying in the air. As a result, this guy ran away. Obviously, it was sensed and dangerous.

     Leave it alone, Su Yu walked towards the city gate.

     The gates are closed!

     "How to get in?"

     "Or, how to find the city lord?"

     "No, how did the city lord open the door?"

     Su Yu was lost in thought.Not to open this door, but to open the nine doors, let yourself go quickly, this place is dead.

     The power of Sunyue Jiuzhong!

     If you don't let yourself go, you must kill yourself... Isn't that done?

     He didn't have any capital, and he was fighting Sun Yue Jiu.

     In fact, coming to the City Lord's Mansion is very dangerous.

     Moreover, the state of the necromancer, it is best not to be seen by others, not to be known by the city lord, first use the state of the necromancer to cover up, investigate the situation, and then decide how to discuss with the city lord of Tianhe.

     "The fox exploits the tiger's might, a tiger's skin... at least it must be invincible to shock!"

     "This one was hacked by Xia Longwu again, maybe he is still hostile to the human race."

     "Only invincible is shocked... so that he won't attack me."


     Su Yu doesn’t know a few Invincibles. Of course, it’s not that he doesn’t know him. At least he has some intersections with the Silkworm King. He is now a member of the Daming Mansion, and he has some intersections with the Daming King. The Great Qin King may have also found him on the battlefield of the heavens. King Daxia is also a bit related, and King of Heaven...

     Including the last time I saw the King of Han and King of Song...

     After counting, he actually knew a lot of invincibility.

     However, Su Yu himself couldn't find one who was really reliable and could help him!

     "If you want sth done well, do it yourself !"

     I chanted this sentence again, but it was actually somewhat grudgingly.

     If he can ask for invincibility, he will naturally ask, but the key is that he can't ask for it.

     So if you want sth done well, do it yourself, many times it is just to comfort yourself.It is a pity that my teacher is not invincible, and my master is not invincible, otherwise, I can ask for one or two.

     Of course, you don't need to ask for it now.

     How could he stun this city lord so that he would not attack me?

     It's very difficult!

     He is now the sweet potato of the Ten Thousand Realms, except Human Race probably wants to kill himself... Even Human Race wants to kill a lot of themselves.

     Su Yu knows his situation!

     Therefore, he has very few friends. On the battlefield of the heavens, anyone who is unfamiliar with him can be killed. This is his philosophy.

     Anyway, Su Yu has no friends!

     Most of those who help me are not in the battlefield of the heavens.

     Even if Terran Qin was in the city, Su Yu didn't think about going to him for help, even if this guy was the descendant of King Qin.

     Su Yu walked around the city wall, not a word or movement.

     I don't know, in the city lord's mansion, the stone sculpture has been silently watching him.

     Su Yu doesn't care about these.

     I don't know these.

     After wandering around for a while, I found an ancient house not far from here, got into it, and soon changed his lifelessness, reversed his Yuan Qiao, and turned himself into himself.

     Going through the storage ring, I found a few things.

     One is a token, which was given to him by Zhu Tiandao of the Daming Mansion, saying that he could use it when he met King Daming.

     One was a toy knife, which was given to him by Xia Huyou. He said that he had met King Daxia and could take it out to see if he could benefit from it.

     "King Da Ming, King Da Xia..."

     The things related to Invincible in him seem to be the same.No, he grabbed the small hair ball and looked at it, looking thoughtful. This is actually related to invincibility. The small hair ball is also invincible. Half the emperor must be invincible.

     That being said, he can actually have something to do with these three invincibles.

     Of course, even if the small hair ball is too big, it really attracts, maybe it will eat one's own will.

     "Three invincibles!"

     Can you stun the city owner?

     Thinking of the city lord’s mansion in the distance, maybe it’s a lamb in a tiger's den!


     Sigh, why don't I kill myself first, and then try the City Lord's Mansion?


     Su Yu hesitated and struggled.

     And City Lord Residence’s stone sculpture is also thinking about a problem... a problem that he just ignored, why this human guy... can he become a dead soul?

     Damn it!

      This problem, he never thought of it before.

     As for why I recognized Su Yu, it was too simple. No matter how I changed it, I couldn't hide his feelings. Moreover, the little guy who devoured the gods was also there. He knew it was Su Yu and Xiao Maoqiu at a glance.

     But now... he was also looking at the room, saw through the room, saw Su Yu's sudden reversal, and fell into deep thought.

     what's the situation?

     Death reversal?

     Is this the peculiarity of the divine writing, or is this kid mastered some incredible skills, can actually pretend to be a dead soul.

     No wonder it's not dead!

     However, it was still a bit close. It was okay to hide the ordinary sun and moon, and it was hard to hide the stronger sun and moon. The strength in his heart was naturally the kind of sun and moon that was about to go on the path of proof.

     "It's already amazing!"Stone carving thought.

     Keep thinking!

     But why this little guy could be transformed into a necromancer, he still didn't figure out or understand.

     Caused by Gongfa?

     Is this the technique of the Necromancer?

     But the Necromancer's exercises can only be learned after death. Is this little guy dead?

     At this moment, this ancient stone sculpture is somewhat puzzled.

     "Gong method... or something else?"

     Can't figure it out, can't see through.

     Seeing him in the ancient house, taking out a piece of things, the stone carving also sensed some powerful existence's breath, and some were emotional. It seems that this guy has come into contact with many powerful people.

     He sensed some familiar flavors.

     The taste of several top strong humans.

     Come to the City Lord’s Mansion, turn one round, leave again, and take out these things again. Is this afraid of Tianhe killing him?

     The stone carving roughly understands what he meant.

     Some want to laugh, forget it, the stone can't laugh, can't laugh.

     Tianhe and Xia Longwu colluded, but he knew it.

     How could you kill this little guy.

     However, this little guy didn't know the situation, and the stone carving also wanted to see how this little guy made sure that Tianhe would not kill him.


     The stone sculpture is waiting to see the play.

     Su Yu struggled for a while, somewhat worried!

     "Or, hire a top powerhouse to guard it? But if it's not invincible, even Sunyue Jiuzhong can't deal with that city owner here, right?"

     After struggling for a long time, Su Yu gritted his teeth, still going to meet!

     In the city, the lord of the city is the largest. If he doesn't meet up, he may not be able to leave the city.Taking advantage of the fact that the powerful people of the ten thousand races are not here, leave as soon as possible.

     After a while, Su Yu recovered his physical body and walked out of the ancient house. He waited for a while in front of the house. No dead spirit came to kill him. It seemed that the dead spirit might have left?

     Regardless, you can switch to necromantic mode at any time, and you can switch at any time.

     Walking quickly to the city lord’s mansion, Su Yu suddenly said loudly: "The great grandson of King Daxia, the great grandson of King Daming, the disciple of the Silkworm King, the Unofficial Disciple of the Heavenly Cast King, and Su Yu of the human race, please see the lord!"


     The sound is loud, resound throughout the skies!

     At this moment, around, some ancient houses wanted to open, but they did not open.

     The City Lord's Mansion also fell silent for a moment.

      all around, the strong guys hiding in the ancient house are slightly stagnant.

     This... Su Yu is going to visit the city lord?

     Well, this is not the point.

     The point is, this guy... the prefix added is a bit bluff!

     The four kings were pulled out by him!

     You at what time are you the godson of King Daxia and King Daming?

      at what time Are you the apprentice of King Miecan and King Tianzhu again?

     And Su Yu, thinking that he did not lie, he told Xia Huyou that your grandfather is my grandfather...your great grandfather...that is also mine.

     He also said something similar to Zhu Hongliang from the Daming Mansion. Zhu Tiandao is also planning to accept himself as his grandson-in-law, but it is not different.

     As for the extermination of silkworm king, time is the proof.

     As for the King of Heavenly Casting, Baidao Pavilion is his inheritance, and the Casting Element is his inheritance. Yes, he did not lie, even if he said so in front of them, there is no problem.The four kings, give some face, right?


     At this moment, in an ancient house.

     Qin Fang touched his chin, looked outside, a little amused, and wanted to shake his head. Forget it, don't shake it.

     Su Yu...interesting!


     In the City Lord's Mansion.

     Tianhe, who was still drinking, stopped slightly, put down his glass and smiled.

     "Go open the door!"

     "grown ups!"

     The old man appeared, "Sir, Su Yu is too involved, or else it's gone!"

     "Go open the door!"

     Tianhe smiled lightly and said: "Interesting, let him in! This is to frighten me with the eternity of the four human races and shock me? Interesting!"

     More than he found it interesting, the stone sculpture opened his eyes, and he didn't close his eyes much today.

     Can this also be related?

     You are all involved in the four eternal realms, are you sure?


     With interest and playfulness, Tianhe decided to open the door and meet Su Yu, who has troubled the ancient city.

     Yes, at this time he also guessed that it was a good thing Su Yu did.

     This guy, who killed so many dead spirits, is still alive.

     I won't talk about it when I'm alive, this guy still dares to appear, is not afraid of those sun and moon dead spirits killing him?

     A few dead souls of the sun and the moon have not disappeared, they are still in the city.

     It's just that when Su Yu appeared, these dead spirits didn't chase him, even if he leaked his breath, they didn't chase him. There are many factors, including some small hair balls, small hair balls. Coming out of the ancient house, with the breath of some stone carvings.

     Su Yu did not know this, nor did Xiao Maoqiu.Su Yu is not too worried about the dead, he is ready to switch at any time.

     At this moment, it is also a risk.

     And the gate of the City Lord's Mansion, after he shouted, gradually opened the gate.

     Su Yu actually saw an acquaintance!

     The guardian man from mountains and seas, General Tianmen.

     Tianmen also looked at Su Yu, his eyes were a little strange, and he said solemnly, "Your Excellency the City Lord, please!"

     "Thank you!"

     Su Yu smiled and saw me. It's not unusual to see me, so don't act on me later.

     He also blogged once, so many people heard it, and somehow he took out the name of the four kings to show some face, and if he really wanted to kill himself, he had to worry about the consequences.

     Although they are all trifling things, they may break with a single poke.

      Only when absolutely essential, I squeezed the little fur ball, Su Yu's heart was cruel, and the will sea, the little fur ball shiver coldly, the clear feedback of will, the will sea, a little Su Yu holding a big hammer, as if ready to hammer to death at any time it!

     The ball is dead!

     Xiaomaoqiu lay on a god text, licked the god text, and comforted himself. Before hammering the ball, I would eat this god text.

     It is also cruel!

     If you hammer me, I will eat divine writing and be a ghost!

     Under these two strange states, Su Yu walked all the way, following the mountain and sea boundary Tianmen general, walking towards the main hall of the city master above the steps, and said as he walked: "Thank you for the general reminder before!"

     "You're welcome!"

     Tianmen said lightly: "I just didn't expect that you are really Su Yu."

     "As a last resort!"Tianmen didn't say much, but Su Yu smiled and said, "General, Is Your Excellency the City Lord good to talk?"

     Tianmen said indifferently: "It's okay!"

     "That's good, Your Excellency the City Lord wise and brilliant, I think, it should be very amiable and approachable."

     Tianmen's face is strange. You are the first genius I have ever seen to be so shameless and flattering. Here, the city lord can definitely hear it, so I say this, not for myself, but for the city lord.

     Su Yu said again: "General Tianmen, the nine gates are blocked, the city lord can open it, right? There are too many people who are going to kill me now. I will stay in the city without opening the door. Everyone thought that the city lord would protect me. Excellency the City Lord saves face, and rushes into the ancient city in a fit of anger, then it will be troublesome!"

     Tianmen was speechless.

     What you said is really make sense, I will not refute it.

     Su Yu said again: "By the way, the Human Race sent a large number of powerful people to rescue me. Once fighting broke out in the city, it would be troublesome."

     Tianmen was silent.

     What you said is right, I won't refute it.

     Talk to the lord yourself!

     This is a special genius he met, of course, geniuses are very special.

     After a while, the huge hall appeared in front of Su Yu.

     In the hall, there were only two people.

     In front of the main hall, the city lord on the throne, and an old man, old and gray-haired below.

     "My lord, Su Yu bring it here!"

     The Lord of Tianhe City was holding a wine glass, drank a sip of wine, wearing white clothes, long hair draped her shoulders, I don't know which clan is the strong, I can't see anything, but Su Yu can feel the death!

     The incomparably rich lifelessness feels no less than those sun and moon dead souls."Meet Your Excellency the City Lord!"

     Su Yu bowed down to salute with a respectful attitude.

     The Lord of Tianhe City looked at him, drank a glass of wine again, and said lightly: "The great grandson of King Daxia and King Daming?"


     "A disciple of King Killer Silkworm and King Tianzhu?"


     "That's still so desolate?"

     Su Yu calmly said: "I don’t feel like a downfall. The strong have stepped up step by step. How can I rise without suffering? Now, my rise is so fast that all realms are watching! I think this is also what a few invincibles think. The result to see!"

     "Do you want to leave?"

     Su Yu lowered his head and said, "Thinking! If I stay again, all the powers of the ten thousand races will come. Soon, the Heavenly Destruction City will become the focus of the ten thousand realms. Once I die, an invincible battle may break out here!"

     "You're confident."

     Tianhe smiled lightly: "Which invincible will do it for you?"

     Tianhe ruthlessly said: "Multi-divine literature, the focal point of the ten thousand races, the human race has given up the polytheistic literature, if you don’t give up, the human race will become the enemy of the ten thousand races, only if you give up, can you retain a trace of status. You should be clear, do you think, which invincible will fight for you?"

     "Ye Batian back then was the hope of the Human Race. Human Race Invincible fought for him. In the end, he disappointed and desperate the race. Do you think Human Race will fight the Ten Thousand Races for the second Ye Batian?"

     Su Yu said solemnly: "I am not Ye Batian! Nor is it the second Ye Batian! Human Race Invincible is willing to fight for me, I don't know, maybe... the city lord knows!"

     Do you know they can’t fight for me?Do you think that no one in Humans wants the polytheistic literature system to rise?


     a lot of!

     It's just that because of the attitude of the ten thousand races, they didn't express their attitude.

     Su Yu believes that there is, otherwise, the polytheistic literary system cannot exist until now.

     Tianhe smiled and said with a faint smile: "Maybe... what you said is right, sit down!"

     Just as Su Yu wanted to talk, there was a futon underneath his buttocks. He was slanderous, and he didn't dare to think too much. The sun and the moon were very sensitive.

     He was not polite and just sat down.

     He raised his head and looked at City Lord Tianhe.

     He looks very young and keeps the appearance of a human race. In addition to being full of life, he also looks very gentle.

     "have a drink?"

     The Tianhe City Lord smiled, and a cup was created out of thin air, and the wine in the cup spontaneously floated towards Su Yu.

     Su Yu took the wine glass, and the lifeless spirit escaped in the wine glass!

     Very rich!

     Su Yu's eyes changed slightly, Tianhe said lightly: "Dare to kill the spirit, I haven't died until now, I shouldn't be afraid of this dead spirit, drink a cup, it tastes good! This is the most famous necrotic liquid of the Necromancer. Brewed from corpse water, brewed from mortal corpses..."

     Su Yu was silent.

     Tianhe said indifferently: "Dare to kill the spirits in the ancient city of Tianmi, and kill the Quartet, are you afraid of this?"

     Su Yu was silent, holding a wine glass, drain the cup in one gulp!

     Lifeless, corroding the internal organs.

     Soon, another pure Life Power was born, and Su Yu was slightly startled, and the corroded internal organs instantly recovered.He looked up at the Tianhe City Lord, who said lightly: "Life leads to Death, life and death are just a thin line apart! Born to die, the ultimate of death is regeneration!"

     Su Yu didn't understand too much, and said in a deep voice: "The student is ignorant and didn't understand the meaning of the city lord!"

     Tianhe smiled lightly and said: "What's the meaning, not without reason! You are so courageous, you dare to drink the necrotic liquid, and there are not many people who dare to drink."

     "Ignorance is a bliss!"

     Su Yu replied.

     Tianhe smiled and said: "No, you are not ignorant, you are fearless, no place to fear! You have confidence, and you are sure, a cup of necrotic liquid will not kill you!"

     Tianhe smiled again and said, "What is your purpose in coming to the battlefield of the heavens?"

     "Strengthen yourself!"

     "What happens after being strong?"

     "protect yourself!"

     "that's it?"

     "that's it!"

     Su Yu lowered his head, "Otherwise why?"

     "Haven't thought of unlocking the power of suppressing the realm, conquering the world?"

     "Not interested in!"

     Su Yu calmly said: "The one who is my enemy will kill, the one who deceives me will kill, regardless of race or kindness!"

     "You are not a good idea!"

     Tianhe smiled lightly and said, "I'm afraid there will be many enemies."

     "Then kill until... you can't kill anymore!"

     "What a killing intent!"

     Tianhe sighed: "Your human race, in recent years, the most murderous is Xia Longwu, and the first one is Ye Batian, and the next one is the Great Qin King. Except for the Great Qin King, Ye Batian is dead. Xia Longwu... , You want to learn from them?"Su Yu lowered his head, "I don't learn anyone, I just be myself, I want to kill, I will kill! I don't want to kill, and no one can force me. If I force me, I will kill! My murderous nature, not because of wanting to kill, but not because of being killed!"

     "If I don't let you go out, if you are strong, you will come to kill me?"

     Su Yu continued to lower his head, "No, Your Excellency the City Lord misunderstood!"

     Tianhe smiled.

     "Say sth without meaning it !"

     Tianhe said lightly: "You will, if I don't let you go, if you are not dead, you are strong, you will come to retaliate!"


     "you will!"



     Beside Su Yu, the old man Huoya smiled.

     And Tianhe laughed, "You won't kill me, then I won't let you go!"


     At this moment, Su Yu instantly changed his words, "I have a lot of grudges, of course, I will not remember the hatred of the strong, but... I also have a gratitude! Your Excellency the City Lord will help me today, and the next day, I will recompense like gushing spring! "

     "Can you repay me?"

     Tianhe faintly said: "Why are you? You killed the armor? A joke! I crushed him to death with a finger!"

     Su Yu silently, silent for a while, said: "I think adults are full of death spirit. I don't know if the adults cultivate the death spirit of the necromancer deliberately, or if they have to do it as a last resort, I have a set of techniques, but life recovery power , Is the rare longevity formula of the ten thousand races!"

     "The secret of longevity?"

      "Yes!"Su Yu directly threw a copy of the technique towards Tianhe. This is a vitality stimulus method, not a longevity formula, but it does have the effect of stimulating vitality... but it is actually useless, because the city lord is not a human race.

     Acupuncture points are different!

     Just sell it!

     What is really useful is actually the Yuan Aperture Reversal Method of the Necromancer. This is the treasure!

     This is not a cultivation method, at least it is not a method of Yuan Qiao, this is a Reversal Method, and it has nothing to do with which Yuan Qiao you open in your cultivation. This thing is the real solution to death qi.

     Which yuan orifice you have activated, this technique can reverse which yuan orifice.

     Both forward and reverse will do.

     Reversing into death can also turn death into anger. This is the real killer, and it is also the key to Su Yu becoming a necroman. This thing, unless it is really only when absolutely essential, otherwise, it cannot be leaked.

     As for the immortal clan’s longevity method, it is also very profound and powerful, but to other people, it is actually not worth it!

     It is still useful to the strong of the human race, for this city lord, unless he is a human race.

     Otherwise, is a fart!

     Su Yu didn’t take it seriously. Tianhe was somewhat surprised. He picked up the exercises glanced at and murmured, “It’s a good thing. This thing... is very mysterious. The human exercise...it's a pity, ah, it's a pity!"

     Unfortunately, it really doesn't suit him.

     A little bit of reference!

     Otherwise, maybe it can really reverse the dead energy in the body.

     It is a pity!But this set of exercises is really good. For the human race, it is a treasure, especially for some human races who are about to dying, it is even more precious. This Su Yu, it is grand.

     When he came up, he presented a powerful exercise book.

     This thing was taken by Xia Longwu, and I probably couldn't bear to throw it away.

     Tianhe smiled and said: "A very sincere exercise...The only pity is that I can't use it, but I can learn from it, pretty good."

     After that, Tianhe said lightly: "You can go if you want! But the gate...I can't open it!"

     "Your Excellency the City Lord!"

     Su Yu changed color, why?

     Tianhe said indifferently: "Everyone knows that you are trapped in the city, and I... also did not provide any help to the immortals and other races. Whoever came to me, I did not open the city gate for them! This is the rule, the ancient city. The rules! Even though I am the lord of the city, I cannot break these rules."

     "Now, open the city gate for you, how do other each clans think, you are gone, I am still here, who will consider for me?"

     Su Yu was slightly startled, yes.

     Tianhe such a saying, he understands a bit.

     Yes, Tianhe didn't open the city gate for anyone, and let him go alone, what do other people think, what do other races think?

     He was a little awake.

     In order to let himself go, Tianhe might offend the strong of all races, and it is indeed somewhat difficult for Tianhe.

     Su Yu sighed in his heart. He hadn't considered this before.Get up and bow slightly, "Thank you, the city lord for clearing up your confusion! Su Yumeng! If this is the case, then I will not leave. In this city, I will fight them to the death. I only ask the city lord to continue to observe neutrally!"

     He turned and left.

     Since it doesn't work, then I... will kill someone!

     Murderous, rich!

     Next to him, the old man sensed this murderous intent, secretly frightened, and so suffocating, this human genius, unlike what he had seen before, was as cold as iron.

     Also terrible decisively!

     If it doesn't work, then leave. When you go out, it's probably time for slaughters.

     Really ruthless!

     Terran genius, even at Xia Longwu's age, he was absolutely not so big, how many people did he kill?

     Su Yu killed so many.

     If the necromancer is also human, he at least killed thousands this time!

     He kills geniuses, kills monsters, kills single gods and literary powers, kills gods and demons... there is no one who does not kill.

     Seeing that he was leaving, Tianhe laughed, and said: "Don't worry, I can't open the Convenient Gate for you...but...it's not a chance. There is an apse in the city lord's mansion. Go try one's luck, if you are lucky. , Maybe there is a way, if you are unlucky, then you are free, and I will not take care of everything in the city!"

     A very interesting kid, a very troublesome kid, maybe it can only be handed over to that one.

     As for the one who gives or not, I don't care about it.

     Su Yu was startled slightly, turned around, and said respectfully: "Thanks to the city lord for the point!"

     Hunting Pavilion!

     Hunting Heaven Pavilion provided him with a piece of news that the City Lord's Mansion had a chance, and the chance... was in the apse.He didn't meet the chance of the ancient house, but he got it from the ancient city. However, among the three chances, there is still one, City Lord Residence’s chance.

     At this moment, I actually had the opportunity to see, Su Yu was somewhat surprised.

     "Tianmen, take him over!"


     Outside the door, Tianmen was also surprised, the apse was a forbidden place, and the city lord actually let Su Yu go, really surprised.

     When Su Yu and Tianmen left, the old man suddenly said: "My lord, why let him go there? Isn't this... wrong?"

     Tianhe drank the wine, smiled, and said faintly: "It's okay! What can be hidden from him in the city? It's a lot of trouble, so leave it to him. It has nothing to do with me. I am not invincible. How can I take it? These beams."

     "To kill and not to kill, to let go and not to let go, give a favour done at little cost, whether you succeed or fail, it's more or less personal."

     When the old man heard the words, he didn't say much, he said too much, and he was easily sensed by the stone sculpture in the apse.

     This is the taboo of the ancient city!

     As for what the lord thinks, the old man doesn't understand.

     Tianhe picked up the exercise again and sighed. It's a pity that it doesn't apply to me. It's a pity that the exercise is a good one.

     The lifelessness became stronger.

     Xia Longwu, can you get rid of this lifeless spirit?

      self-depreciating smile, maybe, just wishful thinking!


     At this moment, in the back hall, the stone sculpture opened his eyes and looked at Su Yu and Tianmen who were walking outside the hall.

     Look again, the appearance of Tianhe appeared in his eyes.

     It's capable of throwing the pot away, and throwing everything to one's side, what is the use of you, the fake city lord!I am a stone, do I need to worry about these bad things?

     After a while, Su Yu entered the hall, the stone sculpture closed his eyes, his eyes were out of sight and his heart was upset.

     Tianmen followed along, glanced at the stone sculpture. It was no surprise. This stone sculpture can’t be broken, moved, or driven away. It exists in ancient times, with closed eyes. It seems that there is no problem. The key is... I always feel today’s stone sculpture with brow Some are tight, does not belong to oneself think too much?

     PS: Push the book, the new book "The White Head Demon Master" from the old black mountain ghost. It doesn't matter whether the protagonist is powerful or not.
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