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417 Enter The City Again (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Outside the city gate.

     There are more and more creatures, and the death aura in the ancient city originally covered the entire ancient city, but now it is gradually dissipating.

     Sun Moon Necromancer, maybe already left.

     Those who have been unable to kill the spirits for a long time, now the breath disappears from the city. The undead in the early days of the sun and the moon can't enter the inner house, and it is meaningless to toss all the time. Although the undead has no wisdom, there are mechanisms. .

     At this time, it was almost time to retreat.

     In the void, the strong are also communicating with each other.

     "It seems that no one has died in these two days. Su Yu was forced to hide in the ancient house? Or other people are in the ancient house, he can't help it?"

     "Maybe it is, so deadly, even if he has a lot of vitality, he can't hold it."

     "Su Yu entered the ancient city quite early, several days."


     At this time, Su Yu's name kept spreading from these strong men.

     Ranked third in the rankings, heirs of polytheistic literature.

     The third place in the top ranking is actually not a big problem, the identity behind is the key, and Su Yu may have mastered an invincible ruin, which is also a big problem.

     In addition, he introduced some exercises to strengthen the strength of the whole human race.

     And he may have mastered the inheritance stele of the polytheistic literature...

     These factors are combined to kill Su Yu, which must be done.

     Dispel the unrealistic idea of Terran!

     Don't try to open up the suppression of the human environment!Even if your human race is the emperor in ancient times and dominates the ten thousand realms, you can't do it now. The special part of the human race has no oppressive power when you reach the ten thousand realms. If you give you a stable rear, no one can control it!

     Su Yu is going to die, Hong Tan is going to die, Liu Wenyan is going to die, and the many divine writings of Daxia Mansion are going to die.

     As for other big houses, it's okay.

     If you don't come to the battlefield of the heavens, not many people care about them.

     The veins of the Five Dynasties are different.

     Moreover, the source of the entire polytheistic literature system is in the Daxia Mansion, which is too daunting.

     "How long will it take to open?"

     "At most one 4 hours!"

     "That's coming soon!"

     "First find each genius and strong, find someone to escort out, and then besieged Su Yu!"

     "There must be the sun and the moon outside, and...be careful to rescue the human race, staring at Ye Hongyan and the others!"


     The gods and demons are negotiating, and the immortals are negotiating.

     In other words, in addition to the human race, the other clans are all negotiating how to solve Su Yu smoothly.

     And come to blows in the city, it is easy to provoke the dead, if you only kill Su Yu, the problem is not big, I'm afraid, and Ye Hongyan fights the sun and the moon in the city. Once the sun and the moon are killed, the sun and the moon will be brought out again. The dead souls are in trouble when they close the city.

     At this moment, Minghe is also negotiating with others, and the sound transmission said: "Mohe, you can't let the strong people enter the city! Once you enter the city, fight in the city and die for a day or two, then it will be troublesome! , Closing the city again, it's a lot of trouble!"

     Mohe, Primitive Demon Race's strong.Hearing this, I thought about it and said, "At the cost of releasing Qin Fang, I will force the Human Race to give up rescuing Su Yu! I will stare at Ye Hongyan, as for Zheng Ping...Don’t worry too much, Daqin Mansion seems to have no one here. Also be careful of the strong human race lurking in the dark..."

     "it is good!"

     A group of strong men quickly communicated through voice transmission.

     It is best not to let the strong from the race enter the city, lest they fight in the ancient city and cause the sun and the moon to appear. Of course, there is nothing else, which is not a big threat to them.

     But the city was closed, and it was troublesome.

     As long as you target the strong human beings to death, there will be no problem.

     The powerful of all races are enough to crush them.


     They are calculating.

     And Ye Hongyan is also planning how to rationally and clearly structured not enter the city?

     I came to rescue Su Yu, but the city gate opened. If I didn't enter, I had to doubt myself.

     And this fool, Zheng Ping...

     It's best if you can force yourself to stay outside the city.

     It has to be aggressive!

     Let them be afraid, afraid that once they enter the city, they will kill people immediately, lead out the dead, and cause chaos, these guys dare not let themselves into the city.

     Thinking of this, Ye Hongyan suddenly said, "Zheng Ping!"

     Zheng Ping was slightly startled, you finally found me!

     "General Ye!"

     "I will find a chance to kill the Xuanjiai guy! There are too many suns and moons here. If you don't kill them, you can't make some small clans afraid to give up, killing the chicken to warn the monkey! Help me pester Minghe In an instant, I killed that guy!"


     Fuck!You are such a cruel woman, so I scolded you secretly, let me die!

     Minghe is the sun and the moon, and I am the sun and the moon. The gap is so scary, you let me intercept Minghe?

     Am I going to die?

     "Don't worry, Minghe would not expect us to kill people now. We will definitely save three points when we start with you. After all, I am still an ally. save you……"

     Zheng Ping was speechless, I'm not afraid of death, but... I was really unhappy to be urged to die by this woman.

     Also, it's useless to kill the opponent now.

     Kill in the city!

     He thought the same as everyone else, but it was a big deal to go in and vote, kill people and draw out the dead, everyone was unlucky.

     You are killing someone now, even if you kill the other person, it is impossible for other people to give you a chance to enter the city again.

     Are we here to watch?

     That's too bad!

     At that time, there must be a strong person to stop them from entering the city.

     Zheng Ping can't figure out what a woman thinks!

     She wondered if Ye Hongyan was ill, what did she think about killing at this time.

     Ye Hongyan shouted again through the voice transmission: "According to the order! I am the commander of the Zhutian Palace, you are the head of a school, what do I say, how do you do it!"

     "I'm not from Zhutian Mansion!"

     Zheng Ping complained, and you can't order me.

     "Can you do it? Su Yu is no longer from your Daxia Mansion, did you deliberately want to cheat him? Zheng Ping, didn't expect you to have such a vicious mind!"

     Ye Hongyan shouted once, as for telling him the truth, there is no need to.There are too many people who know, but it is troublesome.

     Who knows if Zheng Ping, a fool, will say to the public with a big fan that there are many fools in Daxia Mansion, especially the warriors.

     Zheng Ping is helpless, has to say, here, you have to count on Ye Hongyan.

     Hearing her say so, I had to say: "Okay, then I will cooperate with you! But I said the ugly thing in front, Su Yu was really besieged and killed, that is your poor command!"

     "Stop talking!"

     Ye Hongyan replies coldly, you can block Minghe in an instant.

     Who dares to let yourself in after killing the Xuan Kai clan guy?

     Even if you can't kill it, it's actually nothing. His strong offensiveness will make these guys desperately stop him from entering the city.

     In fact, even if she didn't do it, she felt they had to intercept herself.

     However, doing is better than not.

     At this time, over the ancient city, the lifelessness became weaker and weaker.


     In the City Lord's Mansion.

     Tianhe continued to drink wine, or necrotic liquid, to keep himself from being completely corroded by the dead air.

     While drinking, looking into the distance.

     That is the direction of the city gate.

      lightly sighed, said lightly: "That little human fellow, is he gone?"

     There has been no movement.

     By now, the gates of the city were almost open, and there was no movement in the city.

     If that kid is...probably will not so quiet.

     The old man Huoya bowed and said: "Maybe he is gone, otherwise he is extremely homicidal and should be destroyed in the city."

     There hasn't been any movement until now, and it's probably really gone.

     "Good too!"

     Tianhe nodded and walked well.It would also prevent the powerful of all races from fighting here and disturbing the quiet.

     It seems that the strong of all races have to return without any achievement.

     Of course, there is also Qin Fang.

     But Riyue will not make a move.

     If you killed Qin Fang today, King Qin might personally kill Modona, kill Wushuang, kill Xuan Wuji...

     If you really want to do that, then fight.

     As for Su Yu... it's an abandoned faction.

     Good to go!

     He also took a leisurely time. It seemed that the guy behind couldn't stand the kid, so he sent him away, which was fine.

     "Then don't worry about it!"

     Tianhe smiled lightly and said: "When they pick up their own genius, search for it, can't discover Su Yu, it will disappear in a few days, it's good, this time there was such a disturbance, Tianwei City did not operate for several days Up."

     The old man smiled and said, "When they leave, the ancient city will resume its prosperity again!"

     "That's the best!"

     The two of them were in a good mood, and the matter was almost over.

     Su Yu, the core figure, is not here, so why are you fighting?


     The human race and other powerful races are not prepared for a big battle now. The human race has offended too much. The gods and demons want to wait for the breakthrough of the half emperor, and do not want to attack now, and the loss is too great.

     I'm afraid at both ends. Without Su Yu, I naturally call does not raise.

     At the back, the stone carving also closed eye meditation.

     Feeling okay!

     In the past two days, the kid hasn’t made trouble, and everyone else is very well-behaved. You can be a stone sculpture quietly, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s good!

     As for the outside of the city...the stone carvings are too lazy to deal with.Even if there is an invincible battle outside the city, so what?

      what has that to do with me!

     I am a stone sculpture. You beat you. Just don’t come to me and make trouble. I have been here for countless years. I have seen a lot of things. Invincible Death is not the first time I have seen it. Just don’t die here, even in the city. The door is dead, and it has nothing to do with me.

     I will be a stone sculpture quietly.

      unchanging since times immemorial.


     It’s time to get closer and closer until the gate of the city opens!

     The atmosphere is somewhat anxious.

     At this moment, Zheng Ping heard a voice, "Do it!"

     When the words fell, a sword light shone.


     The space has been cut!

     This sword is also extremely powerful, but the enemy is not really unprepared.

     The strong Xuanjia clan has always been cautious and timid, for fear of being targeted by the human race.

     At this moment, it was both shocked and angry, and didn't force it to stop it, and quickly flew towards Minghe not far away. Damn, this lunatic human race actually wanted to kill himself in front of so many powerful people!

     He only has three layers of sun and moon, how to resist the seven layers of sun and moon.

     And Minghe also made an instant shot, a ribbon, and an instant swept away.

     At this moment, a blade'glow broke out!


     The void burst, Zheng Ping was also riveting enough, desperately, slashing towards Minghe with a frenzy!

     All this happened too fast!

     People like Su Yu didn't react much, and the four Sun and Moon instantly broke out into battle!Ye Hongyan's sword qi was not affected in any way, and he didn't care about Minghe at all, but Minghe, as soon as a ribbon was rolled out, was hit by a knife, Minghe was furious, and Zheng Ping was looking for death!

     The ribbon turned and killed Zheng Ping directly!


     Penetrate the void!

     With a chuckle, Ye Hongyan's sword fell first, and directly hit the side of the strong Xuanjia clan. There was a bang, and a mechanical arm burst directly above the armor!

     "help me!"

     The Golden Armour shout loudly was instantly injured by Ye Hongyan, and Zheng Ping was also hit by a ribbon from Minghe, and the arm was instantly swept by flesh and blood flying.

     In the early days of the two Sun and Moon, there was still a big gap between the two senior Sun and Moon.

     Ye Hongyan doesn't care about Zheng Ping at all, not to overlook, nor spare, breaks through the void again and strikes out with one sword!

     Cut directly at the forehead of the strong Xuan Kai clan!


     An icy biting force covered all sides, and the earth was frozen!

     Ye Hongyan's power was very cold.

     The strong golden armor was directly tossed by this cold force, and the frozen armor cracked, fleeing towards Minghe frantically.

     Ming He just wanted to pull away the ribbon and rescue the other party. Suddenly, Zheng Ping screamed, regardless of it, he shot out again!


     The world seems to be split apart!

     "you wanna die!"

     Minghe is furious!

     Before, she was a little scrupulous. She didn't kill Zheng Ping or seriously injured her, but her arm was injured. She didn't expect Zheng Ping not know how to appreciate kindness!

     She unable to restrain one's anger!He shot again and killed Zheng Ping, but Ye Hongyan didn't have any intention of returning to help, and with the intention of killing, he cut off the head of the strong golden armor!


     At this moment, the strong man from the Beginning Demon Race walked out directly, blasted out with a punch, boundlessly domineering, punched through the void with his punch, and punched Ye Hongyan's sword!

     Ye Hongyan complexion slightly changed, coldly snorted, snorted, turned, slammed, slammed a loud sound, the slashed Minghe killed Zheng Ping’s ribbon collapsed and flew.

     And the strong Xuan Kai clan, fearful behind him, quickly ran to Ming He's side.

     Swear in my heart!

     This lunatic!

     This time it provokes the human race, which is not necessarily a good thing. If it weren't for the presence of Mohe of the first demon clan, he would be in danger of falling!

     And Minghe put away the ribbon, looked at Ye Hongyan, and said coldly: "Ye Hongyan, you should give up!"

     Intimidating All Directions, the guy who wants to kill the Xuan Kai clan, you are dead!

     Everyone will not let you succeed!

     Ye Hongyan retired and retreated to Zheng Ping's side, ignoring Zheng Ping, glanced at Mohe and Minghe, and said coldly: "He will die sooner or later! I can't kill you, and I can't kill him? If he doesn't die now, he will die sooner or later. I will kill him!"


     The Xuanjia clan powerhouse really wants to cry, what about him, how many powerhouses did Su Yu kill our clan?

     I don't know how Hong Kai they provoke him. He was killed by him, and then there was a siege to kill Su Yu. In the end, didn't even Cheng Kai died?

     What do you want!

     The sorrow that the race is not strong, this moment reflects extreme saturation.

     At this moment, the nine gates trembled slightly.

     It's going to be turned on!Minghe quickly spread the voice: "You can't let this woman into the city, she will definitely be slaughters! Mohe, I can't suppress her, you stop her outside the city!"

     Mohe didn't say much, it was a default.

     Soon, Mohe transmitted the sound: "I stopped her and Zheng Ping, but... it is better to leave a strong sun and moon, the tallest one is the best, be careful if there are strong people coming from the human race. The strong enter the city!"

     Having said that, looking at the strong person of Ice Snow God Clan, the voice transmission said: "Bing Hong, you stay with me, you and I collaborate, even if the human race has another one of Sun and Moon!"

     His seven peaks of the sun and the moon!

     And Binghong, also has seven strengths of Sun and Moon.

     This time, in addition to the human race, 6 people from the Sun and Moon High Realm, the Minghe from the Fairy Race, the Ice Macro from the Ice Snow God Clan, the Primitive Demon Race's Mohe, the Nadazhi from the Blood Fire Demon Race, and the Dragon Fight from the Sky Dragon Race , And the thunder fire of Thunder Protoss.

     Two gods, two demons, one dragon and one fairy.

     There are also many other days and moons.

     It is enough to leave two sun and moon outside, Primitive Demon Race's Mohe is very strong, at least it can stabilize Ye Hongyan.

     Other strong people can enter the city.

     Bing Hong of Ice Snow God Clan didn't say much, and the sound transmission said: "Thunder Fire, please bring out An Mintian of my clan!"

     "it is good!"

     Leihuo said coldly: "Don't worry, if I meet Su Yu, I will kill him alive!"

     Without him, the Lei Jue killed by Su Yu is his descendant.

     On the side of the fairy clan, Minghe is going to take Daocheng away, the side of the dragon clan is to take away Long Zhan and Long Wuyou, and the Shimo clan is also here for Modona and Tianduo...As for the blood fire demon... to kill people.

     Normal thing!

     Where there is war, there is the Blood Fire Demon Race.

     These lunatics, no matter there are too many, the blood fire demon clan is still very powerful in the demon clan.

     In addition, in the human environment, several successive leaders of the Blood Fire Demon Cult were killed because of Su Yu. It is strange that these lunatics didn't trouble Su Yu.

     After discussion, a decision will be made soon.

     The two strong men stayed behind, plus the two early Sun-Moon realms, and the four Sun-Moon realms to prevent the strong human races from entering the city. The others all entered the city and searched for Su Yu!

     Su Yu must be hiding in some ancient house!

     This time, it may take a few days to search.

     You must be prepared for a protracted battle.

     And Mo He once again spread the sound: "If you meet Human Qin Fang, let him leave, kill Qin Fang, and provoke Da Qin Mansion is not worth it!"


     Everyone didn't want to kill Qin Fang, killing Su Yu was a celebration of the ten thousand races, killing Qin Fang was troublesome, and fools knew how to choose.

     After assigning the task, wait for the gate to open.

     And at this moment, the nine portals opened with a bang!

     The city gate disappeared!

     It's on!

     In the city, most of the dead spirits dissipated, three dead spirits in the Sun and Moon realm disappeared, and some weak dead spirits were still there, but at least it was safe.

     "Enter the city!"


      forms Killed towards the city.

     At this moment, Ye Hongyan shouted loudly, also entering the city!

     And Mohe blasted out with a punch!

     "Leave me!"Mohe coldly shouted, "Qin Fang, naturally going out of the city, Ye Hongyan, wanting to save Su Yu... impossible! Your human race has figured it out, is it worth fighting for a Su Yu and fighting with the ten thousand clan?"


     Ye Hongyan shout loudly, shoot out again, Rumble!

     Outside, the battle broke out instantly!

     The two sun and the moon battled to the sky, but Ye Hongyan was firmly suppressed and basically unable to enter the city.

     Just as Zheng Ping wanted to enter the city, Binghong appeared instantly without taking any action. Power of Ice froze the void and said lightly: "Don't force me to kill you!"

     Zheng Ping is extremely angry, roar towards the sky!

     "Is there no strong person from my human race to help?"



     The two Sun and the Moon are blocking the road.

     Su Yu is dead!

     But he is powerless to change anything!

     "Where are the people from Daqin Mansion?"

     He was angry, why did no one come to Daqin Mansion?

     Because Qin Fang won't die?

     On the side of the Daxia Mansion... he doesn't want to say anything anymore. Palace Master Xia is not there, and he can count on Lord Xiahou. It would be nice if he could come. The Sun and Moon in Daxia Mansion are not too high. Do you expect Master Xiahou to come to rescue himself?

     And Daming Mansion, even if a Ye Hongyan came to it, beyond expectation.

     What else?

     Zheng Ping was angry, unwilling, roaring...

     Ye Hongyan heard only indifference, you called a fart, and looked terribly miserable. Someone who didn't know thought Su Yu was dead. That guy is down there. Why are you shouting!At this moment, people like Su Yu are also looking around. Some want to enter the city, some are afraid, and some whispered: "The ancient city decree... a lot of dead souls have died. Is there an ancient city decree in it now? It’s normal to have an ancient city order..."

     With a "swish", someone has entered the city!

     No one stopped!

     Whether it is Mohe or Binghong, it didn't mean to stop it at all. Just go in and go in. It's best to die!

      they can’t love these weak!

     And Mo He, while suppressing Ye Hongyan, said indifferently: "You can enter the city, Su Yu before death, no one can get out of the city! If Su Yu can pretend to be Cui Lang, it is possible to pretend to be someone else! If you want to understand, then enter the city! "

     Feed is not given!

     Just so simple!

     Go in and die, don't stop you, want to leave... that won't work, unless you kill Su Yu!

     At this moment, Su Yu, who was transformed into the Iron Wing Bird clan, hurriedly shouted: "Master Shengming, Su Yu is immortal. We will never leave the city. We are only to obtain some ancient city orders, and we will never add chaos to the various Sirs!"

     When the words fell, he rushed towards the city.

     The reason for taking this sentence is not to show off, but to attract more people to enter and prepare for Liu Wenyan to enter.

     The strong of the human race does not feed, what about the weak?

     Where's the one who vacated the sky?

     Enter the more the merrier, if there are too many, more dead spirits will appear if you kill!

     As soon as Gu Chengling's words came out... sure enough, many people were moved!

     Yes, the undead is turbulent, there must be a legacy of the ancient city order!

     Go in and look for it, bang bang luck.This is also a great opportunity!

     An ancient city order is very valuable. Selling it to the Hunting Pavilion can also exchange a lot of resources!

      forms flood into the city!

     Mohe ignored it, and entered the city as soon as he entered the city. It was not the Sun-Moon realm. He didn't bother to look at it at all.

      The forms broke through the air and ran towards the city.

     And Liu Wenyan, who had just arrived, didn’t make any changes. His white hair was dyed into black hair. He looked many years younger. Without the usual air of a scholar, he touched the city in a sneaky, cautious and solemn manner. go with.

     No one cares about him!

     too weak!

     Although it is a human race, it does not mean that all human races have to kill. It is meaningless to kill a weak person. Mohe swept around and found no strong hidden strength.

     Feel free to enter!

     Terran is not afraid of death, you can enter as much as you want, idiots!

     Now there are so many suns and moons in the city, most of them have enemies with the human race. The human race guys want to go in and pick up the leaks.

     They are responsible for intercepting the sun and moon powerhouse of the human race!

     It doesn't matter even if the mountains and seas enter!


     Liu Wenyan also touched in smoothly.

     And Su Yu entered the city early.

     At this moment, the shuttle talisman hasn't reached three days yet.

     Su Yupan’s calculated time is not too far away from three days, and it looks like seven or eight hours. So, within seven or eight hours, you must go, preferably within five hours, lest the time is too long and the shuttle will fail. Up.


     And the moment Su Yu entered the city.

     The stone sculpture suddenly opened his eyes!

     Fuck!Swearing in my heart!

     This bastard is back!

     damn it!

     Now that you are back, what are you leaving?

     Just stay in the city forever, Bai Xian feels quiet!

     The stone carving is very angry, very annoyed!

     I just want to be a stone sculpture quietly. What are you doing in the city?

     This time there are so many suns and moons... Is it possible that you still want to kill someone?

     The stone sculpture was speechless and continued to close his eyes.

     Out of sight out of mind!


     At this moment, the sun and moon realms that entered the city ignored the death, ignoring everything. According to the said in advance, they instantly dispersed, starting from the 18th ring, and surrounded the entire inner circle!

     There is a strong sun and moon, coldly shouted: "In the 18th ring, no entry!"

     As for the periphery, I just swept around these days and didn't see any houses with people. They were all residents of the ancient city. Unless Su Yu became a resident of the ancient city, the guy was not in the periphery.

     The inner circle is difficult to detect.

     Some ancient houses are very mysterious.

     Including the City Lord's Mansion, it was also shrouded in a layer of lifelessness, unable to see through.

     The lifelessness hasn't completely escaped yet.

     In the city, some dead spirits are still wandering.

     These days and moons, we have to explore one by one from the 18th ring to find out where Su Yu is. This guy wants to hide, and can only hide in these places. The inner ring is full of lifelessness and interferes with the willpower exploration.

     Only here is it convenient for Su Yu to hide himself.

     But today, the coming sun and moon this many, want to run, dream!

     Those Minghe powerhouses even ignored those dead spirits, floated through the air, and flew toward the deep!A statue of the sun and the moon, breathed out, extremely powerful!

     The entire ancient city was shrouded in huge coercion.

     Kill Su Yu!


     Su Yu at this time doesn't care about this.

     Not long after I entered the city, I instantly found a place that hadn't been explored by the sun and the moon, and instantly turned into a dead spirit!

     Feeling the jade, he is not afraid of being snooped until he is invincible.

     When it is invincible, it is useless, it is dead.

     Su Yu turned into a dead spirit, not saying anything further, a dead spirit attacked a demon race not far away. He was so courageous, he dared to enter the city even in the air. Do you really think that dead spirits are good people?

     At this moment, there are some dead spirits bursting into death everywhere!

     Some people who are familiar with the ancient city ran fast, avoiding the lifelessness, and some who were not familiar with it were attacked instantly, and for a while, the screams continued!

     If a dead spirit kills, there will be no dead spirit.

     Su Yuhui!

     He killed a monster race with one blow, and soon an extra necromancer appeared.

     Kill another necromancer... There are two more, and the strength has improved a bit!

     The killing has begun again!

     What Su Yu has to do is to draw out the sun and the moon to seal the city, and what Liu Wenyan has to do is to kill the sun and the moon and draw out the stronger ones, and kill those who enter the city with a clear division of labor.

     The easiest way to draw out the sun and moon necromancers is to kill a few more mountain and sea necromancers, or simply kill a living person in the sun and moon realm!

     And before then, you need to mess up the situation.

     Let the undead increase!

     Mess up!

     No mess, how to fish in troubled water!

     Also, let that fool Qin Fang hurry up and get out of here, and add chaos!He doesn't leave, he is really hard to explain if he is killed, this guy is so unreliable, he has caused trouble for himself several times!

     Kill, kill, kill!

     The undead gradually increased.

     There are more living people in the city.

     More and more people are pouring into the city.

     Su Yu also deliberately left some of the surrounding ancient city orders, causing many people to become confused. In the chaos, some people started fighting and snatching, but they didn't dare to kill. But many times, people died in the baffling land.

     Death, blood, led to more dead spirits.

     The sun and the moon in the inner circle don't care whether they live or die!

     A group of weak people, no matter how tossing it, will provoke some dead spirits in the mountains and seas and it will be at the top. It is best if they die. Who has the spare time to save them!

     Those days and moons, start fragmentation inspection.

     Search one by one!

     At this moment, the ancient city is inescapable net, and Su Yu can't escape.

     And Su Yu also started to encircle inwardly!

     Let's talk about it if we kill the sun and moon!

     Of course, there will be a lot of movement. After the killing, there will be rewards from heaven and earth. He still has to figure out how to escape the chase, because he doesn't want to leave the city immediately.

     "Can perhaps kill a few more suns and moons...get together to kill?"

     Su Yu thought, can it work?

     Ye Batian's divine writing didn't know whether it was strong or not.

     Is it okay to kill the sun and the moon?

     Otherwise, the undead spirits that appear are too weak to kill those strong ones at all, many sun and moon are lofty.

     "It really doesn't work. I seriously injured the other party and asked the teacher to kill. After the killing, I will continue to hide?"There is no reward, maybe you can avoid tracking.

     You have to kill a very powerful one yourself, and then run again, don't stop without eliciting the dead in the late sun and moon!

     Every thought flickered!

     Su Yu continued to move forward, incarnate as a dead spirit, wandering everywhere.


     At this time, Nei Wai, a genius, walked out the door in a miserable manner.

     If you don't go out, you have to hang up.

     Qin Fang is among them!

     At this moment, Qin Fang, cautious and solemn, saw a sun and moon, and that sun and moon also saw him. Qin Fang glanced at him, that sun and moon had strange eyes, and said, "Go to the gate and wait," Only if Su Yu pretended to be, you can leave!"

     Not only Qin Fang, but also other geniuses.

     Because Su Yu had disguised as Cui Lang, this time the geniuses, including the strong in the city, wanted to leave the ancient city and had to go to the ancient city gate and wait for inspection before leaving.

     Otherwise, don't leave.

     Qin Fang nodded, admitting counseling.

     It's a group of sun and moon, it's better to persuade.

     Riding the Flying Tiger, which was about to become a dead tiger, quickly ran out of the city, before going out first, Su Yu, he didn't know what was going on, he just knew that there was no movement in the past two days.

     In other directions, the original strong and geniuses in the city continued to run towards the city gate.

     Outside, there is Sun and Moon shouting: "The city originally stayed in the city with the geniuses of the strong from all races, and they came to the city gate to meet! Only after the identity verification, they are allowed to leave the ancient city, not without permission!"

     No one is exception!

     This time, in order to kill Su Yu, everyone is determined.

     "Check at the gate?"Su Yu's heart moved slightly!

     Yes, there will be sun and moon at the city gate... Why do you have to go to the inner city?

     Kill at the gate of the city!

     Kill one, maybe the people in Mohe didn't need Ye Hongyan and the others to fight, they had to come in and kill him!

     There are too many sun and moon in the inner city!

     Or... I'll just stay at the gate of the city!

     Su Yu suddenly ran towards the gate of the city.

     And Qin Fang was also running, running, and seeing a dead spirit also running with him... inwardly cursed, stupid dead spirit, Xiao Tiankong, actually chasing me!

     Don't kill you now, just wait, you are really at the gate of the city, you are still there, I will give you a shot and run out!

     Forget it, after checking the identity, I'll give you another shot!

     Su Yu was too lazy to bother, he also saw Qin Fang.

      somewhat sympathetic, but more still ignore it.

     I do mine, you go yours, don’t mess with me, that’s the best result, this guy ran, didn’t kill a person, didn’t do a thing, and corrupted himself to death, Su Yu sympathized with him .

     Soon, Su Yu returned to the gate of the city again.

     Sure enough, at the gate of the city, there were two sun and the moon, right inside the city.

     Nine gateways were blocked, and no one else was allowed to leave.

     Here is the opportunity!

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