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423 Strengthening (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

words exceede 5100These two methods do not require the coordination of orifices and acupuncture points. They are very special and can be learned by all races.

      It should be noted, today's gong method, general gong method almost does not exist.

     This time, Su Yu learned two things.

     The exercises he learned before were all transformed into human exercises by himself, but they were not universal.

     And this time, he obtained two exercises in the ancient city, which also made Su Yu very happy.

     Of course, at this moment, he is casting his body while thinking, is there such a stone sculpture in every ancient city?

     If so, there is also this ancient city of Yunxiao.

     Will it give benefits when forging?

     In the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction, I might have gotten more benefits, but here, I haven't gotten it yet.

     "Forget it, low-key!"

     Su Yu silently urged himself to keep a low profile and not to be ridiculous.

     Invincible may be looking for itself now, not too waves, anyway, the ancient city can't run here, it is really good, and it will not be too late to get it in the future.

     Keep practicing!

     Heaven and Earth Profound Light continued to consume, and a large amount of Tian Yuan Qi was also being consumed. This time he spent a lot of Tian Yuan Qi, and gave the Shadow Guard a lot of Sun and Moon, and absorbed a lot in the main hall.

     By this time, Su Yu had more than 100 copies.

     However, Su Yu still has a lot of essence and blood, which can be refined.

     He is not in a hurry, everyone is on the battlefield of the heavens, and he is afraid of losing the vitality?


     If it doesn't work, just go to slaughter a squad of gods and demons, the vitality of the sky will be too much.

     If you can't do it anymore, find a Poshan Cattle Station and kill a group of Poshan Cattle. This thing is still very cost-effective.Su Yu is not in a hurry.

     The flesh is continuing to practice.

     The concussion method cooperates with the breathing method to shake the physical body and wash the physical body.

     Soon after completing the 23rd casting, after a few hours, Su Yu consumed 3 ray of mysterious light and completed the 24th casting. At this moment, there are 16 mysterious lights left.

     Very expensive!

     There are many more than ordinary cultivators.

     Su Yusi is not at all surprised, so formidable's body, it is normal if it is used more often, and it is not normal if it is not used more. The remaining 16 mysterious lights can help themselves to complete 5 castings is a great thing.


     Time, a little bit passed.

     It was getting dark.

     At this moment, it was also Human Race time, July 16th in the 351st year of Anping calendar.

     It has been almost two months since Su Yu left Daming Mansion.

     8 Daming Mansion where the body was cast, the willpower is only empty.

     Today, Su Yu has reached 26 casts in his physical body, and 27 casts are in progress.

     There was a roar!

     Inside the house, the lifelessness dissipated.

     But in the sea of Su Yu's will, the heaven and earth profound light were all consumed, and the 28 castings that failed to meet the expectations, only just completed 27 castings, and all the heaven and earth profound light were consumed, and the more difficult it became!

     The physical body has officially reached 27 casts!

     After that, almost all of them reached the point where they could reach close to 5 ray of heaven and earth profound light to complete a casting.

     Su Yu also shook his head!

     Too much consumption!

     5 strands, according to the offer of Hunting Heaven Pavilion, that is 5 drops of Sun and Moon Essence Blood, can kill one Sun and Moon twice?

     Stop it!I still have 45 casts, and I want more later, then I have to kill at least 20 to 30 days. Of course, I'm talking about the first heavy... Well, in fact, he really killed so many this time.

     Although he didn't start it.

     Counting it down, it doesn't seem to be much!

     Su Yu self-depreciating smile, if you all learn from me, all races will die every day!

     To cast a body, you need to kill dozens of suns and moons in exchange, then killing all the suns and moons of all races is probably enough to satisfy some people.


     In fact, you can build your body slowly, and the effect of using Tian Qi is actually good, but Su Yu can't wait!

     He needs to strengthen himself quickly!

     Today, 27 castings have just been completed.

     And Su Yu's strength is actually very powerful and terrifying. The explosive power of his physical body has reached more than 23,000.

     It's close to twenty-four thousand!

     After opening Yang Aperture, the increase of Li Zi Shenwen can reach about 30,000.

     This strength, strictly speaking, is not much different from some weak mountain and sea triples.

     In terms of physical body alone, Su Yu is sure to fight them.

     But these ten thousand worlds, weak mountains and seas, are not the goal Su Yu and the others are pursuing!

     Just say Modona, physical power, at least more than 100,000 orifices, this is still before, the other party is only Lingyun Seventh, now?

     Moreover, 100,000 orifices are only the least. Modo can kill the Seven Seas, but the weakest one?

     Just happened to have the weakest one to kill you?

     Where did so many weak Shanhai Qizhong meet for you, let me kill you by the way.

     Judging by the weakest combat power is not accurate."The gap between mountains and seas is also as different as sky and earth!"

     "The gap between the sun and the moon is even scarier!"

     Su Yu shook his head, it means that He was injured by the self-explosion of two Sun-Moon Peak Divine Texts, and Su Yu burst out of the strength of Shanhai Sixth Layer, a sabre slash down, but only cut off the opponent’s arm. .

     Under his severe injury, his strength was probably weakened by 90%, and Su Yu made an all-out effort. Even if he broke out, he could not kill the opponent.

     How strong is Minghe?

     Anyway, it is strong and terrible!

     The physical combat power of nearly 30,000 orifices would have been very strong for Su Yu if it were in the past, but now... it's really that way.

     Without the sun and moon gods, now he met Modona, even if he swallowed the six-layer essence and blood of the mountain and sea, he would probably be blown up by the opponent, and his strength was not comparable to Modona.

     In other words, Su Yu probably couldn't beat him at the top of the list.

     Including Daocheng!

     Before the Dao Cheng, the Lingyun Realm had killed the five layers of mountains and seas, and now he entered the three layers of mountains and seas.

     Of course, Su Yu still does not know that Daocheng is on the list.

     At this moment, he has never carried that thing.

     The Hunting Heaven Pavilion's ranking is easy to use, but there are some pitfalls, it is very annoying to keep positioning you.

      Su Yu did not stop, and continued to absorb those celestial vitality, willpower, and the lingering rhyme of the divine text. By the way, he repaired the sea of will. The sea of will had been severely damaged in order to break the divine text of the sun and moon.

     Fortunately, Su Yu's Will Sea, after the hammer of expansion, it is still stable, and the existence of the golden atlas does not hurt much.Absorbed a lot of willpower, plus the lingering rhyme of the gods, Su Yu finally completed the reward of this world in one night.

     And the strength, officially steps into Lingyun Erzhong.

     Willpower can't be suppressed completely!

     In fact, Su Yu didn't want to be promoted, so he continued to train, but after training for a long time, there was really no way to compress it. His willpower was promoted to Lingyun Second Layer.

     Good too!

     The role of willpower is still very large. Disguising identity and preventing detection, including the use of divine texts, require strong willpower. If the willpower is not strong, such as self-destructing divine texts, they cannot do it.

     This time, the sun and moon peak divine text did not have strong willpower to control, otherwise, Su Yu possessed two sun and moon peak divine texts, and he could kill Minghe smoothly.

     Willpower Level Promotion is now, and some of the divine texts have been promoted.

     At this moment, Su Yu has a total of 25 divine writings.

     Blood, thunder, breaking, war, killing, yin, wind, change, beast, death, robbery, calmness, union, strength, fighting, slowness, sword, pressure, shock, plus the five elements of divine writing and a heritage of fire.

     Among them, except for a few divine texts that are still in the second and third ranks, most of them have entered the fourth rank.

     Su Yu's willpower, including the strength of the sea of will, is actually close to the mountain and sea.

     Today, some of his commonly used divine texts have all entered the fourth order.

     A few of them are late-comer lives above.

     The static characters from the Great Zhou King, the characters from the innate divine literary Jie, and the subsequent changes in the outline, as well as the Yin characters that have been wordless and silent, have all entered the fourth order.

     25 of them are all divine writings of the human race.Teacher Jin Sheng of Daming Mansion once said that the more human divine texts, the stronger the divine texts, and the greater the increase. Su Yu also has some feelings. His divine texts are not weak, not weaker than the gods and demons, but feel More powerful.

     "It is the divine text combat skills, the gap is still far, there are 74 divine texts, which cannot outline the complete divine text combat skills, the combat skills formed by the 25 divine texts are not as strong as expected..."

     Su Yu murmured, maybe, this is the flaw of the human divine writing, incomplete, not strong enough?

     If it cooperates with some other race gods, maybe it will be stronger?

     Su Yu just thought about this. Anyway, he couldn't outline the divine writings of other races.

     After digesting the gain this time, Su Yu's combat power has improved a lot.

     Soon, Su Yu looked at other gains.

     Halfway through, he swallowed some blood, opened some albums, and verified some of his previous ideas. Sure enough, the opening of the album was very interesting.

     At this moment, the page of the immortal family's atlas has changed.

     More perfect!

     In the previous fairy clan atlas, he had swallowed the blood of the immortal clan, but it was not perfect. At this moment, he finally felt completely perfect.

     "Xianzu (Lingyun Qizhong):

      Racial Skill: Immortal power possesses body, vitality urges hair, flesh and blood rebirth (emergence of essence and blood, same below)

     Basic Yuan Jue: Xian Yuan Jue

     Basic literary tricks: Tianluo tricks

     Basic casting method: Thirty-six castings

     Nine Basic Changes: Nine Changes of Ancient Immortals"This is the new page that Su Yu opened after swallowing the blood of the Nine Profound Essence, and it has improved a lot, including the appearance of the basic literary formula and the appearance of the basic nine reforms.

      Before then, there is none.

     Sure enough, Su Yu had guessed before that the things the Civilized Division opened might be different from those of the warriors.

     Now Su Yu believes it!

      Truly different, not to mention anything else, more basic art.

     The warrior and the civilized division are not the same, and when combined, they are truly complete pages.

     This time, killing the civilization master of the fairy clan, Jiu Xuan is.

     One more copy of "Xianqiao Tianluo Jue".

     In fact, Su Yu is still somewhat anticipated. He wants to see if the fairy clan's literary tactics, the opening magic, and his own in the end is it not overlap, all overlap, or overlap part of it?

     The Five Elements race is a special race, with 180 divine orifices activated, none of them overlaps.

     So what of the fairy clan?

     Su Yu once again swallowed a drop of essence and blood, the essence and blood of the immortal clan, that of Jiu Xuan.

     He had dealt with the essence and blood of Jiu Xuan before, he was the only strong family essence and blood that he carried on his body, and the other essence and blood were not the essence and blood of the strong who were killed in the ancient city this time, just for the preparation of now.

     A drop of blood was swallowed, and soon, the album was absorbed.

     After a while, in the sea of will, a pattern outlined by the gods appeared.

     108 tricks!

     It is stronger than the previous cultivation of the human race. Before the human race has cultivated to Wenjue, only 72 divine orifices are opened, while the immortal race has 108 divine orifices.

     Su Yu quickly looked for a moment, somewhat happy!

      truly different!Not all are the same, some overlapped, but, after he counted it, there were 32 different abilities, so he found 32 different abilities!

     As for the Wen Jue that Human Race had previously cultivated, the 72 divine skills that were unlocked were all overlapped with the Five Elements Jue. This means that Su Yu did not go deep into it. It may be that the Five Elements and Human Race had some connection before.

      Whatever the case, 32 new magic holes have now been discovered, which means that his previous guess is correct.

     There should be 360 gods too!

     But last time, he only turned on half of it, so he couldn't run it naturally, and he couldn't find the Yin Aperture, let alone discover the complete Primordial Aperture.

     "Sure enough, I guessed it!"

     Su Yu's eyes changed, so to speak, I should hunt down the Protoss, Demon Races, there's some left civilization masters of other races!

     Discover their basic essays and find out all the tricks.

     Then open all the magic tricks, run the exercises naturally, and form a new literary trick.

     "Civilized Master..."

     Seen very few!

     Su Yu sighed. He has also had a period of time in the battlefields of the heavens. He has seen a lot of geniuses from all races, but civilized teachers, few have seen them, and both of them are civilized teachers.

     Most of the geniuses of other races are warriors, and a small number of civilized divisions are also very weak.

     After the kill, Su Yu swallowed it once, and as a result, he also obtained a literary trick. The result was... very rubbish, all of which coincided with his own five element tricks.

     "In fact, there are still some civilized division races."

     "I know Fire Crow Clan, the white raccoon clan, and the shadow clan also have a large number of civilized teachers..."Su Yu thought in his heart that he had killed the shadow clan, but the shadow clan was not a civilized teacher last time.

     Most of these people belonged to civilized teachers. The one I encountered last time was probably a waste. I had known it earlier, it was better to get a drop of blood from the shadow in the Daming Mansion.

     "Fortunately, I'm not in a hurry, I really wait for a few divine orifices, but I can try the civilized teachers of all races."

     Su Yu thought in his heart that he felt that the civilized division was not as powerful as the warrior. That was his feeling. It might be that the divine orifice opened less, not as much as the original orifice. He opened 360 Yuan orifices, so he felt that his physical body was very powerful!

     Relying on willpower and divine writing alone, Su Yu felt that he could also fight Lingyun Bajiu Heavy. If the mountains and seas are weak, relying on God Enlargement Art, there may be some stregth to fight, but there are not many more steps.

     Which is like a warrior, he can go a lot more.

     "Nowadays, the civilized division has become an auxiliary, but the warrior is the mainstream!"

     He now uses his body to fight more often. Of course, the civilized division has a very good auxiliary effect, including the use of various divine texts, which is one of the reasons why he has so many methods.

     Su Yu comprehensively judged his own strength, together with the Civilized Division, was probably between Lingyun Jiuzhong and Shanhaiyizhong.

     The warriors together, in the form of two to three in the mountains and seas.

     Putting it all together, it shouldn't be difficult to hit Shanhai Triple, and Quad...a bit difficult.

     This means not relying on swallowing blood.

     The contrast is only weak.If he swallows the essence and blood, he can now swallow the essence and blood of the Sixth Layer of Shanhai. He was a little injured when he broke out, but he was not a weak clan, and was regarded as a medium race.

     In terms of combat power, the limit should be close to Shanhai Qizhong, but there is a high probability that it will not be able to beat the opponent.

     "Without the five generations of divine writings, I kill the sun and the moon... it's a dream! With true strength, you will be able to compete with Shanhai Six!"

     Sevenfold, then you have to escape.

     Absorbing and digesting a lot of gains, Su Yu's combat power has also been greatly improved.

     In fact, it is much stronger than when he just came out of Daming Mansion.

     Today's Su Yu really has the ability to fight mountains and seas.

     Unlike before, you have to think about it, and all kinds of sneak attacks.

      takes a deep breath, Su Yu smiled.


     very good already!

     And in my mind, there are 10 drops of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid, this thing is also a treasure!

     The Sun and Moon Realm can be used, but it is not necessarily unavailable until the Sun and Moon...

     Can strengthen the acupuncture points!

     If you don’t need it under the sun and the moon, it’s because you’re worried about using it. The acupuncture points are too powerful and you can’t unite in the follow-up. Su Yu’s words are also worried, but if you use it at a crucial moment, you can strengthen oneself strength, but it’s a little harder to regroup.

     "There are still about 100 Tian Yuan Qi remaining, and more than 300,000 Human Merit Points left..."

     At this time, Su Yu didn't have what thing, and the rest of the things were hidden.

     In addition, there's some left Shanhai Essence and Blood on hand.

     The most are from the Yunhu clan!The Daxia Mansion almost killed the Yunhu clan, and the other party ran to take refuge in the Heavenly Tiger Clan, otherwise the realm would be destroyed. Later, Xia Huyou and Su Yu traded, but gave a lot of Yunhu clan's blood.

     The other Su Yu used them to refine the vitality of the sky, but the mountains and seas were still there.

     Counting down, there are close to 100 drops, ranging from one to nine.

     "One to three levels are not very useful. They will be used to extract the vitality of the sky later, and the three levels and above are only somewhat useful and can be used to explode their strength..."

     Now, Su Yu can hardly see the essence of Shanhai's early days.

     Counting the harvest, digesting the spoils, and improving strength are also necessary skills for geniuses on the battlefield of the heavens.

     Every battle is to be stronger next time!

     Can't make you stronger in the fight, in fact, it's a lot more than necessary!

     If it weren't for the purpose of extracting the vitality of the sky, today's Su Yu, under the mountains and seas, would probably be too lazy to kill, unless the opponent is very strong and needs their blood.

     This also proved that Modo didn't bother to kill Su Yu, because Su Yu couldn't bring him anything.

     Similarly, if a weak god or demon is killed, it will not bring any benefits to Su Yu, and Su Yu may not bother to kill it.

     But it's a pity... they can bring something to Su Yu, such as essence and blood, which can be extracted into Tian Qi.

     In this case, if you encounter it, you can kill it.

     The flesh shook for a while, and the blood shook and dispersed.

     Su Yu at this moment has a way to get rid of his blood!

     Before, he had to go to the Dajin Mansion of Human Race to cleanse his blood, now he doesn't need it!

     Su Yuyuanqiao reversed!Lifeless corrosion!

     In an instant, all vitality turned into death energy, and the blood energy in his body was corroded by him instantly!

     Su Yu found out that this thing is actually a good way to get rid of tracking!

     Death is the most evil force.

     How can blood be contaminated when a dead person kills?

     At this time, the dead spirit reached Su Yu's hands, and it had a new effect, purifying, yes, purifying oneself, it was very against peace!

     But Su Yu is indeed using his lifeless spirit to purify himself!

     It is difficult to merge lifelessness and the power of various races, mainly because of rejection!

     This can also prevent some people from leaving a means of tracking for themselves.

     But there is one place where Su Yu didn't switch.


     The heart, that means that he is still alive, and the heart has been reversed to death. Su Yu is worried that he will become a dead person and truly become a necromancer.

     He judged, maybe the heart is fine, right?

     Under normal circumstances, even if someone tracks oneself, nothing will be left in the heart. If it really is, it can explode one's heart completely, and still use tracking?

     So at this moment Su Yu didn't use his lifeless energy to corrode his heart.

     And he didn't know that when he had this idea, and the death spirit was surrounding his heart, the dormant villain in his heart wiped his forehead very humanely, as if he was sweating.

     Soon, the villain continued to fall asleep, without being stimulated and crisis, the villain would not wake up.

     Just now, the villain realized the crisis.After handling the head and tail, purifying the remaining essence and blood with dead energy, and burning the remaining breath with flames, Su Yu handled everything, and then he was relaxed!

     Be careful!

     In the battlefield of the heavens, there are too many strong men, various races, and various methods. Minghe shouted to himself a few times, and he almost said, here, he doesn't appear to be overly cautious in doing anything.

     "The strength has improved, and now all the tens of thousands of people probably want to kill me, then where should I go?"

     Su Yu was lost in thought, and he planned to go to the Yaozu's territory, the Star Sea.

     But I don't know much about the situation there.

     I am afraid of danger if I rush over.

     It is better to have intelligence support!

     Hunting Heaven Pavilion is very good, but unfortunately... this organization is very dangerous, Su Yu dare not over contact, it is best to find other intelligence agencies to solve this problem.

     "On the battlefield of the heavens, there are no other intelligence agencies. Is Hunting Heaven Pavilion a monopoly of a single clique?"

     Su Yu guessed that there should still be other Intelligence Organizations.

     Otherwise, if Hunting Pavilion deceived everyone, wouldn't it be true?

     Also, what happened to the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction now?

     Su Yu also eagerly wanted to know what the results were over there, whether invincible appeared, and which invincible appeared?

     Outside, it was dark.

     Su Yu didn't choose to go out, he went out of the ancient house at night, it was too conspicuous, I want to keep a low profile!

     "27 cast flesh, it's still not good!"

     Seeing the sky outside, Su Yu opened the crack of the door, glanced at the deserted street, closed the door quickly, and sighed, only 27 castings, and after counting, he vacated the quadruple!I'm too weak, and the quadruple fighters who vacate can also fight the early days of the mountain and sea.

      a heavy load and a long road!

     On the Daxia Mansion side, sooner or later, great chaos broke out, and his strength was not enough.

     This time, even if he couldn't lead the chaos there, he still had enough strength and confidence to help Bai Feng and Hong Tan and at least save their lives!

     "Early tomorrow morning, I will check how to obtain some accurate information, and then go to Xingchenhai."

     Thinking of these, Su Yu did not delay.

     Continue to practice!

     Tian Yuan Qi began to cast his body, breathing in vomiting.

     After using the heaven and earth profound light, I feel that Tian Yuan Qi is very slow to cultivate, forget it, just use it. The more difficult it is to cast the body in the later stage, if you use Tian Yuan Qi, you can cast the body once in half a month and a month!

     Reluctantly make do!

     Su Yu is helpless, this is accustomed to Fei, suddenly let you go crawling, the speed is much slower, can't bear it, forget it, make do with cultivation!

     Tian Yuanqi, it seems that it is not as fragrant as before.

     Not only him, the little hair ball in his mind thinks so too.


     And while Su Yu was practicing and waiting.

     Outside the ancient city.

     Several invincibles received geniuses from various families.

     Dao King glanced at Daocheng, saw him being silent and didn't say anything. Soon, he looked at Modona's ancestor, Primitive Demon Race's Mogo Demon King, and said, "Mogo, Su Yu, what do you say? "

     Mo Ge said indifferently: "Eternally do not participate in these!"Dao King nodded, "I know, if it is an ordinary person, no, even a genius, even Peerless Supreme Talent, including people like Xia Longwu, we never paid attention to it in the past. If it is an eternal killing, then All Heavens and Myriad Realms will be messed up. The immortal and human races are still alliances... The key to Su Yu is not to kill, not to kill Jiu Xuan, not to kill so many suns and moons, to kill so many suns and moons, is his ability..."

     Dao Wang said a relatively fair word, and they didn't care if they were invincible.

     Unless you have to preach!

     But Su Yu was different. Xia Longwu also killed a lot of Sun and Moon back then, and Invincible didn't attack him either. Only when it was about to prove the truth later did Invincible spot him.

     But Su Yu also has an identity, a genius of polytheistic literature, and an inheritor of the five generations.

     Mo Ge thought for a while and said, "I know what you mean. You seemed to have contact with Qin Guang when you came. What did he say?"

     "He wants to protect it, it is inevitable, but... Su Yu is not worth the eternal protection of the whole human race now. Therefore, when Su Yu is killed at this time, he will only intervene in secret for one or two, and will not fully explode."

     Moge silent for a while, said: "Su Yu must be killed. I agree with this point! I am not afraid that the human race will have a few more eternities, but the human race's oppressive power will really be activated. Hatred will soon be retaliated back, and all walks of life will suffer human retaliation!"

     Humans don't think much!

     This is well known to all races.

     Now that's impossible, there is no way, just pretend to be grandson.As for the character of the Great Qin Kings, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, when they first discovered that they could ignore the suppressing power of the realm, how many people they killed, how many small realms they broke into, Overbearing Riot, killing and snatching.

     The human race is now in a difficult situation, and it is also related to these guys.

     Some small races are also afraid of being killed!

     Those invincible who opened the mansion have nothing good.

     Seeing his approval, Dao Wang smiled and nodded: "Then threaten the human race to hand over Su Yu!"

     On the side, Modona suddenly said: "If I were Su Yu, I would not return to the human race! Don't put your life in the mercy of others!"

     He calmly responded to Invincible, and smiled lightly: "Senior Dao King, if I were Su Yu, then I would choose to continue wandering in the battlefield of the heavens. If it doesn't work, find a small realm to lurch. In short, returning to the human realm is not a good choice! Su! I don’t have much contact with me, or I have only sensed it a few times and never met, but I believe that if I were him, I would not return to the human race!"

     Dao Wang faintly muttered to oneself, smiling: "Yes, after all, he is a genius, he has his own choice, Modona, where do you think he will go?"

     Modona thought a bit then said: "Xingchenhai, or Demon Race, or Xiaojie... Demon Race is in chaos, strongest as honor! Demon Race is turbulent, and all races are in unison! Xiaojie is safer."

     In short, the probability of going to the Eastern War Zone of the human environment is not high.

     It is not very possible to go to the territory of the fairy clan or the god clan.

     On the side, Dao Cheng did not say a word. At this moment, he said in a low voice: "Grandpa, your Technique of Divination is very strong. Can you tell me where he is now?"Dao Wang shook his head, "Divination without roots is very difficult! It's best to use his blood, hair, or other things to calculate his position."

     Of course, when he said so, he still tried it.

     Soon, there was a divine writing in the palm of his hand.

      After a while, the divine text trembled, Dao Wang shook his head, "I can't figure it out, and the time and space here is destroyed by people, and the city can't get in. It's even more difficult to calculate Su Yu!"

     Can't Space and Time Reverse!

     On the side, another demon king said lightly: "It's not easy. Su Yu has a relative alive. Grab his father and trace his blood. If it doesn't work, he can simply use the Reversing Time method to see if he can kill 19 years. The former Su Yu! After all, he is not very old, and if Reversing Time is concerned, there is still hope to kill him..."

     Dao Wang shook his head, "Reversing Time, it’s best not to interfere with the elapsed time, otherwise... it may cause the whole time and space chaos, the strong person who looks back in time, very possibly might fall, this is only when absolutely essential , Can’t use it indiscriminately! Finding Su Yu’s father and tracing through blood relationship is a feasible strategy, but Human Race will not hand it over..."

     Now, the best way is to find Su Long and follow Su Yu through his relationship with Su Yu.

     Several Invincibles briefly discussed, and did not say anything, they dispersed, but each tribe had secret orders passed down.

     Xingchenhai, Demon Realm, and Demon Realm all explored Su Yu's whereabouts. If there are unusual geniuses or special powerhouses, they should report them in time. Su Yu, this kind of person, will not stay dormant.

     This point, as invincible, as old geniuses, they understand too!If you really want to stay dormant forever, you don't have to worry about it, because he has no chance to be strong, and a genius like Su Yu can only rise in turmoil.
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