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425 Step Into The Sea Of Stars (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After spending two days in Yunxiao Ancient City, Su Yu decided to leave.

     It is of little use to create another bloody crime here.

     What's more, there is still a great power of the nine layers of the sun and the moon in the city. Who knows that he is different from the one in the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction. Tianhe does not intervene.

     Moreover, there are not too many strong people in Yunxiao Ancient City.

     Killed, there is not much benefit.

     Killing for the sake of killing is useless.

     If you want to kill, you have to kill some elites, or races such as Poshan Niu, which can provide you with a lot of blood. Killing here is just cheap for the dead.

     Before night fell, Su Yu walked out of the ancient city.

     Standing at the gate of the city, looking back, looking towards the inner city, somewhat regretful, this time I couldn't knock on the stone sculpture. It is good to cast stone sculptures. He knew that.

     What a pity!

     "I will come back again!"

     Su Yu secretly made up his mind, I came, but left empty-handed, and spent a lot of resources here to buy information, too bad!

     Sooner or later, I will earn it back!

     And at this moment, in the ancient city, the female stone sculpture opened her eyes, as if sensed something, silently watching the plague god leave. Human race has always been like this. Ancient Era has declined and is still so domineering.

     This guy, it wasn't enough to cause trouble in Tianmu City, and he was still unwilling to leave now.

     But a closer look reveals that his strength has improved a lot.

     The female stone sculptures watched silently, progressing, or very great.

     Even if the human race is in decline, it seems that there is no shortage of genius.

     ...Su Yu didn't think so much.

     At this time, he followed the route he checked and started heading towards Jiuxing Island.

     From the ancient city of Yunxiao to the edge of the Sea of Stars, it was about 2,000 miles, and into the Sea of Stars, and then to Jiuxing Island, there was still a long way away. In the Sea of Stars, the two islands were far apart.

     According to the map, Jiuxing Island is still thousands of miles away from the coast.

     A total of more than 10,000 miles, there may be no small danger on the road, at least a week or so to arrive.

     Out of the ancient city of Yunxiao, walk along the west, further and further away from the Eastern Rift Valley of Human Race, Su Yu without too many nostalgia.

     There are not many people who are worthy of his nostalgia.

     I just don’t know Teacher Liu How is it going?

     He seemed to have returned to Human Race, and he didn't know if he would encounter any trouble.

     And his own father...

     Su Yu actually knows that this time someone will definitely be looking at his father, but he is still a soldier now, a member of the Demon Army of Daxia Mansion Town, if Terran Invincible even the soldiers dare to hand it over to the Ten Thousand Clan... It's not a polytheistic literature. If it really wants to be like that, the whole human state can't stay.

     It's the same wherever you escape.

     Moreover, Invincible is not stupid. If you really dare to hand over Su Long, the human military spirit will be completely broken.

     "The old man probably won't be handed over, but...you have to be careful about the ten thousand clan secretly looking for opportunities to kill him or take his blood..."Su Yu still knows a little about these methods. He saw the Silkworm King and the others with his own eyes, and used a drop of blood to go back in time and track down the murderer. In short, the invincible methods were terrifying.

     So Su Yu these days, even if he conceals his identity, he will deal with all the remaining breath, so as not to be targeted by Invincible.

     The battlefield of the heavens is still Starlight Radiance.

     The endless void, rounds of stars shining on the earth, every sun and moon dies, will cause a round of Star-Moon-Sun crash vision, the radiation range is not large.

     While the invincible falls, the movement is terrifying.

     But Su Yu hasn't seen it before and hopes to make it several times in the future.

     At this moment, Su Yu is still a human being in disguise.

     Be extremely vigilant, walk around and look around. In this environment, being alone and not being more careful, anyone can capsize.

     After the ancient city of Yunxiao, it can be regarded as the area of the Yuhai Plain. Moving forward, there is no man's land, no city, no supply point, more than two thousand miles, it is called the shore of the sky.

     The name got because of being close to the sea of stars.

     There are also dangers along the shore of the sea, both man-made and natural.

     Night fell.

     Su Yu was not alone in the wilderness.

     There are powerful creatures directly floating in the air, and there are creatures riding on monsters and galloping away.

     But they are far apart, no one is close to each other.

     At this moment, in the sky, another group of people drove a skyship through the sky.

     At the bow of the ship, several young men and women stand upright, overlooking the earth and the shore of the sea.

     Fairy!Yes, Su Yu recognized it after a long distance. He was from the fairy clan.

     These people seem to be very young, and the people of the fairy clan are all immortal. In fact, Su Yu feels that these guys seem to be celestial. They may be the opening of the Tongtian Aperture, which causes the immortality every day. The air is fluttering, surrounded by fairy air.

     The so-called immortal energy is nothing more than a blindfold.

     Spots of light also appeared in the induction jade.

     There are a total of 16 light spots, but there are a lot of people.

     The strength is not weak, the mountain and the sea are three, the Lingyun is six, and the remaining 7 people are all in the air.

     Here, going deep into the battlefield of the heavens, flying into the sky is really just the beginning.

     On the skyship, those who overlooked the earth also saw Su Yu.

     "The human race in the sky!"

     "The strength is not bad, it seems to have taken off to the top."

     On the big ship, the young men and women were discussing with indifference and contempt. Here, no matter how strong it is, it's just a flight.

      Among men and women, some people laughed and said, "It's not bad. I dare to walk alone on the shore of the sea of heaven. The strength should not be weak. It seems to be a warrior, either from the Human Clan Daqin Palace or from the Daxia Palace."

     It is easy to guess that on the Human Race side, those who dared to run to this side are the warriors of Daxia Mansion and Daqin Mansion.

     Of course, there may also be some human vultures, not wanting the life guys who survive on the battlefield of the heavens.

     "You said, does he know Su Yu?"

     Speaking of Su Yu, someone said with emotion: "Nine Profound is dead, then Su Yu... is so courageous! I heard that Immortal King Xuanhe..."

     "Speak carefully!"Behind him, there is the old man Shanhai, experienced and knowledgeable, shouted in a low voice, preventing them from discussing the fairy king.

     Soon, another protector said: "When you go out, you must be cautious and timid, and don't provoke a strong enemy! Including the human race below, if you think it is empty, it may not be empty! Even if it is empty, it does not mean it is very Weak, Su Yu is just Lingyun, and Liu Wenyan seems to have just entered Lingyun..."

     The old man taught: "Some of you have just come to the battlefield of the heavens, some have been honing in the battlefield of the heavens for many years, but most of them are the first time out of the Northern War Zone!"

     The fairy clan occupies the north, the god clan occupies the western theater opposite to the human clan, and the demons are in the Southern War Zone.

     The ancient city of Yunxiao is a bit northerly, and when the fairy clan goes to the Sea of Stars, they usually go here too.

     Several people responded, indeed, as the old man said, even if some of them have been to the battlefield of the heavens, this is the first time they can get out of the territory of the fairy clan.

     The sea of stars is in the centre of battlefield in the centre of battlefield.

     The so-called four theaters, strictly speaking, are actually only the periphery of the Star Sea.

     However, the sea of stars does not affect the battle of all races, because the sea of stars... is in the air!

     Yes, in the air.

     The sea of stars is suspended, like the sea of stars, so it was named the sea of stars, which is a special place. Below the sea of stars is the continent, a vast and boundless continent called the seabed continent.

     This continent is the main battlefield of the ten thousand races.These areas of the Eastern Rift Valley are defense zones for their own defenses. Only small-scale battles and large-scale battles will take place on the undersea continent, allowing the four armies, including the strong, to reach them smoothly.


     In the skyship, the young men and women were talking. Below, Su Yu shifted slightly to avoid the situation where they were directly floating in the air.

     And at this moment, on the skyship, someone said lightly: "The human race below, where do you come from?"

     Su Yu looked up, somewhat uncertain in his heart. Are you looking for the fault?

     Sent to death?

     Well, among the three mountains and seas, one of them should be the peak of the mountains and seas, which is not very easy to provoke, but Su Yu is not too afraid. Hearing the voice of illusory, he seemed a little wary and said: "From the Great Summer Palace!"


     In the air, the fairy clan who had interrogated before nodded and smiled, seemingly satisfied with his judgment.

     Just now a few people were discussing where this person came from.

     He said it was from Daxia Mansion, and some people didn't refer to Daqin Mansion. Obviously, he won.

     "Are you going to the Sea of Stars?"

     The fairy clan asked again, and Su Yu had no choice but to reply: "Yes, go collect some things."

     "Want to go on the road together?"

     The immortal youth smiled again and said: "Take you, lest you hurry, it’s not that safe on the shore of the sea! Of course, no need to be worried, I just want to ask you something about the human race. , And the covenant."

     Su Yu was vigilant and said solemnly: "Don't dare to bother some immortals!"The young man smiled lightly: "It's okay! Human Race, it is very unfriendly to refuse the invitation of the Immortal Race, what do you think?"

     The young man said, behind him, the guardian in the cabin warned by voice transmission: "Don't cause trouble! We are going to Jiuxing Island this time to see the geniuses of various races. Don't waste too much time with this human race!"

     "Don't worry, I just want to learn about some human races. We don't know much about human races. Many of the previous generations went to the human world. We really haven't been to..."

     The three mountain and sea protectors, no longer said, used willpower to explore Su Yu.

     Still have to be more careful!

     This year, there are a lot of hidden strengths, and a Su Yu has just appeared on the Human Race. If it's okay, it's best not to mess with the Human Race.

     The Taoist King Youxian decree was passed down. Recently, the solo humans must carefully investigate whether it is Su Yu's disguise.

     They still don't know whether Su Yu can pretend to be a foreign race, but Su Yu should have a divine writing that can adjust one's head and turn one's face to pretend to be other people of the adult race. Human race still needs to be vigilant.


     Su Yu is speechless, I am leaving, you must invite me.

     The immortals are like birds!

     That Daocheng and Jiuxuan had the same attitude before, inviting you Su Yu to sit in the immortal world. Now it’s alright. Jiuxuan is dead. If Daocheng is successful, Su Yu will kill him sooner or later!

     Your immortals are so hospitable!

     So many invitees died just now, and they want to invite me again!

     "Three mountains and seas, one is the peak of the mountains and the sea, the other is the mountain and the sea seven, and the other is the mountain and the six..."

     Not weak anymore, or very strong!The three mountain and sea guardians, so to speak, the men and women here should also have a little background, maybe not too strong, the Sun Moon family, it is very likely that it is the first time to travel far.

     If you really go out often, the protector will not follow.

     All races understand that flowers in the greenhouse are not good.

     Therefore, even people like Daocheng and Modo didn't actually follow them. Of course, each had a powerful means of life-saving, and they could summon Invincible even when they reached a dead end... It's hard to tell.

     A guardian followed, either for the first time to go out, or for the real dude.

     Su Yu roughly judged that it is unlikely that so many young men and women are dudes, and their strength is not bad. It is very likely that they will travel far for the first time.

     With the judgment, Su Yu felt the movement of the four directions, and soon said: "Then bother you fairies..."

     It looks unwilling.

     On the skyship, the young man lightly laughed, waved his hand, and shot a long sword towards Su Yu. Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, and he quickly backed away. Soon, a broad sword floated in front of him.

     The young man smiled lightly; "Come on!"

     Su Yu showed a look of wonder, stepped on the sword, cursed in his heart, idiot!

     Get a mysterious sword, like a heavenly soldier, really think I have no knowledge?

     Feijian took him and flew quickly to the sky.

     The three Shanhai carefully probed him again, without further investigation, and roughly judged, and felt a sense of crisis, almost none.

     Either the opponent's strength is real, or the opponent is even more powerful than them, and the three Shanhai didn't say anything.words exceede 5100The young man smiled and pressed his hands: "Sit down and talk! Don't be nervous! We are not malicious! If you really want to be malicious, it's useless to be vigilant if you vacate."

     After that, he smiled and said, "My name is Yun Sheng."

     "Mr Yun Xian!"

     Su Yu hurriedly said politely, and Yun Sheng smiled: "Sit down!"

     "Don't dare..."

     "sit down!"

     Yun Sheng repeated faintly, Su Yu sat down with a awkward look, and Yun Sheng and the others sat down one after another. A group of people, seemingly monkeys, looked at Su Yu.

     A young girl who seemed to be young, with a smile, said: "Humanity, where are you going to the Sea of Stars?"

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "Tianxia Island, I'm going to collect some Earth Sea God Gold. Earth Sea God Gold is of high value. Tianxia Island is not far from the edge of the Star Sea, and the danger there is not too great..."

     "Tianxia Island?"

     Yun Sheng thought for a while, and chuckled: "It is true that Tianxia Island is rich in sea god gold, but Tianxia Island may not be safe now. It is only more than five thousand miles away from Jiuxing Island..."

     Su Yu hurriedly said: "It's okay, nothing else near Jiuxing Island is too dangerous. I have checked this. The Thousand Domain Alliance on Jiuxing Island has been maintaining order around it. As long as it doesn't make trouble, it is not dangerous."

     Yun Sheng smiled, and so did the others.


     Of course, this is the previous news. They see Su Yu alone, the status is probably not high, and they don't know the situation is normal.

     Near Jiuxing Island, it's not safe anymore!

     A lot of geniuses are running there.

     Where there are more geniuses, the more dangerous, this is the law.Yun Sheng was too lazy to say anything, and said again: "Do you know Su Yu from Daxia Mansion?"

     "Su Yu..."

     Su Yu looked wary, his eyes blinked, Yun Sheng said calmly: "It's okay to say, so how do you know, I still know Daocheng? Is it because you know that I am angry with you? Besides, we and Jiuxuan Daocheng Not too familiar."

     Su Yu sighed, cautious and solemn said: "I don’t know him, but I’ve met him once. When he was studying at Daxia Civilization Academy, I went to Daxia Civilization Academy and I saw it once. ...Unexpectedly...Oh!"

     He sighed, sighed, and sighed with some pride and sorrow. "Unfortunately, he went to Daming Mansion, and his relationship with Daxia Mansion gradually alienated him. Now he is killing all sides on the battlefield of the heavens. I don’t know if my human race is invincible, did you take him back..."

     "Definitely not going back."

     Yun Sheng smiled and said, "Needless to say, he hasn't returned to the human state at all."

     With that, Yun Sheng said again: "They say that Su Yu is an invincible relic of the human race, did you know?

     Su Yu said embarrassedly: "This... there are rumors, but I'm just a small person, true or false, who knows this, even those big people don't know this thing too well.

     Then he said, "Mr. Yunxian, I don’t know much about it. You asked, I also can't do anything about it. I also can’t do anything about it. I also can’t do anything about it. How can I not get on the adults’ ship..."

     Yun Sheng didn't care too much either. On the side, another young man said, "I heard that the human environment has no oppressive power. Is that true?"Su Yu nodded, "Yes, some demon races can fully display their strength in the human realm. This is known to all realms."

     "Have you seen the palace lord of Daxia Mansion?"

     Su Yu nodded, "I have seen it. On TV, it is like taking a photo. The lord of the palace often presides over some head-cutting activities. Every time a large number of believers are arrested, the house will be taken Master Lord personally presides over the beheading!"

     As soon as these words came out, these young people became interested!

     Kill the embryo!

     Sure enough, the name is not in vain.

     A little fairy hurriedly said, "Is the Blood Slaughter King very cruel? He looks very cruel?"

     Su Yu said unhappily: "Why! Lord Palace, wise and brilliant, how cruel and cruel!"

     His face was a little ugly, his face was unhappy.

     Everyone didn't say anything. They had heard that Xia Longwu was the spiritual leader of the Great Xia Mansion, and Su Yu's rebuttal was normal.

     Sure enough, the guys in Daxia Mansion were very fierce.

     One vacated, in the eyes of so many powerful people, even dared to get angry, Daxia Mansion is killing embryos, and this rumor is correct.

     These people seem to have discovered the New World and are very interested in the human environment.

     "I heard that Tianyu Immortal King has descendants to study at the Great Xia Mansion Civilization Academy, and he even plans to marry the Xia Family. Have you met Prince Xia Family?"

     "I have seen it!"

     Su Yu nodded again: "His Royal Highness Xia Huyou, too...wise and brilliant!"

     A compliment against his will.

     Su Yu secretly complained, Xia Huyou was really ready to accept the little fairy?

     Beware of others pouch pouch every day!The descendants of the Immortal King, their status is not low.

     Su Yu saw him last time, but didn't care too much. Last time he was in Daxia Civilization Academy. Those strong clans had geniuses who came to the school. He glanced at, he also saw the little fairy, and his strength was average.

     Tianyu Fairy King...

     Su Yu took it down. I don't know if he is really ready to make good relations with the human race, or if he has a deeper plan, even the descendants are sent to the human realm.

     I kept returning to these people's questions. They were all simple information. It seemed that these people had done some understanding of the human race, but some of them were not right. I saw myself this time, perhaps the first time I saw the human race.

     And these people are chatting themselves.

     I didn't talk too deeply, but Su Yu also heard some of them in general. They all talked in Xian Clan language, but Su Yu could understand it.

     These 13 young men and women are all from the same fairy king force.

     There are descendants of sun and moon, and descendants of mountains and seas.

     It's not a family, but it comes from a force, from a place called the "Tianxuan Taoist Academy", which is almost an institution similar to the mechanism of a school.

     Tianxuan Taoyuan... This Su Yu is not too clear.

     He doesn't know much about the immortal race, just as these people don't know much about the human race. Unless taught from a young age, it is enough for everyone to master the knowledge of the world.

     During the conversation, these people talked about Immortal King Tianxuan several times, so they should belong to the sphere of influence of Immortal King Tianxuan.

     The division of forces between the immortal and human races is somewhat similar, and both are the immortal kings commanding a domain.

     But it is a bit different from the human race, the immortal race also has a half emperor.Of course, this is the name of the human race, and the other party directly calls it the fairy emperor. The fairy emperor is in charge of the fairy court and rules the fairy world. In weekdays, those fairy kings are alone, the crucial moment, they have to go to the fairy court to listen to orders.

     However, the fairy emperor of the fairy clan has not appeared for many years.

     These people only briefly mentioned a few sentences, which were all public news. They were not so stupid to talk about some secrets in front of Su Yu, but they mentioned Jiuxing Island several times, which surprised Su Yu.

     These people also went to Jiuxing Island?

     Is Jiuxing Island so popular?

     Some don't understand, Su Yu didn't say much. It's normal to go to Jiuxing Island. Maybe the Xingyu Mansion will open over there, which will benefit a lot. These people are all going to make money.

     The spacecraft flew all the way, fast.

     More than 2,000 miles, the spacecraft did not take too long, and soon, it will reach the sea of stars.

     Not arrived yet...

     Su Yu saw the shocking scene!

     Ahead, in the distance, little stars, shining everywhere!

     The air seemed to be embellished with countless stars, reflecting the void, and he could hear the sound of waves across hundreds of miles.


     No, the floating ocean!

      As far as the eye can see the ocean, floating in the air, the magical sea of stars is coming.

     Su Yu pretended to be calm, and many of those immortals had never seen the sea of stars, and they were all exclaiming at this moment!

     "The Sea of Stars... is really the ocean floating in the air!"

     "Brother Yun Sheng, can you see the bottom of the ocean from below?"Yun Sheng smiled and said: "No, there is the undersea continent below. When you look up, you can only see the starry sky, but not the ocean. It seems that the ocean does not exist. This place is amazing. You can't enter the ocean from below, you can only see from the surrounding Go in."

     "So amazing?"

     "Then anyone sneaked in from the bottom of the sea and tried to penetrate the bottom of the sea and enter the underwater continent?"

     "No, I dived to the bottom of the sea, and may have entered other small realms, but not the seabed continent."


     "so beautiful!"

     The scene before me is indeed beautiful!

     A boundless ocean, floating in the air, dotted with stars, as if stars are in the ocean, rippling with blue waves, it seems that nothing more beautiful can be imagined!

     However, in the rear cabin, a guardian soon said in a deep voice: "The beauty is often hidden in crisis! In the sea of stars, be careful, there are many monsters lurking in the ocean! Also, there are many dragons here, and the dragons are also overbearing. , Even if we come from the immortal clan and encounter the dragon clan, they will often commit murder!"

     "Xingchenhai, there are other crises, pull yourself together!"

     "Don't be careless!"

     This protector keeps reminding these young men and women that this place is very dangerous.

     On Su Yu's side, that Yun Sheng also smiled and said, "We are in the Sea of Stars, Tianxia Island and Jiuxing Island are not on the same line, Brother Zheng, then we can't send it far!"

     "Thank you!"

     Su Yu thanked him, but didn't say much, this was making me fuck off.

     pretty good!

     I still want to leave as soon as possible. Following these people, it is hard to go to Jiuxing Island.If it weren't for the three mountains and seas, you little fairies and monarchs would all be knocked to death by me!

     The three mountains and seas are still a bit troublesome, especially the peak mountains and seas.


     Soon, Su Yu got off the spaceship by himself.

     At this moment, he has officially arrived at the sea of stars!

     The ocean floating in the air is really spectacular. Su Yu is somewhat shocked, so big ocean, and boundless. How did he achieve it floating in the air?

     Underneath, it seems that there is no what thing to support.

     Su Yu was shocked, but also a little bit more excited.

     Sea of stars!

     The most famous place in this place is Xingyu Mansion.

     The opening time of Xingyu Mansion is also fast. According to previous calculations, it should be opened next year. However, soon, all races will choose candidates to enter the sea of stars, first adapt to the environment, and then prepare to enter the Xingyu Mansion for adventure.

     "Daming Mansion, Daxia Mansion, I don't know at what time they will choose people... I said that the end of the end of the year is the end of the year, and then I probably have to bring people to adapt to the environment by the end of the year..."

     Su Yu didn't know the chance of Xingyu Mansion, he only knew that there was Tianhe Sand in this place.

     A good thing that can purify willpower!

     The Sea of Consciousness Secret Realm of Daxia Mansion, without this thing, would be difficult to open, and the willpower is not pure. With Tianhe Sand, the Secret Realm of Sea Consciousness is a paradise for civilized masters!

     He watched Yun Sheng and the others leave, and didn't rush into the sea of stars, let's take a look.

     It's spectacular!There are also three large oceans in Human Realm, which he has never been to, but Su Yu feels that no matter how magnificent the ocean is in Human Realm, there is no such a floating ocean that is more spectacular!

     "Battlefield of the heavens, a magical place!"

     Su Yu sighed for a while below, and began to levitate into the air, into the ocean, and had to fly up, there was no one left.

     In front, the sea water hit the void, and it didn't fall. It was also an extremely magical scene.

     Su Yu kept flying for more than 10,000 meters before reaching the sea level!

     At this moment, he officially saw the face of Xingchenhai.

     In the ocean, the stars seem to be in the sea, as if the sea has swallowed the stars, nothing more beautiful can be imagined!

     The surroundings are very quiet. At this moment, except for the rising clouds, their spacecraft is still flying high in the sky, without other people.


     Su Yugang thought, ahead, in the sea, a huge monster beast suddenly jumped out of the sea and hit the spaceship with one blow!

     A sword shines!

     In the spaceship, the strong immortal clan made a move, slashed with one blow, and slashed the monster beast in the sea.

     But at this moment, a bird call came out, and the next moment, an incomparable gigantic big bird, floating in the air, hiding the sky and covering the earth, the sharp beak, suddenly pecked at the spaceship!

     With a bang, the spaceship was pecked out of a big hole!

     Rumble constantly!

     The war broke out in an instant, in the blink of an eye, the spaceship was damaged, and the three mountains and seas quickly grabbed others, soaring high into the air, and flew toward the depths of the ocean!

     Su Yu is watching dumbstruck!

     I go, it's dangerous!

     As soon as I entered, I encountered two big monsters of mountains and seas. These immortals were really unlucky.Seeing that they all ignored him, Su Yu flew away quickly, touched his chest, and his little heart thumped thumping, which was really exciting!

     There are so many monster races in this place, I kill a few, probably no one cares, right?

     Licking his lips, Su Yu smiled.

     Great place!

     The next moment, he plunged into the sea quickly, turned into a current, and disappeared in place.

     I am aquatic!

     Ocean, my place!

     There are probably aquariums here too, this place is too suitable for aquariums to survive, a good place!

     Soon after Su Yu plunged into the ocean, a native of the earth appeared nearby and looked around. Soon, some water flow appeared on the exterior of the native. The next moment, the native also turned into a water man and swam into the middle of the ocean.

     Who said that this won't work when the Tu people come, so can I!

     Floating Earth Spirit into the water!

     Jiuxing Island, here I am!


     After a while, one after another, some people, some entered the water, some vacated, and flew towards Jiuxing Island.

     Fighting has also been breaking out.

     Until the two giant dragons flew over, the monster races in the sea retreated one after another, and did not attack these dragon races. The Star Sea, the dragon race was the strongest.

     In the sea of stars, geniuses began to gather.

      At the same time, some masked men and guys from Hunting Heaven Pavilion entered the arena one after another. Not long after, another small team entered, some to hunt geniuses, and some to track Su Yu's whereabouts.
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