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    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Near Jiuxing Island, there are constant battles.

     On Tianxia Island, it is relatively quiet, but there are also people who go out constantly to go to the Star Sea area for a chance and a chance.

     In many cases, it is gone forever.

     Maybe they are dead, maybe they have fallen into a certain small world, or they may have fallen into some ancient space. After a few years, they will be born again. This situation has happened before.

     Inside Mingguang City.

     Su Yu's preparatory work has been done, and the ancient weapons are almost there in disguise. Now, the corpse is missing.

     The corpse of Sunyue Bazhong was taken from the city. Su Yu was worried that the pressure would be too great and would be noticed.

     At this moment, Su Yu was also preparing to leave.

     Find a place where no one is, and go to extract blood!

     By the way, fake the corpse!

     He checked the information. The gods of the Tianyi clan also existed in ancient times, and there were also top powerhouses. In the ancient times, there is a legend of the gods of the Tianyi clan.

     Since there is an ancient Tianyi God Clan, it is not at all surprising.

     "It's time to get out of town!"

     Su Yu has stayed here for several days, and at this moment, according to the human time, it is July 25th.

     On August 1, freshmen start school.

     And this time, Polytheum Academy will be opened. This is the precursor of chaos, and he doesn’t have much time left. Even if Su Yu doesn’t know the situation, he also knows that Daxia Mansion will enter a troubled world as soon as Polytheum Academy opens. It's a sign.

     "It must be as soon as possible!"

     Su Yu said inwardly, and walked out of the small building.

     Outside, it's still lively.

      a boiling cauldron of voices.This side is the closest island to Jiuxing Island. Everyone is concerned about the situation there, and there are even people who travel between the two sides.

     "Last night a battle broke out in the waters near Jiuxing Island. Protoss wars Wushuang and Xuanwuji. I go, this is still a mountain and sea? Heaven falls and earth rends, Sun and Moon lost radiance, are both of them better than the sun and the moon? "

     "These two are strong, but I think the Underworld Moon Moon is more powerful, with only six mountains and seas. Yesterday’s early morning battle against the Heavenly Dragon Clan powerhouse at the peak of the mountain and sea. After Long Yingyue, the 300 rounds of the battle were separated!"

     "So formidable? The peak of the mountains and seas of the Tianlong clan can defeat the sun and the moon, right? Doesn't it mean that Mingyue can kill the sun and the moon? Wouldn't it be stronger than Zhan Wushuang? Mingyue is the sixth mountain and sea..."

     "It's not easy to say, these two have never played against each other, how can I know!"


      Discuss spiritedly, these crowds are very excited.

     Genius, they are all Peerless Genius!

     The war is endless!

     The Mingyue of the underworld, now the fourth in the sky list, the six powerhouses of mountains and seas, yesterday directly killed a Tianlong on the peak of the mountain and sea. The existence of the same race.

     Such a pinnacle race powerhouse, being killed by people across three realms, is still a reversal of Shanhai Liuzhong to the mountain peak, which is more eye-catching than Zhan Wushuang and Xuan Wu Jizhe.

     "Qin Fang of the human race is also very powerful. He stepped into the Seventh Layer of Rising Clouds. The night before yesterday, at Langtao Gorge, he shot to death a strongman of the first realm of the mountain and sea of the Thunder God Clan. Can be on the top list!""Qin Fang? He's a little bit worse, not as good as the Tianyuan Clan's Cursed Soul, Cursed Soul Mountain and Sea Triple, before directly cursing Suanni Clan, who is ranked 26th in the land list, the genius of Suanni Clan, and the opponent has reached the mountain and sea fifth!

     Wars continue, genius is dead!

     Recently, the hunting list has changed a lot.

     A large number of geniuses were killed!

     In the same way, after killing these geniuses, other geniuses have also benefited a lot.

     Yesterday may be tied with you, a day later, the other party may surpass you.

     The war of genius is extremely dangerous.

     Killing is the best means of genius progress.

     You kill me, I kill you, either you die or I die.

     Su Yu listened in silence, and soon heard news from an acquaintance.

     "Human Race Huang Teng, since the day before yesterday, he was chased and killed. This guy was unlucky again. He actually provoked the madman of the Blood Fire Demon Race. Three strong men of the Blood Fire Demon Race chased him. I don't know this guy. at what time to die."

     "On the Human Race side, Su Yu did not appear, Su Yu is not there, Qin Fang is the highest ranked..."

     "Who said that there is still Liu Wenyan?"

     "Nonsense, people are quite old, and they are still hiding in the human race."


     Huang Teng was hunted down again!

     Su Yu was convinced, why are you and others chased every day, the blood fire demon race is indeed crazy, this Su Yu knows, how Huang Teng provoke these guys.

     Su Yu laughed, these crazy guys.

     Kill, or be killed!

     The pursuit of geniuses is really different.Killing geniuses of the same rank may be the fastest method of progress, breaking out in killing and rising in battle.

     He also heard the news of Modona.

     This genius who was the number one genius in the top rankings, in the past two days, ran to find trouble with Xuan Wuji and Zhan Wushuang... People are all from Shanhai Sixth Layer and Eighth Layer, he ran to find trouble with Lingyun Nine Layer, and he didn't know if it would be. Will be killed.

     This has nothing to do with Su Yu!

     In short, in the Jiuxing Island area, the war has never stopped, and it doesn't matter if Su Yu is there or not.

     The geniuses on the list are fighting each other.

     Moreover, recently there are many opportunities over there, Xingyu Mansion will open, a lot of vitality will overflow, willpower is boiling, and some people even picked up an ancient dragon blood tree on the sea.

     This thing is of great help to the dragons.

     Dragon blood fruit is very helpful to the transformation of Dragon Clan’s Lingyun vitality, allowing the dragons to perform the highest stage vitality transformation. For this ancient tree, the dragon sent a strong sun and moon to hunt down. As a result, the guy who picked up the tree had known for a long time. Dangerous, at the price of 10 drops of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid, it was sold directly to the Shimozu.

     The powerhouse of Shimozu is wrangling with the dragon.

     This also made Su Yu a little moved, and the ancient dragon blood tree could be picked up, and it was normal to encounter a shattered space.

     However, you have to keep it!

     Must have a strong enough identity!

     Looking at the Dragon Clan, I’m going to grab the guy who picked up the ancient tree. The guy who heard that he is still a mountain-sea realm powerhouse is useless. He can only sell it to the Si Mozu, and Si Mozu is willing to pay for it, too. In order to quickly get the ancient dragon blood tree, grasp the dragon clan.

     Otherwise, it may not cost money.The guy who got 10 drops of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid didn't know where to hide now, maybe he was killed by the First Demon Clan.

     The Shimozu and the Dragons did not fight, but wrangled, This is the confidence!

     Shimozu is very strong, do you dare to fight against Shimozu with dragons?

     Genius fights, that is normal. Once the sun-moon battle between the two races breaks out, very possibly might quickly set off a stronger battle, so now the dragon race has to spend money to buy it obediently.

     If you don't earn 10 times, can Shimozu agree?

     100 drops of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid are comparable to 300 rays of heaven and earth profound light.

     It's just an ancient tree. Although it is very powerful, it is better than the ancient quasi-invincible?

     Is it worth more than your own ancient quasi-invincible corpse?

     Sure enough, everyone has money!

     Except Terran!

     The foundation is too weak. The Human Race only stabilized more than 300 years ago, and the development time is too short. Tianyuan fruit trees rely on looting. Look at the other people's fairy clan. Anyone who goes out with some Tianyuan fruit is incomparable!

     Su Yu is also hot at listening, fucking!

     They are all rich!

     Xuanhuangye and other strategic materials were all traded.

     The ancient dragon blood tree is also a good thing. It can help the dragon's vitality to transform. Once you have finished your body, you have to consider using what thing to help your vitality transform.

     Of course, that is still early.

     Today's Su Yu has only completed 27 casts, of course, 28 casts are also fast. In the past few days, he has consumed a lot of vitality, and with the breathing method, his cultivation speed is quite fast.It stands to reason that the more difficult it is going forward, Su Yu doesn't make a big difference, it's just that the Tianyuanqi is consumed badly.

      If it goes on like this, after finishing 28 casting, Su Yu may be out of money.

     Tian Yuanqi also spent a part of it to nurture that ancient divine text, let this divine text recover the strength, strengthen oneself, at least restore to the mountains and seas, even the sun and the moon, to show the power of the corpse!

     After countless years, his divine writing can still remain in the sun and moon realm!

      as you can well imagine how strong it was in the past!

     The cost of fraud is getting bigger and bigger.

     Su Yu also made forgeries and did not hesitate the cost. In fact, this is not a fake. The genuine eight-fold corpse of the sun and the moon, and the remnants of essence and blood, the genuine ancient high-level weapon, the genuine ancient sun and the moon seven gods... …

     This can't be considered a fake, I can only say that it is a little packaged!

     Su Yu didn't think so much, and soon walked out of Mingguang City.

     Out of town, sneer in my heart!

     Someone is eyeing me!

     It's probably because these guys have spent money to buy information and intelligence these days.

     In addition, he also bought ancient weapons of monkeys and moved into a small building that was expensive. After counting, Su Yu did spend a lot of money these few days, and it was normal for these guys to look at him.

     Although the Broshan Bull in the Lingyun Realm is a top 100 race, it can hardly exert the strength of Lingyun's fifth and sixth layers.

     Lingyun Realm, is it a strong one here?

     Yes, but not the top level. Although it is not as good as Jiuxing Island, there are still mountains and seas.

     Su Yu walked all the way towards the entrance to the sea.Gradually, he also found out how many guys were following him.

     Three people!

     The first wave, three, two in the late Lingyun, one in the middle.

     The second wave, four of them, are all in the late Lingyun period.

     The third wave, one, because it is a mountain and sea.

     Not a group, Su Yu judged by induction jade, these groups of people, not together, may not see each other, or the possibility of the mountains and seas may have been detected, and they are hiding with the mind to kill them together.

     "Shan Hai Er Zhong, it's not weak anymore!"

     "It's a pity... it still doesn't work!"

     Su Yu's heart is slander, it's good, I just happen to be running out of blood, I need the blood to extract the vitality of the sky, you sent it to the door, just avoiding me to find it myself.

     In the Sea of Stars, there are not one or two people doing this kind of thing. Many people are doing it, which is normal.


     With his tail, Su Yu entered the sea!

     The sea of stars is still rippling with blue waves, and the waves are sweeping.

     The vitality became stronger.

     Close to Tianxia Island, you can often see some cultivators in the airborne realm, fighting against some demons under the guidance of the elders.

     Su Yu didn't get too close, and quickly flew towards the far sea.

     He looked very vigilant, and stopped a few times in the middle, looking around, his willpower spread, as if he was looking for anyone to follow.

      quickly flew away, flew almost over an hour, flew out hundreds of miles.

     Su Yu stopped then and secretly said, these guys can really bear it.

     All following him!However, it hasn't been activated for a long time. There is no one here, and they have not been activated yet, and they don't know what they are waiting for. Have they discovered each other's existence and dare not start rashly?

     Su Yu doesn't have time to spend with them, he still finds a place where no one is there to extract blood and fake the corpse.

     On the sea.

     Su Yu shouted: "Follow me, it's time to come out! Do you want to continue to follow? I'm so brave, I'm a one of the top 100 races, there are invincibles in the clan, dare to follow me, not afraid of me breaking The mountain cattle clan is asking you trouble?"

      no one replies.

     Su Yu shook his head, thinking he was a temptation!

     Okay, I won't play with you anymore.

     He felt Yu and probed again. It was a kilometer away from others. It was a kilometer away, and there was a high probability that there would be no other people. The words of the robbery did not move. Even if there is a mountain and sea following, it is the presence of mind in the face of disasters. !

     OK, that's it!

     Get rid of that mountain and sea first, and the remaining Lingyun can't run away from him.

     Su Yu's physical strength has reached the level of close to 30,000 apertures, which means that his speed, explosive power, and resistance have almost reached this level. In fact, it is very strong, comparable to mountains and seas.

     It's just that what he meets on weekdays are some powerful geniuses.

     At this moment, Su Yu suddenly broke out!

     The speed is amazing!

     Void trembles, the next moment, a fist suddenly falls in the air!

     Boom a loud sound!

     A cheetah appeared, his whole body was pitch black, and his movements were extremely fast, his claws grabbed Su Yu!


     Su Yu blasted out a punch, and the cheetah's claws shattered.

     "impossible!"The cheetah was furious. It is the double layer of the mountain and the sea, and the opponent is Lingyun. How could it be that its claws are strong, and it was actually broken by a punch. This is not Lingyun, no, this does not seem to be a guy from the Poshan Bull clan!

     It's not right, it just seemed like a mountain break!

     "Mao ball, work, speed, don't run away!"

     Su Yu didn't bother to pay attention to the cheetah. In his mind, the small hair ball quickly escaped, the speed is boundless, and disappeared into the sea of will in the blink of an eye.

     It is also the ancient Lingyun tribe, or a very special ancient tribe. It should not be too simple to deal with those of the same rank.

     In the void, a scream came instantly, but no movement was heard.

     And Su Yu, punched out again, the cheetah just wanted to escape, a big hammer hit it!


     The violent roar burst in the sea of cheetah's will.

     Su Yu fell with a fist, his head burst and blood splashed.


     Su Yu shook his head and knew this tribe, the Shadow Cheetah, ranked within 1000. There are nine powerful Sun and Moon in the tribe, but they are not invincible. This is a rubbish race!

     Shan Hai Duo is easier to kill than Lei Jue.

     Sure enough, the gap between the strong and the weak is really big.

     "The rubbish with less than 100 resuscitation!"

     Su Yu shook his head again. This is probably a weak mountain and sea. It looks like a force of about 20,000 orifices. Except for a faster speed, no powerful exercises, no powerful physical body, no powerful weapons, and no fighting ability...

     It's okay to kill some Lingyun. When Su Yu is encountered, Su Yu can hammer him to death with his body!

     Too lazy to waste time, it will burst with a hammer.Put away the opponent's body, there is no storage ring, garbage, poor ghost!

     Except for the flesh and blood, nothing good.

     Su Yu quickly flew in other directions. At this moment, there was a group of vegetative people.

     Seven, not a few.

     Xiaomaoqiu showed up, show off one's military strength, put 7 Lingyun together, the ball's face all smiled round!

     It also contributed!

     Su Yu don't give a crap, the willpower broke out, there was a bang, and the murderous intent broke out. 7 vegetative people were killed one after another!

     The next moment, the cumulative reward appeared, and a cloud appeared between Heaven and Earth.

     The big one arrived at Su Yu, and the small one flew onto Xiao Mao's head.

     Actually the reward is also isn't bad!

     Killing Shanhai Duo, spanning a whole big order, however... At the point of Su Yu, the so-called reward was good, and it was just that.

     In fact, there are more rewards for killing geniuses.

     For example, if you kill Modona, although the opponent is only Lingyun Jiuzhong, you can kill him. Su Yu may gain more benefits than killing the sun and moon. This is also the Heaven and Earth Rule. Therefore, on the battlefield of the heavens, everyone likes to kill geniuses. .

     The rewards were actually okay. The Tian Yuanqi was distributed to Su Yu, about 10, which is really a lot!

     Moreover, the rewarded Tian Qi is digested faster.

     Su Yu's body quickly absorbed, digested, and tempered.

     The flesh became stronger, and accelerated the progress of 28 casting.

     But Xiao Maoqi looks a little disgusted, it has some willpower, and it feels very little.

      Tackle a difficult job, to eat these willpower, it is not fragrant at all!Su Yu ignored it, cleaned the battlefield, cleared his blood, killed people in the sea of stars, wordless and uncommunicative, not in the list, who doesn't know at all, the vast sea of stars, is the biggest grave!

     Everything will be washed away soon.

     As for Su Yu, he cleaned it up to avoid leaving anything behind.

     By the way, I burned the little fur ball, and instantly caught it in my mind, "Don't leave your breath, catch the hunting list, that's very troublesome, the hunting pavilion guys are everywhere!"

     Now Xiao Maoqiu is not on the list, which has a lot to do with the breath not being caught by Hunting Tiange.

     Hunting Tiange didn't even know its existence.

     As for the Hunter's List, I don't know if it is not strong enough, or there is damage or other. You can only rely on the Hunter's Pavilion to capture breath and input information to determine your identity, and then you can sense the opponent in the battlefield of the heavens.

     In fact, according to Su Yu’s judgment, the hunting list is terrible. He killed people in the ancient city, the ancient city was blocked, and the hunting list can be detected. It stands to reason that there is no need for the hunting tower to capture breath input one by one. The name may Yes, but the breath is supposed to be unnecessary.

     There may be some problems, which caused the automatic breath collection function to be damaged.

     In his mind, Xiao Maoqiu said expectantly: "Then at what time, go to hunt the Tiange?"

     "Not urgent!"

     Su Yu smiled and said: "What's the hurry! If it doesn't work, let you grab it!"

     "Those who won't be robbed, are very good people!"

     What a shit!

     Su Yu didn't believe it!

     This tribe, who eats divine writing, willpower, and the sea of will, is this a good person?Well, the other party is not a person, and it doesn't matter if the good person is bad.

     "Go, find a place, a safe place, and make a corpse!"

     Su Yu broke through the air and left.

     Not long after he left, several figures appeared.

     All wearing masks, the pervasive Hunting Pavilion.

     "Dead creatures!"

     "Should die mountain and sea, there was a wave of mountain and sea atmosphere before..."

     Several masked people communicated quickly, took out the same instrument, and quickly captured the breath, but soon someone shook his head and said: "The breath does not exist, it is probably processed, the winner is very vigilant..."

     The leading white mask nodded and said: "Very vigilant, I don't know who killed it. If it is someone on the list, or someone who has appeared on the list, it will be displayed. I don't know if it was killed by someone on the list."

     The breath collected by Hunting Tiange is backed up. If detected, it will trigger some mechanisms to identify the identity.

     "It's too messy at this time. There are a lot of geniuses on the list, otherwise...The murderer now may be Su Yu, but now, there is no way to judge!"

     The white mask shook his head again, unable to judge.

     Otherwise, it might be Su Yu who killed people. Without him, that guy had a serious intention to kill, and it would be strange if he didn't kill him.

     But now, like Su Yu, there are too many kills.

     "Let us find Su Yu in the pavilion and give him the score list. That guy still owes us a corpse of the six-tiered profound armor clan in the pavilion!"

     "That guy still has a few sun and moon corpses on hand, they are all good things for trading, but it's a pity... the people are gone!"

     Several members of Hunting Pavilion, it is a pity.

     This is a big customer!The transaction is one point. In addition, all the big clans are buying Su Yu's intelligence and whereabouts at an amazing price!

     Not one family, but many families!

     If it is sold, Su Yu can sell it at a sky-high price!

     However, that guy, very shrewd, lost the score list long ago!

     Not only did he lose the scoreboard, the guy might have lost some foreign things. Otherwise, some invincibles might still be able to detect his position. As a result, even if the sun and the moon are dead, they cannot be detected. .

     There is always interference, very strong!

     They didn't know that the thing they were investigating was in the Heavenly Broken Valley. Not to mention that the place was in the Yuhai Plain, or two powerful invincible battlefields, everything was disturbed, not to mention the invincible probe, even the half emperor, it was difficult to detect the location.


     Su Yu, who has gone, doesn't know this.

     However, he guessed that there were people from the Hunting Pavilion nearby.

     These guys, to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost!

     Next time I meet it, kill a few.

     Su Yu was not the first person to kill the hunter-hunting pavilion. In fact, the hunting pavilion died a lot every year. For example, before, a member of the hunting pavilion was pinched to death by the shadow.

     Hunting Heaven Pavilion generally doesn't care. You betray other people's whereabouts and others kill you, that's normal.

     When they are available, they are important.

     When it's not in use, it's okay to go fishing, which is also very common.


     After flying for a while, far away from Tianxia Island and also away from Jiuxing Island.

     Su Yu plunged into the water and probed around.Don't have a small entrance, that would be troublesome.

     Enter the water and turn into a water person.

     Su Yu quickly explored the Quartet, and the 10,000-meter radius was within the Investigation Range. After sensing the jade induction and the sacred character induction, it was confirmed that there were no creatures and no entrances to the small world. Su Yu quickly dived and dived into the seabed.

     After diving for tens of thousands of meters, Su Yu was under great pressure, and then stopped.

      almost there!

     In fact, if you have nothing to do, diving under the sea is also a good result.

     The next moment, Su Yu took out a corpse!

     The corpse was huge, and when it appeared, the sea boiled with a bang!

     In the surroundings, the seawater with extreme pressure was directly repelled away.

     Sun Moon Eightfold!

     In order to besieged Xia Longwu, the gods of Tianyi had their blood. They also knew that Xia Longwu was strong. At the beginning, they sent five powerful men of the sun and the moon, plus the leader of Tianyi, six of the sun and the moon. Not the strongest, there is still a nine-fold existence!

      The forces of so formidable, so many powerful, turned out to be good, not even Xia Longwu hurt a single hair!

     The gods of Tianyi also suffered heavy losses.

     Xia Longwu was also strong before, but not so strong, killing so many Sun and Moon without being injured.

     Su Yu looked at the huge corpse in front of him, and he was shocked!

     He's so awesome!

     They were all dead, and the Qi machine was still extremely sharp, hitting Su Yu's body time and time again, drew blood marks. Su Yu's body is now comparable to mountains and seas, and as a result, his body was scratched by the dead strong Qi machine.

     If this were alive, it would be terrible!Last time, Minghe was injured by Su Yu’s two divine writings on the peaks of the sun and the moon, and was besieged by the sun and the moon dead souls. Su Yu didn't feel too obvious, but today he is a little scared!

     So dangerous!

     If it wasn't a coincidence last time, Minghe would definitely kill him easily.

     "So strong!"

     Su Yu sighed, swiftly operating Kaitian Dao Qi, this thing can not be moved, Xia Longwu kills, the knife aura is contained, will not use Tiandao to move the corpse, very possibly might be killed by the knife.

     At the moment when Su Yu ran the Sky Sword, a blade light surrounded Su Yu on the periphery of the corpse, but did not burst out.


      at the same time.

     Outside the sea of stars.

     Xia Longwu suddenly looked towards the sea of stars, somewhat surprised, so courageous, he really ran to the sea of stars!

     Of the people he killed, he could certainly feel his sword spirit.

     The moment Su Yu took out the corpse, he felt a little bit.

     Xia Longwu felt more clearly after turning the Sky Sword.

     "What is the use of Riyue Bazhong's corpse for?"

     At this moment, even Xia Longwu is somewhat uncertain, can you use it?

     The sun and the moon are eightfold, powerful and boundless. This kid can fight the mountains and seas and kill the sun and moon if he is dead. Don't worry too much about it. What do you use the body for?


     Don't worry about it, feel free!

     This kid, reckless, he used to underestimate him, regardless of him.

     Soon, he fell into a broken city.

     Very dilapidated, not in the Yuhai Plain, not an ancient city.

     It is a city that has been established for hundreds of years, but is about to be abandoned.He followed his senses, and in the blink of an eye, he entered a huge hall. At this moment, there were two people in the hall.

     One is the uncle of the Liu family, and the other is Liu Wenyan, who is not lightly injured and not lightly backlashed.

     Uncle Liu hadn't sensed anyone before, and was shocked instantly. He quickly looked at Xia Longwu, slightly relaxed, "I have seen Palace Master Xia!"

     Xia Longwu glanced at the old man and sighed: "You're welcome! If it's not an accident...you and I are both relatives! Huyou hasn't married yet, if the Liu family still has a wife, he is willing to marry the Xia family, Huyou can wait forever! "

     Uncle Liu whispered: "Forget it, don't delay the child. The Liu family's direct line, and now only me and Wen Yan."

     Xia Longwu sighed, looked at him, and said somewhat surprised: "Mr. Liu...is this restored to Sun Moon?"

     Uncle Liu smiled, "Fortunately, the physical injury has almost recovered, but the sea of will still has a slight injury, wait for it to be restored, now restored to Sunyue Yizhong, at the peak, I am Sunyue Sanzhong, which is still worse."

     Xia Longwu said unexpectedly: "You were injured very badly in the past..."

     Uncle Liu smiled and said, "This... I have to say Wen Yan has vision..."

     Liu Wenyan weakly and without strength said: "My uncle restored to Sun and Moon, Su Yu's set of exercises and some Tian Qi, may be related to the vitality of the fairy clan, forget it, no matter this, I am in big trouble. , Exploded the divine text, exploded 4, the sea of will is turbulent..."


     Xia Longwu said unexpectedly: "Is your injury well? I thought you were all right. Su Yu also exploded three, isn't it all right?"


     Liu Wenyan wants to cry but doesn't have tears!Screw you!


     Do you compare me to him?

     Well, my Will Sea is stronger than him, and more stable than him, but it hurts to explode the Sun Moon Peak Divine Text!

     As for Su Yu...what about him, there is definitely a problem with that kid's will sea!

     Leap and frisk about ran away!

     According to Liu Wenyan's judgment, Su Yu's strength of will, even if you don't lie down for a month in the mountains and seas, don't even think about running.

     He also saw the shadows and they were there, and he saw Ye Hongyan there, and then ran away ahead of time, thinking that Su Yu would run with them, but... Su Yu ran away by himself!

     Not only did he run away, but according to Ye Hongyan's statement, it was much easier than him!

     Ye Hongyan saw Su Yu with his own eyes and turned into a breeze and ran away!

     Ye Hongyan is his master’s aunt. This time, I also came to Liucheng to visit him. He often despised him, lost his master’s face, and looked at Su Yu. After blew the divine writing, not only ran away, but no one ran away. Know where.

     As for him, Liu Wenyan, it was miserable. He ran back to Liucheng and had to rely on Invincible to save his life. He had been lying on the sick bed these days!

     very pitiful!

     Xia Longwu was also surprised. He didn't think much before, not that he didn't think much, but he felt that Su Yu was fine, and Liu Wenyan shouldn't what's the matter.

     Now, it turns out that this guy is miserable.

     That kid Su Yu... is actually still thinking about the eight-fold corpse of the Sun and Moon, and he ran into the star sea area. That location may not be far from Jiuxing Island.

     People are really not comparable!Liu Wenyan didn't bother to say anything, "What are you doing here, be careful if someone finds out, leave as soon as possible, why should you go!"

     Xia Longwu smiled and said: "No hurry! I'm here to see you. By the way, you have broken the five generations of divine warfare skills, at what time can you step into the sun and the moon on your own?"

     Liu Wenyan's plate calculated, "Half a year! I still have 7 divine writings, and I keep one, and the rest is broken for practice. After half a year, I should be able to step into the sun and the moon!"

     Xia Longwu said unexpectedly: "I figured it out, really breaking the practice?"

     "Figured out!"

     Liu Wenyan said indifferently: "Master's divine writings are passed on to me, not to keep me stuck in my hands and feet. Just keep one as a thought. After all, there are still many people waiting for me."

     "Hey, it's a bit late!"

     Xia Longwu shook his head. It was so good earlier. Now, it is a bit late to step into the sun and the moon in half a year.

     Liu Wenyan said ill-humoredly: "When I stepped into the sun and the moon, there was a master's divine writing, and I could almost fully display my strength. At least I could compete with Sunyue Jiuzhong's single divine writing system, even if I made an all- Out effort has been cultivating, and that's it at best. Is it too late?"

     Your requirements are too high!

     "The Sun and Moon Nine Layers of the Single God Literature System..."

     Xia Longwu shook his head, "You are not Zhou Polong, you are still far away, it is okay to fight against other people, but you can't fight Zhou Polong..."


     This guy is so demanding!

     Liu Wenyan was too lazy to pay attention to him, and asked, "Is there any news from Su Yu?"

     "No, I didn't keep following."Xia Longwu quickly said: "But don't worry, he has a better life than you. I just took out the corpse of the Tianyi God Race I killed in Daxia Mansion. I don't know what to do. I am very energetic!"

     It is not vigorous, and the body will not be taken out.

     Xia Longwu glanced at Liu Wenyan who was lying down again, forget it, worry about others, worry about yourself!

     That kid, you must be better than you.

     Liu Wenyan is also helpless!


     People are better than people, really maddening people, what is the situation of that kid will sea, exploding three divine writings, and there is nothing wrong with it, this will not work!

     Including the previous master’s divine writings were forcibly accepted by him, which is also terrifying.

     Xia Longwu didn't say much, and quickly said: "You can heal your wounds with peace of mind, I will do something more, half a year, right... half a year later, I will wait for you!"

     "it is good!"

     Xia Longwu disappeared in an instant, Uncle Liu didn't feel how he disappeared, and said with emotion: "Under invincibility, Number One Powerhouse..."

     "My master is!"


     Uncle Liu was speechless, OK, you have the final say, your nephew, you still protect it!
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