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430 Nine Changes Of Vitality, Floating Soil Into Water (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the sea of stars, qi and blood were shaking.

     The eightfold gods of the sun and the moon are extremely powerful!

     But one thing is very good, Xia Longwu's sword qi suppressed these qi and blood riots, otherwise, Su Yu really may not be able to extract smoothly.


     "Palace Master Xia is also terribly scary!"

     Su Yu sighed, really sighed.

     How strong is Xia Longwu?

     Riyue Bae, it feels as if he was killed by a single knife.

     Su Yu watched the fatal wound of the other party, with a knife on his neck. In fact, his head was almost cut off. However, after he died, the other party's injury healed and did not heal, because of the influence of the knife.

     Otherwise, even if he died, the opponent's body should be healed.

     This is the sun and the moon!

     No, this is the top sun and moon, the sun and moon eightfold, the power of gods and demons.

     Riyue, can do Rebirth from a drop of Blood.

     The premise is that the spirit of spirit is still there, and the sea of will is still there, otherwise, Rebirth from a drop of Blood is a joke, Xia Longwu's sword qi directly shattered the sea of will of the opponent and annihilated the opponent's vitality.

     Su Yu, cautious and solemn, uses the highest-quality jade bottles to hold these extracted blood, and each drop of blood is placed separately.

     It also uses Yin words to create enchantments without letting the breath leak out.

     Extract it little by little!

     Soon, 9 drops of essence and blood were extracted. This corpse has a much smaller coercion, but there is a problem, knife energy!

     Su Yu has to get rid of the sword spirit!

     Otherwise, it is very troublesome.

     From this look, I knew that he was killed in the hands of the Heaven-Opening Sword. Could it be that he was an ancient Heaven-Opening Sword expert?

     Nonsense!"The sword spirit is too strong!"

     Su Yu is helpless, I have to suck it up, otherwise, there is no way to pretend.

     Su Yu hesitated for a moment, what he cultivated is the Kaitian Sword, and it is still deep, can he absorb Xia Longwu's Kaitian Sword Qi?

     "Try it, I also absorbed a bit of Daxia King's sword energy before."

     Su Yu tried, opening the sky-opening sword technique, cautious and solemnly absorbed a little bit of sword energy... With a snorted sound, blood stains appeared on the body, the sword energy burst out, and the internal organs collided!

     144 Su Yu opened the acupuncture points of the Heavenly Sword, crazy absorbing these sword energy, suppressing the sword energy!

     Su Yu shouted in a low voice, blood boiled!

     The sword grinds me!

     It's not bad's choice to use it to cast the body. By the way, it will strengthen your own Heavenly Sword.

     Su Yu absorbs and digests!

     It only took a little bit of sword energy, and it took him more than ten minutes to barely resolve the sword energy, glanced at the sword energy still contained on the corpse of the Protoss, Su Yu was happy and helpless.

     Fortunately, it seems that I can continue to refine and absorb it.

     Helplessly, he discovered that if Xia Longwu was in front of him, with a ray of sword energy, he could kill him, easily.


     This gap is terrible!

     It was a long time ago, well, it was one more than a year ago, and the energy of the sword has wiped out a Sun Moon Eightfold, but now it’s just a few remnants, so formidable!

     Palace Master Xia really is Sunyue Jiuzhong?

     Su Yu was suspicious!

     Is it so formidable?

     Long experience!With this ray of sword energy, he almost shattered his body with the power of 30,000 acupuncture points. How strong was the knife that made an all-out effort?

     can not imagine!

     Anyway, it is not what Su Yu can imagine.

     Slowly assimilated, slowly digested, strengthened himself, strengthened his physical body, and gradually Su Yu's expression became somewhat weird.

     At this moment, his 144 auras suddenly turned into a knife shape!

     "What is this?"

     How can vitality have a shape?

     Su Yu complexion turned odd extremely!

     This thing... seems to be a seed. Su Yu manipulated it for a while, and instantly cut it out with a single knife. The pressure in front of the sea was directly cut by him, and a crack was cut!


     Su Yu looked surprised, what the situation seemed to be much stronger!

     He looked at his acupuncture points again, indeed, the vitality of those 144 acupuncture points turned into a knife shape!

     Su Yu thought of something and quickly took out a booklet. This was the Heaven-Opening Sword Art that Xia Houye handed him back, and this Heaven-Opening Sword was written by Xia Longwu himself.

     Su Yu watched it several times, but didn't see the saying that there was a Yuanqi Huadao.

     What the hell?

     Su Yu quickly opened the atlas glanced at, saw a flash, and at this moment, he actually entered the state of perceiving the will again, It should be noted, this atlas, he got it a long time ago, and it stands to reason that it is almost disappearing Up.

     And as his strength progresses, in fact, the weak and weak will not let him enter this state.

     "Ling Yun?"

     The moment Su Yu entered the album, Xia Longwu's figure appeared in front of him.This is a ghost, Will Projection, not a real person.

     "Sword Qi transforms into shape, stepping into Lingyun, nine changes of vitality..."

     Su Yu was unexpected!

     This... this is the second level of the exercise!

     No, this is the Nine Changes of Lingyun Realm!

     Kaitian Dao didn't teach himself the method of casting, Su Yu thought it was the Xia family who didn't teach it, but now, it's not like that, it may be the method of casting.

     However, Xia Jiaran has hidden the nine changes of vitality in this technique!

     Su Yu was judged to have stepped into Lingyun at this moment, and his vitality has changed!

     Actually, it's normal. Su Yu's physical body has been vacated a lot longer than usual. No, the gods and demons are not as strong as him, but Su Yu has never considered the nine changes in his vitality, because Su Yu himself felt that he was far away Nine changes in vitality are far away!

     In fact, he, who is about to be cast 28 in his flesh, is much stronger than 36 casts of others!

     In addition, this time, he absorbed a bit of Xia Longwu's sword energy, which actually caused some changes in his vitality within 144 yuan orifices. This is the embryonic form of the nine changes of vitality!

     Su Yu's eyes were sharp, it turned out...I can make nine changes in my vitality in advance!


     At this moment, Xia Longwu, who had just left Liucheng, dazed for a moment.

     Look at the sea of stars again!

     What the hell?

     Stepping into Lingyun?

     Has the physical body entered Lingyun?

     How can it be so fast!

     That kid Su Yu, at least need 36 casts of his body, how long is it now?

     Let alone the willpower, the progress is faster and normal.

     After all, Su Yushen opened a lot, which could save a lot of time.But the flesh really needs a little bit of casting.

     Su Yu's body is strong, and casting is slower!

     Even if he has been using the blood of the gods and demons, he stepped into the sky in February, and it is only the end of July, 5 months, he has finished all casting?

     Xia Longwu is slightly frowned, even if he is extremely talented and has unlimited resources, one cast in 10 days, five months, more than 150 days, 15 cast in the flesh?


     "Could it be that killing Sun and Moon last time has a lot of rewards, so the physical body was cast prematurely?"

     "It's a 36 cast technique, right?"

     Not sure, if 36 casts, it's possible.

     It's unlikely!

     Could it be that this guy has only 27 casting techniques in his body?

     Xia Longwu couldn't understand it. After a long while, he was slightly startled, and suddenly thought of something, this guy... won't absorb his own sword energy, and then, caused his vitality to enter the Nine Transformation stage in advance, right?

     This possibility is also possible!

     After all, he just took out the corpse just now, but...this guy took out the corpse just to absorb his own sword energy, is he crazy?

     How strong his sword spirit is, he himself knows the score.

     One carelessness is the end of a broken body.

     "Although they are all Swords, but my Sword is not comparable to you!"

     Xia Longwu was also a little confused by Su Yu. Does this kid have a problem with his brain?

     To be strong, already not in life?

      What the hell dare to absorb!

     Forget it, don't care about him.

     There are still a lot of things for himself. This kid seeks fortune for oneself by himself, and if he can live, he will not go far if he is supported by others.

     ...Xia Longwu didn't care.

     And Su Yu didn't think so much.

     At this moment, he already saw it the Nine Reforms of the Xia Family!

     The so-called nine changes of vitality is to mutate and enhance vitality when the physical body is strong enough and the acupoints are strong enough.

     Every time the vitality changes, it will make the vitality stronger and stronger!

     For the same amount, the original vitality damage is 1. After One-time Variation, it may reach 1.1, may reach 1.2, or reach 1.5...

      Under normal circumstances, One-time Variation, a 10% increase is considered normal.

     Of course, there is also rubbish.

     For example, 36 resuscitation, physical body casting nine times, or cast with the most rubbish technique and blood, such a guy, stepping into Lingyun, your One-time Variation, an increase of 5% is not unusual.

     Su Yu didn't bother to calculate how strong such Lingyun was...because he couldn't talk about being strong.

     Don't want to go back, Su Yu is still calculated, a 36-hole cultivator, 4 orifices in one, and then it will reach the ten thousand stones and nine layers...I go, the strength is about fifty or sixty orifices, and when it comes to Tengkong Nine layers, if it is nine castings... … Holy shit, at most it is in the early 120s.

     Of course, vacate more or less a bit other additions.

     Calculate his 150-hole power!

     If it is Lingyun’s nine changes, it can only add about 5% at a time. After nine changes... spectacle too horrible to endure!

     More than 200 orifices of power.

     Su Yu bared his teeth, he was thinking, thinking, do these ten thousand races really have such a weak Lingyun Jiuzhong?

     Stop it!

     Of course, there are more than so many in general. The breakthrough of the great realm is also a little extra. The physical strengthening, Su Yu did not feel it, it is because he is too strong.But if there is such a Lingyun Nine Layers, it will probably only have the power of three to five hundred apertures.

     Such Lingyun Kunou, theoretically still exist.

     Of course, Su Yu thinks that the possibility is unlikely.

     You can practice the most trash and trash exercises at any level, and you can still enter the Ninth Layer of Lingyun. This is a god!

     You can get into the 9th layer of Lingyun, which is still the most rubbish cultivation technique. That means that the qualifications are actually okay. If it is okay, you will not change the cultivation technique?

      own father, now it’s time to add more ideas!

     The casting method is also changing.

     Otherwise, the old man is a 36-hole warrior.

     Zhen had practiced the most rubbish technique all the way, and when he reached the 9th layer of Lingyun, with the power of three or five hundred acupuncture points, he was poked to death by a finger!

     "Ten Thousand Realms, there shouldn't be such a god-man, right?"

     Su Yu suspects that humans, for example, have 36 orifices, but if they can break through in the later stage, they will usually open some more orifices even if it is difficult, or choose the 18th exercise method.

     In short, he had never seen Ling Yun Jiuzhong with a few hundred holes of power.

     I didn't think about it anymore. I met such a god-man, and I must not kill myself, waiting to pay his respects. At this moment, Su Yu was thinking about the Kaitian Nine Reforms of the Xia Family.

     Nine changes in vitality generally require some assistance.

     For example, the fruit of the ancient dragon blood tree mentioned earlier, or other similar treasures, assists the transformation of vitality, and the nine changes of vitality are actually a process of incubation and regeneration, such as Su Yu!

     This time, he used Xia Longwu's sword qi as an aid to hatch his 144-hole power!

     Not regenerated yet!He now has 144 apertures, and that kind of sword-shaped vitality is considered a seed.

     Once hatched successfully, it will be broken again and restored to its original vitality appearance, but the quality will be greatly improved!

     Every time the vitality changes, the genius will hatch with an extremely powerful foundation stone.

     And this time, Su Yu accidentally used Xia Longwu's sword energy as the foundation stone!

     This is really not everyone can use.

     For example, when Xia Huyou arrived at Lingyun First Heavy, he dared to absorb Xia Longwu's sword aura, and his body was destroyed by this sword aura before he had absorbed it. Su Yu's body was comparable to a mountain and sea!

     If they are not of the same origin, this sword will not hurt you at all. In fact, because of the same origin, it has weakened a lot.

     Otherwise, Su Yu's body would be unbearable.

     "So, Palace Master Xia's sword aura is regarded by me as the foundation stone of the first change!"

     Su Yu murmured, "Is this very strong?"

     He feels very strong!

     A strong character like Xia Longwu, his sword spirit, he made his first transformation and foundation, is this not strong?

     After this transformation, will my own 144 acupuncture points burst out with incomparable power?

     "How much can be transformed?"

     Su Yu is not sure!

     The key point... I wipe it!

     I have 360 acupuncture points. This is the first time I have transformed 144 acupuncture points. What should I do?

     Also, I have completed the transformation, is it considered Lingyun a heavy body, or is it a vacant body?

     Su Yu's head is big!It feels that the strength will become stronger, but it may cause the strength to lose control and the acupoints to be out of balance, which is very troublesome, unless the other acupoints are also transformed!

     "The key is that for my 144 acupoints, the first transformation used Palace Master Xia's sword energy to lay the foundation. For the other acupuncture points to transform, you must find the same level of power or treasure to transform, so that the power will not be imbalanced... "

     Su Yu wants to vomit blood!

     I go!

     That said, if I want to transform other Yuan Qiao, I have to find a power level similar to Xia Longwu to absorb, or that kind of treasure to absorb.

     Xia Longwu is quasi-invincible, right?

     So if you want to open the protoss' acupuncture point, you have to absorb the quasi-invincible power of the protoss?

     If you want to open the Demon Orbit, you have to absorb the quasi-invincible power of the Demon?

     We have 360 acupuncture points, and almost a few big clan systems are there, so don't we have to absorb their power to complete the transformation, stop making trouble!

     Of course, Su Yu wants to balance his power, but there is actually one more thing he can do... Now give up the transformation of vitality!

     Doesn’t mean we must continue!

     But can he give up?

     Not reconciled!

     What a great feeling!

     To be a genius, if I don't practice the most powerful exercises, build the most body, and not transform the strongest vitality, am I still a genius?

     "Forget it, let's just see the situation!"

     Su Yu is not in a hurry, the transformation has not been completed yet.

     It's really done, and there are ways to remedy it.

     Look at the situation and see how much the strength of these 144 acupoints has increased after the transformation.If the increase is not much, then there is no need to entangle, whether to use this level of power to help yourself transform.

     Su Yu ignored Xia Longwu's sword energy.

     Within 144 yuan orifices, that sword-shaped vitality is even stronger!

     Absorb, absorb again.

     Time and time again, there are some meanings of Broken Cocoon Rebirth, which means that a change in vitality can be done at will.

     Su Yu is also strange!

     I haven't finished casting my body, you will give me nine changes of vitality, change it, and only change the vitality in 144 yuan orifices. Isn't this tossing people?

     Also, Thus, does it mean that you can complete the nine changes of vitality while completing the cast.

      as a result, once he completes the nine changes of vitality at the end of the casting, is it directly Lingyun Jiuzhong?

     Next, just waiting for the mountain and the sea to meet?

     Su Yu was lost in thought!

     Probably exactly like this!

      Putting it that way, he can actually practice together with Lingyun, don’t just use the number of castings to see the realm.

     "The key point... you need 360 acupuncture points, all of which will be transformed. Otherwise, 144 are strong, the others are weak, and the power is out of balance, it is almost impossible to close the orifices!"

     Even now, it is a bit troublesome.

     Because he was in the air, it was actually 40 acupuncture points that combined power into one acupuncture point. He now has 9 orifices, and every acupuncture point contains 40 acupuncture points.

     The 144 acupoints are actually not evenly distributed among the 9 acupuncture points.

     At this moment, because some acupuncture points contained a lot of acupuncture points for Kaitiandaodao and their strength was too strong, Su Yu felt a little out of balance."I'm just here to transform a corpse..."

     Su Yu is helpless!

     Some get the feeling of being cheap!

     No way, genius that's it, often chances are delivered to the doorstep.

     He really didn't intend to change his vitality, and now... began to change.

     Can you blame me?

     I can only say that my talent is too strong, there is really no way!

     It took a lot of time to absorb those sword qi.

     And Su Yu's 144 acupoints are much stronger at this moment. Before they completely transformed and hatched, Su Yu felt that the power of these 144 acupuncture points was at least about 10% stronger than before.

     This hasn't changed!

     Of course, only these acupoints are powerful.

     And these acupuncture points have been cast 27 times. In fact, Su Yu's strength has improved a bit, which is equivalent to these 144 acupuncture points, 28 castings are completed ahead of schedule.

     I didn't care about it anymore, I made a little bit bigger, Su Yu didn't care too much.

     He began to reverse Yuan Qiao.

     Next moment, lifeless!

     Su Yu quickly began to corrode the corpse.

     In this corpse, there's some left blood and essence exist, and the corpse is also very powerful!

     The lifeless decay, Su Yu could not corrode much for a while. He also exhausted his strength to corrode the local parts, especially the face. It is better to corrode the entire face as unable to discern!

     So as not to be recognized by the people of the Tianyi God Race!

     Death began to fill the whole body.


     At the same time that Su Yu filled the corpse with death.

     Deep under the sea.A dead ancient city, located in the deepest part of the sea.

     In fact, it was not far from Su Yu, but it was too deep for Su Yu to detect it.

     At this moment, in that dead ancient city.

     A stone sculpture suddenly opened his eyes!

     Suddenly raised his head and looked towards the sky.

     The next moment, the sun and the moon rotate in the eyes, Space Change.


     Muttered, this is one sea lion-like stone sculpture, the stone sculpture looks up to the sky, a little startled, is this a dead spirit running out?

     What a strange thing!

     Have wisdom?

     No, very wise.

     Where did you get the corpse of Sunyue Bazhong in corrosion?

     For what?

     The dead... can't get out of the ancient city.

     How did you get out?

     This stone sculpture is somewhat dull, maybe it hasn't been awake for many years, and he didn't open his eyes to see the world. For a while, he was in a daze.

     The next moment, stone carving eyes turned cold!


     In my eyes, divine light flashes will burst out with power to kill this undead...

     At this moment, Su Yujie's divine writing was beating, a bit strange and frightened, What happened?

     And at the same time.

     In his heart, the villain woke up instantly!

     Damn it!

     What the hell?

     The little man suddenly judged something, inwardly cursed, quickly broke through the void of time, walked out of the heart, walk on air, and stepped into the bottom of the sea without Su Yu at all.

     The next moment, he appeared at the gate of the ancient city under the sea.

     The stone sculpture looked at him instantly.

     "He is not a necroman!"

     The villain was talking.The stone sculpture looked at him, and then at the sky, the sun and the moon were turning back in his eyes, and in the blink of an eye, there was a scene of Su Yu reversing Yuan Qiao and turning into a dead soul.

     Looking at this little man again, the sound of the stone carving is a bit mysterious, and he slowly said: "I sensed the smell of heaven and sky..."

     "Yes, just left from their side!"

     "He... is a living person..."

     The stone sculpture murmured, then looked at the villain, and said in a strange tone: "Your descendants?"

     "No, I picked it up on the road!"

     The stone sculpture stared wide-eyed, "Can I find this kind of person on the road?"

     How many years have passed?

     Is it this kind of person outside now?

     so amazing!

     "I have opened the Zhoutian Aperture Point, I have opened the Five Elements Divine Art...it seems to have learned the ancient casting method of the iron-eating clan...Is it all like this now?"

     Stone carving has not been sober for too many years!

     No way, this ancient city sank, the ancient era sank.

     For countless years, stone carvings have hardly been sober.

     Even if Invincible finds him, he will not take the initiative to chat with him. They are all swept away. These ancient cities, don't go in if it's okay, and it's useless to go in.

     Stone carving doubts, now, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, outsiders, are all the same geniuses?

     There were not many people who opened the Tianqiao acupoint in the ancient times.

     Otherwise, there will be no congratulations from the emperor.

     This is the only treatment that Peerless Supreme Talent has.

     The villain was also puzzled, "How long have you been asleep?"

     "how long?"The stone sculpture was in a daze, the sun and the moon were turning, time flew by, and for a while, he murmured: "How long...too long! Last met with Tian Mie and them... In the past... 8000 tides, right?"

     He didn't remember too clearly, but calculated it.

     Spent in a deep sleep, he doesn't know how long it has been, but he has a vague impression that there have been more than 8,000 tides in the past, maybe... more than 9,000?

     Who remembers so clearly!

     "The next tide is coming!"

     He looked over the ocean, and the villain quickly realized, "A tide is coming... You mean Xingyu Mansion is about to open... That's a long time, eighty to ninety thousand years."

     A tide is the opening of Xingyu Mansion once, once every 10 years, there are eighty to ninety thousand years!

     Sure enough, it's amazing!

     This is the first time the villain knows that the ancient city has existed for so long. No, the ancient city may be even longer. This one refers to the last meeting. Maybe the ancient city already exists before the meeting.

     I want to ask a few more questions, the stone carving whispered: "I'm going to sleep, the human race above...has less change of lifelessness, lifelessness is rich, and it is still weak now, once it is strong, it may open a path for the dead, Without a holy town, he will be targeted by the Necromancer!"

     When the words fell, the stone sculpture closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

     Sleeping drowsy, keep going!

     Seeing that he fell asleep again, the villain had no choice but to return.

     Returning to the original place... The villain was helpless, Su Yu had already carried the corpse, and didn't know how far he ran. In fact, it was only an instant matter for him to communicate with the stone sculpture.

     It's so fast!This guy, when faced with danger, it is not good for his keen sense, he actually ran hundreds of miles away after a while!

     Fortunately, he was originally rooted in his heart, but he could sense the breath.

     After a while, the villain stepped through the space.

     When I met Su Yu who had turned into a stream, he entered his heart again and lurked in a wordless and uncommunicative space.


     And Su Yu, at this time, that is not knowing anything at all, running fast!

     The divine writing of Jie Zi was beating fiercely just now, catastrophe is imminent!


     The speed was so fast that he ran for hundreds of miles in a row. Su Yucai turned into a human form, panting violently. I went, what happened?

     It feels dangerous and scary!

     The heart has stopped beating!

     It's terrifying!

     To the horror, his divine writing of Jie Zi almost jumped to pieces!


     Su Yu's heart palpitations, this is absolutely invincible, was there an invincible staring at oneself just now?

     I want to do it myself!

     Simply staring at, not a big problem, he has also encountered three invincibles. If there is not much malice, the words of the robbery do not beat very much. It was obvious that he wanted to kill himself.

     I go!

     Who is going to kill me?

     The invincibility of hostile races?

     Why didn't you kill yourself?

     Don't say you run fast, kidding, no matter how fast is invincible?

     In front of the sun and the moon, he can hide for a while. In front of Invincible, whether he is invisible, changes his identity, or Aura concealing, it's useless!

     Invincible can be seen directly!Of course, the premise is that the other party will probe oneself, and it is generally difficult to see through if they don’t.

     "Which one did you meet?"

     Su Yu wants to cry!

     Although he was not dead, he seemed to be targeted by Invincible!

     Speaking of it, it would be difficult for others to see an invincible one. Maybe they will never meet one in their entire life. Su Yu has already met a lot. Apart from anything else, he has seen all three of Human Race.

     As soon as he arrived at the battlefield of the heavens, King Qin might have seen him.

     In fact, he has also met King Daxia, King Daming, Da Maoqiu has seen him, and several stone sculptures have seen him...

     Su Yu has encountered more than 10 invincibles.

     Su Yu waited for a while, but the words of Jiezi stopped jumping!

     Su Yu sighed, forget it, you can't run away.

     If you have been targeted, there is no way.

     It might have been lured by the corpse of Sun and Moon, after all, it was the corpse of Sun and Moon Eightfold, and the aura was still very strong.

     At this moment, the corpse was in his storage ring, and the lifeless face was a little rotted.

     There are also some dark spots on the body.

     This is not old enough!

     Su Yu hasn't finished the thorough processing, But that's okay, just turn around and get it down a little bit.

     After finishing it, find a cesspit to bury it for a few days.

     Ancient corpse, a little smelly is right.

     I just don’t know if there is a dung pit here, there is a high probability that there will not be a pit.

     He has no sense of awe for the Protoss Sun and Moon!

     There are almost there for corpses, ancient weapons, sacred writings, clothing... almost there.Then, it is best to find an ancient space that is about to collapse!

     Then, lure some people to go on an adventure with yourself, preferably, pretending to be someone.

     "I have to go to Jiuxing Island, catch a genius and come back!"

     "I heard that Tianduo is here, and Xiao Jinlong is also here, so grab one of these two!"

     "The Dragon Realm is too close...it's best to catch Tianduo!"

     Actually catching floating earth spirits is fine, but I haven't heard that the guy came here, and that guy is a Tu nationality again, so there is a high probability of not coming. After all, this place is all ocean.

     Su Yu didn't think much about it, and went to catch a genius first!

     If you don't catch one, it's hard to get out.

     If you catch it, you can't kill it yet. If you kill it, if the name is gone, it will be troublesome.

     Invincible descendants, directly killed, will also attract Invincible's attention.


     And just when Su Yu was thinking about this.

     Jiuxing Island.

     A small mountain suddenly shrank. In the mountain, some powerful explorers were shocked, before they had time to say anything, the golden light shone, and the sharpness was so sharp that the golden glow penetrated their bodies!

     The next moment, the hill shrank and turned into a native.

     Floating Earth Spirit killed many people, and clouds fell from the sky.

     Suddenly, I was a little wary, looked around, and looked unsafe. Who would trouble me?

     There are five levels on the face of Floating Earth Lingtu, which is a bit strange. I will come, it is very secret.

     Is it targeted by anyone?

     It feels like some small crisis!

     Forget it, change place quickly!Everyone knows that I am an earth spirit. To catch me and deal with me, I have to be on the earth. I will go to the water to play instead of the earth. You would not think that I am an earth spirit and would go to the water to play!

     As for Modo, guess some stuff before that, let him guess, anyway, I don't admit it!

     "I'm a native. Going to the water, don't you find anyone to deal with me?"

     With some comfort, the Floating Earth Spirit quickly flew towards the sea and was no longer on the shore. The waters have also been good recently, so you can pick up a Five Phases Fruit Tree for me!

     I also want to change my vitality!

     The ancient dragon blood tree was discovered too early, and that guy would sell it if he picked it up, and replaced it with me... I'm definitely not selling it, what a valuable thing!

     Having said that, give me more money and I will sell it too.

     It's too cheap!

     The strong of the small clan is pitiful, if it were me, no one would dare to persecute me like this. My Five Elements clan is also a strong clan, and there are invincibles in the clan, not one or two, Five Elements United as One, there are more than ten!

     Of course, there is no Five Elements United as One yet.

      Despite this, Floating Earth Spirit is also confident.

     Look, the last time I was trapped in the ancient city, the invincible ancestors came to rescue. This is not the treatment that ordinary invincible descendants can get. Tianduo is still a powerful Simo clan, and he did not see invincible help. It took up the light of Modona.

     With the bottom line of what happened last time, the powerhouses of the big clans did not dare to push themselves too much.

     Of course, if you were killed by a genius of the same rank...there would be no way. A genius who was killed by a genius would not be a genius. The Five Elements Clan would not consume too much resources and energy on his body.Can't beat the same rank, who else can he beat?

     Count on him to revitalize the Five Elements family, in the next life!

     Floating Earth Spirit no longer thinks about it, and quickly ran to the beach, the next moment, it turns into a water and soil person, enters the water, and disappears instantly!

     I run!

     Danger on the shore!

     Maybe my old opponent, the stone man, is here, that guy is very strong on the shore, and he can't kill him when he gets into the water!

     PS: Push the book, "Farming System Cultivating Immortals", second in the signing list, everyone will collect some points, write a card, thank you, old friend new book!
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