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435 Looking For Floating Earth Spirit (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Sea area.

     By now, there is still a huge flaw.

     Floating Earth Spirit!

     Failing to catch the floating earth spirit is Su Yu's biggest regret, and it also left an incomparable gigantic loophole in his plan.

     A little carelessness, Floating Earth Spirit appeared, or exposed him, Su Yu would have to fall into a huge crisis.

     While hiding his whereabouts, Su Yu was thinking about how to solve this huge loophole and trouble?

     If this trouble is not solved, Su Yu has no guts to complete this transaction.

     Of course, he pretended to be the Floating Earth Spirit and fought against Tianduo, and the Floating Earth Spirit failed to get any benefits. Maybe he was deliberately framed by him... This is not necessarily believed. However, once it is proposed that Tianduo may be Su Yu, even if you do not believe it, You have to check it out to be assured.

     "Floating Earth Spirit!"

     Su Yu's heart is inwardly cursed, trouble!

     Seeing that he will have a huge harvest, but now he still dare not go to Jiuxing City.

     "Really troublesome!"

     Su Yu shook his head again and again. Before the plan started, he knew about the loophole of the Floating Earth Spirit, but he couldn't help it, because Su Yu couldn't find the Floating Earth Spirit, and that guy was also missing now!

     Just thinking about it, Su Yu's eyes moved, just about to avoid it.

     From the rear, a dull thunder-like sound comes!

     "Tianduo, where is the floating earth spirit?"

     From the rear, a figure shoots out, with continuous rumbling!

     Shi Zun!The speed of Shi Zun is not slow. In fact, he has been tracking. At this moment, he only saw Tianduo, but did not see the Floating Earth Spirit. He immediately furiously said: "Where is he? Damn it, so fast! Just two days ago Tricked me once, I thought he was hiding in the ancient city of Xinghong, but he did not expect to come to the sea, now he ran away again!


     Su Yu originally wanted to run away first. At this moment, his eyes moved slightly and he said lightly: "Shizun, have you also fought with the floating earth spirit?"

     Shi Zun's boring thunder-like sound sounded again, and said angrily: "That shameless person, the escape technique was too fast, I obviously forced him into the ancient city, but I didn't expect him to run away. Could it be that he escaped from the ancient city?"

     He was also puzzled. The entrance to the ancient city was fixed. Didn't the floating earth spirit find it when he escaped?

     It is possible!

     After that, he said angrily: "This shameless person finally showed his ambition this time, Five Elements United as One! It's no wonder that I had to seize my Stoneman's Heart before, I am afraid it was also to improve my Five Elements Heart!"

     Good guys!

     Su Yu suddenly understood that Shi Zun and Floating Earth Spirit were entangled endlessly.

     Futuling's ambition is indeed great!

     It may be that the heart of the five elements is imperfect, and he actually wants to seize the Stoneman's Heart of the stone statue. The stone man, strictly speaking, is considered a member of the earth spirit tribe, a mutated earth spirit tribe. Of course, the specificity is not clear to this Su Yu.

     The Shiren clan is very strong, not an ancient clan, but it is also ranked among the top 100 races. There is invincible existence in the clan.

     Su Yu caught several messages instantly!

     First, Floating Earth Spirit had encountered Shi Zun before.

     Second, Floating Earth Spirit may have not left in the only place ancient city on Jiuxing Island.Third, Shi Zun specially came to find the Floating Earth Spirit, as if he had no interest in fighting Tianduo, maybe he didn't even care about the invincible corpse, or that he felt unsure of taking Tianduo.

     Futu Ling is in the ancient city!

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, pretending to be calm and said: "That guy is indeed difficult, Shi Zun, you may not be able to beat him!"

     Shi Zun sullenly said: "He is restrained by me. How can I be afraid of him? He is an earth spirit. The strongest earth escape, earth defense, and earth attack are all ineffective against me. Even if he is Five Elements United as One, he is also an earth spirit. The spirit is the Lord, how can I fear him?"

     He is not afraid of floating earth spirits!

     He and the Floating Earth Spirit are not playing at home. They have lived and died fight many times. Although the Floating Earth Spirit is strong, but can't beat him all the time, he runs everywhere instead. This is racial restraint.

     Even if it is really Five Elements United as One, Shi Zun is not afraid!

     After searching around, Shi Zun said coldly: "Tianduo, you met him, remember to notify me, I will find him again! He can't escape!"

     When the words fall, we must leave.

     And Su Yu quickly said: "Shi Zun, I just fought with him, are you nearby?"

     "What happened?"

     Shi Zun said angrily: "It's all you rubbish. I ran away for a ruin, and pestered him again. When I arrive, I will kill him! Killing the floating earth spirit is not stronger than a mere monument? Stupid!"

     When the words fell, Shi Zun broke through the air and left.

     I saw the ancient corpse, but Grandpa Shi doesn't care, I want to kill the floating earth spirit!

     Compared to killing floating earth spirits, everything else is trivial.

     Su Yu is speechless!

     I thought you didn't see it, but when you saw it, you actually ran so fast, and concentrated on chasing the floating earth spirits...this is true love!Good to run away!

     Su Yu also didn't want to a new branch grows out of a knot, and his heart moved slightly. The relationship between me and the ancient city is really inseparable!

     Floating earth spirits are probably in the ancient city.

     Then I will go to the ancient city to find him!

     It's better to get rid of this guy!

     Even if you can't solve it, you have to trap him in the ancient city, or simply don't give him a chance to come out. That guy should not have a scoreboard, as a result, it is difficult to contact the outside world.

     As long as he is trapped in the ancient house, the guy can't get out, and he can't get out after he finishes his work.

     Thinking of this, Su Yu quickly put a robe on himself.

     Cover yourself first!

     At this moment, in the storage ring of Tianduo in his hand, a sound transmission talisman shook.

     Su Yu took out the sound transmission and slightly frowned.

     This thing... is a bit troublesome.

     The sound transmission symbol must have a frequency when it is turned on. If there is no frequency, you can turn it on, but you cannot transmit the news because you don’t know your transmission frequency.

     Fortunately, it's okay not to reply to anyone now.

     Turn on glanced at, and Mozu’s sound transmission is high-end.

     The information is reserved and can be quickly reviewed.

     He quickly glanced at the guy who had just transmitted the news to himself, as marked, from a strong man named Davao.


     Su Yu's heart moved slightly. He knew that on the first day before entering the city, the Dragon Race and the Shimo Race had a dispute, and that Davao and a giant dragon staged a battle.

     Davao, the strongest of the Shimozu, the seventh realm of the sun and the moon!

     "Tianduo, where are you?"This is a message from Davao to Tianduo.

     Su Yu has no way to reply. To reply, he needs to know his own frequency and the other party's voice frequency. This is also a way to prevent someone from being killed and use the sound transmission to frame others.

     Su Yu doesn't know the frequency of Tianduo's transmission, nor does he know the frequency of Davao.

     Naturally there is no way to reply.

     The sound transmission talisman is a good thing, but in the past, some people used the sound transmission talisman to fish, but now, it has improved a lot.


     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, leaving him alone.

     At this moment, the sound transmission note shook again.

     "Tianduo, go back to Jiuxing City as soon as possible, no one will grab you, but... it's best to trade to the Demon Race, you are very difficult to preserve!"


     Su Yu looked at the displayed label, slightly surprised.

     Modona is still in contact with Tianduo, I thought there would be no connection between the two.

     Su Yu was slightly frowned, and soon the sound transmission Xiaomao said: "Give me hard to deal with Tianduo, ask the frequency of the outgoing transmission, ask it out, and I will give you something delicious!"

     Also, if Tianduo replied now, perhaps he would have confirmed his identity.

     Of course it's okay not to reply. Tianduo has a great opportunity at this time, and it is normal not to reply.

     However, it might be useful to cover up your identity.

     While wearing a black robe, Su Yu quickly moved towards the ancient city, while letting Xiao Maoqiu find a way to clean up the Tianduo, and asked about the outgoing frequency.

     On the Mozu side, it seems to take it seriously.

     Even Modona told him to trade things to the demons.Su Yu didn't reply, but soon, Davao came again.

     "Tianduo, many strong people are looking for you, you are very dangerous! Come back, we will protect you! Whether you trade to the Demon Race, or return to the Demon Realm, dedicated to the Demon Lord Rad, is better than being taken away!"

     Demon Lord Rad, the ancestor of Tianduo.

     Whether it is sold to other people in the demon world or dedicated to his own ancestors, the demon clan can accept it.

     Fear when you are afraid, and be taken away by others.

     That is the loss!

     This ancient invincible... well, it is rumored to be the ancient invincible corpse. This may be the only ancient invincible corpse that still exists today, even if it is not invincible, it is quasi-invincible.

     Have extremely high research value!

     There are also ancient divine writings, ancient heavenly soldiers, and even some other things, involving some ancient secrets. In short, this corpse is very important!

     The demons and other races are looking for Tianduo at this moment.

     There are also a group of people looking for the people present at the time and the guy who picked up the ancient god arrow.

     At the moment, many powerful people are investigating the ancient space scene created by Su Yu.



     A strong man, at this moment, has reached the place of the previous war.

     There are many people in the sun and the moon.

     Including a White Mask person, a golden strong man, one from the Hunting Pavilion, one from the Tian Wanbao Lou, and some strong men from other races.

      The vortex of Space Shatter has disappeared at this moment, but space fluctuations still exist.A top powerhouse explored it and said lightly: "There is Space Shatter, but it may be too long, and the scope of shattering is not large..."

     With that, hand grasps, the sea disappeared, and a piece of broken armor was instantly grabbed by him.

     He took a closer look, distinguished it, and said faintly: "The material of the ancient era should be ground level. It may be Space Shatter and it was completely shattered!"

     After speaking, he sighed: "Years are ruthless, even in the confined ancient space, there is no one to maintain, no one to support, and the ground soldiers are also abandoned."

     At this moment, another strong man stepped into this place and said lightly: "There is a smell of death. It seems that there may be a tendency to transform the dead before death, but don't know why is over..."

     As soon as these words came out, a powerful demon clan shook and said: "Antiquity powerhouse, can you reverse the transformation of death? My demon king once said that the invincibility of the ancient era may have been transformed into undead... Necromancer, isn't the one here, didn't convert successfully?"

     Why are the corpses of Ancient Invincible gone?

     According to a few long-lived powerhouses, there is a high probability of being converted into a necromancer. Of course, there are no traces of the ancient invincibility in the necromantic world, but a part of the ancient invincibility exists.

     The demon emperor and the god emperor have actually entered the world of necromancers, and are even preparing to bring some invincibles back.

     "Will it be invincible?"

     "It's not invincible, it's also a corpse of quasi-invincible. Listening to those onlookers say, the moment of Space Shatter, and the heavy pressure of the sun and the moon, how many years have been dead?"

     "..."A strong judge quickly.

     The white mask of the Hunting Tian Pavilion checked for a while, and said: "There is a part of Tianduo's breath, but there is no Floating Earth Spirit. This little guy is very cautious. Both of them have lost the score list. It's hard to track them!"

     No one was found, and it made no sense to say the others.

     And the powerful demon clan said coldly: "I found so what? That is the genius of the first demon clan, and even the descendant of the demon king Rad! Do you still want to beat my demon clan?"


     And at this moment, there is a strong dragon clan, coldly said: "Tianduo can't keep it, that naturally does not count as your demon! Davao, according to your statement, your dragon blood ancient tree should also be returned to my dragon clan!"

     Of course, if you grab it, you can even own it!

     Davao is coldly snorted, and my heart is sullen. These guys, for this thing, I am afraid it is hard to worry about anything. Of course, as long as Tianduo returns and returns to them, the problem will not be big.

     Don't you dare to attack the demons resident?

     That is the real declaration of war!

     Now, because Tianduo has disappeared, once someone encounters him and is killed, you can't make sense.

     He sent a few more messages to Tianduo, and they were sent out, indicating that Tianduo was in the surrounding area, otherwise, the sound transmission note would not be sent too far.

     However, Tianduo did not reply!

     This idiot!

     Davao secretly cursed in his heart that you are a descendant of Demon Rader. No matter how you say it, the Demon Race will not snatch you. It will give you some benefits. You can even dedicate yourself to Demon Lord Rader.

     Well now, this kid doesn't reply!

      What does it mean?

     Take it alone?Is it useful if you swallow this thing?

     Whether invincible corpse or quasi-invincible corpse, you are a Lingyun, you can't digest it at all!

     Moreover, the value of this corpse is greater than its own value.

     The ancient quasi-invincible and invincible corpses are more valuable than the current ones!

     Davao cursed repeatedly in his heart, and quickly ordered the other demons to find Tianduo, and must not let other race powers find Tianduo in advance, killing Tianduo is small, and losing the corpse is the real loss!

     A strong person left quickly.

     Soon, the others left, and the golden shining heavenly Wanbaolou powerhouse smiled and said: "Haven's hunting pavilion, don't you have a ranking position? You can't find anyone here?"


     The white mask said coldly: "I didn't listen to me, the other party lost the score list!"

     The golden powerhouse sneered and quickly said: "It seems that this time, it is not your turn to hunt the Tiange! Maybe... it will eventually fall on my Wanbaolou!"

     When the words fell, the other party disappeared.

     The white mask didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and continued to probe for a while, slightly frowned, and soon, took out a book, and quickly wrote: “There is Space Shatter, there is ancient relic, Space Shatter is not strong, the sea is turbulent, the remains cannot be found, fragments Has disappeared..."

     Soon, a line of words appeared on the book.

     "Can the identity of the remains be determined?"


     The white mask continued to write: "There is a little bit of coercion in the space around the eighth layer of the sun and the moon, and a little bit of lifelessness, which may have been corroded by the lifelessness! According to witnesses, the remains carry a longbow..."

     "The style and color of the longbow can be recorded?""No question, black, about three feet long..."

     Soon, a line appeared in the book again, "Tracking Tianduo and Floating Earth Spirit! If it's a transaction, you can pay a high price! Pavilion will quickly inquire about ancient information, confirm the identity of the remains, and use bows and arrows... It should be possible to find out the specific identity."

     The strong with bows and arrows are at least quasi-invincible, or even invincible!

     It may be from the Tianyi God Clan. These data are enough for them to trace the specific identity of this ancient corpse. Of course, whether it can be found depends on the completeness of the information on Hunting Tiange.

     The white mask continued: "When encountering Tianduo, do you get this thing by killing?"

     "Kill when no one is there! There is no guarantee that you can trade without being discovered!"

     Hunting Pavilion is not a good crop either.

     No one knows, it is naturally a grab.

     Someone sees...then trade.

     Hunting Heaven Pavilion sells intelligence, and also engages in killer transactions. It also trades some valuables part-time. The credibility is still necessary. Of course, if no one sees it, it is not credible to eat black!

     All races know this.

     However, it's useless to know. Under normal circumstances, Hunting Heaven Pavilion is still reliable, and there is no evidence for it.

     At least it looks better than some small organizations!

     You can also trade real gold, white silver!

     The white mask didn't ask any more, and left quickly to find Tianduo or Floating Earth Spirit.

     Recently, more people have lost points.


      at the same time.endless void, in a palace floating in the sky, the faceless elder shouted: "It's okay, just suspend other work, check information, compare identities, use bows and arrows, the sun and the moon will reach eternity. It may be the strongest of the gods of Tianyi There is a bow for the heavenly soldiers, and an arrow for the ground soldiers..."

     After the Faceless Elder finished speaking, the masked man who had no other tasks quickly began to check various information.

      After a while, there was a report from the Masked Renhui: "Elders, according to the existing data, 6 people are more qualified."

     "First, the King Yi of the ancient times, the strong of the Tianyi God Clan, in the Eternal Realm, used a heavenly bow, but the opponent's arrow was also a heavenly rank..."

     "Secondly, the six-generation patriarch of the Tianyi God Clan, title, Heaven Shooting King, Eternal Realm, used a divine bow to shoot eternity, which is not consistent, does not rule out the decline of the divine soldier..."

     "Thirdly, the King of Sky Splitting in the ancient times is a mixture of humans and gods, with the blood of the gods of Tianyi and the blood of the human race..."


     The identities of the suspects were found out one by one, the faceless elder looked for a moment and slightly frowned said: "It's not quite right. I know some of these people. Some of them can be ruled out... Continue to inquire other information and meet the requirements. not much."


     Hunting Tiange again began to inquire about some information that had not been entered, but the faceless elder thought for a while, shook his head, forget it, and slowly checked.

     If it doesn't work, take the corpse and take a look at it slowly.

     Tianduo, where is this guy going now?

     Leaving the sea of stars and returning to the demon world?

     Still staying in the sea of stars without leaving?The faceless elder thought for a while, and quickly said: "Pay attention to the whereabouts of the demon. If Tianduo does not show up for a long time, then he may leave the demon and swallow the harvest alone. Track, trace his whereabouts!"

     Tianduo is not without family, maybe soon, someone from the Demon King Rader family will come to locate Tianduo through blood.

     Don't let Tianduo come into contact with the demons first.

     Otherwise, he is the invincible descendant of the demon clan after all. Once that happens, it will be difficult to get this batch of things.


     All parties are looking for Su Yu's whereabouts at this moment, of course, it is Tianduo at this moment.

     And Su Yu rushed directly to the ancient city.

     The ancient city is relatively safe.

     Xinghong Ancient City is the nearest ancient city in the nearby area.

     Su Yu was very fast, and he did not carelessly fly over, and did some cover-ups. Until the evening, Su Yu only counted beyond a thousand miles in Jiuxing City and saw a huge ancient city!

     The style is similar to other ancient cities, with a slight gap. For other ancient cities, such as Tianmie and Yunxiao, Su Yu did not see the moat. This Xinghong ancient city also has a moat.

     Surrounded by the city wall, Su Yu felt very dangerous, and life was permeated in the moat.

     This ancient city feels that it has been corroded by lifelessness.

     I don't know if the necromancers in the city are stronger, or other reasons.

     Su Yu landed, and at the gate of the city, a group of living dead, wearing armor, looked at Su Yu silently.Living dead... The reason why Su Yu is called that way is because these people are too dead, and it feels like Su Yu may soon be transformed into a dead soul.

     He had seen a lot of generals who defended the city in Tianmiicheng, such as Tianmen. They looked lifeless, but they still smelled like a living person.

     The guards of Xinghong Ancient City are very deadly!

     Su Yu knew a little about this ancient city. The city lord was a powerful man from the dragon clan. He was in the 9th realm of the sun and moon, and he was not an ordinary dragon clan, but a rare clan among the dragon clan, Dark Demon Dragon.

     It is said that it is a hybrid of the dragon and demons.

      The number of Dark Demon Dragons is small, and it is not very popular with the dragons. This dragon city lord is said to have fallen out with the dragon clan in the past years, betrayed the dragon clan, and became the lord of the ancient city of Xinghong.

     In these years, entrenched in the ancient city, the dragons have not come to trouble.

     Su Yu knew some information in general, and the guards of this ancient city of Xinghong were also very domineering, and even went out of the city to kill the strong, which had a lot to do with the city lord.

     The Dark Demon Dragon is also very domineering.

     So here, be careful not to be killed by the Dragon Clan’s Sun Moon Nineth City Lord.

     That would be troublesome!

     In this ancient city, not many people came.

     At night, life is so full of breath, and there is no one coming.

     At the huge gate, except for the guards, Su Yu walked inside alone, but some people inside couldn't hold it, and walked out.

     Seeing Su Yu walking inside, nobody cares.

      there are always some people, boldness of execution stems from superb skill, entering the city in the middle of the night, not afraid of dead souls, not afraid of death, there is no way.

     ...Su Yu, who has been to two ancient cities, has a fair understanding of the ancient cities.

     If he was a floating earth spirit, he would definitely not be on the periphery.

     Start looking at 18th ring, that's right!

     Except for residents, all other people staying in are recorded and shown. Within the 18th ring road, there will not be too many non-residents staying.

     "Floating Earth Spirit is not weak, but at most it will stay between the 18th and 12th rings. Even more internally, he probably won't have the ability to get in."

     "It's possible to move in, but it may not be beneficial."

     Su Yu roughly judged that the ancient house is very mysterious. Even his sensory jade can't detect the situation inside the ancient house. Otherwise, it would be easy to find the floating earth spirit.

     The other party must be here!

     Shi Zun said that he entered did not come out, and that the probability has not yet left.

     After all, Shi Zun had just left the ancient city not long ago.

     At this moment, probably many people are looking for themselves. That Davao has transmitted the sound several times, Su Yu has no time to pay attention to him, and Modona, the sound transmission is once, and then he has not transmitted the sound again.

     Now, Su Yu entered the dead city, with the sound transmission symbol intermittent, and a bit more deadly, probably not receiving the sound transmission.

     "The sound transmission cannot be successful, the Demon Race may judge that I am in the ancient city, of course, it may also be deep into the sea of stars..."

     In short, here may soon attract the strong.

     It is necessary to find Floating Earth Spirit as soon as possible to solve this loophole.

     A dead spirit passed by on the street, and Su Yu quickly avoided.

     There were guards who patrolled at night, and Su Yu did not clashed with the opponent, and left quickly to avoid contact with them.

     "Houses of the Five Elements..."Perhaps this is more suitable for floating earth spirits.

     Su Yu narrowed the Investigation Range time and time again, boldness of execution stems from superb skill, and almost no one was on the street in the middle of the night, which was also suitable for Su Yu's investigation.

     Su Yu has been investigating everywhere, ready to turn into a dead spirit to find floating earth spirits when no one is paying attention.

     This is more convenient!

     In the city, don't be targeted by that city lord.

     Soon, Su Yu found a place where there was no one, the induction jade turned on, and the word divine text turned on. Soon, when there was no movement, he quickly transformed into a dead soul.


     At this moment, the city lord's mansion.

     In the apse, a stone sculpture opened its eyes.

     The stone sculpture just opened his eyes... a villain stepped out into the air, looking at the stone sculpture with a helpless expression.

     "Passing by, not a dead soul! Special technique!"

     The stone sculpture looked at the villain silently, and for a long while, he opened his mouth and said: "Su Yu from the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction, creating chaos?"

     "Senior knows him?"

     "I'm in the holy city, everything in the holy city can't be concealed from me. Some time ago, a creature mentioned it!"

     As the stone carving said, he said nonchalantly: "Tianjie has a good temper. I have a bad temper. Don't stir up trouble! Otherwise...I will discipline!"

     The villain thought for a while, and said: "The Devouring Protoss Half-Emperor made him cause trouble. He wants to seduce the invincible civilized masters of the gods and demons, devour a few, and give his descendants a chance to experience..."

     The stone sculpture's eyes moved slightly and looked at Su Yu. The next moment, he saw through the sea of his will, and saw the small hair ball lying on the expansion hammer.

     Did God Eater Half Emperor make this human race cause trouble?He indeed sensed some weak power on Xiao Maoqiu, not from the half emperor, but from the heavens. The heavens may have taken action to protect this little biting god.

     In order to draw out the strong gods and demons, swallow them.

     The stone sculpture fell into contemplation. After a while, he said coldly: "Who are you? I have never seen you!"

     "All Heavens and Myriad Realms, predecessors will not have seen them all..."

     "Your avatar of will is about to dissipate, if I make a move, you can't stop it!"

     The little man nodded, "I can't stop it! Let alone dissipate, I won't dissipate, I can't stop the predecessors! I was entrusted by the Great Qin King, the Great Xia King, the Daming King, and the Great Zhou King to protect this person! This person is a disciple of the Silkworm Killer and the Heavenly Cast King..."

     He said a lot of invincibility in one breath, and said: "He has also won the Human King inheritance of the King of Song and King of Han..."

     This stone sculpture is silently sensing.

     Yes, he also found some weak eternal aura, many, very mixed, that is the invincible heritage or Inherited cultivation method.

     Among them, the inheritance of a sword spirit is even more powerful.

     "His sword... learned from Xia Longwu?"


     The stone sculpture was silent. It was Xia Longwu's sword, not Xia Wushen's sword. This stone sculpture can be distinguished. He has seen King Daxia and Xia Longwu.

     A troublesome person!

     Carrying a lot of invincible heritage!

     He spoke again: "Nothing, don't trouble me!"

     When the words fall, close your eyes!

     Forget it!

     Too lazy to worry about it anymore.It's really troublesome. There is also a god-eater half-emperor, and the god-eater half-emperor has lived too long, so long...This stone sculpture is thinking at this moment, is the god-eater half-emperor still the same one?

     If so... this guy has lived so long and scary.

     Tian Mie gave face to face, that may be the one back then, and now, actually an old oyster producing a pearl, with descendants, this is also strange.

     Is it going to die?

     Give birth to a child and pass on?

      do not understand the situation!

     The villain dissipated and returned again, but after walking out several times, there were already some signs of dispersing, and he was helpless.

     It's too troublesome!

     I have seen several stone sculptures alone.

     How long is this?

     Come once or twice, you have to complete dissipation!

     Today's Su Yu is not the Su Yu of the past. It is difficult to leave a mark on wordless and uncommunicative.


     Su Yu is not clear about the communication between the stone carving and the villain.

     He didn't crossed paths with the stone carving anyway until now, only opportunity, and the other party didn't speak either. Su Yu thought it was an opportunity for the ancient city.

     In the city, Su Yu, incarnate as a dead spirit, continued to search for the whereabouts of the floating earth spirit.

     From ring 18 to ring 12, he quickly searched.

     Not counting the residents, there are 62 houses for living people, which is too much!

     Obviously, there are many strong people staying.

     Want to stay in the 18th Ring Road, without a mountain or sea, I would not have the confidence to stay.

     In this way, there are 62 creatures that are comparable to those in the mountain and sea realm living in these rings."Under normal circumstances, at most three days, these people will leave... Tomorrow during the day, some people may come out, but some can be eliminated."

     Su Yu thought in his heart, as a result, at most three days, most people can be eliminated by himself.

     However, three days is too long!

     "Floating Earth Spirit... what annoying he is!"

     Su Yu was helpless, and failed to kill the Floating Earth Spirit at the time, which made him feel very upset and troublesome.

     If you don't solve this hidden danger, your own deception plan may be greatly disturbed!

     "I really hope that this guy has a chance in the house and shut himself up for ten days and eight days..."

      If so, you can get rid of your clothes!

     Ten days and eight days is enough to complete the transaction by yourself.

     Fear, be afraid, that guy suddenly appeared during the transaction!

     Su Yu continued to investigate, no matter what, continue to check!

     Incarnate as a dead spirit, he began to deliberately hit some portals.

     Some people ignore it, and some people scream.

     There are even strong men who opened the door directly to check, and when they saw a dead spirit wandering around and bumped on a wooden board... They ignored it, the dead spirit was restless? who cares!

     The target range gradually narrowed.

     40, 30...

     When the day was about to dawn, Su Yu quickly found a house to hide, and turned into a Tianduo again. When the day broke, he again began to deliberately walk around those rooms to investigate. Some people left, some went out, and some continued to close the door tightly.

     The outside world is already full of noise at this moment, and they are all looking for Tianduo.And Su Yu, calm and unhurried, eliminated 19 rooms in one day, leaving only 11 rooms.

     If the Floating Earth Spirit is within these 6 rings, then in these 11 rooms, one of them must be him!


     At this moment, Floating Earth Spirit was indeed in one of the rooms.

     Some anxiety, some sense of crisis.

     "What's going on?"

     "Shi Zun got it?"

     "I'm in the ancient city, and I've all entered the house, can the stone bumps find me?"

     Floating Earth Spirit is very irritable, why is it always a little bit of crisis.


     The ancient house also didn't see the chance, so it might be more dangerous to leave here, leaving the ancient city, Su Yu and Shi Zun are both looking for themselves.

     "It's not Su Yu, right?"

     Floating Earth Spirit thought silently in his heart, wouldn't that guy find himself so quickly?

     No one knows about myself in the ancient city.

     With some irritability and anxiety, Futu Ling tried to go out several times, but he dispelled the idea. Forget it, I'll wait and see!

     At this moment, there was some slight movement outside the door.

     Floating Earth Spirit was extremely alert and kept silent.

     Outside the door, Su Yu gently rubbed the wooden board, nothing happened!

     However, there are people inside.

     This is the seventh room he explored. The first 6 rooms were excluded by him. The remaining two, like this one, did not show any movement or sound.

     There are 4 remaining unexplored.

     If the same is true for the remaining 4, then there will be 7 rooms, which may be the living place.Su Yu continued to make that sound, the sound of paws rubbing against the wooden board.

     In the room, Floating Earth Spirit is extremely vigilant, what's the situation?

     Someone outside?

     Or What the hell is outside?

     He was a little nervous, but almost died in the ancient city last time.

      After a while, the movement disappeared.

     Futuling was relaxed, but didn't dare to open the door, who knew what the hell was outside.

     In this way, after half an hour, another voice rang.

     Su Yu is here again!

     Of the 7 rooms, three of them couldn't hold back. After he left, he opened the door and looked for a moment. They were not floating earth spirits.

     Su Yu did not stay nearby, but within a kilometer, using the induction jade to cooperate with the induction.

     When the door opened, these people naturally couldn't escape his induction.

     Three are not floating earth spirits!

     That can only be in these 4 rooms.

     Constantly harassing, there are always people who are curious and want to come out to see the situation.

     Target range, smaller and smaller now.

     And the floating earth spirit in the house is also very upset, what the hell, why is it coming again?


     Futuling shouted in a low voice, who is making trouble?

     Uncle, there is a bastard who frightens himself deliberately, right?

     Own dignified future co-owner of the Five Elements Clan, can you scare me?

     Believe it or not, I killed you?

     A Golden Small Sword appeared in his hand, believe it or not, I will kill you all at once!

     Outside the door, Su Yu stopped moving.


     Necromancer laughed!Floating Earth Spirit, I found you!

     This guy is actually hiding here.

     The voice is somewhat changed, but that’s okay, this voice is from Floating Earth!

     At this moment, Su Yu was greatly relaxed. This guy should have never gone out. That means that his own affairs may not have been leaked out by him, and he has no idea about pretending to be Tianduo.

     "Floating Earth Spirit, I found you, good..."

     A smile appeared in Su Yu's eyes, this was the last flaw.
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