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438 Everything Is Ready, Ready To Auction (resumed Update, Thank You All)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The voice of Floating Earth Spirit came from inside the door.

     Su Yu was happy that this was the biggest loophole in the plan. After the Floating Earth Spirit was dealt with, the only thing left was that Invincible would come personally, but in Jiuxing Island, Invincible would not come here without a major change.

      dōng dōng dōng!

     Su Yu knocked on the door again.

     Inside the door, floating earth spirits are somewhat agitated, come!


     "Who is it? What do you want to do? Aren't you afraid of death?"

     He shouted in a low voice, has taken out the Golden Small Sword, and pointed it at the door, believe it or not, give you a sword?

     The sun and the moon have to find a way to save themselves. Of course, killing in the ancient city is not a good choice. He doesn’t want to do it here unless it’s only when absolutely essential. But there is something knocking on the door outside. This is the dead city. He is still somewhat alarmed and afraid. .

     At this moment, Su Yu stopped knocking on the door and took out an ancient city order.

     He has a lot of orders for the ancient city, but the best can enter the 16th ring.

     Fortunately, the floating earth spirit entered the 16th ring!

     Since you do not open the door, then force the entrance, bolt the door and beat the dog, and kill the floating earth spirit.

     The ancient city order appeared, Su Yu entered lifeless breath, the door was outside, the power of that invisible barrier seemed to be opened, and inside the house, the sense of crisis in the heart of the floating earth spirit was great!

     Even if Su Yu used the static character divine text, the floating earth spirit also sensed a strong crisis!

     The small sword in hand is ready to go!

     At this moment, the floating earth spirit sensed the portal trembling, and shouted in a low voice: "Who are you? Do you want to die? Can you withstand an invincible blow?"


     This is opening the door, forcibly opening the door.The opponent is either a powerful undead, or someone who has mastered the ancient city order, and is still a very strong ancient city order.

     The opening of the door was a little quieter, and Su Yu's heart moved slightly, maybe...you can lie to that thing...for fear that he can't hold it.

     Should be ok?

     The Five Elements Method is still very powerful, and it seems to be the same thing as that. Last time he had absorbed the wood thorns forcibly, but this time the distance was too close, and Su Yu was somewhat worried that it was too late to absorb and digest.

     After considering for a moment, Su Yu hesitated for a moment and quickly made up his mind.

     Go in!

     In the sea of will, he told Xiao Mao Fairy: "If I can't bear the absorption, if you suck, it is a willpower attack. You can absorb it. Have you heard?"

     "It smells... but dangerous."

     Xiao Maoqi mumbled, it was fragrant, but it also found danger, it didn't dare to eat it last time.

     "Fragrant is enough. It's better to kill yourself than to be killed, right?"

     Xiao Maoqiu is looking thoughtful, lit his body, well, it makes sense.

     After admonishing Xiao Maoqiu for a while, Su Yu continued to open the door.

     The door, a gap was slightly opened at this moment.

     At this moment, a powerful Five Elements Force attacked from behind the door, and Floating Earth Spirit was still reluctant to launch the small sword directly, first try the water.

     Su Yu instantly recovered his physical body, opened the door, and slammed out with a punch!

     Boom a loud sound!

     Su Yu started in an instant, closed the door, and acted forms a coherent whole, bolt the door and beat the dog. He was familiar with this behavior, which he did last time in Tianmucheng.

     Floating Earth Spirit Five Elements Purgatory emerged instantly!

     A handful of outsiders wrapped.Feeling very strong, but not too strong to be unmatched. Once the Five Elements Purgatory came out and trapped the opponent, he instantly recognized the opponent.



     He was shocked, his devilish spirit was sturdy, and he looked like Tianduo, but he was a powerful five-element tribe, and he had lived and died with Su Yu before. For a moment, he screamed: "Su Yu!"

     Damn it!

     Is this guy, can you find all this?

      not saying anything further, the small sword appeared, at the same time, Su Yu's eyes lit up, and the next moment, there was a small flame, and the next moment, a clod appeared...

     Su Yu was shocked, let me go, are you crazy, use so many invincible runes at once.

     He didn't think about it.

     For an instant, a powerful corpse appeared in front of Su Yu.

     Yes, that Sunyue Bazhong corpse.

     Su Yu used this as a shield. Although a person is dead, he has powerful strength before he is alive. It is still possible to resist one or two. This thing is stronger than ordinary soldiers.

     The Floating Earth Spirit instantly sensed the pressure, and that strong coercion made him have the urge to kneel.


     Damn it!

     what is this?

     Holding a few things, he pointed at Su Yu's side and shouted: "What the hell do you want to do? Have to die? Can you stop me with a broken body?"

     Su Yu condensed his eyebrows, after a long while, he said: "Why not start one by one?"


     Screw you!

     I'm so stupid, I used a wooden thorn last time and was absorbed by you, this time I know it's you, so I still need one?What if it is absorbed again!

     He held three magic runes, aimed at Su Yu, and shouted in a low voice: "Even if you are blocked by this broken body, at least two runes can penetrate, can you block it? I still have one...Su Yu, You have to force us to either the fish dies or the net splits?"

     He still has 4 magic runes, but these are all life-saving things. If you use them all at once, he will collapse. Besides, if you use them all, can you kill Su Yu?

     Hard to say!

     Su Yu is in a special situation, his strength is not too strong, but this guy seems to restrain his runes, not restraint, but a bit tolerant.

     This makes Floating Earth Ling very speechless!

     Is it because of Su Yu's five-element divine writing?

     He who can't figure it out, now is if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off.

     And Su Yu, also very helpless, this guy didn't type out one by one, which was a bit embarrassing.

     Su Yu remained calm, holding the corpse to block him outside, and smiled: "Floating Earth Spirit, how about this, let's make peace, you give me two magic runes, I will not trouble you anymore."


     "Su Yu, do you think I am a fool?"

     Futu said dullly, do I look like a fool?

     Also, why is this guy pretending to be Tianduo?

     At this moment, one person, one soil, less than 10 meters apart, Su Yu was jealous of his runes, and Futu Ling was worried that he could not kill him if he ran out of runes. For a while, both of them were somewhat to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

     In the sea of will, Su Yu kept urging, "Foqiu, can you eat one?"

     After eating one, Su Yu was more confident in dealing with the floating earth spirits.

     "It will die!"Xiao Maoqiu refused, it would really be dead.

     too strong!

     Su Yu is helpless, you ancient Lingyun is really trash.

     "The one who quietly eats up all his willpower, activates the magic rune, and Strength Required, needs willpower. If it eats up his willpower, he can't activate it at all..."

      there's nothing about it The rune can be inspired by the initiative, and it needs the owner to inspire it. Xiao Maoqiu may be able to do it.

     Xiaomaoqiu is also considered and I think it can be tried.

     Eat up his willpower!

     Just near the rune!

     Su Yu continued: "Just eat up the willpower around his runes, so that he can't activate the runes instantly, fast, and work together to solve him..."


     Xiao Maoqiu also feels adventurous to try it, if it succeeds, then it will be delicious and spicy!

     One person, one ball, and an agreement was reached instantly.

     And Su Yu, at this moment, he said directly: "Floating Earth Spirit, don't get excited, you may not be able to kill me, and I may not be able to deal with you, this time I am looking for you, I have something to discuss with you."

     "I don't want to listen, you quit!"

     Futu Ling said with caution: "I have already contacted Invincible among the clan and will be there soon, Su Yu, don't make mistakes!"

     Su Yu smiled and said, "This is an ancient city!"

     Last time so many Invincibles didn't dare to enter the ancient city. I heard that they were just wandering around the periphery. Are you Wuxing Invincible to come?

     Who are you scaring!

     Futuling was speechless and muffled: "What do you want to do when you keep looking for me?"


     "Cooperation?""Yes, that's the case, I am going to kill Modona, I need your help..."


     Futuling almost vomited blood, are you kidding me?

     Well, if this guy still has Ye Batian's divine writing, maybe he can really kill Modona, but what do you do to kill Modona properly... You two have deep-seated hatred?

     Among geniuses, most of them still rely on their true ability to fight against each other, otherwise, who hasn't played their cards yet?

     Even if Su Yu broke out with Ye Batian's divine writing and killed the opponent, what would he do?

     The benefits are not that great, and it will cause the Invincible Demon Race to chase him all the time.

     While talking, Xiao Maoqiu appeared wordless and uncommunicative.

     Futu Ling suddenly felt a little shocked in his heart. The next moment, shouted in a low voice, not saying anything further, he was about to launch a magic rune to solve Su Yu. He still had a strong sense of crisis. As soon as the small hair ball appeared, he realized the crisis, although he didn't watch To what thing, but sensed a slight fluctuation.


     An extremely sharp sword air emerged, and the next moment, a powerful flame rose...

     Floating Earth Spirit just wanted to activate the third jade charm, the earth lump, suddenly felt shocked, the earth lump was a bit unable to activate!

     He was terrified, not saying anything further, in his mind, a water rune was activated, and he was instantly enveloped in water. Then, he punched it and blasted the invisible hair ball!

     The next moment, the soil bumps were activated again, forming a loess in an instant. The floating soil spirit was a little crazy and helpless, and suddenly jumped into the loess.

     Loess and water are instantly fused!

     At this moment, Su Yu had no time to care about him.The flame rose and the sword aura was sharp. His Five Elements Divine Art was activated, relying on the eight-fold body of the sun and the moon to intercept part of the murderous intent, and the remaining part penetrated, and the flame instantly burned his body.

     Su Yu shouted loudly, a large amount of Tian Qi burst out.


     The sword qi was forcibly absorbed by his sea of will, which set off a shocking wave in the sea of will.

     This guy is too keen!

     At this time, the floating earth spirit had completely turned into a fixed soil lump. He did not tell Su Yu that not all of his five element runes were offensive, and the water and soil divine writings were all defensive.

     Otherwise, he had already activated the 4 divine texts together.

     At this moment, the remaining water and soil runes were activated, forming a huge defensive cement soil, and the floating earth spirits directly hid in it.

     This is a forced choice!

     But he was sensed in crisis, no way, he had to choose this way.

     Floating Earth Spirit solidified itself!

      as a result, even if Su Yu is still alive, he can't beat him, unless the sun and the moon break the defense.

     And he used so many magical runes, the ancestor of the Five Elements tribe should have sensed that he might come to save himself, of course, in the ancient city, Invincible might not come.

     Futu Ling was very helpless. At this moment, he sealed himself in the cement soil and looked out. He wanted to see whether Su Yu was dead or not!

     Two magic runes, really can't kill you?

     I do not believe!

     Well, soon Thaksin believed.

     Really can't kill.Su Yu's flesh and blood were burned, but he kept rebirth. In addition, Su Yu quickly withdrew from the house, closed the door, and avoided some flames.

     Outside the door, on the street.

     Su Yu kept absorbing and swallowing these powers with the Five Elements Divine Art. 180 divine orifices kept absorbing these powers, absorbing those sword energy, absorbing those flames...

     And Xiao Maoqiu didn't know when he also returned to the sea of will, a little sluggish, just now it was punched by the floating earth spirit, very painful.

     At this moment, I ate a little flame cautious and solemn, and soon rolled all over the floor.

     Fragrant, but it hurts!

     Su Yu continued to dissipate these forces, and before no one was paying attention, he entered the house again, so as not to be felt that there was a large amount of energy spilling here, and came to investigate.

     The flames and sword aura continuously burned and attacked his flesh and will sea!

     180 magic orifices, but it is getting more and more shining!

     Absorb, swallow!

     A large amount of willpower was absorbed by him, and even some of the gods of the Immortal Clan that he had discovered before, were rapidly opening at this moment.


     The physical body is constantly strengthening.

     Of course, the premise is to consume a lot of Tian Yuan Qi, Su Yu's Tian Yuan Qi is not much, at this moment, under the violent consumption, some of it means to be exhausted.

     In the room, the soil bump is still there.

     Floating Earth Spirit was trapped in it at this moment, and he sealed himself.

     But this time, no ancestor communicated with him.

     Because this is in the ancient city, Invincible can't cross time and space, come directly, and snooping is impossible, unless Invincible comes in person.


     About two hours have passed.Su Yu opened his eyes, his throat was hoarse, and he smiled. With a hoarse laugh, he looked at the dirt bump, "You failed to kill me!"

     Floating Earth Spirit's face appeared on the soil bumps at the moment, and he sighed, "You don't know the Five Elements Divine Prose, you have a special technique, which may be the same power as us, Su Yu... right?"

     He lost the bet!

     Su Yu didn't use the Five Elements God Culture to solve it, but used a very special technique to solve it!

     This kind of exercise, with Su Yu's continuous operation, actually saw something, maybe...this is a magic trick related to the Five Elements.

     He didn't say much, Su Yu's injuries were serious, but they were not fatal injuries and could be recovered.

     He is in trouble!

      Despite this, Floating Earth Spirit was unwilling to admit defeat and said: "You can't kill me! Two invincible runes, water and soil fusion, form the strongest defense in the world, unless invincible can break through the defense and kill me... Su Yu , As soon as I die, Wu Xing Clan Invincible will kill you. You will not get anything if you kill me. You will also incur revenge from the entire Five Xing Clan. I am the Five Xing Clan’s hope. You should be able to see..."

     Speaking of this, he really cannot bear saying: "Why do you have to kill me?"

     What about him, what deep-seated hatred do we have?

     In order to kill himself, this guy himself took a great risk, and even deliberately pursued and killed the ancient city, this is too vengeful!

     Su Yu thought for a while, and said hoarsely: "It's not that you have to kill you, you might expose my identity!"



     Fuck you fuck!

     Floating Earth Spirit is about to collapse, are you serious?If you are worried about this...I am so wronged!

     Don't talk about you!

     "Aren't you coveting my Five Elements Heart?"

     "Then what is?"

     Floating Earth Spirit collapses, you don't know at all Five Elements Heart, you come to kill me?

     "Then you are jealous of my talent?"

     "Ha ha!"

     "Or, do you covet my heroic figure?"

     Su Yu ignored him and was sick!

     I covet you?

     I'm jealous of you?

     I really troubled you not to reveal my identity.

     At this moment, the two forces are still erupting in the sea of will, but they have been consumed by Su Yu. The Sunyue Eighth corpse has been destroyed a lot at this moment, but the Sunyue Eighth corpse has the ability to heal itself even if it is dead.

     Su Yu didn't care too much. The injury was pretty good. It concealed the single injury of Xia Longwu's murder, and turned around and corroded it with lifelessness, which was more realistic.

     This time, the physical body has not improved much, not the same vitality as the wooden thorn last time, but this time Su Yu's main gain is not this, but the sea of will has been forcibly blown away and enlarged.

     Including the 32 divine orifices of the exercise method obtained from the immortal clan, 16 divine orifices were opened at this moment, half of which were opened, and the 180 divine orifices originally opened, at this moment, it feels much stronger.

     It also carries a sharpness and a Strength of Flame.

     Of course, this power has to be worn away, lest the ancestors of the Five Elements tribe find out and pursue them.

     The benefits gained by the Sea of Will are still great, that is, some injuries require a little bit time to repair.Physical body, not much gain this time, just completed 30 castings.

     Not much use!

     Su Yu knows it, his wishful thinking is wrong, unless the floating earth spirits are all wood thorns, and with a lot of vitality, they can help them to better cast their flesh. For the Five Elements tribe, perhaps the Wood Spirit tribe casts itself The body helps.

     30 cast flesh...

     Counting it down, the physical power officially exceeded 30,000, but it failed to meet my expectations. 4 runes were activated, two by this companion pitted were used to defend themselves, and two just improved their own casting power.

     Of course, if the sea of will is repaired, his willpower will increase.

     Moreover, if it was said before that Su Yu's Will Sea was only comparable to Lingyun Peak, this time it was expanded, it was really comparable to a mountain and sea.

     Probably the same as when Zhao Li didn't advance.

     And Zhao Li, it took many years to do it.

     Su Yu silently absorbed the last strength. After a while, he got up and slammed his fist on the dirt bump without any movement.

     Su Yu is actually not surprised, but somewhat curious: "Floating Earth Spirit, you trapped yourself to death, and Invincible can't enter the ancient city, you do not belong to oneself and killed yourself?"

     Floating Earth Spirit is silent.

     You care about me!

     My pleasure!

     Uncle, if it wasn't for your persecution, how could I make such a bad move?

     He quickly said: "What thing is your will that devours my willpower? Divine text, or monster?"

     Very strange stuff!This time he was the threat of sensed, so he had to activate the runes quickly. After a while, he worried that he would lose the ability to activate the runes!

     Now, somehow sealed myself.

     At least Su Yu can't break this defense!

     Su Yu ignored him, tried again, and the five-element sacred text appeared, burning, slashing... and there was no way to break it.

     He tried to absorb these two forces with 180 divine orifices...

     As a result, after the water and soil merged, he couldn't absorb it.

     Futu Ling calmly said: "Knowing that you may have the ability to absorb energy, so I deliberately banned myself with the power of water and soil, as a result, power mutation, you can't beat me!"

     Su Yu smiled, "Your mouth is very hard! It's all like this, and it's so arrogant!"

     While speaking, he smiled and said: "I can see in general, this Power of Seal, you can't break it by yourself, but it will last for a short time, probably a month will automatically disappear..."

     Futuling is silent, you are right.

     After a month, I will be able to go out.

     And within a month, there will be a powerful five-element family to rescue him, even if the invincible does not come, there will be the sun and the moon.

     Su Yu sneered and said: "What you think is beautiful! I will send you to the Jedi first when you have no strong five elements to save you!"


     The Floating Earth Spirit said leisurely: "You can't take me out of the city, or out of the city, the Wuxing Clan Invincible will come soon, if you don't leave the city...Where can you send me?"

     "Where are you going?"Su Yu smiled and said: "Send you to the City Lord's Mansion! In the City Lord's Mansion, the Dark Demon Dragon is very domineering. I will use you to hit him. You said, he won't kill you?"

     It's still very nice's choice to smash people!

     Futu Ling said indifferently: "You dare not, and you won't! Su Yu, you have been looking for me to find now, just for fear that I exposed your status, but if I went out, this seal can seal my body, but not mine. Voice, soon, everyone knows that you are Su Yu!"

     "Even the Dark Demon Dragon doesn't have the ability to kill me instantly. The moment I break open the seal is enough for the whole city to know!"

     Su Yu nodded, but there was nothing wrong with it.

     This guy is still a bit difficult.

     Now it is impossible to break or take it away, which is a lot of trouble.

     However, if it is locked in a house, it is fine.

     Once the door is closed, people from the Five Elements tribe can't enter either. Of course, you have to be careful when someone opens it with an ancient city order.

     Unless...Send this guy to an ancient house that is more enclosed.

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, "Floating Earth Spirit, do you want to die or want to live?"

     "You can't kill me!"

     Futu Ling was wary, and Su Yu smiled and said, "Are you sure? I still have a five-generation divine writing. Are you sure I can't kill you?"


     Okay, not so sure.

     Futuling was helpless, he actually felt that Su Yu was gone, but he couldn't guarantee it.

      silent for a while, "What do you want to do?"

     "Does not want to make anything, you just need to retreat for a period of time!"Su Yu smiled, said: "You are someone with great luck's, it's hard to kill, I have been sensed! Killing you may provoke the entire five elements, and I am also sensed. The five elements should come to rescue you...but you are Locked in an ancient house, the other party can't enter, so you can only save yourself."

     "When the Power of Seal dissipates, you can open the door and leave by yourself. I looked for a moment. It's hard for death to penetrate the ban, right?"

     Futuling is depressed, is it really just that?

     Just don't let me go out?

     What is Su Yu doing!

     Su Yu was too lazy and said, "I'm going to move you to the ancient house in the inner wall, you went out, I will lock the surrounding sound transmission, you don't want to call people, useless, floating earth spirit, want to live, then Just be honest, how?"

     Futuling quickly said: "Su Yu, you and I do not offend the river, you have always been asking me for trouble...If you don't want to die together, I naturally don't want to die!"

     "That's the best, I said, killing you is not the purpose...I need you to retreat for a month!"

     Su Yu smiled, but he was wary. In fact, there was still a risk.

     What if this guy breaks the ban by himself?

     Although from the current point of view, it seems that he can only self-sealed, who knows if he pretends.

     In fact, let Xiao Maoqiu guard the best.

     However, Xiao Maoqi guarded, and Duo's Will Sea was in the ancient house that day. Once the Demon Race finds it, it is easy to find abnormalities.

     Su Yu glanced at the soil knot, after thinking about it, maybe he can add a little seal.

     At least try for a few days so that this guy can't get out!When he comes out, he will be done with his own affairs, let him go!

     Without saying more, Su Yu quickly outlined a five-element purgatory, and then the shadow barrier enveloped him. Soon, all means came out, and the guy was transferred first.

     Transfer to the inner circumference!

     Even if the Five Elements Race knew that he was among them, there was no way to find him and rescue him.

     What's more, the other party probably only discovered his location. In the ancient city, it may not be clear where he is. Find them!

     Futu Ling definitely has great luck's, at least Su Yu thinks so.

     At this juncture, the other party can actually protect themselves, this kind of person is too difficult to kill.

     I am afraid that these people like Modo are hard to kill!

     Who has no life-saving ability.

     But Su Yu doesn't care, it's hard to kill, just relatively speaking, and when it comes to invincible, there is no hard to kill Lingyun mountains and seas.

     After all, the strength is still not enough.

     If he is strong enough, he will break open the seal directly and slap this guy to death!

     Soon, Su Yu turned the sealed dirt into a big black ball.

     The next moment, he walked out of the old house with the big black ball and quickly walked inside.

     In the night, there was no one outside, even if the movement made by Su Yu before was not small.

     He kept walking inward, and soon Su Yu entered the first ring.

     I tried to push the houses one by one. Some houses are difficult to enter even if no one is there, but some are okay and can be entered. Generally, they have been lived in, and there is a high probability of no chance.

     This kind of house has only danger and lifelessness.Su Yu pushed dozens of rooms, and finally one was pushed aside without anyone.

     If the floating earth spirit is locked in, people outside cannot enter if the floating earth spirit does not open the door.

     Unless the other party has mastered a ring of ancient city order.

     Hid the big black ball in the depths of the ancient house, Su Yu arranged some simple small traps around, including several weapons. Once the black ball broke open, the weapon exploded, he could feel it.

     In this way, I can also prevent this guy from running away, I still does not know.

     The floating earth spirit in the shadow enchantment package can't transmit the voice, also very helpless, what the hell is this guy doing?

     I don't know where and how dangerous it is now.

     Also, this guy chased him down, pretending to be Tianduo, and just took out a powerful corpse. What happened?

     He couldn't find out more, he was also fierce in his heart. If he escaped this time, next time he meets this guy... just run away!

     Also, the rune of Old Ancestor of the FIve Elements doesn't work!

     Now it seems that it’s best to use offensive runes. I thought before that it would be better to have defenses. This time, Floating Earth Spirit regrets a bit. If all 4 runes are offensive, maybe Su Yu died!

     Of course, Su Yu felt that he was hard to kill, and he also felt that Su Yu was hard to kill. Even if they were all offensive, they might not be able to kill Su Yu.


     And that thing that suddenly swallowed one's willpower, what is it?

     He remembered some legends, not too sure.

     That family... hasn't disappeared yet?

     Did the inheritance of that clan also come out?

     Hooked up with Su Yu?Who can devour one's willpower wordless and uncommunicative, besides devouring the Protoss?

     I took a breath of air in my heart. This tribe is a natural enemy and a great enemy to the Wuxing tribe. Because the Wuxing tribe is a civilized teacher, even if the ancestor encounters the opponent’s invincibility, it is also an escape. Dead, can't resist.


     Su Yu didn't care about these, and quickly arranged everything.

     With some helplessness, he walked out of the ancient house and closed the door. At this time, he couldn't get in by himself.

     He just entered together, he can still enter.

     There are people inside, unless the Floating Earth Spirit opens the door by himself, or opens the door forcibly, but Su Yu obviously doesn't have the ability to open the innermost ancient house forcibly.

     "Everything is ready!"

      takes a deep breath, at least up to now, everything is perfect.

     The deception plan can be officially opened.

     Before the Floating Earth Spirit came out, he had to fix everything and then run away.

     "It's been two days, almost there should be brewing too!"

     Su Yu thought in his heart, there is the Hunting Heaven Pavilion branch in the city, there is the Zhutian Wanbaolou branch...or else, just auction it in the ancient city?

     Here, there is no way to do it, but it is the safest.

     I didn't want to auction it in the ancient city before, but now it seems that maybe the ancient city is more suitable for me.


     Its daybreak.

     Few people cared about the scene in the ancient city last night. What happened in the ancient city at night is not uncommon.

     And at dawn, the ancient city was a sensation!Yes, at the gate of the city, Su Yu walked in open and aboveboard. Some residents, some people who took refuge, saw Su Yu one after another, no, they saw Tianduo!

     Now, the entire Jiuxing Island knows that he has benefited and is looking for him!

     Su Yu actually ran to the ancient city, is this here to take refuge?

     At this moment, there was no need for Su Yu to look for it, several powerhouses from Hunting Heaven Pavilion, Heavens Wanbao Tower, and Thousand Regions Alliance arrived one after another.

     Su Yu also without rubbish, directly said coldly: "Tell everyone, I want to auction the ancient invincible body, including the exercises, ancient divine texts, ancient heavenly soldiers, all auctions, nothing else, only resources, all kinds of Heaven and Earth Treasure! In the future, I will auction it in the ancient city. If you think you can kill me in the ancient city, you can try it!"

     At this moment, a white mask suddenly said: "Is that really an ancient invincible corpse?"

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Is it right? Yourselves judge! But, I have one thing to say, this time the important thing is not the corpse. For me, the most important thing is the ancient exercises. I discovered a huge secret, this The ancient invincible cultivation's technique, you don’t actually need to use acupuncture points, you only need to breathe it out. This means that any race can be practiced..."

     "Ancient breathing method?"

     At this moment, rushed breathing was heard among several people talking!


     Several strong men changed their colors one after another.

     In the next moment, someone rushed out of the city and quickly spread the voice to the outside world!

     The ancient breathing method that has disappeared has appeared again!

     Su Yu was surprised, so excited, you know?

     That's good, knowing is better than not knowing!Su Yu takes a deep breath, whether he can get a sum depends on the next auction!

     PS: I gave birth to a daughter on the 9th, thank you all for your blessings, thank you all, everything is fine, and the update will resume today!
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