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439 Refuge (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

One stone caused a thousand waves!

     Tianduo wanted to auction the ancient invincible corpse in Xinghong Ancient City. As soon as the news came out, the entire Jiuxing Island shook instantly, and a large number of powerful men rushed towards Xinghong Ancient City.

     Inner circumference.

     At the entrance of a huge ancient house, the white mask spoke again: "Tianduo Demon Lord, even if you don't want to sell to Hunting Pavilion, Hunting Tian Pavilion can act as an agent for this auction. You can definitely bid a higher price!"

     On the other side, a golden strong man smiled and said: "Tianduo Demon Lord, hand it over to the Wanbao Building of the heavens for auction. It does not take too long. Up to one month, we will invite All Heavens and Myriad Clans' strong for this sale. By."

     needs time!

     The day after tomorrow, too rush.

     There is no such thing.

     Even if Invincible rushed here from the realm, it would take time, and it would have to communicate with the Nine Realms.

     The time given by Tianduo is too short. In such a short time, a large number of strong players have not arrived, so it is difficult to sell at a high price!

     Even if there is an agent, he is not the person after all, it is difficult to have that courage to pay a high price.

     Inside the house, Su Yu opened the door, looked at some powerful people all around, and said lightly: "No, I need to get what I need as soon as possible. After a long time... I'm afraid the things will not be auctioned!"

      also some people didn't understand what he meant, the next moment, an extremely powerful figure fell down in an instant, devilish!


     This powerful man, from the Demon Realm, had green pupils and looked a little cold and coquettish. He looked at Su Yu and said in a low voice, "Why auction?"

     "Devil Ladd has sent a message to return you to the devil world!"

     Davao!Su Yu recognized this guy, the guy who fought with the Dragon Clan last time, and the guy who transmitted to himself later.

     At this moment, Davao is very angry.

     Of course, it was also very depressed. Tianduo actually wanted to sell this thing, but he didn't communicate with them.

     Su Yu condensed his eyebrows slightly and said lightly: "What I auctioned is what I got myself, Master Davao, this is my own chance!"

     Davao was a little annoyed and glanced at everywhere. The door was open. He wanted to enter the house and talk to Su Yu, but Su Yu was blocking the door and was ready to close the door at any time.

     Davao is speechless!

     He had no choice but to rebuke: "Do you understand the preciousness of the ancient breathing method? You are clear or unclear, how important is this ancient remains? Whether you sell it to the Demon World or give it to the Demon Lord Rad, you will not be treated badly. , Tianduo, do you really want the Demon Race to hate you?"

     Su Yu's eyes were cold, her hair fluttered, and she said, "Master Davao, how about not treating me wrong? If I want to catch up with Modona, will you provide me with enough resources and opportunities? The devil hates me. so what!"

     Su Yu said coldly: "As long as my strength rises and becomes the next Modona, my ancestors, demons, will not care to let go of this disgust and continue to accept me, Lord Davao, am I right? "

     Davao unable to respond.

     Do you still want to catch up with Modona?

     He knows that the youth generation of Mozu have this ambition, but...is there really hope?

     Davao once again transmitted the voice: "This thing is very important to the demons, Tianduo, you make a price, as long as it is reasonable, the demons bought it, which is better than selling it to other races!"Su Yu was silent for a while, and quickly transmitted his voice: "1000 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light, 500 drops of sun and moon mysterious yellow liquid, nine kinds of vitality laid the foundation and treasure..."

     Davao complexion changed.

     "You are crazy! You don't want to recast your body and re-evolve your vitality?"

     These things Su Yu wanted were very important for the body and vitality changes, but it was not very helpful for entering the mountains and seas. Of course, the Sun Moon Xuan Huangye was very helpful for the sun and the moon to expand the acupuncture points.

     Too much!

     The real lion's big mouth!

     Su Yu said in a voice transmission: "This is the same demons. The friendly price I gave. If Master Davao can't even meet this point, then I have no choice but to sell to other races that can afford this price!"

     Davao inwardly cursed, and quickly spread the voice: "Your Rad family will come soon, Tianduo, I know, I can’t persuade you, but if you come from Rad family, if you are obstinately clinging to one's course, you Think for yourself!"

     Your own family comes, you still want to sell?

     Su Yu ignored him, spoke quickly, and said loudly: "The transaction is mainly based on the heaven and earth mysterious light, the sun and moon mysterious yellow liquid, the foundation stone of the nine changes! In addition, the demons can participate in the auction, which can be 10% less than other races. This is a concession I made for the Demon Race. If the Demon Race cannot take out the items I need, all races can buy it!"

     Davao talked and stopped, sighed, have nothing to say!

     Tianduo said that, the Mozu purchases 10% less, what else can he say?

     For these geniuses, in order to strengthen themselves, the betrayal race has not been without. It is really urgent. Tianduo just doesn't give it to the demons, so what can he do?He can understand Tianduo's mind, pressed by Modona, desperately wishing to surpass Modona.

     These geniuses of Modo have their own chances.

     The cast body of Modo may be more than 36 times, resuscitated, maybe more than 100, when the nine changes, maybe the ultimate nine changes...

     Even if the same clan, even if the same exercises, Modona is still better than everyone.

     This is the gap between geniuses!

     As for Tianduo, there may not have been 36 casts, and the nine changes may not be the ultimate nine changes. This is also normal. Davao doesn't know much about these geniuses.

     Tianduo may want to get enough good things for physical reconstruction.

     No one knows this.

     More than that, Su Yu said coldly: "In order to guard against the unexpected, in order not to have a lot of people and quotations disrupt the auction, anyone who wants to participate in the auction needs a ticket fee!"

     In the city, someone said quietly: "The fee? How much?"

     Su Yuyou coldly said: "No money, for anyone who wants to participate, send a confined mountain and sea powerhouse! If someone wants to rob or seize, then I will kill the imprisoned mountain and sea, Perish Together! Of course, everyone. Abide by the rules, nothing will happen naturally."

     "Tianduo..."Without waiting for anyone to refute, Su Yuyou said coldly: "Shut up! Those who don't want to participate will get out! I need protection. I don't need the so-called rules and racial credibility. In the battlefields of the heavens, the same race can kill each other, let alone foreigners! At that time, I will hold the auction in two rooms. The mountains and seas that have been banned will enter the room where I am staying. Others will participate in the auction in the other room. The transaction is completed. It is best for us to successfully hand over. Don't blame me Perish Together for dying together!"



     Someone is helpless, so ruthless!

     This guy has a cruel heart.

     This means that once an accident occurs, he will kill the mountains and seas, which will attract a large number of mountains and seas and even the sun and the moon. Massacre!

     Shanhai is the ticket!

     This price is also extremely alarming.

     Yes, someone said in a vague voice: "The mountains and seas of the same clan, or the random mountains and seas as tickets?"

     Su Yu said indifferently: "At will, when you kill, I don't care is that you are the same clan! If not surprisingly, I will not be stupid. I will take the initiative to kill and cause the turmoil of the ancient city!"

     And at this brief moment, a domineering voice sounded and he said lightly: "Tianduo, auction in the city, you charge the entrance fee, I charge the venue fee! 30% of the auction proceeds belong to me!"

     The next moment, a wordless and uncommunicative figure appeared on a roof, wearing a black robe, extremely domineering.

     Opening your mouth is 30% of your income!

      Dark Demon Dragon, the lord of this place.And soon, on the street, all around, a group of guards swarmed, all of them were so lifeless. Someone cursed secretly in their hearts, and this guy came to blend in again.

     Su Yu narrowed his eyebrows slightly, "Your Excellency the City Lord, is 30% too much?"


     The Dark Demon Dragon said indifferently: "If there are too many, then don't auction in Xinghong Ancient City, thinking you are the descendant of Demon Lord Rad, otherwise...you can't get out of this city!"

     Su Yu cursed secretly in his heart, not daring to be too strong, for fear of being induced.

     After a long while, he gritted his teeth and said: "Okay, but Your Excellency the City Lord needs to provide me with a lot of vitality. I need to stay in the city for a long time. At this moment, there is no vitality. I will not go out of the city when I find something. ...I'm afraid that I won't be able to get out of Xinghong Ancient City. If the city lord agrees and protects me in the future, 30% will be achieved!"

     The city lord of the Dark Demon Dragon clan smiled and said: "That's it!"

     When the words fell, a storage ring flew.

     Su Yu didn't dare to pick it up, and stopped after a long distance away by willpower to control the ring. Don't make trouble, you think I don't know, this thing harbored evil intents, the god of the word is beating.

     Su Yu quickly explored it, and there were some Tianyuanqi imprisoned inside. It was very violent. Unlike Tianyuanguo, it was naturally formed Tianyuanqi. Most of the others used it.

     As for the vitality of Tianyuanguo, it should be much gentler, so that it can be absorbed.

     Su Yu probed, stingy, probably less than 20 copies.

     His vitality was almost completely exhausted.

     It doesn't matter, he still has essence and blood, just look back and refine it.

     Hold this city owner first!As for Dark Demon Dragon, I am probably not afraid of Su Yu's debt. Where is Su Yu going in the city?

     After the auction was over, Su Yu himself said that he didn't dare to leave and would stay here for a long time. This was normal.

     Are you afraid of being robbed when you go out?

     In this case, he still needs to rely on the ancient city, and naturally has to pay the price.

     As for capturing corpses, Dark Demon Dragon is not interested, mainly because it is very difficult to preserve. Now all the major races are staring at him. He is not invincible, even in the city, with the help of the undead, there is hope to fight the invincible, but... With the help of the undead, he is just a puppet.

     There is no need to be an enemy of the major races for things that are not available.


     In the city, Su Yu is making conditions for all parties.

     The news quickly spread to the Quartet.

     What Su Yu wanted, the how to proceed auction, what the tickets were... all spread quickly.

     On the way from Jiuxing City to Xinghong Ancient City, Zhu Guangshen inwardly cursed, and quickly said: "Shadow, go grab a mountain and sea, this guy has so many demands for selling something..."

     Shadow hurriedly said: "His Royal Highness, shall we participate in the auction?"

     Can you afford it?

     Does Heaven and Earth Xuanguang have it?

     Is Riyue Xuanhuangye available?

     Even if there are, are there so many? Do not make jokes!

     Terran is very poor!

     The accumulation is too short!

     As for the ruins, a lot of them have been excavated. The key is that everything excavated in the ruins has been used, otherwise, the human race will not have so many powerful people.

     Although Daming Mansion has money, it is only general supplies. These strategic treasures are very rare in Daming Mansion.Zhu Guangshen said helplessly: "You have to look at it, really can't... Then you have to make trouble, and don't give other races a chance! Ancient breathing method, ancient invincible corpse... I have actually heard of this ancient breathing method. Second, ignoring race, ignoring talent, the main function of breathing method is to strengthen talent, strengthen physical body and even willpower talent... Originally you are only suitable for 9 casts. If you practice breathing method, then you may cultivate to 18 casts. This is Ancient Era. The supreme technique for potential development..."

     Cast body is not casually cast.

     Just like resuscitation, resuscitation is not random.

     Many people have an upper limit and a limit. Of course, Su Yu has never experienced it, so he is a genius.

     Most geniuses are called geniuses because they are beyond ordinary people.

     Otherwise, how many of the invincible descendants lack resources?

     Cultivation still depends on talent.

     This ancient breathing method, Zhu Guangshen has indeed heard people mention, and soon he said: "I don’t know which breathing method it is. There are also different breathing methods. Some strengthen internal organs, some strengthen flesh and blood, and some strengthen. Willpower...the most precious thing that strengthens willpower..."

     Shadow actually doesn't understand this, and curiously said: "His Royal Highness, where do you see it from?"

     Zhu Guangshen smiled and said: "I heard from my grandfather that my grandfather once met a strong man who knows how to breathe. Of course, he is not a human being, but a strong man of an ancient clan, and his strength is extremely powerful."

     "The ancients have inheritance?"


     Zhu Guangshen nodded, "It's rare, but there are some ancient races! But they are all secret, and the ancient races are very powerful.""Then Shimozu and Primordial God Clan?"

     These two are also considered ancient tribes, don't they?

     "There should be, but not everyone can learn it, and they can have it. There may be families such as the half-emperor of the devil and the half-emperor of the gods, but there is a high probability that the ordinary demon king will not!"

     This belongs to the ancient heritage, and other later demon kings probably didn't have it.

     Shadow understands that it is indeed worth a lot of people to take down this thing.

     Use for increasing potential!

     For example, Huang Teng has 36 casts in his physical body. It does not mean that he has really completed 36 casts. He really needs to complete 36 casts and vacate nine layers. Under normal circumstances, the power of the acupuncture point can reach more than 11,000 holes.

     Flying into Kunou, it may be able to match some weak mountains and seas, but this kind of situation has almost never happened.

     Whether Huang Teng or Qin Fang, none of these people had the record of killing Shanhai in the air.

     It may be that there was no chance, or it was not so formidable at all at that time, and then stepped into Lingyun, after the vitality mutated, there was a chance to kill the mountain and sea.

     For these geniuses, the same is secret, no one knows how many times they have cast their bodies.

     Some geniuses may not be able to continue casting until 33 times.

     The physical body has breathing methods, which may strengthen some foundations, allowing these people to cast their bodies more times.

     On the contrary, Modona has a high probability of actually casting 36 times, or even more than 36 times. No one knows this. You can only judge this way, otherwise there is no way to be so formidable.


     Zhu Guangshen and the others ran to the ancient city, as did other racial powerhouses.And the nine great realm powerhouses on Jiuxing Island have also rushed here, including the Mingguang bird clan on Tianxia Island, as well as a large number of powerhouses wandering near the sea, rushing here.

     Even if you can't participate, it's good to watch the excitement.

     Invincible's corpse in the morning, not to mention the ancient invincible, few people have seen the invincible corpse now.


     The news also spread out quickly.

     Toward the outside of the sea of stars!

     People, God, Demon, Immortal... all major races quickly received news.

     The Demon Sky Duo will be auctioned in Xinghong Ancient City.

     The price is amazing!

     However, things are also amazing. According to Tianduo, there are ancient breathing methods and ancient divine texts.


     At this moment, in the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction that had just subsided for a few days, some people continued to take refuge, and some people were discussing it.

     Behind the main hall of the city.

     The stone carving is just as in the past quiet, closed eyes and petrified, of course, everything is under his control, this city, there's nothing about it can hide from him.

     At this moment, Shi Diao heard the news and suddenly thought of something.

     Someone... seems to have learned a bit of ancient breathing techniques from himself.

     When he heard about the ancient city, the breathing method, the ancient invincible corpse... he can't help thinking of that guy, that guy with extremely powerful ability to cause trouble.

     "Breathing...Ancient Invincible Corpse..."

     Where's the corpse of Ancient Invincible!

     The stone carving is speechless, the ancient invincible has no corpse, don't think too much.Ancient breathing method...Ancient breathing method is uncommon, but not many, not everyone knows it, and it is not possible to say that a random antiquity powerhouse will, yes, most of Ancient Era are invincible.

     For example, myself...

     How can I breathe!

     The stone sculpture was lost in thought. He heard a few familiar terms, and he always felt a little strange!

     No way?

     Tianduo... he also knows the demons who almost finished in the ancient city last time.

     Can he pick up ancient corpses?

     "Xinghong Holy City..."

     Xinghong, he is familiar.

     Of course, what happened many years ago is almost forgotten.

     Could it be that something is going to happen over there this time?

     The stone carving thought in his heart, suddenly something to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster. If something happens, something will happen. I messed up here once, and it’s better to mess up on your side. It seems that the chaos is not on my side, not on my incompetent , There is someone who can cause trouble too.


     No one knows the idea of stone carving.

     These ancient city stone sculptures hardly communicate with people, even those puppet city owners, some of these stone sculptures don’t know at all are alive.

     Invincible, some are known, but the ancient city does not welcome Invincible.

     Therefore, not many people can communicate with these stone sculptures.


     More and more powerful people rush to the ancient city, and a large number of geniuses are also rushing there.

     And Su Yu, who has been hiding in the ancient house, directly closed the door.

     Just let the guys outside shout and ignore it.

     He was thinking of retreat.

     The previous plan may not be perfect.By the way, extract some Tian Yuan Qi, so as not to have enough Tian Yuan Qi, I might stay in the ancient city for a period of time this time, and then find a way to escape.

     "If you really want to sell, so many things, there must be someone's heart, including the demons themselves!"

     "Come from the Ladd family..."

     Su Yu thought about this and continued to weigh it.

     If there are a lot of people involved, you really send yourself a lot of imprisoned mountains and seas... Then kill them all and create chaos. The key is that there is no shuttle talisman this time.

     Do you always pretend to be dead?

     Su Yu was helpless, it would be great if there was a Shuttle Talisman.

     It is a pity that the lord of Xinghong Ancient City does not seem to be able to speak.

     If you go to the apse by yourself, there is a high probability that you will not go to yourself. If you do, you have to monitor yourself.

     Be careful of being killed by the opponent!

     Although killing oneself might lead to some dead spirits, the dragon might not care.

     "Kill the mountains and seas, bring out the dead, will the sun and the moon appear? If it appears, the ancient city will be closed, and if there are not many sun and moon dead, it will not be too dangerous for those strong.

     The undead in the first two days of the moon, even if the city was sealed for three days, can't beat them.

     Of course, this time Su Yu did not intend to kill, but to create a chance to escape.

     How to escape smoothly?


     He actually thought about pretending to be a dead spirit for a long time, until everyone else is gone, but the dead rarely appear during the day and will disappear automatically over time.words exceede 5100If the auction is successful, and you can't escape, what about converting to a resident of the ancient city?

     Once the conversion is successful, hide it yourself!

     The undead will not kill themselves, and there are many residents in the ancient city. Even if others suspect that they are in the city, they will not find a house where the residents live, because it is useless and there are many residents. It is useless to find them.

     It is also easy to provoke the dead.

     Moreover, in the eyes of everyone, even if a genius died, he would not be willing to transform into a resident of the ancient city, which meant that he was in a life and death dilemma and became a puppet of the ancient city.

     In this life, he was bound by the ancient city.

     Even if they die, they are dead spirits in the ancient city.

     "I can try, anyway, even if the conversion is completed in two days, the conversion is not complete, you can give up at any time..."

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly and began to wait for Darkness Descends.

      left nothing to be scared!

     Even if you really become residents of the ancient city, it will be done. Aren't those city owners all residents of the ancient city?

     Riyue Jiuzhong sometimes had to compromise, he Su Yu, why bother too much.

     The biggest trouble for the residents is that they leave the city, the lifelessness still exists, and it burns continuously, and will soon die, Su Yu is not afraid.

     He still has a lot of methods!

     Among them, even if there is no Yuan Qiao Reversal Method, he can extract a large amount of Tian Yuan Qi at any time to resist death Qi. This is something other people can't do.

     In the middle of the night, Su Yu opened the door of the house.

     No one exists around.

     I don't know if it is hiding, or there is no one.

     Su Yu quickly wandered around the city, always sensing the changes in induction jade.No one is tracking yourself?

      how can it be!

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, these guys don't actually monitor themselves, or are they all kilometers away?

     Or...just at the gate of the city.

     In the ancient city, Su Yu could not run.

     At the gate of the city, it can also prevent death from attacking.

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, and quickly ran towards the gate of the city.

     Stealth, lurking.

     Soon, we arrived at the gate of the city.

     When Su Yu arrived nearby, he was secretly speechless!

     Damn it!

     Really ruthless!

     He felt 8 sun and moon spots on the jade, all outside the city gate, which meant that there were 8 sun and moon guards outside the city.

     No wonder you don't bother to monitor yourself in the city.

     On the one hand, it was to dispel Su Yu's guard, and on the other hand, it was to not disturb the dead.

     With so many sun and moon outside the city, it might be difficult to get out!

     Su Yu quickly lurked to other places. In those places, there were a few openings that led directly to the Dead Qi River.

      looked for a moment, no one monitored.

     However, lifeless and scary.

     The sun and the moon may be corroded to death.

     "This...I feel dangerous!"

     Su Yu shook his head, thought for a while, and stayed in a hut nearby, and soon threw a jade symbol with his blood on it.

     After a while, a dead spirit appeared.

     The undead took the jade talisman and, as usual, began to paint on the wooden sign outside the door.

     Su Yu stared at the undead, and the undead ignored Su Yu and continued to portray.After portraying for a while, half of Su Yu appeared, not Tianduo, but Su Yu, the real face!

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly, this dead spirit...how did he see through himself?

     How do they distinguish the true body?

     Very mysterious thing!

     Su Yu didn't say anything. When the dead spirit disappeared, he quickly converted and turned into a dead spirit. On the wooden sign outside the door, he modified the lifeless character and changed it to an ordinary person's appearance, but not oneself.

      Thus, even if the whole city was searched, the strong would not have thought that they could change the appearance on this wooden sign.

     The next moment, Su Yu's body was shaken!

     In the room, there was a large amount of death aura invading, can not resist, these death auras quickly invaded his body, the body was corroded, and in the blink of an eye, the body was lifeless, but in this death aura, there was some vitality.

     Let him be corroded without being killed.

     Su Yu looked at this ancient house with strange eyes, where did this sudden death come from?

     Transform your body!

     It seems that he is making his body more in line with the standards of the dead.

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, and he quickly turned into a dead spirit. The death aura that later merged into it seemed to be somewhat at a loss, but soon it merged with the death aura that Su Yu himself reversed.

     Su Yu reversed the adult race again, and all his death energy was dissipated by him. Su Yu swallowed some Tian Qi and expelled the death energy.

     After a while, Su Yu's eyes moved!

     In the ancient house, once again shot out a lifeless breath, continue to transform him!

     Obviously, he may have been aware that he has not been transformed, and Su Yu was transformed again!

     Su Yu eyes flashed and smiled.interesting!

     In this way, as long as you leave the ancient city, you won't be affected too much. Of course, if you are in the city or in the house, this lifeless spirit may always reform yourself.

     Thinking of this, he tried again.

     Sure enough, when he dissolved the death aura, after a while, the ancient house shot a death aura again, persevere unremittingly trying to reform him!

     Su Yu grinned!

     Really laughed this time, lifeless, it can be reversed, the Yuan Qiao reversal method is still useful!

     When you consume a dead energy, the ancient house will shoot dead energy, persevere unremittingly transform yourself!

     The reason was three days, about three days later, before he could completely transform himself into a half-dead body.

     Yes, at this moment Su Yu understands by and large that the residents of the ancient city are actually half dead!

     After these people die, they may all become dead!

     "I may be able to reverse it all!"

     Everything is waiting for the third day.

     If you can escape, then you can escape, if you can't, you can convert to a resident and stay here.

      "No... Maybe I don't convert to a resident..."

     Su Yu murmured, I forgot one thing, I can fake the resident's sign by myself, so why should I switch?

     Of course, if you don't have enough essence and blood to extract Tian Qi, you can try to change it.

     On weekdays, I can completely portray a resident's head on the sign outside my house!

      As a result, it won't cause suspicion, right?I kept thinking about it, a crafty rabbit has three burrows, maybe I can try to fake dozens of brands in the city, and then I can find one and hide it. If someone finds an abnormality, he will directly convert it into a resident!


     Su Yu, who had planned well, quickly finished everything and returned to the room during the day.

     No one cares about him.

     Whatever him, as long as he doesn't leave the city.

     The next day, a large number of powerful people began to enter the city. Sun and moon were not uncommon. Powerful people from all major races came, and people kept talking to Su Yu outside the door, wanting to trade in advance.

     Hunting Tiange even sent a score list, wanting to communicate with Su Yu secretly.

     Su Yu was not welcome, and directly accepted.

     Anyway, he is here now, the positioning is useless, but he can be thrown away when he escapes.

     On this day, the sun and moon breath continued to come.

     Su Yu even received an invitation from Zhu Guangshen to talk about the fact that the Daming Mansion is rich. Zhu Guangshen meant that the Daming Mansion would offer high prices... which made Su Yu speechless.

     Stop it!

     You get out as early as possible, and you won’t sell it to anyone!

     The demons, the gods, the immortals...all sent people to contact him, Su Yu didn't pay any attention, the higher the price got, but I asked about the prices offered by each company in general, and had a good idea.

     This night was spent peacefully, and this night, Su Yu tried again to throw out the jade charm and transform himself.

      Boldness of execution stems from superb skill, something that other people dared not try, Su Yu wanted to try it, really converted into a resident, can it be completely reversed, if it can...may be able to take the opportunity to reach an agreement with some ancient city lord.Of course, this Yuan Qiao reversal method, Su Yu will not be exposed until only when absolutely essential.

     The ancient city, in Su Yu's view, has become his best refuge.

     In the blink of an eye, the auction time agreed by Su Yu arrived!

     The third day came.
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