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440 Words Exceede 5100
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On August 5, this is the time calendar of the human race.

     On this day, the Polytheological College has started, and on this day, Su Yu also started the final chapter of this deception plan.

     Time to harvest!

     On the same day, several Sun-Moon powerhouses came to the Five Elements Race. Of course, it takes time to find the Floating Earth Spirit, and it also needs to be located, and it needs to be searched. Where is the Floating Earth Spirit now?

     Su Yu was sensed and didn't care.

     Say it if you find it!

     The Five Elements tribe will actually come to him sooner or later, because the final fight is between Tianduo and Floating Earth Spirit. Floating Earth Spirit disappeared and Tianduo also appeared in the ancient city. It is very likely that Tianduo did it.

     Of course, the Five Elements family has a guess, maybe Su Yu is here too!

     Without him, the first magic rune used by Floating Earth Spirit was used for Su Yu.

     Within the third ring.

     On this day, two large rooms opened, one on the left and the other on the right, on both sides of the road. At this moment, the doors were open, revealing the big house.

     On the left, Su Yu is inside.

     On the right is the venue for the auction, for the guests.

     At this moment, Su Yu already arrived.

      high-spirited and vigorous, long hair flying.

     At the end of the street, a strong man stepped forward, among them, a few spitting angers, the magic was boiling.


     A middle-aged man with long white hair had obvious flame divine runes on his forehead and shouted in a low voice: "Tianduo, the ancestors asked you to follow us back. Yesterday you avoided meeting somebody, What do you want to do?"

     Su Yu doesn't know each other!

     It doesn't matter, you know what's going on when you listen.

     People of the Rad family!Not only him, the middle-aged was also accompanied by several powerful men. The middle-aged was in the Sun and Moon realm, and he was surrounded by a mountain and sea, two Lingyun, and four members of the Rad family.

     At this moment, behind the middle-aged, a young man also frowned and said: "Tianduo, go back with us, the ancestors have already left..."

     Su Yu glanced at them and said indifferently: "What are you going back to do? Come to the battlefield of the heavens, if you don't make a nod, could it make me return like this?"

     Several people are somewhat angry.

     The young man shouted in a low voice: "Tianduo, you don't even listen to the ancestors' words?"

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Then let the ancestors say that you... are not qualified enough!"

     Several people are furious!

     This day, is it really crazy this time?

     Not even listening to the ancestors' words!

     On the side, Davao was helpless. It seemed that Tianduo was determined not to be sold to the demons, or to be sold to the demons, but to be auctioned.

     On the side, someone laughed and said: "Tianduo's own opportunity, how to deal with it, isn't it his own business? Does the Shimozu want to force him to give up his chance? If so, how can Shimozu retain his genius? Duo Na has countless opportunities, should it be handed over to the Shimozu?"


     After handing it in, what else are they taking.

     Isn't that cheap demons?

     It is really troublesome if it is handed over to the Demon Race. On the Demon Race's side, Davao is the Seventh Sun and Moon. Not only that, but there is another Sun and Moon Eighth Realm on the Demon Race's side. As for the sun and the moon of the Ladd family, it is only the sun and the moon, but there is nothing to worry about.

     It was really taken away by the Demon Race. Could it be that they besieged and killed the two Sun Moon and Grand Demon Race?

     High weight is not easy to kill!Before Ye Hongyan and the others, there were 7 suns and moons, two of them had 7 suns and moons. Only then did they besieged Primitive Demon Race's Mohe, and dealt with the Demon Race's Suns and Moons, at least able to move more than five suns and moons.

     Once such a large-scale war broke out in the late sun and the moon, it would inevitably trigger invincible interference.

     This is not what they want to see.

     You can buy it for money, that's the best.

     This time, almost every big clan has two sun and moon coming, usually in the late sun and moon, otherwise, it will be difficult to keep it if you buy it. Come to a late sun and moon, not the top strong of the sun and moon, that is The Super Expert of Riyue Jiuzhong.

     All major races attach great importance to this matter.

     Of course, the races are not too many, they are all strong races, and there are few weak races.

     Today, it is not the top ten big clan, the ancient mystical clan, or the five-element clan that is extremely powerful in Teaming up.

     Few of the top 100 races came.

     On the contrary, Nine Great Races of Jiuxing Island, representing the Alliance of Thousand Regions, has come to nine Sun-Moon realms. Because the base camp is here, there is no need to travel long distances. There are strong people in the clan who can come to help at any time. These nine families are also here. .

     Dragon tribe, fairy tribe, god tribe, demons, human tribe, five elements tribe, Tianyuan tribe...

     Some well-known strong races have strong ones arriving.

     Today's ancient city is even more dangerous than the last time in Tianmucheng. Last time there were only a few late sun and moon stages. Today, there are more than 20 late sun and moon stages!

     Of course, under such circumstances, even if Su Yu caused changes in the ancient city, it would be difficult to kill these people.

     So Su Yu's purpose is not to kill.

     Can't kill!This time, there are even people on the Proving Dao list. It is terrible. Su Yu knows that it is the ancient mountain that I met on the road last time. The coming sermon list is strong.

     Such a powerful person came, the city lord of this ancient city, the Dark Demon Dragon were somewhat dreaded, although the demon dragon was also in the ancient city, he was not a strong person on the Dao Dao list.

     Compared to Gu Shan, if you encounter it in the outside world, it is definitely not as good. In the city, even if it can suppress the opponent, the magic dragon does not want to provoke it. There are many powerful giants in the ancient giants.

     This time, the magic dragon has also arrived.

     Guards are all around.

     On the one hand, it is to maintain order, on the other hand, it is also to prevent Tianduo from running away after the auction ends, then his 30% may be gone.

     Except for those participating in the auction, no one else is allowed to enter.

     Su Yu didn't bother to take care of the Ladd family, least said, soonest mended.

     Ignoring is the best!

     A genius like Tianduo, Su Yu believes that even in the Ladd family, he would not take those people too seriously, geniuses are all proud, without a doubt.

     Su Yu stood at the door, ready to close the door at any time, and said indifferently: "Everyone, pay the tickets first. Those who don't give the tickets, want to make trouble, can leave. There are so many strong people today. If it is because of someone, it will be delayed. Auction, don't blame me Tianduo for not keeping promises!"

     As soon as the voice fell, a top powerhouse of the Protoss threw something directly.

     Su Yu's eyes changed slightly.

     That is actually a strong human race!At this moment, a gun shadow covered the ancient city. This complexion of the Protoss powerhouse was slightly changed. Looking to the rear, Qin Hao, wearing a black armor, came with Qin Fang.

     Qin Hao coldly glanced at the strong protoss, sneered, and tossed it casually. A strong protoss with only the head left was sealed with his wound, his head rolled on the ground, and fell!

     "Alive, Shanhai Qizhong, is that enough?"

     Protoss brought the strong human race, and the human race brought the strong protoss.

     Moreover, the people brought are not low in strength.

     The protoss powerhouse with only the head left is still alive. Seeing those protoss powerhouses, he suddenly said with excitement: "Master Wusheng, save me..."

     The strong protoss turned his head to look at Qin Hao, and said indifferently: "Qin Hao, what do your humans want to do?"

     Qin Hao glanced at him and said with a smile: "What do you want to do? You do, I can't do it? Wusheng, you want to fight with me, I will accompany you at any time!"


     Qin Hao appeared with a spear and said coldly: "What, do you want to fight?"

      with swords drawn and bows bent!

     At this moment, on the Mozu side, smiled, also threw a person out, yes, it is also Human!

     Qin Hao's eyes changed slightly!

     At the next moment, Zhu Guangshen appeared, smiled, and Shadow threw out a powerful Demon Race, and piled up in front of Su Yumen.

     "Seeking the realm to participate in the auction too!"

     The Terran side is divided into two parties, the Temple of War and the Realm of Search. Qin Hao represents the Temple of War at the moment. Whether it is specific, Su Yu is not interested in knowing, it may only represent Daqin Palace.

     Anyway, if you don't sell it to Terran, Terran can't afford it!Both sides are with swords drawn and bows bent, but there is no hands.

     The strong man on the dragon side was too lazy to blend in, and threw out a big demon who seemed to be caught on the road casually. The big demon shiver coldly.

     Soon, the other parties, including the fairy clan, did not arrest the powerful, the immortal and the human races. No matter good or bad is also the alliances and high-level contacts on the bright side, you still have to pay attention to some.

     In the blink of an eye, in front of Su Yu, there were more than 20 mountain and sea powerhouses, some of them were abandoned, some were disabled, and some were seriously injured...

     Anyway, almost none of them belong to the same race!

     At this time, the entrance fee was given to a native, transform to human, but it was still khaki-colored. He looked at Su Yu and said in a deep voice: "Tianduo, the genius Floating Earth Spirit of my race, disappeared in the ancient city before, and it was you Where was he the night before entering?"

     Su Yu frowned and said lightly: "I don't know, don't ask me!"


     The native man is also extremely strong, his breath exploded, and angrily said: "Tell us where the floating earth spirit is, we must have a good return, and will never trouble you for this!"

     Su Yu said indifferently: "The Ladd family really has no dignity. Anyone can threaten anyone. The First Demon Clan, the Demon King Clan, and the Five Elements Clan dare to threaten..."

     He looked towards Davao their side.

     The middle-aged man who talked to him before, the Sun and Moon powerhouse of the Rad family, slightly frowned, looked at the native, and said coldly: "Is the Earth Spirit threatening? The Sun and the Moon threaten the genius of our clan. Do you want to go to war?"

     That native complexion slightly changed!Although Tianduo is having trouble with them, but the Primitive Demon Race's dignity is the Primitive Demon Race's dignity. You threaten Tianduo every day and the moon. Regardless of these First Demon Races, regardless of today, tomorrow will be the same as Human Race. Others dare to kill your genius. , You have to force your clan to hand over your genius to be killed!

     Five elements are not among the top ten races. Of course, Shimozu has no fear!

     On the Rad family’s side, the sun and moon powerhouse, coldly snorted, said contemptuously: "Tianduo does not want to dedicate to the demon race. That is also the genius of my Rad family. It is the Primitive Demon Race's genius, second only to Modona. Existing, what do you want from the Five Elements Clan for the sake of being a mere floating earth spirit? Don't say you don't know, even if you are killed by the Heavenly Duo, you will kill if you kill it. What can you do?"

     After the words fell, beside Davao, a demon with long red hair and the most powerful demon, with the existence of eight layers of sun and moon, the demon energy erupted, and coldly said: "The five elements are courageous. The fire demon race against each other!"



     Su Yu was surprised. I forgot to observe carefully. At this moment, it seemed to be the blood fire demon clan.

     Are you here again?

     Only then did a blood-fire demon clan powerhouse die, that reached, Sun Moon Seventh Layer, and he died in the ancient city of Heaven Extinguishment before. In the blink of an eye, blood-fire demon clan powerhouse came again, now it is Sun Moon Eighth Layer!

     From the beginning of the Demon Race, there is also a Davao, the Sun Moon Seventh Layer, and the Blood Fire Demon Race!

     After buying something, can I still give you the blood and fire demon?

     Others also looked bad!

     It's the blood fire demon again!To be honest, the blood fire demon clan is more aggressive than the Shi demon clan. The demon clan has a bad reputation and has a lot to do with this clan. The blood and fire demon clan is a group of lunatics. They fight the human clan today, the immortal clan tomorrow, the god clan the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Fighting dragons... don't be surprised!

     Of course, this race is so combative, and the strength is extremely strong.

     Often act as the pioneer of the demons!

     Take the initiative!

     If you don't call him, he is still upset, you call him, he hates several tens of people, and fight until death.

     The Shimozu also hates and loves this clan. What they hate is that they can cause troubles outside, and what they love is powerful military strength, and they must fight.

     At this moment, when the powerhouse of the blood fire demon clan spoke, it was the blood fire demon clan of the eighth layer of the sun and the moon.

     This is the advantage of relying on the big family!

     Infighting returns to infighting. Outside, if you dare to talk, someone will soon come out.

     In this regard, whether the demons or the gods, they are actually considered you did good.

     Humans and Immortals are actually okay.

     However, the division of the forces between the two clans is too clear. People in the Daming Mansion may not be able to manage when they meet someone in the Daxia Mansion. Similarly, the fairy clan is the same. Sometimes people in the realm of the immortal kings may not be able to control others. people.

     Su Yu laughed!

     This is the advantage of Tianduo's identity!

     Everyone has to buy it in a proper manner. The rules are still very important. The only thing that is not proper... It may be the Mozu himself, who paid a high price, and did not pay in the end. This is possible.

     So this time, there is a high probability that Su Yu will not sell it to the demons!Don't say anything when the time comes, go, go home, we will give it to you when we get home, and most likely it will be gone.

     There is no reason for other races.

     And Su Yu no longer cares about the sun-moon struggle, but is looking at the geniuses of the younger generation.

     A lot of people came!

     He saw Qin Fang of the human race, Daocheng of the immortal race, Long Wuyou and Long Zhan of the dragon race, and also saw several other high-spirited and vigorous young men and women. Although they could not be named, they generally knew who they were. , Guess can also guess.

     Modona is here, right next to the Sun and Moon of the Blood Fire Demon Race, the long purple hair on one end is particularly conspicuous, standing side by side with the sun and the moon, with his hands on his back, with a faint smile on his face, I looked at Su Yu a few times, as if somewhat uncertain, but didn't care too much.

     On the side of the Immortal Clan, Daocheng followed a young man, and that young man was probably the Xuan Wuji of the Immortal Clan.

     On the Protoss side, it was not the leader of the Protoss Sun and Moon, but a white-haired youth who looked very young, probably Zhan Wushuang.

     The strong in the sky list saw a lot at once.

     What caught Su Yu's attention even more were the two men in black robes, wearing extremely generous black robes, one was the sun and the moon, and the other was the genius cursed soul, the mountain and sea triple.

     Zhan Wushuang Shanhai Bazhong, Xuan Wuji is also Shanhai Bazhong.

     Ranked 4th in the ranking list is Mingyue of the Underworld. Su Yu also saw a young girl with some dark aura on her body. It was not lifeless, and somewhat similar to lifeless energy, but Su Yu felt it a bit, and rejected lifeless energy Everyone is different, but Mingqi does not exclude everyone.

     There are a lot of strong players in the sky list all at once.

     Including Daocheng is also considered to be the strongest in the top rankings, but it is particularly low-key at the moment.The top rankings in the sky list are all there, but Dao Cheng is here, which is not very conspicuous.

     Su Yu is the first, Modona is the second, Zhan Wushuang is the third, Mingyue is the fourth, and Xuan Wuji is the fifth. Dao Cheng now barely ranks sixth...

     Su Yu is watching them, and they are also watching Su Yu.

     Some people ignore it, some are slightly frowned.

     The cursed soul of the Tianyuan family frowned, and the voice came from the black robe, "Tianduo? I hate you!"

     Just hate it!

     Feeling for no reason!

     These days and the moon haven't noticed anything, but those geniuses all have a faint feeling. This person is very annoying. Tianduo gives them a feeling of the same kind. Under normal circumstances, this is the rejection of each other between the rankings.

     Tianduo is not a strong one on the list.

     Even the Curse Soul was on the sky list before, but now it has fallen.

     Before Su Yu spoke, someone looked at Shuhun and said indifferently: "I hate you very much, Shuhun, in front of me, keep a low profile!"

     Curse the soul is silent. Two to fifty thousand

     At this moment, none of the other top talents said anything.

     Without him, Modona is talking.

     Lingyun Jiuzhong's Modona!

     Even if he killed Zhan Wushuang in the Sun Moon Realm, he didn't say a word at this moment.

     He has eight layers of mountains and seas and the opponent Lingyun nine layers, but Zhan Wushuang encounters Modona, can he really win?

     Modona is too genius.

     At the time of Lingyun Seventh Layer, he killed the Seventh Layer of Mountains and Seas, but now Lingyun Nine Layers, the two vital energy changes, the improvement is not necessarily lower than that of the mountains and the seas, it is likely to be able to kill the peak of the mountains and seas!For geniuses, Modo can probably do more small-level kills!

     Genius to genius, exceeding step kill, this is terrible.

     Su Yu smiled, and then looked at Modona, who was also looking at him. He looked at him for a while without speaking.

     But there was a slight movement in his heart. In the past, Tianduo met him without saying anything, but his eyes were full of despair and pain, sometimes with some resentment. Today, this kind of feeling is much lighter.

     In his eyes, the divine light flickered slightly, and he glanced at Su Yu again, but Modona didn't speak.

     It's just slightly uncertain. After getting ancient ruins, Tianduo has changed a lot.

     He hesitated for a moment, and transmitted the sound to the Sun and Moon of the Rad family, "Sacrifice to Lord Moon Rad, use blood to explore the sky!"

     The sun and moon powerhouse of the Rad family, slightly shocked, probe him?

     People are right in front of you, what else do you want to explore?

     He was suspicious, but the other party was Modona. Even if the ancestors of Radh praised Modona, he did not refuse. A drop of blood quickly condensed on his finger. Some dead spirits appeared around him. The guards of the guard dispersed, and no one was in charge, even if someone saw it, they didn't say anything.

     The drop of blood trembled slightly. Soon, Su Yu looked here, his eyes moved slightly, the small hair ball rolled in the sea of will, and the sea of Tianduo in his body also trembled slightly.

     As if there was an echo, the blood in Jiyue's hand returned instantly, and the sound transmission Modo said: "It's Tianduo...not sure, but at least it's from the Rad family!"It's hard to say whether it is Tianduo, but it must be a member of the Rad family. This is correct!

     Besides, there are a bunch of sun and moon in the field, a lot of lofty ones, so Jiyue felt that Modo was a little too cautious.

     Modona nodded slightly, and said nothing.

     Explore it!

     It's just that there are some strange changes in Tianduo, as for other things, it doesn't matter, including Tianduo's so-called ancient breathing method, he doesn't care too much.

     They didn't care, but Su Yu knew the situation, sneered, looked at the members of the Rad family, and said coldly: "It was Modona who asked you to explore me? You would rather believe Modona than me! Has the Rad family become a vassal of Modona?"

     Jiyue said indifferently: "Tianduo, you always think too much! Modo is my Number One Genius of the demon clan. I take good care of the demon geniuses. There is a royal style, you..."

     Su Yu's eyes instantly reddened, "The wind of the emperor? I will surpass him sooner or later!"

     He looked at Modona for an instant. At this moment, thinking about the pain and helplessness of being besieged and chased by others, and with the pleasure of making money, he gritted his teeth and said: "Modona, I will surpass you. Yes, for sure!"

     That look... Modo is used to it.

     Yes, that's it!

     There was anger, aggrieved, murderous intent, and some invigoration, probably because I felt that I was rewarded this time and I had hope to surpass myself.

     Modona smiled, "If you can surpass me, then I am very welcome, the Demon Race is not supported by anyone alone!"

     Su Yu is speechless, Fuck!

     Forget it, don't talk to you.Looking back, you will know, I will surpass you whether it is true or false. Of course, that guy Tianduo will have no hope and no chance.

     Su Yu was coldly snorted, ignored him, looked at other people, and said coldly: "I don't care which clan, family, or force you are from, auctions, everything depends on the value! Delivery on site! Don't play yin with me! In addition, City Lord Xinghong will act as an intermediary, Your Excellency the City Lord. I hope you can suppress some troublemakers and those who have no money to shout prices. After all, these things are 30% of yours!"

      Dark Demon Dragon said lightly: "Don't worry! This is in the ancient city!"

     Outside the city, dare not say such big words.

     Inside the city, joke, you try to make trouble?

     In the city, he lost to Invincible, but it really annoyed him. Invincible entered and couldn't please.

     It's very profitable to get 30% of the income.

     After Su Yu finished speaking, the white mask on the Hunting Pavilion suddenly said faintly: "Tianduo Demon Lord, we are all here, and we have brought everything, the corpse, can we verify the authenticity of..."

     When these words came out, everyone looked at Su Yu.

     Su Yu frowned and grabbed all the guys outside the door into the room, and by the way, he checked their strength damage and whether they were blocked...

     After getting them all inside the house, Su Yu said coldly: "You go to the opposite house. I'm here. You can explore with willpower later, but you can't touch it in person..."

     The white mask said in a low voice: "If you don't touch, there will be some errors..."Su Yu coldly said: "Then don't buy it! At your own risk! I contacted you, and you took it away directly. What can I do with the sun and the moon? If you don't think it is credible, then don't buy it, don't force it!"

     The white mask said helplessly, "It's not that you don't believe it, but if you don't touch it, the price may be slightly lower."

     Su Yu sneered: "It's really too low, then don't sell it! I believe you will buy it! I have this confidence!"

     The white mask didn't say anything any more. A group of people entered the ancient house opposite. The ancient house was very large and there were many chairs in the courtyard. These strong men also sat down one after another, some with geniuses, some came alone.

     Counting it down, it is probably close to 30 forces.

     At this time, the Dark Demon Dragon said lightly: "Tianduo, you can show it!"

     Su Yu smiled, stood at his door, and said with a smile: "Come slowly, first show off his weapons!"

     When the words fell, a long bow appeared!

     Once it appeared, the breath was extremely powerful.

     Full of ancient aura!

     In the next moment, a series of willpower probes came, and Su Yu shouted: "Don't take any aggressiveness, I feel still keen, if there is something wrong, then I will not sell it! Only the willpower of the most mountains and seas can be released, don't Treat me Tianduo as an idiot!"


     Fuck, there are quite a few requests.

     The strong were also speechless. Someone probed, and some rebounds in an instant, slightly frowned, and soon, some strong frowned and said: "This is not a counterattack from the heavenly soldiers, it is a kind of ancient formation... This cannot prove to be the heavenly soldiers..."At this moment, the white mask quickly wrote and painted on a piece of paper. Soon, he drew the longbow and passed it to the Hunting Tiange headquarters.

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Who said it was impossible to prove?"

     When the words fell, Su Yu hit the weapon with a punch!

     With a bang, the weapon trembled, and an inscription flashed on the longbow, quickly absorbing the vitality of the surrounding area, bursting out of vitality, and counterattacking Su Yu.

     One, two...

     In the blink of an eye, 116 inscriptions appeared!

     Su Yu sneered: "Did you see it? 116 inscriptions, the first peak of the Heavenly Soldier! Of course, feel free to believe it or not!"


     At this moment, the powerful people spread their voices, and from the Protoss side, there was a strong Tianyi God Clan, and Zhan Wushuang said, "This bow, is there a record of the Tianyi God Clan?"

     "This one……"

     That day, the strong man of the Yi gods was also the sun and the moon, and he was not sure: "It’s hard to say that there are not many records of Ancient Era. Even if there are, it is just a general description. There is no detailed record. I won’t tell them all."

     "But the longbow of the heavenly soldiers, maybe... it is indeed used by the powerful people of the Tianyi clan!"

     At this time, many people looked at an old man in the crowd and said, "Master of God, what do you think?"

     The old man came from a not-so-strong top 100 race, the iron cast family.

     However, the old man is one of the few earth soldiers on the battlefield of the heavens.At this moment, the old man also quickly explored, the willpower of the mountains and seas spilled out, and he probed little by little, and said while checking: "The material is good, and the strength of the ground soldiers, but...not necessarily the strength of the heavenly soldiers, of course, it may be time For a long time, it was caused by no maintenance. It is not too unexpected to say that the ancient era is a heavenly soldier..."

     He probed the inscriptions, and quickly said: "Really ancient inscriptions..."

     But soon frowned, and the voice transmission said: "There are a few that are difficult to judge, some are fragile, and feel like they will collapse at any time..."

     That was made by Su Yu!

     It feels very fragile, and it will break if you apply force. This master of the gods does not dare to investigate too closely. These ancient inscriptions are too fragile. Once in-depth investigation, the inscriptions will collapse and the value will be greatly lost. The demons will definitely find them. He is in trouble!

     From the outside, it’s because of There’s no problem. The Master of God Casting quickly said: “From the outside, it’s ancient weapons, in-depth exploration, and there are formations to block it. That’s the ancient formation. The counterattack is replaced by Ancient Era. , There is no way to explore... in terms of inscriptions... some of them are too fragile. I'm not too sure that they are true or false, but most of the inscriptions are definitely real ancient inscriptions...

     that's enough!

     He didn't check it personally, and he was able to draw such a conclusion, which means that the ground soldier has a good vision!

     Everyone also looked for a moment. Some strong people have also come into contact with ancient weapons. They are nodded slightly, it is the taste, and they are indeed ancient weapons.

     Su Yu said lightly: "Have you seen enough? Have you seen enough, change one!"

     When the words fell, a powerful corpse suddenly appeared, sitting on the ground, with an extremely powerful aura!

     On his body, there was a faint breath of death.words exceede 5100Some people are so excited that they are still civilized masters. Of course, they may be warriors, or they may also cultivate both physical and willpower. The opponent's physical body is also very powerful, full of primitive simplicity... or decadent flavor!

     It's strange to be eroded by lifelessness and not to decay, and it's almost stinking, and it can make the corpse of Sunyue Eightfold stinks. This is also a craft!

     But Su Yu didn’t care too much, and said lightly, “I don’t care about these. No matter the corpse or the weapon, there is no way to use it. As for the ancient divine writings, I only found this one, with a counterattack. Of the strength, I didn’t dare to explore the sea of will, and worried that the sea of will still existed, but it was broken by me. I said, I think the most important thing is an ancient exercise!"

     When the words fell, a somewhat broken jade charm appeared in his hand.

     This is the ancient jade charm that Su Yu bought by himself.

     Soon, Su Yu said indifferently: "I will show you the beginning, is true or false, and judge for yourself. Of course, I will demonstrate it for everyone. All the exercises will not be leaked!"

     When the words fell, a line of words and fonts similar to the ancient city appeared in the sky, and those strong men quickly checked it out. Even if there were only a few sentences, they suddenly felt that they contained World's Truth!

     All eyes are sharp!

     But at this moment, Su Yu's body shook, he breathed, and a lot of vitality swept in. Above Su Yu's body, the magic energy overflowed, and it was extremely powerful!

     With a punch and a bang, with the sound of shattering the space.


      shouted in a low voice, spitting out a sigh of vitality, mixed with some black energy, Su Yu instantly stopped his movements and smiled: "See? This method is nameless, I named it Body Tempering Breathing Method!""..."

     Fuck you, what rubbish name!

     Everyone didn't care about this, they all had sharp eyes, it was really breathing method, ancient breathing method, Tempering Body!

     Breathing method, ancient heavenly soldiers, ancient corpses with more than nine layers of sun and moon, ancient gods with more than seven layers of sun and moon...

     At this moment, no one believes this will be fake!

     Don't be kidding!

     If it is false, the price is too high, and the person behind the scene is too stupid. With so many things, just to cheat some resources?


     Impossible things will be cherished by any big clan if they are obtained, and will never be sold to the outside, just for that little resource.

     The white mask quickly writes and draws.


     And at this moment, in the endless void and in the Hunting Pavilion, seven or eight faceless elders appear simultaneously.

     One by one watched the live reports coming from the white mask!

     Someone was surprised and said: "The tempering breathing method... tempering the fleshly body, inhaling impurities, this... this is the real breathing method. Check it out and see which breathing methods have these effects!"

     Soon, someone said: "It's not easy to find out. As far as I know, there are several books I have read, such as Thunder Breathing Method, Casting Body Breathing Method, Battle Heaven Breathing Method..."

     "Can you find out the source of the ancient divine writing with its counterattack?"

     "It's not easy to check. After checking for a long time, there was a protoss powerhouse with seven layers of sun and moon in ancient times. It is possible to carry a counterattack divine text. The weapon used by the opponent is a fork, not a longbow. The most famous is counterattack... …""This corpse is definitely not limited to the Seventh Layer of Sun and Moon. According to Bai Yi's statement, it gives him the feeling that even now it has the strength of the Eighth Layer of Sun and Moon, and it has been corroded by the death energy.


     A group of elders discussed, and there are too few strong people who meet these conditions at the same time!

     Even if they have a huge database, it can last for many years, it is impossible to save all the database, and the identity of the corresponding strong has not been queried.

     For a time, several elders were helpless.

     "What should I do, buy it or not? Suddenly an ancient small space appeared, and it was touched by Tianduo. Does Tianduo have such great luck?"

     "From the current information, there's no problem, the breathing method Tianduo has learned, it should not be fake, but... the corresponding identity is not found, it is difficult to judge who is it."

     "There are still some risks!"

     "Regardless of whether there is a risk or not, it is best not to let it go. This person may develop something of great value!"

     "Don't talk about anything else, breathing method, ancient heavenly soldiers, ancient divine writing, the value is already against the sky!"


     These powerhouses are discussing one after another, even if they are doing business to achieve the entire All Heavens and Myriad Realms' Hunting Heaven Pavilion, they are not sure at this moment. Whether this thing is true or false, it generally feels true.

     But, there is no corresponding proof of identity, let them some hesitation!

     For a time, the Hunting Tiange Hall became quiet. If you buy it, the price will not be low. Every fool knows it. The value is very high because the breathing method is real.The breathing method is real, the corpse is real, the gods are real, the heavenly soldiers are real... The only thing that is worth doubting is the identity and the strength during his lifetime, which is difficult to judge now.

     So many things are true, I have to believe that this stuff is true!

     As for why Tianduo met, I can only say that this guy is lucky, maybe...the next Modona, luck is really hard to say, but geniuses have great luck.
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