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441 End Of Transaction (subscription Required)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xinghong Ancient City.

     In the two big rooms, at this moment, the willpower kept detecting the corpse.

     A strong shock.

     A strong man said in a low voice, "Tianduo, have you learned the breathing method?"

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Seeing is believing, this exercise is said to be difficult to learn, and easy to learn if said to be easy to learn."

     "This remains... can I take a drop of blood to see?"

     Su Yu didn't say much, bombarding the corpse with a punch, and there was a burst of Damage Reflection's Power on the corpse. Su Yu's fist was very strong, and a corpse that had been dead for countless years still carried the shock force, which made people shocked.

     Su Yu ignored him and bombarded again. After a while, when the other person was in pain, he punched the opponent's arm with a punch, and some black and rancid blood was exposed on the arm.

     Everyone explored again, and some people frowned, and said solemnly: "It has been destroyed by death, the value of this blood...probably not too much."

     It's not bad that there is blood, and they can see that there is very little blood!

     It may be caused by too long time.

     Su Yu didn't care, and said, "I didn't get this. I got it. This corpse is a little bit dead. I don't know exactly how it came."

     Everyone didn't say anything, it might be that they were corroded by the necropolis after their death that year. They also want to know the specific reason, but this has to be investigated.

     At this moment, on the side of the Protoss, the Yi Protoss opened the mouth that day: "Can you let me see the palm of the remains?"Su Yu moved slightly in his heart and raised the palm of the corpse. Even if it was Sunyue Bazhong, the palm of the corpse was slightly different. It failed to return to its normal form, and a thick layer of calluses formed on the fingers.

     But it was corroded badly by the dead air.

     That day, the strong man of the Yi God Clan carefully explored, and then probed for the dead blood blood, carefully judged, and sighed in his heart, the sound transmission Primordial God Clan strong man said: "I am the senior of the Tianyi God Clan!"

     He was sure that it belonged to the Tianyi God Clan.

     A very powerful senior!

     He is also only the seventh of the sun and the moon. This man has had such a strong pressure for many years, and he must be strong before his death. Think of my Tianyi God Clan, the ancient era is also a glorious clan.

     It's a pity that the elders of our race were taken away by the Primitive Demon Race's guys. It's hateful and killable!

     After being taken away, it was auctioned in front of the ten thousand races, which was also a defilement to the Tianyi God Race.

     Unfortunately, at this point, he said nothing.

     The god of Tianyi has determined the identity of the other party. I don't know the specifics, but it is no problem that the other party is the god of ancient Tianyi. The divine writing is also the ancient divine writing of the gods.

     On this day, the Yi gods wear ancient clothes, but they are a bit broken.

      From head to toe, it was also corroded in many places by dead gas, and it was a bit rancid.

      Strictly speaking, if the current corpse is corroded to this point, it is actually not too valuable, because life is difficult to deal with, and your energy and resources consumed to resolve life are enough for you to drink a pot.

     The powerhouses of all races are constantly investigating, and roughly determine the true and false.

     Really!It is the strength of the corpse, because of the ancient era, it is not easy to judge the specific strength.

     However, someone soon said: "This is just the remains of Sunyue Jiuzhong, not the remains of Invincible!"

     Whether it is or not, it is not.

     Because it is the remains of invincibility, the value is too high.

     And Su Yu suddenly dissatisfied: "how can it be is not the remains of invincibility! Countless years have passed, and there is such a powerful pressure..."

     "Maybe the ancient space is well preserved!"

     Su Yu said coldly: "If you don't buy it, I don't expect the corpse to be valuable. The main reason is the ancient breathing method. In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether the corpse is invincible..."

     wooden club!

     Someone curses, nonsense, if it is really an invincible corpse, the price is absolutely huge, how can it be unimportant?

     Su Yu was impatient and said, "I have read it, I have checked it, and everyone knows true or false..."

     Someone interrupted: "Tianduo, besides these, are there others?"

     Su Yu said indifferently: "Is there anything that has nothing to do with you? I don't sell any of them, can't you? Just sell these kinds of things. I love buying or not!"


      have nothing to say, but these words show that Tianduo may have hidden something, which is normal.

     At this moment, Zhu Guangshen squinted and said with a smile: "Tianduo, do you have to sell something like Heaven and Earth Profound Light? Treasures, there are more than these..."

     Su Yu said coldly: "Don't come to this set with me, Human Race is poor, everyone knows that if you have nothing, don't participate in the auction!"


     Zhu Guangshen was inwardly cursed, he was actually despised by the demons!

     Well, it should.Gods and demons look down on the human race, the poor ghost race, everyone knows.

     In the big room, the big clans like gods, demons and immortals all have a calm expression, some with a smile.

     Terran...not competitive!

     And Su Yu coldly said: "In order to prevent someone from maliciously raising the price, I finally did not buy, and deliberately raised the price, which caused the goods to be unsold. For those who offer, I will first pay 10 drops of Sun Moon Essence as a deposit , Those who maliciously participate in the auction will not be refunded their blood, not malicious, they will be refunded at the end of the auction!"

     As soon as these words came out, Zhu Guangshen couldn't help cursing: "You didn't say it before!"

     Su Yu said coldly: "Seeing your human race, I to think of it! Human race is so poor, do you have money to buy it? Your human race is treacherous, and you deliberately raise a high price when there is no competition, and you can't afford it. Don’t you just want to stall for time and find a way to steal the remains?"

     He looked at other people and said coldly: "This is also for your own good, 10 drops of Sun Moon Essence Blood is nothing! lest you be priced too high and cause you to pay more, then, it will not be 10 drops a day. It’s about the blood of the moon! It's also to make some guys who can't afford it, get out as early as possible and quit!

     The powerhouses of the great powers of the gods and demons are nodded slightly with a smile on their faces.

     This is trading!

     Malicious bidding can indeed raise the price. Terran likes to do this, no matter what, 10 drops of blood is also considered precious. If Terran really bids maliciously, it will also lose a fortune.words exceede 5100Some did not have Sun Moon Essence and Blood, but also paid other resources. Soon, a huge deposit came to Su Yu's hands.

     Su Yu took a closer look, mainly to prevent these guys from replacing them with their own blood.

     In the Sun and Moon realm, even if you die, those who are alive are able to Rebirth from a drop of Blood. You have to prevent these guys from replacing them with their own essence and blood and perform Rebirth from a drop of Blood to kill him.

     But there is an advantage in the ancient city. They use the essence and blood of living people to attract dead souls.

     The dead are fine.

     Looking around, there is no powerful undead, which is fine.

     Su Yu was secretly happy.

     The value of 270 drops of Sun and Moon Essence Blood is already a huge amount of resources. Only by killing 27 Sun and Moon can there be this amount. Sure enough, only by getting these powerful races together can we get more.

     As for these deposits... it is unlikely that they will be returned.

     This also means that 27 companies want to participate in the auction, including the Human Race, and Su Yu feels distressed for Zhu Guangshen and Qin Hao. It is too difficult for you to make money. It is not easy to pay 10 drops of Sun Moon Essence this time.

     There is no way, I can only pit you together, otherwise it will be too conspicuous.

     Thinking of things in his mind, the prelude is over, Su Yu said lightly: "Waste Cut to the chase, based on the mysterious light of heaven and earth, a drop of sun and moon mysterious yellow liquid will count as three rays of heaven and earth profound light. , I believe Hunting Heaven Pavilion will not smash its own sign for an auction! Starting price, 100 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light!"

     It comes up with a hundred strands, the price is not low.

     Of course, this corpse is worth the price.On the side of the Protoss, Zhan Wushuang suddenly said indifferently: "First, make it clear, are all the things you got in the auction just given?"

     Su Yu said lightly: "Of course, the exercises, heavenly soldiers, corpses, and divine texts are all included in it, should they be disassembled and sold? If they are disassembled, it is not worth the price!"

     Zhan Wushuang nodded, that's it.

     On the Mozu side, Davao said: "The Mozu is 10% less?"

     Su Yu nodded slightly, "After all, I am a Demon. Although I will not give it to the Demon for free, I can give some concessions to the Demon. Of course, the scene is handed over. If the Demon cannot be taken out on the spot... Sorry, postpone I won’t do business without capital!"

     On the Mozu side, none of the strong men said anything, Tianduo had already given in, and it was useless to say anything.

      The other each clans didn't say anything. Tianduo had to make concessions to the demons. This was normal. After all, they had to rely on the demons.

     The one who wants to get the corpse most is naturally the Protoss.

     Because this corpse is the Tianyi God Clan, perhaps it can get more information and benefits.

     When Su Yu finished talking about the start of the auction, on the Protoss side, Zhan Wushuang said directly: "300 wisps!"

     The price was raised three times all at once!

     Eliminate those poor ghosts who have no money to participate, lest there are too many people participating, and they are slowly mentioned.

     As soon as he finished speaking, Davao said: "500!"


     Everyone else has strange eyes, only has one He didn't say it in his mouth.

     This is heaven and earth mysterious light, not vitality liquid.

     Just add a few hundred at every turn, how can I play this?Gods and demons are worthy of being an extremely powerful race, reckoned to be first or second best existence, heaven and earth mysterious light has to let the strong above the sun and the moon go to the edge of the battlefield of the heavens and capture them in endless void.

     Sometimes it is difficult to catch a ray of sun and moon for several years.

     Hundreds of strands, dozens of sun and moon have spent ten years in endless void. Of course, gods and demons do not lack sun and moon, and they have the capital to do it.

     Moreover, under accumulated over a long period of time, countless years have passed, and it is normal to have a large amount of storage. In addition to breaking some small circles, the gains are also huge.

     However, for some small clans, 500 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light...sell them.

     500 drops of Sun-Moon First Heavy's essence and blood is equivalent to killing 50 Sun-Moon First Heavy, and the small race may not have so many suns and moons.

     And Su Yu was also secretly surprised.

     It's really rich and arrogant!

     I go!

     The gods and demons are rich, and they opened their mouths to 500 wisps. I wanted to cheat a hundred wisps to finish things before losing myself. Fortunately, I was willing to invest.

     Su Yu at this moment is actually empty pockets too!

     The vitality of the sky was almost exhausted, of course, he extracted a little bit, and other things were almost spent, including buying some ancient items, and even shattering his own divine writings, isn't it just to make a lot of money?

     Obviously, now he has earned it!

     Earn a lot!

     The cost and price of these things are not even 100 ray of light from the heavens and the earth, 100 ray is an exaggeration.

     Of course, the body of Sunyue Bazhong is still very precious.

     The gods and demons directly reported the high price, reaching 500 wisps in the blink of an eye, which was amazing.The strong man of the Tianyi God Clan frowned and looked at the Demon Clan, and the Demon Clan looked calm. Anyway, we are 10% less and have an advantage over you.

     Just thinking about it on both sides, in the crowd, a dragon clan who promised brilliant young person said lightly: "800 strands!"

     Can't buy it!

     Zhu Guangshen and Qin Hao look at each other in dismay, Qin Hao quickly spread the voice: "Guangshen, how much can you make together?"

     "About 500!"

     "So do I..."

     Qin Hao glanced at him with a sad expression. This was probably all the savings that Daming Palace and Daqin Palace could use. It was really sad and pathetic.

     This trend... I feel like 1,000 strands can't be beaten!


     At this moment, Qin Hao's only thought was that if I killed everyone present, are all these things mine?

     Then get rich!

     Of course, after killing them, there will probably be dozens of invincible killers in the realm of human territory soon, taking the opportunity to kill the human race.


     Su Yu also thumped his heart.

     I go!

     So rich?

     This is too rich!

     Damn it!

     I underestimated the ten thousand clan, especially these strong clan, too, accumulating countless years of resources, what is this thing?

     He feels a lot of Lingyun, but what about one sun and the moon, one invincible?

     Besides, there are still many invincibles!

     Countless suns and moons!

     This is purchased on behalf of race, not on behalf of individuals.

     Individuals may not have such financial resources, but races do.Su Yu was thinking, the strongest player in the field, Gu Shan of the Primordial Giant Race, couldn't help cursing in a low voice, "I won't bid anymore. Is this even the opportunity to speak? 900 threads!"

     He has finished talking, yes, that's it, he's gone for the extra dime!

     Somehow I participated in the offer!

     It is better than a few companies that are eliminated before they have time to participate.

     Several companies, who originally wanted to speak, are all silent now, with a helpless look, apparently giving up!

     Big races compete, they really can only watch the show!

     For example, the indigenous Nine Realms of Jiuxing Island, the Thousand Domain Alliance originally asked them to come and gave them a not-low bottom line. Everyone gave them money and support, but it turned out to be good. It suddenly reached 900 wisps, and there was no way to bid!

     The Five Elements tribe didn’t say anything. Forget it, give up. Our goal is to find floating earth spirits, not to buy things, nor to compete with several big clans.


     At this moment, Zhu Guangshen made an offer!

     Have to quote!

      Somewhat grudgingly, uncle, if you don't quote, they can't report it. Zhu Guangshen actually wants to win, especially the breathing method.

     I thought 500 would be enough, but it turns out... his Daming Mansion is indeed a poor ghost!

     It can't be compared!

     Gods and demons are too rich and arrogant!

     I really want to break into the realm of the gods, break into the realm of the devil, let them rob them!

     At this moment, the poor ghosts shiver coldly.

     You can only see the hundreds of price hikes by these big clans!

     Su Yu's heart also blossomed, but he quickly became vigilant.

     I go!Paying the price of so big, anyone who has pitted him will have to be irreconcilable until death. Invincible will come to him personally and hunt him down. That is normal.

     For any big clan, the loss of so many things is not a small amount.

     The White Hunting Pavilion's white mask, who had not spoken, suddenly said, "1500 strands!"

     In an instant, the price promoted to a peak.

     Zhan Wushuang said coldly: "The Hunting Heaven Pavilion should also participate? This is the remains of my protoss predecessors, and Hunting Heaven Pavilion even buys the remains of my predecessors?

     Lietian Pavilion is an Intelligence Organization...Of course, everyone knows that Lietian Pavilion is rich.

     However, now participating in the auction, and offering such a high price, still upset the gods and demons!

     Too high!

     1500 strands were directly given, which is probably the limit of this remains.

     If it were a pure Sun-Moon eight-fold corpse, with all the essence and blood in it, it would be good to be able to sell 500 strands. Moreover, not all the essence and blood would actually be able to extract a drop.

     The corpse was also corroded badly by lifelessness, and its value was definitely not that high.

     But now, there is an ancient quasi-invincible or even invincible status bonus, plus breathing method... 1500 wisps are not low.

     At this point, Xuan Wuji silent for a while on the side of the immortal clan who had not spoken, said: "1800!"


     The Quartet is quiet.

     Three hundred more were added at once!

     The top ten races present, the ancient race, were almost all kicked out of the game instantly, and they couldn't make bids anymore.

     On the Human Race side, I wanted to make trouble before, but now... forget it, I can't shout, and no one believes it.How to call such a high price?


     And Su Yu, the heart is pounding, I go, I go, so high, I really want to make a fortune!

     Of course, the more money, the more trouble I have.

     It's okay!

      Human beings will die for riches, I admit it, anyway, all races will kill me!

     At this point in 1800, all the powerful clans were hesitating, hesitant, and discussing.

     At this moment, the only ones who really have the strength to buy are the Gods, Demon, Dragon and Hunting Pavilion. Some of them are not affordable. It is impossible for the big clan to not even have this savings, even if the human race really wants 36 houses to collect. Make up, thousands of rays of heaven and earth's profound light can also come out.

     However, in order to buy a corpse, lose a family fortune, it is not worth it.

     All of those geniuses, their eyes flushed, looking at Su Yu, at this moment, even they were somewhat jealous envious.

     This is going crazy!

     The mysterious light of heaven and earth...not necessarily the mysterious light of heaven and earth, it may be charged with other treasures, but whatever the case, it is all immense wealth!

     Tianduo can't be used up by himself!

     If this kills Tianduo...

     Well, at this moment, everyone has suppressed these thoughts. This is the real great opportunity!

     They dare not imagine what kind of opportunity is needed to obtain such a huge benefit.

     And Tianduo simply shattered an ancient space!

     Has the Mozu's luck today been so strong?

     People from the Five Elements tribe are even more grudges. I heard that they were broken into pieces with the Drifting Earth Spirit. This may be due to the chance of the Drifting Earth Spirit. Now, they are all swallowed by the Heavenly Duo. That's not the case. The Drifting Earth Spirit is still missing!The more I think about it, the more angry!

     I really want to kill Tianduo now!

     The immortal clan quoted a price, but no one spoke, Su Yu said calmly: "No one spoke, then the immortal clan’s..."

     "1850 strands!"

     Mozu has offered another offer!

     "2000 strands!"

     On the side of the Protoss, Zhan Wushuang yīn said in a deep voice: "If you make another quote for other each clans, then take it away. You may not use it! This is the remains of the Protoss, not of other races.

     Su Yu said lightly: "Facts have proved that even if the Demon Race does not have any obstacles in practicing the breathing method, I have succeeded in practicing!"

     Zhan Wushuang said coldly: "The breathing method is just a breathing method for tempering the body, not the sea of tempering the will! Tianduo, do you really think you can? Would you ask Modo if that? Do you think I can? Of course, it’s a fact that this technique is very precious, but don’t you think that this is all for All Heavens and Myriad Realms!"

     Su Yu looked at Modona for an instant, Modona was nodded slightly and said nothing.

     I will!

     It is normal that he has been personally received by the half emperor of the demon clan once...Of course, the half emperor did not appear, but the willpower has probed him once, and then he obtained the inheritance of breathing techniques.

     So he will.

     This also proves that there are some Shimo races, almost all of them have ancient races, of course, too few inheritance.

     There are many reasons, and Modo doesn't say much.Zhan Wushuang said again: "This is the remains of the predecessors of the Tianyi Protoss. The divine writings are also the divine writings of the Protoss. The heavenly soldiers are already broken... You guys, how can you get it? For the breathing method? Even if the breathing method has been practiced, it will enhance some of the foundation. , The premise is that you have enough talents and resources to cultivate, otherwise, you could not even finish 36 castings, so what is the use of this breathing method?"

     2000 wisps is indeed a sky-high price!

     At this moment, the other big clans all had some hesitation. On the Dragon Clan side, the strong guy hesitated several times, but finally did not speak.

     Forget it, not too wasteful!

     What's more, they were planning to take down the ancient dragon blood tree this time, and they didn't bring so many things.

     If you charge a high price, the ancient dragon blood tree won't get back!

     On the side of the fairy clan, Xuan Wuji is also frowning and silent. The fairy clan is not as powerful as the God Clan’s Shimo and Primordial God Clan. Lord, under such circumstances, it is actually difficult for the fairy clan to take out enough things to exchange.

     Those who can really afford high prices are also gods and demons.

     Not even the ancients!

     The competition between Protoss and Demons!

     At this moment, everyone understood, and sighed in their hearts, they were still rich and arrogant.

     On the Mozu side, several powerful Mozu experts discussed.

     Soon, Davao Voice Transmission Modo said: "Are you still bidding? Too high, after all, this is the corpse of the Protoss..."

     If it is from the demons, you can add more.

     After all, they are 10% less!Modona silent for a while, "Bid, 2200, Tianduo will only charge two thousand, which is the same as the Protoss now. If the Protoss comes out better and spend a few hundred more, then let the Protoss!"

     Davao takes a deep breath and said: "2200 threads, Tianduo, 90% of the price still counts?"

     Su Yu said lightly: "Forget it!"

     Davao no longer speaks.

     On the Protoss side, both Zhan Wushuang and that Protoss Sun and Moon were high and frowned.

     2200 strands!

     This price really makes people bleed, even if the gods and demons are rich and arrogant, they have to bleed.

     Is it worth it?

     And Su Yu, at this moment is a bit stiff, the price is too high, it seems that either the Protoss or the Demon took it away. At such a high price, arranging an invincible to hunt him down, isn't it a big problem?

     This battlefield of the heavens...I can't stay any longer!

     His Transformation Technique cannot be hidden from invincibility.

     "Then I can only sneak back into the human world, or simply go to Xiaojie for refuge!"

     At least near the sea of stars, I can't stay any longer.

     Too dangerous!

     Invincible can see through him at a glance, and if you encounter Invincible, you will definitely die!

     Silence again, for a long period of silence, Davao cannot bear saying: "If you don't bid, it will belong to the demons, Tianduo, you can make a decision!"

     He was a little nervous, a little excited, and a little unable to breathe!

     2200 strands... astronomical numbers!Tianduo really posted this time...The premise is that this guy is okay, and if it’s okay, it’s best to return to the Demon Realm. The Rad family will not let Tianduo hold so many things, although the opportunity for genius is not to be taken lightly , But if Tianduo does not hand in more than half, the Rad family may not protect him!

     There are so many treasures that no one has sheltered... Tianduo must be careful in the Demon Realm!

     It's normal to be assassinated!

     The Demon Realm is not all in one mind. If it is true, the Demon Realm will have no war.

     Su Yu looked at the Protoss powerhouse again, and said indifferently: "Does the Protoss still bid? This is the remains of the Tianyi Protoss powerhouse. If you don't bid, then it belongs to the Demon Race!"

     After finishing speaking, he said: "Where are the fairy and the dragon?"

     He actually wants to sell it to the fairy clan!

     Of course, it’s okay not to sell to the immortal clan. The immortal clan is at least an alliance of human races. Su Yu’s identity has really been dismantled. It is also troublesome to deceive the immortal clan so much.

     Lie to the gods and demons... it doesn't matter much, anyway, they are all enemies!

     Dragons, it's actually best not to lie.

     The dragons are still neutral, and once they are deceived so much, they will cause a series of trouble.

     It's a god and devil, if you cheat, you will cheat. This is not a loss.

     Su Yu was also judging the situation in his heart, which was fine.

     It depends on whether the Protoss increases the price!

     Protoss is the best, you can let yourself get more.

     On the side of the Protoss, several people from Zhan Wushuang continued to talk through voice transmission. After a while, Zhan Wushuang yīn solemnly said, "2300 threads!"

     Davao sighed and said nothing.

     This time, there was a long silence, and no one spoke again.After a long time, Dark Demon Dragon full of smiles said: "If no one is there, it's almost time to end!"

     He also earned it!

     30%, a big profit!

     Earned very many very many, he felt that he would never earn it in his entire life, 30%, close to 700 strands, even if he caught one strand in endless void a year, it would take 700 years!

     The point is that he can't go out for 700 years. If he goes out for so many years, he will become a dead dragon!

     At this moment, the dust has settled.

     Other big families stopped bidding, and those who wanted to buy could not afford it.

     Su Yu also laughed and said, "That is from the God clan! 2300 wisps... On-site handover, of course, if the god clan can't pay the price, it will go to the demon clan, and then the demon clan can't afford it, and the order is given to the fairy Family..."

     He looked at Zhan Wushuang, Zhan Wushuang raised his eyebrows, and said lightly: "The Protoss can naturally afford this price!"

     After all, takes a deep breath and said: "500 rays of heaven and earth profound light, 300 drops of sun and moon profound yellow liquid, 100 sacred vitality fruits, and 10 spirit fruits of the five elements..."

     As soon as these words came out, the eyes of the five-element expert lit up, and soon became sad, but still tentatively said: "Can you sell it to the five-element family? One piece of mysterious light from the sky and the earth..."

     This thing, like Dragon Blood Fruit, is of great help to the transformation of the Five Elements' vitality, but unfortunately, the Five Elements themselves do not have it.

     The value is extremely precious!

     There are 10 five-element spirit fruits each, that is 50, worth up to 500 rays of heaven and earth.

     300 drops of Sun Moon Xuan Huang Liquid, as much as 900 strands.

     The sacred vitality fruit is also a kind of treasure that is extremely suitable for vitality transformation, but it is not as precious as the Five Elements Spirit Fruit. It is worth 3 rays of heaven and earth profound light, and 100 pieces are worth 300 strands.Adding these things together is 2,200 rays of heaven and earth profound light.

     In addition, the Protoss also provided five ground soldiers... Su Yu directly rejected: "No weapons!"

      what a joke, I am an expert.

     Weapon positioning is normal!

     I do not want it!

     Zhan Wushuang didn't say much, and quickly said, "Then add 50 Sky Blood Fruits."

     This Su Yu didn’t understand what he was doing, but soon someone gave an explanation, and the person from the Hunting Pavilion said, “Heaven’s blood fruit is used for strengthening the blood! The flesh is stronger, and the blood may not be able to keep up. It will lead to insufficient energy and blood, decline in performance, and inability to fully utilize strength. This is a great help to a genius who is making rapid progress, and its value can reach 100 rays of heaven and earth!

     With this calculation, 2,300 rays of heaven and earth profound light were gathered.

     Su Yu was also polite: "That's it, but show me things first..."

     Zhan Wushuang said quietly: "You give me things first!"

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "My feeble strength, what is your strength?"

     After that, I quickly put all the things in a storage ring, and said: "A bunch of sun and moon are here, I can't run, you give me the things first, and I will hand over the storage ring!"

     Zhan Wushuang condensed his eyebrows, not at ease, thought a bit then said: "Then I want to read the full version of breathing method first!

     Su Yu frowned, "Okay, then you pay half first, and I'll show you, no problem, then, the remaining half exchange storage ring!"

     "it is good!"

     Zhan Wushuang quickly reached an agreement with him. The next moment, Zhan Wushuang threw a storage ring, and Su Yu also threw a jade charm.Others begin to stir ... still chose to give up.

     Fighting the Protoss is not a good choice.

     Zhan Wushuang quickly began to observe the exercises, and Su Yu quickly explored everything, transferred the things in the storage ring, and constantly refined these things by the way, so as not to be trapped.

     Jie Zi Shenwen is compared little by little.

     Zhan Wushuang looked at it for a while, condensed his eyebrows slightly, and looked very mysterious... But... he also learned the breathing method, Su Yu gave this one, he read it for a while, from a theoretical and general sense, he can Refined.

     However, it cannot be verified on the spot. This thing does not mean that you can successfully cultivate in one day. Even a genius like him can't get started in three or five days. Of course, Su Yu has started, but Zhan Wushuang felt that it was just a fur That's it.

     Normally, the training time is too short.

     Generally speaking, it makes sense.

     Tianduo didn't have the power either. He had produced such a lifelike breathing technique in just a few days. This guy didn't know it before, maybe he hadn't heard of it.

     I gave another person from the Protoss glanced at, who looked at it for a while, and it was nodded slightly, there was no big problem.

     From the narrative of the exercise method, although it is a bit mysterious, it makes sense in general.

     Zhan Wushuang takes a deep breath and said again: "Exchange the remaining half..."

     At this moment, the magic dragon said: "Tianduo, where is my 30%?"

     Su Yu quickly said: "Transaction complete, Your Excellency the City Lord, help me move the place and enter the innermost room. Before entering, I will give Your Excellency the City Lord. Adults will not think that these people will not be tempted by me. Right?"Dark Demon Dragon smiled, that's okay!

     In the city, he was not afraid of Tianduo running away.

     Soon, the second transaction began.

     Others watched silently, Zhu Guangshen was also depressed, and said: "Give me 10 drops of my blood, and the mountain and sea entrance fee..."


     This time I watched a lively event, but didn't do anything.

     The rich and arrogant of gods and demons is beyond his imagination!

     Su Yu coldly snorted, kicked a human mountain and sea, flew to his side, and kicked another mountain and sea to Qin Hao's side, coldly said: "Is it enough?"

     Terran tickets are not given to Terran Mountains and Seas. Of course, Su Yu kicked two Terrans back at random, and nobody cared.

     Since it is the entrance fee...Who cares about this stuff?

     Zhu Guangshen didn't say anything. Although these two mountains and seas are not familiar to him, they are also familiar. They should be from other big houses.

     Su Yu ignored him and continued to trade with Zhan Wushuang. While trading, I said, "I will refund everyone's things. The gain is so huge. What's the deal with this little money? Wait until my transaction is over..."

     After all, he got the second storage ring, Su Yu continued to investigate one by one, and soon shifted all the things into his storage ring.

     Then, he threw the thing containing the corpse to the opposite Zhan Wushuang.

     At this point, it's over!

     Su Yu turned around, went back to the house, and said as he walked: "These tickets are all for you..."

     There are also 25 mountains and seas!

     All imprisoned!The moment Su Yu turned around, eyes turned cold, this room, he specially selected, some of them avoided the opposite side, the next moment, a strong willpower swept all the tickets!



     A large number of mountains and seas exploded directly, and in an instant, there were more than 20 dead spirits from mountains and seas, as well as countless other dead spirits, outside the door of Su Yu's house and the door of the opposite house.

     At this moment, the opposite was also shocked!

      What happened?


     Some people are still at a loss. The transaction is over. What is this?

     Tianduo killed those guys?

     With some incomprehension...In a moment of chaos, countless dead spirits emerged, a large number of dead spirits appeared in mountains and seas, and even the sun and moon dead spirits appeared to appear.

     At this moment, countless fresh blood was thrown out of the house by Su Yu, densely packed dead souls filled the whole street in an instant, and in the house, Su Yu also turned into a breeze, instantly came out of the house, turned into a dead soul, and merged into Undead Great. In the Army!

     Opposite the ancient house, the door was blocked by dead spirits, the strongest Gushan's eyes glowed, he looked to the outside, and his eyebrows were slightly condensed, as if something came out of Tianduo's house, because the dead spirits blocked it and the death was filled, he could not see clearly.

     After a while, dozens of Sun and Moon shouted angrily one after another, the breath of vitality and blood was amazing!

     The control power is also amazingly powerful. Instead of killing the spirits, the dead spirits that are blocking the way are shaken off!

     Opposite, in the ancient house, the people are gone and the place is empty!
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