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442 Shaking The Quartet (seeking Subscription Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     The undead flew upside down.

     Su Yu also flew upside down, and a small cloud fell. At the same time, a large number of powerful men rushed out of the house. Among them, the ancient mountain of the ancient giants glanced at Su Yu again.

     The cloud was not big and it was submerged in the lifelessness, but Gu Shan still saw something abnormal.

     His eyes moved slightly, and his eyes flickered.

     Look again, there are already covered with dead spirits flying out.

     As the sun and moon rotate in his eyes, and time goes back for a short time, Gu Shan seems to have seen a slightly different necromancer, his heart moved slightly, this...what is the situation?

     Even he is somewhat uncertain.

     Take another look at those strong gods and demons who looked blank and surprised, smiled, and suddenly ignored it!

     What does it have to do with me!

     I didn't spend a dime... No, I had 10 drops of sun and moon blood!

     Gu Shan shook, yeah, I had 10 drops of sun and moon blood!

     This is not money?

     Of course, for him, it is too easy to kill a sun and moon, especially the sun and moon.

     With a low curse in his heart, Gu Shan laughed quickly.

     Forget it, I watch the fun!

     It feels like there is a lot of fun to watch!

     This Tianduo...... no, is this really a Tianduo?

     Even if it’s Tianduo, after trading things in good order, there is no problem. What do you do to kill people?

     Of course, there may be many reasons.

     First, it does not benefit the dragon.

     Second, run your own way to avoid sharing the benefits with the demons.The third...and the most terrifying point, something is wrong!

     That is the great shock!

     Something no problem, then, Tianduo ran away and ran away. The big deal is that the magic dragon is crazy, but something has a problem...This is not the magic dragon going crazy, this is the shock of the Protoss, which can probably burn the sky and the earth with anger.

     With 2300 rays of heaven and earth profound light, Gu Shan couldn't get it out anyway, it might not be enough to kill himself and sell it.

     There are many people who think the same way as him. Some of them rushed into the ancient house where Su Yu was before, some of them burst into light in their eyes, exploring everywhere, and Dark Demon Dragon roared: "Block the ancient city, hurry!"

     He is about to explode!

     For him, something is probably a no problem, the Protoss is not a fool, and everyone is not blind. His only idea is that Tianduo ran away in order not to benefit him!

     Damn bastard!

     I'm making an all-out effort to help you maintain order, help you facilitate the transaction, and you and he ran away without giving any benefits, damn bastard!

     No one is more angry than him!

     The death spirit overflowed, and he kicked the dead spirits directly. He was the lord of the city and had great power. As long as he didn't kill the dead spirits, whether they were hit or kicked, these dead spirits would not care about him.

     On the Protoss side, Zhan Wushuang quickly checked the second storage ring that Su Yu handed him, and swept around, no problem ah!

     He did not see the problem!

     Can this what's the problem?

     The corpse is there, the heavenly soldiers are there, and the divine text is also there. Is it a problem with the technique?

     However, the exercises have not been practiced yet, and it feels like a no problem in general.

     In other words, what are the limitations of Cultivation Technique?Zhan Wushuang frowned, vaguely felt that he had been fooled, but... really didn't find the problem.

     He shouted in a low voice: "Sou, he can't disappear without good cause!"

      no matter what, search it first!

     At this moment, the Mozu is also very surprised, what's the situation?

     Tianduo ran away?

     Why did you run away?

     Modona also frowned, and suddenly looked at the moon sacrifice of the Rad family, and said: "Detection of Blood Vessel..."

     Just as he said, the storage ring shook.

     His eyes changed slightly, and he quickly took out the contents of the storage ring.

     Over there, the white mask had already taken out the scoreboard, and suddenly complexion changed, shouting: "Tianduo has fallen!"


     At this moment, the entire world is quiet!

     Very quiet!


     Yes, it's dead.

     Since Su Yu knows that there are members of the Rad family, how dare to leave Tianduo, isn't this positioning others?

     Not far away, another cloud descended.

     Tianduo is not strong, but he is a genius.

      Dark Demon Dragon instantly arrived at the place where the clouds descended, but there was nowhere to be seen.

      Dark Demon Dragon is also very shocked at the moment, what's the situation?

     The next moment, his eyes changed slightly, and he shouted: "Tianduo is dead and killed...Damn, this...this...the murderer may...maybe mixed with the dead!"

     This guess is unbelievable even by himself!

     Mixed into the dead?

      how can it be!But everything's everything is telling him that the other party may be in the dead, otherwise, it is impossible to disappear under the eyes of their group of high-level experts!


     On the Rad family side, the sacrifice to the moon complexion wildly changed, Tianduo died?

     They were still watching the excitement just now, no matter if Tianduo ran away, even after calculating the Protoss, they would take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

     But at this moment, Tianduo is dead?

     Accident, shock, don't dare to believe!

     But at this moment, Qin Hao stabbed a dead mountain and sea with a single shot. In the next moment, more mountain and sea dead spirits appeared, and the next moment, he shot another dead mountain and sea dead...

     "Qin Hao!"

     Someone roared, and Qin Hao said lightly: "What? Let the sun and the moon come out and seal the city so that no one will run away. What happened? Is there a problem?"

     "Yes, close the city!"

     Mozu sacrifices to the moon roared, "Kill a dead sun and moon out, and seal the city!"

     They are not afraid of chaos!

     More than 20 powerhouses in the late sun and moon are here, unless they kill the invincible necromancers, otherwise, don't talk about closing the city for 3 days, they will not die in 30 days!

     Qin Hao smiled, but his eyes were a little strange.

     He didn't want to kill, but Qin Fang asked him to kill.

     Without him, Qin Fang felt familiar.

     Damn it!

     Qin Fang really felt familiar. In fact, he should be considered the most familiar person. After all, on that day, he saw Su Yu with his own eyes as if he had become a human from a dead soul, and then...killed two Sun and Moon, and then, one Kick him away!

     In this situation, everyone who witnessed that day was almost dead, and Qin Fang was not dead, perhaps the only witness.So when Tianduo died, the magic dragon said that the other party might be mixed with the undead... and the scene of killing a lot of mountains and seas to create a necrotic frenzy, he immediately thought of Su Yu!

     Could it be...

     Qin Fangdu is unbelievable!

     No way!


     how come!

     Su Yu?

     The ancient corpse he found pretended to be Tianduo...No, if it was Su Yu, the corpse definitely had a problem. Su Yu how can it be would sell the corpse to the gods and demons, unless it was useless!

     Qin Fang grabbed Qin Hao's arm and kept transmitting: "Second Uncle, kill more and create chaos, I'll go, Second Uncle, maybe it was a fake Duo just now, maybe it was Su Yu!"


     Qin Hao was also dull, but he didn't doubt his nephew, so with the scene just now, he instantly killed several undead spirits in mountains and seas, killed many weak ones, and created more undead spirits!

     As for closing the city for three days, he was not too worried.

     He has been in a trance until now.

     Su Yu?

     As the leader of the Pioneer Battalion, he has never seen any big scenes, and he has also seen Invincible Fighting, but... Fuck, don't tell me, the Tianduo just now is Su Yu, since it is Su Yu... Then this deal is absolutely something wrong!

     More than him, at this moment, someone also thought of something.

     In the late stage of the sun and the moon, the three shadows guarded Zhu Guangshen, and the shadow eyes flashed, and quickly transmitted the voice: "Kill the spirit, create chaos..."

     He was also outside the city that day, although he didn't see Su Yu transforming from an undead and killing Sun and Moon.However, how Su Yu got into the city that day, how to kill the sun and the moon, how to escape from the city...he had a count.

     This time, it is too similar to the last time!

     At this moment, Tianduo is dead again.

     At the time of death, it seemed that there was a reward from heaven and earth, which was nearby. This means that Tianduo was killed by someone nearby and killed by a living person. It was not an undead, but an undead murdered without reward!

     Shadow also thought of Su Yu at this moment!

     With a single sword, he killed a dead spirit in the mountains and seas, the sword aura rippled, and instantly killed more than ten dead spirits under the mountains and seas.

     Zhu Guangshen was very surprised, "What happened?"

     "His Royal Highness... Just that day Duo... Maybe it was fake, it was Su Yu's disguise!"

     Zhu Guangshen's mouth opened instantly, stared wide-eyed!

     I... I... don't believe it!

     What happened to the ancient corpse?

      impossible ah!

     If this was disguised by Su Yu, then Su Yu... deceived the Protoss with more than 2,000 rays of heaven and earth profound light?

     Stop it!

     Then this is the number one fraud case in Ten Thousand Realms!

     No one has deceived so many things before. The deceiver is the Protoss... no, it is the ten thousand clan who deceived. Today, the strong clans are here.

      all around, a large number of dead spirits appear.

     Above the city lord's mansion, a dead soul of the sun and the moon appeared vaguely.

     The city gate began to close automatically.

     In the sky, a statue of the sun and the moon has a solemn atmosphere. Up to now, no one wants to understand, what exactly is going on?

      what happened?

     I really didn't want to understand!

     Why did Tianduo die?Also, who was killed, is it to kill Tianduo to take advantage, who can disappear in front of them wordless and uncommunicative, no, it hides into the ranks of the dead, this is the judgment given by Dark Demon Dragon...

     Anyway, many people are just silly!

     What the hell?

     Zhan Wushuang is complexion changed. Tianduo is dead!

     Tianduo who sold them things is dead!

     I'm going to you Mad!

      impossible ah!

     He took out the score list, watched time and time again, no one changed the list.

     He took out the storage ring again and inspected it again, but no problems were found.

     "No, it's not right, something must be wrong..."

     The seller is dead, this is the biggest problem!

     He looked around, and the two gods came in the late sun and moon, and both looked heavy, and Tianduo was dead. They also felt that there was something wrong!

     "Look at it!"

     Zhan Wushuang originally didn't plan to show them, but at this moment, he still gave the things to them. He was worried, he was nervous, he was a little uneasy!

     2300 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light!

     Even a god king is difficult to take out alone.

      You can say so, so many things may be equivalent to an invincible family property. After all, invincible has to cultivate on its own. If you cultivate to invincible, it does not mean you must be rich.

     If something goes wrong, Zhan Wushuang will have to endure tremendous pressure and criticism.

     The two suns and moons were carefully inspected, this time they were extremely careful.

     Still didn't feel any major problems.The sun and moon from the Tianyi God Clan, carefully inspected the body, slightly frowned, it is the blood of the Tianyi God Clan, yes, this is the body of the Tianyi God Clan, what's the problem?

     Not only them, the white masks from the Hunting Sky Pavilion were all confused by this scene, and the Information Transferring was quickly given to Hunting Sky Pavilion!

     What the hell?

     Tianduo is dead and killed. The list has not changed. It may not be killed by a genius. The other party may be hidden in the group of dead souls...

     Anyway, they didn't understand this scene for a while.

     Protoss doesn’t flies into a rage, which means that things haven’t gone wrong... or if something goes wrong, the protoss doesn’t know at all, that’s terrible!

     In the crowd, Modo's purple hair fluttered and eyes flashed.

     Tianduo is dead!

     Was killed!

     The list hasn't changed, but Tianduo actually felt a little strange at the beginning this time, otherwise he wouldn't let Ji Yue explore. At this moment, thoughts arose in his heart.

     It is normal that the list has not changed, especially normal!

     Ranked much higher than Tianduo, kill him, it's not surprising that there is no change.

     Disguise... disguised as Tianduo?

     A thought came up in his mind, pretending...If you say pretending, there will be too many pretends, and who is the most pretended recently?

     Su Yu!

     When a thought came up, Modo was shocked, Su Yu!

     No way!

     Just that day, is it Su Yu?

     Su Yu pretended to be Tianduo... Where is Tianduo?

     Tianduo...Tianduo's sea of will is on Su Yu, so the bloodline exploration technique is no problem. Just to run away, Su Yu defeated Tianduo's sea of will, so Tianduo died!The list has not changed!

     The scene before him is so similar to the scene that Su Yu tossed out in the ancient city of Tianxi a few days ago!

     Hidden in the dead...

     Thoughts flashed in his mind. The guy who besieged Su Yu last time almost all died, until he died, he didn't find Su Yu.

     Then Su Yu concealed into the dead... there was an explanation.

     At this moment, he wanted to understand!

     At this moment, someone suddenly roared frantically: "Su Yu, it's Su Yu! Su Yu killed Tianduo, Su Yu pretended to be Tianduo, everything is Su Yu!"


     Daocheng was a little crazy, suddenly looked at Zhan Wushuang, and roared: "There is something wrong, there must be a problem, it was Su Yu just now... He is in the group of dead spirits, kill the spirit, hurry!"


     Thunder broke out on him, Space Slash, and a large number of dead spirits were killed.

     However, in the next moment, more and more undead appeared.

     The Dark Demon Dragon heard him roar at the moment, and thought of something, and suddenly shouted: "Stop it to me, you can't kill, the more you kill, the harder it is to find him, the more you kill, idiot!"

     Kill it!

     The necromancers are killed more and more, not the more you kill, the less you kill, you kill one out of two, so you kill, the city is full of necromancers, you have killed the necromancers, a large number of sun and moon necromancers appear, all want to die !

     Killing to find Su Yu, it doesn't work!

     But at this moment, Zhan Wushuang complexion changed, what happened?

     He hasn't noticed anything unusual so far!

     Really, he didn't know what went wrong.

     The body is there, the weapon is there, the technique is...

     Su Yu?Su Yu who is number one on the top list?

     If it is really Su Yu, there may be a real problem with the selling, which also explains why the other party wanted to run away.

      Dark Demon Dragon ignored this and shouted: "Xing Hongwei, check, block the entire ancient city, block all the houses where the living people live, check it out for me!"


     Whether it's Su Yu or Tianduo, where are my things?

     What about my 30% gain?

     Damn, dare to fool me and lie to me!

     A statue of the sun and the moon quickly flew towards all around.

     On the Human Race side, Qin Hao stabbed some dead spirits to death from time to time, and the shadows continued to kill those dead spirits. In the entire ancient city, there were more and more dead spirits.

     Su Yu?

     If it is really Su Yu... Zhu Guangshen and Qin Hao can't even imagine, this kid is so courageous!

     I cheated so many things and played with the entire ten thousand race.

     This time, the Protoss will definitely come forward and kill him!

     Zhu Guangshen looked at the two wounded mountains and seas being carried by the generals of the Heavenly Dao Army... Actually, he was sure in his heart!

     I go!

     That guy!

     It's no wonder that the human mountain and sea were suddenly kicked to them just now, instead of the god and demon mountain and sea turned in before.

     I didn't care about it before, but now I figured it all out!

     Zhu Guangshen quickly transmitted his voice: "General Qin, I'm in trouble, you have to notify Invincible immediately, you inform King Qin, I will inform my grandpa... this guy, this time I will definitely lead Invincible to hunt him down!"

     Although many people died last time, they all know that it was an accident.

     Not this time!This time, no one died. To talk about well-known people, Tianduo was killed. The key is that this kid deceived a full 2,300 ray of heaven and earth profound light!

     Invincible kills him, can make a fortune.

     Zhu Guangshen swallowed, this guy cheated too much!

      heart alarmed, trembling in fear, he didn't dare to do it anyway, he couldn't do it.

     Su Yu has done it!

     Qin Hao eyes flashed, not much to say, he quickly burned a drop of essence and blood, and informed the invincible. There is no way to say too clearly. The only thing that can be conveyed is that there is an accident in the ancient city, come!

     King Qin is his father!

     Just like the last time they asked for help at Modo, this time, they asked for help also no problem. The point is, this request for help... actually some baffling!

     Really baffling!

     Su Yu?

     He did it?

     Up to now, Qin Hao is in a daze. Is this the number one cheat in the ten thousand clan?

     The key point... The victim Protoss, it seems that no problem has been found so far, and the mentality of Zhan Wushuang is about to collapse. What is the problem?

     The next moment, Zhu Guangshen's eyes changed, he looked at Qin Hao, and suddenly said, "That...Dah Xia Mansion once sent a corpse of the Tianyi God Clan to Su Yu, the sun and the moon!"

     Qin Hao's eyes widened instantly!

     Not many people know about this, because the things are too precious, the Xia family knows only those few people in the Daming Mansion, but a few people in the Zhu family know about it, and Niu Baidao and others...

     But at this moment, everything is figured out!

     I go!

     Disguised with the real Sun-Moon Eighth Heavenly God Clan corpse, lifeless... Su Yu was mixed into the group of necromancers...everything's everything, suddenly opens up to a wide panorama!

     Qin Hao fully understood it!

     And Zhu Guangshen also wants to understand, the somewhat sympathetic Protoss, you haven't found the problem... I know why, the corpse is real, and the ancient divine writings may be real.

     But one thing is fake, the corpse is not ancient!

     The exercises should also be fake!

     Su Yu is a powerful researcher of the Human Race. He has introduced a lot of exercises. He definitely has a deep knowledge of exercises. No need to ask, the breathing method is fake!

     Su Yu is still a ground soldier!

     The ancient heavenly soldiers...fuck, they may also be fake.

     The only true, it may be ancient divine writing.

     After thinking about this, Zhu Guangshen's eyes were very strange, I'm going, this scam... no one can be fooled unless Invincible comes in person.

     The next moment, he also burned a drop of blood.

     Communicate with King Daming!

     In the ancient city, there is actually no way to communicate. The only thing they can do is tell them that if they are in trouble, the general position is in the ancient city of Xinghong. As for the trouble... I can’t elaborate on this.

     At this moment, even though he hasn't figured this out yet, on the Protoss side, Zhan Wushuang roared: "Find, search, find this guy!"

     He found no problem, but sure there must be a problem!

     Gotta search!

     Be sure to find out... it may be Su Yu's guy!

     The sun and the moon of other races, some were at a loss, some went to search secretly, I went, if it was Su Yu, then there are so many good things on this guy that people are horrible!

     Kill Su Yu... Then make a fortune!

     The sun and the moon are scattered quickly.As for sealing the city, then it’s better to close the city, and then it’s good, that guy can’t escape, if you don’t lock the city, it’s troublesome if the guy runs away!

     And Dark Demon Dragon yelled at this moment: "Count all the dead spirits, don't kill them indiscriminately!"

     At this moment, there are thousands of dead spirits in the city!

     Kill again, more and more.

     As he spoke, there were a lot more dead spirits. He instantly looked at the powerful humans who were still killing, and said angrily: "Qin Hao, what are you doing?"

     Qin Hao smiled and said: "Kill and play, don't mind, Dark Demon City Lord, don't mess up, take your time, you have nothing to lose, isn't that so?"

     As he said, the tone said quietly: "I have notified my father, my father will come soon, the lord of the ancient city... better to be neutral!"

     Devil Dragon complexion slightly changed!

     The King of Qin, the Human Race Number One Powerhouse, is not a half-emperor, but in fact it is infinitely powerful and has killed an invincible existence.

     He is coming?

     Cursing in my heart!

     The ancient city is very safe, he is in the city, he really may not be afraid of being invincible... But, the Great Qin King is really here, is he really going to fight the Great Qin King?

     The dragon was sullen!

     Su Yu...Human Su Yu?

     Seeing what Qin Hao meant, it was really Su Yu!

     The damn bastard actually lied to himself, that's it, now the trouble is big, the ancient city is closed, and there may be a large number of invincibles coming soon, once the battle breaks out in the ancient city, it is not impossible for him, the city lord, to be killed.

     Of course, those people can't please, but he is dead, what about others, what does it have to do with himself?Dark Demon Dragon inwardly cursed, the next moment, roared: "All Star Hongwei, return to the City Lord's Mansion, and the City Lord's Mansion will close the city!"


     The ancient cities are all neutral, but he is more domineering, so he has to reap some benefits.

     Now, it may attract a large number of invincibles. Fuck, it’s better to learn from the sky and destroy the city, Tianhe, close the city, no matter what!


      at the same time.

     Around the Eastern Rift Valley.

     Suddenly, King Da Qin opened his eyes, looked far away, and looked towards the sea of stars. What happened?

     Qin Hao asks for help!

     Didn't he go to the sea of stars?

     In the past two days, it is said that we are going to buy the corpse of the ancient invincible...Of course, in fact, King Qin has no hope.

     But...in trouble?

     The son robbed the body, killed someone, and was trapped in the ancient city?

     This is his first thought!

     But... the son may not have been able to kill him. It seems that a lot of sun and moon have been there. Of course, no cause, no reason, those people dare not kill Qin Hao.

     King Daqin is also somewhat surprised, his eyebrows are slightly lowered, are you going?

     He still has to guard the territory of the human world!

     But at this moment, not far away, a breath rose, and King Daming's breath fluctuated, and the sound was transmitted instantly: "Old Qin, I'm going to the sea of stars..."

     "You want to go too?"

     Da Ming Wang dazed for a moment, why should I go too?

     The next moment, unexpectedly said: "Are you going to go too?"

     "Qin Hao asks for help!"

     "Guangshen for help!"The two Invincible Experts met in an instant, look at each other in dismay, did the two join hands and rob the day of Duo... well, the next moment, King Qin had news and harvest, and said: "Tianduo is dead... they killed To Tianduo, snatch the ancient corpse?"

     This is the greatest possibility!

     King Daming thought so too, nodded, so bold, so fat.

     Just thinking about...not far away, an invincible statue suddenly exclaimed, holding a score list in his hand, and said in shock: "The news from the Hunting Pavilion... Two people, have you asked for help?"

     "Yes, Old Tang, what did you communicate with Hunting Heaven Pavilion?"

     The King of Tang suddenly transmitted the sound of Invincible Quartet, "This...this may be an accident! Tianduo... no, Su Yu, no... Su Yu pretended to be Tianduo, auctioned off the ancient invincible body, and defrauded the gods of 2300 rays of heaven and earth profound light. Killed Tianduo, escaped under the eyelids of dozens of Sun and Moon, the ancient city of Xinghong was in chaos and the city was sealed by the dead..."

     Yes, Hunting Heaven Pavilion can be Information Transferring, even when the ancient city is closed.

     At this moment, a strong human race shocked.

     The next moment, a sturdy figure appeared, looking at King Daming and the others, a little speechless, he said: "I will go over with Lao Zhu, Lao Qin, you continue to guard this place!"

     King Daxia!

     King Daming nodded, also a little dazed, Su Yu... deceived dozens of Sun and Moon, and then ran under their noses, and then...he also deceived thousands of rays of heaven and earth?

     Having said that... a lot!

     King Daming doesn’t have so much money!

     Really, that has to be captured by time, he doesn't have so much time and energy.In this way, this deceit, this guy may be deceived to become the richest man in the human world?

     There was no time to think about it. The two Invincibles shattered the void in an instant and rushed towards the sea of stars. This time, Invincible will definitely kill Su Yu, if the news is true.

     At least, the Protoss will definitely send Eternity out to kill him.

     Whoever changes it to, he has to be mad!

     King Da Qin waited for them to leave, still digesting the news, for a long while, cursing wildly, cursing in his heart!

     I'm wrong!

     Last time I should personally go to the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction and kick his fellow back into the human state. Last time the kid ran away by himself. He wondered, whether this fellow ran away, it would be good to hide by himself.

     But... how is this hiding!

     This is a big deal!

     Even if he hasn't gotten Xuanguang so many days!

     "Call for more eternity to come back and guard the border!"

     King Da Qin came up with such thoughts, fucking, he had to summon more Invincibles to come back, otherwise... he was afraid that he would not be able to hold it!

     "Be sure to get that kid back!"

     He thought of something in an instant, and his willpower spread quickly, and he caught up with King Daming and the others, and the sound transmission said: "When you see someone, you must catch it back, sure! You can't give him outside anymore. This is terrible. Countless eternal..."

     This time, King Qin believed it, it was even more terrifying than Xia Longwu, and ten times more terrifying than Ye Batian!

     Fuck you!

     King Da Ming and the others didn't reply, nonsense, they would definitely catch it back when they saw it. If they didn't catch it back, probably the first scene of invincible hunting down Lingyun would appear on the battlefield of the heavens.He was wanted before, but now Invincible is going to fight him personally!

     This is also the first time split heaven and earth apart!

     Ye Batian and Xia Longwu didn't have this treatment, they might have it now.


     The news spread quickly through Hunting Pavilion.

     In all major realms, some invincibles quickly received news, Western War Zone, an invincible king quickly shattered the void and ran toward the ancient city!

     In the fairy world, Dao Wang wanted to vomit blood.

     Grandson is trapped in the ancient city again, no, I have to go there.

     In the devil world, several demon kings also without rubbish, ran quickly, among them there was the demon king of the blood fire demon clan, this time we are going to fight a big fight, in this case, invincible will not fight a battle, sorry for this deceived 2300 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light !

     In the nearest dragon world, the dragon king has already walked out of the world in person to see the situation, maybe to watch the excitement, maybe... come fish in troubled water!

      sky and the earth turning upside down!

     On this day, a large number of Invincible played in person.

     If you don’t play, the ancient city has been blocked again. In recent years, the ancient city has been blocked very few times. In the last 100 years, the major ancient cities have been blocked less than ten times, and recently they have been occupied twice!

     Less than a month before and after!


     Heaven destroys the ancient city.

     The stone sculpture also heard the rapid discussion of the Hunting Heaven Pavilion in the city, and opened his eyes slightly, with a touch of pride that I had known for a long time!

     Look, I guessed it!

     Even if I was petrified, I guessed it!

     Sure enough, it was the troublemaker!

     Xinghong Ancient City is closed!

     "Will God Eater Half Emperor go?"Just thinking about it, two powerful auras flew by instantly, flying directly over the ancient city, and the stone carving knew these two, the two powerful eternal human beings, Daxia King and Daming King.

     Sure enough, Terran was also dispatched.

     It seems that this time, there may be an eternal battle on the side of Xingchenhai and Xinghong Ancient City.

     Seeing the excitement, I feel pretty good!

     The stone sculptures all want to attach some willpower, so let's watch the fun together, forget it, the eternal side is not easy to adhere to, and when Xinghong knows, I have to be ashamed and angry. After all, I see the fun is not authentic.

     The stone sculpture closed my eyes and I waited quietly for the news transmission.

     See if there is going to be a mess.

     Having said that, there is a riot in the site that does not belong to oneself, and other guys have trouble in the site, and I feel very comfortable!

     That guy, it's better to go to another ancient city for a run, it's all messed up, that's good!

     Stone carving thought in his heart, how could it cause trouble like this!


     It didn't take long.

     Human environment.

     Daxia Mansion, a civilized institution.

     The sound-transmitting notes hung by the holy gods were shining, he quickly picked it up looked for a moment ……

     After a while, his body staggered slightly, almost unable to accept it.




     A cry of helplessness to the extreme sounded!

     Are you sure it is true?

     Are you sure that Lingyun killed the mountains and seas I saw was in the human state?

     Can you still come back?

     I seriously suspect that all I saw are fake!

     You can't come back!Su Yu, this lunatic, is more arrogant than Ye Batian and Xia Longwu, and more mad. Whose Lingyun dares to deceive Invincible, is not one of them, he has deceived a lot, and also deceived dozens of Sun and Moon, and then in front of them Just ran away!

     "2300 rays of heaven and earth profound light..."

     Saint Wan Tian took a breath, he is really rich, this kid really wants to live, is he still worried about cultivation resources?

     "Can you really come back?"

     Seriously suspected!
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