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443 Don't Panic In Case Of Troubles (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In Xinghong City, the sun and the moon of the strong clan of gods and demons are dispatched one after another!

     Some were investigating the dead, and some were annoying Qin Hao.

     "Qin Hao, what do you want to do?"

     On the Mozu side, Davao screamed. These people are constantly killing spirits, and if it goes on like this, it’s very troublesome. Although they have many sun and moon, and there are many late sun and moons, everyone can destroy the ancient city before. Did not forget.

     Too many sun and moon dead spirits have been lured, that would be troublesome!

     No matter how much you sun and moon, you can't stop Invincible.

     Before Qin Hao had time to speak, Xuan Wuji said indifferently: "General Qin, not sure yet, is it Su Yu? Even if it is determined, General Qin shouldn't make fun of everyone's lives!"


     As soon as the words fell, a long spear came and killed him.

     On the side of the fairy clan, a strong sword of the late sun and moon flew up, banging a loud sound, shaking everywhere.

     The immortal powerhouse complexion slightly changed, and Xuan Wuji immediately concentrated.

     Qin Hao glanced at them coldly, his murderous aura broke out, and he said indifferently: "The adults speak, the children shut up! Xuan Wuji, your father was beaten by me back in knee and beg forgiveness, your grandpa personally came forward to make peace with my father. I just let him go. It's your turn to teach me to do things?"

     Xuan Wuji complexion slightly changed.

     Qin Hao sneered, "I don't know who I am on the top ranking list! Who am I?"

     He coldly shouted, "I am the son of the Great Qin King, the leader of the pioneer army of the human race. You are a little furry boy, dare you to teach me how to do things? The Human Immortal Alliance is not the Xuanwang family. If the Xuanwang wants to tear the covenant, let He said it personally! It's your turn to talk nonsense with me?"With cold eyes, he looked at the late sun and moon that guarded Xuan Wuji, and said coldly: "Take care of your milk baby! You ancient fairy king of the fairy clan, do you know this milk baby teaches me to do things outside?"

     The immortal clan in the latter part of the sun and moon changed its color slightly, and said in a low voice: "General Qin misunderstood. Wuji didn't intend to do so. It is just that General Qin's slaughter is prone to cause trouble. Learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor is right in front of you. Leading out the invincible necromancers, you and I are both difficult to escape death. There are more than two humans and immortals here, dragons, demons, five elements, and various ancient clans are there. General Qin, please think twice!"

     "This is pretty human!"

     Qin Hao smiled, as if he wasn't the one who just got angry. He smiled and said, "It makes sense, the killing just went smoothly! You know, my pioneer army's full-time killing, this kill, was a little smooth, sorry, don't be surprised!

      other each clans, a detached point of view.

     Even the strong gods and demons don’t care, sneer again and again, the alliance of humans and immortals, the ridiculous alliance, the name remains, but the reality is gone!

     The immortal clan is also beginning to stir recently, toss them, sooner or later the human-immortal alliance will be broken, and perhaps the first to attack the human clan is not their gods and demons, but the immortal clan.

     Qin Hao ignored them, but he didn't kill anymore.

     If you continue to kill, the immortal clan’s dissatisfaction has already been expressed, and the other clans are probably worried that too many dead spirits will be drawn out, so it will be troublesome. There is no need to get themselves to the point of A Thousand Fingers Condemn.

     Qin Hao secretly said, I have tried my best, that kid...By the way, if you really pretend to be a dead spirit, will he be killed by me?

     Somewhat unsure, Chao Qin Fang glanced at and said, "Look at the list, he is still on/at?"

     Qin Fang was speechless, dead, and the list would shake.Check looked for a moment, still.

     Qin Hao was slightly relaxed. Fortunately, the random killing didn't kill the guy. Yes, it seems that I was able to kill him.

     Not only Qin Hao, over there, the shadow stopped after a while, not afraid of anything else, but afraid of killing Su Yu who was mixed in it!

     That guy can definitely pretend to be a necroman!

     If this is an accident, Sun Moon Seven will kill him, that guy probably doesn't have Power of Resistance, this kills... that's too embarrassing.

     We killed you in order to cover you... If Su Yu really died, he would be too aggrieved and aggrieved.

     Of course, there is a high probability that it won't happen. If you really kill it, you still have some feelings about whether the dead are powerful.

     The human race no longer makes killings, but the dead spirits are angered, and they continue to kill Qin Hao and the others. At this time, it is an indiscriminate attack. The guys outside are all the attack targets of the dead spirits without exception.

     The lifelessness is getting stronger!

     Above the city lord's mansion, a dead sun and moon appeared, and the city gate officially began to be closed.

     The sun and moon dead spirits, also without rubbish, quickly came to Qin Hao and the others!

     These people killed the necromancers of the Necromancer.

     The war broke out instantly!

     Qin Hao was not afraid, but he did not retreat. He just circled with the dead, causing the sun and the moon to constantly attack other people. Others were also stunned. They couldn't kill them. They retreated, and soon returned. It's killing!

     A dead spirit around the double layer of the sun and the moon, but a group of sun and the moon is forced to avoid it.

     No way, more will come out if you kill.Fortunately, their powerful strength. The dead spirits that came this time were only in the early days of the sun and the moon. They will be dead for a while, and they can't beat them. They are different from the last time the ancient city was destroyed. Necromancers in the late sun and moon, dozens of heads in the early and middle sun and moon.

     Moreover, there were only four in the latter part of the sun and moon when they entered the city last time.

     This time there are more than 20 people!

     Almost not much impact, but the number of dead spirits has indeed increased a lot. At this moment, there are more than 2,000 in the entire city.

     Moreover, there are constantly increasing necromancers.

     Someone must be secretly killing the spirit!

     At this moment, on the side of the Protoss, Zhan Wushuang is no longer interested in the side of the human race, and shouted: "External willpower, monitor all the dead!"

     On the side of the Protoss, a late sun and moon released his willpower in an instant, endured the pain of being corroded by death, and began to monitor the movements of all the dead.

     An umbrella-like weapon appeared in Zhan Wu's hands. The next moment, he opened the umbrella, and all around him, the lifelessness retreated automatically.

     Holding an umbrella, he took the late sun and moon from the Tianyi Protoss, walk on air, overlooking the undead below.

     The Necromancer automatically ignored him.

     Zhan Wushuang's face was cold, his eyes burst out, and he kept scanning the dead spirits.

     Is Su Yu hiding in it?

     It was very chaotic at first, and the human race was doing things again, killing everywhere, causing the dead spirits to appear constantly and running around, they did not have time to investigate carefully.

     Now, the immortal, demons, and dragons are all staring at the strong humans, in fact, everyone has a tacit understanding.

     Find out Su Yu!

     The loss of the Protoss is a good thing, but Su Yu must kill!This guy is threatening getting bigger and bigger, and it's getting scarier.

     Also, how does he pretend to be a necroman?

     Is Su Yu's camouflage ability so powerful?

     And the Five Elements Race is also investigating!

     Now, many things are clear. Su Yu may have captured Tianduo and pretended to be Tianduo. The Floating Earth Spirit might know something, so he was targeted by Su Yu. Now that the Floating Earth Spirit is not dead, he is probably imprisoned somewhere.

     Su Yu, the threat is too great.

     No Ling Yun and Su Yu have caused a lot of trouble in one place.

     In the distance, several powerful ancient people in the late Sun and Moon are also investigating. Their purpose is very simple... It doesn't matter if you can kill Su Yu, you can't kill it, you can't kill yourself anyway, but if you encounter... Su Yu!

     Who is not tempted by the treasure of 2300 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light?

     As for grabbing, will the Protoss come and ask for it, give you a fart!

     You spent it yourself, we snatched it from Su Yu, what qualifications do you have?

     Including Gu Shan, several lonely people in the late sun and moon are constantly searching.

     In the city, there are only more than two thousand undead spirits. In fact, it is very simple to detect. Even if it keeps increasing, it is easier to expose Su Yu's hiding place. Only he will secretly kill spirits everywhere at this moment.

     At this time, the dead spirits no longer increased.

     Obviously, Su Yu gave up the assassination.

     In the distance, Zhan Wushuang walks on air, doesn't have any carelessness, always carrying a late sun and moon, one by one necromantic exploration, coldly said: "Su Yu, I know you are here, hand me over Those things I just gave you, forget and not bear recriminations!"

     Invincible is coming soon!But it will take some time.

      Before then, he must take back the things he gave, otherwise... he Zhan Wushuang will disappoint Protoss' Invincible.

     Although this time, he was not the only one who was deceived.

     Everyone was cheated!

     However, he was the only one who paid a lot of treasures, and the two Sun and Moon later stages were actually only assisting him, and he was the one who was talking this time.

     He is about to step into the nine layers of mountains and seas. Once he enters the sun and the moon, he is one of the authority of the True God clan.

     But if at this moment, he loses such a big person, and the loss is so heavy, then he will be greatly affected in the future.

     You must get things back before Invincible comes!

     It's best to capture Su Yu or kill Su Yu to revenge!

     On the Mozu side, Davao transmitted Modona at the moment: "Modona, are we going to find Su Yu?"

     "Let the Protoss try first!"

     Modona looked around and said through the sound transmission: "Be careful, if that guy still has Ye Batian's divine writing, he is still in danger if he suddenly rises."

     Davao not to accept as correct, can he kill Sun and Moon Seven?

     If it could, it would be too much.

     Modo's performance these few times seems to be somewhat inconsistent with his top spot on the ranking list...Well, now the second spot on the ranking list.

     Modo didn't explain much.

     Since the Protoss is going to be the vanguard, there is no need to get ahead at this moment. Anyway, the loss of the Demon is not small. Tianduo is dead, but the genius is dead. He was killed by the same rank. To be honest, Modo didn't care that much.

     A genius who is killed is not a genius.Including himself, if one day, he was killed by the same rank, it would be normal. It can only be said that he is not genius enough to sweep the same rank of All Heavens and Myriad Clans, that is he is not genius enough.

     Modona looked around for a while, then looked at the ancient houses around him, and suddenly said: "The ancient house should also be explored. He is a living person, not a dead soul! He can enter the ancient house for refuge!"

     As soon as this remark came out, many strong men were dispatched one after another to explore the surrounding ancient houses.

     Modona didn’t care, hesitated for a moment, and said again: "Last time he went directly to the ancient city and left. It’s best for everyone to go through the Hunting Pavilion, Information Transferring, and let the strong all around the ancient city to surround him. Be careful to be surrounded by him. Shuttle away!"

     As soon as this remark came out, once again the strong communicated with the outside world quickly, naturally through the Hunting Pavilion Information Transferring.

     Of course... there is a charge!

     The white mask of the Hunting Pavilion was also there, and at this moment secretly the Information Transferring, let the elders charge a little more expensive, anyway, no matter how expensive, these guys will now spend money to do things.

     Su Yu is a good way for them to make money.

     As an observer of the Hunting Heaven Pavilion, he is also constantly passing on information back and reselling through Hunting Heaven Pavilion. As for other people, it is okay to pass other news, and to pass information in the ancient city. .


     Just for a while, the hunting sky pavilion large and small races have sold news about 1,000 times, and the charge is not high. 1 drop of Sun Moon Essence Blood to deliver you an hour of news does not seem too expensive...

     Actually expensive and scary!Of course, those who are willing to buy are all the major races, personally, the lowest is the sun and the moon, or the top-level genius of all races, and they offer this price.

     In just such a short while, thousands of drops of Sun Moon Essence and Blood were earned inside and outside the Hunting Pavilion.

     Su Yu didn't know, otherwise he would be crazy!

     He painstakingly planned for a long time, and paid a great price. Risking the mortal danger, he earned 2,300 ray of heaven and earth, which is worth 2,300 drops of blood. Of course, there's some left sun and moon blood, more than 2,500 drops. .

     But the hunting pavilion relied on a scoreboard, used Su Yu's intelligence, sold some news, and sold it to the tens of thousands of people. In the blink of an eye, the money might not be less than that of Su Yu, and few people cared about it.

     Because it sells too much!

     There are only a few pitiful drops of blood in the whole family, which is really nothing to the big clan.

     Of course, Su Yu didn't know all this.

     As for the Hunting Heaven Pavilion, he also took advantage of the situation to no longer control Su Yu, and did not pursue Su Yu, and even White Mask received the news. If she really met Su Yu, secretly help, stall for time, so that the Hunting Heaven Pavilion can have a longer time. Time to go live!

     Yes, live!

     Live the unrest in the ancient city!

     Deliver a message once an hour!

     This is the big deal!

     Invincible comes, even if the nearest Invincible doesn't have half a day, it won't be able to come. A little bit farther, if you start from within the boundary, one or two days are normal.

      as a result, if you want to know the first-line intelligence, of course you have to rely on Hunting Pavilion.

     This is a monopoly!

     That being the case, Su Yu will of course have to delay it a little longer. Now that Su Yu has been arrested and hung up, wouldn't it be impossible to make a lot of money!If he delays for a long time, what Su Yu earns on hand is not as much as they earn.


     At this moment, Su Yu didn't know the thoughts of Hunting Heaven Pavilion, nor was he interested in knowing it.

     The safe house he arranged has some effect.

     At this moment, Su Yu was hiding in a safe house.

     Outside, there are signs of residents of the ancient city. Su Yu is actually not a resident of the ancient city, but he has built dozens of such safe houses.

     "Those guys, sooner or later, I will find something abnormal. I only use death breath now. They haven't thought of it. Soon, they will probably think that I may be able to pretend to be a necroman and portray the ancient house..."

     The most obvious thing about the residents of the ancient city is that the wooden sign will portray their appearance.

     Now those guys are busy looking for themselves among the dead, but there are only a few thousand dead souls, and they will be checked soon. Then, they will have to check the old houses. Fortunately, there are many old houses. .

     In the cabin.

     Su Yu is not in a hurry, don't panic when something goes wrong, panic what!

     It's not that he didn't arrange for a second hand!

     He still has a hand in cheating people in the ancient city.

     At this moment, outside, booming a loud sound!

     A huge explosion suddenly erupted in an ancient house!

     In the next moment, countless dead spirits emerged.

     At this moment, someone yelled.

     "Daming Mansion!"

     "Zhu Guangshen, what a good thing you did!"Outside, Zhu Guangshen looked speechless, looking at the big black ants that were bombed everywhere in the distance, and said helplessly: "It has nothing to do with me, it's probably really Su Yu, this thing... he might have brought it in Daming Mansion. There are a lot of Skyswallowing Ant Egg bugs!"

     The big explosion just now killed a large colony of ants. How many there are, it is impossible to calculate!

     And this is a living thing.

     At this moment, the number of dead spirits in the entire ancient city increased by thousands in an instant. Of course, they were not strong, but so many, suddenly Zhan Wushuang several people were unable to restrain one's anger!


     What to do?

     I was able to probe one by one just now, what about now?

     Thousands of dead souls were added all at once!

     Moreover, still does not know how much Su Yu arranged.

     It can only be said that in the ancient city, they have never played like this, and Su Yu... very good at playing!

     Everyone playing is crazy!

     Yes, in the ancient city, there will be dead spirits. Killing is not killing, killing is killing, killing strong is killing, killing ants... That is also killing!

     Su Yu also knew that Zhu Guangshen was here, and only thought of this, and then remembered that when he left from Daming Mansion, he brought some eggs of the sky-swallowing ant!

     Everyone feels that they have learned a lot!

     Zhu Guangshen, who has gained knowledge, casually, as if inadvertently, threw countless sky-swallowing ants into an empty ancient house. I will go, Su Yu has a good idea, why didn't I expect it!

     Bai blind I brought so many ants!

     I knew that if hundreds of thousands were pinched to death, wouldn't there be hundreds of thousands of dead souls?

     It's terrible!

     The entire ancient city will soon become a dead city!Although there is no too powerful necromancer, but slaughter is too much, the necromancer can't kill these people for a long time, and there will continue to appear.

     And the lifelessness is too strong, and everyone will have to enter the ancient house to take refuge.

     At that time, it was probably Su Yu's opportunity.

     Zhu Guangshen could have guessed Su Yu's plan.

     Like him, other sun and moon frowned.


     I really haven't thought about this. No one wants to kill those ants in the ancient city.

     If the ants are killed, they can bring out the dead, next time...Would you like to bring in more smaller creatures to kill?

     Of course, if you have nothing to do in your idle time, you can try to take revenge on the society.

     Normal people, there is no need to try this.


     There was another explosion. This time, thousands of dead spirits appeared again. Zhu Guangshen looked surprised and secretly slandered. It had nothing to do with me. The ants exploded themselves, and I just learned it!


     Sun and moon scolded!

     Thousands more!

     Fuck, if it goes on like this, the dead have broken through ten thousand, and there will be more powerful dead soon.


     In the ancient house.

     Su Yu opened a small crack in the door and listened to the voice outside.

     It blew again!

     Thousands of dead spirits were added, and it was so lifeless and scary. Su Yu was also surprised. What happened?

     I didn't do it this time!

     "Could it be...Zhu Guangshen and the others?"

     Apart from them, there is no one else.Su Yu laughed. The prince of the old Zhu family is also a little treacherous. Did you give it to me?

     pretty good!

     He doesn't have that many ants on his hand. Killing other things is not cost-effective and too troublesome. It is better for ants to kill a litter of thousands.

     I knew that the ancient city could play like this, Su Yu would bring hundreds of thousands of ants!

     Unfortunately, he didn't bring much, so he brought that litter.

     After the bombing, so many dead spirits appeared. Not bad now. Thousands, tens of thousands of dead spirits have appeared. I will let you continue to explore them one by one.

     "Invincible may be shocked. Last time they didn't enter the city, this time it may not be true!"

     Su Yu thought in his heart that he must leave this place before Invincible appears, or find a safe place to hide, so that Invincible cannot see himself, see, all waste all one's previous efforts!

     Invincible can see through yourself!

     Su Yu once again explored the little furball in his mind that was absorbing the willpower that was just rewarded, and wondered, should I choke it to death?

     It's strangled to death, isn't it?

      If you encounter it the invincibility of the gods and demons, will you go crazy and kill the invincibility of the gods and demons?

     That's fun!

     Of course, the premise is a civilized division. If it is a warrior... it’s hard to say that warriors also have a sea of will, but the main combat power is not a sea of will. Can the big hairball of the gods kill the warrior invincible?

     In the sea of will, the cheerful little ball of hair that ate it stealthily, the body trembled slightly, with a strong malice, is Xiangxiang ready to pinch the ball again?

     Dead ball!

     Forget it, eat first, since he is about to squeeze the ball, I will eat first and talk about it after eating.Don't steal it this time, eat it open and aboveboard!

     Anyway, you think about bad things first!

     Su Yu inwardly cursed, said ill-humoredly: "We still eat, maybe we'll be finished this time!"

     Of course, he himself had expected all these crises.

     It's really that simple. These thousands of heaven and earth profound light are too simple, he still does not know, someone really made it very simply.

     Su Yu quickly judged the situation and opened a crack in the door again.

     After thinking about it, he turned into a dead spirit and walked towards the openings of the moat.

     And at this moment, in the city, over the city lord’s mansion, a black dragon suddenly skyrocketed, roaring: "Forgot to say, the city gate is closed, and several connections in the moat will not be closed. Of course, it is full of life. Impassable!"

     Generally, the sun and the moon are impassable, which does not mean that no one is impassable!

     As soon as these words came out, a few sun and moon quickly flew towards the city wall.


     Be careful Su Yu ran away from the moat!

     Su Yu's movements were stagnant, and he looked at the city lord's mansion and the black dragon that had fallen...very good!

      he couldn't think, this Dark Demon Dragon actually remembered this, and also reminded other people that it's okay now, it might be blocked over there!

     "A good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage !"

     Su Yu gritted his teeth, very good.

     I really want to become a resident of the ancient city, so I will stay here for a long time and fight you to the end!

     Lao Tzu is gone, you can relax, don’t go, I’m a resident of the ancient city, you’re pretty!



     Zhu Guangshen and Qin Hao gathered together.Qin Hao said in a voice transmission: "Does he still have that ancient city shuttle order?"

     "It's useless to have it, there must have been strong people nearby already outside!"

     Zhu Guangshen sighed: "On the Jiuxing Island, there are many powerful gods and demons. It is inevitable to be blocked by others!"

     Therefore, Su Yu is really hard to escape this time!

     At this moment, the number of dead spirits increased, and Su Yu's whereabouts were difficult to find.

     But the ancient city is so big and blocked by so many suns and moons. Sooner or later, you can find out one by one. Is Su Yu exactly the same as a real dead soul?

     That may not be true!

     As long as the ancient city is sealed off, Su Yu can't run away!

     A large number of the sun and the moon will keep guarding outside, until Su Yu is finished in the ancient city, or completely converted into a resident of the ancient city. Once he becomes a resident, the trouble will be big.

     Having said that, how did he get into the dead?

     In fact, many people are suspicious at this moment.

     Qin Fang also couldn't bear at this moment. The sound transmission said: "That guy, really ruthless! Really black! How did he think of cheating so many resources..."

     There are too many, he dare not think.

     Anyway, all the Qin family's wealth is not as good as this.

     Of course, it was worth selling his grandpa.

     Zhu Guangshen was speechless, don't ask me, I am not familiar with him.

     That guy, this time is really in trouble.

     Zhu Guangshen quickly spread the voice and said: "It's really impossible, you and I will kill a few more sun and moon necromen, get some of the necromen in the later period of the sun and moon out, entangle everyone, maybe he has a chance to escape..."

     Of course, they are much more dangerous.After getting so many dead souls from the late Sun and Moon period, other clans who were not planning to fight against them, might join forces to kill(ed) them!

     Now, there are not many Sun and Moon who can jointly kill them, so these people did not act blindly without thinking, but once they angered too many racial powerhouses, it would be troublesome. Collective responsibility means irresponsibility, really kill, King Qin Can you also attack these top ten races and ancient race realms for them?

     Gods and demons wish you did this!

     Kill yourself!

     Qin Hao didn't say anything, that was the choice of only when absolutely essential, and don't anger those neutral races now.


     In the ancient house.

     Su Yu was lost in thought, and the moat was blocked. This was a big trouble. Before then, he took the moat as a way out.

     "Cannot exit?"

     Su Yu murmured secretly.

     If you really can't get out, you can only hide in the city.

     He there's some left the old house can hide, but it may not be insurance.

     "The safest thing may be the City Lord's Mansion. The key is that it is difficult to get in. The City Lord's Mansion seems to be blocked... But this Dark Demon Dragon is very hostile to me. Maybe it can lure him to open the door again. How about me entering the City Lord's Mansion?

     Su Yu thought in his heart that he actually wanted to enter the back hall of the city lord's mansion. Last time he mixed three shuttle symbols in the back hall, maybe the back hall could let him leave?

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, and he walked out of the ancient house again, mixing in the countless dead spirits.

     In the air, there are strong men patrolling.

     However, as the number of dead spirits increased and the aura of death was strong, some people had to retreat to the ancient houses.

     Su Yu's belly slander, I am missing an invincible rune.Otherwise, I will throw one down and kill these tens of thousands of dead spirits, and there will be tens of thousands of dead spirits in an instant, and a large number of sun and moon dead will appear, enough for you to drink a pot!

     There won't be any, otherwise, slaughter some sun and moon dead spirits, draw out stronger ones, and kill you all!

     "Go to the city lord's mansion, or go to the innermost wall, open a house, incarnate as a resident of the ancient city, or not incarnate, hide from him for 3-5 months, thinking that I am dead, I will leave..."

     It's a pity, his uncle, the hunting list always shows his existence!

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly. I became a resident of the ancient city. Will Hunting Heaven Pavilion still capture my existence?

     Yes, this problem, he never considered it.

     Are the residents of the ancient city considered alive?

     However, it seems that no ancient city residents have entered the hunting list. It may be that they are not talented enough, or they may not be included. This is difficult to judge.

     Perhaps, only Hunting Heaven Pavilion knew about it.

     "If you completely become residents of the ancient city, you don't need to be on the list, then the residents of the ancient city can be regarded as one..."

     Su Yu thought in his heart, he used to think that being on the list was awe-inspiring, but now, just one word, get out!

     If I hadn't been dragged down by this list, how could this be!

     People doesn't know at all, am I dead!

     It's great now, the list is here, I am alive, I can't pretend to be dead!

     Also, killing a genius on the list, everyone knows, it's impossible to mix!

     In addition, there are rewards for killing and heaven and earth. I used to think it was a good thing, but now...it’s really a pit, this is the best positioning for exposure!

     The battlefield of the heavens does not seem to be too friendly to geniuses!Every move of geniuses has been monitored, and while making them famous, they are also under tremendous pressure!

     "Battlefield of the heavens..."

     Su Yu probably understands the rules. In fact, he encourages geniuses to fight and fight head-on. If you kill one, you will be exposed. Assassination is actually very difficult.

     This horrible place is a place to raise Gu!

     Genius encounters each other, easy encounters, is the proof.

     Without thinking about it, Su Yu quickly followed the Necromancer Brigade to the vicinity of the City Lord's Mansion.

     Let's first see if there is a dog hole. The Floating Earth Spirit hid in the dog hole of the City Lord's Mansion last time. This time I took a look... Unfortunately, no, this City Lord's Mansion does not raise dogs.

     Otherwise, Su Yu would not mind mixing into the City Lord's Mansion from the dog hole.

     Of course, being discovered is the meat buns hit the dog!

     "There are not enough dead spirits, not strong enough, and the threat to them is not great enough. Once invincible comes, once I enter the city, my trouble will come!"

     The ancient city has a mechanism against invincibility. This Su Yu knows that invincible died in the ancient city in the past. As a result, invincible does not dare to enter the ancient city easily, but that doesn't mean it cannot enter!

     "If it's not enough...then squeeze the little hairy ball!"

     Su Yu secretly made a decision, there is no hesitation, as for Xiao Maoqiu being pinched to death... You are dead, I will probably live soon too, it's okay, die together, enough loyalty?

     In his mind, Xiao Maoqiu stared at those divine texts, and it sensed malicious again, forget it, be a dead ball!

     Xiangxiang thought about these again, and it ate his divine writing!Su Yu looked back and glanced at. A large number of strong men hadn't evaded yet, but were flying in the air, looking for his whereabouts, really insistent!

     Su Yu wandered around in the city lord's mansion, but did not find a chance to enter.

     Soon, he found a spare ancient house within a ring. If it's not enough, he locked himself in this ancient house for a few months, wondering if Invincible could open it by force?

     "If you can get out, try your best to get out. If you can't get out... it will consume invincible!"

     Su Yu was secretive and ruthless. If he couldn't do it, first find a place to cast his body. There are 500 strands of heaven and earth, enough to cast himself many times. After seeing the powerful strength, come out and kill some guys.

     Become a resident of the ancient city... the idea is raised again!

     There seems to be a difference between being a resident of an ancient city and being an incarnation of a dead spirit. If a resident of an ancient city has powerful strength, it seems that he can be a city lord or a guard. There must be some mechanism in it that people outside the ancient city do not understand.

     "It's better to pull Dark Demon Dragon off the horse and kill him!"

     Actually people blocked their own retreat, this is a big feud!

     Without the position of the lord of the ancient city, this guy went out and was definitely beaten to death. The Dragon Race had long wanted to kill him!


     Just as Su Yu was preparing to become a resident of the ancient city, the city lord's mansion and the back hall.

     The stone sculpture opened its eyes, somewhat agitated.

     very messy!

     Last time I even mocked the sky, now... sure enough, the source of trouble is trouble!The death of this human race and this god-eating guy will definitely lead to eternity. Tianmie sent him a few shuttle charms. I am afraid that he is also anxious to get him away and let him harm others. Now the harm is on his side!

     Good thing Tian Mie has done!

     He opened his eyes and glanced at the entire city, dying, a lot of sun and moon skyrocketing, looking for a while, saw Su Yu wandering in front of an ancient house, somewhat grudgingly.

     Send it away or let him be killed?

     It's not easy to send it away.

     Outside the holy city, there are strong people, and he has the feeling.

     But he can only manage his own 200 square metre land.

     Or, forcibly send him away, as he was killed outside, the eternal battle will not break out in the city, right?

     The stone sculpture was lost in thought!


     And this moment.

     Devour the ancient world.

     Around Da Maoqiu, some small bubbles appeared again.

     Da Maoqiu opened his eyes, lost in thought, thinking about the ball, when was the last time I woke up?

     How long has it happened?

     The boy is in trouble again?

     It seems to be in the holy city!

     Could it be that I was dreaming last time, or the time in my dream passed earlier, what did I see in advance?

     Da Maoqiu was thinking, did he never make a rescue last time, just dreaming, and today is when that scene happened in the dream?

     In a dream, see the future?

     This is also normal. After living for too long, Da Maoqiu has not encountered such a thing. This is known in advance.

     "Then according to the dream, should I go and chat with the holy town guard?"Da Maoqiu fell into contemplation again, and then again, this in the end is it not the last holy city?

     Why do you feel...not like the last time.

     No, it's not like the dream.

     Da Maoqiu is in a trance, this memory is a bit chaotic, there is no way, too much memory storage, it almost forgets the ebbing of time.

     PS: Recently, I was in a trance. I realized that there were two more silver bosses. I still have to thank some bosses for their silver rewards. Thanks to the silver support of Yaoqiang and the blooming flower in the waves. Thank you very much!
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