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444 Invincible Gather (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ancient house within one ring.

     The moat was blocked and the city lord's mansion could not be entered, so Su Yu chose to enter the ancient house to practice.

      With a little powerful strength, killing the spirit is easier.

     If you kill more sun and moon dead spirits, maybe you can also bring out invincible dead spirits, to die, die together!

     Su Yu didn't want to die, but he was not afraid of death.

     Just as Modona and the others thought, when they came to the battlefield of the heavens, the geniuses were prepared to kill or be killed.

     Is Su Yu unsafe in Daming Mansion?

     very safe!

     But still came to the battlefield of the heavens, just to strengthen yourself, don't lodge under another person's roof for a lifetime, don't be sheltered by others for a lifetime, after all, the shelter of others is only given to you by others, but not oneself.


     "Heaven and Earth Profound Light!"

     Su Yu sat cross-legged, looking at the ray of mysterious light in the storage ring, calming his mood.

     500 strands!

     "Can you finish 72 casting for yourself?"

     Today's Su Yu has 30 casts of his physical body, which is still 42 casts. The last time he used Heaven and Earth Profound Light to cast his body, he was cast almost 6 strands at a time. The stronger the physical body, the greater the consumption, this is for sure.

     Every time it is a 10% improvement, the powerful strength is not a little bit, but a lot!

     Being powerful requires a lot of resources and energy.

     Consumption is also proportional.

     A normal thing!

     500 strands may not be able to complete 72 castings, Su Yu has this mental plan, it doesn't matter!

     How much can be done!

     Even if he can't finish 72 castings, if he finishes a little more, his strength will be greatly improved.No More Hesitation, Su Yu quickly started Devouring Heaven and Earth Xuanguang.

     Breathing shock!

     The physical body seemed to be very hungry and thirsty, quickly absorbing those heaven and earth profound light, which was much easier to use than heavenly vitality, and it digested faster.

     Su Yu no longer thinks about things outside. As for the conversion to a resident, he hasn't made a firm resolution yet. He really waits for Invincible to enter the city. Those Invincibles may not dare to enter the city.


     One hour passed.

     The flesh shook slightly, and the 31 casting was completed, consuming 7 rays of heaven and earth profound light.

     Su Yu continued.

     He doesn't care about the outside, anyway, no one is looking for him now, and it will take at least three days for the dead spirits to disperse, and we will talk about it in three days.

     Another hour passed, and it was already dark.

     Su Yu's body shook again, 32 casting was completed, and 8 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light were consumed.

     Time, a little bit passed.

     Outside, it became quieter.

     After the third hour passed, Su Yu's physical body vibrated, his vitality was surging, and his aura was extremely powerful. With a bang, the 33rd casting was completed, consuming 9 rays of heaven and earth profound light, and the third casting consumed 24 strands.

     Every time you cast your body, you will consume more.

     Su Yu continued to practice silently, thinking of something, and then began to devour the blood fruit.

     This thing is also very valuable!

     Two rays of heaven and earth profound light are exchanged for one, which is used to strengthen the atmosphere and blood. Your physical body is strengthened. It does not mean that the strength of qi and blood can keep up in an instant.

     With Tianxueguo, it is different, and it can grow rapidly.Of course, this thing is not super genius, super rich people, using this is too wasteful and the price is too high.

     Su Yu doesn't care!

     The deceived resources are used for cultivation. A heavenly blood fruit enters the abdomen, and the blood seems to burn in an instant. The originally weak blood is strengthened and enlarged in the blink of an eye!


     Like the waves, the blood flows quickly in the blood vessels and in the flesh, and the sound of waves is heard.

     Su Yu is also shocking, so strong.

     There are so many good things of Protoss!

     Without this heavenly blood fruit, Su Yu himself wanted to naturally grow this blood, it would not be difficult for three or five days, one heavenly blood fruit would save him at least five days.

     Okay...a bit expensive!

     So this thing, in fact, only super genius is willing to use it, normal people will not use it, or when consumption is huge, it is used as a restoration holy product.

     Su Yu is not taking money as money now!

      critical moment, why do you want money?

     To be strong is the truth!

     Tianxueguo is actually a lot of sun and moon powerhouses. During the war, the vitality and blood are consumed. The crucial moment is used to swallow and restore vitality and maintain combat power. There are also some that are used to assist in cultivation, but very few!

     Su Yu swallowed the sky blood fruit, found a problem, swallowed it, as if the casting speed was faster!

     Previously, the strength of Qi and blood was not enough, which caused some obstacles to the lifting of the cast body.

     At this moment, it didn't take long for Su Yu to tremble again in his physical body, and a powerful blood burst out, and quickly completed the 34th casting. This time it consumed 10 strands of heaven and earth profound light, which was very expensive!According to Su Yu's calculation, there is still 38 castings and 466 strands are left, which may not be enough!

     Regardless, continue casting, as much as you can.


     At the same time that Su Yu continued to build himself.

     A large number of dead spirits wandered in the city, more and more, not Su Yu did it, but Zhu Guangshen and others, secretly killing them from time to time.

     At this moment, night strikes.

     Death is boiling!

     Except for the heavy sun and the moon, the other strong men can't bear the strong death spirit outside. Many people have entered the ancient house under the protection of the sun and the moon to avoid contact with the dead.

     In a big old house.

     The door is open.

     Zhu Guangshen and Qin Hao were there.

     His complexion was slightly solemn.

     Qin Hao said in a low voice: "You said, did people go?"

     Zhu Guangshen shook his head, most likely he did not leave.

     How to go?

     On the ancient city side, someone knew that Su Yu used the shuttle talisman last time, so the sun and the moon were constantly patrolling in the air. When patrolling near the barrier of the ancient city, Su Yu had no chance to use the shuttle talisman. problem.

     The gap in the moat is blocked!

     The city gate is blocked!

     Outside the city, there are still plenty of sun and moon.

     On the battlefield of the heavens, in addition to the military's strong, they need to be guarded. A lot of idle sun and moon ran here, and the sun and moon in some realms rushed here to watch the excitement, or to fish in troubled water, look. See if I can get a bargain.Qin Hao said again: "The Five Elements tribe will contact me secretly. As long as Su Yu tells the location of the floating earth spirits to ensure the safety of the floating earth spirits, the Five Elements tribe can provide some help and shelter..."

     Zhu Guangshen directly shook his head and said: "Don't expect it, let alone, Su Yu really came out, then it will be the trick. The Five Elements Clan is not a good thing, just ignore it!"

     Qin Hao sighed, thought about it, and said again: "Su Yu...I know that guy has talent, but I didn't expect him to be so bold. The Dragon Race's invincibility is probably coming soon, if it goes on like this, Su Yu can't run!"

     Where are you going?

      nowhere to go!

     Even if the human race comes to be invincible, other each clans is not without invincible. If they want to shelter Su Yu, maybe a battle of invincibility will break out. Su Yu's performance this time is too evil.

     Means, temperament, talent, strength, and courage!

     This guy murder without blinking an eye!

     Dozens of mountains and seas, kill if you say kill.

     Last time, a large number of Sun and Moon were killed, and the Sun and Moon who died in his hands or indirectly died in his hands were more than Qin Hao.

     Can all races tolerate Su Yu's continued existence?

     People like Modona and Zhan Wushuang are even evildoers, but when it comes to madness, they are not as mad as Su Yu. These are typical desperadoes who don't care about anything for good or profit.

     Life and death, that is really out of the question.

     Qin Hao felt very complicated.

     He wants to shelter Su Yu!

     He believed that his father would also think, but... can it be done?

     Su Yu has also entered an endless loop!

     Without showing sufficient value, Human Race is unwilling to pay too much for him.If they show enough value, the ten thousand races will pay a greater price for him.

     Because he is a genius of many gods!

      As a result, Su Yu has fallen into a strange circle, unless he has been obediently and honestly staying in Daming Mansion, obediently and honestly. It will be fine for a while. After a long time, no matter how talented he is Scrapped.

     Qin Hao looked at Zhu Guangshen, "There's nothing about it on your father's side?"

     Zhu Guangshen said with a silly smile: "My father said, my grandfather will protect it. If you can keep it, you can protect it. If you can't keep it... there is no way."

     King Daming will protect Suyu, but King Daming is only King Daming.

     Qin Hao nodded and took a deep breath and said: "If Terran makes an all-out effort and is willing to protect him, it is still possible! Terran is invincible, dozens of them are invincible, even I don’t know at all how many, but I know only 46! If it really makes an all-out effort, and the half-emperor of the gods and demons does not officially become the emperor, how can he dare to fight the human race?"

     The point is that not all of the human race's invincibility are willing to start an invincible battle in order to protect a Su Yu.

     Moreover, there is a traitor in Terran Invincible.

     Even more than one!

     This is the key!

     Everyone doesn't know who it is. Once the crucial moment, this person suddenly turns his face and attacks suddenly, it will lead to the fall of Invincibility, perhaps more than one.

     This hidden danger has already affected the entire invincible circle.

     Zhu Guangshen nodded without saying anything.

     His father Zhu Tiandao told him about this. What his father meant was, wait!

     Wait for Daxia Mansion to launch!Yes, Daxia Mansion will definitely be launched. The purpose is to clear these obstacles. Zhu Guangshen does not know the specifics, nor does Zhu Tiandao. The only thing he knows is that once Daxia Mansion is launched, the situation of the human race may be better. .

     While talking, the strong in the room shook one after another.

     At this moment, over the ancient city, a Giant Golden Dragon whizzed past!

     Even if he didn't enter the city, that mighty and boundless coercion seemed to infiltrate vaguely.

     In the city, Xiao Jinlong and Long Wuyou suddenly flew out of the ancient house, and said in surprise: "Grandpa!"

     The Great Elder of the Golden Dragon Clan!

     The dragon's invincibility is here!

     An invincible came from the dragon world nearest to this place.

     "No worries!"

     The dragon's voice directly penetrated into the city, shaking all directions, but did not enter the city.

     The huge dragon body, hiding the sky and covering the earth, seems to cover the entire ancient city, making the ancient city from the night to a golden light, which is the glory of the golden dragon.

     Long Wuyou's grandfather, the huge dragon eyes looked at the city lord's mansion, veiled with death, and with the ancient city barrier, the dragon didn't see too clearly, but it was not important, he knew that the city lord's mansion was enough.

     "Black Demon!"

     The voice of the dragon came out again, "Open the gates and let Wuyou leave the ancient city!"

      a dragon roar comes out!

      Dark Demon Dragon appeared and appeared above the city lord’s mansion, coldly saying: "Elder, you don’t have to force me to open the city gate...it can be opened, but I need to pay a great price. I need to cooperate with the closure of the city instead of forcibly opening the city gates. Once activated, I am afraid that I will not be able to live for long. Why should the elders force me?"Golden Great Elder Long silent for a while, said again: "Let Wuyou enter the city lord's mansion for refuge, Golden Dragon clan, I will never embarrass you again!"

      Dark Demon Dragon is lost in thought.

     With the war and chaos together, the City Lord's Mansion is considered the safest area in the ancient city, even if the sun and moon dead spirits walked out from here.

      Dark Demon Dragon thought for a while, Golden Dragon clan is very strong.

     The strongest dragon clan is Heavenly Dragon Clan, and the next is Golden Dragon clan. This is the great elder of the Golden Dragon clan. He said that the Golden Dragon clan does not embarrass himself and he is still credible.

      The Dark Demon Dragon is at odds with the dragons. The dragons define him as a traitor. If the two sides meet outside, they will definitely fight each other.

     Thinking of this, the Black Demon's voice vibrated: "Okay! Long Wuyou can enter the City Lord's Mansion, but other dragons cannot!"


     The Great Elder of the Golden Dragon clan stopped speaking, and instantly disappeared into the sky.

     The ancient city was shaking. With the arrival of his invincible, at this moment, a more powerful necromancer appeared in the city lord’s mansion. The Golden Dragon clan elder chose to retreat, and he really wanted to bring out the invincible necromancer, and now kill everyone in the city. Now, Wan Clan is endless with him!

     Just like the last time a few Invincibles arrived in Tianmu City, they didn't enter, but they brought out powerful dead spirits.

     Invincible is too close, the necromancer will also dispatch top necromancers, even the necromancer, the necromancer, is also the invincible realm.

     After a while, Long Wuyou entered the City Lord's Mansion.


     In the ancient house.

     Su Yu opened a gap, looked outside the door, looked at the falling Dark Demon Dragon, and looked at the sky that had restored the darkness again and lost the golden radiance.Invincible!

     The first invincible realm powerhouse is here!

     It's not that he has never seen Invincible, he has seen three of them at a time, but after all, they are all human races. The last time a few Invincibles went to Daxia Palace, they were restrained and very low-key.

     This time, it was different.

     Even across the ancient city, you can feel the suffocating pressure.


     Invincible what exactly is it?

     What kind of changes in strength?

      Since ancient times, it seems that only Ye Batian is the only one who defeated Invincible, so how much stronger is Invincible than Sun and Moon?

     Su Yu thought in his heart, did not dare to go out.

     Close the door and continue practicing.

     At this moment, he has a casting body of 35 castings, about 36 castings.

     The heaven and earth Xuanguang continued to consume, and soon Su Yu swallowed another Heavenly Blood Fruit.


     This time the casting feels more intense than ever. 36 castings are also the pinnacle of most top-level genius castings.

      A loud boom resounded Constantly, the sound of running water, the sound of waves, that is caused by strong blood.

     Breathing vomiting and vomiting, violent energy consumption

     Su Yu's body is undergoing a transformation.

     36 casting, under normal circumstances is the limit.

     Heaven and Earth Profound Light consumes more.

     After a long time, a loud sound came out of the body. The next moment, Su Yu opened his eyes and his eyes moved slightly.

     At this moment, something seems to have changed.

     It seems not.

     It seems to have simply strengthened the physical body, but Su Yu felt that there should be some different changes.Observed the body carefully, after a while, Su Yu lightly sighed, he found a change.

     Outside the physical body, when the qi and blood were shaking, there was an extra layer of defensive cover.


     No, or it was formed naturally.

     Su Yu tried the defense strength, felt it, and moved slightly in his heart, at least 10% increased defense strength.

     The defense is much stronger than before!

     It seems that 10% is not much, but it is equivalent to one more casting.

     At 36 casts, he can cast one more body, which is not a small increase in strength.

     "36 castings will have such a change...Is it myself or everyone?"

     Su Yu didn't know that the geniuses he encountered, 36 in the flesh, had a high probability of fighting against him.

     For Tianduo, there is a high probability that 36 castings have not been completed.

     At this moment, Su Yu's explosive power surpassed the power of 55,000 orifices.

     He also has Yang Apertures, divine writings, and the method of superimposing shocks, as well as a lot of abilities. His true strength must exceed this number.

     And the physical body has reached this point, which means that it has reached this point in all aspects.

     At this moment, he is already stronger than the five important ones who met in Pioneer Camp last time.

     Of course, Su Yu's probability is not as good as Modona on his own.

     But a few more times, Modo may not be better than him.

     The physical body has reached the level of five ordinary mountains and seas.

     In the past, it was a bit difficult to swallow the seven-layer essence and blood of the mountain and sea, causing the body to be broken. Now, Su Yu feels that it is not a big problem to swallow the seven-layer essence and blood of the mountain and sea.Of course, his goal is not Shanhai Qizhong.

     His goal can't wait to kill Invincible now!

     Although knowing that it was just an extravagant wish, Su Yu still hoped that he could be stronger.

     From 30 castings to 36 castings, 6 castings, Su Yu consumed a full 65 rays of heaven and earth mysterious light, Su Yu also very helpless, if it goes on like this, in the later stage, the consumption will increase greatly, sure enough, even this time. It's amazing, it may not make him complete 72 casts.

     Genius also has to eat resources crazily.

     A mediocrity does not become stronger after eating resources. There is an upper limit, while for genius, this upper limit will increase indefinitely. This is the difference between mediocrity and genius.

     Either way, resources are needed.

     Impossible to be powerful out of thin air!

     "Invincible is here... dare not enter the city, this is a good thing."

     However, Su Yu knew that when Invincible came more, it might be different.

     I hope that the speed of Invincible will be slower, even if it is slower, Su Yu can't deal with Invincible, at least he can have the capital to kill some people.

     My heart is cruel, invincible, right?

     If I don’t go out, I will be killing the undead here frantically. If the invincible comes in and kills an invincible, he will earn it even if he dies!

     Have you seen Ling Yun killed Invincible?

     Keep casting!

     Swallow the blood fruit!


     Su Yu is still casting his body.

     At this moment, outside the ancient city, the Golden Dragon clan leader is aging into a human form, standing in the void, waiting silently.

     I don't know how long it took, and the void oscillated.

     After a while, a demon god appeared.The Great Elder of the Golden Dragon tribe glanced at and said calmly: "You old ghost are on your mind, you are here so fast!"

     "Just laughed!"

     The visitor sighed, wearing an earthy-gray robe, and sighed: "The earthlings didn’t intend to mix up with anything. They just wanted Su Yu to hand over the floating earthlings. The floating earthling kid is missing. He may be imprisoned in an ancient house. Banned."

     "You can't die!"

     The elder of the Golden Dragon clan is not to accept as correct, isn't he dead?

     That's enough!

     The Invincible Turin tribe in earthy gray robes smiled, and said nothing, yes, not dying is a good thing, still have a chance.

     He didn't want to come, after all, this is Jiuxing Island.

      However... I have to come now.

     At this moment, on the entire Jiuxing Island, in the surrounding nine cities, a huge figure appeared in the sky. It was the top powerhouse of the Nine Realms, even the patriarch, sitting at the gate of the realm.

     The breath is powerful and boundless!

     The nine top powerhouses of the Sun and Moon Nine Layers, with the help of the suppressing power spread out by the power of the boundary, covered the city, and the nine Sun and Moon links formed a powerful defensive circle.

     These 9 people, at the gate of the realm, have a high probability of having an invincible combat power. The 9 people are also for self-protection.

     Now that Invincible is here, they have to be careful!

     Don't look at what these Invincibles say so nice, they are just to rescue their own family, just to kill Su Yu...

     But once he saw the opportunity, he suddenly rushed into the small world and destroyed the small world, that was nothing strange.

     Of course there are good things in Xiaojie!

     Without good things, these people will not conquer the small world, and one more small world, one more heritage.The 9 powerful sun and moon are also sensed by Wuxingzu invincible at this moment.

     No one said, but he became more vigilant.

      Domain passasge spread even more, the suppression power began to spread and cover, a large number of Sun-Moon realm powerhouses entered the city, their strength did not improve, but the enemy came, they would be suppressed some strength.

     Very vigilant!

     However, the two invincibles were too lazy to talk to them.

     Today, it is not their home court.

     The invincibility of the Protoss has not arrived yet!

     The Terran did not come either!

     The strong earth spirit clan looked inside the city and slowly said, "Elder Long Yue, do you think war will break out this time?"

     "Not sure!"

     The elder faintly responded, this is hard to say.

     "But if Su Yu appears and is killed, there may be no war."

     "A series of polytheistic literature..."

     The two invincibles exchanged silently.

     Su Yu, really bold.

     This is probably the first Lingyun to make Invincible repeating over and over again.

     At this moment, a beam of light that reflected the sky and the earth came, and the next moment, the sky seemed to break.

     The Great Elder of the Golden Dragon clan curled his lips slightly, the protoss was even more arrogant than the dragon clan.

     After a while, the void was torn apart, and a powerful and boundless god king descended.

     With some indifference, this god king looked down at the ancient city, glanced at the two Invincible Experts, and said calmly: "Su Yu is not dead yet?"

     The strong earth spirit said with a smile: "I just arrived, and the King of Pingyu came here in person..."

     God King Pingyu didn't say anything, he came with anger.

     Cheated?But they couldn't tell the reason. The message that Zhan Wushuang passed to them was that he hadn't noticed too many abnormalities until now, only that he had been cheated by Su Yu.

     This is a big joke!

     The God King Pingyu is very angry!

     Just as I was thinking, a blade'glow mapped the world and slashed towards the God King Pingyu who had just been indifferent!

     A long way away, I heard someone coldly say: "Get out of the way, it's blocking my way!"

     The void is torn apart by the knife light!

     Pingyu God King complexion slightly changed, not only him, but the invincibility of the dragon and earth spirits have changed their complexion, damn, this one is here!

     The next moment, a powerful figure traveling in the void.

     Hold a long knife!

      shot a look at the avoiding God King Pingyu said indifferently: "Pingyu? What's the use of your rubbish, I'm here, you can go away!"

     "Xia Wushen!"

     Ping Yu's face was cold, but his heart was shaking.

     King Daxia is here!

     The overbearing King Daxia stepped into the air and scolded: "Get out of the way, get in the way, want to die?"

     The earthling and dragons really avoided some.

     This is the invincibility of Human Race reckoned to be first or second best!

     According to the judgment of various races, King Daxia is weaker than King Daqin, but not necessarily weaker than King Dazhou. In the human race, it is firmly in the top three, but it may not be able to enter the second.

     Such a powerful invincibility is here, and they have to retreat.

     What's more terrifying is that King Daxia has killed invincible!

     Terran actually let him come!

     At this moment, even the powerful King Daming was ignored by everyone.This is also an invincible in the top five of the human race. The three invincibles of the dragon, the earth spirit and the gods are added together, and they may not be able to fight the two of them.

     And just in this brief moment, a wild laugh came!

     "There is a good show!"

     Blood and fire filled the sky, and the entire sky became blood red!

     King Da Xia coldly looks at the sky and said coldly: "Blood Milo, do you want to provoke me?"

     "Haha, not at all!"

     The next moment, a blood-red demon king came and saw King Da Xia, pupils of the eye shrink, and smiled: "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding! Xia Wushen, you go to Ping Yu, I see the lively..."

     The blood fire demon likes fighting and killing, but... don't like looking for death.

     King Daxia!

     This guy is too strong, and only for these years, because Xia Longwu wanted to prove, he kept a little low-key. He was a tough and invincible who has been guarding endless void for years.

     Why stay in the void?


     Sometimes, when encountering a single invincible, this guy will play black hands!

     It's a fact that King Daxia is very strong.

     So even the demon king of the blood fire demon clan was a bit low-key at this moment, and laughed, the next moment, when he saw King Daming, he suddenly became interested, said with a smile: "King Daming, how about doing a fight!"


     King Daming looked at him silently, fuck your ancestor!

     Put it on endless void, believe it or not, I will kill you!

     Really, I'm so annoying as the second leader in search?

     On the side of the Protoss, Ping Yu frowned, and said: "Since the two are here, let alone nonsense, Su Yu must die! He has seriously affected the peace of the entire world...""peace?"

     King Da Xia looked at him and said indifferently: "A Lingyun messed up the Ten Thousand Realms? Do you want Modona to die? Should you kill Zhan Wushuang? Do you want to kill the old fellow of your Protoss? !"


     God King Pingyu shouted: "Xia Wushen, do you have to provoke the Protoss?"

      a blade light present!

      heaven falls and earth rends!

     It's wordless and uncommunicative!

     For an instant, the void shattered and time was chaotic. It was almost a blink of an eye. Hundreds of miles away, the King Pingyu appeared with his hands on his back. At this moment, the hands behind his back were already drenched with blood!

     He looked at King Da Xia silently, and King Da Xia was also looking at him.

     At this moment, the world was quiet.

     The other Invincibles left the place one after another, lest they suffer from the fish in the pond. Even the Demon King of the Blood and Fire Demon Race evaded instantly, inwardly cursed, how strong Xia Wushen is!

     Worthy of being the eternal existence of Dao Zhan!

     With a single cut, King Pingyu suffered a lot.

     On the periphery, the powerhouses of the Nine Realms are extremely nervous at this moment.

     There's hope to deal with the invincible against other people...Forget it, when invincible comes, they will be killed instantly because the invincible human is not suppressed, which is terrible.

     King Daxia ignored them and did not kill. First, Invincible is not easy to kill.

     Second, there are other invincibles present.

     Third, killing an invincible will immediately be a big battle, and the human race is now unable to conduct an all-round battle.

     Fourth, the human race has not been settled yet. Now that the war breaks out, it may cause the main battle faction to suffer heavy losses and completely hand over the leadership to the peace-seeking faction.Despite this, he still got the knife.

     Get off the horse!

     Without a knife now, the follow-up is even more difficult.

     Protoss and demons, obviously will not only come to one, he and King Daming arrived together, and soon, the two races will come more invincible.

     At this moment, someone has arrived.

     In the distance, the Taoist King appeared.

     After a while, King Xuan appeared, it was Xuan Wuji's grandfather.

     After a while, the demon is overwhelming, and the Primitive Demon Race's Demon King has arrived.

     Everyone is invincible, gathered in Jiuxing Island today.

     More than the last time outside the city!

     For a long time, Invincible said indifferently: "Human race, give me a charter! King Daxia, King Daming, the two really want to make Su Yu an enemy to the ten thousand clan?"

     King Daxia said indifferently: "Regulations? There are no regulations. If you have the ability, you will enter the city!"

     Into the city?

     Many people look at the deadly ancient city, and entering the city is still dangerous.

     Without mentioning the matter of entering the city, God King Pingyu now has another God King next to him, and he once again said: "No need. After three days, he will be dead. Block Xinghong Ancient City for three years!"

     Just so simple!

     For Invincible, what is three years?

     After three years of blockade, even the strongest genius will be abandoned!

     Even if he did not die, he became a resident of the ancient city.

     Close the city!

     As soon as these words came out, King Daxia raised his eyebrows slightly, he was not afraid of these people entering the city, the necromancer was not that easy to provoke.

     But... if the city was closed, that would be really troublesome.

     At this moment, the stone sculpture, which hardly communicated with them, suddenly transmitted the sound, and the voice vibrated like a machine, "Closing the city? Have you asked me?"Ping Yu instantly looked at the ancient city, frowned slightly, and said lightly: "You ancient town guards, if you are willing to say something, we will naturally consider it, but you guarded it for many years and didn’t say anything...or you handed it over Su Yu, we will leave naturally!"

     They knew about the ancient towns.

     But these guys didn't say anything, they said they were guarding the dead, but when the dead came out, they didn't care about it, it was very complicated anyway.

     On the Protoss side, I know some things in general, but the details are not clear.

     I am also very interested in the situation of these stone carvings.

     Ancient invincible!

     The Ancient Invincible is almost dead, not many people are still alive, these stone sculptures still exist, how did they do it?

     Inside the ancient city, the stone sculpture opened his eyes and looked out of the city.

     This time, no more words.

     The next moment, I looked at the house where Su Yu was, saw through the house, saw Su Yu, saw him casting the body...

     Seventy-two cast iron food!

     Even the Iron Clan, few of them have actually completed 72 Castings. This Human Clan actually cultivated the 72 Castings. No wonder it needs so much light from the heavens and the earth and counts on himself, without hundreds of thousands of years. , Both Difficult to Complete.

     "Multi-sacred writing... Zhou Tianqiao... Seventy-two cast of iron food... Five Elements God Technique..."

     The stone carving watched silently, did not speak again, closed his eyes and ignored it, it was not unreasonable for Tian Mie to send him away.

     I didn't take much care before, but now it looks very troublesome.

     In this person, he saw some antiquity powerhouse style.

     Outside the city, Invincible was also silent.Both King Daxia and King Daming are a little weak, and as time goes by, Su Yu may be more difficult to save!
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