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446 Su Yu Is Dead? (10,000 More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Dark Demon Dragon wants to protect everyone?

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, maybe this is the opportunity.

     Of course, are there any strong players who are alone now?

     Don't be too strong, the mountain and sea boundary is the best, or the Lingyun boundary.

     There are still many people in the ancient city.

     In addition to the powerful outsiders, there were a large number of repairers scattered in the ancient city before, but now they are hiding in the ancient house, and Su Yu is not the only one hiding in the ancient house.

     But now in the city, a large number of dead spirits gather, and those people dare not come out.

     Now, Dark Demon Dragon is talking about sheltering everyone, do these people dare to come out?

     Su Yu was thinking, at this moment, someone in the city suddenly asked loudly: "Your Excellency the City Lord, do all these creatures, including the creatures of our little race?"

     This is a mountain and sea boundary!

     At this moment, he opened the door and asked loudly, his face full of tension and despair.

     They are likely to be buried!

     Become the funeral of Invincible Killing Su Yu.

     Before that, the sun and the moon had already broken open some houses and killed some creatures. They didn't leave anymore. Once there were more dead spirits, they would all have to die.

     Today, only the City Lord's Mansion is safe.

     At this moment, someone coldly said: "No! Su Yu is good at disguising. Once he gets confused, it will be troublesome!"


     This time, another creature roared in despair again: "This is the war between your gods and demons and human race. Are we going to be victims? You caused all this, why should we bear it?"

     Not reconciled!Cultivating to this point, whether Lingyun or Shanhai, for the small clan, it consumes countless energy and resources.

     On the battlefield of the heavens, the strength is not strong, and the strength of the same rank is the bottom.

     As a result, it is necessary to bury the genius of the strong family.

     How unfair the sky is!

     Some creatures roared with weeping blood: "My clan also has a large number of sun and moon. Today, we sacrificed us. The next day, our clan will also hate you. All Heavens and Myriad Realms. Although the big clan is strong, our small clans can join hands and dare to let This heaven changes the sun and the moon!"


     Some powerful creatures sneered.

     The invincible little clan, dare to speak such big words!


     Without invincible existence, how can we join forces?

     Is the Thousand Domain Alliance strong?

     But there is no sun and moon, so I barely protect myself, what else?

     If the big family wants to attack you, they will attack you!

     Small races are born vassals and slaves!

     These powerful clans simply disdain to take care of them.

     Who cares if they are all dead here?

      Whatever the case, don't let a large number of creatures enter the city lord's mansion, so as not to be mixed by Su Yu.

     The heart cruel, even more contemplating, if you really let these guys in and kill them all afterwards, Ning kills the wrong one!

     If you don't kill Su Yu, everyone's heart will not be calm!

     Compared to killing Su Yu, killing some small clan powerhouse geniuses, it was nothing.

     "Don't make noise!"

     "Hide well in the ancient house, if you are lucky, you can escape!"

     Some strong ones said coldly: "If you are out of luck, then seek fortune for oneself!"

     "Damn it!"Someone roared, standing in the ancient house, roaring and shouting, before the voice fell, a ray of light flashed by, and instantly killed the mountain and sea creatures!

     On the side of the Protoss, the Tianyi Protoss with seven layers of sun and moon, with a face of indifference, withdrew the weapon in his hand, which was also a long bow.

     Directly across the distance, easily shot the opponent!

     In the next moment, there was an extra mountain and sea dead spirit, and he didn't care about the sun and the moon at all. Now, there is no shortage of mountain and sea dead spirits in the city.

     It is quite now!

     In the entire ancient city, some were frightened, some were angry, and some were desperate.

     Yes, these days and the moon is difficult to kill Su Yu, Su Yu can hide too much.

     Don't be too easy to kill these mountains and seas.

     The gate of the ancient house is open, this is to die.

     In the next moment, countless people close the door, and the dead will not break in with the door open, but the creatures can kill in.

     The opponent shot and killed a small family mountain and sea with an arrow, making countless creatures frightened and angry.

     But, again have no alternative!

     This is the gods and demons, this is the strong clan.

     You talk too much nonsense, and he doesn't bother to talk about it, just kill you and bring it down!


     In the ancient house, Su Yu is lightly snorted.

     These guys are really cruel enough to kill themselves.

     Of course, he has no sympathy for those strong in the small clan.

     This year, just like this, the weak are prey to the strong, if you are weak, there is no way you are killed. If you are afraid of death, then don't go out of the realm and don't come to the battlefield of the heavens.

     Coming, either to be killed or to kill.

     These small clan powerhouses can cultivate to this point, and they have no less murder.

     Want not to be killed, only strong.At this moment, Su Yu's belief has become stronger and stronger. Nothing can be as powerful as himself. Only if he is so strong that he kills me, I will kill him. That is truly invincible.

     Strong faith, firm will!

     The sea of will is firm!

     Consolidate the realm for Su Yu!

     Civilization teacher exactly like this, when you strengthen your beliefs, when you are touched, it may make you advance and make you stronger.

     This is the civilized division!

     At this moment, Su Yu officially steps into the Seventh Realm of Lingyun and absorbed the third text of will.

     The physical body is heading towards the 40th cast.

     At this moment, if he shows his strength again and the murder is recorded, the Seventh Realm of Lingyun may be recorded on the Sky Hunting List. Once recorded... Su Yu may not be the number one in the Sky List.

     Because he killed Sun Moon before, not relying on his own strength.

     Now that he enters Lingyun Seventh Layer, he may fall down.

     Of course, maybe not.

     Su Yu doesn't care either!

     Whether it’s the first or second in the ranking list, for him, it’s not that attractive now.

     After seeing a lot of these late days of the sun and moon, I saw Invincible, the first in the sky list, and the reserve that claims to be the invincible of the Proving Dao...Even the Proving Dao list is not as good as that. What is worth paying attention to.

     Faith, more and more firm!

     In the sea of will, the divine text was dazzling, and the divine aperture expanded to the extreme. A drop of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid was consumed by him, 310 drops of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid, and soon, he consumed a full 10 drops!

     For Sun and Moon, 10 drops are not too small.

     And Su Yu, at this time of consumption, each of his divine orifices were as bright as the sun and the moon.The 25 divine texts are outlined as a long sabre, and Su Yu's long sword is presented, and it is cut in a single blow!


     The strong willpower shook the old house and hit the wall.

     After a while, with a bang, the 40th casting was completed.

     At this moment, Su Yu had completed 10 castings, and the time passed one day one night, which consumed 140 strands of heaven and earth profound light, which was better than expected. Of course, it was also terrible.

      At this moment, Su Yu’s physical power exceeded 80,000 orifices.

     More than 40 casts, the cast body consumes more, more difficult, and consumes longer time.

     Su Yu half-opened the door and looked at the city lord's mansion in the distance. There were constantly strong ones flying there.

     There are big clans of the strong, and several small clans of the sun and the moon.

     Shanhai, you can kill.

     Where is the sun and moon?

     Several small clans, Sun and Moon, got together, their faces were solemn and didn't dare to approach, but they still flew towards the City Lord’s Mansion. There are now several Sun Moon dead souls in the city. If they don’t go to the City Lord’s Mansion, they will have to destroy the city. Those following the sun and the moon.

     No one wants to die!

     Especially when you have cultivated to this point.

     Su Yu spied silently. At this time, he was very strong. Of course, it was not as necessary as these sun and moons. But at this moment, he should have no problem swallowing the essence and blood of Shanhai Yazhong or even Jiuzhong.

     The yang orifice opens, and there is hope for devouring the blood of Sun and Moon.

     Do you want to kill a few more sun and moon?

     Of course, it is very difficult.

     Or kill some dead spirits on the peaks of mountains and seas, draw out more sun and moon dead spirits, haunt them, and not give them a chance to enter the City Lord Residence’s?Su Yu thought about this, and suddenly walked out of the ancient house.

     Become a dead spirit!

     Instantly rushed there, at this moment, a large number of dead spirits rushed there, in order to stop them, in order to kill them, so lifeless.

     Su Yu was very courageous, and he quickly approached the team of the Protoss.

     In this place, there are only three strong Protoss.

     Zhan Wushuang plus two powerful men of the sun and the moon.

     While flying towards the City Lord’s Mansion, the three of them did not forget to detect and kill some dead spirits. They were going to the City Lord Mansion anyway, and they were not afraid of more dead spirits.

     Compared with the time when the city was destroyed by the sky, this time they were much easier.

     There are too many strong people, the dead souls can't beat them at all, and now there is a dead soul in the middle of the sun and the moon. How can this strength kill these high-powered ones.

     Su Yu approached, didn't dare to get too close, observed in silence for a while, and quickly retreated.


     Not to mention that the two Sun and Moon are noble, even if Zhan Wushuang, he may not be able to defeat him, this is the strong man who has killed Sun and Moon.

     Soon, Su Yu changed one direction and quickly approached the demons.

     A long way away, he chose to give up and run away!

     On the Mozu side, the strength is stronger!

     And Modona suddenly glanced at him, making Su Yu feel a little surprised, not daring to stay longer, and left soon.

     As soon as he left, Modo looked at the flying undead, slightly frowned.

     Between genius and genius, there are actually some weak feelings.

     He felt a little faint when the dead spirit approached just now.

     Is it Su Yu?

     He wasn't sure, and didn't say anything.Having said that, it must be Sun and Moon who killed Su Yu, and it has nothing to do with him. For Modo, it does not belong to oneself. The killing of Su Yu by others has nothing to do with him.

     By his side, the two Sunyue Gaozhong didn't feel much.

     Because Su Yu did not cause them any sense of crisis.

     Su Yu arrived at the Dragon Clan again soon, and still had no chance. At this moment, he already saw it blocking Qin Hao's gate, and also saw Zhu Guangshen and the others, but he could not say anything.

     Transsion must be unable to hide these people.

     Gradually, more and more powerful people gathered here.

     Qin Hao's pressure also increased instantly.

     Even Gu Shan, at this moment, is stood out and said: "Qin Hao, you are in the way, doesn't have any effect! I am not worried that I will die, but if this continues, you guys, I am afraid that you will be besieged. !"

     He really didn't worry that something would happen to him.

     Quasi invincible!

     No matter whether he is ranking behind or not, he is a figure on the list of proofs. This is the peak existence of the Sun and the Moon. To be honest, there is no invincible necromancer, it is too difficult to kill him!

      However... He wants to enter the city lord's mansion to play.

     Look at the stone carvings.

     Qin Hao did not speak, Zhu Guangshen suddenly smiled and said: "Gushan senior, you can go in, not only you, except for the Protoss, Demon, Immortal, Dragon, Five Elements, Ming and Tianyuan Clan, others can go in for refuge. !"

     Gu Shan was slightly startled, and the eyes of the other powerful men also looked strange.

     We...can go in?

     understood!Qin Hao also glanced at Zhu Guangshen. It made sense. It was useless to stop everyone. If the gods and demons were intercepted, the invincible outside might not dare to shoot.

     After all, there are almost two Sun and Moon in a clan, and most of them bring their own geniuses.

     If this is dead, it would be a shame.

     Zhu Guangshen named the 7 major races, more than a dozen in the late sun and moon, and several top-level genius, thus, their pressure is also less.

     Gu Shan laughed!

     "Okay, you guys play, then I entered, these undeads... are really disgusting, morale is corroding, I want to vomit!"

     He is not interested in playing with these people. Anyway, the whole city wants to die. He is probably the Second Last. First From the Bottom is probably Dark Demon Dragon. Who made that guy be the lord of this place and occupy the right place.

     In that case, he would not play with these people.

     The strong of other races also begin to stir.

     The strong clan of gods and demons are complexion slightly changed.

     For the small family, it can still suppress one or two.

     But here, there are a lot of the top 100 races, and there are also many ancient races. If they are not allowed to enter, it will stop them...a lot of trouble.

     This is an invincible race!

     Outside, Su Yu also laughed.

     The Zhu family still have brains.

     It's useless to intercept other races.

     Also offend people!

     Just stop these guys, that's enough.

     Of course, it is still a lot of trouble.

     Sure enough, at this moment, on the side of the Protoss, Zhan Wushuang said with a cold face: "General Qin must be like this? Stop my seven clans, can General Qin stop it?"When the words fell, he looked at Zhu Guangshen again, and said coldly: "The Zhu Family of Daming Palace, will you have a head this time? It is not easy for the Zhu Family to accumulate strength. How many people are there? There are three full sun and moon here. Falling, Daming Mansion will have a hard time next!"

     Zhu Guangshen smiled and said: "Zhan Wushuang, why don't we take a step back? Let's stop fighting. When the ancient city opens and we all leave, we will take Su Yu away and imprison him in the Daming Mansion. Do you think how is it?"

     "No way!"

     Over there, Xuan Wuji said coldly: "Human Race's promise, just be a joke."

     Zhu Guangshen smiled: "Xuan Wuji, we are allies, how can you talk like this? You are helping outsiders, not helping your own people. According to the human race, you are called repay a kindness by stabbing someone in the back, two or five sons, people evil……"

     Xuan Wuji was not interested in quarreling with him.

     At this moment, those powerful people have entered the city lord mansion one after another, while Dark Demon Dragon is in the palace in the city, overlooking them, and did not come out and did not speak.

     The city gate is open, you can come in as soon as you can, anyway, he has given enough invincible face.

     As for not being able to get in, or let him take action against Qin Hao and the others, forget it, King Da Xia and King Daming are still outside. He doesn't need to worry about the two powerful humans because of this.

     For a time, more than a dozen sun and moon stood at the gate of the city.

     For the 7 families, only one Sun and Moon came from the Tianyuan family, and the Ming family was also one. There were only 12 Sun and Moon families. There were 4 people from the Human Race, and two from the Five Elements family. At this moment, they are happy stall for time.

     10 to 4, two for time delay.

     The situation is a bit deadlocked.Kill, you can still kill.

     10 kills 4 kills, no matter how you can kill, it's not of the same family. If you are unlucky, someone has to die. Who wants to get ahead?

     For a while, the situation was deadlocked again.

     Su Yu watched in silence for a while and didn't stay any longer.

     Fortunately, Human Race is not stupid here, and it hasn't stopped them all, otherwise, the trouble will not be small.

     Now this is a lot safer.


     Inside the city, there was a lot of noise.

     Outside the city, a statue of invincible, suppressing the void, some people's eyes burst out, looking inside the city, life boiled, but they didn't see anything, but the news was passed, and the Hunting Pavilion passed.

     This time, Hunting Pavilion really didn't make less money.

     Terran Qin Hao and others blocked several geniuses and Sunyue. If this attacked the Dead City at this moment, it would be worth the loss of Sunyue's loftiness and the genius of the family?

     At least, no one can make this decision now.

     It can't be worth it!

     Zhan Wushuang, Xuan Wuji, Modona, Mingyue, Daocheng...

     With so many days, plus so many suns and moons, it is not too worthwhile to exchange for Su Yu and Qin Hao.

     At this moment, on the side of the Protoss, beside the God King Pingyu, a white-haired God King said calmly: "King Daxia, must you be so stalemate? Why not kill Su Yu this time, I promise, when Xia Long Wu proves Dao, I will not shoot, nor will Pingyu..."

     The god king speaks at this time, it is still credible.

     On the side of the Demon Race, the Demon King of the First Demon Race also said lightly: "Me too!"

     "same!"All of a sudden, four or five Invincibles agreed. As long as King Daxia didn't care, at least four or five Invincibles would target them. These people might have targeted Xia Longwu 100%.

      As a result, Xia Long Wu Zhengdao hopes greatly increased.

     King Daxia was silent, silent, silent, and did not reply.

     The white-haired god king is somewhat impatient, "Dah Xia, the stalemate is at the end, and you retreat! Let’s put it this way, seven god kings of our clan have gone to the Eastern Rift Valley to talk about life with King Daqin, and so is the demons. The Dragon Clan also has it, the Ming Clan and the Tianyuan Clan have both..."

     If you don't make a decision, you really want to attack your situation!

     At this moment, King Daxia was somewhat grudgingly, helpless to the extreme.

     He is strong!

     But he can't kill the invincible here. These races joined forces to persecute them. On the human side, there must be invincible complaints, and the hearts of the people are not so unified. Still does not know who is a traitor. Once a real battle, there may be invincible. Fall.

     For Su Yu...to let Invincible fall, if he can prove invincible, it's okay, if he can't, he will suffer too much!

     The silence of King Da Xia made others see hope, and some others smiled.

     Force step by step!

     King Daxia will give in!

     His grandson wants to prove that there is a crisis on the human border, and he does not give in, and the human side may have resentment against him!

     It’s enough trouble for your grandson to prove the truth. For one Su Yu, he provokes many invincibles. Isn’t this adding trouble to trouble?

     At this moment, King Daxia was silent.On the side, King Daming eyes flashed and said with a smile: "By the way, what about me? Don't give me some sweetness? If you don't give it, I am not weak. Su Yu is still a member of my Daming Mansion. You kill if you say kill, which is a bit of a shame !"

     The white-haired god king smiled lightly: "Daming King, are you stalling for time on purpose? Does it make any sense?"

     "No ah!"

     King Daming laughed and said, "So I haven't seen you for many years. If you can talk, just talk more. I'm afraid next time you die by accident, you won't be able to talk! The King of White Hair..."

     The white-haired god king looked at him, the king of Ming was bored!

     He is not the King of White Hair...Of course, whatever he calls it, killing Su Yu this time is a sure thing. At this moment, there are a total of 12 invincibles, two humans, and 10 other clans.

     The gathering of so many invincibles is rarely seen.

     The two invincible wills of the human race cannot change any results.

     As for Terran, invincibility won't come again, because the border has a lot more invincibility at this moment.

     Therefore, these two are the limit. The two invincibles of the top five are gone, and a few more invincibles are gone. Don't ask for the border of Human Race!

     King Daming didn't care, so he dragged it for a while.

     To be honest, he is also very helpless at the moment.

     Su Yu... he and Xia Wushen couldn't save.

     That being the case... Give that kid a little bit time and see if he can find a way to escape.


     In the city.

     Su Yu went crazy while wandering. Devouring Heaven and Earth Xuanguang continued to cast his body.

     At this moment, there are almost no living people wandering in the city.

     There is no one guarding the moat.

     Does Su Yu dare to go out?Go out, you may have to usher in an invincible blow.

     So Su Yu gave up very simply!

     As for lurking at the bottom of the river, Invincible may not be able to discover... If you don't have this illusion, it is better to stay in the city safely.

     "Is there really no way?"

     Su Yu sighed, is there really no way at all?

     Must force yourself to live in the city?

     Or, waiting for the invincible to siege the city, the necromancers appear, and transform themselves into residents?

     Probably, this is the only way out.

     "So be it!"

     Also, let Qin Hao and the others give up. Su Yu didn't want to accept too much favor, and if it goes on like this, they might be killed.

     Of course, fighting hasn't broken out yet, it's not so fast.

     And at this moment, outside the city, Invincible shouted coldly again: "Qin Hao, don't you stubborn anymore, two days later, we will attack the city! If you don't enter the city lord mansion... then let all of you be buried!"

     Invincible doesn't want to delay any longer, it's a boring thing.

     The established result!

     This invincible said coldly: "We will attack the city two days later. Five days later, other people will come out and search the houses of the living. At that time, the dead spirits retreated, and there are houses of the living, let Sun and Moon guard it!"

     Arranged clear and direct!

     Two days later, siege the city, leading to a powerful necromancer!

     Five days later, the undead retreated. There were not many of them who were still dead. At that time, guard these houses... If Su Yu was not dead, he would definitely be in them, so Su Yu would definitely not be able to run.

     Pretending to be an undead?

     is that useful?

     Do you think that the invincible siege is an idiot?See you through at a glance!

     If the invincible necromancer is brought out, Su Yu can't hide the invincibility, and naturally he can't hide the invincible necromancer.

     Therefore, he must die.

     This is an ultimatum!

     Siege in two days.

     At this moment, King Daxia and King Daming were silent, and Su Yu was not disappointed. On the contrary, he was a little relaxed and very good. This meant that King Daxia and King Daming could not stop it!

     Silent, it also means telling Qin Hao to them, two days later... Give up!

     no way!

     A proud person like King Da Xia didn't speak, which meant that something was definitely going on.

     Su Yu guessed on the whole... it was nothing more than threatening the border and using Xia Longwu as a threat... It was a simple matter.

     In contrast, Su Yu is not at all surprised, he is not as comforting as the whole human state.

     Nothing to lose, he has to remember the favor.

     If it weren't for the arrival of the two invincibles, perhaps the other invincibles would have to attack the city.

     Anyway, I won a little bit time for myself.

     "Two days?"

     Su Yu smiled, it's okay, then I will continue to practice and convert myself to ancient city residents by the way. You come out in five days and the so-called search of living houses does not include ancient city residents, right?

     As for the troubles of the residents of the ancient city...don't care.

     Su Yu found a room and quickly got into it.


     At this moment, he stopped thinking about anything else.


     A bit stronger is a bit stronger.

     Three hours later, 41 casting was completed, and the mysterious light of heaven and earth was consumed again. This time it consumed 18 strands, which was a little scary!After five hours, 42 castings were completed and 20 strands were consumed.

     More scary!

     After 8 hours, 43 casting was completed and 22 strands were consumed.

     Three castings consumed 60 strands.

     The farther back, the more terrifying.

     After 12 hours, 44 casting was completed and 24 strands were consumed.

     At this moment, 28 hours have passed. Su Yu has only completed 4 castings, which consumes 84 strands, plus 140 strands before, which consumes 224 strands, nearly half.

     Not bad, completed 14 castings.

     Su Yu is quite satisfied!

     And Su Yu's physical body orifice power is as high as 120,000 orifices at this moment!

     At this moment, he should have officially surpassed the Modona of the previous Lingyun Seventh Layer. Counting down, Su Yu's physical power is considered to be the sixth layer of the sky, and the level of the Civilization Division is the seventh layer of Lingyun, which is the same level as Modona at that time.

     And there is still a lot of heaven and earth profound light, although the consumption has been as high as 20 wisps once, it may only be enough for 10 times...maybe not enough, but nothing, Su Yu still has a lot of treasures.

     Even if all was consumed, he still had a large amount of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid left.

     If you have the chance, maybe you can find Hunting Pavilion for a change.

     With another 1,000 strands, Su Yu can definitely complete 72 castings, most likely not using that much. Anyway, this time a scam, he cheated all the casting resources used for his cultivation.

     Even with that, the next Lingyun Nine Transformation Resources were deceived a lot.

     At this moment, there are still more than 10 hours before Invincible's siege of the city, and maybe 45 castings can be completed. Su Yu will continue to cast his body without delay, but this time he is still doing other things.

     Night is coming!Su Yu threw out a jade talisman again, stained with his own blood.

     Soon, a dead spirit appeared.

     Writing, writing, and painting, this time, some accidents happened.

     With a bang, the dead spirit exploded directly!

     Su Yu's eyes moved slightly. Just now, he sensed a large amount of death in the ancient house invaded him, but failed to convert himself.

     This necromancer actually exploded!

     Su Yu was surprised!

      what is this?

     He was thinking, the next moment, there will be a dead spirit again, from the mountain and sea realm. At this moment, this mountain and sea realm necromancer has obtained the jade talisman and began to write and paint, after a while, in the ancient house, a stronger force Corrupted from the dead gas.

     Su Yu is very resistant to death.

     Moreover, he hadn't used 9 other auras before in the ancient city of Heaven Annihilation. At this moment, these death auras were difficult to invade him. As for Su Yu's own conversion, the death aura also belonged to him, not from outside.


     The mountain and sea undead suddenly exploded!

     Su Yu saw dumbstruck, what is this?

     I didn't kill it!

     It stands to reason that this is the third time he has cast a jade charm. After three times, there is no need for continuous time. At this moment, he should be able to convert into a resident.

     After a while, a dead soul from the beginning of the sun and the moon appeared!

      glanced at Su Yu, continue to take over.

     Portray Su Yu on the wooden sign!

     It's a bit difficult to portray!


      at the same time.

     In the back hall of the city lord's mansion, the stone sculpture opened his eyes, looking there, his eyes moved slightly.

     Convert to a resident?This is probably since ancient times, the first genius on the top of the list, the first top of the list, chose to convert to the ancient city resident!

     At this moment, he saw the sun and the moon portrayed.

     The stone sculpture looked at it silently, thinking in my heart, how should I choose?

     And at the same time, a dead spirit Under his feet emerged. This dead spirit had very smart eyes and looked over there, saying with a faint smile: "It's funny, this is... Peerless Genius? Actually chose to switch. …Interesting! So interesting! According to the ancient rules, he is alive and is responsible for guarding us. He is dead, and he is one of us!"

     The stone carving is silent.

     This undead spirit is very powerful. At this moment, he looked outside the city and laughed: "It's funny, All Heavens and Myriad Clans' are eternal. It seems that a war is about to break out. Even such a genius has been forced into the holy city and turned into The living dead... what a pity! I feel sorry for them!"

     The undead looked at the stone sculpture and said with a smile: "Xinghong guards, don't think about blocking, this is his own choice, not our persecution, the holy town oppresses us, we also have a slim chance of survival, this is the agreement back then. He chose it himself, isn't that so? ”

     The stone sculpture looked at Su Yu, was silent for a long time, and said calmly: "He is not a dead soul before death! You can't kill him directly...otherwise, I will stop!"

     "of course!"

     The necromancer smiled and said: "He will live, however... I see him surrounded by death spirit, and the death spirit is about to attack his heart, and sooner or later he will turn into a real necroman, Xinghong, this is my territory, he is dead , He is under my command and I will value him very much!"

     The necromancer laughed, "By the way, is he on the hunting list?"

     "No. 1 on the list!"

     "Goodbye..."The necromancer smiled brilliantly, "I guessed it, this physical body is so powerful and terrible! How many times has it been cast? It also opened the Zhou Tianqiao acupoint... Such a genius is rare in ancient times. Is it earned?"

     Xinghong ignored him.

     The necromancer laughed again: "The guys outside are clamoring to attack the city, did you hear that? I will attack the city later, it's time for me to show up. I haven't come out to breathe out for many years. The spirit world is really bad, uncomfortable! By the way, kill a few creatures and replenish resources. It consumes too many dead souls..."

     Xinghong closed his eyes.

     Ignore him.

     Invincible outside the city, maybe he is looking for trouble.

     Su Yu... has converted into a resident!

     Once dead, with his talent, there may be hope to retain memories. Of course, the hope is not great, but he becomes a necroman, and it may not take many years before he will become a necromancer, and there is hope to restore memories.

     Once this happens...At that time, the undead broke through the holy city, these guys, wait for trouble!

     He did not stop.

     He was cold-blooded than Tianmie, and he also had to abide by the rules. He was a stone sculpture. He only followed the rules. Since Su Yu himself chose this path... at least he is still alive.

     He can't do anything, and doesn't want to do anything.

      From then on, there is one less Peerless Supreme Talent in the living world.

     It will take hundreds of years to convert into a resident, and at least a few days. Su Yu will definitely die and be corroded by the dead spirit. As for Su Yu's conversion into dead spirit, he has seen it, but he is not sure that this is useful.


     At this moment, that sun and moon dead soul portrayed Su Yu.After a while, the sun and the moon seem to be unbearable, and the life is shaking!

     Just at this brief moment, a somewhat different necroman appeared. He glanced at Su Yu. Su Yu's eyes moved slightly and his heart was shaking. This...this is definitely not the eyes of a necroman, this is a wise look!

     The dead spirit ignored him and began to portray.

     Su Yu just felt that countless lifeless spirits surrounded him!

     From the top of the head down, covering all the way, in the blink of an eye, covering the whole body, covering five solid organs and six hollow organs, covering everything... Only a small area of the heart is left.

     This is the living dead!

     When the small area of the heart was covered... Su Yu was completely dead.

     The undead glanced at his heart, with a faint suspicion in his eyes, did not look much, smiled, yes, smiled, the undead disappeared instantly.

     Su Yu's ears heard an ancient voice: "After you die, I will come to guide you myself!"

     Su Yu's heart was shaken!

     Can talk!

     Necromancers can speak!

     He came to pick me up in person?

      What does it mean …… Will you lead me to become a necroman?

     Countless doubts appeared in Su Yu's heart!

     This is a talking necromancer, what strength?


     Or the sun and moon peak?

     At this moment, he quickly changed his lifelessness, but found that the conversion efficiency was terrible!

     Of course, he can switch some, which makes him relaxed.

     And in his heart, the little man sighed at this moment, as if... very troublesome!

     Once the conversion speed can't keep up with the erosion speed of death, Su Yu is dead!This kid, hey!

      have nothing to say, the villain also very helpless, maybe...this is his only way of life, the real born to die!

     But Su Yu didn't care about this, when his conversion was completely completed, his heart was slightly shaken.

     At this moment, the corrosive power of the ancient city to him disappeared!

     Only the death in the body is spreading.

     Neither the ancient house nor the ancient city corrupted him anymore.

     Outside the door, Su Yu staggered out. This time he didn't reverse his lifelessness, but the undead saw him, as if he hadn't seen him. There were even weak undeads who saw him. They actually took a detour when they saw him. Some were afraid of him... …He seems to be higher than this necromantic level!

     Su Yu's heart is a little empty... Am I alive or dead?

     Even if he had been prepared, even if he had reversed countless times before, at this moment, it was still difficult to hide his loss.

     I... became a resident of the ancient city!

     Living dead!

     And in this brief moment, All Heavens and Myriad Realms, all the list holders are shocked!

     The list shakes violently!

     The number one on the list, Su Yu, his name, gradually dimmed, dimmed for a moment, reappeared, soon, dimmed again... so three times, in the last moment, the name belonging to Su Yu completely disappeared!


     Shocked inexplicably!

     Everyone was stunned.

     Su Yu... is dead?

      how can it be!

     Because there has never been, or, in the last few hundred years, there has never been a genius on the list. They chose to convert to the ancient city residents. They didn't know that it would disappear from the list.

     They don't care about it either!They only knew that Su Yu's name... disappeared from the hunting list.

     No. 1 on the list, Modona!

     The entire list, with 630 people, no longer exists for Su Yu.

     The heavens shake!

     At this moment, the Hunting Heaven Pavilion headquarters shook, Su Yu died?

     How to die?

     Didn’t you say that the siege has not started yet?

     Why die?

     This... simply unbelievable!
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