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450 Long Drive To Niu Mansion (seeking Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the city.

     The desperate roar, keep coming out!

     Some people are already crazy. They don't want to convert to residents. Even if they do, given their current situation, they may be overwhelmed by lifelessness after the conversion and die directly.

     At this stage of the sun and the moon, I understand the process and reaction of some ancient city residents to some extent.



     When Su Yu once again beheaded a dead spirit and sealed the city again, several weak Sun and Moon, injured Sun and Moon, at this moment, too small to detect voice transmission.

     The next moment, a strong man with six layers of sun and moon, his face turned dead gray, he said, "Dear brothers, can you borrow some vitality from the sky to get rid of some death qi..."

     Having said that, I sincerely said: "Our realm, Tianyuan Holy Land is not big, and we don't carry too much Tianyuan Qi when we go out. We are willing to exchange other treasures..."

     Several strong men, Sun and Moon, frowned slightly.

     Other treasures...At this time, the lockdown continues, what use are other treasures?

     No matter how strong the treasure is, can it save your life?

     Just when a few Riyue wanted to refuse, Modona suddenly said, "I'll change it. Don't think about pulling everyone Perish Together, the seniors are not there yet!"

     As soon as this word came out, several weaker races changed complexion.

     Modona didn't say much. He looked at Zhan Wushuang and said calmly: "One person took out a little and exchanged it with a few seniors. It was originally the same person. Why are the seniors and us irreconcilable until death at this moment?"

     Zhan Wushuang said indifferently: "You will be a good person!"

     Obviously, he was not surprised by Modona's words.He knew the thoughts of the Sun and Moon, but he didn't care about it, and the Sun and Moon who had previously transmitted sound changed their colors.

     Looking at those big tribes Sunyue, seeing them look indifferent, obviously not surprised by their decision.

     At this point, the powerhouses under the late sun and moon are almost unable to hold on.

     They are all old worlds, even if a few geniuses are young and experienced and knowledgeable, how can they not know their minds, if they don’t give the sky vitality, then kill a few geniuses, and even arrest a few geniuses and threaten those sun and moon. It's all normal.

     Be harder, kill the sun and moon dead spirits, learn from Su Yu, draw out more powerful dead spirits, and kill these people...

     When a creature reaches this point, it is normal to die by itself and not want others to live well.

     Bring a few people to the funeral... Su Yu is here, of course La Suyu, Su Yu is not there, these big clan powerhouses and geniuses are the targets.

     This time the disaster was also caused by these big clans.

     Before they discussed a few, they thought it was secret, but never thought that these people seemed to be waiting for them.

     The talking Sun and Moon complexion fluctuates for a while, bowed their heads and said, "Thank you, Modo Demon Lord misunderstood..."

     Modona said calmly: "It's okay, but I don't want to add chaos to myself at this time. Besides, it's not a dead end now. If I really want to leave, there is still a way..."

     Everyone's eyes lit up.

     Modona shook his head again and said: "It's difficult, first, go out of the moat dead river! The survival rate is 10~20%!"

     "Second, come to Invincible again, and reach an agreement with the necromantic monarch in the city, last time exactly like this, but the sun and the moon fell!""Third, think of a way to lure Dark Demon Dragon out, kill him, seize his castle master's order, and you can forcibly open the city gate and go out!"

     "Fourth, the black demon in the city is just the puppet city lord, and the real guardians are the ancient stone sculptures in the apse. Some conditions may be met..."

     "Fifth, find Su Yu, kill Su Yu, or block him, you can go out in three days!"

     "Sixth, reach an agreement with Su Yu. Although he is incarnate as a resident, he has not yet died. There is hope and needs in life. I believe Su Yu will not be willing to become a living dead. He also wants to reverse his fate and return again. , Don’t want to sink into the realm of the dead!"

     Modona said, looking at other people, mainly those geniuses, and said indifferently: "It's not good, we will also convert into residents, Naturally possible to survive for a long time, Su Yu dare, you and I are not afraid... So, this Not a dead end!"

     Zhan Wushuang said indifferently: "The best way is to reach an agreement with the Black Demon and kill the Black Demon. He is the city lord, and there is a high probability that he will lead to the invincible necromancer. Besides, he is more or less Sun and Moon Nine Layers, I am afraid it is hard to kill!

     Kill, you can still kill.

     Here 16 people in the late stage of the sun and moon, 6 in the early and middle stages of the sun and moon, can still kill the black demon, not to mention the black demon is seriously injured.

     However, what should I do if a Necromancer appears after killing?

     Moduo nodded, and not far away, Xuan Wuji pointed his eyebrows and said: "Where did you see the place where the Sun Moon Necromancer appeared before? Maybe it can block Su Yu!Modo didn’t report too much hope. Sure enough, a strong man in the late Sun-Moon patrol sighed: "The sudden appearance of the Sun-Moon Necromancer, I’m afraid it has moved a little bit when we went to investigate, but To be sure, it's in the inner third ring!"

     Anyway, in the inner third ring, it is not too clear where it is.

      This time, one by one, there may be hope to find.

     Thinking of this, Xuan Wuji said, "There are not many residents in the Inner Third Ring Road. The total number of houses in the Inner Third Ring Road is about 3,000, and the maximum number of people living in it is 300. We still hope to guard these houses."

     Although it is a bit scattered, there are more than 20 Sun and Moon in this place. These geniuses are not good. They are eightfold, able to fight Sun and Moon, and the same is true for Zhan Wushuang.

     With so many powerhouses, can't they hold the inner third ring?

     As long as it can be held, it is not a big problem.

     On the side, Mingyue, who has not spoken much, said in a low voice at this moment: "Difficult! We are scattered, we must be careful to be attacked by Su Yu. Also, there is a lot of lifelessness outside, and there are a lot of harassment by necromancy, including some sun and moon. Necromancer, if you insist on three days, a lot of people present will probably die..."

     The left is also embarrassed, and the right is also embarrassed.

     But everyone knows that at this time, you must save yourself.

     Otherwise, you will die here!

     Modona got up and said: "It's better to go near the gate of the city, it's really impossible. Let Invincible come and break the door again. We will kill in an instant. It will take time for the invincible undead to appear. We may not die!"


     Everyone looked at him silently, at this moment, is there still Invincible willing to take risks?Once the stone sculpture and the invincible undead appear instantly, what should I do if I kill the invincible?

     For some geniuses and the sun and the moon, to die invincible?

     "The emperor is almost the same!"

     Someone said in a low voice, gods and demons all have half emperors, maybe a half emperor will do, including the dragon clan, there are also the dragon emperor, the ancient immortal emperor of the fairy clan, the underworld emperor of the Ming clan...

     One of these strong men may solve this problem.

     However, they don't have that much face.

     There is no Modona!

     There is often the number one in the sky list, and the half emperor has only one clan, and they have not been out for many years. For hundreds of years, the human state channel has been opened in that year, and the gods and demons have appeared once.

     In this case, expect the emperor to save you, unless you are almost his son!

     Everyone is very depressed and aggrieved!

     Even a little desperate and crazy.

     Some people have red eyes, and if it goes on like this, they all want to let go of their hands and kill.

     I have been entangled by the dead, but I can’t kill it, because you kill it, and the trouble is even greater. In this ancient city, they all have a mental shadow. They can only be beaten and cannot fight back. If you continue, no one can stand it!

     Modona ignored them and walked straight to the gate of the city. He was going to wait there. There, at least he could leave instantly if he had the opportunity. If it didn't work, he would dive into the moat.

     If you don't die, you will naturally go out!

     In the inner circle, it was a little safer, the ancient house was strong, and the sun and the moon could not break open.But here, it’s too close to the city lord’s mansion, too close to the place where the stone carvings and the undead monarchs appear. To run, you have to run a period of time to get to the gate of the city. Now it is extremely, naturally, the shorter the time, the better.

     Su Yu...

     In Modo's heart, this guy was ruthless enough, and also, how to stand up if not ruthless, and replace yourself, the same, the forced one had to be converted into the living dead, of course, to kill each one more.

     He got up and left, and the two Sun and Moon of the Demon Race instantly followed.

     Soon, some of the other geniuses got up to keep up. Modo had great luck's. Everyone knew it. The higher the ranking, the greater the luck, and so did Su Yu.

     If not, he, a Lingyun, could force those invincibles back under the siege of more than a dozen invincibles?

     If they were replaced by ordinary people, they would have died long ago.

     They also have great luck, not so easy to die, even if the sun and the moon dies through the moat, they may not die.

     At this time, the severely injured Sun Moon Sixth Layer of the Hunting Tian Pavilion also walked out of the ancient house and shouted: "Su Yu, I know you are nearby! I'm from the Tian Bu of the Fourth Ranking Division of Hunting Tian Pavilion!"

     "Even if you kill us, it won't do you any good, even if there is no reward from heaven and earth..."

     Residents of the ancient city are still alive, and there are actually rewards for killing.

     No dead spirits!

     But Su Yu didn't kill them directly, he just killed them with tricks. In fact, killing (ed) them would not do any good.Bai Yi shouted again: "What are your requirements? You can talk about it! You are afraid of revealing your whereabouts. You probably have control of some ancient city orders. You can control some undead spirits and let them take the score list. I promise that Hunting Pavilion will never Will position you, this is the reputation of Hunting Heaven Pavilion that has been passed down for countless years!"

     "Through the rankings, we can talk directly!"

     "Su Yu, you are still alive, you are not dead, alive, then there's hope, isn't that so?"

     "To live, you need cultivation, resources, and a way of liberation, and Hunting Heaven Pavilion can provide you with it, and all races can provide it for you!"


     He called for a while, and after a while, among countless dead spirits, suddenly a dead spirit came towards him.

     He was startled slightly.

     Others were also a thought flashed through the mind. Several late sun and moon stared at this undead mountain and sea in an instant. Soon, a few late sun and moon quickly broke through the air and probed in the direction where the undead had just arrived.

     A few moments later, several people came back, shaking their heads, but couldn't find them.

     At this moment, the dead spirit of the mountain and sea dropped a piece of jade charm stupidly.

     Bai Yi took it in his hand and looked for a moment, it was a video note.

     The next moment, Su Yu's voice came from the jade talisman: "First hand over all your storage rings and all the treasures, and I will believe in your sincerity!"



     Someone snorted!

     Whoever believes is stupid!

     Su Yu had no sincerity and didn't even want to let them go.

     And Bai Yi took out a score list and threw it to the mountain and sea undead, but... the mountain and sea undead broke out with death light, directly smashing the score list.Obviously, Su Yu didn't say to take what thing back.

     In fact, the undead at this moment, already not under the control of Su Yu, this undead is only responsible for delivering things, not for bringing things back. Su Yu has this single sentence and has no thoughts of bringing things back.

     I probably expected that these people would not give it.

     "Su Yu!"

     At this moment, Modona said loudly, "You can take away the scoreboard, how about we communicate? I guarantee that the Mozu will not locate you!"

     Zhan Wushuang said indifferently: "Neither will the Protoss!"

     "Neither will the fairy clan!"


     On behalf of their respective races, the geniuses stated that they would not target Su Yu, but Su Yu simply ignored them.

     I believe I am stupid!

     Don't talk about credibility, credibility is worthless!

     At this moment, interests are the main focus.

     Compared with credibility, killing Su Yu, no one knows any guarantee.


     In the ancient house.

     Su Yu tapped the wall lightly, could he really trap everyone?

     Would it work for some benefits?

     Shaking his head, I don't need benefits!

     I haven't finished digesting my good things. He actually doesn't care about some resources. Besides, the resources these guys carry...probably a lot?

     After all, they were all for buying ancient corpses!

     Su Yu licked his lips. Apart from anything else, the things that he had faked were very valuable.

     "The rich is rich, but I dare not take it..."

     Su Yu smiled, unless he was confident and sure.

     Unfortunately, there is no confidence and confidence."If that necromancer reappears, I will follow the necromancer to rob...it should be very cool!"

     Su Yu thought in his heart, somewhat grudgingly, the Necromancer should be regarded as the head of our family's guard, but unfortunately, he doesn't obey and doesn't listen to his orders, otherwise, it would be cool to take the Necromancer to kill people!

     I gritted my teeth, don't need things, you are all mine when you die!

     I want to kill!

     Kill each one, I'm also contributing to the human race, right?

     So many powerful people, so many days, I killed them. Human race is probably very happy. I have to thank me for eradicating many enemies for them!

     But at this moment, Bai Yi's voice came again, and suddenly he shouted: "Su Yu, Hunting Heaven Pavilion has already contacted your strong human race, your strong human race Niu Baidao, said he wanted to talk to you and would like to be outside for you. Receive some benefits, I know you don't trust me, as long as you stop killing in three days and let us go out, someone outside will give us enough treasures in exchange for our lives!"

     Chief Niu?

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, and Mansion Niu came to the battlefield of the heavens?

     Hearing the meaning of this, he may be rushing here, otherwise, talk about receiving benefits for him outside.

     "President Niu is here..."

     Su Yu frowned, he came, very dangerous.

     Now all races are holding their breaths and will not anger, kill the old cow, right?


     Just when Su Yu was thinking.

     outside world.

     At the edge of the Sea of Stars, Niu Baidao hadn't been to the battlefield of the heavens for some years, and he hadn't come to the Sea of Stars.Next to him, Ye Hongyan in black followed, with a cold face, looking at the old thing, and coldly said: "What are you doing! Also, you made the decision for Su Yu, have you asked him?"

     Niu Baidao smiled lightly: "I didn't make a decision. I asked Su Yu what he meant. Hongyan, he was trapped in the ancient city. No matter how much he killed, he was actually useless. Nowadays, if you can get some benefits, you get some benefits... Yes, Su Yu can't kill everyone."

     Niu Baidao sighed: "Do you think Invincible is really scared? It's just that I was shocked before, but the ancient city is still regulated. Once these invincibles slow down, soon, there will be more invincibles going to the city. If you don't enter the city... just wait at the gate of the city, even I can see that those stone sculptures, those necromantic monarchs, can't get out of the city! Do you think they are impossible to discern?"

     See it!

     It's just that the previous losses were too great, and for a while, these invincibles have not slowed down.

     Moreover, I am also worried about the invincibility of the human race.

     So, some to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

     Otherwise, even if Su Yu was locked down, it would be hard for those people to help.

     When these geniuses and powerhouses really can't hold on, there will definitely be invincible who will come to help again, no one is willing to give up so many powerhouses and geniuses.

     Modona, Zhan Wushuang, Xuan Wuji...

     They all represent the face of all races, the top strength of the younger generation, and the Xingyu Mansion will soon be opened. At this time, all races will not let them die.

     When the Xingyu Mansion is opened, these people can enter it.

     How many benefits the Xingyu Mansion has, the Terran is actually not very clear, because in previous years, the geniuses who entered the Terran did not go deep.As for Daxia Mansion, Huang Teng, Bai Feng, and Wu Lan were prepared to enter. They were all about Lingyun's strength. Daming Mansion was even more pitted and got some Lingyun and Tengkong to enter.

      As a result, these people don't get much benefit at all.

     On the Ten Thousand Clan side, the gods and demons often have top-level genius to enter, and they can harvest huge amounts. In this case, when the Xingyu Mansion is about to open, Invincible will definitely come again.

     Of course, if they leave smoothly, they will not be used to take risks.

     Ye Hongyan didn't say a word, Niu Baidao turned around and said, "Just send it here, Star Sea is dangerous..."

     "I'll go mine, what business have with you!"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "I'm a few hundred years old, so why are you still talking... old married couple..."

     Ye Hongyan looked cold!

     Staring at him coldly for a while, he said in a low voice: "Back then, you couldn't save Tyrant, now you can't save Su Yu, Niu Baidao, you will always be such a waste..."

     Niu Baidao smiled, said: "What this says...These guys provoke invincible at every turn, what do you want me to do? I also very helpless! Hey!"

     He sighed, and smiled again: "Su Yu is still alive isn't that so? Since he is alive, there is hope, the living dead...not the dead, in the ancient city, maybe it would be better for him, at least he is in the ancient city, he Have the ability to protect yourself."


     Ye Hongyan said angrily: "He will not live for many years in the ancient city, and no one has ever broken through invincibility in the ancient city. So many ancient city owners are all at the peak of the sun and the moon, and there is not even a list of proofs! To die..."

     "Aren't people going to die?"Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Indeed, it's good to be alive! These guys from the Daxia Mansion are more capable of killing each other, and those who live longer are just like that. Those who live short and die are normal. In fact, they don’t lose ..."

     "Niu Baidao!"

     Ye Hongyan is angry!

     Niu Baidao smiled and did not speak any more, set foot on the sea of stars, and soon stepped into the sea of stars, but Ye Hongyan continued to follow him, he did not care, looked around, and smiled: "This time I didn't Encountered female nuns of ten thousand races..."

     Ye Hongyan looked at him coldly.

     Niu Baidao explained: "Now that you’ve come across me are all killed, don't get me wrong, these years, I have been unswerving in one's loyalty to you, whoever seduce me, I chose to kill the other person!"


     Niu Baidao smiled, and said nothing.

     Flying all the way, extremely fast.

     Ye Hongyan followed him, somewhat astonished in his heart, "You are much faster, have you reached the eighth layer of the sun and the moon?"


     Niu Baidao sighed, my daughter-in-law doesn't know at all. My strength, sure enough, women are unreliable, so I underestimate me.

     Forget it, no explanation!

     Flying, after a while, ahead, a sunny island has arrived, Tianxia Island.

     Niu Baidao did not enter the island either, and waited for a while nearby. After a while, Qin Hao and Zhu Guangshen arrived. These people did not leave before, and King Daming left them on Tianxia Island.

     Of course, King Daxia gave Mingguang City a knife by the way.

     Now the whole city, one divides into two sides, looks very spectacular.

     The reward order at the gate of the city has long since disappeared.The Sun and Moon Realm of the Mingguang Bird Clan sitting in the city... Now they are being grilled by the Daxia King in the Eastern Rift Valley.

     This also complied with the words of a human race when Su Yu arrived. He was seen by the strong human race, so he had to find fault. King Daxia at the time of departure saw it, and he gave it a knife and cut a bird, Mingguang Bird. The family didn't even dare to let go.

     Su Yu’s order of reward is suspended to please the gods and demons, offended a person family, can't clean up the gods and demons, and can't clean up a bright bird family?

     It was King Da Xia who was murderous again. If it wasn't for some scruples, it would be normal to directly enter the Mingguang Bird World. There is no invincible in the Mingguang Bird World. Daxia King really entered and can destroy the world!

     Qin Hao saw Niu Baidao, bowed slightly, and said, "President Niu!"

     Niu Baidao is in the same generation as his father.

     Today, the sun and the moon are alive during this period, but they are either seriously injured or dying, or practicing in retreat. Not many really wander outside. Niu Baidao is considered an anomaly and often walks outside to save respectable women.

     Qin Hao saw Ye Hongyan again, and greeted him: "Added General Ye!"

     Did not say Mrs. Niu... said Ye Hongyan was not happy.

     Niu Baidao laughed, and Zhu Guangshen also laughed aside, and hurriedly said, "Teacher Niu...you are here too."

     Niu Baidao taught many people, and he taught almost all of the descendants of King Daming.

     It is normal to call the teacher.


     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "Look at the situation of Su Yu!"

     As he said, he said helplessly: "I've agreed to come out and walk around, now it's okay, everyone is gone!"After talking and asking: "Did you see him when you left?"


     Qin Hao sighed: "He should still be alive, but he must be a resident, what a pity!"

     "Nothing to be a pity."

     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "Whoever, you have to go through all kinds of hardships, as a result, now it’s hard, and then it’s going to be smooth! Human hardships are fixed. You suffer more today, and suffer less in the future. Su Yu has experienced All kinds of hardships, if you escape this calamity, you will surely soars toward sky in a Leap in the future!"

     After that, he said: "Let's go and see! That kid trapped those strong and geniuses, if it goes on like this, I think Invincible is coming again. It's not good to kill a few people. This What the kid needs now is not to kill more people, it's useless."

     Qin Hao flew with him, and said while flying: "Is there really no way to kill?"

     "No way, at least no way to kill them all."

     Niu Baidao shook his head and said, "I can scare Invincible for a while, but I can't scare it! Soon, Invincible will come, and it will be even more troublesome."

     "Invincible does not dare to enter the city!"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said: "This is the reason, so this time I will definitely be more vigilant and will not enter the city."

     Qin Hao nodded.

     Follow along to fly towards Jiuxing Island. Okay, Jiuxing Island is gone, now only Xinghong Ancient City.

     A group of people are strong and fast. Not long after, a floating ancient city greet the eye on the sea.

     Near the gate of the ancient city, there were some strong men who looked at them one after another at this moment.

     Seeing Niu Baidao, someone recognized him and said coldly: "Niu Baidao, you are still alive!""Haha, fluke, fluke!"

     Niu Baidao clasped his fists and smiled: "I know you. Back then, I went to the God Realm with some Invincibles and killed your whole family. It is not easy for you to be alive..."

     With a smile on Niu Baidao's face, what he said made that Riyue a little crazy.

     He was telling the truth!

     He really followed a group of invincible mansions, went to the God Realm, went to the Devil Realm, and killed the whole family.

     He remembered that he had a good memory.

     Niu Baidao qualifications are considered extremely old among the human races. This is also the reason why he doesn't come to the battlefields of the heavens. There are enemies and troubles everywhere.

     People often find faults!

     Niu Baidao smiled, at this moment, he added him here, 6 late sun and moon, he is not too worried that these people will find fault, gods and demons, these strong men, have been trapped in the city in the late sun and moon, and died before. A few.

     The latter part of the sun and the moon is not everywhere. At this moment, there are only two Protoss coming out of the latter part of the sun and the moon, but their strength is not weak, one is the sun and the moon and the other is the eighth.

     The one who spoke was not the latter part of the sun and the moon.

     Niu Baidao laughed for a while, and then said: "Everyone amiability makes you rich, don't be hostile to me, I'm here to save people, not to kill people! My relationship with Su Yu is good, he listens to me, can let people go, you guys Don’t make trouble either, you really killed these geniuses, and you didn’t have any fruit when you went back, isn’t that so? ”

     At this time, a giant dragon said angrily: "Your human race is the enemy of the gods and demons, and now my grandson of the golden dragon family elder is trapped in it. Your human race Su Yu trapped and killed our dragon fight last time, and now he wants to fight Is my dragon an enemy?"

     "..."Niu Baidao said with exhaustion, "Little dragon, don't yell at me, Su Yu is not a human race! You can just treat him as a human race. If he is a human race, you besie him and kill him, then you will be an enemy of the human race! The dragon race does not have the qualifications to fight. Human Race is the enemy, you kill him, we don't care, he kills you... You look for him, do I say it makes sense?"

     Niu Baidao smiled again: "Don't say anything about being an enemy or not, if it's a bit ugly, you will join hands and threaten the human race. Otherwise, do you have 30 dragons invincible? Get into your lair and destroy you Dragon Realm, do you have a fart?"

     Niu Baidao still smiled, "Don't tell me this, just say it for nothing! Talk about things carefully, don't say these threatening words, really want to be an enemy of the human race, your dragon race's invincibility is more than half dead, and then talk, don't be stupid. Like, the gods and demons haven’t spoken yet, your dragon will be the vanguard! By the way, the lord of my mansion, the dragon who rides, is also the Golden Dragon clan, after all, it’s a family, right?"


     As soon as these words came out, the dragon clan became even more angry, "Niu Baidao, you let Zhu Tiandao send back to my clan..."

     "Don't, you have many descendants of the patriarch of the Golden Dragon clan, at least 30 golden dragons. The lord of my mansion has a lofty status and grabbed one. The little dragon is alive and moisturized now. If it comes back, it may not come back, right?"

     Niu Baidao smiled, yes, the dragon mount that Zhu Tiandao caught was the descendant of the patriarch of the Golden Dragon.

     Not a descendant of the first generation, but a grandson.

     The strength is not weak, reaching the sun and moon realm.

     According to Zhu Tiandao's words, he is the palace lord, the invincible son of an invincible son, and he must have an array of faces. If he doesn't catch an invincible descendant as a mount, he will lose face.After wrangling with this dragon clan for a while, Niu Baidao smiled and said: "Stall for time, there will be a lot of lifelessness in it, and people will die, so there is no need to talk about it. Otherwise, this guy won't keep arguing with me!"


     The dragon clan was speechless and shut up instantly.

     Because he is indeed delaying Niu Baidao's time now.

     Niu Baidao smiled and looked at a faceless strong man in the distance. That was the elder of Hunting Heaven Pavilion. He smiled and said: "Have Hunting Heaven Pavilion contacted Su Yu?"


     "Normal, who made you hunter heavenly famous, positioning him, he believes you have ghosts."

     Niu Baidao thought a bit then said: "Let the members of the Hunting Pavilion in the city talk to him, saying that I am here and want to talk to him... Forget it, let's go to the center of the city, and then , All of your people withdrew to the gate of the city, floated in the air, exploded with coercion, showed their whereabouts, and let people see you, so that he can rest assured, lest you count him!"


     A group of people looked at him with cold eyes.

     Niu Baidao smiled and said, "Don't talk about it? I'm leaving. I know you still have a way. I want to wait for Invincible to come. But I said, Daxia King and King Daming are nearby. As soon as the invincible comes...our invincible will enter the city immediately, kill him and run!

     A group of people are black!

     I'm afraid of this!

     If so, everyone in the city was really ruined!

     If the invincible doesn't kill your people, they will break through the city and enter the city to lead out the invincible undead, even at the gate of the city, they may not be able to run away!The safest thing is to open the city gate.

     Follow the rules and leave freely.

     At the next moment, a strong man appeared, the peak of the nine-fold sun and moon, and the characters on the Dao Dao list, from the demon clan, said coldly: "Listen to him, let the guys in the city gather at the gate of the city, I would like to see, Su What does Yu want!"

     Niu Baidao smiled and said faintly: "How can Su Yu? He has been forced to become a living dead. Sooner or later, he will die. It will probably cost him thousands of rays of heaven and earth, tens of thousands of sun and moon blood, and a few drops of invincible blood. Hundreds of heavenly soldiers, dozens of magical soldiers..."


     Quartet, quiet and scary.

     Niu Baidao slapped haha and said with a smile: "Just kidding, how can it be! I said it for fun, not Su Yu said, don't take it seriously!"

     But there is a slander in his heart. If you don't strike a big deal, Su Yu will let him go!
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