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452 The Ancient City Is Falling (ten Thousand More For Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The conditions are over, the next step is to wait.

     It is also killing the patience of those sun, moon and geniuses, hurting them, making them anxious, making them see hope and reluctant to die.

     Otherwise, these people can't bring out so many things on their own, and the people outside are reluctant to spend money to rescue them, then there will be nothing.

     Su Yu said it nicely. When someone dies, he can get everything.

      think too much!

     Unless you are killed by a spike, you are really going to die. Who will leave their good things to others?

     Really strong, don't even think about getting a dime on his body when you die.

     I won’t give you any bones!

     5000 ray of light from heaven and earth is a standard of Su Yu's own measurement. Every family can take it out. This time, several big clans brought at least 2,000 ray of treasures, but the Protoss is probably gone. Yes, as for the other ones, you can see from the last auction.

     After one thousand, no one made any bids.

     So Su Yu gave a standard of 5,000. Several of them can be taken out, but when they are taken out, they are probably empty, almost able to squeeze them all out.

     As for the Baiyi of Hunting Heaven Pavilion, it is hard to say whether he brought so many treasures.

     Because the Hunting Pavilion is mysterious, someone may come to give something at any time.

     All Su Yu has to do is drain their wool!

     As for killing... Killing is not the purpose. These people are strong, but they are not invincible. To be honest, they are not invincible, and killing is meaningless, and Su Yu believes that he can achieve invincibility earlier than them.

     Although he is now the living dead!

     What's the matter!

     I haven't worked hard yet!Yuan Qiao's reversal can be done 24 hours a day, and now Su Yu has been able to resist the reversal for an hour a day to slow down the spread of death.

     The reason why I didn't reverse it quickly... nonsense, why should I reverse it quickly.

     He already knew that his name had disappeared from the hunting list.

     What the hell, if I turn back and reappear, everyone thinks I won’t die, there’s hope, then I’m not in big trouble!

     I'm not!

     I'm going to be surrounded by death, feeling like I'm about to die, a person who is about to die, you come to kill me and pay a huge price, what are you doing?

     You die by yourself after waiting for me 3-5 months. Isn't it bad not to pay anything?

     Kill me, maybe a few days and months are not enough to pay!

     This is called strategy!

     It really takes 24 hours a day to reverse, Su Yu feels that he can reverse it in three days at most, but... then he may appear on the list again, and Su Yu now judges how much lifelessness covers, hunting sky Will be removed from the list?

     Before he turned into a necromancer, why was he not removed?

     Now that I have become a resident and have been expelled, then I have all reversed and come back. Will it not appear on the list?

     All this requires Su Yu to experiment by himself.

     But he doesn't want to experiment now. Once the name really comes up, what to do, then Invincible will not be able to kill himself again, this is not dead, this can appear on the list again, Su Yu's threat is greater than before!

     "From then on, I am half dead!"

     Su Yu smiled, very good.

     To a desperate person, a person on the road, who wants to continue to persecute?When I appeared, I was surrounded by death, seeing that I could live within a few days. Are you willing to fight to the end with me?

     Not worth it!

     "Sure enough, you still need your brain to do it!"

     Su Yu muttered in his heart, resting on Chen Hao's boy, who probably impatiently proved that he was still alive and could be saved, and he immediately reversed.

     I won't!

     "5000 strands, I don't know if I can get it."

     "If you get it, I don't know how much is the mysterious light of heaven and earth, how many are other treasures?"

     Most of the 2,300 strands last time were other treasures, and the true heaven and earth profound light was only 500 strands. This time, I don't know how many of them were heaven and earth profound light. Su Yu didn't care much about replacing them with treasures.

     After all, the mysterious light of heaven and earth also worked well when casting the body, the nine changes of Lingyun, the mountain and the sea, the sun and the moon grew, the effect was actually average.

     Thinking in my heart, thinking about how to take things smoothly.

     Soon, Su Yu made a decision.

     After getting the little hairy ball out, the little hairy ball yawned and said unwillingly: "It's fragrant, you are all stinky, you will wash it away, it smells!"

     In the sea of will, some lifelessness spread.

     Of course, not much coverage.

     Xiaomaoqiu is now hiding in a place where it has not been spread, feeling very smelly, very depressed, and very aggrieved. The place where it sleeps has become smelly, and now it can only sleep on the gods and smell the gods.

     "Just knowing to sleep, just knowing to eat, what's the use of raising you!"Su Yu coldly snorted, "Two days later, you go out, fetch me the storage ring, check the contents, see if there are any traps, and then find an ancient house to hide!"


     Xiao Mao's eyes showed fear, "Am I going to the ball?"


     It's scared, and it's a little lonely.

     "Nonsense, just you, I have to hide to frighten them!"

     Su Yu squinted his eyes and said: "If I go out, do you think these guys are willing to be exploited by me? If I don't go out, they won't do it, even if they see you, they won't do it!"

     What's more, when I saw it, I really did it and killed you. Your family is here. Maybe it's not bad.

     Xiao Maoqiu seemed to know what he was thinking, so he rolled, didn't speak, and went back to sleep with a divine writing.

     Xiangxiang wants to kill it every day!

     It's not necessarily coming, I must have fallen asleep, sleepy confused.

     Xiao Maoqiu went back to sleep.

     Su Yu is calculated, thinking in his heart, do you want to tear up the ticket?

     After thinking about it, forget it.

     Really tore the ticket, then those big clans will definitely trouble him endlessly. This is not in line with his low-key idea. Next, he must keep a low-key a period of time and prepare himself.

     Let them go, and then... as soon as they go out, they continue to kill the spirits, continue to seal the city, and make themselves the only living person in the city.

     No, there is a live ball.

     No, there is a living soil... trapped floating soil spirit!Su Yu thought of the Floating Earth Spirit. This guy hasn't come out yet. According to the words of the Floating Earth Spirit, he can keep it for a month, and the seal will disappear after a month. Yes, this guy is still being sealed, he can't go!

     Su Yu secretly thought in his heart that the Five Elements Clan would not take him away this time. There were two Five Element Clan experts in the city, but they couldn't open the door.

     Su Yu laughed!

     You can't blame me!

     Then let’s do the same, kill once in three days, kill a dead soul at the peak of the mountain and sea in three days, and let the entire ancient city become the territory of my one person. I can do whatever I want, no, there is a dark demon!

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, yes, this guy is here, I can hardly control the entire ancient city.

     If he is away, I can keep the city closed.

     Su Yu frowned, the black demon is very strong!

     Even if it seems to be injured, this guy is powerful and terrifying, Sun Moon Nine Layers, and the blessing of the City Lord, also has other means that he can't deal with him at all. Once he recovers, he will come to trouble himself, right?

     As for the other residents in the city, Su Yu didn't care much.

     There are few mountains and seas, and it’s hard to say whether there are any of the sun or the moon. Even if it does, it’s just the beginning. He is not afraid of the beginning of the sun and the moon. Now with Su Yu’s strength, he can recast a period of time without devouring the essence and blood. There may be hope for the early days of the sun and the moon!

     According to Qin Fang's words, in the early days of the sun and the moon, the weak, only three to five hundred thousand orifices.

     I cast myself once now, but I have improved very strongly.

     In the early days of the sun and the moon, casting a few more times should be enough.After calculating everything, Su Yu continued to build his body, while waiting for time, waiting for those guys to come to a conclusion and benefit himself.

     It's a pity that Hunting Heaven Pavilion's scoreboard is monitored, otherwise, you can hold it all the time. That thing is also not bad.


     And at this moment, the outside world.

     All ethnic groups are discussing, whether to give it or not?

     5000 wisps is not a small amount, but it is not too much to share, and everyone can still afford it. If they don't give it, will the guys in the city not give it?

     "Or, let Invincible King try again..."

     "Nonsense, go shout! Invincible would rather pay a little price than come again, unless Su Yu is really a stubborn person, since he agreed to negotiate, the family will pay some, 10 of them will be evenly distributed, 500 ray of heaven and earth mysterious light, you let Invincible go Take a mortal danger?"

     What are you thinking about!

     I really think that Invincible is your grandson. If you want someone to come, Invincible can’t bear to rest assured when you reach the end of the road, Invincible can’t bear to rest assured. Then there’s hope, but there’s no end to the road. Although the price is high, strictly speaking is worth it.

     Invincible will definitely never come again!

     The ancient city is now considered taboo.

     Unless the whole family is ready to fight!

     If you want to kill 36 stone sculptures and don’t know how many necromancers, you can at least get double invincibility, two to one, so that the loss can be minimized, otherwise, even if it is 60 to 50, it will be difficult to win half of the dead. .

     Who is willing to pay the price?

     The ancient city may be harder to beat than the human race.

     With this strength, he has already directly attacked the human race, so why bother to fight the ancient city where everything does not matter.Moreover, the stone sculptures of the ancient city are very powerful, and they have not moved yet. Once the stone sculptures are no longer stone sculptures...maybe it will be bad luck!

     Everyone quickly made a decision and contacted Invincible, and Invincible also acquiesced.


     Let the guys in the city decide for themselves, as to how much they have paid, if they come out, if they have no money to pay, they will pay after they come out.

     For example, the Protoss has no money.

     Got to borrow!

     They can't pay if they don't borrow.

     Speaking of this, outside the city, those Protoss powerhouses communicated with the city again. Inside the city, they still didn't come to any conclusions, but Hunting Heaven Pavilion gave them an answer that was not necessarily accurate.

     This ancient corpse... most likely the current corpse.

     Before thinking that lifeless corrosion is difficult to disguise, now think about it... actually there is an answer!

     And the current corpse, Sun Moon Eightfold... In fact, the Protoss also thought of it.

     The recently deceased Sunyue Eighth Heavenly Yi God Clan died in the human realm. Xia Longwu killed it. That said, the corpse is most likely to be fake, and it is one of the dead Tianyi God Clan powerhouses.

     A modern Sun-Moon eight-fold corpse, without the essence and blood, plus the fellow clansman... It's almost a burial life, and the Protoss can't do anything with the corpse at this moment, otherwise, the Tianyi Protoss will rebel.

     That said, with 2300 rays of heaven and earth profound light, I bought a sun and moon divine writing, plus an ancient heavenly soldier...

     Well, soon there will be news that there may be some problems with the ancient heavenly soldiers.


     In the city.After receiving the news from outside the city, Zhan Wushuang quickly took out the ancient longbow.

     More than 100 inscriptions!

     Zhan Wushuang's eyes changed, he actually wanted to believe that this weapon was a real ancient heavenly soldier or a medium-sized heavenly soldier, that way, the loss was a little bit smaller.

     But at this moment... news from outside made him desperate.

     Bai Yi was also communicating with Hunting Heaven Pavilion at this moment, and quickly said: "Zhan Wushuang, you can try it, use the vitality to force the shock inscription to see..."

     Zhan Wushuang condensed his eyebrows and said coldly: "If this is really an ancient heavenly soldier, now fragile, what should I do if the inscription is broken?"

     Aside, Xuan Wuji mocked and said, "Is there still hope? Su Yu will give you real ancient heavenly soldiers, are you dreaming!"

     Zhan Wushuang still doesn't give up!

     Feeling that this is true, this is probably his last struggle.

     Zhan Wushuang unable to respond.

     Yes, if it is true, will Su Yu give it to him?

     But... he really broke down.

     The next moment, he gritted his teeth, his vitality exploded, and the next moment, click... a series of inscriptions were broken. Those were fake inscriptions made by Su Yu, really ancient harpoons, with only 97 inscriptions.

     At this moment, all other inscriptions were broken and dissipated, revealing 97 real inscriptions.

      pretty good, ancient land soldiers!

     The ancient earth soldier, a broken ancient earth soldier, plus a useless corpse, plus a divine text, deceived him with 2,300 rays of heaven and earth!

     And this time going out, according to the head count.

     22nd Sun and Moon, 16th Genius.There are 38 people in total, sharing these 5000 rays of heaven and earth profound light equally. There are three of the Protoss, and they need to pay 400 rays of heaven and earth profound light.

     Moreover, everyone was corroded badly by the dead energy at the moment, and the Heavenly Qi was consumed severely. After going out, they would have to heal for a long time and consume a lot of treasures.

     The Protoss suffered the most severe losses.

     Zhan Wushuang's mentality has collapsed!

     The first time I did a so big thing, as a result, muddled and completely collapsing!

     Moreover, the Protoss Invincible was also injured. The White-haired God King of the Protoss was not lightly injured. Now he has to trouble the Protoss to negotiate peace and come to rescue.

     This time, these geniuses planted terribly, he Zhan Wushuang, planted the most ruthless!

     Holding that ancient land soldier, he wanted to squeeze this thing!

     The whole person is depressed!


     In Zhan Wushuang, they struggled and collapsed again and again, and two and a half days passed.

     At this moment, Su Yu has completed 48 castings.

     The consumption is greater, and the time is longer.

     Starting from 30 castings, to now, he has completed 18 castings, consuming 340 strands of heaven and earth mysterious light, and for the last 48 castings, he consumed 32 strands of mysterious light, consuming bigger and bigger.

     At this moment, Su Yu still has 160 strands left. According to this consumption, probably only 4 casts can be completed, and 5 casts are probably not enough.

     After all was consumed, Su Yu could enter 52 casting.

     And the remaining 20 casts, according to this consumption level, to 52 casts, at least 40 strands at a time, and the more it goes up, to 72 casts, it is certainly not enough to consume 1,000 strands.Counting it down, to complete the casting, 1,500 rays of heaven and earth profound light are needed, not counting the previous ones.

     What Su Yu had cheated before was enough, but many resources were not Xuanguang.

     "If you give me 5000 strands next, at least 1000 strands will be heaven and earth profound light, right?"

     Su Yu judged, there should be.

     So to complete the casting is no problem.

     The main thing is the Nine Changes, which requires top-level metamorphosis treasures to assist in laying the foundation. He has 144 acupuncture points, which were laid by Xia Longwu's sword energy.

     What about the remaining acupuncture points?

     "The Five Elements Spirit Fruit, it should be possible, and it is also a treasure! I don't know if I can fill the remaining acupuncture points and complete a vitality mutation..."

     Su Yu murmured, calculating in his heart, give me more treasures of vitality.

      as a result, he can complete the mutation of vitality, as for not entering the mountains and seas... let's talk about it again!

     He really has reached the 9th layer of Lingyun, Su Yu doesn't know at all how strong he is.

     This time, it's a big profit in general!

     Earning very many very many, one-time earning enough for his consumption in a long period of time in the future, otherwise, his top-level genius, something that needs to be consumed, without invincible support, will definitely not be able to feed.

     There is no invincible support behind these geniuses of Modo.

     Genius, you have to rely on resources to pile up, otherwise, you can absorb it by yourself, but what about time?

     It took hundreds of thousands of years, the dishes are cold!Genius is to spend money to smash, and when it can’t be smashed, at a certain level, such as Riyue Jiuzhong stuck, give them more time to accumulate and break through invincibility. The consumption of resources is all to save them time. of.

     And Su Yu thoroughly implemented this.

     Relying on countless resources, smashing upwards abruptly, saving countless time and a year of smashing from Kaiyuan to the point where the physical body can blast the seven layers of mountains and seas.

     It took him a hundred years to cultivate to the Seventh Layer of Mountains and Seas, and Su Yu took a year.

     This is the difference!

     "It's ok!"

     Su Yu is relaxed, just finish the casting, let's watch the rest!

     After completing the casting, his strength will reach an inconceivable level.

     Invincible does not pay attention to the power of the acupuncture points, but under Invincibility, it still talks about the concept of time and the three-life body only when the sun and the moon are quasi-invincible. Before then, it is all for strengthening oneself.

     Even if you can't fight invincible, you have to quickly reach the point where you can kill Sun and Moon Nine Layers with one punch at the physical stage.

      As a result, it is truly a firm foothold.

     If you can become the city lord, you can be invincible in the city... that is enough, at least it is a very strong combat power, and can dominate one side, like this black demon, it will be arrogant in the ancient city.

     Even if the invincible is here, you don't have to give face, of course, the black devil is courageous and gives face back.


      time arrived, Su Yu did not go out, and shouted the unwilling little hair ball again.said ill-humoredly: "Wake up, don't pretend to be dead! You go to the ancient house No. 180 to pick up things, and then check the quantity and value. If there is no problem, then ... I will let a dead spirit follow you, no problem, then Don't move, if there is a problem, you will kill the dead and seal the city again!"

     Xiao Maoqiu grieved: "If there is a problem, if I kill the dead, they will kill me!"

     There are problems, obviously I don't want to trade.

     It's weird not to kill Xiaomaoqiu!

     "Danger lurks within the riches and honour, how can I not take risks? I have been taking risks, and you have been sleeping all the time, is it fair? You have not eaten my things less, let you do something, how can you drag it!"

     "You can turn the divine text into a puppet and get it..."

     Xiaomaoqiu is not stupid, you can use divine text and clone.

     Su Yu said ill-humoredly: "I’m not stupid, the god text was caught by someone, you can track me, you’re caught...you can’t track me again, as soon as you go out, I’ll change places, you’re caught and betrayed. Can't stop me!"


      really make sense, can't refute it.

     Xiao Maoqiu was depressed, "Do you really want me to get it?"

     "are you going?"

     Su Yu said angrily: "If you don't go, you will leave by yourself. I won't take you in. You only know how to eat, and it's useless. What's the use of raising you! I raise you for work, not just for food." !"

     "I call the ball, not the person..."


     Su Yu smashed it into the air with a fist. I'll go, this little guy has learned to talk back, and he's a good one!

     Take your sister's ball!

     Those who don't work will not be raised.Raising small hair balls and raising monsters are all for work. This guy didn't play a role this time. No one can beat or kill anyone. Now it's a lot of nonsense to run!

     The little hairy ball slipped off the wall, and I didn't care too much. I was secretly ruthless, you forced the ball to go!

     I went, I got something, let me eat before I'm full!

     Then I said...they gave so much!

     I'm so smart!

     According to the human race, this is called grab feathers from a flying goose.

     Xiao Maoqi no longer haggle over price, opened the door by himself, crashed, disappeared into the air, and disappeared instantly. This guy is the same as the divine text, how does the divine text fly, how to hide, how does it fly, how to hide.

     Su Yu once felt that this guy was actually a divine text, devouring a divine text.


     At this moment, in front of Ancient House No. 180, Modona put his things down.

     After retreating for a certain distance, he shouted: "Su Yu, we will put things down. Soon, the city gate will be opened soon. I hope you don't to break one's promise, otherwise... when the time comes, there will only be either the fish dies or the net splits. !"

     "Go away!"


     There was a tender sound, and at this moment, some lurking strong men were shocked!

     what's the situation?

     Who is coming?

     Isn't it Su Yu?

     There are still people living in the city?

     No, there is a floating earth spirit... this is no way, the Five Elements tribe can't help it, they can only wait for the rescue later, according to their thoughts, this time the city gate will be opened and it will not be closed. In time, people will be introduced again.Xiao Maoqiu quickly shouted again: "The villain with the white mask, hurry up, or I won't get anything, and Su Yu won't let you go. When the time comes, he will kill the spirit!"

     In the distance, Bai Yi eyes flashed.

      what is this?

     The divine light burst in his eyes, looking in one direction, a faintly discernible thing appeared, a ball?

      what is this?


     Is this a creature?

     Bai Yi thought, not too familiar with it, and quickly sketched it out in the booklet and let himself go. Doesn't he want to be caught by himself and enter it into the hunting list?

     Is this also a genius?

      what is this creature?

     He hadn't seen it before!


      at the same time.

     In the Hunting Pavilion.

     A group of elders never left, when Bai Yi’s message came, when they saw the thing clearly and saw the little ball... crash sound, the tea cups in the hands of several elders fell down.


     A faceless elder said in shock: "This...this is the creature following Su Yu...this...are you familiar with it?"

     "Familiar... familiar!"

     Some elders are trembling, of course familiar.

     I go!

     Su Yu still wears this?

     It's not right, he at what time got involved with this clan!

     "God Eater!"

     "A descendant of that person?"

     Which one?

     Some elders were unfamiliar with the situation. The next moment, someone trembled and said, "Who else, do you remember when King Daming fought against the God King of the Protoss over three hundred years ago... the God King of the Sun was suddenly killed?"As soon as this remark came out, it instantly caused everyone's memories!

     All of them showed their look of astonishment!

     Devour the ancients!

     The mysterious ancient tribe who eats divine words the most?

     More than three hundred years ago, King Daming fought with a god king of the Protoss, who was also an Invincible Civilized Master, a true Invincible Civilized Master. The Human Race did not have it, which does not mean that the Ten Thousand Races did not.

     That civilized master from head to tail, with extremely powerful strength, doesn't fall into a disadvantageous position against the King of Ming, and then... no more!

     A ball flashed by, and then, the glow of light reflected thousands of miles.

     That one is dead!

     The sea of will is gone!

     Swallowed by that fleeting ball!

     This is probably the most aggrieved, miserable, and baffling invincible in the past few hundred years.

     "Are you sure you are that descendant?"

     "OK, exactly the same!"

     "God Eater Ancient Clan, is there any record in ancient times?"


     An elder quickly said: "More than three hundred years ago, the sunset god king died. We checked the information. According to the information, we found some short records of the ancient era. This ancient god-devouring tribe existed in the ancient era, and that At that time, the number was very small, but the strength was terrible, and it was extremely restrained to the civilized division. Of course, this clan was recorded, very short, and the relationship with the ancient multi-divine literature seemed a bit complicated..."

     "Huh? A series of divine texts?""Yes, it is recorded in ancient books that this tribe has something to do with polytheistic scriptures. The ancient emperor who eats gods in ancient times has a close relationship with a strong polytheistic scripture system. The strong polytheistic scriptures once fed his own gods. Passing each other...Of course, these are just some short records, without going into details."

     "Now, this tribe is actually entangled with Su Yu from the polytheistic literature system again!"

     "How did they get entangled together? Was it Su Yu raised and subdued himself, or did it have something to do with the polytheistic literature system?"

     "This clan is rare in number. It's hard to say how many there are now. How can you be with Su Yu?"


     These elders are also very surprised!

     Of course, there are some small fears, the invincible of this clan is too strong and terrible.

     Just swallow the king of God!

     Afterwards, the Protoss did not find the fault, I don't know if it was not found, or other reasons, anyway, I never heard that the Protoss was fighting with the ancient gods.

     "The Ancient God Eater actually came out... trouble, let Bai Yi stay away from it, don’t catch its breath for the time being, the future is long, it has been following Su Yu, it may have followed Su Yu before, no wonder it has been No one found out."

     Soon, Hunting Heaven Pavilion had a reply, so that Bai Yi didn't need to capture its breath now.

     Don't surprise the other party, it is easy to cause some trouble.


     And in the ancient city, the strong from all sides are also unexpected.

     A new creature, or a new race.

     Of course, apart from Zhan Wushuang, the several powerhouses of the Protoss, the other two somewhat suspicious and somewhat uncertain, also looked at Hairball with some horror.

     That what is?Some familiar...or rather, some impressions.

     Hairy, as long as a ball.

     The speed is extremely fast, it can be invisible, faintly discernible, the breath is faint, almost imperceptible.

     Soon, the two sun and the moon looked at each other, cannot bear fear!

     While Zhan Wushuang looked at Xiao Maoqiu curiously, what is?

     Su Yu actually has a pet!

     The next moment, Sun and Moon by his side directly grabbed him and said through the sound transmission: "Go, as soon as the city gate opens, leave immediately! Also, go back and inform God Realm not to send anyone here..."

     "Why, Su Yu is still in the city, he lied to us so much..."


     The strong sun and moon said coldly: "Listen to me! After you go back, even if you tell the king, the king will not allow you to come over again, understand?"

     Zhan Wushuang frowned, is it related to this little hair ball?

     He didn't say anything, maybe... there was something he didn't know.

     At this moment, some of the sun and the moon were lofty, and vaguely remembered something, in shock, devouring the ancient gods!

     Yes, the ancient god-eater who swallowed a god-king!

     It's not that no one has killed Invincible. More, Daxia King and Daqin King have killed them. Human Race has also killed a lot of Invincible, so naturally they were killed.

     But no invincible, dead and that time so miserable and helpless.

     It's gone...none!

     The body is still there, and the will is gone.And the corpse... of course it was picked up by a guy who was scared and trembling at the scene. Some people were seen in the distance, and the news came out. As for the guy who picked up the corpse, it was Without saying a word, for fear that others would know that he had picked up the body.

     Of course, the other party did not admit it afterwards, but the body of the sunset king was definitely picked up by the king!

     This is probably until now, the most complete body preserved.

     As for why he didn't swallow King Daming, it may be that the other party is full, or it may be that King Daming is too ugly...it is not easy to say.

     Therefore, when King Daming first saw Xiao Maoqiu, he was a little familiar. He remembered what happened back then and reminded Zhu Tiandao a few words to tell Su Yu not to bring this stuff to the battlefield of the heavens, just because he was afraid that he would be drawn out.

     Some Sunyue Gaozhong quickly flew towards the gate of the city, carrying those somewhat puzzled geniuses.

     These people are too young to understand.

     More than three hundred years ago, this matter spread to the heavens, no one was panicked.

     Now, everyone has forgotten it.

     Nowadays, the Ancient God Devouring Clan appears again, even if it doesn't look like that side, even if it looks weak, everyone doesn't want to provoke it easily. What if you really want to draw out the guy who swallowed the sunset god king!


     And Xiao Maoqiu successfully got the storage ring.

     I probed and counted, but some don’t know how to count, childish voice saying: "From the Hunting Pavilion, 1,200 Xuanguang, plus 800 drops of Xuanhuangye, plus a lot of fruits, how much is it?"Bai Yi quickly said: "Heaven and Earth Profound Light and Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid together are worth 3,600 strands of Heaven and Earth Profound Light. In addition, a dragon blood fruit tree is worth 300 drops of Sun Moon Profound Yellow Liquid, which is 900 rays of Heaven and Earth Profound Light, a total of 4,500 strands! "

     "Also, 5 Demon Fruits, worth 300 ray of heaven and earth profound light!"

     "The remaining 200 strands will be traded with Sun Moon Essence and Blood, the price is enough!"

     Xiao Maoqiu nodded, okay, you guys know each other.

     I didn't find the fault, I'm leaving!

     This ball is also afraid!

     It quickly took away the storage ring, and quickly disappeared in place. After a while, an ancient house was opened by it, and it hid in the room. Everyone checked and guessed that Su Yu was probably not there, I don’t know where it was. Where to hide.

     Sinister guy!

     Not long after, the gates of the ancient city began to vibrate, and the dead spirit began to dissipate. The sun and the moon in the city still couldn't find the murderer, and quickly retreated.

     The city gate opened instantly.

     At this moment, All Expert(s) and the genius rushed out of the ancient city in an instant, for fear of Su Yu one more time, one by one for fear of being one step behind.

     They just rushed out, with a bang, the city gate closed instantly!

     In the city, Su Yu once again killed a dead mountain and sea and closed the city gate again.

     The ancient city is mine!

      Before Dark Demon Dragon heals the wound, this ancient city is mine, I have the final say!


     City Lord Mansion, apse.

     Xingyue reappeared again, looked at Su Yu, and said lightly: "This guy, it's not enough to kill the undead, he will be a colleague in the future, and if he kills it again, I will anger the undead general under my command!"The stone carving didn't care about Xingyue, and it was good and good.

      Under normal circumstances, the residents of the ancient city can't kill the dead. Xingyue has to change Su Yu himself. This time, with Xingyue's breath of death, the dead can't beat Su Yu.

      As a result, such residents meet the standards of stone carving, and they are the guardians alive!

     This is the real role of residents!

     The ancient city is guarded by the undead. Once dead, they will become the undead and be guarded by the residents.
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