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454 Join Hunting Pavilion (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Putting on Xuan Jiu's mask, Su Yu thought a lot, and after a while, he experienced some differences.

     He was wearing a mask and looked at a dead spirit outside.

     "Necromancer: Flight"

     Su Yu was slightly startled, and a line of words appeared in front of him, he dazed for a moment, this mask... also has the function of judging strength?

      what is this?

     One way to use induction jade?

     However, there is no large range of induction jade, to see who can appear this thing, Su Yu quickly took off the mask, a little strange in his heart, is this a special weapon?

     He is also an earth soldier, Su Yu experienced it carefully, felt it, and was shocked again in his heart, is this an earth soldier?

     This is too rich and arrogant!

     The white mask is the ground soldier?

     He quickly got the little hairy ball out, and then looked at the little hairy ball, this time, it was a little different.

     "Unknown race, unknown strength..."

     Little fur balls are unknown!

     Unknown race?

     Su Yu is a bit strange, is there no record on Xuan Jiu's mask, or even the hunting pavilion doesn't know at all?

     No way!

     It may be that Xuan Jiu's mask level is not enough, and the recorded information is not enough. Someone should know the little Maoqiu family?

     He was looking at Xiao Maoqiu, and Xiao Maoqiu looked at him curiously.


     Feel like you can hide with a white mask?


     I can smell what it smells like.

     "Don't these Hunting Pavilion members all have a booklet for writing and painting?"

     Su Yu thought in his heart that it was not a scoreboard, but a book. He didn't see it, didn't know if it was not, or was destroyed.Only points list.

     That booklet probably has the same function as the ranking list. It may be one for internal and one for external.

     Su Yu quickly picked up the scoreboard. Just thinking about it, a white light appeared on the white mask and shot onto the scoreboard. After a while, the list actually changed and turned into the book that Su Yu had seen before.

     Su Yu dazed for a moment, is this okay?

     At this moment, the ranking list in hand changed, and two words appeared on the ranking page-Xuan Jiu!


      at the same time.

     Hunting Pavilion.

     Headquarters hall.

     At this moment, the faceless elders are much less, and only a few are left. One of the faceless elders shook slightly, took out an atlas in his hand, and quickly saw something.

     "Xuan Jiu, fall!"

     After a while, Xuan Jiu's name lit up again, "1982 Ren Xuan Jiu, real name Su Yu, Human Race, Lingyun Realm, from Daxia Mansion..."

     This elder complexion changes, Xuan Jiu is dead!

     This is not surprising, Xuan Jiu couldn't live long.

     To his surprise, Su Yu actually took over Xuan Jiu's mask.

     He thought Su Yu would not pick it up!


      at the same time.

     Su Yu was also suspicious in his heart. He took off the mask again, checked it carefully for a while, and then put it on again. Soon, his willpower trembled slightly and he entered an idea—where are you?


     Hunting Tiange Hall.

     That elder, a little strange, discovered some mask features so quickly?

     Sure enough, a genius is a genius!There is no instruction manual for this thing. If you get it by accident, it depends on your personal exploration. Of course, the so-called accident was deliberately given out by Hunting Tiange. Otherwise, it could be self-destructive.

     "I'm in Hunting Pavilion!"

     The elder quickly replied. Soon, he thought about it and replied again: "Don't worry, only the elders directly under the department can check the position of this mask. The top ten of the Xuanbu belongs to me, except for me, doesn't Have any people can check your location, including your sky hunting album, bound to the mask, and no one can check your location!"



     Su Yu was sluggish, I just felt something's wrong, and then I tried it. He is No matter good or bad is also a ground soldier, how much I can feel.

     Unexpectedly, someone actually responded!

     The elder of Hunting Pavilion!

     The elder directly under Xuanbe!

     "Master Xuan? What is your name, do you know who I am?"

     Minister Xuan thought about it again and again, and replied: "Human Su Yu!"


     Su Yu inwardly cursed, pit!

     Sure enough, this Hunting Pavilion is a big pit!

     Well, I guessed it, it's impossible for the other party to know his identity.

     "Can you check my location?"

     "Yes, now you wear this mask, it is Xuan Jiu! Of course, you can abandon it. When you abandon it, just destroy the mask. Once you enter the Hunting Pavilion, you will be a member of this pavilion. Sell your location information to the outside world! Everything else is as usual and will not affect you in the slightest.

     Su Yu quickly replied, "Why do you have to pull me into the Hunting Pavilion?""It's not that you have to enter, but that many geniuses actually have the status of Hunting Heaven Pavilion. Of course, you don't know they are who, even me, I only know the identities of 10 people within Xuanzi No. 10."

     The Hunting Pavilion elder quickly explained: "We have been doing the Hunting Pavilion to attract geniuses to join."

     Su Yu ignored him and said, "What do you call it?"

     "The elders of the hunting sky pavilion have fixed names. You can call me elder Xuan Jia, then Xuan Yi, Xuan Bing... Heavenly Stem Earthly Branch, not unique to human races, common to all races, ten days dry, 12 Earthly Branches, each with a maximum of 22 elders...actually not full."

     Su Yu got it!

     There are 22 in one part, 88 in the fourth part, plus the second floor of the north and south, and the second pavilion of east and west... If this is full, it will be terrible!

      It should be noted, the elders are all in the late sun and moon stage!

     How many late sun and moon periods does the human race have?

     This Su Yu is not clear, but at the Daming Mansion, he currently knows Zhu Tiandao, Niu Baidao, Shadow, as well as the generals of the heavenly army and the generals of the iron cavalry. If Ye Hongyan is also counted, it will be six.

     As for the Great Xia Mansion, Su Yu only knows that Xia Longwu, Xiahouye, and General Hu may be. General Zhao does not seem to be. This is hard to say. In addition, it is the general of the Suppressing Demon Army. The second-generation mount in the school...

     It seems that it is the latter part of the sun and the moon. It seems that there are only these four. As for the sage, the ghost knows if it is.

     Of course, there may be more than these in the Late Sun and Moon in Daxia Mansion, Long Wuwei and Dark Guards, Su Yu has seen a few of them, they are very strong, and there may be the Sun and Moon Late Period, even if they are comparable to Daming Mansion...Daxia Palace and Daming Palace are both powerful. Even if there are five or six people in the other big houses, the population is probably around 200 in the late Sun and Moon.

     Maybe a little more, such as those powerhouses in the Open House era, but most of them are now dying, and some of them have fallen away for many years.

     The number of elders under Hunting Tiange may be broken by a hundred!

     This is terrible!

     One clan is still different from one force.

     The human race is a super family with countless talents, and the best among the best. This hunting pavilion, listen to Xuan Jiu's meaning, just find some great bitterness, deep hatred guys from all walks of life to join, strictly speaking, a lot of waste, very few geniuses, this is also Can there be so many late sun and moon?

     Without talent, no amount of resources can accumulate the strong.

     For example, his father Su Long, who is not very talented, no matter how he accumulates, it would be good to be able to pile up mountains and seas, or is it a weak mountain and sea that can pile up sun and moon?

     Thoughts flashed, Su Yu quickly said, "Is Elder Xuanjia the strongest elder in Xuanbu?"

     "Not necessarily!"

     At this moment, Xuan Jia replied again: "You are Xuan Jiu, you must be weaker than Xuan Ba Xuan Qi? You can't just look at the names, some names are inherited, not the first! If other elders follow I lived countless years ago to the present, and perhaps it was sorted according to strength back then, but not necessarily now!"

     Su Yu got it!

     "Then I wear a mask now, even if I join the Hunting Pavilion?"

     "Yes, even if you take off the mask, it's the same, unless... you break the mask, after that, Hunting Heaven Pavilion will recreate the Xuan Jiu mask and wait for the next Xuan Jiu to appear!"

     "How many people are there in the Xuanbe?""do not know!"


     Su Yu thought he was lying to himself, talking nonsense!

     Xuan Jia said again: "I am only responsible for the 10 of you, and I only know the identities of the 10 of you. As for the others, they are not owned by me. I do not know how many people there are, but the number of each is not too large. There should not be much white noodles, as are the second-class black noodles, and the third-class color noodles and fourth-class half noodles are probably more in number."

     Having said that, he quickly returned to Resuscitation Yu said: "You have become Xuan Jiu, then you can now grasp the identity and location of the 10 black faces, which can be viewed in the Hunting Atlas in your hand.

     Su Yu didn't rush this, but quickly said, "What is Bai Yi's status? Why didn't he rank according to Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow?"

     "Bai Yi...The four ministries are separated. Above the four ministers and elders, there are four ministers. The four ministers directly under the jurisdiction of some people. The ministers directly under the Ministry of Heaven are under the authority of white, and those directly under the Ministry of Land are under the authority of black. The direct subordinate is Caizihao, and the direct subordinate of Huangbu is..."

     "Half size?"

     Su Yu interrupted, this is simpler than writing. This is not based on writing, but on willpower to express meaning. Entering the mask makes it easier to communicate.

     Therefore, you can also insert a word when others are not finished.

     He understands now. The beginnings of Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow are all under the control of the elders. Bai Yi is directly under the control of the minister. So the yellow part should be half size?

     Xuan Jia was speechless, and quickly said, "No, it's a gray font, the fourth half of the face, it is actually a gray mask, but the mask only covers half of the face."

     Su Yu said again: "What's the difference between the four? Xuanbu is not as good as Tianbu?"If it is based on level and strength, then Xuan Jiu is also the seventh layer of the mountain and sea, so it won't be mixed into the Xuanbu, right?

     "No, the four parts have some strength gaps, but the strength gaps are not too big. The Tianbei is indeed slightly stronger, but the main difference lies in the different functions."

     Xuan Jia explained a lot. If Su Yu is an ordinary mountain and sea, he would not care, but Su Yu is not, he is Su Yu, so this Xuanbu First Elder still communicated with Su Yu.

     "The four departments are collectively referred to as the Hunting Four Ranking Department. The Tian Department is responsible for collecting breath and some genius intelligence. It needs stronger strength to roam the battlefields of the heavens. The Department of Land is responsible for transporting materials. Xuanbu is mainly responsible for stationing in a certain place. For example, Xuanjiu was in charge of the ancient city of Xinghong, which is also very dangerous. Huangbu is responsible for the headquarters of Hunting Sky and is responsible for communication. It is safer and weaker. "

     This time, Su Yu really got it!

     Inside Hunting Pavilion, the division of labor is really clear.

     The first time Su Yu met the people from the Hunting Pavilion, they were collecting breath. Su Yu's breath was collected by them at that time.

     That is the man from the heavens!

     The second time, he was buying something. In the ancient city of Heavenly Destruction, someone knocked on the door to deliver it. It was from the Ministry of Lands.

     And the people in the branch are from the Xuanbe.

     The people who communicated with him were from Huang Bu.

     In addition, the north and south floors are security guards and part-time killers, and the east and west pavilions are investigators. They are not investigating in the battlefields of the heavens, but infiltrating into various large and small circles.

     Now, he understands everything.Xuan Jia said again: "Of course, if the manpower is tight, you can also do some other jobs. For example, if you are in the ancient city of Xinghong, if the ancient city is sealed, you need to transport supplies, or someone hires you to protect and kill opponents... you have to work part-time. Do some work."

     Su Yu got it!

     For example, Xuan Jiu is the shopkeeper on weekdays, and the crucial moment can also serve as a guest express delivery, and then serve as a fighter.

     "Then I join Hunting Pavilion, what are the benefits?"

     "First, the position will not be bought by anyone!"

     "Second, you can buy some things that you can't buy inside. The elders are half-price, 40% off white noodles, 30% off black noodles, 20% off color noodles, and 10% off half-side!"

     Su Yu's heart moved slightly, 40% off, I go, it's cheap!

     You can have this!

     "Third, the contribution is large enough that Hunting Pavilion can provide you with shelter. At the crucial moment, Invincible will do it for you!"

     "Fourth, there will be some income every year, how much business you do, the commission is 0.10%, if it is a large transaction, a transaction of thousands of heaven and earth mysterious light, then it is the reward of several rays of heaven and earth mysterious light..."

     Too little, really pit!

      0.10% commission!

     "The performance of the black face under your command also has your 0.10% commission, and the black face is in charge of the color face, and they have a lot of performance..."

     Su Yu nodded, this is fine.

     But it seems that he only has 10 black faces.

     "The black face masters the color face, can I see the color face information?""No, according to the rules and regulations of the Hunting Sky Pavilion, everyone, only his immediate superiors can know his identity, otherwise, once the Hunting Sky Pavilion is in trouble, it will easily lead to the Hunting Sky Pavilion being pulled up by the roots!"

     The rules are strict!

     Su Yu nodded. This rule is actually quite good. It represents his identity, and now only one person knows that it is the Xuanjia elder.

     "What about Invincible? Invincible can't all know?"

     "Yes, invincible is not allowed, even the minister, he only has the old information of the minister!"

     Xuan Jia quickly said: "Minister, it may not have a standpoint. For example, if you, if my Minister Xuanbu is invincible of the gods and demons race, then you are very dangerous. Therefore, Hunting Heaven Pavilion will not let those in power know all information. So as not to be to catch everything in the one net!"

     Su Yu nodded again. This is actually good, but it can also cause trouble. Once the direct elder dies...

     He was thinking, Xuan Jia said again: "No need to be worried about me. If you are dead, you have lost contact with the Hunting Pavilion. I am dead. Even if the mask is broken, the Hunting Ranking will automatically generate a new one. The mysterious mask, whoever takes over, will automatically control everything about you and establish contact again. Of course, if no one takes over for a long time, then it is your chance..."


     "Yes, under normal circumstances, the elder is dead and can only take over at the latter part of the sun and moon, but if there is no later part of the sun and moon to take over, then one will be selected from the 10 directly under the elder to inherit the Elder Position, even if the other party does not have the sun and moon. Seven levels of strength can also be inherited!"

      so that's how it is!

     "Then what are the benefits and ways to become an elder?""Benefits, you become a natural know! The way, first, you have enough accumulated contribution, this is the basis! Second, enough strength! Third, get the direct superior recommendation, come to the headquarters to participate in the assessment, if successful, you can be promoted to the elder! "

     "Then I can't go to the headquarters now?"

     Xuan Jia is slanderous in his heart, of course you can't come, you come, you know you harbored evil intents when you hear it!

     "Yes, except for the Yellow Department, which is responsible for intelligence communication, only the elders of other departments can reach the headquarters."

     "Is there invincibility in the headquarters?"


     Xuan Jia is really speechless, What are you doing?



     Don't ask Su Yu, forget it, if there is invincibility, I won't go!

     Ask me to go, I will not go.

     It's too dangerous to go!

     Xuan Jia, who communicated with him, was a little tired, and quickly said: "In addition, if you become Xuan Jiu, then you need to take on Xuan Jiu's responsibility! Otherwise, your mask will not complete the assessment three times. It will break automatically..."

     Still have this argument?

     Su Yu quickly said: "How to assess, how often?"

     "The assessment is once every three years, and Bijing is a strong person. It is normal for three years of retreat, but the assessment has not been completed for nine years.

     Su Yu nodded, still humane.

     "What's the assessment?"

     "Xuanbu is mainly about performance! If you open a branch, you need to sell treasures and sell intelligence, and you can complete it after reaching a certain evaluation standard!"

     Su Yu said again: "How many merit points?""The battlefields of the heavens are not counted by merit points. In fact, they do not have one unified standard, but Hunting Heaven Pavilion does. Hunting Heaven Pavilion takes the value of a drop of the essence and blood of the mountain and the sea as a hunting point. The weakest kind is counted. It will probably be able to compare your human race’s 1,000 contribution points."

     Su Yu nodded, almost.

     The weakest mountain and sea has a lot of essence and blood, which is probably the price in the human race.

     Large-scale purchases can be cheaper.

     "And Baimian, the performance of the three-year assessment is 1,000 points of hunting sky."

     Su Yu calculated again, which is 1 million merit points.

     Actually not too much!

     The weakest Sun-Moon One-Heavy Essence Blood is worth about 10,000 Merit Points, or 10 Sky Hunting Points. In other words, it is enough to complete the transaction of 100 Sun-Moon Essence Blood in three years.

     About 30 drops a year!

     Well, one conversion, there are still quite a few.

     Xuan Jia said again: "If you complete the transaction of 10,000 Sky Hunting Points at one time, you will not be assessed in the next 30 years. This can be accumulated, and it is also to give some people time to retreat, so as to avoid missed retreats. Opportunity."

     Okay, pretty good.

     In this case, if you do a big deal at once, you will no need to be worried in the future.

     Having said that, why should I consider these?

     I didn't want to join Hunting Pavilion!

     Su Yu secretly cursed in his heart, Hunting Heaven Pavilion is a pit, a big pit, it pits me a lot of things and also sells my information!

     Su Yu said directly: "Then I have become Xuan Jiu, can I kill the people in the Hunting Pavilion?"


     You are so simple!Xuan Jia was also speechless, and quickly said: "Both parties wear masks, that is not allowed. If one party does not wear a mask, or neither wears... Then it is up to you!"

     "If we wear them all, we will fight each other, will Hunting Pavilion impose sanctions?"


     Xuan Jia immediately said: "If you wear a mask, the other party also wears it. If you kill the other party, my immediate superiors and I will feel it. I will know who you killed, and the other party will know who killed him. Subordinates... then, you will face some sanctions."

     "What sanctions?"

     "People will be sent to kill you on the second floor of the north and south, understand?"

     "Understood, what about after I killed the people on the second floor of the north and south?"

     "There will be stronger people to kill you!"

     "Are you killed by me again?"

     Are you a bargainer?

     Why do you keep thinking about KILL, SLAUGHTER, MURDER!

     Fuck you!

     Xuan Jia wanted to vomit blood in her heart, and quickly said: "If you can kill the poster on the second floor of the north and south, Hunting Heaven Pavilion will not retaliate against you. Do whatever you want, understand?"

     "Understood, it is still strength to speak!"

     Su Yu nodded, I understand now, I killed you all, you naturally won't come to chase me.

     In other words, before then, if I kill the people of the Hunting Pavilion, it is best not to wear a mask.

     Roger that!

     Xuan Jia has provided himself with very good methods and methods, and how to avoid being chased by the Hunting Pavilion. I know all these. It seems that this elder is not a good person, and he actually encouraged himself to take off his mask and kill Hunting Guys!Xuan Jia didn't know what he was thinking, otherwise he would really vomit blood.

     At what time did he encourage Su Yu to kill the people of the Hunting Pavilion?

     Su Yu thought of something, and said, "Elder Xuan Jia, which clan are you from?"

     "[No comment] !"

     "Are you a god or devil?"


     Xuan Jia knew his thoughts and quickly said: "Xuan Jiu is only appointed by me to contact you. I am not a god or demon. If so, there is no need to let Xuan Jiu come in contact with you, because the god and demon will kill you It’s useless to simply count on positioning once, and you can break the mask at any time."

     "That's hard to say!"

     Su Yu doesn't say much. One positioning is enough. If you are fully prepared, you will kill you once. Is it possible to wait for the second time?

     He has always maintained a skeptical attitude towards Hunting Heaven Pavilion.

     "What is the purpose of the Hunting Pavilion? Is it to make money?"

     "No, the goal of Hunting Heaven Pavilion is to stimulate the potential of geniuses, make geniuses more genius, make the strong stronger, and promote the prosperity of the world..."

     "Understand, it is to add chaos, let geniuses fight each other, let the strong fight each other, kill a genius, powerful yet another genius, be an excellent warmonger!"


      unable to respond, really make sense, Su Yu is really smart, and instantly comprehend the true meaning of Hunting Pavilion.

     Xuan Jia felt that she had nothing to point out.

     You see, you are not a learned ma?And Su Yu, this is his own personal experience, just look at it. Before the ancient city of Tiananxi, these guys played a role in it, including selling their whereabouts and selling Daocheng's information, all to make geniuses each other Know each other better, fight more violently!

     All kinds of news, all kinds of treasures, all kinds of services have been sold from it.

     If there is no war, no fighting, how can Hunting Pavilion make money?

     This time it was the same, because Su Yu, the other party got the opportunity to sell intelligence, and got a lot of benefits!

     Thinking of this, Su Yu quickly said: "This time, Hunting Heaven Pavilion has made a lot of money through me. Is that my performance? How about my share?"


     Xuan Jia was speechless, and quickly replied: "You were not from the Hunting Pavilion before. In addition, this time the performance was taken by someone. It is Bai Yi's performance, because he has been in the Information Transferring in the city, passing information, mentioning Chengdu is him. of!"

     "Bai Yi!"

     Su Yu remembered that Bai Yi owed himself a lot of money because these mentions belonged to him.

     "Is 0.10% too little?"

     With too little commission, Su Yu actually lacks motivation.

     "It's not a lot. In addition, some unique information, you can also propose a transaction. For example, this time, if the news in the ancient city is only known to you and passed to the Hunting Pavilion, then you can negotiate the price with the Hunting Pavilion. This time, he didn't know it alone!"

     Su Yu understands, there are many people who know the news, and Moduo has a scoreboard, so Bai Yi is not qualified to negotiate.

     "Elder Xuan Jia really won't betray me?"

      "Cannot!"Xuan Jia quickly said: "In addition, when I locate you, you actually have some induction. This is also the treatment of white face. If I locate you, your mask will shine. Unless something is really looking for you, or you are missing, this It is the purpose of locating the people in this pavilion, not for slaying the people in this pavilion!"



     "Then the elder will give me a try!"


     Xuan Jia was speechless again, "A positioning once requires a lot of energy, which can be consumed by various treasures, or vitality liquid, essence blood, heaven and earth profound light, heavenly vitality..."

     "Try positioning the elders!"


     I have said that it consumes energy!

     Xuan Jia was speechless. At this moment, in the hall, he shot a look at the other elders. Seeing no one was paying attention, he quietly input some energy into the album. Soon, the light flickered slightly.


     A line of words appeared before his eyes, and soon communicated with Su Yu: "You are in Xinghong Ancient City, in the Lietian Pavilion branch!"

     "So accurate?"

     Su Yu's mask was indeed shining slightly at the moment, somewhat surprised, and quickly went out, and disappeared in the blink of an eye!

     "The elder will try positioning again..."

     "Su Yu!"

     Xuan Jia was a little depressed, "I think you have amazing talents so that I can explain so much to you. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, I can ignore you completely. You don't win an inch, want a foot!"

     "I'm dying, where's the talent!"Su Yu quickly said, okay, you don’t need to locate it, but fortunately, you’ll feel it if you locate yourself. Of course, it’s not ruled out that this elder fooled himself and deliberately deceived himself with false information. This white light, too He controlled.

     "You have a lot of resources, you are not so fast to die, you are really dead, maybe we can help you collect the body, this is also a good thing!"

     "When I die, I will become a dead soul. You collect the corpse? What a lie!"

     Xuan Jia is unable to respond again, there is no way to refute this, forget it, communicating with Su Yu is really tired.

     This guy doesn't have any heart of awe to him.

     Normally, if anyone is besieged and killed by some invincibles, he will naturally lose his heart of awe to the sun and the moon. What's more, this guy is already reckless!

     I don't have the courage to set up this big scam!


     Xuan Jia severed the connection.

     Su Yu was speechless, and actually ignored me. I really still have a lot of curiosity about Hunting Heaven Pavilion. For example, I didn't ask questions about Hunting Heaven.

     Is this elder too impatient?

     I just asked a few words!

     Don't reply to me!

     Having said that, he now knows the role of the Hunting Atlas and the mask. The mask is to contact the immediate superior and the subordinates, and the Hunting Atlas is to contact the Yellow Ministry intelligence officer who is in the headquarters.

     "Do you want to break this mask?"

     Su Yu took off the mask, but he was still a little bit reluctant. This thing feels very easy to use. You can communicate with Hunting Pavilion at any time, and you can buy things at a discount, a 40% discount!

     In addition, it also has the effect of restraining interest, and it is still a ground soldier... There is so much reluctance to discard it.Also, who are the 10 black faces under my command?

     Su Yu quickly took out the atlas, checked it, and there was the first page.

     "Xuan Jiu Black Zero One..."

     This title...no one!

     At first glance, it is clear that this is the black face that belongs to Xuan Jiu's jurisdiction.

     Xuan Jiu in the black face!

     Su Yu had no choice but to look at the information again. The information above was quite simple.

     "The 2685th Ren Xuan Jiu Hei 01, real name: Lordobazhe, Earth Fire Demon Race, Lingyun Realm..."

     Earth Fire Demon?

     Demon, my enemy!

     There are even demons under my command!

     This is not important. What is important is that Su Yu is thinking, what is the code name of the color face that this black face masters?

     Hyun Jiu Black Zero One Color Zero Two?

     Also follow the number?

     Then the half face that Caimian grasps, or the gray face, must be called Xuanjiuheizhiyi Caizhiyishizhizhi...

     I go!

     Su Yu thought a lot, and always felt that Thus, Hei Mian and Cai Mian would not report their names when they went out. They couldn't sign up. It was too long!

     But as a result, it is clear, and the upper and lower divisions are clear.

     The person who knows who the other party is at a glance, who is the boss.

     Perhaps, he had to add a Xuan Jia Bai Xuan Jiu to prove that he was under the command of the Xuan Jia elder.

     Su Yu like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, thinking about it, is still very interested in the whole hunting sky pavilion system.

     Mainly interested in their wealth!

     Too rich!

     What do you want!Become an elder, you can enter the headquarters, but the headquarters is invincible... Maybe I will go there sooner or later, I don't know if all the treasures are in the headquarters, or there are some branches, but the ancient city of Xinghong has been taken away.

     Getting Xuan Jiu's mask is considered unexpected harvest.

     Su Yu quickly suppressed the matter and didn't consider it for the time being. As for the positioning, let's look at the situation again. I'm afraid that the other party can silently locate himself, otherwise the identity is actually very nice's.

     Su Yu was thinking, the album shook.

     He quickly picked up the hunting sky album, and a line of words appeared on it.

     "Xuan Jiu, are you still in Xinghong Ancient City?"

     This is an inquiry from Huang Bu, Su Yu quickly replied: "Here!"

     "The Black Demon, the lord of the ancient city of Xinghong, issued a request for help, hoping that Hunting Heaven Pavilion would provide him with a large amount of Tian Yuan Qi. Is there any Tian Yuan Qi stock in the sub-chamber? If so, send it to the City Lord Mansion quickly!

     Su Yugang wanted to say there was no more, he was startled...Where to send it?

     Send it to the City Lord's Mansion?

     I... I go!

     This means that I can enter the City Lord's Mansion?

     "The Dark Demon is very strong, I am worried that he will attack and kill me!"

     Su Yu replied.

     From the Huang Department of the Hunting Pavilion, he quickly replied: "No, he was seriously injured. You are the only member of the Hunting Pavilion in the city at the moment. Through you, he can still get some help. Kill you, he Only wait to die!"

     Su Yu eyes flashed, is that so?

     The identity of Hunting Heaven Pavilion seems to be easy to use at once!I'm worrying about when this dark monster will leave the customs and when will he snatch control of the ancient city with me. Now it's all right, I can go to explore the reality, it's a bit dangerous.

     "How much does he need?"

     "100 copies of heavenly vitality!"

     He quickly replied, and said again: "Is there any storage in the cabinet?"

     "No, but I stored some privately..."

     "Then in accordance with the rules, in this transaction, what the Black Devils pays is yours, and you hand in 10% of it as a handling fee!"


     Su Yu knows that it is still possible to do this. As a platform, Hunting Tiange will charge 10% of the handling fee. After all, they need to contact customers, they need to send orders to Su Yu, and they need to communicate over infinite distance... That's too much.

     After all, Hunting Pavilion sells things at a very expensive price!

     The price paid by the Black Demon is certainly not small, Su Yu smiled, Black Demon, I am here!

     This guy seemed to be injured very seriously, otherwise he wouldn't open the city gate at this moment and let the people of the Hunting Pavilion go in. The stronger the stronger, the more vigilant he would definitely not let outsiders come near when he was injured.

     Now, obviously there is no way!

     "Very well, I am Xuan Jiu!"

     Su Yu, who was still hesitating before, made up his mind at this moment, I am Xuan Jiu, not bad!
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