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459 Daxia's Plot, The Floating Earth Exits
    Chinese Name: 万族之劫  Author: 老鹰吃小鸡(Lǎoyīng chī xiǎo jī, Eagle Eating Chick)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The ancient city of Xinghong opened, and the heavens were quiet.

     As Su Yu locked himself in the City Lord's Mansion, it was a shackle for himself, whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, now no one knows.

     Maybe Su Yu will speed up his death, maybe not.

     However, the gaze of the Han family has actually gradually shifted from Su Yu.

     Su Yu, the living dead, no matter how much he tossed, he was confined to the ancient city. As the city lord, he would have to suffer a violent backlash and be swallowed by death energy within a few days of leaving the ancient city.

     Such Su Yu is not terrible.

     There is a Su Yu from the Polytheistic Literature Department, first Ye Batian, then Su Yu, and now there's some left Polytheistic Literature geniuses are active, such as Hong Tan, such as Chen Yong...

     This vein is the bane!

     With the opening of Hong Tan's polytheistic academy in Human Realm, All Heavens and Myriad Clans, the eyes of the clans, once again focused on Human Realm.

     This vein should not exist!

     Moreover, Hong Tan is still promoting the separation of divine texts. Nowadays, some new students have become the test targets of Hong Tan. It is said that they already have some results, which can convert single divine texts into multi-divine texts.

     This is a huge threat to the ten thousand races.

     Once the sun and the moon can be split, the civilized masters of the sun-moon realm will soon become the civilization masters of the polytheistic literature system. When the sun and the moon are accumulated, who hasn't ordered the divine literature?

     More than 10 pieces are fine, even if you inadvertently outline the civilization of the Sun-Moon realm, there are still 10 pieces.

     It is really going to be promoted. Over the years, suppressing polytheistic literature has become a big joke.Coupled with Su Yu's reasons, the Polytheistic literary system was once again remembered, and soon Daxia Mansion once again attracted the attention of the heavens.


     Daxia House.

     Civilization Academy.

     On August 1st, the Polytheological College opened and enrolled students. This time it enrolled many students, and it was not limited to new students, including some old students, Tengkong Realm, and even Lingyun Realm.

     According to Hong Tan's statement, Lingyun Realm might need to cooperate with the experiment. Everyone knew what experiment he was talking about.

     Not long after its establishment, the Polytheum College recruited hundreds of students in the blink of an eye.

     Yes, almost thousands!

     And these students come from all kinds and sorts.

     There are Two Great Sacred Grounds, there are 35 other big houses, there are descendants of sun and moon, descendants of invincibility, descendants of mountains and seas, and even elites from various schools, as well as some spies arranged by Ten thousand ethnic religions to enter.

     Not only that, even some of the students from the strong ethnic group have been included, and this has also caused opposition from many people.

     Of course, Hong Tan is obstinately clinging to one's course. The external reason is to learn from the experience of the gods and demons.

     At this moment, the Daxia Civilization Academy was rejuvenated and extremely lively.

     Since Su Yu left, Daxia Civilization Academy has been hit hard and has been a little depressed, but now, it has become lively again, full of vitality.

     Polytheological College.

     Xia Huyou walked on the trail, followed a fairy and ethereal little fairy, to please: "Fairy Yuxuan, where do you want to go, I'll accompany you."Ahead, the little fairy turned her head and glanced at him, the look of despise in her eyes flashed away, but she quickly smiled and said, "His Royal Highness, don't bother, I just take a look."

     "Well, how about it, or I call Long Wuwei's guard, lest I run into the fairy without my eyes."

     Xia Huyou full of smiles said: "Fairy Yuxuan also knows that my Daxia Mansion is a bit old and stubborn and is not too satisfied with recruiting students from the ten thousand races. They are dissatisfied with the monsters, dragons, gods and demons. also just sufficed, Yuxuan Fairies are our ally, from the immortal clan, or descendants of the Tianyu Immortal King..."

     Xia Huyou said with emotion: "The fairy clan, but here to help us, these old stubborn people are really too stubborn!"

     Shaking his head, a look of dissatisfaction.

     "If I become the Palace Master, I must get rid of these old stubbornness, such as Zhao Rui, who is a typical embryo killing!"

     Zhao Rui, General Long Wuwei.

     Yuxuan's eyes moved slightly, and she smiled: "His Royal Highness, General Zhao and the others are also kind, how can I say that, I have heard of General Zhao's name in the immortal world, and led Long Wuwei on the battlefield of the heavens and pushed Eastern. War Zone, kill countless enemies..."

     Xia Huyou embarrassed: "At this time, the killing will only lead to the outbreak of war, which is not a good thing! Nowadays, Daxia Mansion needs to recuperate. This is what I mean and many people mean, my second grandfather, including Daxia Civilization The head of the school, the head of the school, the head of the school, and the general manager of Hu...We all mean that, we want to rest, and we can no longer provoke the enemy with no cause, no reason!"

     "Master Blood Slaughter knows... can't you be angry?"Yuxuan smiled and said: "The prestige that Master Blood Slaughter used to kill for decades, Hu You said so, but it is not very good."

     Xia Huyou glancing to left and right, seeing no one around, said carefully: "I'm not stupid, of course I can't say that to my dad! I actually want to prove it for the sake of my dad's safety. How can we continue to kill! My father, his character is too straight!"

     He sighed and said in a somewhat grudgingly manner, "I will also talk to Yuxuan. Actually... I know what my second grandfather meant. I want to seek help from the fairy clan, Yuxuan, I am not a fool, I just I hope that Daxia Mansion can be safe and sound, and there will be no more trouble, including my father, and I also hope that he can prove safely."

     He sincerely said: "Yu Xuan, if you and I get married, I promise you will be good to you. As long as Tianyu Immortal King is willing to help my father when he is proving the truth, my Daxia Mansion must be grateful! Lovers..."

     Yuxuan said with a chuckle: "His words are serious, not to mention... I am only one of the descendants of the ancestors, and I am not so close to the ancestors, and I am not worthy of Your Highness Huyou..."

     Xia Huyou swiftly said, "How can you say that! Deserving it, absolutely deserving it! If Tianyu Immortal King didn't value Yuxuan, he would send you to Daxia Mansion."

     "His Royal Highness Huyou, I will try my best."

     Yuxuan whispered: "Try to talk to the elders in the clan, and strive to reach an agreement with the Great Xia Mansion. If the Blood Slaughter King can successfully prove the Dao, the Xia family is invincible. If I can marry into the Xia family, it will be considered luck. Prosperous."

     The Xia family is indeed a wealthy family, and it is also a wealthy family in the world.

     Two invincible!Of course, the current Xia Longwu is not yet.

     But if it succeeds, it is definitely a rare rich and powerful family among the ten thousand races. King Daxia is also extremely powerful, and after Xia Longwu proves successful, it is bound to be extremely powerful.

     Xia Huyou nodded with a smile said: "Definitely, I believe Yuxuan, you can do it, Tianyu Immortal King will also reach an agreement with the Xia family."

     Speaking of this, he whispered: "Yu Xuan, I have to talk to the elders in your clan as soon as possible. My father proves...maybe soon."

     "The King of Blood Slaughter is ready to preach? at what time?"

     Xia Huyou said haha, "Quickly, I don't know exactly what time it is."

     "Is that in the human state, or to the battlefield of the heavens?"


     Xia Huyou smiled dryly: "Um... you just assume that I don't know, Yuxuan, what I can't say, do you understand?"


     Yuxuan nodded, smiled, and said unconsciously: "Huyou, do you know Su Yu?"


     Xia Huyou nodded and smiled: "What happened?"

     "He has recently made a big splash on the battlefield of the heavens, did you know?"

     Xia Huyou nodded, "I heard it!"

     Having said that, he sighed: "Chaos! Daxia Mansion was originally surrounded by enemies, and he provokes so many powerful enemies! Fortunately, he is not a member of Daxia Mansion now, otherwise, it would be a big trouble. Trouble, Daxia Mansion had better not participate in it, and let the Daming Mansion stand it!"

     "Don't you think he is too powerful?"Yuxuan whispered: "I heard people say that he was only enrolled in Kaiyuan. It has only been more than a year. He can kill the sun and the moon. They all say that he has an invincible heritage. Huyou, you are just flying now. If this relic can be obtained, it will become the Lingyun Mountains and Seas or even the Sun and Moon... then it can also add some deterrence to the Daxia Mansion..."

     Xia Huyou frowned and said, "Yu Xuan, you can't say that! Don't think of his ruins. My Xia family has been able to establish a mansion for hundreds of years. It depends on loving the people like children. The people's things belong to the people, and their chances of……"

     "That's not the same, the invincible relics are not personal, and those who are destined get it!"

     Yuxuan quickly said: "What's more, he can't come back! He has become the lord of the ancient city! Now he, has been determined already bound together with the ancient city, and can't return to the human state anymore. He left the ancient city for three or five days. , May die, and it will take more than three or five days from the ancient city to the Daxia Mansion!"

     Yuxuan whispered: "Huyou, think about it for yourself, Nan Yuan, there are a lot of people gathered now, and outsiders are looking for it, but you don’t look for the Xia family. What about you? Of the Xia family’s direct lineage, you are the most qualified to take over as the next generation of palace lord. Today, I have heard a high voice from the outside world, not you, but Teacher Xia Yuwen."

     Xia Huyou frowned, "It's okay, my cousin is stronger than me, but I had previously competed with Bai Feng, lost the adult, and was unclear with the Great Zhou Mansion. My father and my second grandfather would not hold the mansion. Give him the position of Lord!"

     "That's not necessarily. If the Great Zhou Mansion is willing to help the Great Xia Mansion, then Teacher Xia Yuwen is a bridge of communication."Yuxuan said again: "He is very strong, he has also been on the Yellow List of the Hunting Ranking, and he is a rare genius in the human race..."

     "Yellow list?"

     Xia Huyou curled his lips and said: "He is not as good as Bai Feng. He was counterattacked by Bai Feng. It doesn't mean that he is on the list. Besides, he has fallen off the list now."

     Yuxuan slightly frowned, and quickly said: "Forget it, you don't pay attention to it yourself, Huyou, All Heavens and Myriad Realms, the most important thing is not your identity background, but your own strength. You are vacated, even if you become a mansion Lord, do you think Daxia Mansion can convince you?"

     "My father testified, I am probably Lingyun!"

     "That's too weak!"

     Yuxuan shook her head, "How can such strength become the Lord of a Prefecture and deter one party?"

     "Su Yu is just Lingyun..."

     Are you comparing to Su Yu?

     Yuxuan feels contemptuous in her heart, do you think your family is strong, you are great?

     How do you compare with Su Yu?

     Su Yu is no better than you in talent, courage, talent, and strength!

     If it weren't limited by the origin of multiple gods, if he was a warrior, Su Yu's status in the human realm is much higher than your Xia Huyou, and the invincible people will not be embarrassed with him.

     How can you not see yourself clearly as a human being!

      the frog at the bottom of the well!

     Do you think that you are a descendant of Xia Longwu?

     Once the two invincibles of the Xia family have fallen, you are nothing!

     "Let's do it, Nan Yuan ruins may really exist, Huyou, you don't care about it, and Su Yu won't come back. In the end, I don't know who is cheaper!"

     Yuxuan said no more, and left quickly.And Xia Huyou, with a thinking expression, seemed to be lost in thought.

     Muttered: "Strength...remains!"

     With a murmur, Xia Huyou silently left with a thoughtful expression. Yuxuan, who had gone away, smiled, with a bright smile.

     And Xia Huyou, turned his head and left, keeping a thoughtful look all the way, until he returned to his residence, rubbed his cheeks and sighed, what annoying!

     Acting every day, when is the head!

     It was Su Yu that kid was cool, who killed him on the battlefield of the heavens, and even the students of the ten thousand races in the human realm knew his fame.

     The students of these gods and demons in Human Realm looked down on the other students in Daxia Palace.

     But mentioning Su Yu, no one dared to look down.

     This is a genius who killed all the strong men of their races, Peerless Genius.

     An Mintian and Lei Jue of the Protoss, Tianduo, Lanying, and Mo Erba of the Demon Race, the Red Armor and Blue Armor of the Xuanjia Clan, the Floating Earth Spirit of the Five Elements Clan, the Nine Profound and Daocheng of the Immortal Clan...

     These people were either killed by Su Yu, or suppressed by him, unable to raise their heads.

     Such Peerless Genius, even the gods, demons and immortals can't tell the truth.

     Nowadays, he has become the City Lord of Xinghong Ancient City. Although he has not been able to leave the City Lord’s Mansion soon after his life, even if he died, Su Yu has also blossomed in this life. This is a scene that many people want to do but cannot do.

     In the old days, everyone talked about geniuses, they were all Modona and Zhan Wushuang. Now, first of all, they must talk about Human Su Yu.

     "Su Yu...Is this guy really going to die?"Xia Huyou sighed, it's not a good thing to be too enchanting, this guy, if this is really gone forever, it would be a pity, a pity!

     Even Grandpa Grandpa failed to save him!

     "Nan Yuan Ruins!"

     Mutter again, are you all sure that there are relics in Nan Yuan?

     Is Su Yu's strength really caused by the ruins?

     Now everyone’s thinking is that when Su Yu entered the ruins at that time, he might have only gained the benefits of so big. If he re-enters the ruins now, would he prove invincible?

     Perhaps, the ruins of Nan Yuan are very powerful!

     Because this may be the last invincible relic of the human race, the stronger the relic, the more rearward it may be. This is also the current mind of the vast majority of people.

     Daxia Mansion, there are many ghosts and sprites now!

     The second grandfather hasn't come back yet, probably soon.

     The Polytheological Academy was opened. Before they came back, many people probably took the opportunity to sneak in. The current Daxia Mansion is a hodgepodge. There are everyone, maybe even the blue sky has sneaked in.

     Father went to the battlefield of the heavens, because someone found a little whereabouts, and the news spread to the top.

     Daxia Mansion, there is really no quasi-invincible.

     The strongest is only the second grandpa.

     The second grandfather is not here now, a group of strong men are lurking in, it is lively.

     "I heard that Liu Wenyan will return as a coach. He is already no longer in Pioneer Camp."

     "Dean Zhou Mingren, it seems like he was lucky a few days ago, he actually killed a small clan Sunyue, the crime was offset, maybe it will return soon..."

     One by one news flashed in his mind.When these people all return, it will probably be a troubled world.

     On the Nanyuan side, the layout must also be accelerated.

     Xia Huyou has a lot of clues in his heart, somewhat of a headache, but fortunately, the second grandfather is in the layout, plus a certain retreat governor, which has little to do with him, and what he has to do is to interact with all races. Genius strike up a good relationship.

     By the way, see if you can attract some people to invest in yourself.

     Walking out of my residence again, outside, I vaguely heard people say, "heard? I heard people say that there is a half-emperor ruin in Nanyuan, and even a human emperor ruin, and Xingyu Mansion is a rank existence!"

     "What the hell?"

     "You don't know at all? I heard people say, Su Yu, do you know Su Yu? No one doesn't know, right? He went to the battlefield of the heavens, as if he had made a great reputation, killing everywhere, and his reputation was shaking. The heavens are related to the relics of Nan Yuan."

     Xia Huyou is slightly frowned, this is arranged by the Xia family, or other people secretly do something?

     He is not too clear about this.

     However, the news is about to spread. Soon, Nan Yuan will probably become the focal point of Ten Thousand Realms. It seems that Grandpa Second is going to set the starting point in Nan Yuan.

     Xia Huyou didn't care any more, just come!

     Come the more the better!

     It's time to make some preparations, because Su Yu has killed so many Sun and Moon, he can't kill Sun and Moon himself, so he can make a knife.


     Great Xia Mansion, the situation is turbulent.

     Master Xiahou already left the battlefield of the heavens, and he is rushing to Daxia Mansion.On the battlefield of the heavens, there was no great chaos in Su Yu. Although there were no major battles, small battles continued. Talents from all walks of life continued to fight, and some people kept changing the list, and some kept dropping off the list.

     There are more and more people in the ancient city of Xinghong.

     Because there is no threat or deterrence from the city lord, many strong people are interested. Of course, there are still some worries. I am afraid that Su Yu will appear again and kill the Lingfeng City. However, after a few days of testing, Su Yu has not gone out. This is a good thing.

     Moreover, as several gods and demons entered the city in the late sun and moon, they were blocked at the gate of the city lord's mansion. Thus, Su Yu's threat was even smaller.

     Before, it was impossible to block Su Yu.

     Now, everyone knows that Su Yu is in the City Lord's Mansion, and he is blocked, which is a good thing.


     In this situation, someone was coming out of an ancient house.

     Floating Earth Spirit!

      One month of time is coming soon.

     Over the past month, Floating Earth Spirit has enjoyed it very much. It’s very quiet. No one comes to find him, no one to bother him. The heaven falls and earth rends hit outside, he also not knowing anything at all, he was banned, and he was Su Yu was imprisoned with a noise barrier and didn't hear anything at all.

     With good luck, the old house where he was located was not destroyed.

     "Su Yu should be leaving now?"

     In the big stone group, Futu Ling thought, probably left.

     It's been a month!

     The guy caught himself last time, maybe for something, not to mention, during the period of one month, the Five Elements family should also know where he is. The Five Elements family came, so Su Yu didn't dare to guard the door.

     The stone group began to crack gradually.Futuling was relaxed, but fortunately, with this thing, the threat of lifelessness was a lot less, and he was lucky.

     Otherwise, for the period of one month, he would be corrupted to death.

     "I went out this time, stay away from that guy, it's hard to say, that guy is so ridiculous, maybe he's dead?"

     Futuling thought optimistically!

     Maybe it's dead!

     With a bang, the stone ball burst!

     The ban is completely broken!

     The Floating Earth Spirit suddenly jumped out and was overjoyed, and the bans outside the stone group were all broken.

     "I am out!"


      at the same time.

     Hunting Tiange branch.

     Before the arrival of the strong gods and demons, Su Yu, who had entered the branch, was reading the book, suddenly raised his head, looked at a certain place, and smiled.

     Floating Earth Spirit is out!

     Good luck!

     Invincible War, the Necromancer appeared, so many old houses were broken, this guy's old house is fine.

     A few days ago, the dead bodies were everywhere, and this guy was fine.

     The geniuses were corrupted, and he was fine because of two invincible runes.

     This guy won't really become the master of the Five Elements Clan, right?

     Even if it was so weak, it would be countless years later. He felt that the luck of Floating Earth Spirit was stronger than Modo.

     "It's not good to expose your identity for you, or let you see the sinister heart!"

     How sinister?

     Of course it was a broken house. Entering the door, he stood beside Futu Ling. He broke the seal and just came out with Su Yu standing next to him... Probably Futu Ling knew what was sinister!Su Yu smiled, putting on the White Mask, but he couldn't see his expression.

     Come out!

     Su Yu didn't care too much. At this moment, he had just finished the 50th body casting. Despite this, Su Yu was also thinking, can anyone on the hunting list match himself?

     Can Modo match yourself?

     Or are they Zhan Wushuang Xuan Wuji?

     Zhan Wushuang and the others are strong, with eight layers of mountains and seas, they may be almost nine layers. However, the first layer of the sun and the moon will be dead, and the stronger one will make the two layers of the sun and the moon better.

     What about yourself?

     The power of his physical body's acupuncture points has already exceeded the power of 210,000.

     Su Yu now has a lot of hope for devouring the essence and blood. After all, these people are not good. They have killed the existence of the sun and the moon. It is still a bit difficult to deal with without swallowing the essence and blood, but they have swallowed the essence and blood. It's not that difficult to deal with.

     Of course, it is best to deal with these geniuses by thunderous method!

     Otherwise, genius means more than the strong.

     It would be a little troublesome to give you an invincible rune at every turn.

     "In the near future, my goal is to complete 72 castings. It is not suitable to shoot. I should keep a low profile!"

     Su Yu glanced over there and ignored it.

     His goal is to cast 72 flesh.

     Not hiding in the City Lord’s Mansion, of course, is to avoid being blocked by people. By the way, observe the situation, the crucial moment, and see if there's nothing about it people are worth killing, and then block the city gate to kill them!

     This ancient city is now his fishing pit.

     Not a big fish, no nets!


      The floating earth spirits not knowing anything at all, don't care about these at the moment.Happy, he walked to the door, some hesitation.

     Isn't it dangerous outside?

      shouldn't have?

     Just when he was moving, there were actually people outside, and the Five Elements tribe would not give up on him. At this moment, a strong Five Elements tribe quickly shouted: "Floating Earth Spirit, are you inside?"

     After the opening of Xinghong Ancient City, the Five Elements Clan came.

     Come at a risk!

     Fortunately, there was no danger in the past few days, but it made this Riyue a lot more at ease.

     Inside the door, the Floating Earth Spirit was slightly startled, and soon hesitated: "Elder Tuhe?"

     "it's me!"

     Tuhe outside was overjoyed, it really was a floating earth spirit!

     But the Floating Earth Spirit couldn't believe it. Last time Su Yu pretended to be Tianduo to kill himself. He quickly said, "Elder Tuhe, is your grandson Tukela alright?"


     Outside, Tu He was speechless, "I have no grandson, Floating Earth Spirit, I am Tu He, not a bad person!"

     Futu Ling thought for a while and said, "Elder Tuhe, the first time I saw you, was it at what time?"

     Tuhyuk was helpless, and felt a little familiar.

     Think about it carefully... isn't this Su Yu's routine to test Niu Baidao's identity?

     Ask, keep asking!

     Why are these guys so suspicious?

     Su Yu is like this, and so are the floating earth spirits of his own family, for fear of someone pretending to be.

     "When you were born!"

     "What about the second time?"

     "The second day you were born!"

     "What about the third time?"

     "Shut up, I have been taking care of you, and after taking care of you to the sky, I will see you every day!""..."

     Futuling believed it, probably so.

     That's right!

     As he was thinking about it, Tuhe was a little annoyed and said, "When you were a kid, a little girl of the Shui Ling tribe, urinated and scattered your body. No one knows this? I know, is this enough?"


     Floating Earth Spirit is called a speechless, I believe you, why do you still say this!

     Open the door quickly!

     Sure enough, Elder Tuhe was outside, and the earth spirits face light up with delight, turned into a native, and smiled: "Elder, you can count it!"

     After speaking, he looked around and said with emotion: "It is better to breathe outside, the ancient city is still safe, and after a month, nothing has changed..."

     The ancient city is still an ancient city!

     Nothing has changed!

     Futu Ling said a few words and quickly said, "Elder, did Su Yu ran away or died? Or was he being chased by someone?"

     Tu He looked strange, "I didn't run, it was in the ancient city!"


     Futu Ling was surprised, "Is he still alive?"


     "Not dead? Then why is no one chasing him? I think this ancient city is still very quiet!"

     "It's blocked."

     "Oh, all right!"

     Floating Earth Spirit was relaxed, looked around, and quickly said: "Where are you? How about I go and watch the fun? This guy has sealed me for a month, this hatred must be repaid!"

     Now that I was blocked, I felt relieved.

     "In the City Lord's Mansion."

     "The City Lord's Mansion?"

     Floating earth spirit dazed for a moment.

     "Yes, he is now the lord of the city, the black demon is dead, he is on top."


     What the hell?

     The Black Demon of the Ninth Level of Sun and Moon died, and then Su Yu of the Lingyun realm came to power and became the lord of the city. I am still on the land with me?

     "How can it be, he is only in the Lingyun realm, how can he become the lord of the city..."

     Elder Tuhe said quietly: "Of course it is possible. He killed the black demon, then sealed the city, and then killed the sun and moon that he was competing with. Wouldn't he become the lord of the city?"

     What a simple thing!

     You can come, you can give it a try!

     You also kill the city lord of the ancient city, then kill the guys in the city who are competing with you, and then blockade the city, you can also become the lord of the city, provided that the refining lord makes you alive.

     "That's not right... this... he became a resident?"

     Futuling suddenly thought of something, complexion slightly changed.

     Tuhe nodded, "Yes, this period of time you were sealed, a lot of things happened, you don't know, for your business, to save you, the elder came once and fell into the future, and now his strength is greatly reduced. ..."

     Floating Earth Spirit changes color!

     The Great Elder has been here?

     "More than that, all tribes have come to Invincible. A few days ago, dozens of Invincibles broke out in the ancient city for a fight to kill Su Yu. It turned out to be good. The Invincibles fell into the third generation!"

     "More than that, in the end, Modona and the others were trapped, Zhan Wushuang, Xuan Wuji... These geniuses and a group of late sun and moon powers were almost trapped and killed by Su Yu, including two of my five elements. In the late period of the sun and the moon, afterwards, the various races spent 5,000 rays of heaven and earth profound light before redeeming them!"Also, before, Su Yu pretended to be Tianduo and deceived the Protoss with 2300 rays of heaven and earth profound light. This is also the beginning of the war..."

     Tu Hye looked at him, "You are trapped by him, did you know his identity, so he trapped you?"

     Futu Ling opened his mouth and said for a while, "Yes, he was like Tianduo when he came to beat me. He... cheated the Protoss? Is the Protoss an idiot?"

     "Shhh, keep your voice down!"

     Seeing him in shock, Tuhe said helplessly: "More than the Protoss, all the tribes have been deceived. He held an auction, and even specially fought against you... It was probably what he pretended. You didn't fight him. A battle in the Sea of Stars, right? That was the battle when an ancient ruins appeared, a fake, he pretended to be!"

     "No ah!"

     Futu Ling was speechless, and quickly said: "No, I fought with him...I was sealed, how did the clan know how to fight with him?"

     He thinks that the strong in the clan is stupid, can this be deceived?

     Tu He shook his head and said, "This war broke out before you were sealed. We thought you were a participant."

     Su Yu directly impersonated him when Futuling himself was hiding in the ancient house.

     When the Floating Earth Spirit heard this, he was speechless, "This guy, he is not so bold!"

     If he left the ancient house, wouldn't he expose Su Yu all at once?

     No wonder Su Yu has to come and kill him!

     Co-authoring is not only because I met Su Yu in the sea of stars, this guy is bold!

     Following the words of Elder Tuhe, the Floating Earth Spirit kept shaking, which was terrifying.Soon, the floating earth spirit said: "Elder, leave this alone, Su Yu's question... also has other questions. He can absorb some of the energy of Old Ancestor of the FIve Elements. In addition, I used the Five Elements Purgatory, he Actually imitated it quickly! It didn't feel like it was caused by divine writing, but by the legendary technique, the Five Elements Divine Jue!"

     As soon as these words came out, Tuhe changed color, from earthy yellow to grayish earth, and the Floating Earthling quickly said: "Elder, pay attention!"

     Tu He quickly recovered, and said, "Really?"

     "Of course it's true, I don't think I will be wrong. If it is a divine text, it is too outrageous! Even the power of Old Ancestor of the FIve Elements can be absorbed!"

     Tuhe's voice was heavy, and he quickly transmitted his voice: "Then I will immediately notify the ancestors, go, first go to the Hunting Pavilion branch, to get a score list, I don't have a score list now, you get a copy, hurry up and old Zu contact!"

     "it is good!"

     Futu Ling nodded, it was time to take a score list, and it felt like the sky had changed after a month.

     As for Su Yu's affairs, he has to contact the ancestor quickly. By the way, see if he can let the ancestor give some magical runes. He is very insecure now!
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