《Great Sage Through Darkness》brief introduction

Great Sage Through Darkness

author: 封七月

Mysterious circle, demons and strangers appear frequently, the court is rotten, Martial World Aristocratic Family, the heroes come together. This is a world without gods and buddhas. Martial arts, magic techniques, profound cultivation, supernatural powers... Gu Cheng descended in the gloom to smooth out this chaotic world. "Since there are no gods and buddhas in this world, then I am a god and buddha!" It is difficult for a beauty to paint skin and bones, and the demon monk feeds Shura in the temple. Peach Blossom Spring is panicked, and Black Mountain Old Monster takes the netherworld. My name is Gu Cheng, honest and sincere. VIP group: 63751643 enter the group to verify the fan value (more than 3000, go in and send a screenshot of the fan value) Ordinary group: 460351422, 125313474 (Chinese Name: 通幽大圣)

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