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1 Chapter Two, Passing The Primary Election
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The time was hurried, and two months passed in a flash.

     On August 20th, a young female director from the director group of Mango Channel Happy Camp was in charge. They came to Shijiazhuang, He Province for audition.

     The sea was selected on the second floor of Beiguo Shopping Mall.

      Happy Camp is a guest interview game show launched by Hunan Satellite TV. The show is mainly games, supplemented by singing and dancing and various forms of programs.

     Each program design personal exclusive theme for artists.

     The program was first broadcasted on the Hubei Satellite TV at 20:15 every Friday night from July 11, 1997. After several changes, the final broadcast time was adjusted to 20:20 every Saturday.

      The Happy Camp program is the flagship program of Hubei Satellite TV. In 2005, it has shown the incomparable advantages of other entertainment programs.

     Although it is not as popular throughout the country as in his previous life, Luo Yiming knows that after the new anchor is shining, the fixed members of the Happy Family are formed, and the ratings of Happy Camp are also increasing.

     It reached its peak around 2013 and was overwhelmed by the outdoor reality show variety show that appeared after rain, the spring bamboo.

     But Kuaiben is still the top-ranked ace variety show in China's Shanghai Satellite TV.

      The rise of Happy Camp is an inevitable, so the rapid development is after 2005, because in 2005, the Super Voice Girls draft, the star ip of the mango stage, helped Happy Camp bring popularity.

     The composition of fixed personnel made the Kuaiben show more interesting. There was no comparable variety show at that time, so only one branch of the tree is thriving.

     At this moment, many of the applicants waiting at the gate of Beiguo Mall are all dressed up, ranging in age from 17-18 years old to more than 40 years old.Luo Yiming's number is 170.

     It is said that there were nearly 500 hosts in Shijiazhuang who signed up for the sea election. Luo Yiming was in the morning session and there were nearly two hundred fifty players in the afternoon session.

     Although there are a large number of people, the audition interview progressed very fast. The contestants almost introduced themselves and added a recitation before they were scheduled to stay.

     After a professional broadcaster and hostess entered, Luo Yiming entered a state of preparation.

     Speaking of it, although he has accumulated a lot of hosting experience in his previous life, Luo Yiming is still a little nervous in the face of selection of programs like Kuaiben.

     But he adjusted quickly.

     Outside the North Country Mall, fans on the street supporting the supergirl Li Yuchun's voice entered their ears, temporarily distracting Luo Yiming's pressure.

     On August 26, two days later will be the Super Girl Finals.

     Now Li Yuchun can't even dream of it. With the title of Super Girl Champion, she will become popular in Tianyu Media.

     Until 2015, Chunchun and Tianyu Media broke up peacefully and established her own studio. The tens of millions of fans she accumulated still gave her a firm foothold in the entertainment industry.

      At what time, can I become a host with tens of millions of fans?

     "No. 170, Luo Yiming."

     When Luo Yiming was distracted, the call of the staff member on the scene came in his ear.

     Luo Yiming tidied up his clothes and walked to the sea selection room.

     Unexpectedly, Luo Yiming thought that the sea election examiners were some unknown little people. After all, it was the site of the 100 people sea election. However, Luo Yiming saw the famous host Li Rui of Hunan Satellite TV sitting in the examiner seat.Li Rui's qualifications are much more senior than the other two examiners, and should be the one who made the decision.

     Luo Yiming, the other two interviewers for face-to-face students, had an impression of nothing about it in his previous life.

     However, it was not Li Rui who opened the interview, but another young woman beside him.

     "Introduce yourself first."

     "My name is Luo Yiming. I major in broadcasting and hosting. I am 20 years old and I am still in my junior year.

     Twenty years old, this age is considered young in the host industry.

     Like the pillar of their platform, Mr. He Jiong, he only started hosting the "Smart House" column on CCTV at the age of 21.

     When it comes to hosting art, age is secondary, and ability is the key to their consideration.

     The woman said: "First talk about your advantages."

     Luo Yiming said: "First of all, my advantage is being young. When I am young, I have more time to figure out the art of hosting. I can have more time to hone myself."

     "If I didn't remember correctly, Mr. Li Rui, you started to host the evening news of Lake Province Satellite TV in 1999. In 2003, you hosted the documentary drama "Business Surprise."

     "And Mr. He Jiong, who is also on the Mango Channel, started hosting CCTV's Big Windmill in 1995, and started hosting Kuaiben in 1998."

     Li Rui sat calmly on the interview bench without saying a word.

     But Luo Yiming knew so much about his host experience, Li Rui suddenly leaned forward. He wanted to hear what Luo Yiming wanted to express."Teacher He Jiong was born in 1974, and Teacher Li Rui, I didn't remember correctly being born in 1973. You are one year older than Teacher He Jiong, but you entered the presiding profession four years later."

     "I personally like your host very much. It is wise and deep. If you enter the host circle earlier, I think you will definitely get better host resources, and your achievements will be better than now."

     "Young is capital, but also an opportunity. I am very young, this is one of my advantages."

     At a young age, these words stunned Li Rui.

     What the host wants, Logical Thinking and playful.

     Luo Yiming's mouth can talk really well, it would be a waste not to be a host.

     The point is, this kid is right. He didn't enter the presiding business until 1999.

     Before 1999, I was doing miscellaneous work in the Economic Channel of Hunan Province, and my host was very distant.

     Several judges present here have already asked Luo Yiming must be looked at with new eyes. The main reason is that he obviously did his homework, which is why he knows Li Rui and He Jiong so well.

     "Luo Yiming, right? Then recite an article for us?"

     Luo Yiming nodded. The article he got was Moonlit Lotus Pond from teacher Zhu Ziqing. This is a prose that he likes very much. At the same time, in his previous life, he often read this article aloud at some evening parties.

     By coincidence, Luo Yiming could memorize this article even without looking at the paper card.

     Smiling, Luo Yiming straightened his body. This is an excerpt from the middle of Moonlit Lotus Pond. After seeing the starting and ending positions, Luo Yiming read:

     Above the twists and turns of the lotus pond, the leaves of the fields can be seen.The leaves come out high, like the skirts of a dancing girl in Tingting.

     Among the layers of leaves, there are scattered white flowers dotted with white flowers, some blooming gracefully, some shyly hitting flowers;

     Just like the pearls, like the stars in the blue sky, and like the beauty just out of the bath.

     When the breeze passed, it sent wisps of fragrance, like the faint singing of a tall building in the distance.

     At this time, the leaves and flowers also quivered, like lightning, and passed across the lotus pond in an instant.

     The leaves were close to each other side by side, and there seemed to be a condensed blue wave.

     Under the leaves is the running water with veins, which is hidden and no color can be seen;

     But the leaves are even better.

     Luo Yiming read head high, chest out, and stretched out his hands together. He was also full of poetic feelings.

     That feeling makes the three chief examiners even very enjoyable.

     The recitation is mainly to test the host’s Mandarin, as well as language charm and physical temperament.

     Luo Yiming has a very nice voice, and he is very handsome.

     White shirt, black suit, white skin, red lips, big eyes, affectionately when reading poems.

     Wang Shasha whispered to Li Rui: "I think he is pretty good."

     Li Rui said: "It's really good."

     After confirming the look in her eyes, Wang Shasha smiled and looked at Luo Yiming.

     "We have decided. You passed our first audition. Go and prepare for your second audition."

     "There will be a notice in the second round of the audition. We will have a personal talent show at that time. Then we will show your talents. Go ahead."
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