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3 Chapter Four, Sing A Song
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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The second round of the Shijiazhuang audition is at the end of September.

     On September 27, an open-air platform was erected at the Shijiazhuang Monument, and the second round of the host’s audition was held as scheduled.

     The monument in Shijiazhuang is on the north side of the old railway station. Before a new railway station was built in the previous life, the area around the monument-the railway station was one of the most prosperous places in Shijiazhuang.

     After the first sea election, a total of 30 outstanding host candidates emerged in the Shijiazhuang competition area.

     Among the 30 candidates, the first will be stationed in the chief in November. After the Lake Provincial Satellite TV Happy Camp crew meeting, the round of 24 will start on November 26.

     The Shijiazhuang constituency is not like other hot competition regions where the top two or even the top three will enter the finals together. There is only one place here.

     Although Luo Yiming had an eye-catching performance in the first game, only has one spot can go straight to the final, which made him follow in his heart.

     Thirty into one, the other players who came to the monument today to compete are also more or less somewhat anxious.

     After the first few took the stage, their performance was even worse, and the judges in the stands shook their heads.

     Among the judges this time, Luo Yiming was impressed by two people. One was Shen Ling who was relatively active in the host echelon in his previous life.

     Shen Ling graduated from Beijing Broadcasting College (now China Media College).

     In 2003, Shen Ling hosted the information program "Entertainment Let Me Go as the host for the first time."

     In 2006, he partnered with He Jiong and Liu Gang to host the Kyrgyzstan Satellite TV variety show "Super Music Eight Points."

     Because the relationship with the host He Jiong is good, Hunan Satellite TV often sees Shen Ling.In the 18 years of his previous life, he was even more active in the eyes of David, and he was promoted to the frontline host.

     Luo Yiming, another girl with a blue temperament and shoulder-length hair, is more familiar with it.

     She used to be her own partner in her previous life.

     In 13 years, she participated in the first Chinese poetry memory breakthrough program "China Good Poems" launched by Hesheng TV as a guest of honor.

     Because of his outstanding performance, in the same year, he signed a contract with the entertainment program "Stars Club" of Hesheng TV, and hosted a period of time with his partner.

     Zuo Yan's achievements in her previous life surpassed her, and she can control all types of programs.

     As a master of art, she later moved to film and television actors, and also created her own jewelry brand Jingcheng Zhenyang Jewelry, becoming an entrepreneur understood by everyone.

     In her previous life, Zuo Yan was Luo Yiming's idol.

     Zuo Yan, who was born as a beautiful girl host, was also in her freshman year, and she won the champion of the week by participating in CCTV's "Challenge the Host."

     It was still 2004.

     Luo Yi couldn't understand why Zuo Yan appeared here.

     But in fact, in 2005, Zuo Yan hosted the "Additional Time" of the Xiaoxiang Film Channel of Hunan Province, and it was also considered a connection with Hunan Province.

     It must have been the intention of Hubei Satellite TV to sign Zuo Yan, so that Zuo Yan, as a judge, helped Hubei Satellite TV select a new generation of hosts.

     Luo Yiming and Zuo Yan were naturally strangers at this time.

     At least, Zuo Yan didn't know Luo Yiming at all.

     In Shijiazhuang’s second audition, the arrival of such big coffees naturally made the players who have not yet begun their hosting careers nervous.When the judges were disappointed by the performance of others, Luo Yiming's confidence returned a little bit.

     "On the fifteenth, Liang Tian."

     When the on-site staff member called Liang Tian on the 15th, Luo Yiming was the next one.

     When Liang Tian appeared, Luo Yiming was familiar with the girl, but he couldn't remember who she was.

     Liang Tian is young and beautiful, with a sweet smile and a gentle voice, which is very suitable to be a host.

     At the same time, her tender and tall figure reveals one's talent among many people.

     Zuo Yan on the board of judges had a very good impression of Liang Tian.

     At least in the eye, this kind of host will not feel annoying.

     Zuo Yan said, "Do you have any talent to show off?"

     The playful beautiful girl said: "My talent is the model catwalk and the wake-up ringtone I recorded myself."

     Shen Ling said: "The model catwalks, this is ok, wake up ringtones, recorded by myself, then let's listen to it?"

     The girl's bell aroused Shen Ling's curiosity.

     The girl turned on the phone's recording, and then a string of silver bell-like soft voices rushed into her ears: "Hello everyone, this is Liang Tian, every cold morning, I will wake you up with my warm voice and greet you A new day of life!"

     The performance of the players can be seen by all the audience in the audience. After Luo Yiming heard this voice, he remembered the current Liang Tian.

     That's right, isn't this the beauty of the previous female host Liang Tian of the Lake Provincial TV?

     After she entered the Hubei Satellite TV, she hosted the broadcast of Watch Early, and later changed her name to Watch More Watch. This voice is exactly the sentence used in previous lives of broadcast.It turns out that it comes from Liang Tian!

     Liang Tian is indeed a talented woman.

     Signed a contract with Shen Mengchen at the same time in Hubei TV.

     But despite being more talented than the latter, Shen Mengchen was not as well developed.

     The legend is because the director is Shen Mengchen's godfather. Although Luo Yiming doesn't know anything about the Hubei TV station, the host circle is as messy as the entertainment circle.

     Even he himself would chat with his colleagues about which hostess was asleep by the leader, and this kind of thing is generally not wind from an empty cave.

     However, Liang Tian should have only entered the Hubei Satellite TV in 2012, how could he appear here now?

     As for whether Liang Tian participated in the audition of the new Shining anchor in his previous life, it is impossible to find out.

     Liang Tian, a Shenyang native, came to Shijiazhuang to sign up for the audition, perhaps because Shenyang was not shortlisted.

     Or Shen Yang has too many people, and she chooses a relatively easy area to sign up. This is all possible.

     When Luo Yiming thought about these things, Liang Tian's model show was also completed.

     Not only Zuo Yan, Shen Ling, but Wang Shasha also highly affirmed Liang Tian.

     At least, among the fifteen people who have appeared, Liang Tian's talent can be said to have the most self-label and recognition.

     She perfectly demonstrated her advantages.

     "If there is no better one behind, the place of Hesheng TV will be given to Liang Tian." Zuo Yan said to the two.

     Shen Ling had no opinion.

     Wang Shasha whispered: "there is still one good player, Luo Yiming on the 16th."

     "Luo Yiming, amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, the name is pretty good."

     Shen Ling mentioned the glasses and looked for a moment Luo Yiming's resume.Zuo Yan also focused on the resume sheet under her hand.


     The young man in the photo is indeed very handsome.

     But no other hosting experience at all.

     To put it bluntly, in addition to a handsome face, such a player seems to have no long bodies.

     Zuo Yan beg to differ.

     Wang Shasha said: "No. 16, Luo Yiming."

     When he heard his name being called, Luo Yiming mentioned the guitar in his hand. After the weng'ed shot, he slowly approached the deceased.

     When standing on the stage, the acoustic guitar that Luo Yiming held in his hands immediately exposed his talent.

     "Luo Yiming, are you going to sing to us?" Wang Shasha said first.

     Luo Yiming nodded: "I was not too satisfied with my performance in the last game. This time I decided to release myself completely. Holding my favorite guitar, I also want to sing a song for everyone."
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